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Q.1 State Euclid’s five postulates.
Q.2 Prove that an equilateral triangle can be constructed on any given line segment.
Q.3 Show that two distinct lines cannot have more than one point in common.
Q.4 Name the line segments determined by three collinear points A,B and C.
Q.5 Consider two ‘postulates’ given below :
(!) Given any two distinct points A and B, there exists a third points C which is in between A and .
(!!) There exist at least three points that are not on the same line.
Do these postulates contain any undefined terms? Are these postulates consistent ?
Q.6 Why is Axiom 5, in the list of Euclid’s axioms, considered a ‘universal truth’ ?
Q.7 Give a definition for each of the following terms. Are there other terms that need to be defined first ?
What are there other how might you define them ?
(!) parallel lines
(!!!) line segment

(!!) perpendicular lines
(!V) radius of a circle

(V) square

Fill in the blanksQ.1 …............. are the assumptions which are obvious universal truths.
Q.2 Things which are equals of the same thing are……………. to one another.
Q.3 If equals are subtracted from equals, the remainder are …………….
Q.4 Things which are double of the same thing are …………. one another.
Q.5 Two distinct intersecting lines cannot be …………….to the same line.

9 If two circles are equal. Statements (A.1 Column II gives postulate number given by Euclid for state-ment in column I match them corret. if AB=PQ and PQ=XY.q. Q.s) in column II.Q. than their radii are equal. True-False Statement : Q.11 There are an infinite number of lines which pass through two distinct points.. (q) two point (C) Two distinct ….8 Only one line can pass through a single point. Q..D) in column I have to be matched statements (p. (s) opposite side . Column I Column II (A) Postulated 1 (p) A terminated line can be produced indefinitely.6 ‘For every line l and for every point P not lying on l. Q.C.are required. (d) Postulated 4 (s) A circle can be drawn with any centre and any radius. (r) same side (D) For line segment…are required..2 Match them correctly Column I Column II (A) Only one line can pass through a …. there exists a unique line m passing through P and parallel to …….7 In fig.B. Q. then AB =XY. Q. (p) one point (B) infinite number of line can pass through ….. EXERCISE-4 Match the columnEach question contains statements given in two columns which have to be matched.10 A terminated line can be produced indefinitely on both the sides. (B) Postulated 2 (q) All right angles are equal to one another (C) Postulated 3 (r) A straight line may be drawn from any one other point. Q.r.