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Nan Zhang

4 Research Drive, Greenville, SC 29607 | | 515-451-7882


Aluminum Alloys

Mechanical Testing

Structural Analysis

Advanced Material Characterization

Cold/Hot Stamping

Formability Tests

Finite Element Analysis


Digital Image Correlation


o Strong experimental background: ability of conducting wide range of experiments including mechanical testing,
formability test, deep drawing, hole expansion and hydraulic bulge test.
o Good experience in using a digital image correlation (DIC) system with unique applications at higher-thanambient temperatures.
o In-depth knowledge of the material behavior and mechanical properties of aluminum alloys (AA5XXX and
AA7XXX), magnesium alloys and steel.
o Expertise in solid mechanics, linear/non-linear FE analysis, quasi-static structural analysis, constitutive model,
isotropic/anisotropic yield function, elasticity, plasticity and viscoplasticity.
o Proven skills in utilizing ABAQUS (4+ years) for the simulations of sheet metal deformation and VUMAT writing
for incorporating constitutive models and isotropic/anisotropic yield function.
o Proficiency in Matlab (6+ years), SolidWorks (3+ years). Familiar with FORTRAN, AutoCAD, LS-Dyna,
o Familiar with infrared thermography, microstructural examination, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), optical
microscopy and transmission electron microscopy (TEM).
o Experience in CNC machining and specimen preparation using wire EDM/Waterjet cutting.
o Solid background in mechanical engineering, material science, data analysis, mathematics and technical writing.

Clemson University Greenville, SC
PhD Automotive Engineering
Selected Thematic Courses:

Aug 2012 ~ Present

Lightweight Material and Manufacture

Theory of Elasticity

Automotive Manufacturing Processes

Automotive Structural Analysis

Iowa State University Ames, IA

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, CUM LAUDE
Senior Design Project:
Manufacturing Process Optimization for Truck Headlining
Thematic focus:
Materials Science and Engineering
Manufacturing Processes

Finite Element Analysis

Aug 2009 ~ May 2012

Mechanics of Materials

Material Characterization and Finite Element Simulation of Aluminum Alloy Sheets during Non-Isothermal
Forming Processes
o Investigate the deformation behavior of different aluminum alloy sheets (AA5XXX and AA7XXXX) under wide
ranging temperatures and strain rates.
o Conduct experiments under both isothermal and non-isothermal conditions
o Develop the approach of utilizing digital image correlation (DIC) to support the various experimental activities at
high-than-ambient temperatures.
o Develop a new approach to couple the DIC results with thermal camera measurements for non-isothermal tensile
o Constitutive modeling and anisotropic yield function development for the selected aluminum alloy sheets.
o Build a coupled thermo-mechanical simulation tool (ABAQUS/Explicit) to predict the deformation of aluminum
alloy sheets during hot stamping.

Internship (Research Assistant) at Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL)

Objective and Description:
Advisor: Aashish Rohatgi
Investigate the effects of mechanical pre-strain and ageing treatment on precipitation kinetics in AA7075 sheets.
Details of work:
o Design and conduct the experiments including mechanical prestrain and heat treatment with AA7075-T6 sheet
o Investigate the natural ageing process of AA7075 in W temper.
o Measure the hardness (Rockwell and Vickers) of the post-process samples.
o Interpret the interaction between dislocation and precipitation based on obtained experimental results.
Formability (Nakajima and Marciniak) Test
Objective and Description:
Investigate material formability with in- and out- plane tests and construct the forming limit curves.
Details of work:
o Prepare the specimens (steel and aluminum alloy sheets) with waterjet machine
o Carry out the Nakajima/Marciniak tests on hydraulic press with aids of Digital Image Correlation (DIC)
o Process the DIC results in ARAMIS and extract the forming limit curves (FLCs) using time dependent method
Hot Gas Forming with Aluminum/Magnesium Alloy Sheets
Objective and Description:
To investigate the formability and construct the forming limit curves (FLC) of lightweight materials at elevated
Details of work:
o Prepare specimens (aluminum and magnesium alloy sheets) and conduct the high temperature gas forming
experiments (400-500)
o Measure the strain grid with circle grid analysis (CGA) method
o Construct the high temperature FLCs
Course Project: Design Optimization of the Suspension Link of a Honda Vehicle
Objective and Description:
Optimize suspension link design in order to avoid buckling under given loading conditions
Details of work:
o Perform a failure test with a real suspension module provided by Honda
o Develop FE model using HyperMesh: meshing, boundary conditions, load steps
o Correlate the results from FE simulation and experiment
Hydraulic Bulge Test with Applications of Digital Image Correlation (DIC)
Objective and Description:
Determine the hardening curve, anisotropy and forming limit of multiple materials with hydraulic bulge test
Details of work:
o Set-up the Digital Image Correlation camera on the top of a hydraulic press to capture the material deformation
o Conduct the hydraulic bulge test using a set of elliptical dies with various ellipticity ratios in order to cover
multiple loading cases: from balance biaxial to pure stretch
o Process the DIC results and extract the experimental results: material hardening curve, anisotropy and forming

2015 TMS Light Metal Award

The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS)

ISU International Student Scholarship, 2010 ~ 2012

Iowa State University

Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE)
The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS)