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RA 9208, aab RA10364: Human Trafficking

-Although human trafficking is referred to as modern day slavery , it may not alway
s involve slave like conditions. The main objective of human trafficking is EXPL
-Accomplices and accessories are punished
-Attempted human trafficking has been expanded to include the performance of ove
r acts which do not result in the execution of the crime by reasons other than
-When the act of trafficking is committed over a period of more than 60 days, th
e crime is
-Affidavit of Desistance TIP cases should not be dismissed based on the affidavi
t of desistance execute by the victims or their parents or legal guardians. Publ
ic and private prosecutors are directed to oppose and manifest objections to mot
ions for dismissal. Any act involving the means provided in ____
-Prescriptive period 10 years
If committed by a syndicate or large scale or against a child
20 years
The prescriptive period shall commence to run from the day of release, or in the
case of a child victim, from the age of majority, and shall be interrupted by th
e filing of the complaint and shall commence to run against when the proceedings
terminate without the accused being convicted or acquitted.
-Can we file cases for violation of other penal laws as well as human traffickin
g for the same act? In people vs Lalli, Dec, 2011, the accused was convicted for
illegal recruitment and for human trafficking. No double jeopardy __________
-For human trafficking for the purpose of child porn on the internet, the follow
ing cases may be filed:
a.RA 9775 for selling child porn, but no cybercrime per Disini
b.Human trafficking but no RA 9231
c.RA 7610

Can police officers use entrapment without violating the Trafficking Law
against the use of trafficking victims?
PP vs Casio, Dec. 3, 2014, the SC held that the entrapment was a ______