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No. 117, s. 1987 (Reorganization of DECS)

In 1994, CHED was created to govern mainly the higher education or
otherwise known as the tertiary education.
Formulation, planning, implementation, and coordination of the policies,
plans, programs, and projects in the areas of formal and non-formal
education at all levels;
The Department shall be primarily responsible for the:
Elementary, secondary, higher, technical-vocational, non-formal, sports and
Provide for the establishment and maintenance of a complete, adequate and
integrated system of education
relevant to the goals of the national development.
Sec. 2 of RA 7722 - the state shall protect, foster, promote the right of all
citizens to affordable education at all levels
The state shall likewise ensure and protect academic freedom
State-supported institution of higher learning shall gear their programs to
national, regional or local development programs
Finally, all institution of higher learning shall exemplify the dignity and
beauty of the intellectual and scholarly life.
Main Mission/Goal:
Gearing higher education towards the pursit of better quality of life for all
Also stated in Sec. 1 of Article XIV of the Constitution - to provide quality
educations that is accessible to the citizens
Supervise all educational institution, both public and private;
It shall accelerate the development of high-level professionals...
RA 7722 (Commission on Higher Education (CHED))
RA 7796 (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)
A body that is independent and separate from DECS, and attached to the
Office of the President
It covers both public and private institutions of higher education
Main Mission: To gear higher education towards the pursuit of better quality

of life for all Filipinos

It shall accelerate the development of high-level professionals