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Statement of Attorney General Kathleen Kane and Attorney Ellen Granahan News organizations are currently running stories that create the false and defamatory impression that my sister, Ellen Granahan, and | exchanged offensive emails similar to those exchanged PY former and current employees of the OAG and lawyers and judges across the Commonwealth on OAG servers ‘These stories are based on public comments made today by Assistant District Attorneys in the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office inthe Dauphin County Courthouse and refer to 54 ‘emails of my sister and claim 11 emails of the 54 that were forwarded to me. Last year my office rana search of all of my sister's emails in preparation for responding to 2” RTKL for any offensive and pornographic emails on her accounts. None were found. Upon hearing of today’s false statements made by Philadelphia ADAS, afresh team again reviewed these emails and found no pornographic or offensive emails. Ihave released all of the emails referred to by the Philadelphia to the falsehoods being one was forwarded to me in With Attorney Granahan’s permission, ADA for the purpose of making them immediately public to put an en promulgated by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office; of those only 2009 - four years before | took office as Attorney General. ‘the Philadelphia ADAs is yet another childish example of the Philadelphia District ing more than an attempt to “slam dunk” that Todays conduct by ‘Attorney trying to defame me and my family to “protect his guys.” Its noth take public attention away from the DAs “slam dunk case” of public corruption ~ today could not Ci that allows this dé

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