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Introverts vs.

Extroverts: Successfulness

Danielle Lizarraga
Passage I Proposal
September 22, 2014
Mrs. Hanson

Introverts Vs. Extroverts: Successfulness

The area of introverts and extroverts has always intrigued me. Being an introvert myself I
have been told since the day I remember, you should be more outgoing, you should talk
more, or you should interact with others more often. This has been a burden of mine for a
large part of my life and now I want to learn in depth about introverts and extroverts. For my
topic I want to know who is destined to be more successful in our world and in which
professions or domains does each do better. We all have this stereotype that between the two
social groups, extroverts are more likely to be successful. Introverts are not as fortunate because
they dont communicate well and are not comfortable being in a social environment, which is
what employers dont want. But I believe introverts on average are more successful and better
leaders than extroverts. The questions that will help guide my paper will be: Are the social
groups born or made? What areas of the working business are each group prefered in? What are
the pros and cons for each social group in a leadership position? Which of the two classes get the
most jobs? Why? What countries prefer extroverts and which prefer introverts? Why?


To define introverts and extroverts at a college level
To understand characteristics of introverts and extroverts
To understand professions that they are both prefered in
To work on my research and citation skills
To learn how to manage my time with this project and other classes
To produce a college level research paper


Decide on Topic Subject

Due September 5, 2014

Intro Passage Proposal

Due September 10, 2014

First Draft of Entire Proposal

Due September 11, 2014

Final Committee Proposal Draft

Due September 17, 2014

Present to Committee

Due September 18, 2014

Revise Proposal Based on Feedback from


Due September 22, 2014


Due September 24, 2014


Due September 30, 2014

Research Information and Find Reliable


October 1-5, 2014

3 Pages Completed with 1 Work Cited

Due October 6, 2014

Research More Information and Find More

Reliable Resources

October 7-15, 2014

5 Pages Completed With 3 Works Cited

Due October 16, 2014

Research Information and Expand Essay

October 17-29, 2014

10 Pages Completed With 5 Works Cited

Due October 30, 2014

Revise Essay for Needed Missing Information November 1-12, 2014

15 Page Draft Paper With 8 Works Cited

Due November 13, 2014

Revise Essay for Grammar, Punctuation,

Vocabulary, and Finalize All Research

November 15 - December 9, 2014

15 Page Final Paper With 8 or More Works


Due December 10, 2014

IV. GPS Domains

This passage will demonstrate proficiency in three of the four Domains of Global
Competency. One will be Communicate Ideas by efficiently presenting my accumulated
knowledge to an audience of second semester this school year. The second domain will be
Recognize Perspectives, I will research in depth the characteristics of both social groups,
understand what profession they are wanted in, and I will express my personal perspective along
with the perspective of others on the social groups. The final domain that will be demonstrated
will be Investigate the World, I will be identifying my questions by analyzing my research and
coming up with answers that are reasonable for diverse perspectives.
V. Form
The Passage form will be a 15-page typed, college level essay. I will efficiently present a
20-30 minute presentation of my findings and knowledge on my topic and present it to an
audience of my fellow peers and teachers in second semester. I shall allow a 5 minute time slot
for any questions or comments the audience might have.