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Group no.

: - 56
Internal guide : - Prof.Preeti Shenolikar
Title of the Project : Power Harvesting for Smart Sensor Networks

in Monitoring Water Distribution System

Subject area : - Embedded
Nature of the Project : - Hardware + Software
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Year : -

2015 - 2016

Cummins College of Engineering for Women ,

Karvenagar , Pune 411052 .

Department :-


Telecommunication .


Power Harvesting for Smart Sensor Networks in Monitoring Water

Distribution System
ABSTRACT There has been a growing interest in using wireless sensor networks for
monitoring water distribution infrastructure to help drinking water utilities to
have better understanding of hydraulic and water quality statement of their
underground assets. One of the challenges is limited power resources for
operating the smart sensors and sensor networks. Current common used power
supplies for sensor node are batteries. Batteries have many drawbacks such as
short life time and need to be replaced on regular basis which is uneconomical
and unmanageable in hard access environment such as buried underground
water pipelines.

Energy harvesting is a method of powering wireless electronic device by

harvesting ambient energy sources such as environmental vibrations, solar,
radio frequency (RF) and human power. Harvesting energy from the
environment is not new but it has been used from hundreds of years to generate
energy from wind and water flow. The field of energy harvesting is large and
growing rapidly as a result of recent advances in low power electronics along
with low duty cycle of wireless sensor node which have reduced power
requirements to the range of hundreds of microwatts make it feasible to use the

harvesting energy as power supply for wireless sensor networks. Moreover,

Energy harvesting techniques have a potential to address the tradeoff between
the quality of the service and life time of the sensor node. Flow-induced
vibration is one of potential energy resources to be harvested in water
distribution system. Therefore, this paper will focus on flow induced vibration
as a power source in water pipeline network.