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Conor McCormack

Professor Bowers
English 1101
Profile essay
14 October 2015
Profile essay
You finally get to go to bed at three in the morning you only have four hours till your
shift is over. As you are falling asleep the tone goes off and you have to respond to a call. You go
from a resting heart rate to a really fast heart rate. You instantly wake up when you hear the
sirens wailing in the air. You finally get back to the station the shift is over and you finally get to
go home and get some sleep. Lieutenant Hilk is the Lieutenant at station eight in Naperville.
Station eight is Napervilles squad. Lieutenant Hilk is a tall very thin man. I meet lieutenant Hilk
my senior year of high school when I was part of TCD. He was the best teacher I had I high
school always willing to go the extra mile to help me or my classmates understand the chapter
that we are discussing.
Lieutenant Hilk became a firefighter in 1985 in a town called Stickney. In Stickney he
was a paid on call firefighter and he accepted a firefighter job in Naperville in 1991 and has been
there ever since. When I asked him why he wanted to be a firefighter he said, I grew up down
the street from a firehouse in Berwyn. As a kid I would walk down the block to visit and I guess
I got the bug to be a firefighter at a young age. I can never remember really wanting to be

anything else. After taking the class lieutenant Hilk taught I knew 100 percent that I was bore to
be a firefighter/paramedic.
Lieutenant Hilk became a firefighter for close to thirty years He works just like every
other firefighter twenty four hours on duty and he is off 48 hours. He says, I dont mind the
24/48 schedule. My wife and children never knew anything different since I was already working
24 hour shifts before I got married. Most people dont know that firefighters work 24 hours
straight and then you are off for two days then back to work. Around here you are a
firefighter/paramedic. If you are in Chicago you are either a firefighter working that same shift or
you are a paramedic working on twenty-four and off seventy-two. He goes on to say, You do
end up missing some holidays and birthdays etc. but the flexibility in the schedule outweighs
those issues.
I asked him if you ever thought about not being a firefighter and he said I have never
considered a career change. Most people, not all, but most that enter the fire service do make a
career out of it and work for 25-30 years or more. Rarely do firefighters leave the fire service for
another career choice. He is right I asked a bunch of different firefighters and they all say they
love it and wouldnt change a thing.
I want to join the fire service because I love to help people. Lt. Hilk said . I have always
found that I like helping people. It seemed like the fire service was a good fit for me. If it
wasnt for Lieutenant Hilk I would not have gotten a different insight into the world of
firefighting and I probably would have chosen a different career and would not have made the
friends that I have made and I would not be the person who I am today and to that Im so great