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Carla Abarca

College 1
Professor Forsythe
18 December 2015
College Reading Reflection
Completing the Reading Response Journals while reading Spare Parts by Joshua Davis
allowed me to view the book in another point of view. When I began reading the book I expected
to just read about the experience of four immigrant boys building a robot for an underwater
robotics competition, not their view as immigrants. The Reading Response Journals allowed me
to re-state what I read in my own words as well as to look at the text and analyze in depth. As I
would answer the questions in the Reading Response Journals I would realize how I related to
some of the teenage boys. Who knew one would have much common with others from the same
origin. Lorenzo, Oscar, Cristian, and Luis were all related to me because they were immigrants
just like me. As I kept reading and completing the RRJs I wanted to keep reading and answering
questions because I was able to understand the perspective of the boys, not the author. Their lives
and the way the story played attracted me to keep going. They all had the dream to become
someone in this world since they were seen as unimportant by others. Their hard work and
dedication allowed them to become well known to everyone in the Unites States. They all had
the dream to go to college and have a specific way to help America. Knowing they were able to
reach their dream regardless how difficult it was for them at that time that they were able to
accomplish what they have set for. As an immigrant they inspire me that we can to become
someone in this state. Regardless how difficult school will get I know it will not be impossible

for me. These four boys lived in the time that immigrants were not allowed to go to college and
regardless they have impacted this world. There was no such thing as Dream Act or D.A.C.A.
Unlike today, I have the opportunity to study because of both. I was able to receive the
opportunity to study easily and not struggle unlike the four boys. Now it is time for me to show
that I am able to succeed and become important in this state.
I have always read since I began high school. It was mandatory for me to read and
accomplish reading certain amount of points by the end of the semester. When I began reading in
my English class I had no difficulty annotating and looking for support/evidence because I lived
throughout high school doing it. I was shocked to know the amount of students in that class that
didnt know what annotating was or how to do it. I would say that reading hasnt necessarily
changed for me since I have been reading for so long it became easy for me to read what was
required. Critically thinking has been one of the most effective skills that have affected me
positively. I have never read a text and analyze what the author would try to state, I usually never
put importance into it. Since I had to do that with Spare Parts, I realized how much it impacts
ones understanding in learning and how it allows our knowledge to expand. Reading and
analyzing have such great power because it opens up a new world for our mind to enter and it
makes us become better critical thinkers and analyzers.