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Samacheer Talent Recognition Drive
(8th going to 9th)
Time: 3 Hours

Maximum Marks: 300

1. Caution: Question Paper CODE as given above MUST be correctly marked in the answer OMR sheet
before attempting the paper. Wrong CODE or no CODE will give wrong results.
2. Answers have to be marked on the OMR sheet.
3. The Q uestion Paper contains blank spaces for your rough work. No additional sheets will be
provided for rough work.
4. Blank papers, clip boards, log tables, slide rule, calculator, cellular phones, pagers and electronic
devices, in any form, are not allowed
5. Write your Name, Reg. No. and Test Centre in the space provided at the bottom of this sheet.
6. You are advised to devote around 1 Hour on each Section as there will be minimum cutoff marks in
each Section for qualifying.
7. The question paper consists of 4 Sections:
Section - I……….IQ (30 questions)
Section- II……….Mathematics (30 questions)
Section -III……….Physics (20 questions)
Section -IV………Chemistry (20 questions).
8. Each question carries +3 marks for correct answer and -1 mark for wrong answer.

STRD-2014- CLASS - 8 – P 2

IQ, Maths, Phy & Chem


Section – I

Directions (Q.No.1 – 3): Answer the following questions by using given Ven – Diagram.
Students studying Maths

Students studying Physics




Students studying Biology

1. Students who study Maths & Physics but not Biology are represented by

(D)None of these

2. Students who study Physics & biology but not Maths?



3. Students who study Maths, Physics & Biology are represented by?


Space for rough work

Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS, No.3, First Lane, (Next Apex Plaza), Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 034.

mules and monkeys? (A) (B) (C) (D) 6.8 – P 3 IQ. Which combination of rectangles best represents the relationship between Tehsil. Nungambakkam. (Next Apex Plaza).STRD-2014. District and State? (A) (B) (C) (D) Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. Which of the following combination of triangles best represent cubs. sprinters and marathon runners? (A) (B) (D) (C) 5. Maths. . No.No. Chennai – 600 034. Which of the following combination of circles best represents athletes. Nungambakkam High Road.CLASS . Phy & Chem Directions (Q.3. 4 – 6) Identify which of the following combination of figures represents best relations of the given information 4. First Lane.

“How is Praveen related to the lady in the photograph (A)Brother (B)Mother (C)Nephew (D)Niece 10. Pointing to a lady in the photograph. Reeta drives to North of her place of stay at A and finds after traveling 25 km that she has driven in the wrong direction. He then turns to right hand side and travels another 4 km. Nungambakkam. Chennai – 600 034.No. No. . Nungambakkam High Road.STRD-2014. Which of the following means L is nephew of M? (A)L + N – Q × M (B)L – Q × N × M (C)L – N × M (D)M + N ÷ L Directions (Q. First Lane. She then turns to the right and travels 2 km and then again turns right and drives straight another 25 km.CLASS .No. How many km is Sham away from the place of his starting the journey? (A)7 km (B)3 km (C)6 km (D)14 km 11. If A is a brother of B then how B is related to A ? (A)Brother (B)Cousin (C)Sister (D)Brother (or) Sister 9. Phy & Chem Direction (Q.3. How far is he from the point of starting his journey? (A)15 km (B)4 km (C)5 km (D)10 km Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. He again turns to his right and side and moves 7 km forward. Sham travels 7 km North. How much distance she has now to cover to go back to the point from where she started? (A)25 km (B)2 km (C)4 km (D)50 km 12. (Next Apex Plaza). Rana travels 10 km North turns left and travels 4 km and then again turns right and coves another 5 km.7): Study the following information and answer the questions given below (i) P ÷ Q means Q is father of P (ii) P × Q means P is sister of Q (iii) P + Q means P is brother of Q (iv) P – Q means Q is mother of P 7. 8 – 9) The following questions are based on Blood Relations 8. Maths. then turns right and walks 3 km.8 – P 4 IQ. Praveen told his friend “She is the only daughter of my mother.

No.3. First Lane. The ratio of the ages of the father and the son at present is 5: 1 After 10 years the ratio will become 3:1 What is the sum of the present ages of the father and the son. (A)112 (B)98 (C)100 (D)None of these 14. (A)32 (B)35 (C)29 (D)None of these Directions (Q. Maths. (Next Apex Plaza).CLASS . (A)30 (B)32 (C)60 (D)None of these 15. 16 – 18) Find the Missing part of the figure 16. Nungambakkam.No.STRD-2014. The ratio of the ages of the father and the son at present is 7:1 After 4 years the ratio will become 4: 1 What is the sum of the present ages of the father and the son. 13 – 15) The following questions are based on Age 13. Chennai – 600 034. . The ratio of the ages of the father and son at present is 7: 1 After 7 years the ratio will become 5: 1 What is the sum of the present ages of the father and the son. Phy & Chem Direcitons (Q.8 – P 5 IQ. Nungambakkam High Road. (X) (A) (B) (C) (D) Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS.No.

the first and last of which are unnumbered and the remaining are as a. Phy & Chem 17. (X) (A) (B) (C) (D) 18. (Next Apex Plaza). However. b. The number of that figure is the answer. (A) (B) (C) (D) Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. 19. Nungambakkam. 19 – 21) : In each of the following questions. Maths. First Lane. . one of the four numbered figures does not fit into the series.8 – P 6 IQ.CLASS . c and d. These six figures from a series. No. (X) (A) (B) (C) (D) Directions (Q.3. there are six figures.No.STRD-2014. Chennai – 600 034. Nungambakkam High Road.

(C)and (D)given along with it. 22 – 24) : In each of the following questions. (A) (B) (C) (D) (A) (B) (C) (D) 21. (Next Apex Plaza). Nungambakkam. Nungambakkam High Road. No.8 – P 7 IQ. 22. First Lane. Chennai – 600 034. (X) (A) (B) (C) (D) Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. (B).CLASS .STRD-2014. Phy & Chem 20. Directions(Q. Maths.No. choose the correct water images of the fig(X) from amongst the four alternatives (A).3. .

(A – E) that best expresses the relationship similar to that expressed by the question pair.CLASS .3. EDITOR: MAGAZINE (A)Novel: Writer (B)Poem: Poet (C)Chair: Carpenter (D)Director: Film Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. First Lane.No. 25. Maths. you are given a related pair of words (question pair) in capital letters. Nungambakkam.8 – P 8 IQ. (X) (A) Direction (Q. No. (X) (A) (B) (C) (D) (B) (C) (D) 24.STRD-2014. Chennai – 600 034. Each capitalized pair is followed by five pairs of words. Nungambakkam High Road. .25 – 27) : In each of the following questions. (Next Apex Plaza). Choose the pair from the answer choices. Phy & Chem 23.

then the value of (A) a 3 − 3ab b3 (B) (D)885 1 1 + is x3 y 3 a 3 − 3ab b2 (C) a3 − 3 b (D) a3 − 3 b2 Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS.28 – 30) : In each of the questions below. First Lane. INTELLIGENTSIA: ELITIST (A)I.8 – P 9 IQ. Maths. (A)3 (B)1 (C)2 2.CLASS . WEIGHT : KILOGRAM (A)Pint: Liquid (B)Distance: Kilometer (C)Mile: Length (D)Pound: Weight Mathematics Section – II II 1.: Intelligent (C)Rabble: Plebian (B)Outer shell: Sea – shell (D)Gentry: Public Directions (Q. Phy & Chem 26. the remainder is (A)674 (B)1174 (C)774 5. Select that lettered pair that expresses the relationship that is most similar to that the capitalizes pair 28. If x + y + z = 1.STRD-2014. No. If A = 3x 2 − 4x 3 + 2x − 5. STOOL: BENCH (A)Chair: Table (B)Carpenter: Chair (C)Painter : Paint (D)Wood: Steel 29. xy + yz + zx = -1 find the value of x 2 + y 2 + z 2 .3. Q . . a related pair of words in capital letters is followed by four pairs of words (a – d). Nungambakkam High Road. When x 4 − 2x 3 + 12x 2 − 1 is divided by x + 5. Chennai – 600 034. B = 2x 3 − 2x − 9 and C = 3x 2 − 2x 3 − 15. then the degree of (A + B – C) is (A)0 (B)1 (C)3 (D)not defined 4. DETERIORATE: RUST (A)Iron: Water (C)Depression: Unemployment (B)Emaciation: Debilitation (D)Recession: Inefficiency 27. then x 3 + y 3 is equal to 27 (B)26 (C)36 (D)0 (D)none of these 3. If 2 x + y = 4 and 3xy = (A)16 1 . If x + y = a and xy = b.No. APPEAL: REFUSAL (A)Obesity: Over – eating (B)Deny: Affirmation (C)Try: Failure (D)Struggle: Victory 30. (Next Apex Plaza). Nungambakkam.

(102 ) 3 = _______ (A)1061028 7.8 – P 10 6. First Lane. Then. 9 students remain standing and if two students occupy one seat. Ram is 7 years younger than Ravi. No. Nungambakkam High Road. . then a is equal to (A)1 (B)– 1 (C)0 (D)6 12. If ( a 3 + 23 + 33 ) 2 = 65 . In the next year the sum of their ages is _________ (A)15 (B)13 (C)17 (D)19 Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. Nungambakkam.3. Phy & Chem (B)1016208 (C)1061208 (D)none of these (B) (1 − x − y )(1 + x + y ) (C) (1 − x − y )(1 − x + y ) (D) (1 + x + y )(1 − x + y ) (B)1 + 4x (C) 1 + 16x 2 (D)All the above (B)96 (C)1024 (D)255 1 1 = 2 then x100 + 100 is x x (A)2 10. Chennai – 600 034. Find the factor(s) of 1 − 256x 4 (A)1 – 4x 9. Ram will be half of Ravi’s age. (Next Apex Plaza).CLASS . In a class there are x seats.STRD-2014. If x + IQ. 7 seats are left empty. Factorize: 1 − 2xy − ( x 2 + y 2 ) (A) (1 + x − y )(1 + x + y ) 8. Maths. If each student occupies one seat. the number of seats in the class is (A)23 (B)32 (C)18 (D)21 5 11. In four years of time.

Product of two numbers is 2668.3. (Next Apex Plaza). If ∆ ABC ≅ ∆ PQR. Chennai – 600 034. The number of quadrants in a circle is _____ (A)1 (B)2 (C)3 (D)4 (C)16 (D)27 (B)17 (C)18 (D)19 (B)1 (C)2 (D)3 (B)1002001 2 18. If 123 + a 3 = 1729. ( 8. 289 x 2 = then value of x is x 17 (A)17 (B)18 19. Nungambakkam. then the value of 3a is (A)1 (B)31 (C)3 (D)11 16.15.8 – P 11 IQ. .CLASS . then (A)0 ∠A + ∠R = ∠C + ∠P Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. Phy & Chem 13. Maths. No. then second number is (A)46 (B)36 (C)56 (D)26 14. Which of the following cannot be perfect square? (A)1681 (B)1849 (C)2116 (D)1762 17. The square of 1001 is (A)10101 (C)10200201 (D)none of these 15.STRD-2014. x ) is a Pythagorean triplet then x is (A)16 20. one number is 58. First Lane. Nungambakkam High Road.

then it is (A)scalene triangle (D)right angled triangle (B)equilateral triangle (C)isosceles triangle 23. If ∆ ABC ≅ ∆ BCA. No. Nungambakkam. In the adjacent figure.3. then the length of altitude through the vertex ‘A’ is (A)23 cm (B)24 cm (C)25 cm (D)26 cm 26. 8 cm is (A)5 (B)6 (C)7 (D)8 22. Maths. Perimeter of a semicircle is ________ π + 2 (A)  (B) (π + 2 ) r units  r units  2  (C) 2r units (D) (π + 4 ) r units Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS.CLASS .8 – P 12 IQ. then the perimeter of the rhombus is (C)40 cm (D)10 cm 2 (A)10 cm (B)40 cm 2 25. . First Lane.STRD-2014. Phy & Chem 21. equal sides BA and CA are produced to Q and P respectively such that AP = AQ then PB = (A)PC (B)BQ (C)QC (D)BC P Q A C B 24. Nungambakkam High Road. Base ‘BC’ of an isosceles ∆ABC is 20 cm and equal sides is 26 cm. Chennai – 600 034. (Next Apex Plaza). If the diagonals of a rhombus are 12 cm and 16 cm. The number of integer sided triangles whose two sides are 3 cm.

CLASS .3. If one of the numbers is – 10. Nungambakkam High Road. Chennai – 600 034. Maths. Divide the sum of (A) 2 31 31 (B) 2 33 66 3+ (A) 65 8 and by their difference.STRD-2014. . No. The product of two rational numbers is 15. The value of IQ. First Lane. Multiplicative inverse of ‘– 1’ is (A)1 (B) 19 5 (B)– 1 (C)0 (D) 5 4 (D)– 2 30. A bullet is fired by a light rifle and the other with a heavy rifle by the same force. 12 3 31 (C) 3 66 1 28. Nungambakkam. (Next Apex Plaza). then the other is 3 −3 2 2 (A) (B) (C) (D) − 2 2 3 3 Physics Section –III 1. SI Unit of temperature is _____________ (A)ºC (B)ºF (C)Kelvin (D)Candela 2.8 – P 13 27. Phy & Chem 87 33 (C) 4 5 is: 2 2+ (D) 1 2 5 19 29. Which rifle will cause more injury to the shoulder? (A)Light rifle (B)heavy rifle (C)Both cause same injury (D)Enough information not available Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS.

1 nano second = ________________ sec.8 – P 14 IQ. A force of 60 N is acted on a body of mass 1. (C)must act on different objects. Chennai – 600 034.0 N (C)13. . No. the acceleration of the body is (A) 4 ms −2 (B) 40 ms −2 (C) 5cms −2 (D) 40 cms −2 4. (Next Apex Plaza). 5. Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. Maths.STRD-2014.5 N (D)18 N 7.5 N (B)9.9 kg at rest for 10 s. (D)need not be equal in magnitude but must have the same direction.5 kg at rest. Nungambakkam. if the body moves a distance of 250 m the magnitude of force is (A)4. Phy & Chem 3. A ship moving in sea water can not be stopped quickly by applying brakes due to (A)left friction exerted by the water (B)due to large volume of the ship (C)Large bottom surface area of the ship (D)High mass of the ship 8.CLASS . −6 −9 (A)10 (B)10 −12 (C)10 −3 (D)10 6. First Lane. −40ºC = ____________ ºF (A)104 (B)313 (C)40 (D)−40 9. The action and reaction forces referred to in Newton’s third law: (A)must act on the same object (B)may act on different objects.3. A constant force acts on body of mass 0. If two equal weights of unequal volumes are completely dipped in water (A)They will displace equal volume of water (B)They will displace equal weight of water (C)The two weights will undergo equal loss in weight (D)The two weights will under go unequal loss in weight. Nungambakkam High Road.

A door of dimensions length 2 m. Its velocity is equal to. (A)1000 m/s (B)10 m/s (C)1 m/s (D)24 N (D)5 m/s 15. Phy & Chem 10. If we know the magnitude of the force and the mass of the object.2 m is acted upon by a certain force due to the air inside the room.CLASS .STRD-2014. (Next Apex Plaza). PB and PC are the value of pressure exerted by the liquid at A. PA .4 × 105 N (B)240 N (C)2. Nungambakkam. Chennai – 600 034. Which of the following is true for the container? (B) PC > PA (A) PA < PB (C) PA = PB = PC (D) PC = PA 11. The atmospheric pressure is 105 pa.3.B and C of the container respectively. Nungambakkam High Road. Maths. No.4 KN 14. the magnitude force is (A) 2. that is (A)weight (B)mass (C)momentum (D)force 13. The estimation of inertia of a body is made with the help of a physical quantity. breadth 1. First Lane. A force acts on an object which is free to move. Newton’s second law of motion enables us to determine the object’s: (A)Weight (B)speed (C)acceleration (D)position Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS.8 – P 15 IQ. . A body of man 10 kg has a momentum of 100 kgm/s. When an object undergoes acceleration : (A)Its speed always increase (C)it always falls towards the earth B C A (B)its velocity always increase (D)a force always acts on it 12.

acceleration proportional to (A)the force on the object (C)the mass of the object the object will be accelerated in the direction of the force with an (B)the velocity of the object (D)the inertia of the object 17. the weight of that body whose volume is 2m3 will be ______________ (A) 8. Maths. Nungambakkam.4 kgwt (B) 8. First Lane. The density of a solid is 4. What is the symbol of the element mercury? (A) Mg (B)Hg (C)Pu (D)Ag 2. Nungambakkam High Road. Phy & Chem 16. A solid floats in water with 3 of its volume below the surface of water.8 – P 16 IQ.STRD-2014.3.1gcm −3 is completely immersed in water. Among the following which is pure substance? (A)Milk (B)Sea water (C)Soil (D)24 carat Gold Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. (Next Apex Plaza). No.CLASS . The density of the solid will be 4 (A) 75 kgm −3 (B) 750 kgm −3 (C) 75×10 2 kgm −3 (D) 75×103 kgm −3 18.2 ×103 kg m −3 . then the buoyancy force acting on it is (A)242 N (B)200 N (C)2000 N (D)2420 N Chemistry Section –IV 1.4 × 105 kgwt (D) 8. On which of the following the buoyant force does not depend (A)Weight of the liquid displaced by the object (B)Loss in weight of the body in liquid (C)Density of the object immersed (D)Density of the liquid in which the object is immersed 20.4 × 107 kgwt 19. . A solid of mass 220 kg and density 1. When a net force acts on an object. Chennai – 600 034.4 × 10 4 kgwt (C) 8.

Ag (C)Ag. What are the components present in quick lime? (A)Ca & H (B)Ca & O (C)Ca. Au (D)G. First Lane. Nungambakkam. . (Next Apex Plaza). Phy & Chem 3. Find the metalloid from the following elements? (A)Bromine (B)Calcium (C)Germanium (D)Iodine 7.CLASS . The substance that is not pure is (A)brass (C)aluminium sheet (D)gold coin (B)copper wire 11. Chennai – 600 034. H & O (D)Ca 4.3. Nungambakkam High Road. Maths. S (B)Au.8 – P 17 IQ.STRD-2014. The symbols of gold and silver are respectively (A)Au. Ag 9. Which is the formula for nitric oxide? (B) NO3 (A) NO 2 (c) NO (d) HNO3 5. Which the following elements exists in liquid state at 30  C? (A) sodium (B)chlorine (C)Bromine (D)Potassium 6. Which of the following has charge? (A)a compound (B)a mixture (C)an element (D)ion 10. No. Which of the following is not correct according to Dalton’s atomic theory? (A)Matter is made up of atoms (B)atoms of all substance are identical in all respects (C)Atoms combine in a simple whole number ratio (D)Atoms of two elements can combine to from more than one compound Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. The substance which is not a compound is: (A)salt (B)water (C)Graphite (D)sand 8.

The “plum pudding” model of the atom was devised by: (A) Dalton (B) Democritus (C) Rutherford (D) none of the above answers is correct 14. What is the valancy of chlorine? (A)1 (C)4 (D)0 (B)2 Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. Cathode rays are (A)stream of protons (C)stream of electrons (B)stream of alpha particles (D)high energy photons 13. Nungambakkam High Road. (A)neutrons (B)neutron and proton (c)electron (D)electron and neutron 18. Nungambakkam. .CLASS . Cathode rays are deflected towards__________. Phy & Chem 12. Maths. First Lane. Cathode rays have (A)mass only without any charge (C)neither mass nor charge (B)negative charge with negligible mass (D)unit mass and unit charge 15. No.3. (A)positive electrode (B)negative electrode (C)both electrodes (D)none of the electrodes 17. Electron was discovered by___________. (Next Apex Plaza). The mass of the atom is determined by________.8 – P 18 IQ.STRD-2014. (A)Chadwick (B)Thomson (C)Goldstein (D)Bohr 16. Chennai – 600 034.

STRD-2014. First Lane. (Next Apex Plaza).CLASS . In the preparation of chalk pieces. Maths. No.8 – P 19 IQ. Nungambakkam High Road.3. which of the following compounds is used? (A)bleaching power (B)slaked lime (C)lime stone (D)washing soda 20. . Phy & Chem 19. Nungambakkam. Which of the following is not a element? (A)Graphite (B)P4 (D)Salt (C)S8 ******* Space for rough work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. Chennai – 600 034.

3. First Lane. .CLASS .STRD-2014. Phy & Chem Space for Rough Work Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS. Nungambakkam High Road. Nungambakkam. No. Chennai – 600 034.8 – P 20 IQ. Maths. (Next Apex Plaza).

A 14.C 10.D 9.B 2.C Physics 1.(8th going to 9th) ANSWER KEY IQ 1.D 22. Phy & Chem Samacheer Talent Recognition Drive CLASS . .A 10.B 26.A 14. Nungambakkam High Road. B 4.B 4. Maths.CLASS .A 6. (Next Apex Plaza).A 17.A 28.A 10. D 12.C 3.A 12.D Regional Head Quarters:: FIITJEE TOWERS.8 – P 21 IQ.C 8.C 5.A 13.C 24.D 21.A 2.D 9.C 28.D 23. B 18.C 19. A 17.D 17. No.B 8.A 11.C 30.B 18.C 27. A 14.D 25.B 20.D 10.B 12.B Mathematics 1.C 20 C Chemistry 1.B 23.C 2.B 5.D 9.C 7.C 7.D 26.B 3.8 .D 11.D 2. C 16.A 19.B 9.STRD-2014.A 19. B 6.D 18.B 11.A 4.A 5.B 20. B 15.B 15.A 7. Chennai – 600 034.A 16.B 21.D 14.D 17.B 15.A 3. First Lane.B 30.C 15.A 11.A 29.A 22.B 12.C 20.A 29.B 18.C 16.B 13.B 16.B 4.B 7.C 25.D 3.D 6.A 8.D 5.A 8.C 24. B 19.C 13.B 27.A 13.C 6. Nungambakkam.3.