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DATE: ______________________ NAME OF
RESTAURANT: ________________________________ SHIFT: __
_______________________ TIME: ___________________ RESTAU
RANT INCHARGE: __________________________________ SLNO
1 . S e a t i n g a r r a n g e m e n t
h a s b e e n d o n e a s r e q u i r e d .
2. All linen is cleaned, ironed & folded as
per the standard.
3 . A d e q u a t e m i s e - e n - p l a c e h a s b e e n S t a c k e d .
4 .
C h e c k
f o r
t a b l e /
c h a i r
w o b b l i n g .
5 . C h e c k f o r c l e a n l i n e s s & p r o p e r l a y o u t o f T a b l e .
6 . C h e c k Q u a l i t y o f G l a s s w a r e a n d D i s c a r d
C h i p p e d G l a s s e s .
7 . E n s u r e
F l o o r
i s
c l e a n
a n d
P o l i s h e d
9 . W a l l s , C u r t a i n s & C h e c k e d f o r a n y v i s i b l e
S p o t s .
10. Check for Fused Bulbs and follow up with the
11. All lights and Electrical points Operational
1 2 A i r - C o n d i t i o n i n g O p e r a t i o n a l
13 Check for the proper stacking of
Mineral water/Soft Drinks
14 Ensure all stores & supplies
are in place with required par.
15 Ensure the Side Station is stacked properly as
per the standard
16 Check that the Water Cooler is functioning
1 7
C h e c k
I c e
c u b e
M a c h i n e
18 Ensure that the POS system is working
19 Ensure that the Non-Available Item list is written
o n t h e N o t i c e Board & everybody is aware.
2 0
C h e c k
i f
T e l e p h o n e
W o r k i n g .
21 Ensure that everybody has service kit
& is properly groomed
22 Brief the Staff for the Operation & Up-Selling.
23 Allocate the Staff to their Respective Areas


4 Floor has been cleaned by housekeeping. and glassware have been shifted to d i s h wash. 19Switch Off the POS Machine & Music System if any 20Check for any Discrepancy in Checks. 22Check for the Sale & Menu Item Summary Report. IMPLEMENTATION ENSURED BY:A. 7Back Area & the Serv ice area are clean & Store is properly stacked. 21Check for any Void items / KOT to be Authorized. cutler y. 1 3 Re st a u r a n t h a s b e e n r e se t for th e fo ll o wi n g d a y. 9 W i p e a l l t h e t a b l e s & c o u n t e r s 10Check all the folders for comment Cards & make report. 16Soiled linen is stored as per standard and the tied into bundles. 3 All dirty glassware to be washed wiped & stacked. 5 Ensure that the garbage has been cleaned.M:__________________________SIGN:____________________________ . 14All equipment stored appropriately. 23Log Book to be accurately filled-in. 17Check Dish-wash has been cleared. 11Air-Conditioning has been switched off. 24Lights have been switched off and the Restaurant has been locked.RESTAURANT CAPTAIN CLOSING CHECK LIST DATE: ______________________ NAME OF RESTAURANT: ________________________________ SH IFT: _________________________ TIME: ___________________ R ESTAURANT INCHARGE: __________________________________ SLNO 1 All cutleries to be washed wiped & stacked properly along w i t h crockery items 2 All Service staff has been debriefed and assigned closing duties. 12Any items left over by the Guest have been deposited with t h e Lost & Found. 15Side Station has been cleaned & stacked proper l y. 6 All crocker y. 25Final round taken keeping in mind safety factors. 18Store Requisition to be made after physically checking the stock. 8Make the Breakage report if any.

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