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Lexamen final

Franais I
Due date: vendredi le 8 2016
Your final exam will be completed in the format of a portfolio. For some
of the assessments you may be able to use your cahiers interactifs and
vocabulary lists (to my discretion), but you MAY NOT use an online
translator or you will receive a 0 for the exam and have no opportunity
to make it up. The use of cell phones, chromebooks, and other
electronic devices is also prohibited during the final exam process.

Linterro lorale: Choose one of the following topics for your

speaking/interview with Mme Talarek. The speaking part of the
exam will be given from mardi le 5 vendredi le 8 janvier, I will
assign a day for each one of you.
A. You are traveling to France for a study abroad program and
you must prepare for your trip. You must explain to your
host family what your preferences are and what you will
bring with you to France (en franais).
1. Quand est-ce que tu arrives?
2. Combien de semaines est-ce que tu restes?
3. Quest-ce que tu aimes manger?
4. Quelles langues est-ce que tu parles?
5. Quels types de vtements est-ce que tu portes?
6. Combien de valises est-ce que tu as?
7. Est-ce que tu aimes voyager par avion/par train?
8. Quelles villes est-ce que tu voudrais visiter?
9. Comment est-ce que tu prpares pour un voyage?
O est-ce que tu as voyag?
B. You just got back from a summer vacation with your friends.
Discuss where you went, what you did, what you ate, and
what you saw using the past tense (pass compos).
1. Tell your family at least 5 different activities that you
did during your vacation (pass compos)
2. Use at least 5 different verbs in the pass compos
3. Use the helping verbs tre (DR MRS VANDERTRAMPP)
and avoir
C. You will be given three photographs and must pick one of
the photographs to describe in the target language. Using
these photos, you must describe what the people used to do

when they were younger using the imparfait. You must use
complete sentences in your description, meaning that you
must have a subject AND a verb for each sentence. You will
start by telling what photo you chose: Jai choisi la photo
numro The photos will be given to you on your exam


Unit 1: Cest moi!


Assessment #1: Un paragraphe de toi

Assessment #2: 'Cest Pintressant !

Unit 2: Les vacances


Assessment #1: 'Un voyage en train

Assessment #2: 'Une conversation tlphonique
Assessment #3: Un journal intime

Unit 3: Faisons les magasins


Assessment #1: 'Quest-ce que cest dans ma valise ?

Assessment #2: 'Les memes avec les vtements

Unit 4: Une journe typique


Assessment #1: Une journe typique vido

Assessment #2: 'Les deux pages

Unit 5: Pass compos et imparfait


Assessment #1: Le collage de photos limparfait


Assessment #2: Les cartes pour lexamen final