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EDTL 6360: Internet in the Educational Community


Module 5 - Essential Question & Inquiry-Based Lesson Plan

Show me your government!

Grade Level/Subject

7th grade

Overview of Lesson

Students are asked to show their knowledge of either the

Ancient Roman Republic or the Feudalism system in the Early
Middle Ages.

Web Address for

Activity Information

Students can find guidance for this activity through a Google

Classroom assignment post. This post includes the assignment
description as well as the due date of the assignment.

(Where can students find

guidance for inquiry
activity? This would be
Blog, Google docs, WIKI ,
WebQuest, URL)

Essential Questions
(What are the
essential/main question/s
that students will be
answering in this

y Questions
(What are some guided
questions that should be
answered to help with
answering essential

Content Standards

What does the Republic of Ancient Rome look like in your

What does the Feudalism system of the Middle Ages look like
in your eyes?
What does each of your items represent?
How do your items relate to each other?
Why did you pick these particular items?
How do these items help you understand this type of

Grade 7
2. The civilizations that developed in Greece and Rome had an
enduring impact on later civilizations. This legacy includes
governance and law, engineering and technology, art and
architecture, as well as literature and history
3. Germanic invasions helped to break up the Roman Empire
and set the stage for the development of feudal and manorial
16. The ability to understand individual and group
perspectives is essential to analyzing historic and
contemporary issues
17. Greek democracy and the Roman Republic were radical
departures from monarchy and theocracy, influencing the

EDTL 6360: Internet in the Educational Community

Module 5 - Essential Question & Inquiry-Based Lesson Plan
structure and function of modern democratic governments.
RH 6-8.3 Analyze how and why individuals, events, or ideas
develop and interact over the course of a text.
Procedures of
Include a full explanation
of how technology be

The Final Product
What will students
produce that represents
their answers to the
essential questions?

How will student work be

Attach Rubric


1. Students are instructed to fine random items around

their house or locker to represent a different form of
government in the 7th grade curriculum.
2. Students will attach meaning of each item to the
historical position. (Example: A large pointy shell is the
King because Kings have crowns)
3. Students will research their chosen type of government
using their textbook and Mrs. Corrigans of
research sites.
4. Students will sign up for an individual conference slot
with Mrs. Corrigan and present their project.
5. Students will video tape their presentation with their
ipad after Mrs. Corrigan has given them their feedback.
6. Students need to add their name to the beginning using
imovie and edit out any long pauses or errors.
7. Students will upload these videos to the class Google
Drive account so their classmates can view them
8. Students will view three other videos as a review before
the upcoming test.
Middle Ages
Roman Republic
Students will produce a presentation utilizing household items
to showcase their knowledge of different types of government.
The students will video tape their projects on their ipad, edit
them in imovie, and upload them to the class google drive.

Students will be evaluated on their content knowledge about

each type of government as well as how they utilized the
items. This project will also evaluate the use of Google Drive
and imovie to share their projects with their classmates.

What problems do you anticipate with this lesson?

How will this lesson fit into your overall curriculum planning?

EDTL 6360: Internet in the Educational Community

Module 5 - Essential Question & Inquiry-Based Lesson Plan
-The most common problems with this activity are when student
are not prepared with the content because they did not review
the materials. This lack of preparation lowers their grade and is
hard to edit out of their presentation video.
-This lesson falls in the beginning of both the Ancient Rome and
Early Middle Ages chapters. Students focus on how the
geography of these regions influences the people living there
during this time period. It is a natural progression to then focus
on how the government effects the citizens. Both of these
lessons are followed by a focus on different rulers who used this
type of government.