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Writing Instructions Module

Reflection Memo
I greatly enjoyed this module, because the assignments allowed me to work in different
environments, by working in groups, creating a presentation, and writing professional
instructions. We had to produce an instruction manual that had to be usable, and informative
for the reader to not have any issues while doing the task. None of us have made instructions
before, and even though in the beginning it seemed easy, our first draft needed a lot of work.
It took a lot of revising, and reviewing guidelines to make sure ours were cohesive, and clear.
I was fortunate to have a good group that cared about detail, and listened to feedback.
We made our instructions on how to insert a header and footer in Microsoft word on a Mac
Computer. There was a lot of planning that needed to be done to make sure that we each had
our own parts, and that it would be structured when we merged all of our parts together. What
I did to plan our project in our supporting deliverables was create a table that stated a task,
who is to do it, and when it is to be due by, this allowed no confusion in division our tasks.
Creating our instructions took a lot of editing and going over it to make sure that the
instructions flowed properly. We are familiar with the task but we wanted to make sure that
the reader would not have any trouble following our instructions. The first draft that we made
came out good, but not great such as design, and layout being consistent, this can cause
confusion in the steps. So we made each step a numbered list, that way the reader would
know what number they were on. The final product was very nice, we were proud of our
instructions because it followed the necessary guidelines for writing instructions such as
writing precinct instructions, using clear labels, and using consistent design all the pages. I
felt that I really learned a lot about instructions and the proper standards for them that will
help me in the future when I have to write documentation for a subject.