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FORM 10 Regulation 60 (5) ‘THE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AND DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC ASSETS ACT. 2003 RECORD OF MINUTES OF PRE-BID MEETING Procurement Reference Number Code of Procuring and | Suppies/WVorksiNon-consullancy senices | Financial year | Sequence number Disposing Entity NWSCIG Works 20T2015 60775 Particulars of Procurement Subject of procurement Kinawataka Pre-Treatment Plant and Lifting Station Location of Pre-bid Meeting National Water and Sewerage Corporation International resource Center, Bugolobi, Kampala Date and time of Meeting 30 November 2015, 10.00 am EAT Record of Pre-bid Meeting Minutes ‘Question asked Response giveniClarifcations The level/content of H2S in the bio filters was not specified in the tender documents and this is very key as it has to be considered during the design stage. In the tender documents, you indicated that a softcopy of the Geo-Technical site investigation report and Design report and of the B.0.Qs can be provided upon request. Could we please have them The level of HeS Is specified as below Description | Units Design Data [ mgim? 40 Hs: This falls under the table volume 2B, Employers specific Requirements; “Process” on page 18 of 23, The geotechnical reports and Design Reports as well as soft copies of the BOQs are available at the procurement department for bidders upon request. Has the client designated a specific place for dumping excavated material from site. Tt is the responsibility of the Contractor to identify and secure permits from relevant authorities for places proposed for dumping excavated material. In the Bid Data Sheet, tem 16.3: i was indicated that “the Bidder shall submit with its bid, evidence that it will be represented by an’ Agent in the country.” What did u mean by this? The Bidder shall_not submit with its bid, evidence that it will be represented by an Agent in the country. Will the bidder obtain exemption from domestic taxes such as sales tax, VAT and Customs duties on equipment imported for the execution of Project and construction items specified in Bills of Quantities The bidder shall bear and pay all taxes, duties, levies and charges assessed on the Contractor its Subcontractors or their employees by all municipal, state or national government authorities in connection with the Facilities in and outside of the country where the Site i located. The Contractor shall bear and prompt! pay; (2) All customs and import duties for the} Plant specified in Price Schedule No. 1; and (b) Other domestic taxes such as, sales tax and value added tax (VAT) on the Plant specified in Price Schedules No. 1 and No. 2. Will the arrangement of Electricity and Water required for execution of the construction activities be the Employer's responsibilty or the Bidder Supply of Electricity and water arrangement during execution of the construction activities will be the Contractor's responsibility. Tn Volume 2 — Part 28, Employer's specific requirements — item 1.11 says the piling and foundation design will be done by the contractor where as in volume 3 — Bills of Quantities - Item 1.1.12 says piling and foundation design will be provided by the employer. In addition, the scope of the piling and foundation works is not defined for measurement and payment purposes in the Bills of Quantities. Please clarify on this The bid security in the amount of 600,000 Euros as stated in the Bid Data Sheet, ITB 49.1 (Vol.1 Section II of the provided tender documents), is in our opinion too high. Please confirm or clarify on this These works are to be executed by the Contractor. Please note, that the piling works include as well the design, which is intended to be completed in the 2 months mobilization phase. Kindly study the _ submitted "Geotechnical Report’. Below is a table indicating the provisional scope of the piling and foundation works for measurement purposes. Piles will be CFA piles as specified in the specific requirements for Civil works; General; Design and Surveys; Foundation and Bored Pile Design, pg. 6 of 45 in the attached document. The general specification under General requirements ( is general information but not all requirements are relevant in this scenario as the piles will be CFA piles We confirm that the bid security is 500,000 Euros as stated in the Bid Data Sheet, ITB 49.1 (Vol.1 Section Il of the provided tender documents) Twas mentioned in the Bid Data Sheet that the prices shall be quoted by the bidder in the schedules, entirely in Ugandan shillings and the currency of the bill of quantity is mentioned in Euro, Please clarify The prices that should be quoted by the bidder in the schedules should be entirely in Euros. Iry,- It was mentioned in the consultant Design | The Pre-treatment sewage pipeline (600mm report that our scope of works includes | diameter and 4.5km long) as described is not construction of a pretreatment sewage | part of the scope of works. This is already pipeline with 500mm diameter and 4.5km | being executed by a different contractor under long, but it was not mentioned in the bills of | a different project. quantities or bid documents, Please clarify if itis included in our scope of work or not. Pilings quantities Please note that this cut out of the table has now been included in the revised BOQs under the sheet for Civil Works (tab colored red) sub-heading Earthworks and Piled Foundations and wordings highlighted red Price schedule N° 4.2.1 Earth Works and Piled Foundations Item Description Qty. | Unit Uni Total Price Price EURO | EURO Mobilisation/Demobilisation of complete equipment’ machinery necessary for | driling/casting/load testing of 600mm 1| 15. 0.00 diameter piles in reinforced concrete to a depth of up to 40m below ground Construction of diam 600mm conerete | Piles including driling works, borehole stabilisation, concrete filing and 2,500) m OO reinforcement 4.21.14 | Culting back of pile heads 15 | me 0.00 | | Pile load testing for each pile constructed TI Is. 0.00 | ‘Conorete testing of conorete test cubes (after 7 days, 14 days and 28 days) of, | each batch of pile concrete by an 100 | No 0.00 independent approved institution as ordered by the Engineer ‘Any other items necessary to complete the ane 0.00 Contractor's obligations l 424.17 Certification of minutes as a true record of the proceedings of the meeting: Name Kas ture 4S6fae7 Posit ion: Chairperson of the meeting Signature: Date: A 19 fa i? Record of pre-bid meeting to be sent to all bidders who purchased or were issued with the bidding documents.