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Cell: (979) 402 0564
Update: Nov 2015
Personal Objective:
To advance human society by developing safe and efficient nuclear energy systems utilising technical knowledge
complimented with critical thinking, determination, leadership and accomplished people skills stemming from a diverse
personal background
Ph.D. Candidate in Nuclear Engineering (ongoing); Current GPA 3.70/4.00
Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station, Texas, USA
Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (December 2012): Overall GPA 3.60/4.00
Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station, Texas, USA
Bachelor of Science in Physics (May 2009): Overall GPA 3.89/4.00
University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, Papua new Guinea
Technical Skills
Proficient: MCNPX/MCNP5, SCALE6, PRAETOR, Microsoft office suite
Competent: PERL script, PYTHON script, MatLab, ORIGEN
Relevant Experience
Industry Experience - NuScale Power LLC
Internship - Nuclear Safety Analysis Group
(July. 2014 Sept. 2014)
Review and update core design parameters to reflect most current design specifications
Generate most in-depth and updated cross section scoping library
Perform core analysis on base core design and other proposed designs
Prepare draft of scoping study document of record
Codes used: CASMO/CMS-LINK/Simulate, PYTHON script
Ph.D. Research
(Dec. 2012 Present)
Dynamics analysis of a small modular integral pressurized water reactor specifically looking at xenon induced power
Design and implement a multi-physics coupling scheme to allow Doppler, coolant temperature and density
feedback into an MCNP5/MCNPX model to allow accurate representation of physical phenomena propagating
xenon induced power oscillation in small light water cooled cores.
Codes used: MCNP5/MCNPX, PERL script, PYTHON script, SIGACE, developed semi-analytic thermal
hydraulics code
Master's Research
(Aug. 2011 Dec. 2012)
Performance and Safety Analysis of a Generic Small Modular Reactor
Design a small modular reactor based on proposed B&W MPOWER performance and safety parameters.
Perform neutronics, thermal hydraulics and proliferation resistance assessment
Codes used: MCNP5/MCNPX, MATLAB, developed semi-analytic thermal hydraulics code, SCALE6,
Graduate Assistant Lecturer - Texas A&M University
Freshman Engineering (ENGR111) Section 516 and 524
Preparation of lecture notes and delivery of all lectures
Regular office hour and help sessions when needed
Prepare assessments and supervise grading of assessments by GTA and PTAs
Proctor and grade quizzes, tests and the final exam

(Aug. 2015 Present)

Assign grades

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) - Texas A&M University

Freshman Engineering GTA (ENGR111&112)
Teach lab component of class (MatLab & LabVIEW)
Manage 2-4 undergraduates working as "peer teaching assistants"(PTA)
Manage & maintain Ecampus; online student management system

Lead student assessment grading efforts

(Sept. 2014 Aug. 2015)

Special Projects Team

(Jan. 2015 Aug. 2015)
Member of seven GTAs recognised for leadership roles
Manage ~16 other graduate teaching assistants
Collaborate closely with faculty to aid in design and delivery of certain course content and components
Design and implement tools for acquiring course wide feedback (from students, PTAs, GTAs and faculty)
Supervisory Role over Undergraduate Research
Aggie Challenge - Interdicting HEU Smuggling into the United States
(Aug. 2012 Dec. 2013)

Supervise a group of 10 undergraduate students as they tackle the task of interdicting HEU smuggling.
Students from nuclear, industrial, systems and computer engineering.
Graduate Research Projects
Neutron Camera Modelling
(Jan. 2014 June 2014)
Simulate detector response from neutron camera soon to implemented at the Nuclear Science Centre from
neutron camera imaging
Spent Fuel Storage Cask Dose Analysis
(Aug. 2011 Dec. 2012)
Expected Dose Analysis from Spent Fuel Storage Casks at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant
Model HI-STORM spent fuel storage cask.
Simulate expected dose rates to various points on dry cask storage pad from spent fuel HI-STORM storage
casks in support of Comanche Peak NPP exercise to move spent fuel from spent fuel pool to storage pad
Codes used: MCNP5/MCNPX, SCALE6
Graduate Design Projects
Lead cooled Small Modular reactor
Design a small modular reactor using HEU fuel and lead coolant
Design secondary side system for electricity and steam generation
Perform safety and efficiency assessment
Perform Cost analysis
Review licensing and emergency planning criteria
Codes Used: MCNP5/MCNPX
'Uncertainty Quantification of Concrete Utilized in Dry Cask Storage'
'Analysis of a Small modular reactor - Neutronics and Thermal Hydraulics Assessment'
'Analysis of a Small modular reactor - Xenon Oscillations'
'Simulation of Neutron Camera Experiments in MCNP '

(Aug. 2011 Dec. 2011)

(Accepted Nov. 2014)

(Under review)
(Under review)
(In progress)

Conference procedings
Kitcher E. D., Chirayath S. S. Neutronics Performance Analysis Of A Small Modular Integral Pressurized Water
Reactor Trans. Am. Nuc. Soc. ANS Annual Meeting (Atlanta Ga, 2013)
Kitcher E. D., Chirayath S. S. Analysis Of A Generic Small Modular Integral Pressurized Water Reactor: Burnable
Absorber Rod Trans. Am. Nuc. Soc. ANS Winter Meeting (Washington D.C, 2015)