Food around The Arabian World - The kind of food we eat depends on which part of the world we live

in .The Ara bs trust heavily on a diet of dates, wheat , barley, rice, meat with little vari ety like Labneh , and there is a strong important diet in The Arabs Kitchen: * Meat: Lamb, chicken , beef and camel are the most used but pork is completely prohibit for Muslim Arabs. * Dairy Product: they are also used as yogurt , white cheese, butter and cream. * Herbs and spices: Herbs like Zaâ atar and spices are used much less than The Indian Kitchen and theyâ known as Bharat. * Drinks: Hot drinks are used more than cold ones. Coffee in on the top of the l ist especially in the Golf Countries, tea is served in many Arabian Countries li ke in Egypt. * Grains: rice is used for the most dishes and wheat is the main source for brea d. * Vegetables and fruit: this kitchen has also vegetables for example carrots , o nions , tomatoes and others. About fruit they most use dates , figs ; apples and grapes they also product olive oil . - In North America and Europe , there are two or more courses but in China there only one course all the food is together on the table. In The Arabian World the re are two basic meals and a specific one for Ramadhan. * Breakfast: The Arabian breakfast is often a quick meal that contains bread , t ea or coffee , Kishta , olives oil with Zaâ atar and other food like Sfiha and Fata yer that are very popular in the Arabian Peninsula . * Lunch: Lunch is the main course of the day, traditionally is eaten after the n oon Prayer, itâ s the meal when all the family is together. It contains: Salads plus the main dish (fish, rice , vegetablesâ ¦) and bread but drinks arenâ t always served with the food .however they serve variety like labneh, irp soos and during the 20 century coca cola be came popular . -Ramadan meals: Futur also called iftar or fart-breaking, is the meal that Muslims have when the fast is over. They have soups, salads and dessert after the maghreb prayer that contains sweets are made especially for Ramadan like qatayef and baklawa with d rink and the also have sahor befor starting to fast which it contains couscous i n Algeria.


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