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Original Document in Indonesian located
Translation Amended for Board Association of International Document

Final Act
Board Association of International Document
Crown Council XIII XX
CL-UBS No. UNS-AG/SBG/6118/045/RS.DRS/VII/01/2001 15
Resolution Revitalization and Development
Project Nexus World 12 Portholes and General Single Agreement.
Palace President Alliance/United Nations
1887 Wareld van Eighendom Verponding 2015
Permission and Utilization Funds Assets Property UN Swissindo
P1. PKC NKRI Cirebon Indonesia IP.NO. 301 UN Swissindo
Owner: Big Top Royal, K681 King of Kings M1
Name: H.M. Mr. A1. Soegihartonotonegoro, ST.
Blue-Bigger ID: Deutsche Bundesbank DE09ZZZ00001750948
UCC Code: 2015-076-7587-0
Passport: A7808449
Issuer: Swissindo World Trust International Orbit
Position: The Certificate of the State
Certificate: Code 99.98
Title: Wareld van Eighendom Verponding 01-05-1887
Series 1 - 4: Register Series 2 Plantation
Register No.: 27500897994533
Account: Deutsche Bank
Advance Payment: EUR 89,500,000,000,000.Cash Fund: SKR. No. 0126/BI SKR/XI/2012
UN - RI: SKR/IDR 00013/2012

Date Executed: 27-08-2014

Board Association of International Document Decision and establishing appropriate 5 Moral Principles

A) Rental Rights, Governance and taxpayers under Title of Van Eighendom Verponding
Onderneming to Royal, K681 Owner States M1 as holder and Owner Certificate KAR NEGARA
Exhibits AB (Kingdom and Countries) from time to time the Parent Body of 25 Multi-National
B) Have as background records of National Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta dated 20 March 2007
concerning estates and 53 Sugar Factories/Mills under management of NV. Maatschapu Total
Explotatie Der Suiker Onderneming (business) with corresponding list attached on behalf of the
WL. Samuel De Meyer F. of the entire sugar factory on the island of Java with employees:
1. PG. Mojo Agung, Jombang
27. PG. Kunir Tulung Agung
2. PG. Sumber Liarjo, Pemalang
28. PG. Ngadirejo, Kediri
3. PG. Jatiwangi, Majalengka
29. PG. Sembero, Jember
4. PG. Gempol, Cirebon
30. PG. Gunung Sari, Jember
5. PG. Kadipaten, Majalengka
31. PG. Asem Bagus, Situbondo
6. PG. Karang Suwung, Cirebon
32. PG. Jombang Baru, Jombang
7. PG. Jati Barang, Cirebon
33. PG. Gedning, Jombang
8. PG. Sindang Laut, Cirebon
34. PG. Gempol Kerep, Mojokerto
9. PG. Tersana Baru, Cirebon
35. PG. Kanigoro, Madiun
10. PG. Purwodadi/Glodok, Magetan
36. PG. Barjaratma, Brebes
11. PG. Gondang Baru, Klaten
37. PG. Kadawung, Pasuruan
12. PG. Kalibagor Banyu Mas.
38. PG. Kerembung, Sidoarjo
13. PG. Sudhono, Madiun
39. PG. Tulangan. Sidoarjo
14. PG. Ketanggungan Barat
40. PG. Krian Sidoarjo
41. PG. Mojopanggung, Tulung Agung
15. PG. Mojo Sragen
42. PG. Olean, Situbondo
16. PG. Pagongan Tegal
43. PG. Pagottan, Situbondo
17. PG. Mrican/Jati Kediri
44. PG. Panji, Situbondo
18. PG. Rejosari, Madiun
45. PG. Lestari, Kertosono
19. PG. Pangka, Tegal
46. PG. Pesantren, Kediri
20. PG. Sragi Pekalongan
47. PG. Petarukan, Pemalang
21. PG. De Maas, Besuki
48. PG. Pajarakan, Probolinggo
22. PG. Lepiring Kendal
49. PG. Pradjekan, Situbondo
23. PG. Teper Klaten
50. PG. Cukir, Jombang
24. PG. Comal, Pemalang
51. PG. Watu Tulis Sidoarjo
25. PG. Rendeng, Kudus
52. PG. Wonolangan, Probolinggo
26. PG. Jatiroto Lumajang
53. PG. Wringin Anom, Panarukan


1. Kampoeng Koeningan
CBD Mega Kuningan
Total of 23 Certificates Van Eighendom Verponding
WIDTH 168.527M2

BASIS: Whereas in accordance Entry into UPU 01-05-1887 KAR NEGARA Certificate of Ownership
of Countries Code 99.98, Register Sealed Securer, Series 1 4;
1. Land Mining Code (P1)
2. Land Plantation Code (P2)
3. Land Agriculture Code (P12)
4. Land Transportation Land, Sea and Air Code (P21)
CONSIDERATION: Based upon Register Sealed Securer Certificate of Ownership KAR NEGARA
and UN APPROVAL No. 81704, dated 17-08-1945, with the fall of the final due date 17-08-2015
and 70 years periodic obligation, and consistent with;
1. Repayment of Funds National International consistent with SOERAT POESAKA NOESANTARA
as from 5th October 1966.
2. Declaration of Transaction Payment Order P1 11 No. A5 A.A.A.A.A.-303-333-742-42.
3. Advance Payment EUR 889,000,000,000,000.- and Phase 1 worth EUR 89,500,000,000,000.4. Certificate Title, Licensee and Utilization Funds-Assets-Property Number: UPU/A.045A.001/1012500/BI SKR/2015 in the name of UN-SWISSINDO.

CONCLUSION: A. Implementation of Human Obligation Project and Venus Project by means of a Pilot
Project and to regain control on land, KAR NEGARA Certificate Code 99.98
Series 1 4, Wareld Van Eighendom Verponding Onderneming 01-05-1887/17-082015 and EXHIBITS AB as Guarantor for Collateral Countries Foreign Countries.
B. Allocation Allotment of Project Development of World Transportation Hub in
Cirebon, in the area of the Sugar Factory/Mills, number 6 and number 8 from 53
C. Development of 51 Sugar Mill Plantation locations with the allocation of funds and a
development budget worth EUR 1,000,000,000.- or total of EUR 51,000,000,000.part of P1 11 consistent with UN- Charter Article 2 Section 2 8.
D. Orders Her-Inventory, Funds-Assets-Property in accordance with UN-Charter Article
2 Sections 2 8 and UN-APPROVAL No. 81704 dated 17-08-1945, periodic 70 years
with a maturity date of 17-08-2015.
E. Issues a letter of Instruction to Property Management in particular CBD Mega
Kuningan Jakarta with a total of 23 Certificates of Van Eighendom Verponding No.
7267, Width 168.527M2 and for the related parties to re-register over the
evacuated property and land area mentioned as this matter
applies to all parties that already occupy lands of Verponding Series 1 4 , pertaining
to property of the KAR-NEGARA Certificate 99.98 of the entire
region/country of NKRI 17-08-1945.
F. Instruction to Team Task Force UN-SWISSINDO for Territorial Supplies for
TNI Headquarters to secure vital areas.
G. Central Command of the World Multinational (NATO-SEATO-NON BLOCK) Oopskop
Central Buffer Stock Nationality with appropriate corresponding SKR.No.0126/BI
AKR/XI/2012, SKR/IDR 00013 issued Instrument Advance Payment (P1-11) SKR.
CTU-24 Multiple Currency related to the Dynasty Assets.
UN APPROVAL No. MISA 81704 dated 17-08-2015.


1. The Command Centre of the World Swissindo World Trust International Orbit.
2. Great Presidential Palace of United Nations.
3. Bullion Big Bank Ratu Mas Kencana Room A1-1A
(World Bank Union Bank of Switzerland Bank of Indonesia)
4. Residential Park.
Area of the Sugar Factory/Mill Site in Cirebon
Village Karang Suwung, KEC Kerang Sembung
Village Kerang Suwung
District Karang Sembung, Width 89.7750M2 (89.7 HA)
Residential Park, Register Serial No. AAR095247
Initial Value: USD 506,502,000,000.B.

Number 8 Sindang Laut

Village Sindang Laut KEC Sindang Laut


Village Sindang Laut KEC. Sindang Laut,
WIDTH 98.0407M2 (94.04 HA)
Swissindo World Trust International
Register Serial No. AAG095247
Initial Value: USD 506,502,000,000.2. VERPONDING No. 997
Village Sindang Laut KEC. Sindang Laut,
WIDTH 95.2037M2 (95.20 HA)
Bullion Big Bank Ratu Mas Kencana
Room A1-1A

(World Bank Union Bank of

Switzerland Bank of Indonesia)
Register Serial No. AAH095247
Initial Value: USD 506,502,000,000.3. VERPONDING No. 225
Village Sindang Laut KEC. Sindang Laut,
WIDTH 110.4550M2 (110.45 HA)
Palace of the President of the United
Register Serial No. AAQ095247
Initial Value: USD 506,502,000,000.-

Hence the decision was made and appointed the appropriate rights, license and to use Funds-AssetsProperty as above/in the land of Van Eighendom Verponding Onderneming consistent with UU No. 1
year 1958, UU No. 86 year 1958, UU 1945 Article 1 Paragraph 1, Article 32, Article 33 Paragraph 3 and
Notification to Government of Indonesia and related Ranks of Human Obligation Project and Venus
None of the Government Institution have and given authority to hand over/transfer Van Eighendom
Verponding Onderneming as the KAR-NEGARA 99.98, the appropriate Official Name Indonesia, ISO
3166/alpha 02 ID, Register UPU 01-05-1887.

The Authority Veto is Big Top Royal, K.681 King of Kings M1, Great Top President of United Nations, UNAPPROVAL No. 81704 / 17-08-1945 and with maturity due date on 17-08-2015 according to the
contents of the proclamation 17-08-1945 transfer of power within the shortest cycle.
Signed at Vientiane Lao P.D.R. dated 4th December 2015.

Board Association of International Document

Big Top Royal, K. 681 King of Kings M1
H.M. Mr. A1. SINO AS.
Great Top President of United Nations
Position Code A.045 Basel Tullingen
President Commissioner Banks C.L.M.
7650089799 F.C. 56453

Ratified in Cirebon 17-08-2015, Indonesia

President Commissioner UN-Swissindo
H.M. Dewi Bunga Siti Dahlia H.K.
Position Code A.001 Basel Tullingen
President Commissioner of Indonesia NKRI 1708-2015

Original Document in Indonesian located
Translation Amended for Board Association of International Document

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