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Influence of social

ties to
on public climate
change perceptions

INTRODUCTION • A large body of research has been developed to look at the determinants of change of climate attitude which helps to understand the public support . • To examine social structure it has been proved that social network analysis is a powerful tool. . • A mechanism to develop interpersonal relationship and social network in cultural cognition is demonstrated.

• The ENGOs has tended to concentrate more on the recruitment in environmental movement. • Outside the environmental movement the ENGOs also influenced on the discourse of climate change. • Lot of social network ties to ENGOs have a personal plan to have a positive deal with climate change.Environmental nongovernmental organizations (ENGOs). .

.DATA COLLECTED IN CANADA • A survey is done on the Canadian general public and on ENGO members.

.• The survey of Canadian public is used to investigate the way how the network ties to environmental organisation that influence climate change concern and planning. • . In the process of examining climate change attitudes the focusing of social context is highlighted .