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Planning the filming of the Cadburys advert

1) The Beginning scenes,

symbolising the time at night,
and the lighting creating an
Christmas feel, panning shots will
be used

2) Showing the wrapping process,

symbolising the fact of Christmas.
Mid shots will be used in this

3) Representing the fact the

present is for her brother, making
it understandable to the audience.
Over the shoulder and point of
view shots will be used

4) Scene shows a change in time,

5) The scene showing the disaster

at Christmas the present has
been opened, but by who?
Following the action, low angle
and mid shot will be used

6) Showing the culprit for the early

present opening. Mid shot, close
up, low angle and following the
action shots will be used in the last

from night to morning,

representing it is Christmas
morning. Panning shot will be used