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Drinking Age- It should be lowered but with that comes a more strict punishment if you

do it irresponsibly.
Non-violent drug users- Non violent drug users should have to pay fines not serve 5
year sentences.
Immigration- there is no need for a wall, native americans didn't put one up when the
first pilgrims arrived and look at how great this country is now.
Economy- we have to stop outsourcing jobs. if this country is to succeed we must do it
with hard work.
College college is getting more and more expensive, we will help you pay for college
and be able to pursue a career
Guns the purchase of guns and ammunition will be harder due to stricter more
enforced laws, as for the guns that are already on the market will be heavily monitored
Benefits- too many people take advantage of social security and medical benefits, in
order to combat this people on social security benefits will be evaluated as to see if they
need or do not need the benefit.
War on Terrorism- this war on terrorism has to be on terrorism, not on government
structures that don't benefit us
China- we need to bring back our jobs, we need to make America as hardworking as it
once was
Bailouts- Government must stop meddling with business, regulation is a must. but
financial support is over the line. Companies that are in danger of failing should not
receive help from the indebted government
Election Reform- Outrageous amounts of money are being donated to candidates that
are winning, there should be a limit to how much these candidates receive for their
campaigns. this would level the playing field for less contributed candidates
Environment- Oil drilling should cease in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge due to the
danger posed to the wildlife
Consumers- all GMO food should have proper labelling by the food industry to create a
transparent industry
Foreign Affairs- Israelis and Palestinians should be aided to come to an agreement and
live peacefully amongst each other
Military- I highly encourage drone strikes, drone strikes require less boots on the
ground and they are only carried out when there is certainty that a target can be killed
Religion- Evolution should be taught alongside Creationism and Intelligent Design in our
schools to give our children understanding of both concepts
Taxes- Taxes shall be determined according to income, families with lower incomes
should have to pay less in taxes than families with higher income
Constitution- The U.S constitution should update the 2nd amendment regarding the
right to bear arms, this will ensure that America as a nation is more safe
Science- We should encourage the development of sciences and drive forward this
nation of innovators and inventors