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Eve Biography

Eve was the wife of Adam, created out of his rib at the beginning of time. As God made
Adam, he also created Eve. Together they lived in the Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden, all
was for their taking except for the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden which had been
forbidden to them by God. One day, the serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree,
saying that although God had said not to, he would not kill them if they were like God. So Eve
ate the forbidden fruit and offered it to Adam who too ate it. God came back to the Garden and
found them hiding out of shame for their nakedness. He called them out of hiding and found that
they had eaten the forbidden fruit. For this, he punished the serpent, Adam and Eve. As part of
their punishment, they were sent from the Garden of Eden to walk the earth.
As time passed, Eve became pregnant and had a child. The child was a son who they
named Cain. Shortly after his birth, Eve became pregnant again. This child, a brother to Cain was
named Abel. As Abel and Cain grew up, Abel came to work with sheep, and Cain to work the
land. Of what they produced, they each made an offering to God. God showed favor upon Abels
offering and out of jealousy Cain killed Abel. Many years after, Eve became pregnant with
another son, this one named Seth. Through the next 800 years of Eve's life, they had many more
children, whose names are not known.
The betrayal of one of her sons was a very difficult thing for Eve as it would be for any
mother. As well as was the loss of one of them. Over a very long life, she accomplished much,
but the loss and betrayal of her children must have haunted her for all of it. Just as she must have
loved and honored God as her maker, she must had feared him for his undoing of her children.
Just as one loves one's father one also respects him. Seeing God more as a father than as a

untouchable being would certainly change the dynamic between believer and deity. Eve saw God
in a way that none do today, as a literal father.
One of the largest debated matters concerning Eve is how does she represent women
relative to men. According to Edith Deen, Eve was created to stand by and accompany man, they
are singular beings meant to form a whole (Deen 4). However opinions vary strongly on this
subject. Another biblical scholar shares the same opinion, "The noun helper can mean either 'an
assistant' (subordinate) or 'an expert' (superior) [] The phrase which might be translated
literally as 'an equal helper,' indicates that no hierarchal relationship exists between the
primordial pair" (Meyers 81). Both of these show that women are equal to men, but many
interpret it to be otherwise.
As the first woman, Eve serves as the mother of all on earth, and continues to live on
through her children. She is an example for all mothers, as her loves reaches far and strong. Her
faith is a light for all who believe, and her example to improve oneself and become better is a
message for all.

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