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Land of Giants

• When dinosaurs dominated the earth,
mammals were small, furry animals, hiding in
the forests. After the disappearance of the
dinosaurs, these creatures evolved into modern


. Between the time of the dinosaurs and our own history. there was another time ..• But that isn’t the whole story. .


Ambulocetus was even more amazing. One animal was an early relation of the horse but only 50 cm tall. • It was a kind of small whale with legs. Fossils found in Germany show the existence of mammals about 45 million years ago. . which probably walked and swam like a crocodile.A time world forgot • 1.


Ambulocetus .

• 2. Archaeologists • Have found evidence of huge birds like the gastornis. birds were much bigger and more dominant than mammals. In this period.and there were lots of small mammals on the menu! . They were meat-eaters. They were up to 3 metres tall and couldn’t fly. They probably developed from dinosaurs.



When the Earth’s climate got a lot colder. these giant birds died out and mammals took control but there’s a big difference between these mammals and the ones we know today.• 3. The Earth 30 million years ago. . was a land of giant mammals such as a 9-metre-long rhinoceros and a 5-metre-long wolf.


It was the size of an elephant and looked like a huge hamster! • Is this the complete story of the evolution of life on Earth? .• 4. we know early humans hunted mammoths and sabretoothed tigers. but some were alive until quite recently. Charles Darwin found the bones of a giant sloth in Chile which lived 10. The reason for the extinction of these giant mammals is a mystery. And in the 1830s. For example.000 years ago.

sabre-toothed tigers .

mammoths giant sloth .

• 5. Chinese scientists reported the discovery of a fossil of great importance. We are discovering new information all the time. In 2005. A dinosaur-eating mammal? What will we discover next?! . This unknown mammal lived about 130 million years ago and was a bit bigger than a car. Probably not. Interestingly. it had the bones of a small dinosaur in its stomach.

lijeni div • Hamster.konj • Lizard.Key Words: Animals (2) • Crocodile.hrčak • Horse.krokodil dinosaur.slon • Giant sloth.gušter .dinosaurus • Elephant.

nosorog Sabre-toothed tiger.nazubljeni tigar Whale.kit Wolf.vuk .mamut Rhinoceros.Key Words: Animals (2) • • • • • Mammoth.