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PHED 239

PPA Worksheet
NAME: _Ryan Francis_________
STANDARD (1) Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment standard: Promotes the
learning and growth of all students by providing high quality and coherent
instruction, designing and administering authentic and meaningful student
assessments, analyzing student performance and growth data, using this
data to improve instruction, providing students with constructive feedback
on an on-going basis, and continuously refining learning objectives.
INDICATOR (a) Curriculum and Planning indicator: Knows the subject matter
well, has a good grasp of child development and how students learn, and
designs effective and rigorous standards-based units of instruction consisting
of well-structured lessons with measurable
1. Lesson Plan #2 (Floor Hockey) (12/2/15) SPOs
(P) Practice creating open space during game play by always giving a
teammate a pass option the entire time. (National # S1.H1.L1.; MACF 2.17;
Activity 1)
(C) Explain how to create open space, when asked, correctly 90% of the time.
(National #S2.H1.L1; MACF 2.17; Activity 1)
(A) Respect the safety rules provided at the beginning of class for the entire
lesson. (National #S2.H4.L1; MACF 2.26; Activity 1)
2. Feedback after lesson #1 (handball) (11/18/15)
After my lesson, my cooperating teacher, Mr. Podworski gave me feedback in
regards to my objectives for the lesson. He told me that my objectives were
very developmentally appropriate and easily measurable.
DISCUSSION: (justify how each piece of evidence supported the
1. This supports the standard because all of these SPOs are measurable by
the teacher. They can be observed or recorded by a teacher to measure
students success and progress towards each objective.

2. This supports the standard because it shows that my SPOs very both
appropriate for the lesson and the level of the students. Mr. Podworski is a
professional and has great knowledge so I believe he gave me truthful and
trustworthy feedback so it does support standard #1.

PHED 239
PSTs Worksheet
NAME: _Ryan Francis________________________________
STANDARD (2) Teaching All Students Standard: Promotes the learning
and growth of all students through instructional practices that establish high
expectations, create a safe and effective classroom environment, and
demonstrate cultural proficiency.
INDICATOR (a) Instruction Indicator: Uses instructional practices that
reflect high expectations regarding content and quality of effort and work,
engage all students, and are personalized to accommodate diverse learning
styles, needs, interests, and levels of readiness.
1. Video of Lesson #4 (Fitness) 12/14/15
2. Lesson Reflection #3 (Floor Hockey) 12/9/15
DISCUSSION: (justify how each piece of evidence supported the
1. This evidence supports standard #2 because during the course of the
lesson I was able to make sure it was a safe and effective classroom
environment throughout the lesson Students all felt comfortable doing each
station and in some cases got to be with a friend at some stations. Also, it
was effective and efficient because the students said it was a good workout
and they understood the lesson focus as well to know why they were doing
2. This supports standard #2 because I gave feedback to all students both
positive and corrective. This helped them all to learn what each other were
doing well and also what the class could work on to improve. I believe that
this helps to create a safe and effective classroom environment.