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Gulf Petrochem

PO.Box 50001, Fujairah

Rev.: 00
Doc No.GPMS/FOTT/002

Method statement replacing
faulty electronic module of
valve actuator and Software




Gulf Petrochem FZC. Equipment 5. Scope 4. Fujairah Date: 24/05/2015 Rev. Propose 2. Procedure 1. . The method statement also includes the safety precautions to be taken while doing the job 3.Box 50001. PO. Safety 7. Propose The purpose of this method statement is to enable an authorized and qualified technician or engineer to safely change the electronic module of valve actuator and carry out the testing. Scope To replace faulty electronic module of MOV. Responsibilities 6. Objective 3. 2.: 00 Doc No.GPMS/FOTT/002 Contents: 1. Objective The method statement defines the procedure of work to be carried out during the electronic module replacement of valve actuator and its software upgradation.

5. Ensure that PTW system is in effect. PO. Fujairah Date: 24/05/2015 Rev. Safety All activities shall be carried out in accordance with all safety precaution during the entire operation. Equipment Hand tools. Engineer/Supervisor shall be present to ensure all safety procedures and standards are being maintained and to provide authorization to proceed with the task.Box 50001.GPMS/FOTT/002 4. proper tools used. ensure that all instructions are followed and all necessary work permits are in place prior to commencing the work and safety procedures for the work are strictly adhered. Responsibilities Engineer/Supervisor shall be responsible for overall activities inclusive of ensuring that all safety measures are implemented and permits are obtained from the relevant authorities connected with the scope of work. tools are checked and good to use. 6. Senior technician/technician will be doing the job under the supervision of engineer/supervisor. proper PPEs used. . Engineer/Supervisor shall closely supervise all the activities designated to technicians and where applicable.Gulf Petrochem FZC.: 00 Doc No. survey the work area.

.GPMS/FOTT/002 7. Ensure the function of valve.: 00 Doc No. Fujairah Date: 24/05/2015 Rev.Gulf Petrochem FZC. PO. Dismantle the bolt of actuator cover 5. 8. 6. After completion of work. Obtain PTW 2. Procedure 1. Ensure the linens are empty and depressurized 4. Remove the faulty electronic module and insert new electronic module. Fasten the cover by using bolts 7.Box 50001. Ensure all safety measure as accordance with JSA are implemented 3. make sure valve is fully closed.