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rr i= oY p< It?s Christmas} IANO FAVORITES For Advanced Piano it’s Christmas! P IANO FAVORITES For Advanced Piano Ave Maria (Franz SChUbeM) 6... eee eee eae 16 Believe ............ . foe 6 The Birthday of a King 3 Frosty the Snowman ....... 2.66.06 10 Gest BAMDINO «26... eevee eee s18ens a sin 22 Grown Up ChristMOSs List... eect een eee eee 14 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas . . . fetter TD (here's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays.................29 It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year .......... 40 Mary Did You Know? vies eee eee sarvescasemesosezagne We Three Kings of Orient Are... eee eer eens 36 Pon Photo:© 2002 Yaron Corporation DAN COATES" Is @ registered trodemak of Warner Bion, Publications (© 2000, 2005 ALFRED PUBLISHING CO, INC. A Rights Reserved ‘Ay duper, adaptation or anangement ol he comecions cared in is collin requ the writen consert of te bth, 'No pat fb bok may be peecoped or ropesiced anyway without prmain. Lsaihoraeaunee are an Pitngemert one US. Copy Act and re puna by a THE BIRTHDAY OF A KING By WILLIAM HAROLD NEIDLINGER Moderately, with expression (J= 100) Arranged by DAN GGATES. tf 3 (simile) ~~ ‘The Bithday ofa King 3-3 Y AVE MARIA FRANZ SCHUBERT, Op. 52 Arranged by DAN COATES Slowly, with reverence — A eee $= (with pedal) (LH. simile) 2. a ‘va Mais 44 (0 (optional) le FROSTY THE SNOWMAN Words and Music by STEVE NELSON and JACK ROLLINS Arranged by DAN COATES Brightly (J= 80) % 2 ae a. mp (lightly) 3 nf crese. poco a poco GROWN-UP CHRISTMAS LIST Words and Music by DAVID FOSTER and LINDA THOMPSON JENNER ‘Arranged by DAN COATES Rubato ~ JJ P legato (with pedal throughout) Moderately slow mp espressivo J. ‘cresc. poco a poco HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS (with pedal) ‘ loco ‘meno mosso GESU BAMBINO See (The Infant Jesus) by Music by FREDERICK H. MARTENS PIETRO A. YON talian Version by Arranged by DAN COATES PIETRO A. YON Moderately slow (J. = 66) -- P | legato (with pedal) (not too slowly) espressivo (ey ben From THE POLAR EXPRESS BELIEVE Words and Music by GLEN BALLARD and ALAN SILVESTRI Arranged by DAN COATES Se siete 28 molto rit, (There’s No Place Like) HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS ALSTILLMAN ROBERT ‘ALLEN Arranged by DAN COATES ‘Moderately ay _ Ds. Bat Coda @ Coda MARY, DID YOU KNOW? Words and Music by MARK LOWRY and BUDDY GREENE Arranged by DAN COATES Reverently (J = 100) DP espressivo (with pedal) (LH. simile) 35 WE THREE KINGS OF ORIENT ARE ‘Words and Music by JOHN HENRY HOP! Arranged by DAN COATES Not too slow | ; We Tree Kinga of Onont Ae 4-1 slower Y PP IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR By EDDIE POLA and GEORGE WYLE. Arranged by DAN COATES Bright jazz waltz 2 = 3°3) les Ie te Moat Wonder Tine ofthe Yaar 5+ 41 Ire the Moet Wondarta Time of he Yar 5S G