December 1, 2015

Dear Friends,
Merry Christmas! “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a
son, and will call him Immanuel.” God with us! As we approach the end of the year and reflect on the coming of
Jesus, there is no more accurate way to describe how we have experienced God this year – God with us.
As we started the year hearing the word “change” from the Lord, God was with us when He called us to a new
ministry, Cru City, after being in campus ministry for 15 years. God was with us when we made that change in
faith and had to entrust the ministry, no, the people (both in Denver and in Nebraska) we were leaving to others
as we made that change. God was with us.
God was with us in April, when Hudson had to make another ER visit for an extreme asthma attack.
God was with us as we packed up our family to stay in Fort Collins for six weeks – taking intensive Bible courses
taught by seminary professors, and engaging in MANY deep, meaningful, yet emotionally heavy topics of race,
ethnicity, and power as we trust God with how He will direct Cru in these areas of important Kingdom work. God
was with us as we celebrated Truman's 16 years on staff with Cru.
God was with us as began our new areas of ministry. For Truman, engaging the influential leaders of Denver
was a major step of faith. And to lean into the areas of our city where it seems very few people are trying step
into, a very real sense of “God with us” is required. But God is with us as one leader recently said, “I am seeing
God at work in me and in the city in ways I hadn't noticed before. It's awesome!”
God was with us as we had a very real scare when Hudson was exposed to several foods he is allergic to and
had a severe anaphylactic reaction.
God was (and is) with us as we excitedly await the birth of our daughter, due in June.
And even though we know we are losing some significant financial support at the end of this year from a single
large donor, God is with us.
In life and ministry, we, like many of you, continue to experience the bumps and bruises of the journey.
Sometimes, we even have broken bones that feel like they will never heal. But the God who spoke this world
into existence; the God who emptied Himself so that you and I might live; the God whom we can call wonderful
counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace; He is near, He is with us.
And so, we continue to engage leaders to live out their calling for the flourishing of their city.
None of this would be possible without the generous and sacrificial giving of our supporters and partners in
ministry. As we close out this year and look to 2016, our financial needs as a family and in ministry are
significantly changing. In light of our growing family, substantial medical expenses, and the loss of significant
monthly donations, we are trusting God for $14,000 in year-end gifts.
Would you prayerfully consider helping with a special year-end gift in addition to your regular support?
Additionally, you may consider increasing your monthly gift by $10, $20, or even $50. You can use the enclosed
commitment card and envelop to send in your gift. Please make your check payable to “Cru”. If you prefer to
give by bank draft or credit/debit card, you can give online at
However God may lead you to respond, we are so thankful to you for sharing with us in the Gospel! Amber & I
would love to be praying for you. Please include any prayer requests on the response card so that we can come
alongside your lives and ministries in prayer. We pray that you will experience the nearness of Christ and the
fullness of His joy this Christmas season!
In Him,



and daddy spent their first
days together on the slopes!
Hudson loved skiing and spent all
summer asking when there would
be more snow so he could ski again.


1 Hudson’s love for
dinosaurs led to hours of
reading books about
dinosaurs and watching
documentaries. A
highlight for Hudson was
this traveling dinosaur
exhibit in Colorado
Springs where there were
“real dinosaurs!”

Amber really loved
watching Hudson learn
each week as they did
homeschool preschool
for age 3, both bible
stories as well as
science, math, art, and


Despite his Texas
roots, Truman loves
winter and enjoyed
making his first
snowman with Hudson and sharing their
first snowman building experience together.
also spent a lot
10 We
of time outdoors


A highlight of the year for
Amber was serving &
shepherding moms in her
MOPS (Mothers of
Preschoolers) group as a
table leader.

and hiking this
summer, including
several visits to
Rocky Mountain
National Park! We
love our beautiful

We enjoyed a spring visit
to Texas to visit family and
supporters. Hudson loved
getting to spend time with
his cousin, Jacob!

7 Celebrating 8 years of

marriage, Amber and
Truman were blessed to
take a getaway to
Cancun…our first multinight trip away without
Hudson. We laughed a
lot, caught up on sleep,
read on the beach, and
really enjoyed time
together to connect as a

One of our favorite summer activities was
bike rides, as a whole family or daddy

8 Hudson’s love of learning

found us spending lots of
time exploring our local
museums! His favorites
are the Museum of Nature
and Science and the
Children’s Museum.

and Hudson adventures. By the end of the
summer, Hudson was also cruising on his
balance bike!



Hudson loves
helping mommy in
the kitchen! Lots
of muffin baking
and pancake
making together in
the mornings.

At our summer staff
conference, Cru 15,
Truman was recognized
for 16 years of service
on staff with Cru!


We took our first family
camping trip! Hudson’s
favorite part was campfires
and roasting marshmallows
for allergy free S’mores!


16 We were
Hudson is
a Christian
preschool two days a
week this year at age 4
and loves going to


We love family outings to the
Denver Zoo, and this year a new
exhibit opened where we could
feed the giraffes.

thrilled to
find out that
we had an
addition to
our family
on the way.
We can’t
wait to
meet baby


Lots of memories were
made on our family
vacation to Disney with
Truman’s family after

We recovered from Disney with
two relaxing days at the beach,
filled with lots of playing in the
sand and waves.