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Week Eighteen

December 18th, 2015


a weekly look into the lives of the students of B116

Important Dates
12-18 Half Day
1-5 Students Back to School

Weekly Objectives
Vocabulary - Karaoke
Reading - WonderWorks
Grammar - Spelling Bee
Writing - Holiday Cards

Important Message
Thank you for all the
great gifts!!

Weekly Reminders
Reading Logs due on Thursday
Agenda Books signed Nightly
Friday Folders due Monday
Reading Homework - Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday Night

What a way to end the year! Week eighteen did not

disappoint. The students had a blast at
WonderWorks. We probably could have stayed
there all week and not been bored. Andrew and
Kieran did a superb job representing our class in
the Spelling Bee. The students also received their
Christmas cards from their pen pals in France!
They send us cards and candy. On Thursday, we
kicked the holidays into high gear with an amazing
holiday party filled with singing, crafts, games, and
service projects. To finish the week, two
monumental things occurred. First, our class won a
grant! When the students return, there will be two
new MackBook Airs and audio equipment. Second,
for the second week in a row, Ella Grace was
number 1 in the country in Ticket to Read!!!