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Preliminary Goal-Setting & Plan Development


Elizabeth Footit



Prompt: Identify/Clarify a Focus or Goal Topic (Essential Element, See Self-Assessment

Meeting Diverse Needs

Strategic Prompt: Why is this topic/focus area important?

The candidate teacher has not had much experience with inclusion classes and students with learning
disabilities. It is extremely important for her to be able to effectively reach each and every one of her students.
Each student deserves a terrific education and if a student does not learn like everyone else, it does not mean
they are any less deserving of that education. The candidate teacher will focus on her ability to reach each
student by using various teaching methods and implementing additional resources during this placement.


The candidate teacher will be able to develop an arsenal of skills and techniques to
best reach the diverse needs of students.

Specific, Rigorous, Results-Focused Prompt: What skills, knowledge, or practice will I

acquire or develop through achieving this goal?
I will better anticipate the resources needed and additional support necessary in order to meet the diverse
needs of students. I will have a better understanding of what techniques and strategies are useful for
enhanced student learning.

Realistic, Timed Prompt: When will I achieve this goal?

This goal will be achieved at the latest by December 17th, 2015.

Action-Oriented, Tracked Prompt: How will I demonstrate progress toward this goal?
Progress will be demonstrated through a pre and post-assessment, student work with feedback, resources
created by the candidate teacher (rubrics, graphic organizers, assignment sheets, etc.), and a video clip of the
candidate teacher instructing an inclusion classroom.

Measured Prompt: How will I know the goal has been achieved?
The candidate teacher will know the goal has been achieved through a pre and post-assessment, classroom
discussion, small group work, student feedback, feedback from the Supervising Practitioner and Program
Supervisor, and reflective practices on lessons and the video observation. The measurement of growth that will
confirm whether or not the goal has been achieved will be an initial assessment of utopia within the short story
Harrison Bergeron, and the end assessment will address the same concepts within an excerpt of The Giver.
Student growth will also be observed through their graphic organizers and final essays on the human condition
with Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut.

Practice Goal:

The candidate teacher will regularly evaluate students learning and understanding
of content material based on informal assessments and then provide the students
with proper modifications and additional resources such as handouts, graphic
organizers, additional directions, or personal assistance in order to meet the needs
of diverse students.

What actions will you take to achieve the goal?

What actions/supports/resources will you need

from your Program Supervisor and Supervising

Prepare graphic organizers and

additional resources for students
Reflect on my own practices
Respond to student feedback,
changing my practices based on

Advice, models of past resources

used, and suggestions on what has
worked in the past from my
Supervising Practitioner.
Provide me with feedback in order to
meet my goal