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Pea Before getting into the kettlebell routines on this the Combat Kettlebell jeans DOM ai ee Uke ca anc Kettlebell training deals directly with your core. Your lower back is part of ae UCRo ence koe eae oman eect RRC cians aCe MOMania Trott should be completed before each workout: pts eee eee Wee ee ee Pe ee 5. BW Good Mornings — 30 sec Cesare eed Aree ee ERT ee ed Oe ees Naso ee ces 6 WEEK WORKOUT PLAN Eo e Kenta ees PAU ee ss Peace cd eC Ae eed ER eer iness aU ce a ees PA Neec ened 0) ee cs 18. Hindu Push Ups - 30 see EAS Een SMEs Melee ora nee eC) MM eRe on MALE mec IS Tg CaS aa acca cir ta lar Rena CRW on a ona regular basis. Each week starts on Sunday. eral Re RNA eos (Maas aa Lec LN Shadow Boxing, Running/Sprinting, CKS Megs Se aot Cras nS aay ame CR Nr nae RT Oey Running/Sprinting, CKS Workout 1/CKS Neg one US a Re eR No Is Venea We era tuna Suid eee) ereeL OR ot USER UE a ele) Workout 3, Running/Sprinting, CKS Workout Renate) Se Leese ee elle Cea nS a ROL ae (2x)/IMMA Shadow Boxing, Running/Sprinting, Nona a oo aS ened Week 4 Rest, CKS Workout 2 (2x), Running/Sprinting, CKS Workout 2 (2x), Running/Sprinting, CKS We auera ee Ke CR oral Were LOL OR Ln ola OLR Aa lac Running/Sprinting, CKS Workout I/CKS Workout 3, Running/Sprinting, CKS Workout MeN eRe Nene MET) CUP RMU CTC H BOS RS (TTT o ns a 2. Jab Drill (Left) EROS 4, Jab Drill (Right) 5. Goblet Squat 6. Rocking Chair ornare scr pa aa Pal (Rois) 3. Dead Clean (Right) Paani) 5. Dead Clean (Left) Cerrar orca) Nectar 2. Shoe Shine (Left) 3. Goblet Squat/Curl/Press 4, Shoe Shine (Right) 5.Alt Clean And Press 6.Rocking Chair Get Up S WORKOUT; ENAINYA) Circuit | I High Pull (Left) oe 3. High Pull (Right) Pers 5.Snatch (Left) 6. Slip Drill (Right) 7. Snatch (Right) 8.Slip Drill (Left) roe) emer Peete 3. Snatch/Overhead Squat (Left) 4.U Drill (Left) 5.Snatch Overhead Squat (Right) 6.U Drill (Right) SAS CnC Please consult your doctor Roc tc nag CeCe Cc! Oe aT CR cue ae tM acm ames orcas) 1. TGU (Right) 2. Rocking Chair 3. TGU (Left) pa a eaten) Cee ag te Reo Cy eel forrariany Reet) 2. Peak Outs 3. Windmills (Lefe) Cane 5. Windmills (Right) Cag) ae ete LWORKOUTISESS NS) een) ) et asa ki) 2. Jab Drill (Right) eRe aia GU) 4,Jab Drill (Left) Ewen a 6. Rocking Chair 7. Combat Cleans (Left) EAU 9. Combat Cleans (Right) 10. Rocking Chair Get Up Circuit 2 (Shadow Jitsu) avy SaaS cee een ty 4,Sprawl and Roll Pac v series anaes Pa 8, Rocking Chair Get Up Caer ORS es ern ELV a nel Circuit 3 (Kettle Jitsu) cio pau cM ote ace oP eC ary el 5. Goblet Rocking Chair aU par Rance PAN Oly res RODS acon Refers R Mon rd 10. Rocking Chair Get Up/ pear TT Circuit 4 (Kettle Jitsu) 1 Swings peo ea Pe a Bre cara Mono el SNe eae Oey 7, Rocking Chair Get Up/ 2-Hand Press Caen 9. Rocking Chair 10. Alt High Pulls fetcaniaey nae) aka 2. Goblet Rocking Chair 3. Fighters Figure 8 PRO Peau hard Ee ost eeu ao) 8.lron Palm Crossover teeny CPN Serta es eee PO MLCT a) RS [ATTY participants, and distributors Ree Ne ne ry STi i oRee ct )