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Coming up at the top of the hour the man who pushed his wife of

a clif, tried to kill her once before. For weather we look at the
earthquake in Chili giving researchers more insight at a look in
tsunamis. And the high school football player from Linden, Nj who
attacked the opposing team's player with his own helmet claims
his coach told him to do it! For WKNJ-FM, 90.3, Union, NJ, the NEW
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1) (x) I have not handed in this assignment for any other class.
2) (x) If I reused any information from other papers I have written for

other classes, I clearly

explain that in the paper.
3) (x) If I used any passages word for word, I put quotations around
those words, or used
indentation and citation within the text.
4) (x) I have not padded the bibliography. I have used all sources cited
in the bibliography in the
text of the paper.
5) (x) I have cited in the bibliography only the pages I personally read.

6) (x) I have used direct quotations only in cases where it could not be

stated in another way. I

cited the source within the paper and in the bibliography.
7) (x) I did not so over-use direct quotations that the paper lacks
interpretation or originality.
8) (x) I checked yes on steps 1-7 and therefore have been fully
transparent about the research
and ideas used in my paper