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project 2: institutions analysis

Different Type of Family

Lingxuan Li
Sociology 1

What is a family?

Family is a social group that offer

s its group members financial, emotional an
d physical support. (Timmermann)


The history of family is the social his

tory of a kinship group that develops from tr
aditional to modern times

Nuclear Family

Definition: A basic family group that consists of a couple and dep

endent children.

The 2010 Census has revealed that traditional nuclear family has
disappeared these years.

Many other kinds of group

has ballooned recently
such as blended family,
single parent family
and single-person household family. (Timmermann)

Function of nuclear family

Functions of nuclear family includes sexual satisfaction, procreat

ion of children, socialisation of children and provision of home.

Sexual satisfaction is a basic function in a family

Procreation of children means that a couple produce their next


Socialisation of children means that parents have duty to give th

eir children social training.

Provision of home indicated that every family needs a house wh

ere everyone lives together and build the environment of their li
ving place.

Blended family

Blended family is that a couple h

as children who are from the previous marri

couple of a blended family not only brings

their kids, but also their asset, family values
and culture into a new family. (Herzberg)

Modern family-single parent family

Definition: A single parent family indicates that a single parent

do not have a spouse and has responsibility to raise up kids al

The percentage of a single parents family with white kids is 19

.2%, and black kids living with one parent is 54.8%.(Economic

The poverty rate of a single parent family with a single mother

is 44.5%. Children are likely to have less education and health
care in a single parent family. (Economics)

conflicts of a single parent family
There are a lot of conflicts and
Stress in a single parent family
1.Visitation problem with the
Other parent.
2. Less conversation causes conflict
between single parent and kids.
3. They spend less time together
4. Conflicts occurs when parent
enters a new relationship.( single)

Homosexual parent family

Definition: homosexual parent family indicates same-sex coupl

e with children.

Homosexual couple also can have children. They can raise up

kids from the old heterosexual relationship. They can also ado
pt children. They can also use biotechnology such as AID and
SI. (Camilleri)

Effects on their children:(Cameron)


Children have higher chance to become homosexual


Children have a higher chance to be psychologically disturbe



1. family comes into existence because of blood relation.

2. family members perceive themselves by contributing to the


3. Most family are nuclear family in the past. However, more bl

ended and single parents appears nowadays.

4. there are many reasons that cause family changes such as g

overnment publish new law. In U.S., homosexual marriage bec
ome legal in many states.

5. Stable features of family that do not change will be blood rel


6. family members need to work together to make the family


7. major participants are parents and kids.

8. parents educate kids and make them a better person who c

an contribute to the society.

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