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Research Proposal Sources

1. Hiring Process Spun out of Control

This article is was about the ups and downs that an individual went through to be hired
through the school system and the hiring process was highlighted as unprofessional behavior.
The article discusses the duration of the hiring process and the many steps that were taken before
the individual was even considered for hire. One main concern was the amount of individuals
that this person had to go through in order to make it to the last step and begin the onboarding
I could use this source in my report by highlighting the key elements of the main
reasons individuals have such a hard time with the Human Resource department and why
these reasons are an issue and can create bigger issues in the future.
Jernigan, Jeff. A Hiring Process Spun Out of Control Workforce 2002.

2. Teaching Fellows
This article discusses the pros and cons of lateral entry vs. taking the Praxis exam in order to
become a certified teacher. The article mentions the benefits of going lateral entry and all of
what you would obtain through the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System as well as through
Teach Charlotte. What I like about the article is that it also describes in great detail of should
have and could haves of the process as well as the downfall to not passing the exam if you chose
to go that route.
This would be a good source to use for my proposal because my main focus for research is
determine which route is actually the best process in becoming a teacher and why, this article
does a good job of pointing out both sides.
Anonymous. Teach Curiosity TNTP Teaching Fellows 2014.

3. Things to Remember During the Teacher Hiring Season

This article was about the many steps it takes to actually become a teacher as well as what to
expect or tips on what to do. There are helpful hints on the recruiting process that Charlotte

Mecklenburg schools uses to find the best possible candidates for their classrooms as well as the
starting salary, which the Human Resource Department does not inform you of until you actually
accept the position with their school system.
This article would be a could source for my proposal because it highlights important issues
that individuals would like to know during the hiring process as well as what occurs after the
hiring process.
Cech, S. J. (2005, May 1). Homegrown. Teacher magazine, 16(6), 37-41.
Rice, J. K. (2003). Teacher quality: Understanding the effectiveness of teacher attributes.
Washington, DC: Economic Policy Institute.