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Conduction, Convection

and Radiation
Transfer of Energy as Heat

Energy moves as heat in three ways

Heat is always a transfer of energy
from objects at a higher temperature
to a lower temperature
There are 3 different ways this
transfer of energy can happen

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Transfer of energy as heat by direct contact
The process that moves energy from one
object to another when they are physically
The energy is moved from the hotter object
to the cooler object
Examples-Students holding an ice cube
Popcorn demo-jiffy pop-the jiffy pop is touching
the hot plate
Write another example and be ready to share!!

Conduction occurs any time objects

come into contact with each other
and there is a difference in
Conduction will continue to happen
As long as the objects are in contact
There is a difference in temperature

Energy can be transferred through the
movement of gases or liquids molecules
Convection is a cycle (convection currents)
Responsible for most winds and ocean currents
Uneven temperatures cause
Warmer, less dense air to be pushed up by cooler
(heavier) air molecules
As the air continues to rise and move, it begins to
cool and become more dense and it starts to sink
The more dense air moves under the warmer air,
pushing it upward

Convection in liquids
Convection in liquids is similar
Warm water is less dense than cold
The warm water is pushed upward by
colder water
As the water molecules cool, they
become more dense and begin to sink.
They move under the warmer molecules
and push them upward

Another way in which energy can be
transferred as heat from one place to
Radiation is energy that travels as
electromagnetic waves
Heat is transferred through these waves
Visible light
Infrared light

All objects emit some radiation-even


You can feel radiation from the sun.

Think back to how molecules move
As the temperature of a substance or object
increases the movement of the molecules increase

This transfer of energy, as heat, increases the

movement of molecules in your skin and you
are now warmer
Everything from air to sidewalks absorbs
radiation which increases particle movement
and increases the temperature.

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