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Final TQM Mahindra

Final TQM Mahindra

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TQM in Mahindra & Mahindra

Presented By Shivraj Shetty (17) Pinak Mohanty (125) P V S Murthy (126) Balasubramanian R (138) Rajiv Ranjan Singh (145) Abhijeet Sinha (149)



About Mahindra Group 
M&M is one of leading tractor brands in the world and the largest

manufacturer of tractors in India with sustained market leadership of over 25 years. 

M&M is India's largest SUV maker.  Today, its total turnover is about 6.3 billion dollars.  It employs over 1,00,000 people across the globe


Background & History 
Company was set up in 1945 in Ludhiana as Mahindra & Mohammed  J.C. & K.C. Mahindra along with Ghulam Mohammed are the founders  M & M was first known for assembly under licence of Willys Jeep in India.  Branched out into manufacture of LCVs and agricultural tractors, growing from being a manufacturer of army vehicles and tractors to an automobile major with a growing global market.  At present, M&M is the leader in UV segment in India with its flagship UV, the Scorpio (known as the Mahindra Goa in Italy).


Core Purpose  Indians are second to none in the world. The Founders of our nation and of our Company passionately believed this. We will prove them right by believing in ourselves and by making Mahindra & Mahindra Limited known world-wide for the quality of its products and services.  'We don't have a group-wide mission statement. Our Core Purpose is what makes all of us want to get up and come to work in the morning.' - Anand G. Mahindra


Core Values 
Good Corporate Citizenship  Long Term Success  Ethical business standards  Professionalism  Best People for the job  Innovation and well reasoned risk taking  Customer First  Respond to the changing needs and expectations  Quality Focus  First Time Right  Dignity of the Individual

Group at a Glance
Automotive After-Market Sector Financial Services Sector Farm Equipment Sector Information Technology Sector Mahindra Two Wheelers Infrastructure Development Sector Mahindra Systech Speciality Businesses Mahindra Partners


Global Presence 
Acquired plants in China and the United Kingdom, and has three

assembly plants in the USA. 

M&M has partnerships with international companies like Renault SA,

France and International Truck and Engine Corporation, USA. 

Global subsidiaries include Mahindra Europe Srl. based in Italy,

Mahindra USA Inc., Mahindra South Africa and Mahindra (China) Tractor Co. Ltd.


Organization Structure


Quality Policy

Customer First & Quality Focus are our core values. For this, we shall respond to the changing needs and expectation of the customers speedily & effectively.


Quality Policy
Achieved by: 
Understanding customer requirements  Involvement of suppliers and other Business partners  Setting the Annual Business objectives aligned with our vision  Total employee involvement  Adopting a Process Approach  Delivering First Time Right Products


Management Responsibility
President and COO through middle management provide evidence of quality commitment 

Communication about meeting requirements  Establishing Quality Policy  Ensuring Quality objectives are established for each area in line  Conducting Management Reviews  Review of Process Efficiency


Pre TQM (1990) 
Tractor division -- sellers' market  Focus was more on quantity  No emphasis on development of new models  Manufacturing activity was more inspection oriented-detection  Interaction with suppliers -- purely need based  Sales and service activity lacked standardisation  Rework rejection percentages were high  Employee involvement in improvement activities was very limited  Mindset, Factory Layout, Equipment - Road Blocks


TQM Journey The TQM journey was in three phases: 

Introduction phase: 1990-94  Promotion phase: 1995-99  Development phase: from 2000 onwards


TQM Journey Introduction Phase (1990-94)
The first phase objectives were 
improving manufacturing quality through process control,  improving the quality of bought out components, and  increasing productivity and reduce the cost of poor quality (COPQ) by

solving chronic cross-functional quality problems.

Introduction of initiatives like Juran's process of quality improvement (JQI), statistical process control (SPC), supplier support activity and business process reengineering (BPR) in manufacturing


TQM Journey Promotion Phase (1995-99) 
The focus was not only the standardisation of all operations as per

international guidelines, but also to improve upon them 

Certifications-ISO 9000 and automotive sector specific standard QS

9000 were obtained 

Upgradation of manufacturing facilities  Initiation of Deming Prize guidelines


TQM Journey Development Phase (2000 onwards) 
Improvement in core processes like new product development,

manufacturing, supplier management and sales and customer operations 

Introduction of policy deployment/daily work management technique  Certification to environment management system standard ISO 14001  Continuous improvement activity stepped up to touch employee

involvement of 100 per cent during this period

Benefits due to TQM 
Reduction in rework, rejections  Reduction in rejection at suppliers' end as well at receipt stage  Reduction in no. of consumer complaints  Increased productivity, customer satisfaction, employee involvement

in continuous improvement 

Introduction of new models

15 models in three years

Achievements in Quality System 
Won the Japan Quality Medal in 2007, the only tractor company

worldwide to be bestowed this honour. 

First tractor company globally to win the Deming Application Prize

in 2003 from JUSE. 

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Excellence Award-First Category

from Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) for the company's automotive division


Rajkumar Singh, Asst. Manager, M&M Ltd.  Arun Rafi, Asst. Manager, M&M Ltd.  Eknath Patil, Asst. Manager, M&M Ltd.  Nilesh Bhor, Asst. Manager, M&M Ltd.  Abhinandan Patil, Asst. Manager, M&M Ltd.  Santosh Jose, Asst. Manager, M&M Ltd.  Anup Kulkarni, Asst. Manager, M&M Ltd.


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