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Minutes of Meeting

Meeting attended

Airtel Zambia : Mark Chicha, Humphrey Chola, Lottie Masi
Airtel Group : Neeraj Gala, Noka Fahimi , Nkechi Ajih
mVentus : Chandan Gupta

Absent from
November 13, 2015
2:00pm-3:00pm (Nairobi)
Agenda Topic #1: User Interface (UI)
Action Items:
Agreed between Airtel Group and Airtel Zambia UI will be
same for All Airtel OpCo’s.
Agenda Topic #2: DATA Balance Design
Action Items:
mVentus will share Mockups with Airtel Group on 17 th
November 2015.
Agenda Topic #3: DATA Consumption
Action Items:
Airtel Zambia IT will check API’s on DATA Consumption.
Agenda Topic #4: Notifications on Low Data
Action Items:
Airtel Zambia IT will check feasibility to implement Low
DATA Balance Notifications.
Agenda Topic #5: Recharge
Action Items:
mVentus needs to share Demo Build with SCAN Voucher PIN
mVentus needs to add below features on click of Recharge :
1) via Airtel Money
2) Airtime Pin Scan
3) Manual Scratch Card
Agenda Topic #6: Airtel Money
Action Items:
Comviva is working on Production to solve issues raised by
Agenda Topic #7: So-Che Offers
Action Items:
Airtel Zambia IT needs to share API Document as per Flow
received from MKT.
Agenda Topic #8: LMS( Loyalty Management System)
Action Items:
Airtel Zambia MKT To share Flow to be implement on App.

17th November 2015

Will share Date by Monday on