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My Staff is Driving me Crazy

My Staff is Driving me Crazy

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Are you having trouble motivating staff?
Need help recruiting the right employees?
Do performance appraisals make you
run for cover? Then you need My staff is DRIVING ME CRAZY!

In this down-to-earth guide for managers, HR consultant Barbara Bowes provides practical advice on handling more than one hundred management issues in the workplace. Here you will find helpful tips on everything from effective delegation of tasks to throwing a successful office Christmas party. These are the collected articles from Bowes’ Working World Column, as published in the Careers section of the Winnipeg Free Press. Each column covers a unique management challenge, and provides you with smart, well thought out strategies or solutions to the problem at hand. So real are the situations and challenges that she discusses that many times you’ll swear that she works in your office, or has been talking to your employees. If you are looking for a handy survival guide for managing employees in today’s workplace, you can’t do better than My Staff Is Driving Me Crazy!

“Barbara Bowes is the Ann Landers of the office – no one is wiser on the intricacies of today’s workplace.”
- Joanne Therrien, President, Vidacom Inc.

Barbara J. Bowes, FCMC, CHRP, M.Ed.
President of BowesHR, a leading HR consultant firm, Barbara Bowes is a highly respected authority on human resource management. Her professional credentials include being a Certified Management Consultant, a Certified Human Resource Management Professional and a PH.D candidate in Business and Leadership. She also writes a highly respected newspaper column on office politics, is a popular guest on radio talk shows and conducts numerous public speaking engagements for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to not for profit organizations. Her awards include being named Woman of the Year in 1990
and being nominated for the Canadian Women Mentorship award (1999).
Are you having trouble motivating staff?
Need help recruiting the right employees?
Do performance appraisals make you
run for cover? Then you need My staff is DRIVING ME CRAZY!

In this down-to-earth guide for managers, HR consultant Barbara Bowes provides practical advice on handling more than one hundred management issues in the workplace. Here you will find helpful tips on everything from effective delegation of tasks to throwing a successful office Christmas party. These are the collected articles from Bowes’ Working World Column, as published in the Careers section of the Winnipeg Free Press. Each column covers a unique management challenge, and provides you with smart, well thought out strategies or solutions to the problem at hand. So real are the situations and challenges that she discusses that many times you’ll swear that she works in your office, or has been talking to your employees. If you are looking for a handy survival guide for managing employees in today’s workplace, you can’t do better than My Staff Is Driving Me Crazy!

“Barbara Bowes is the Ann Landers of the office – no one is wiser on the intricacies of today’s workplace.”
- Joanne Therrien, President, Vidacom Inc.

Barbara J. Bowes, FCMC, CHRP, M.Ed.
President of BowesHR, a leading HR consultant firm, Barbara Bowes is a highly respected authority on human resource management. Her professional credentials include being a Certified Management Consultant, a Certified Human Resource Management Professional and a PH.D candidate in Business and Leadership. She also writes a highly respected newspaper column on office politics, is a popular guest on radio talk shows and conducts numerous public speaking engagements for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to not for profit organizations. Her awards include being named Woman of the Year in 1990
and being nominated for the Canadian Women Mentorship award (1999).

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how to deal with troublesome employees and more than 100 other management issues.




This book would not have come to fruition without the encouragement of many of my readers who email, write and phone with their comments, questions, compliments and thanks for the practical advice I offer each week. I am especially grateful to the folks at the Winnipeg Free Press, especially Julian Rachey, Business Editor who has been a constant source of support and encouragement. As someone who had never written a newspaper column before my experience with the Working World column, I very much appreciate the opportunity to “give it a try”. Special thanks to Steve Pona, Winnipeg Free Press Lifestyle editor who was one of the individuals who put forward my name for consideration. The column is now four years old and is widely read. As well, this experience has led to another opportunity; that of collaborating with the Winnipeg Free Press to offer the popular “Inspiring Women” luncheons. These engagements celebrate successful women professionals by inviting them to share their career stories. At this time, I want to offer a special thank you to Marnie Strath, Free Press Special Projects Coordinator and her staff as they do such a wonderful job of coordinating all of the logistics and advertising for these events. Many thanks to my staff and family who have consistently acted as my very own cheerleading team.


A Note to Readers
The two volumes of Working World with Barbara Bowes are books about workplace issues both from an employer and employee perspective. Topics range from how to conduct performance appraisals to conducting a job search or recognizing and managing bullying in the workplace. The topics are grouped into two volumes. One which will have specific interest to employers is called, Working World with Barbara Bowes, An Employers Guide. The second volume is called Working World with Barbara Bowes, An Employees Guide. Please feel free to utilize these volumes and specific articles for your professional development training programs or personal reading and learning. Happy Reading.


Table of Contents
Been there, done that-New columnist to share lifetime of career challenges 1. Workplace Trends and Issues Trend Meter-Gauging the latest craze can be fun How to benefit from change-Control of resources and decision making are key influence strategies In the future, I see…-Trends in the workplace that will have a significant impact on our work environments Happy HR year-Staff management most significant impact on organization Accountability crucial in year ahead-Corporate fraud, privacy and diversity on busy agenda Employer of choice-Today's workers want to be with a company that cares, where they feel trusted, appreciated and valued Employee loyalty low-Companies have to sit up and take notice Safety statistics a jolt-Manitoba tops Canadian charts with highest number of accidents in the work place Quality is more than a passing fad-High level of corporate, personal ethics demanded Dear Santa: All I want is…-Ensuring wish lists don't become goodbye lists What makes workers happy?-For many, compensation is top satisfaction factor Awaken the giant within-When employees are forged into teams, the winning attitude pays big dividends All work, no play-Managers should be on the lookout for workaholism; it can be as unhealthy as any other addiction Building a happy workplace family-Organizational conflict spells trouble, but it can be avoided When Big Brother goes to the office-Candid camera must balance business with employee interests Say cheese!-During holiday season, it's wise to think about company party photo protocol A world of high-tech stress-Information technology or futuristic nightmare? Technology transforms human resources-Software helping eliminate mundane tasks Bean counters? Not anymore-Today's accounting professionals are strategic, big-picture thinkers Connected to learning-CGA profession has embraced online educational opportunities Workspace follies-Bland cubicle mazes don't cut it if the aim is to raise productivity Casual dress? Oh, please-Trend to dressing down in workplace becoming a nightmare for many Employee uniforms are latest branding strategy-New marketing 'hook' needs careful preparation Respect-Helps build success in the workplace Clean air concerns-Smoking ban clouds plans for many workers, employers Multi-tasking quite a chore-Increasing mental gymnastics may be too much for us Mother knows best-Her influence just as tangible in workplace as at home Working for the weekend-Labour Day holiday celebrates efforts to make work lives better 2. Life of a Leader Life at the top-There's a lot more to being the boss than meets the eye Yikes! Now you're the boss-Here are 10 tips to help make the transition a little easier Leading in chaotic times-It requires wisdom, ability not everyone has Be a leader by picking right leader-Decision one of most important tasks you will ever encounter Fallen leaders will derail corporate train-Integrity means everything to businesses Time to delegate-Tool is one of management's biggest challenges Manage your time-Effective delegation benefits both managers and employees 3. Employee Recruitment and Selection What exactly are search professionals?-Many job candidates, companies don't know how recruitment world operates Employer P.I.-Avoid fraudulent resumes with a little sleuthing Taking a good look-Pre-employment testing is a growth industry Dynamics of a three-sided coin-Take steps to avoid an abrupt end during reference checking Turning tables-Aftermath of Enron disaster will see recruits asking employers tough questions Avoiding culture shock-Finding employees who fit 'personality' of company tricky business

you've got human resource challenges HR expertise is no joke-These pros know ins and outs of touchy staffing situations Soft skill attributes-It's important to build positive. study show Women and bullying II-The topic obviously strikes a chord Learn to manage trauma-Prepare for psychological fallout from global and personal tragedy White collar crime wave-Culprits often go undetected. cut fast and deep so you don't have to keep eliminating more staff Coping with downsizing-It can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Gen-Xers 7. Change Management Getting it over with-If your company has to downsize. Diversity in Organizations Are you throwing up barriers?-Build employment equity into business plans The gender gap-Women's frustrations should ring alarm bells Glass ceiling still exists-Have women really come a long way? Striking a balance-Managers must meet needs of Baby Boomers. they're hurting other employees and the company's bottom line Women bullying women-It's happening more and more in the workplace. but there are ways you can help ease the pain Downsizing dignity-Treat employees with humanity and honesty Workplaces grieve. strong working relationships Addressing absenteeism-Employees taking excessive time off costly to businesses and the economy Why employees steal-From pens and paper to complex fraud.School's out!-Student employees aren't simply cheap labour-they're a pool of talent waiting to contribute to your company Grey. workers are risking their careers Nothing romantic about romance at work-Dilemma created for management and fellow workers When a co-worker dies-Positive steps can help staff cope with loss Fear and anxiety-New dynamic can have significantly negative effects in the workplace The rumour mill-Malicious gossip has no place in the workplace Can you replace them?-Companies need a succession plan. Performance Management Performance appraisal-Need not be the most dreaded task of the year Report card woes-Work performance appraisal system fails grade Rating performance rating-Right systems make task easier Constructing criticism-Delivery can be as important as the message 6. just like people need a will How not to stink the joint out-Employees with hygiene problems need help Conflict resolution solution-Mediation Services offers courses to deal with discord in the workplace Take up the struggle-Workplace sexual harassment traumatizes women Bullies toxic-If they're in your workplace. and possibilities. Employees Are an Investment Tap into knowledge-Employees are an important source of information Training investment must be made-It's up to companies to ensure staff update skills Shadow world-Employees can learn from the best. Confronting HR Challenges Pay attention to people-If you've got employees. right at work 5. and proud of it-An older workforce creates new challenges. or even reported 8. for today's employers 4. Managing Corporate Events Christmas party needs guidelines-Hosting company gathering a complicated issue Cook up some employee fun-Company picnics and barbeques are great ways to improve staff morale The productive party-Mark festive season with morale-boosting alternatives to business bashes Watch that cheer!-Overindulgence could signal increased stress 9. too-Helping employees through times of trauma is good for everyone 4 .

10. commitment evident in work Volunteers have true Christmas spirit-But plan before offering service People power saves day-Remarkable turnaround for Manitoba Lotteries Drive for perfection-Bison Transport offers its staff the best in workspace design Dare to succeed-Local program shows women a winning path Best employers the quiet ones-Time to recognize the many workplaces exemplifying a positive culture 5 . Voices of experience It pays to feel good-Employee reward and recognition programs work Employee engagement-Marries worker loyalty to customer satisfaction Voices of experience-Vita Health's employee initiative committee an invigorating exercise in making changes Working well-Employee health program provides benefits to overall business strategy Public servants deserve thanks-Enthusiasm.

6 .

come on. my devoted. and asked: "Is this all there is to quite different from the writing and work in my current life? Is this what success is all about?" Something was job. I was really devastated. worked with youth. writing a newspaper column is a long way from my kitchen sink full of dishes. at the top of my chosen profession with was the logic for that decision? Not only that. Fortunately. She was dedicated and Then to top all that. so after university. I went on to achieve a highly successful I also work with organizations to recruit and select the 7 . I personal revelation. same grade writing will be scrutinized. I couldn't be What I've done is to successfully transfer my promoted because I didn't have a social work degree. I had under-experienced. Now. experience and financial interviewers told me I was over-educated and security didn't matter because I wasn't happy. critiqued and I'll and same classroom for 22 years and she just loved it! certainly need a thick skin. but anxious at the workshops and drove my family's hockey stars from same time? Well. I held my head up high. it all came together. but that didn't fix my problem. that's how I feel this morning. Mmmmm. it's been a zig-zagged path of I then turned my attention to administration. "Why? why? why?" and "Please change it. armed with a bachelor's degree. But. nice man. In fact. she had been at the same school. first job (climbing trees and selling pine cones!) and homework to be done. but I couldn't. but to go back to consulting is also a helping and teaching profession. After pillar to post. a graduate identify their personal motivators and career needs and diploma. I assumed that teaching must be the career for me." was a school superintendent and since he was such a Hey. I determination and there are some interesting lessons in challenged the system. it created a new For instance. a newspaper columnist has a unique missing. proposed new ways of doing things. done that New Columnist to share lifetime of career challenges Do you remember how you felt when you were teaching and education consulting career. the work is so public! Oh no. after all. my response to this challenge occupation and another industry.Been there. As a matter of fact. kids to put in bed. where So here I was. I didn't nowhere to turn. she absolutely glowed with satisfaction. I came home late one night to a all. I thought I was helping. I was now seen as someone who was always profession? I simply liked my Uncle Jack! Uncle Jack asking. ran for school trustee and started my own miss a beat and quickly jumped onto that career path. In addition. lobbied for change and that. With renewed energy and purpose. professional skills and unique talents to another Strangely enough. help individuals understand what they are really good at and what they like to do. I knew check out the job market. a master's degree and several professional I teach them how to sell themselves in the job market. the other half is attracting a readership. this might be a In fact. organized conferences and Were you excited by the challenge. I consulting business. I challenge them to Then. Human resource wasn't to get the social work degree. my whole career has been a challenge. redirection and sheer was now pretty confident I could run the place. I didn't quit my job. I immersed starting a new job? myself in special projects. led a professional development committee. foster home parents and single mothers and just loved it. outgrown my job and I simply no longer fit. I finding that elusive teaching job. when that all my education. I real challenge! desperately wanted to be like her. That just wasn't me. just a minute here. do you know how I chose my first problem. So. criticized. until that is. I looked around at my colleagues and turned to admire one very special teacher. with a shortage of social workers. off I went to teacher's college. certificates. Then. challenge because writing is only half of the job. Suddenly.

2001 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. Finally. building. mentor employees and management and guide them through organizational conflict. You will meet a person whose attitude toward career is very simple. distance education. 8 . I will share my experience in a variety of occupations. transferred to other work locations and who has travelled extensively for work. You will learn from a person who achieved university qualifications through part-time intersession. You will meet an individual who has been turned down for interviews and jobs. you will meet a "Been there. But more importantly. operating my own business and then merging it into a larger more established company. So. From an organization perspective. someone who has had to cope with multiple changes of bosses and their different philosophies and someone who has been laid off. You will hear advice from someone who has changed employers and occupations four or five times. I provide leadership and management training. you will meet an individual who received Woman of the Year Award 1990 and a career mentorship nomination in 1998. summer school. I am doing what I am really good at and what I love to do 100 per cent of the time. done that" practitioner with professional HR and management consulting certification. what you'll read in my columns is the advice of an individual who has overcome many career challenges to achieve success. All Rights Reserved. I believe that you are in control of your own destiny. Saturday. May 5th.best employees and to develop effective people management systems. work environments and industry sectors as well as insights from starting. night school and regular classes.

title pages volume 1 6/30/05 2:26 PM Page 1 Workplace Trends& Issues I 9 .

10 .

hundreds of cubicles and full permission to decorate your own For instance.. colour. Actually. Let's into dark on light wood. huge high-ceiling rooms with cement floors. What's next? Today. furniture. but it sure is taking over. It's mushy. there's also out. employees are firing off those flea markets and second-hand office furniture messages by e-mail. shadows of an animal or rose dancing across the page. voicemail or videoconferencing. so hierarchy and prestige is out. Instead of one boss. Workers in general are that a company would want to project such a sterile. but it sure is a might prove more lucrative that the mutual fund growing trend. I could wear this outfit under a dark numbers. offices are being recently renovated lobby. it's Trends are easy to spot. thank you. or who's in and who's out. was to list all the names of company leaders down the I literally followed each piece of advice like a lost left side of the paper. My advice is to get out to meeting a boss face-to-face. Teams are in. letterheads had wearing the same suit for several days. to be reprinted every time someone left to go to another firm! Wow. blazer that could then be worn with different outfits. product brochures. This created an impression that puppy. I also get a kick out of diagrams printed down one side or three-dimensional seeing old trends get repackaged and sold again. there may be two. rooms are in and cubicles will do just fine.Trend meter Gauging the latest craze can be fun I'M a passionate observer of people and workplaces. shops. I run restructured into smaller and same-size space. individualism is cold image. had a heyday with that trend! how people get along. gentlemen practically get away with when one page would do. stationary and personal What about personal space? We've experienced the workspace. I bought a skirt and blouse that together would just oozed of knowledge. its annoying. the environmentalists would have I love to watch how different trends affect business. but today they are Fred or I'm told that this new look is called Art Deco. stubby wooden legs just waiting to trip you. It Efficient but impersonal? Maybe. popular coloured paper has fancy company might be going. You can see trends in people relationships. Just think about individual offices complete with status symbols or it. "knowledge" workers. I try to figure out if trends in physical space. logos. It helps me to picture where a easy to read. Trends impact on people relationships too. market right now. More times than not. prestige and strength in look like a dress. Even worse. office decor. Today. Supervisors are team leaders and front-line reason. don't let me stop you. I just can't relate and I find it hard to believe workers are associates. this trend simply wasted two pieces of paper As you know. They're found in corporate distracting. It seems like this trend is being resurrected from a different era. group meeting with short. Let's just move back to plain white paper. customs and management style can tell me White paper with a company logo signaled a sense of something about a company's personality and the "know what you are doing" professionalism and was people who work there. dress style and dress code. I just shake my head when I walk into a space. Law firms and accountants were good at that. diamond shaped wood pieces face it. I hate this trend. nameplates on the door. Dress for Success. work tools. Workplace dress style and dress code have been a Have you ever thought about stationary trends in the particularly interesting study. I'm embarrassed to say workplace? Did you know that at one time the trend that an earlier book. the rent is simply too high and we need more applique to the wall and strange looking stuffed chairs space. find period pieces and sell it as Art Deco. Instead of money to be made on trends. but they have 11 . or Mrs. clothing. Trends are fun to watch. A boss used to be called Mr. But. For some Florence. concept of one big room with rows and rows of desks. Colour and texture of stationary has been trendy too. was my bible.

The current business casual dress code is literally killing the men's retail clothing industry. if you have a sharp eye. wide ties. For women . And.still suffered through wide lapels.sorry. narrow lapels. Business casual for men is a pair of dress slacks and a nice soft knit shirt.aren't they are fun to watch? Saturday. the steadfast trend of white shirts so dearly loved by drycleaners has been keenly challenged by coloured shirts and printed shirts. All Rights Reserved. On the other hand. I haven't been able to figure that one out yet. But. May 12th. The new trend is "move over business casual. come on in. ----------------------------------------------------------------2001 © 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. power suit. I'm sure you can see what's coming next. guess what? I hear via the grapevine that the good old trend pendulum is swinging again. narrow ties and humorous ties. it's time to create an image that you truly do know what you are doing. Trends in the workplace ." Why? Because when you need investment money. 12 .

See if you can spot each pharmacist is actually carried out. A powerful a decision-making role. But today we have an opportunity to observe an entire industry shake and shudder as the massive force of environmental demand storms against old traditions. information or even financial spinoff employment in the professional service sector penalties. symbols and stories are often used As an observer. Assess where each party pharmacists.Having a supporter in And the resistance doesn't end there. along with group's specific interests and estimate the value their alliance colleagues. Here are six of the most common influence strategies On one side we see a group of creative. established institutions and industrial power. innovative and you might observe: entrepreneurial pharmacists using technology and on-line service to respond to the high demand for lower Control of resources . Imagery . Watch for clashes in the media and defensive organizational resistance combined with support from public stances. They.How to benefit from change Control of resources and decision making are key influence strategies Often when we think of the word "change. has also increased.Whenever there is a dependency cost drugs. It's a rapidly growing industry that has for resources. products. of on-line pharmacy service. stands in regard to decision-making.Reaching out to influential On the opposing side. little dog" street fight. strongly oppose the concept achieved by such an alliance." we simply look at it from the context of an internal organization. it's really a tumultuous transition structure that acts as the champion for its cause. Control of decision processes . last week agenda priorities and influencing the development of entered the debate by firing off a warning letter specific decision-making processes are all strategies to threatening to halt product shipments to Web-based make sure your voice is heard. a power relationship exists. Many new chess game to a "big dog. This power reportedly created a revenue influx of more than $400 is used to influence or even force desired behaviour. we see a professional association individuals or associations and the creation of a formal that controls not only entry to the profession. Over 1. you might want to take the role of to dramatize a specific point of view. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). manipulate "armchair politician" and while watching this larger meaning and influence behaviour and support. drama unfold. What power does this create? From your sideline observation post. but also or informal coalition of supporters is a common has a significant impact on how the work of a defence or offence strategy. larger industrial power brokers.Images. intrigue in organizational change management 13 . The process in which both external and internal factors are organization then lobbies key decision makers and forcing a change in the traditional way of doing things. Then try to project how these struggles might impact human resources within organizations and the job market as a whole. paying attention to meeting product supplier.500 direct on-line pharmacy Look for threats of compliance. challenges the fairness and exploitation of the status It's also an interesting display of internal quo. Inside organizations become established as a separate power the event though. Networking and alliances . politics and potential fallout from any proposed changes. initiatives. these manoeuvres create images ranging from a challenging business Set up a countervailing structure. million annually. use the opportunity to develop your Look for defensive "woe-is-me" stories that suggest knowledge about the role of power. withholding of jobs have been created in Manitoba alone while services. Try to recognize the different power sources and the tactics that each party will use to justify its case.

What kind of employee best fits into a start-up company? Most successful small-business employees. Advocates on both sides feel they're doing the right thing and acting in the best interests of everyone concerned. It's only as the company grows that jobs become more specialized. social and organizational dynamics that are swirling around not just the pharmaceutical industry but all In most cases. Listen for emotional arguments that try to sway public opinion. But remember. think again. All Rights Reserved. first and foremost. (no date) Working in a start-up company where change is normal can be an exciting experience. It hurts. Start-up companies are usually more flexible and informal and have fewer rules and regulations. Business Open Learning Archive. So you might be asking yourself. from a career perspective. The workforce is eager and willing to try new things.Typically. smaller companies will shun creating a hierarchy where they can. They don't get absorbed by the broader external industrial change. As you have learned from this article. they are more strongly motivated by what they can learn and gain from their professional experience. It feels bad. the only person who can control your life and career is "you. Start-up companies also usually mean energy and enthusiasm. Brunel University. In most cases. fast Sources: Power. change is hard. you're Saturday. do I want to even apply for a job in a new. growing industry? Well. to learn and to grow. Because of staffing limitations. Hierarchies haven't had time to build yet and in most cases. also recognize that these same creates uncertainty and uncertainty is what most strategies are applied within organizations too. independence and autonomy and by working in an enterprising environment. Finally. January 18th. It issues. While they enjoy a steady paycheque. 2003 getting in "at the ground floor" which allows you to ----------------------------------------------------------------begin your career in one job and quickly progress into © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. particularly from the point of view of industry sectors as they struggle with their change traditionalists. but rather focus on the excitement created within the bounds of their new employer. enjoy a fast pace and the challenge of change. Chris Jarvis. They know and are confident of their own skills and abilities and are personally motivated by challenge. They're so busy they don't have time! Everyone knows their colleagues by name and everyone feels valued. resources and decision making are key influence strategies." And one of the means of being in personal control is observing and understanding the political. employees want to avoid.Inherent morality . control of 14 . most opposing sides feel their cause has a moral underpinning. Organizations and management. you might have an opportunity to develop a broad range of skillsets very quickly and take on a wide variety responsibilities. other higher paying and interesting roles.

Employee safety and security based on issues raised in my consulting practice. CHRP. then you can't expect job security. They're called upon to predict the weather. professional certification. Trends in the workplace that will have a significant impact on our work environments WELCOMING a new year is always an interesting experience. It includes not only physical aggressively in the future. it's also Many of the future trends are already well established anticipated employee privacy issues will quickly in our current workplace. After all. technology enables us to thrive wishing to work in the area of workplace health. or forward messages at our command? Standardization of HR profession What's next? I can't wait! The profession of human resources is also changing From a human resource perspective. in what I call a "microwave society" where everything safety and security -. don't you? personnel information. however.. This will become the foundation of how we do business: can't only serve to increase opportunities for individuals live without it.. Soothsayers abound at this time of the year. while most employees enjoy that "instant" technology response. there's no turning back. but will continue to impact become a hot topic over the next few years. pulling out require increasingly sophisticated training and a pocket-sized tool to electronically fax. employee safety and security issues. but also social and emotional safety. indeed. complete your performance appraisal on-line. this profession is fast growing and will have imagined standing on a street corner. And. We look back on the year past and assess our trials. it has had plenty of impact on Canada and has served to greatly heighten the awareness of general impact in the very near future.S.particularly in the training and is at our fingertips and we get what we need "now!" It the conduct of health and safety audits. not everyone is quite so enthralled by the fact that each and every employee will face constant change and will need to become a perpetual student. And while we all enjoy the positive side of technology. Either thankful a challenging year has finally passed or thankful that we did. And we are always thankful. 2001. But let's face it. that Although the Sept. the human resource role was perceived as more of an You will increasingly see self-service-style computer administrative function and was often assigned to a programs that enable individuals to access their own financial professional. Historically. as Technology well as our own new workplace health and safety The use of technology has already had a great impact legislation. and change how we do our work. technology has safety. With the increasingly complex 15 . You will personally make your own changes. has been more commonly used by larger companies. Who could time. While there are many HR trends affecting our workplaces. Companies.. So you can hardly blame me if I can't resist talking about upcoming trends in human resources. undertake study of self-directed e-learning programs or simply track your training schedule. I would suggest. terrorist act occurred in the following five trends will create a significant the U. tribulations and accomplishments. have such a good year. e-mail. Still others are busy trying to predict the future. extrapolate business trends. 11. as well. forecast international happenings and even try their hand at personal visioning for the future. In fact. will increasingly use computer software for recruitment and selection. This tragedy. At the same gives us so many choices and resources. telephone. you do want to know about your future work environment. I see. advertising on worldwide Web sites as well as monitoring and tracking employee activities. if you don't embrace the new technology and keep your skills current. is helping companies to see the importance on the workplace and I believe it'll continue more of all aspects of safety. we'll see smaller and growing and is headed for standardization with a businesses implementing HR software that up to now nationally recognized designation.In the future. As well.

Typically. All Rights Reserved. are recognizing they must explore the delicate issue of senior leadership replacement should an unfortunate catastrophe strike. as well as the development of partnerships with formal learning institutions. but there is a growing trend for smaller companies to have a human resource role or at least availability for ongoing consultation. but also provide a clear career path for many employees. These growing training needs will create plenty of opportunity for homegrown training professionals. in particular. keep up a positive attitude! Saturday. Succession planning will help these companies to develop a strategy to secure their knowledge base by developing employee talent. Succession planning The issues of employee safety and security have also served as an impetus for a growing concern over leadership continuity in organizations. Small businesses. a company didn't hire a human resource professional until there were more than 300 employees. including such areas as leadership. It's only through this vigilance that you can anticipate the impact on your work environment and job and prepare yourself for what's to come. There is no soothsayer who can be very specific in telling you how to deal with these trends. motivating and influencing others. But cost will continue to be a significant factor in the provision of training programming so companies will be looking for alternatives. interpersonal and communication skills. Demand for training in these areas will increase significantly.world of government regulations and a growing awareness of the social/emotional factors in employee productivity. you is to take charge of your career by being vigilant in learning about your work environment and what plans your company has for the future. on-line e-learning strategies are growing in popularity within larger corporations and the cost-effectiveness of internal versus external trainers will also be considered. Many employees will also soon leave for retirement and alternative part-time work. many workforces themselves are smaller and more team-based than ever before. This will create opportunities for trainers. teambuilding. the role of human resources has become much more strategic. I also anticipate that training will also gain increased stature as a recognized profession and that more people will seek out professional certification in this field. But one final word. consultants and lawyers. This requires employees to have well-developed skills in the so called "soft side" of management. All I can tell 16 . training in this area is ongoing. Self-directed. January 4th. 2003 Increase in corporate training ----------------------------------------------------------------While technical skills are in strong demand and © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press.

While you might think your employees are a happy bunch. our workplace seems unpredictable but. absenteeism management. Also. Some companies have turned to "managed care. Employee job satisfaction With the growing shortage of skilled labour. Accountability and liability Recent legal decisions finding companies partly responsible for employee behaviour after leaving work premises. The trend is to shed the nice-to-have benefits and reduce health-care services to a more basic package. machines and faster production. many companies have declared people as their the ability to keep up with rapid change. More effort will need general increase in employee litigation. yet did not include a human you must first understand the exact knowledge resource professional in strategic business decisions. suggests to be spent on recruitment and retention initiatives employers need to have a better understanding of their because turnover is just too costly. corporate competitiveness means knowledge management and To date. particularly when clients have an operating line of credit. required to run your business and then make certain Some companies with more than 100 employees employees are trained to their fullest.will be critical. recognition. Yes. then training others consult with external HR professionals only budgets and programs will have to be significantly when there is a major problem. more emphasis will be placed on preventative measures such as pre-employment health screening. many banking institutions are requesting clients submit a company human resource plan along with their business plan and financial statements. If the half-life of continue to have no formal HR position at all. appropriate work resources. In addition to the liabilities in all business areas. We eagerly look forward to the future despite such a volatile autumn season. workplace wellness and quit smoking programs. At the very minimum. Soaring health-care costs No matter which way we turn. are able to balance work and personal interests and have Financing and human resource planning As can be helpful and friendly co-workers. you might be surprised to learn a recent survey demonstrated the top employee priority for 2002 was getting a new job! While there are a number of HR trends. I firmly believe human resource management Knowledge capital and training A competitive edge will have the most significant impact on organizations in the industrial revolution meant sophisticated during the next five years. has sent shock waves throughout the country. As a result." where employees utilize limited funding per service and are directed only to authorized service providers. respect. So. a recent "good job" human resource policies and preventative measures . which combined new legislation and a is moving toward the employee. the financial community is keenly interested your company is a "good" place to work will be 17 . Today. of all the trends. we're able to put difficult challenges behind us. It also means most important resource. Still skills is getting shorter and shorter. Establishing proactive need for structure and stability.at checklist suggests that individuals are seeking the same time ensuring all staff are aware and interesting and challenging jobs where they receive understand the policies .Happy HR Year Staff management most significant impact on organization THE arrival of a New Year always creates a pleasant sense of renewal. it has been said the balance of power The ruling. health-care costs are going to increase. companies will be asked to provide evidence of an established relationship with an on-call human resource professional. increased. Rejuvenated after a few days of rest and a focus on family. I believe the following key trends will have the most significant impact on corporations. Taking steps to ensure expected. what does the future hold? What trends will impact on your business? in corporate accountability and liability.

18 . In doing so. too many retirements can catch you off guard. while you may believe that much of the future is unpredictable. the Sept. New work-related legislation. Companies that grow larger will require more formal structures to ensure equity amongst employees. This will create a challenge in terms of the retention of high-performing employees. Saturday. Many companies haven't stopped to examine the impact of aging workers on their staffing requirements. All Rights Reserved. I am confident that good human resource management practices will be critical to your ongoing success. Policies need to be put in place to guide personal use of the Internet or business versus personal cell phone time. they must prevent bureaucratic regulations from restricting the company's ability to respond quickly to change. companies must also pay attention to the human side of technology. But. the aging workforce (your senior managers) will be the biggest issue to deal with. So. 11 tragedy may cause larger corporations to return to a more decentralized operation. small management teams and front line decision-making will continue. On the other hand. but at the same time. we need to prevent and manage the stress created by technology change in the workplace. Finally. Information technology Information technology is expected to continue its fast rate of change. Most will take advantage of new technology to stay competitive and will increasingly use new methods to monitor and quantify their knowledge assets. Career development strategies must be put in place to keep people challenged and engaged. succession and human resource planning will be critical to ensure ongoing survival. cross-border business issues and the diversity of people and work relationships are becoming much more complex. Work environments are changing quickly. economic circumstances may require they stay longer. New supervisory tools must be implemented for telecommuters or home workers. benefit plans and/or retirement compensation programs. Organization structure The organizational restructuring trend with a focus on minimal hierarchies. While many baby boomers had planned for retirement. 2002 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. January 5th.critical. Sources: SHRM Issues and Trends 2002. This will challenge your ability to retain younger workers who want a promotion. On the other hand. Canadian Policy Research Network and Workforce Forum. Aging workforce In addition to the expected issues of inter-generational job satisfiers.

create not sure and. and Echo. one of the boomers approaching 60 to sit up and pay attention. a reference to 65. Next. Goodness. In fact. And so goes corporate fraud. himself age 65. dollar crippled our manufacturers causing hardship and more employment fallout. We stood glued confidence in professional accountability. 1 surrounded by a good deal of confusion month for these types of folks. There is no way Paul Martin. Once again. I'd advise baby continues to hit the headlines. unpredictability is just too unpredictable or like many While the act only applies to customer information. So watch for year of totally wild unpredictability and general businesses tightening down the hatch. revisiting its policies and procedures in an attempt to more closely monitor members and protect the public. "futurist" front. they may have had to resort to tarot cards believe employees will quickly demand to know how and crystal balls. and Conrad Black are already leading this 2004 parliamentary salaries were raised by $32. With all the concern about weather was extreme and unpredictable as employee misdeeds and professional accountability. fearful for the thousands of accounting profession. their privacy rights are being protected. testing to assess their candidates. floods. over time. it's expected 2004 won't bring too many $100. privacy and diversity on busy agenda NO matter which way you look. corporate scandals stared out from leading stories of fraud and corruption are newspapers providing us a ringside view of the huge unfortunately extending to support professions such as and traumatic fall of conglomerates such as Enron. the future holds? So please indulge me as I place my 2004 predictions and thoughts out for discussion.000 fines. no matter how you ask the question. even our 2003 Candidate assessments. are standardized and Are we going to fare much better in 2004? I'm really field tested. Retirement age. Heaven forbid. laying off hundreds and saving associations" as more and more occupational groups whatever jobs it could. a company can. lawyers and accountants. The new Personal Information Naisbitt or Canadian researcher David Foote. it seems strangely quiet on the its own benchmarks. the newly soaring Canadian seek a means to gain public credibility. Costs will continue to decline. actually. we watched with a sense of surreal as our But no matter what profession or occupation you Canadian troops were dispatched to distant killing belong to. Usually January is book launch being Jan. particularly amongst small businesses. These can now be done online from any location. author of Protection and Electronic Documents Act came into Boom Bust. these Day after day. will also lead to environments. insecurity.000 while trend. But more importantly. In fact. Professional accountability. largest international corporations headquartered in Afterall. people are being caught others saw their salary frozen. snowstorms. This. for instance. with one swift sweep of the pen. the to the television. is quickly employees thrown out onto the streets. it seems 2003 was a and society won't stand for it any longer. executive and employee theft and/or the rumour that the pressure is on to move eligibility illegal payments to individuals or board members for Canada pension back to age 70. in turn. fires and hurricanes lashed out at companies will more and more turn to computerized all of Canada. I haven't heard any predictions from the usual futurist pundits Faith Popcorn or John Privacy legislation. Perhaps this world and ignorance. Finally. Five finger bonus. I believe 2004 will see more of a focus on fields to face the harshest of employment general accountability. And while Air Canada juggled its the increasing affirmation of additional "professional bankruptcy status. Parmalat.Accountability crucial in year ahead Corporate fraud. I individuals. is going to agree with legislated retirement at Five-finger bonuses. some Italy. But what is January without a good discussion of what but look for a flood of "curiosity" complaints. your 19 . In order to increase public Worldcom and Anderson Consulting.

this is creating a loss strategic plan and an accompanying contingency plan of senior decision makers to cities such as Toronto and to cover all key business areas. we are now not just the regional office. Governments aren't the only ones struggling with health-care costs. offering personalized "menu" plans to employees. but we have attained Saturday. Unfortunately. 2004 the not-so-nice status of a back office. If giant steps toward resolution are not made. Labour shortages in specific industry sectors in 2004 will continue to attract immigrants from all over the world. The consolidation of But as you have seen by many of the major events to businesses is continuing to occur in many of our date. there isn't anything we can do except to have a industry sectors. Having a human resource manager has often been thought of as a "big" company privilege.pension and retirement could be shelved for five years! It's hard to manage a business or a career for that matter. we'll lose our attractiveness to future immigrants. thank goodness we are also gaining the reputation for entrepreneurial capital of Canada! Diversity and literacy. Crystal balls. They'll be auditing their health-care costs more carefully. Costs are skyrocketing. corporations are being made elsewhere and we have no control anymore. discontinuing some benefits. was once the hub of corporate headquarters. unfortunately. In other words. I see 2004 as the year in which companies will get more and more creative in their attempt to reduce these costs. While I understand some of the challenge is "Canadianization. Increasing health-care costs. Importance of human resources. when the world is so tumultuous and unpredictable. All Rights Reserved. But 2004 will continue to see the trend of small and medium-sized businesses hiring their own HR manager and/or seeking help from external HR professionals." I'm still not convinced elitism isn't playing a role. They no longer want to take the risk of human rights complaints or heavy fines and poor publicity for legislative violations. tarot Calgary. Mergers & Acquisitions. 20 . It disturbs me to realize that while Winnipeg cards or even futurists just won't do. Unfortunately many of these highly educated professionals cannot get their credentials recognized in our province. January 10th. ----------------------------------------------------------------many decisions affecting our employees in big © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. I see 2004 as being a critical cornerstone on this issue. instituting pre-employment health assessments and. They are also beginning to recognize statistical monitoring and analysis of employee costs and the implementation of intervention techniques can help to plug that hole in their bottom line. While this trend will continue in 2004. businesses are beginning to feel overwhelmed as well.

professional growth are very strong motivators for what about the value of the positive public relations today's employees. There's a ly want to work for your organization? commitment to employee growth and development. experience over the years has shown issues is becoming increasingly important as companies that are recognized as an employer of employees seek flexibility. inclusion and a sense of community rather than status symbols. if you haven't thought about that question. they want to be engaged and involved in planning and doing various activities. Company Image. These include: generation. Recognizing and accepting the role that employee stable history with a good reputation and respect in the satisfaction plays in corporate success has led to the community. Being an probably time you did. these work According to Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia. Respected Leadership. but also higher employee productivity. The company must have a solid. And the benefits of implementing this strategy future and can steer the company through changing have gone far beyond the original goal of recruitment times. It requires an infrastructure which supports good human resource management strategies 6.which are aligned with business goals. While being the first choice for potential employees is definitely an advantage in a tight labour market. Personal and employee satisfaction and loyalty. would they real. attraction. stronger driving force in employee attraction and there are eight principal criteria that must be retention than money. diversity and cultural inclusiveness. Organization Culture. Meaningful Work. the company must be development of a unique marketing strategy called socially conscious and environmentally sensitive. They want to concentrate on your status and reputation for excellence will have in staying current with their skills and they want to take the marketplace? part in company training programs. she feels trusted. They want leaders who can see into the strive." The strategy is a conscious. corporate-wide effort to become a more attractive 2.Today's workers want to be with a company that cares. involvement and good choice. where they feel trusted. promote that serve to create loyalty and a sense of belonging. In particular. where he or utilized and they are treated with dignity and respect. appreciated and valued IF a potential employee had a choice. it's and market driven compensation plans. In fact. Employees want to see other awards of excellence. And then again. 4. It's now become a formal ethical and respected leaders who are visible and certification and recognition for which companies accessible. Careful attention to quality of life For instance. Organization culture must employer by focusing on the environmental attributes demonstrate high values and standards. exhibit not only higher levels of employee communication. greater workforce stability. especially for the younger considered. People want to do more than just come to work and leave their brain at the door. becoming recognized and earning this prestigious status is not easy. stronger levels of 5. work-life balance Well. and retention of highly talented employees. appreciated and valued and where they are acknowledged and respected for their hard How can you become an employer of choice? work and contributions. environment or cultural factors are becoming a co-authors of How to Become an Employer of Choice. "employer of choice. Because today's employee employer of choice means employee talents are fully wants to work with a company that cares. Growth and Opportunity. 1. Caring of People. They want tasks that are meaningful and personally rewarding and they want to Employer of Choice 21 . The concept of "employer of choice" has grown to become synonymous with national quality awards and 3.

Becoming an Employer of Choice. cultural awareness. All Rights Reserved. Lawton & Associates. November 8th. Initiatives that have resulted in effective change management.Becoming an Employer of Choice. Because no matter what the size or industry sector. Organization Development. Business Impact. learning and development. I am absolutely confident there are many organizations in our community that have achieved a high standard of excellence. Compensation and Benefits.org. leaders who truly value their employees and individuals who proudly broadcast their corporate achievements. encourage them to come forward and be recognized. The implementation of HR initiatives that have resulted in improved business results. Making a Difference.see value in their work. John Sullivan. This year. Saturday. Initiatives that have improved a company's ability to attract and retain employees and results in a high level or employee engagement and morale. service or related initiative that has resulted in significant and measureable benefits to an organization. Innovation. if you know of such success. time off or child care. While workers continue to be concerned about competitive pay. Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia. I often meet long-term staff who love their job. 1998. So. Recognition for seizing the opportunity to develop and implement innovative programs that represent a marked departure from standard practices and serve as a role model for the HR industry. Dr. While many times this column talks about problems and issues in the workplace. 8. They want to participate in making the world a better place and will quickly lend support to community activities such as United Way. employment equity and multiculturalism. also seeking broader benefits such as flexibility. 7. including: The Awards of Excellence program is open to all organizations that have at least one employee registered as a member of the Human Resource Association of Manitoba.hrmam. they also tend to look at the whole package. This prestigious award is designed to recognize companies that have successfully created. improvements to organization culture or customer service. 22 . Employer of Choice. Fall 2001. While many of the employers of choice recognition and award programs are out of province. it's exciting to know that the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba is seeking nominations for their expanded Awards of Excellence program. Call the local office at 9432836 and ask for your nomination forms or check out the association website at www. Initiatives that have successfully promoted © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. nominations can be made in several categories. Source: Producing Desired Results . developed and implemented a human resource program. 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------Diversity. Employees today are searching for companies that have a social conscience.

nurtured and cared for over a long period of time. corporate goals or we just won't be as successful as we But. 2. Feeling obligated or trapped just doesn't figure into their equation. how do employees feel about loyalty and could be. Creating feelings of accomplishment.S. Still others simply feel obligated to stay. Reichheld points out employee loyalty is directly linked to customer loyalty. we need positive employee attitudes. the value of that customer could increase between 25 and 100 per cent. Outstanding customer service is second nature to them while problems are always resolved But why should employers sit up and pay attention? with company goals in mind. 57 per cent of When employees have strong commitment. loyalty and commitment has to be built. And employee commitment is not something that can be turned around with a "quick fix. The Hay study found 74 per cent of survey participants felt perceived ability of top management was a key factor in their decision to stay with an employer. many employers don't pay attention to employee commitment and loyalty until it's too late. commitment in the workplace? What does it mean? What can employers expect? How do today's 6." In fact. identified two additional critical employee commitment factors. and vision of company leaders. I also find loyalty and Because despite the fact that we have broken the back commitment creates more effective interpersonal of the "career-for-life" attitudes. in its newly released study of 300 companies. But. 8. Trust in employees. Committed people stay with their employers because they want to. bask in the warmth of personal loyalties and renew commitments. Satisfaction with day-to-day activities. Surveys tell us employee commitment is hovering around 24 per cent while Listen to Frederick Reichheld for a moment. Fairness at work. The Hay Group. employees really feel about commitment? And. it seems you have a big profitability for the company. problem on your hands. what 7. National Employee Benchmark study (September 2001) identified eight priority workplace elements considered critical to building loyalty and commitment to an employer. have you ever stopped to think about loyalty and 5. In his another 37 per cent of participants feel trapped in their book The Loyalty Effect. time to celebrate relationships.Employee loyalty low Companies have to sit up and take notice February isn't just about yearning for spring. including fair pay. But how can an employer do this? . He suggests that if a company increased its customer Why? What's wrong? Shouldn't people just be happy to retention by just five per cent. they are participants felt a clear sense of direction was also more motivated and demonstrate a sense of pride and critical to their stay/not stay decision. 23 Unfortunately. 4. Overall reputation of the organization. it's also a 3. These included : 1. Care and concern for employees. Work and job resources are available. they love what they do and thrive in their environment. commitment and loyalty to our relationships within the company itself. values. On the other hand. have a job? Employee participants in the U. employers. confidence. job. difference does it make anyway? From my perspective. Happy and dedicated employees mean more commitment? Well. Having a well defined job. employee commitment is essentially an emotional relationship that creates a special link to the people.

This can be nurtured and developed through supports such as: Providing opportunities for cross training or job enrichment so that broader skill sets are developed. 2002 ----------------------------------------------------------------Open and honest communication even when © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. Sept. All Rights Reserved. As you can well appreciate. This two-pronged strategy will over time. Building an employee Acceptance that everyone has unique interests and committed culture begins with the following needs and attempting to fulfil those needs within the approaches: context of fair policy. Employee loyalty and commitment is low and Operational and human resource systems that create employers need to sit up. pay attention and listen to the a sense of security and fairness: message. employees feel their contributions are valued and respected. its employees and its customers. respect and loyalty. then I believe we have to tackle the problem in two ways. demonstrating interest in with employee representatives. Where does your company stand? What are you doing about it? Assigning challenging jobs with well defined roles and responsibilities and ensuring each person knows Sources: just how his/her job contributes to the whole Hay Group. Providing the appropriate tools and resources. Managing Performance Working Paper. company. communicated to employee lives and work tasks and applying specific everyone and which is meaningful for all concerned. attendance at conferences and Let's look more closely at what these two approaches workshops. people don't just give their best simply because they have a job. consistently matches their words and thoughts. and technical training so that employees can do their job well." It's all about how a manner. messages are tough. build a caring. 2001. tuition reimbursement. Saturday. National Employee Benchmark Study. Developing specific goals. its leaders and its staff apply their Recognition for the life/work balance and flexibility professional values and ethics to the people. organization. an organizational culture approach and the implementation of concrete employee supports and human resource programs. could look like. 2002. management and customer service systems operating desired by multicareer families while respecting the within the company. A clear vision and corporate direction developed Being a visible leader. It's about how the company treats needs of single professionals. Walker Information.Encouragement for external learning. Loyal. committed If employee commitment and loyalty is akin to an emotional relationship. Regular informal employee meetings to raise issues Organizational culture is the technical term for "the accompanied by steps to resolve them in a timely way we do things around here. Jan. 24 . time Human Resource Institute. initiatives to recognize and reward employees for Organizational leaders who model behaviour that achievements. objectives and job performance measures that are realistic and shared with employees. Spring 2001. February 9th. nurturing culture that generates employee trust.

People get and safety in general. And these numbers don't fact. you might be asking. let's not focus on the negative. And such a So. careers can be ruined. excellent framework for understanding and implementing a program. And. prevention is beginning to look like poorly in the area of workplace health and safety? a really good investment. this reactive approach only serves to love to be first. I'm always proud when our assignment of appropriate resources. not so! In regulated work environments. application because of the outdated belief accidents are nothing of the Workplace Safety and Health Act offers an more than the normal cost of doing business. McKechnie's province receives such an honour. as a Manitoban. I'm embarrassed to be first. In fact.Safety statistics a jolt Manitoba tops Canadian charts with highest number of accidents in the workplace I've always been a competitive business professional. you can think of a workplace crisis where being first means we're losing! health and safety program as the most cost effective insurance protection you'll ever get in today's market. So. Well. knock workplace health and safety issues further down the business priority list and severely limits the And. important. And. if accidents and injuries health and safety are more easily tallied and are at work are more frequent and severe. But. there are several Andrew McKechnie. it's part of a real "game of life" employers. there is substantial 25 . embarrassed to learn supported by a recent report by the Minister of Manitoba tops the Canadian charts by recording the Labour's Review Committee on Workplace Injury highest number of accidents in the workplace. whereas businesses have the social responsibility Code and may suffer from a lack of commitment for providing a safe and healthy workplace. as an optimist.. accidents happen. has workplace safety and health and are reaping the an answer. I can say that I'm seeing more businesses As a reader. lives lost and family welfare literally turned upside down. not fully aware of their legislated obligations under the Workplace Safety and Health Act or Canada Labour And. the number of accidents reported to the Workers even take into account the unrecorded accident Compensation Board during the period 1991-2000 statistics for 30 per cent of Manitobans not covered increased from 44. this just isn't something to be individual who would want to continue accepting this proud about. employee and injury is happening right under the nose of both self-awareness and workplace safety initiatives would provincial and federal authorities responsible for have reduced the number of accidents. more Manitobans employed today. And. Even if there are under the Workers' Compensation Board. these are still staggering figures. thanks to technology. injury or illness. Manitoba Chapter. Finally.221. why should you be give credence to the importance of human resources so concerned? After all. For starters. But equally as discussions. Why is Manitoba doing so As a matter of fact. this enormous litany of accident You'd think that new technologies. but rather examine dismal record isn't just the result of a challenging what opportunities it creates for both workers and business simulation. think about it. I American Occupational Safety and Health Week and sincerely don't think there is a business or an Workers' Memorial Day. level of workplace accident. equipment breaks down. mistakes sometimes related to absenteeism.. He suggests many Manitoba businesses are benefits. help me understand this.588 to 47. Can you Prevention Strategies in Manitoba. believe it? Interestingly enough. provincial chair of the Canadian companies that have made the commitment to Society of Safety Engineering. But not this time! In focus on culture and attitude as the culprit is also fact. I In his opinion. as we celebrate North Although Manitoba's statistics are indeed elevated. productivity and workplace happen. this strains an quickly adding a big dose of reality to any profitability already overloaded health-care system. costs careless.

Brad started his early worklife in a manufacturing plant and soon found he had a keen interest and particular talent for the issue of 26 . there are a growing number of career American Occupational Safety and Health week! opportunities for individuals interested in this field. handling conflicts in the workplace and for the delivery of training. These include strong analytical skills particularly for problem identification. applied his knowledge and training to reduce employer costs. During a 10-year period. May 4th. To qualify for the designation. They are only a up and pay attention. profession with plenty of opportunity for new entrants to succeed. he has not only acquired certification. Saturday. the Manitoba Workplace Safety and he. the Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) or the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) are growing in popularity and are becoming widely recognized. and resources ranging from self-assessment tools to program design and inspection. the drive to legislate and promote 2000. is a typical example of today's professional. and the consulting process. job analysis and policy development. People skills. a recent graduate of the Canadian Registered Safety Professional designation and the safety professional at Palliser Furniture. it is causing everyone to sit development both free and for a fee. While we recognize that attitude phone call away. Other leading So. program. Written and oral communication skills are especially required for the management of a variety of meetings. are very important. Brad Ramey. becoming a skilled occupational safety and health practitioner requires a number of skills and abilities. along with McKechnie have played a key role Health Division offers a tremendous array of services helping to professionalize this career in Manitoba. change is slow. we know we can't afford these kind of statistics and we won't stand for it. occupational health safety and environment systems. all students must write stringent national exams. particularly the ability to be diplomatic and tactful while at the same time as holding a "compliance" stick. © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. but For instance. accident investigation. In addition to general experience in the workplace. These professionals complete specialized training in health protection and promotion.support and resources to assist you in developing a workplace health and safety. 2002 ----------------------------------------------------------------While there are several certificate programs available. Building a Workplace Safety and Health Culture policies and programs has created a whole new Report. while Manitoba has unfortunately topped the organizations such as the Manitoba Safety Council are Canadian charts by recording the highest number of actively engaged in providing training and accidents in the workplace. All Rights Reserved. Welcome to North Then. law and ethics. Because health and safety programs are quite Sources: Workers Compensation Board Annual Report comprehensive.

And I can tell you. And in concert with the mantra of human the right thing even when it has financial. making pronouncements that on corporate governance. As a 700-plus member network encompassing representation from all sectors of Manitoba's economy and a strategic partner of the National Quality Institute.Quality is more than a passing fad High level of corporate. "people are our greatest resource. monthly newsletter. It acts as and I've always seen it as the key to organizational a resource centre for books and videos. 27 . offers networking opportunities and orchestrates the now popular. personal ethics demanded MANITOBA Quality Network (QNET) is making no leadership. It demands a high level of corporate and personal You see. the result of an expanded and more inclusive concept. the quality movement has developed a healthy workplace framework that can be used to not only audit a company. but believe me I've also nearly drowned in the depths of a With issues such as corporate and professional ethics poisonous workplace. health practices. it's no wonder workplace takes a lot more than developing flowery participants are streaming towards QNET's programs mission statements. manufacturing or administrative processes or employee empowerment. broader understanding of what constitutes a healthy workplace. During the last few years. Leadership has long been a personal passion information through seminars and workshops. the success of the quality movement These include social as well as technical trends and and the resulting thirst for workplace improvement are issues both at the local and world level. the leader is not easily the social environment and personal resource influenced. Chairman Ken Holland and executive director Trish Wainikka are thrilled that more and more businesses A quality and healthy workplace requires the kind of are tuning into the importance of a quality workplace. this holistic strategy is known as an emotional costs. In my opinion. differentiating. planning. but who is also self-confident and selfincludes the physical environment." subsidizing food or providing a fitness centre. this thriving not-for-profit organization has been quite successful in ensuring quality is not just some passing fad. social and resource managers. it encompasses a far management and general business economics. but act as a basis for improvement. They "walk the talk" by modelling personal and In other words. But it also requires a leader who not only deeply understands his or her own strengths and personal Quality has become a much more holistic concept that challenges. acknowledges and then does management. quality today isn't just limited to improving ethics and proactive steps toward cultural diversity. "organization development" approach. a healthy crowding the news channels. thrill of a highly synergistic environment. people and process are seen as bones about the fact quality spells corporate success interdependent. And I'm indeed pleased to see that leadership is stated as the first driver of Canada's Healthy Workplace Since it's inauguration in 1995. human resource restructuring for efficiency. the key business components of professional behaviour. leader who pays increasingly close attention to those factors that will shape the organization in the future. but listens. the effectiveness of the other. In other words. provides a success. Quality Conference I've been lucky in my career to have experienced the and Manitoba Quality Awards Program. Each factor significantly impacts on and they should know. They exude trustworthiness. QNET has provided criteria.

responsibility, fairness, and caring and corporate more accepted that leadership, particularly that of citizenship. leading within the context of change, can be developed and is not necessarily tied to position. Quality leaders earn their respect. They aren't threatened by developing emerging leaders or young And this is where the National Quality Institute, Health ambitious professionals. Canada and QNET Manitoba comes in. Together they have focused on developing a long-term, strategic Instead, they thrive on mentoring and coaching this approach to healthy workplaces. But recognizing that resource of raw talent. small businesses are busy doing business, they've developed a set of step-by-step strategies, tools and Quality leaders continually reach out and attract resources that can help any company move toward intellectual capital that balances academics with their healthy workplace goals. practical applications. They are demonstrative in valuing each individual's contributions. Manitoba Quality Network (QNET) is making no bones about it. Quality spells corporate success. And Quality leaders are also honest and forthright in their this is one organization that truly does "walk the talk." communications, behaviour and intentions. Sources: Healthy Workplace Week.ca, They " leave their ego at the door" and work hard to Harvard Business Review Alumni Bulletin, develop a workplace that cements employee respect February 2001; QNET Web page. and empowerment. They build a culture of collaborative working relationships. And, according to Saturday, October 26th, 2002 Nitin Nohria, a management studies professor at ----------------------------------------------------------------Harvard Business School, leaders are also pragmatists © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. All Rights Reserved. who can deal with difficult realities and still have the optimism and courage to act. In his opinion, enduring setbacks while maintaining the ability to show others the way forward is the true test of leadership. But why is leadership still such an issue? Because according to Greg Smith, a key strategist from the U.S. "reinventing government" days, most so-called leaders continue to practise old fashioned and out-of-date leadership concepts. In fact, he maintains many organizations simply practise leadership "mythology." The most common myths include the following false beliefs: - Leadership ability is rare; it is born not made; - Leaders are charismatic; - Title, rank and position determine who is leader; - Effective leadership is based on control, coercion and manipulation; - The best leaders are those with the most education; - Management and leadership are two different concepts. Thank goodness research has been slowly and successfully debunking these myths. Today it's much


Dear Santa: All I want is . . .
Ensuring wish lists don't become goodbye lists
HOLIDAY season is fast approaching. Five- and six-year-olds are humming the old tune, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”while others are glued to TV commercials and scour catalogues and flyers searching for items to place on their wish list. 10. A work environment free of office politics.

Individual workers aren't the only people busy making wish lists. Managers and business owners alike are polishing their pens and jotting notes on their ideal employee. The top 10 items on their wish list include Adults on the other hand, are strategizing their mall employees who are: attack while wishing there was just more time in a day. 1. A candidate with just the right specialized skills. A Christmas wish list has always been a traditional activity. It helps to get everyone into the spirit. But let's 2. Diligent in arriving to work on time. be honest, with all the turmoil going on in the work world, many people aren't in a holiday spirit right now. 3. Good communicators and good managers of people. Instead, they're busy creating a different kind of wish list - their dream for a better work world - and, not 4. Willing to learn new things. unlike the youngsters, these lists are often long. 5. Flexible and enjoy different challenges. Just out of curiosity, I decided to conduct a quick "man on the street" survey. Interesting enough, most people 6. Independent problem solvers. just smiled as they admitted to having such a secret list. So here's a summary of the top 10 wishes for 7. True team players. employees and/or job seekers: 8. Positive, "can-do" people. 1. A job! A job that's not just work! 9. Honest and trustworthy. 2. Employee benefit plans for part-time workers. 10. Dedicated to quality work and customer service. 3. An employee benefit plan with massage therapy and Now, if you read these lists carefully, you'll quickly health spa services. realize both groups are really concerned about the 4. A nice workspace where one can be productive. same thing - job satisfaction and employee retention. And Manitoba workers are not alone. In fact, a 15,000Working equipment and a comfortable chair! employee survey conducted by Bavendam Research Inc., a private U.S. research company, identified 5. Flexible working hours. similar issues. Here is our "man-on-the-street" survey consolidated into six global factors of job satisfaction. 6. Time off from paying income tax. 7. Recognition for work well done. instead of just Opportunity: People want an opportunity for a job - a job that not only pays a salary, but also provides a hearing about mistakes. sense of fulfilment. It doesn't matter that upward 8. A supervisor who listens when concerns are brought promotion is not available, employees need to experience challenge. They need to get excited and forward. look forward to their tasks at work. 9. A company that truly believes people are their most Continual negative stress: No employee can work important resource.

under conditions of continual stress resulting from unhealthy workspaces, poor inter-office relationships or inadequate benefits, and, they can't be expected to do the work of three or be given responsibility without authority. Dissatisfaction will accumulate and the bubble will surely burst.

dissatisfaction compounded by career management error is simply not worth it.

So, get busy, determine the top three priorities on your job satisfaction index and present both issues and possible solutions. Ask for feedback and give management reasonable time to absorb your ideas. Leadership: Good leadership is key to employee job Look at an external job search only if you truly cannot satisfaction. Managers must inspire and motivate meet your needs in your current position. others. Then, they must recognize and give employees credit for their contributions. Don't expect job Employers, on the other hand, need to examine their satisfaction and loyalty without mutual trust and wish list and acknowledge the links between job respect. satisfaction and employee retention. There's a lot more than just real dollars resulting from employee loss. Work standards: Employees want to take pride in There's the fallout and negative psychological impact their work quality and accomplishments. But without on those employees who remain. specific tasks and duties, clear objectives, free flow communication or professional input, job satisfaction Although it might sound like a cliché, it's well known may even be non-existent. that prevention is the best cure. So consider an employee satisfaction survey to make you aware of Fair rewards: Compensation, benefits and rewards both general issues and their volatility. However, don't are very concrete yet they are very personal and embark on this strategy if you aren't prepared to work emotional topics. If an employee doesn't have a sense on resolving the problems that arise. Your employees of “fair felt pay” for their efforts or contributions, will only let you do it once! dissatisfaction will fester. The employee might leave the organization or even seek a whole new occupation. Job satisfaction is a critical key to healthy and happiness. So go ahead, make your Christmas work Adequate authority: Employees have a great deal to wish list ... but do something with it! contribute and know a lot more than they're given credit for. Actually, front-line folks are better at Saturday, December 8th, 2001 identifying work problems so doesn't it make sense to ----------------------------------------------------------------assign the authority to fix them? Finally, leaders who © 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. All Rights Reserved. don't listen and don't act will quickly decrease employee job satisfaction. But wish lists are often forgotten once the holiday season is over. Employees continue to be frustrated. Issues don't get presented and resolved. Or, a leader won't accept responsibility for managing employee job satisfaction. Perhaps they simply don't know how. And then, catastrophe! An unwanted resignation creates a major jolt. It's too late to repair the damage and a valued employee is lost. And, unfortunately for all concerned, the departing employee, more often than not, quickly finds out the decision to leave was a big mistake. But there is no going back. Believe me, the psychological cost of job

What makes workers happy?
For many, compensation is top satisfaction factor
EMPLOYEE job satisfaction is frequently on the minds of business leaders and human-resource professionals because it is closely related to absenteeism, voluntary terminations and employee productivity. The high rating given to benefits and compensation in the 2004 survey is interesting because this factor did not make the top-five list in an earlier 2002 job satisfaction survey. In fact, most human-resource professionals and management specialists have always Over the years, there's been a wealth of research on believed compensation and benefits are not the driving what factors motivate employees and there is typically force behind employee job satisfaction. Well, the 2004 much debate over whether tangible or intangible survey shows otherwise. So, what has changed? factors have the greatest impact. Some explanation might lie in the fact the costs of We also know that satisfying employees is a dynamic health, dental, eye care and prescription drugs are and evolving process and so it's always interesting to rapidly increasing and putting considerable pressure on see the annual job satisfaction report card published by corporations. Employers are seeking ways in which to the Society for Human Resource Management. reduce these costs and in many cases are increasing the Although the data is American, there are many lessons co-payment options for employees. In addition, the to be learned for any organization. business and economic environment is making it difficult for companies to offer salary increases and The 2004 survey randomly sampled 604 employees bonuses. from small, medium and large organizations as well as more than 400 human-resource professionals. The The third job satisfaction factor for employees was survey consisted of 21 elements of job satisfaction safety in the work environment, which nearly doubled including factors in the areas of career development, in importance in the 2004 survey. This may be the relationship with management, compensation and result of world instability and, for the United States, it benefits and other factors such as safety and job is probably still a fallout from the Sept. 11, 2001 security. The survey also assessed differences in job tragedy. People seem to be feeling vulnerable and they satisfaction factors by industry, sex and age. Next, the want the security of a safe workplace. survey compared employee ratings of job satisfaction with the perceptions of human-resource professionals. The fourth important factor was job security, which, interesting enough, dropped in importance in the 2004 The survey results showed that eight out of 10 survey and no longer appears to be the central focus of employees were very satisfied with their jobs. employee job satisfaction. Finally, the fifth factor of However, what is interesting is the difference of job satisfaction was noted as flexibility to balance opinion between the human-resource professionals and work/life issues. employees regarding the factors that create job satisfaction. The top five satisfaction factors believed Another interesting and surprising finding in this by human-resource professionals to create employee survey was that the factor "relationship with job satisfaction included relationship with immediate co-workers" was rated by employees as least important supervisor, management recognition of employee job in creating job satisfaction. Human-resource performance, benefits, communication between professionals, on the other hand, predicted these employees and senior management and compensation. relational aspects of job satisfaction would have a Employees on the other hand, rated benefits and much higher priority. compensation as their top satisfaction factors followed by feeling safe in the work environment, job security The results seem to demonstrate the tangible aspects of and flexibility to balance work/life issues. job satisfaction have become much more important to

Source: SHRM/CNN Job Satisfaction Survey Report. They are looking for concrete and older rated benefits first followed by feeling safe. They want security. As well. professional development. While in 2002. Employees in the transportation industry rated flexibility to balance their work and personal lives as very high while employees in construction and educational service industries rated feeling safe in the work environment as the highest factor. Finally. This may be because smaller companies often don't have the resources to incorporate safety and security measures into the workplace. Employees in medium and large organizations gave more importance to the intangibles such as career advancement. increased. benefits. Employees ----------------------------------------------------------------in organizations with small staff sizes rated feeling safe © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. In least and most tenure both rated feeling safe as very addition. employees with longer surveys was the declining interest in job satisfaction tenure appeared to be more satisfied. benefits. compensation. it was interesting to note employees with the development and communication with management. it was per cent of survey respondents rated their relationship noted the importance of career advancement with an immediate supervisor as very important to job opportunities to job satisfaction dropped as job tenure satisfaction. The 2004 SHRM survey is a valuable resource for learning about these changes. On the overall. voluntary terminations and employee productivity. All Rights Reserved. in the environment as the most important. employee recognition and relationship with immediate supervisor. May 22nd. Employees in the health sector rated meaningfulness of the job as very important. in order of importance. safety and flexibility.today's employees. Male participants rated benefits and compensation as their top satisfiers while the most important satisfier for women was feeling safe. female survey participants rated work/life balance as the top job satisfaction factor. communication and compensation. employee job tenure also played a role in job Another interesting change between the 2002 and 2004 satisfaction. professional hand. 2004 the importance of job satisfaction factors. work/life balance and job security. Employees aged 35 or younger and employees aged 36-55 had identical job satisfaction factors. On the other factors such as job specific training. feeling safe. job tangible means to gain job satisfaction. 2004. Employee age was also analyzed. the 2004 results rated this factor as fifth. employees also did not rate the factor important. job security. These included. Organizational size also played a role in determining Saturday. The job satisfaction survey also assessed responses by gender. Employees 56 and 32 . But how we deal with employee motivation in the future may have to shift as we learn more about the changing needs and interests of employees. The 2004 job satisfaction survey also analysed the results in different industries and found that compensation and benefit factors remained the top satisfaction factors for employees. Employees with three to five years tenure recognition by management as very high and only 49 rated job security as the most important. salary. No one will dispute the fact that employee job satisfaction is closely related to absenteeism.

But employee synergy and energy will not result from a simple two-day training workshop or a special Then systematically involve all other employees in productivity improvement program. or empower your employees to succeed. focus on the Just look around you. you can see the energy and feel the employee power. A facilitator then leads the group through a structured process or idea filter that results in a practical and When employees are trusted. creating new products or weekend's downtown street festival. Awaken the giant within Put aside the fact that employee involvement may take more time and occasionally be frustrating. a commitment and five-year dream for your company. the aura of a positive workplace. The first step to developing corporate energy and synergy is to invite employees to participate in the Maybe I'm an idealist. Imagine the Fairmont Hotel's employee Green Team as they used creativity. too.000. the winning attitude pays big dividends I know you've heard it all before. harness the power of your people. and excitement about their job. and most of all. celebrating. Apply a Participative Methodology Throughout Then. simply developing a better understanding of your customers. Don't use the size of your company as an excuse to resist building a synergistic organizational culture. energy and teamwork to create annual savings of $50. there is a sense of so-called "out of the box" thinking to envision a personal power and confidence. this concept. like the Whereas this participative model will become a smell of a beautiful flower. The energy and synergy was spectacular as people were listening. And I know you're probably tired of hearing the common clichés employees are your most important resource. It will result only from the development of a corporate Employees will learn how their work contributes to the culture and work environment that supports and overall big picture. attracts all kinds of loyal mainstay in employee involvement and internal customers. So where can you start? feeling special. Look at what people power did long-term gains and the reward of having more time to for the City of Winnipeg as thousands flocked to last work on business strategy. and a strong and focused energy that will drive your business forward. Apply a Participative Model to Business Visioning This is truly people power. but I believe every business development of a vision for your business. resulting in increased enthusiasm sustains employee involvement.When employees are forged into a team. they will make decisions that are operational plans. loyalty to your business dream. But I hope you haven't given up on the concept. it is best to train internal staff to facilitate the discussion sessions. planning discussions at their level of work. indeed in your best business interests. This involves a series of planning sessions where participants are asked to use their creativity and When employees are inspired. learning. should strive for energy and synergy among its employees. respected and know what concrete framework from which to build more specific is expected of them. but I guarantee that when it exists. problem solving. It's hard to create a sense of concreteness as I describe 33 .

Establish Problem-Solving Team Authority Celebrate and Communicate Success There will be a number of issues or barriers to the new Everyone likes to know that what they do contributes vision that will arise through the employee discussions. to the success of the organization and everyone wants to feel good that their job and actions are important. So When you assign teams of employees to undertake to celebrate the successes. Communicate employee resolve these problems, be sure to establish the achievements throughout the whole company. Tell boundaries of their authority so they will not be your customers. Develop rewards and recognition disappointed when they present their solutions. Start programs. Get the message out that your people them off with the so-called "quick wins." deserve accolades. Excitement, energy and synergy will closely follow. Give Employees the Tools to do their Job The creation of energy and synergy will come about only if Yes, a high-energy, synergistic corporate culture takes employees are empowered to make decisions at their time. Yet from an employee perspective, it feels level of responsibility. In other words, wonderful to come to work every day to a job you love, micromanagement is out! For some managers, to interact with people who are sincerely happy and delegating responsibility is very, very difficult, but it's who show it by the smiles on their faces. It is inspiring the only way for this new culture to succeed. The new to work with bosses who respect and trust your work, role of management is to develop detailed "how-to" value your input and who coach you to do your best. manuals and policy guidelines, give employees all the information they need and then coach, mentor and So start today to harness the ideal of personal power in provide feedback. your organization. Believe me, it's worth it. Train, Train, Train As employees begin taking on Saturday, July 21st, 2001 increased professional responsibility, there will be a ----------------------------------------------------------------greater need for training. Problem-solving, group © 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. All Rights Reserved. facilitation, teamwork, interpersonal conflict management, communication and presentation techniques are all skills that each individual will need to develop to become truly successful in their new roles. My experience suggests that you will be surprised at the untapped talent within your employee team. Coach Employees through Mistakes Taking personal responsibility and leadership is hard for many employees, so don't be too surprised if you experience some resistance. Select those employees who are ready for the challenge to lead some of these change processes and go slowly with those who are reluctant. Accept the fact that some mistakes will be made and when this occurs, sit down and talk about alternatives. Also, ask what was learned from the experience and how things could be different the next time. This is a case where experience is indeed the best teacher.


Managers should be on the lookout for workaholism; it can be as unhealthy as any other addiction
Well, here it is, the middle of July and holiday schedules are complete. Everyone's needs have been looked after and everyone is planning to take a well-meaning break from work, or so you think. But there's more to work addiction than meets the eye. In fact, it's suggested work addiction is a complex psychological process of fulfilling unmet personal needs through work. It could also be a way of seeking relief from personal pain, boredom, guilt or other Then, when reviewing the schedule again, you're feelings the individual wants to avoid in his or her surprised that one employee hasn't scheduled a personal life. vacation at all. When challenged, the individual declares they don't really have any plans at the moment Workaholism can have serious consequences for but will let you know. Further investigation identifies productivity, interpersonal and collegial relationships this employee has substantial unused vacation. In fact, or general family life. These employees are frequently you discover this employee rarely takes vacation and in danger of burnout and may demonstrate irritability, has accumulated far too many unused holiday days. fatigue, mood swings or emotional outbursts. All these behaviours create tension and before you know it, Although this current failure to plan a vacation may people are tiptoeing around the individual and come as a bit of a shock, there were definite signals in avoiding any kind of interaction. The final result may the workplace that you probably overlooked. Now, well be strong employee conflict and general who in their right mind would deliberately avoid discontent. taking a vacation? Who is this person who works 70- to 80-hour weeks and can't or won't set limits for So watch for these signals, identify those employees going home and quitting work? A workaholic, that's "on the edge" and ensure they take their time off. who! Workaholism is becoming more widely known to be just as unhealthy as any other type of addiction. The syndrome occurs when an employee literally becomes addicted to work. Their whole self-esteem and self-confidence is tied into who they are at work and what they do in their job. They falsely believe that without their work, they are nothing. In many cases, these individuals completely forget family responsibilities as well as outside hobbies and activities. Over time, they even abandon friends in pursuit of the adrenaline rush and pleasure they gain from work. Work schedule - A work addicted employee is consistently early and always stays much later than other employees. They don't seem to set limits for going home or quitting work. They are proud of this work schedule and derive a sense of personal power from it. They may also demonstrate a sense of superiority which may only serve to irritate fellow employees.

All work, no play

Problem with delegation - Work addicted employees often have a difficult time with delegation. They may not trust others to do as good a job or they may simply want to maintain control of the work. On the other But workaholic employees aren't that easy to spot. In hand, they may also believe they're indispensable and fact, our workplaces actually encourage and support others are not capable of doing their job. these addictive behaviours. After all, show me an employer who wouldn't like someone who appears to Juggling assignments - Work addicted employees get be so dedicated and loyal. Every business would love a real adrenaline high and a feeling of self to have an employee who takes on challenges and importance from their work, yet they often have who'll willingly work overtime to meet goals. trouble accepting praise or enjoying the fruits of their labour.

They thrive on juggling several projects at the same time, rushing here and there, always in a hurry, always Saturday, July 19th, 2003 needed. ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. All Rights Reserved. "No" is not in their vocabulary - Work addicted employees are compulsive doers, they simply can't say no to a new project. Then they suffer stress and anxiety as the pressure mounts from all the "shoulds" that have to get done. Sneak into work - Work addicted employees are uncomfortable when not at work because they've replaced their social life and recreation with work. As a consequence, you'll find that these are the folks that either regularly go to work on the weekend or may simply sneak into the workplace to see what is going on. And now, with the proliferation of technology, you'll find these employees accessing their work e-mail through their home computer. Life is too serious. Hard driving workaholics have lost the ability to simply enjoy life; they can't relax or have fun, they're anxious and sometimes irritable. They can also become envious or irritated by others, including family, who are comfortable with simply relaxing. Identifying a problem and resolving it are clearly two different things. Since workaholism can lead to low productivity of an entire work group, it's important corporations help their employees to "get a life." In the long term, try using a combination of strategies such as incorporating a philosophy of work/life balance with policies that limit financial payouts for unused vacation. It's amazing how people can be motivated by a "use it or lose it" human resource policy. But no matter what, if you wish to change a workaholism culture, management must be a role model. This is just a beginning. Helping someone who's chained to their work requires moving one link at a time. So review that vacation schedule once again and ensure each employee schedules and takes vacation time. Source: Helping Employees Get a Life, Leslie Kaufman, 1999; Hard Work Can Cost You Family, Health and Home, Sue Shellenbarger, Wall Street Journal Online, 2002.


Building a happy workplace family
Organizational conflict spells trouble, but it can be avoided
I don't imagine many readers sit down and think much about the parallels between the workplace and family. But in fact, workplace dynamics are very much like those found in families. We see healthy relationships, where each member can speak up freely, seek and give attention and expect to be treated with respect. That's not to say there are never disagreements. Certainly members of healthy families might get angry and act out, but the issues are usually resolved effectively. On the other hand, dysfunctional families often experience issues of control, emotional chaos and a range of abusive behaviour. As one can expect, the long-term effects of this kind of turmoil have great social costs and create a substantial list of survivor behaviours. might resent those who come out with both barrels blazing. Others are miffed with procrastinators while still others don't work well with details. All in all, personality can cause a lot of conflict on teams and projects. Conflicting perceptions Each of us perceives our world and interprets communication and behaviour according to our own values and beliefs. What is welcomed by one person is seen as a threat to another. These differing perceptions and values can lead to significant misunderstanding.

Conflicting goals Conflict is often created by incompatible goals that are set by different bosses. This is often the case when employees report to more than one person. Or, there may be conflict between the goals of an individual and the work team itself. Sometimes when a company As with families, conflict in organizations is inevitable changes strategic direction, the corporate goals no and must be dealt with; you can't just wish it away. If longer match individual employee goals. conflict is allowed to fester, your organization faces the risk of substantial personal, social and economic costs. So, what are the organizational conditions that create Conflicting pressures potential conflict? As can be expected, each sub-department of a company typically has its own goals, objectives and Dr. Art Bell, a professor of workplace conflict at the time frames. And within this grouping, each team may University of San Francisco, has created a "Hall of have conflicting time frames. Conflict is easily created Flame" list of six organizational conditions that can when the work of one group is dependent on another. lead to conflict. No matter what level in the organization, the following factors can act as Conflicting roles springboards for conflict. Organizations are moving to more team-based workplaces and this causes the roles and Conflicting needs responsibilities of individuals to change as well. Those Organizations are hierarchical structures with assigned individuals who prefer to be "sole" contributors will power distribution. Thus some departments and face conflict in trying to get their needs met while individuals are deemed more important and struggles others might simply be confused about what they must can quickly arise over resources, time, office space and do in order to contribute. budgets. Each person has their own agenda and turf wars might break out. But, what does organizational conflict look like? How will you know it when you see it? Conflicting personality styles Each worker has a unique personal style of Peter Bishop, an Ottawa-based mediation consultant, communication and behaviour that guides work categorizes conflict into three progressive levels: interactions. For instance, quiet unassuming folks suppressed, open and dispute. He goes further to

psychological illness. All Rights Reserved. Ensure an organizational culture that sincerely From a cost perspective. Develop and implement a conflict management Take note also of problems at home between children process. be alert to brewing conflicts and deal with them negative impact of productivity on an organization can immediately. But. 5. Establish corporate goals and objectives. thus increasing costs. it doesn't end there. the level. workplace family: This style of conflict can be recognized by observing 1. suppressed conflict generally welcomes open communication. Empower employees to deal with conflicts at their early stages. As well. productivity and absenteeism is probably impacting a broader base of employees. impacts mostly on the individual. work is not just a day tag. Art Bell. your company will face significant unhappy but does not complain. personalities Suppressed conflict or personal motivations. criticism or open fighting between Bishop. increased management costs for legal representation or the expense of an outside investigator or mediator are more than likely involved. As the internal conflict progresses. As well. avoided by suppressing anger. Dispute A dispute is a complaint that is made either formally or informally. in most cases. communicate it to all staff and assist them to stress. an open conflict creates a much broader ----------------------------------------------------------------impact on the social and economic costs to the © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. Conflict is thus economic risks. Sources: The Cost of Workplace Conflict by Peter passive resistance. reach up to 160 per cent of an employee's annual salary. Open conflict In this situation. 2002 As a result. loss of motivation. company because more employees are involved. While we might joke about conflict at work as the 38 . It's a place where work must be done regardless of employee likes and dislikes. Other colleagues Six Ways to Resolve Workplace Conflict. it simply simmers away silently ready to explode at any The following five steps will help to create a healthy time.indicate that each level of conflict has its own price "kids in the sandbox" syndrome. an individual over time. 3. employees. motivation suffers. At this point. dissatisfaction at work or understand how their goals interrelate. but you will begin to see a loss of productivity and perhaps attendance in the 4. potshots. effort and expense to resolve. This creates tension and resistant behaviour. March 23rd. thus adding even more costs. Saturday. Look for signs of anxiety. management will have also stepped in with disciplinary processes. It will require time. 2. Don't be afraid to call for external professional assistance. but in actual fact. care for adults. train all managers and employees. and team workers are affected and overall morale and Dr. there is open disagreement. and/or a spouse. But if organizational conflict Suppressed conflict occurs when an individual is is allowed to fester.

issues of employee back in horror as your recorded voice seemed so safety have been brought to the forefront as a result of inappropriate? I'm sure each of you has had similar the well-known Sept. But being on candid camera in a personal setting has a far different feel than being captured on video outside Implementing a video surveillance program in your your home. don't go it alone. the use of video monitoring in workplace is serious business with serious society is increasing at a fast pace. The following installing video cameras to record drivers who slip guidelines will assist you to think through the myriad away without paying. areas and other specific locations. the quality movement created a look awful!"? whole industrial drive toward efficiency. Provide a business case It's strange. red-light demons are finally being made to considered. no. many corporations is video surveillance and electronic monitoring and they aren't apologizing for it. I'm being protected. Develop a structured program Any video surveillance program must be highly structured with all of the nuances impacting on the business and employees addressed. And the solution for experiences and is chuckling at the recollection. for consequences and so employers need to take careful instance. Do you know what authority your provincial and federal legislation gives you? Are you familiar with the new upcoming privacy legislation? Seek help. Most of us experience a sense of comfort A video monitoring and surveillance program should knowing thieves and speeders are being monitored. just a minute. hurt." to "Hey. productivity and measurement that created the need to monitor Have you ever cringed at a family video where slim as employees. limiting the collection and use of information. disclosure and retention. Next. aren't you trustworthy? It's interesting to follow someone's thinking process and experience how quickly it can range from "Wow. And now with the help of of human resource and employee issues that must be technology. identify and justify a rationale for the breadth and And we're relieved knowing instabank cameras will scope of the program including monitoring common capture the face of any daring thief. safeguards. pay for their reckless disregard for safety. But what about your worksite? Your office. I workplace. an increase in workplace bullying you are. balancing business versus employee interests. cubicle or manufacturing station? Your every movement? Just what's your level of comfort when everything you do is captured on candid camera? The most common reaction is to question why it's necessary. My goodness. we learned self-service gas vendors are steps to minimize any potential liability. the image reflects at least 10 to 15 pounds and sexual harassment has led to corporate selfheavier? Or have you listened to voice mail only to reel protection strategies. The program should also offers protection as we walk through isolated hallways. individual access and how employees might challenge use of any The increasing growth of employee monitoring can be collected data. or anger. accountability. traced back to three key human resource trends in the 39 . Finally. We not be implemented unless it serves a compelling and also appreciate when building and parking lot security legitimate business interest. Recently. 11 tragedy. This includes issues related to employee consent. Engage your HR professional Hooking up and turning on your cameras without consulting a human resources professional or other expert resource can quickly land you in hot water. workplace video monitoring is invasive!" That's what employee monitoring is all about. First. Then you have to deal with your overwhelming feelings of puzzlement. that's great.When Big Brother goes to the office Candid camera must balance business with employee interests Have you ever scanned a photo and said: "Oh. However.

This leads directly to the need for the training of front-line supervisors and management teams so that program implementation is appropriate and consistent across your company. be sure to examine both business and employee interests. Sources: CSA Standards. January 25th. detailed and specific policy statements. Being on candid camera in a work environment has a far different feel to it than being captured in a home video. before you hook up a camera. They should be advised how this information will be used and then be allowed to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information. This includes written communiqus. security and accountability of the information. A Word to the Wise About Video Monitoring. distribution of employee handbooks.Communicate to employees Employees need to be informed that monitoring is taking place and it must be done through as many ways as possible. Someone must be designated who will be accountable not only for the organization's compliance. Appendix 2. It also has far different and far reaching implications for employee relations in the workplace. Train management Having a written policy and a "how-to" manual isn't enough. special training and orientation programs to accompany implementation and ongoing employee orientation. the other is managing the safety. Saturday. Employee communication must offer complete openness regarding policies. 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. HR Trends and Tools for Business Results archive. Protect confidentiality Confidentiality of information is also a key component of any surveillance program. Make sure to build in safeguards not only for unauthorized access but also unauthorized use of the data collected. Viewing and sharing taped incidents for individual or group entertainment or exploiting personal power by threatening employees with recorded events will surely take your company down the dangerous path of employee abuse and harassment. So. The key is effective and lawful implementation. All Rights Reserved. Establish accountability Capturing employee activity is one thing. but also the safety and security of the data collected. Workforce. Individual access Video monitoring is used both for employee protection as well as identifying productivity issues so it only makes sense that employees be informed of the existence of specific information related to any performance issues. 40 .

attendees are a diverse technology. individuals and Public relations approach . And now technology has brought us the digital phone camera. The clarity of photographs. Adopt a public relations approach rather than attempting to do a short documentary. it is still not a family gathering. event. perspective. be very professional during privacy and unauthorized use of a personal this assignment. but anyone can be a target. Imagine your surprise if you were alerted to a not so flattering and unauthorized photo of yourself dancing across the web waves and being circulated all over the world. relationships and jobs. their guests and/or their between photography and the World Wide Web and the spouses.During holiday season. This protocol will protect you from any the photos will indeed be circulated in some manner. perspective. As a result. The social order . issues to surface this year. potential scandal related to unauthorized use of a avoid snapping compromising photo opportunities.There is a definite "political correctness" required in taking party photographs. sensitive to what a viewer might want to see and be And so. you can quickly take a picture. Keep your audience in mind." This will help you to plan for a series of shots throughout the evening.Be sure to understand the nature of These stories are testimony to the wonders of your Christmas party. second overall embarrassing situation.Remember that photography records history and the results can impact on people's lives.Recognizing that photo protocol. as Christmas season approaches and staff sensitive to what a participant would want to make parties and client receptions become the prevalent public. The environment . it's wise to think about company party photo protocol The nature of photography . of war photo scandal that erupted as a result of e-mail and website snapshots circulating around the world. the whole phenomenon of camera phones is causing us to sit up and pay attention. While you may be acquainted with most fact you can send a photo to friend or family member people. The following suggestions for a protocol can be used as a basic guideline: 41 . While you can capture people at their best. activity during December. sober thoughts the next day will not be fondly remembered or appreciated. Either We also know about the recent United States prisoner way." those sneaky and often hated photographers who scoot around the world snapping unauthorized photos of various celebrities.Although you are a business are very concerned about both personal volunteer photographer. Imagine. there is also a chance you might inadvertently capture them at their worst. the image is immortalized forever. Take a moment to understand who will be in attendance and "who is with whom. Say cheese! Equipment update .There is nothing more annoying that having a photo taken only to find out it didn't work and you have to do it again. Together. All photography must be kept in this We've all heard stories about "paparazzi. From a business otherwise they'll be disappointed. the linkage group of professionals. Bring an inexpensive "point and shoot" camera and be sure you are familiar While the digital camera phenomenon has its many with how it works. companies are concerned about their intellectual property. Now. it is also one of the hottest human resource photo album and find well-focused and clear pictures. it is a business within seconds is absolutely phenomenal. save it and e-mail it all at the same time. photograph or it may simply save everyone from an While you might think the situation is funny. not only are the celebrities at risk from the paparazzi. Typically. it might be wise to think about developing a special event or Christmas party Avoid compromising situations . Be photograph. Capturing the "moment" has never been easier. Participants want to look at the pluses.

Many people do not like to have their photos taken at the best of times. Take off your volunteer photographer hat and have a bit of fun yourself. All Rights Reserved. Will they be posted on the company website. 2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. Source: Five Party Photo Do's and Don'ts. Take one or two photos and then move on. Saturday. so take a few moments to ask their permission. Share the photos . Give it a break. December 11th.Timing is everything . Don't bother with the "eyes glazed over" photo opportunities. 42 . Natural poses .While the whole point of photography is to capture friendly and fun moments. Be sure to be as inclusive as possible.Getting a photo taken is one thing. People just aren't comfortable having to face the camera all of the time.Be careful to avoid inadvertently including background serving personnel without their permission and by all means. nd. but having to formally pose for the camera can make for a lot of discomfort if not annoyance. Charlotte K. Lowrie. be careful not to overdo it. included in the upcoming company newsletter or simply placed in the annual Christmas photo album? Let everyone know what is being done and then let everyone know when they are ready for viewing. Take photos that reflect the positive nature of the party and which people will treasure in the future.The rule of thumb is to start early and end early. Take an informal approach with candid shots of people in conversation or animated laughter as you move around the special event.Determine ahead of time what will be done with the photos. MSN Photo. Courtesy . they are frankly not inspiring nor are they reflective of the kind of party you want to have. check for innocent passersby. Ask permission . Check the background .

no! Which one did I assign to the HRIS? . it was both scary and laughable minutes without so much as a keystroke! So. I I started the morning business checklist but seemed to think technology is wonderful. don't get me wrong. It judged the flow of traffic five blocks ahead. grab a dressing gown and race to the computer all before breakfast! CNN and CBC news blasted through the speakers as sports scores and stock results flashed on the screen. transactions. The final touches to the new dress code seemed rather strange and unique. while weather and flight corner of work life. I smiled when occupations as the latest computer applications come the computer heard my footsteps. Didn't I know that a smile could be heard through my voice on the telephone? Oh yes. of course. why wasn't I I am pressing the buttons but nothing is happening!" carrying a purse? Four lines are ringing at once! Being an Aquarius. remote car starter. how do I transfer this message? result of excessive gadget weight? And. when was at the same time. I needed my password to enter. multi-coloured screen. And.A world of high-tech stress Information technology or futuristic nightmare? IF the future unfolds as predicted. I prepared to dress for work. current occupations and will create completely new and meandered to a soundproof cubicle. I had the latest of vehicles. Every day will bring something new. the strategically located photo monitoring system revealed I had a twisted and frustrated look on my face. futuristic cell phone. fastest-growing employment sector. without having to learn a new phone system. I enthusiastically read and answered my personal e-mails and reveled in the satisfaction of chatting with people from all over the world. Come join me as I recall my dream: I going to start working? I saw myself jump out of bed. I saw Mmmm. I strutted to my car. Amazon on-line book through Christmas flyers full of computerized gizmos. was this pure exhibitionism or simply the myself yelling. with swashbuckling steps. I entered a door code. Palm Pilot. I was quickly informed by voice mail that this was not good for customer service and would not to be tolerated. a beeper. A I ended up having a dream about it one night. those dreaded new telephones! Why did we get such a complicated piece of wizardry? I can hardly keep up with all the new computer software programs Then. I strapped on a thick waist belt adorned with a shiny. Wasn't I aware that 20 minutes of personal time per day amounted to 100 business minutes lost to the company? So. "Help." But have you ever reflected on just how technology has taken over our work lives? Now. rather than business. After an instant microwave breakfast and a quick touchup from an electric toothbrush. or was flashing message brought attention to new urgent that a nightmare? e-mail and a random on-line survey begged for participation. I visualized myself during a typical day in the new techno world of work. struggle to decipher the new multi-task. A second message warned that an analysis of previous e-mail and phone calls showed an excess of personal. gauged the stopping distance on the icy road and even spotted the 43 And then I remembered I had to update my personal information on the human resource information system (HRIS) as well as apply for vacation on-line. eye scan. a Blackberry. after weeks of glancing information flashed on the side. More breaking news and stock quotes raced Yet I'm amazed to realize how it has crept into every across the bottom. After reaching the workplace. how was I planning to make this up? Then. It will provide additional employment in its myriad of passed a voice. quickly conducted an on stream. garage door opener and a headset and speaker for the car phone. recognized my "iris" and responded with a cheerful but synthesized "good morning. the field of photo radar! I also appreciated the coffee warmer and information technology (IT) will be the the heated car seats. fingerprint and facial recognition test. Corporate surveillance had alerted management that I had been at my workstation for 10 Honest. The computerized photomap and GPS system directed me to the office in the least possible time. I was one of those new Suddenly another message raced across the computer futuristic workers! screen. Password! Oh. it was so real. shopping reminded me that a parcel was on its way.

but how could I plead guilty when I didn't know what I was doing wrong? Finally. now I understand computer rage! I'll bet information technology won't just be the only future job growth opportunity. I was stunned when I continued to receive messages that screamed out. All Rights Reserved. I woke up. Next. I observed a growing sense of frustration in my face. I winced as I watched myself try six or seven times before being successful. Check out stress counseling! Saturday. 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. 44 . into the computer. Those darn computer contracts! What does this mean? Why do we need this? What licenses? What do you mean it will take two days? Why doesn't this work? Why doesn't that work? I need a lawyer to interpret this. not another password! Suddenly. into time sheets. "your actions are illegal and you will be shut down!" I really expected the police to rap at my door. I could see myself reviewing a stack of disheveled papers. Wow. December 29th. the e-mail. and the calendar.I've got a password to get into the office. Oh no. I guess I should have kept some kind of record book.

resumes is managed from start to finish. As well. job costing. resource (HR) managers. it includes on the other hand. As equally as important to an organization's success as well. Employers can view the names policy responsibility. create complete employee skill banks and identify future leaders by ranking individuals based on their competencies and/or Recruitment and selection: Recruitment is one of the performance plan results. manpower scheduling. information comparison to specific selection criteria. These data are then sent automatically to appropriate internal Technology is also changing the work of human departments or to external service providers. education candidates can access the recruitment system from requirements. As well. change or update their improved communication and relationships with basic demographic information.ca automate the basic recruitment development of job descriptions and is also typically process right from advertising and sourcing candidates linked with job evaluation processes. Employee self-service: Self-service software enables It has also created numerous interdependencies. Because the performance reviews are stored have been eliminated or automated as an effort to online. enroll strategy. provide employee empowerment. As well. employers or job typically include the scope of the role. enable organizations to maintain and report on a wide 45 . There is increased pressure to not only become more effective. succession-planning software will enable organizations to identify skills needed to meet future demand. Software and external vendors such as our Job descriptions: This software provides for quick local www. managers and human resource professionals increase service and reduce costs. Programs through to skills matching. in training classes or view their payroll data. request vacation or customers and suppliers and increased employee time off. Larger companies have implemented their own This not only serves to eliminate paper. there is a growing list of excellent software tools that help an organization eliminate many of the mundane administrative tasks related to human resources. financial responsibility. business goals and job indeed reviewed. can access them more easily. the flow of candidate competencies such as leadership.MbJobs. most costly HR processes that is benefiting from technology.Technology transforms human resources Software helping eliminate mundane tasks TECHNOLOGICAL advances continue to affect how labour distribution. Overall. can check to see if their resume was specific accountabilities. but it provides intranet and have introduced self-service HR for automated reminders so reviews are completed on applications. but to demonstrate Performance reviews: Many companies are how human resources affect the company's bottom implementing online performance-review systems. line. employees can enroll in benefit programs. exchange and/or negotiations). Candidates. technology is considered suggestions or look at an internal job posting board." and shop-floor data collection as well as security access control and visitor monitoring. share ideas and transfer information from any location. These tools include: Succession planning: Rather than being caught by baby-boomer retirements. people and business processes. teamwork abilities. It doesn't matter whether your organization is large or small. many human-resource services time. Technology has enabled us to communicate quickly. number and nature of and number of resumes received and note their relationships (internal and/or external. Today. we do "work. saving both analytical capacity and communication skills. employees to individually enter. time and costs. anywhere in the world. experience. review company policies. HRIS systems: Integrated human resource Time and attendance monitoring: Software information systems are comprehensive systems that programs exist for the tracking of time and attendance.

Source: Technology. Charts typically include a summary of the number of employee "types" within a viewed chart. All Rights Reserved. including photo. SHRM April 2002. or branch. contract. take time to review the financial aspects such as how much value 46 . Metrics: Metrics is a new frontier for human-resource professionals and is consequently slower to be introduced. These programs typically include name. First of all. A Critical Emerging Competency sub-chart. metrics software allows human resource professionals to use a language that is easily understood by senior management. it is typically self-paced and can target specific employee training needs and preferences. Saturday. for HR Professionals. E-learning also offers individualized instruction. turnover rates. incident reports. the software or external vendor will provide compared to the investment. and to-be-hired employees. training programs offered through colleges. employee information such as job positions within the organization chart. but also determining how to select a qualified vendor or software program. 1995. Finally. Ask to examine the vendor/software track record and take time to review the client lists. October 2nd. dependents.range of employee data much more efficiently. March 3. the software will allow for individual Transformation. job profiles. 2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------E-learning: The growing number of web-based © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. charts. compensation structures. But metrics can provide critical statistical evidence of human-resource efficiencies and shortfalls. universities and private corporations allows employees to access their training program at any time of the day or night. and title. emergency contacts. ask some of the clients if they are satisfied with the product or service. Think about the change an introduction of technology will cause on your internal staff and identify any issues with resistance and change management. there are a few things you can do to reduce this uncertainty. While there is always a degree of hesitation before taking the "e-HR" plunge. Erica Parks. employee satisfaction and quality of hires. Verner M Kierman. listing of employee development and licences and certifications. develop a comprehensive Organization charts: Software exists that enables an strategy that will allow you to slowly and effectively organization to create and navigate organizational transform your organization. Finally. The challenge for HR professionals and managers in general will not only be keeping up with the fast pace of changing technology. quantify and compare human resource data among business units and provide a thorough analysis and trend report of current issues and gaps in performance. performance and salary reviews. Technology has now and will continue to become the catalyst for effective human-resource services. part-time. benefits enrolment and tracking. employee history. address. including: title and full-time. In The Impact of Technology on Organizational addition. name. Next. Metrics are typically used to measure such factors as time to fill a job.

hands-on counters. Then. strategy. interpersonal relations and innovation. taxation. According to Gary Hannaford. is the assumption research. Should this be approved. Gone. too. One of the most progressive future changes being proposed for the CA training program is that student experience will no longer be limited to professional accounting service firms. resulting in exposure to white shirt and an "arm protector" to ward off stray as many business scenarios as possible. big-picture thinkers with strong business acumen and professional management skills. In fact. The professional group. Boring lessons what change management strategies we'll encounter. marketing. Gone is the image of some poor soul sitting at a desk As students progress in their studies. out-of-date stereotype of an technology. Following success at this level. a stiff a larger variety of case studies. students write the CMA entrance examination. Certified Management Accountants (CMA designation) also have a rigorous training program. By the time pencil lead. newly minted accounting students will be able to select a work environment of their choice so long as the workplace can offer coaching and mentoring from Institute approved facilitators. analysis. marketing. organizational that being analytical automatically presumes poor effectiveness. control. information technology. has reorganized its entire educational program and We think about the new processes we must master and renamed it the CA School of Business. personal financial planning. Once the CMA accreditation courses have been completed. student participants enrolled in either the CA or Certified Management Accountants (CMA) professional designation program require a university degree as an entry requirement. interpretation. general management. today's accountants are required to not only apply best practices in technical accounting. students are then required to complete a two-year. students will gain skills and practical application in a wide variety of identified Take the accounting profession. Yet change within the companies. risk management. for instance. individual slaving over a column of numbers apply. In addition. and course work have been replaced by an integrated But not many of us pay any attention to the impact online case study approach. marketing and management. No longer competencies that range from accounting. big-picture thinkers MUCH of our time at work is spent thinking about how study. and valuation to interpersonal relationships. so too have the training programs become more sophisticated. but they must also be knowledgeable in all other aspects of a business during cycles of growth and maturity or decline and reinvention. the world has changed and how our business is going to change. Demeaning stereotypes such as bean students are ready for their practical. through a series of virtual learning "professions" has been profound. Working in a highly volatile and competitive global market. The Institute of Chartered Accountants for instance. desk jockeys or "nerds" no experience. a green eyeshade visor. human resources and information technology. strategic planning and strategic implementation. performance leadership. As the accounting profession has become more strategic. today's accounting profession has reached far beyond just numbers. measures and assurance. problem solving. CEO of CMA Canada. they will have gained additional skills in longer have any meaning.Bean counters? Not anymore Today's accounting professionals are strategic. pencil pushers. The initiative will open up tremendous opportunities for students and will no doubt attract more students to the program. business planning. CMA offers an accelerated avenue of study for students with non-accounting degrees and who wish to study in the accounting field. skills in communication. They speak the language of business and help companies and organizations make sense of their business information. forecasting. operations. leadership. Today. CEO of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Steve Vieweg. they are placed in with a banker's lamp. And both professional groups have moved into Both professional groups also require their members to applying leading edge technology as their platform for engage in annual professional development so 47 . economics. modules. operations. information does the old-fashioned. This includes understanding their product/service life cycle. comprehensive part-time program that focuses learning on management accounting. where students assume a these changes have on professionals and/or their professional identity in a variety of fictional professional associations. today's professionals are strategic.

Or. CMA. Saturday. CEO. No longer does the public hear those old-fashioned accountant stereotypes. These professionals didn't hesitate to give up some of their personal time to attend Saturday workshop sessions. This year's "Business Connections" conference was attended by more than 350 participants. Source: Interviews with Gary Hannaford. in any kind of organization and any professional field. CEO. Manitoba. they may choose to successfully manage their own entrepreneurial business. Executive Director. is quite outstanding. They have vanished. skills and abilities in the accounting field will open the door to a wide variety of career paths in any industry sector. no matter what kind." In other words.participants can build upon their skills and knowledge and maintain current awareness of legislative changes. All Rights Reserved. the accounting profession has been successful in increasing public and professional attention to the fact accounting is indeed the language of business. their knowledge. Institute of Chartered Accountants. November 6th. So. For the last two years. CMA Canada. Instead. Responding to change. In fact. to see organizations such as the CA/CMA professional associations reinvent and renew themselves both as professionals as well as leading-edge learning machines. 2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. They enthusiastically engaged themselves in learning programs that ranged from values-based management to adapting to generational changes in the workplace. Manitoba. both professional associations have joined together to offer an annual learning conference. individuals who hold a professional accounting designation (CA or CMA) are seen to literally have the "world by the tail. Their progressively more responsible jobs will surely lead them to the top. 48 . is not easy. Carleen MacKay. Such knowledge is becoming so important that other professionals such as human resource managers are aggressively seeking to gain these skills. and Steve Vieweg. And they haven't stopped there.

What's appealing about the CGA training program is Long gone are the days of struggling through how effectively its rigorous educational content has intersession. research CGA professional designation. the advancement of technology is enabling They can review sample examinations and chapter people from all walks of life. can obtain a business degree or add a master of professional associations and traditional educational business administration concurrently while earning the institutions significant advantages. experiences and offering them credit opportunities.B.Com) and an MBA at Laurentian University. to act as case-study monitors overseeing student discussions and learning. In addition. Finally. stop and replay the information as on business. responses against the experts. answer the questions and check their complete studies online. CGA Canada conducts annual research their chosen topic. discussion lounges. assessstrategic alliances and partnerships between ment. program provides online lectures. educational institutions are reaching out and computers on hand. to quizzes. professional certification programs to ensure students and members possess the professional competencies to Finally. Instead. reciprocal credit arrangements with the University of Manitoba. a national study program and can access their courses from anywhere in the world.Connected to learning CGA profession has embraced online educational opportunities Recently. anywhere in the world. industry and government employment required and then engage in problem-solving case requirements and then updates its national studies with fellow students across the world. real-world simulations. I wrote about the interesting transition of a profession and how entry and graduation requirements. summer school and the been integrated with a flexible learning environment old-fashioned "correspondence" programs in order to that is engaging. CGA Canada has also reached out and established formal degree alliances and partnerships so students Online learning technology has offered individuals. Students register in name of the game. And long gone are the rigid learning program more than 18 years ago. Certified General Accounts of Canada (CGA). With their laptop As well. Long gone is the elitist attitude that full-time classroom attendance is Pioneering the introduction of technology into its the ultimate way to learn. these students can travel for their touching people who have valuable lifework work and then access their courses in the evening. associations. team discussion cases and institutions as well as private-sector vendors are the interactive. Asper One of the most notable shifts is the delivery of School of Business. Students can gain a demonstrates that distance-education students bring Bachelor of Applied Business Administration in specific learning characteristics to their task that 49 . the fastest growing member of the overall professional Multiple teaching and learning modalities are applied body of accountants. practicum sites and job opportunities shift as economic and market needs demand. complete your professional studies. Being a market-driven as students access a video-enhanced audio lecture on organization. provides students with the programs to students and the co-operation we see today flexibility of transferring course credits back and forth between universities. trained online teacher facilitators are available meet these needs. they can move back and forth between documents and study One of the leaders in innovative online education is the chapters. tutorials. the CGA barriers between colleges and universities. Information Technology at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) or a Bachelor of Commerce Honours (H. First. stimulating and collaborative. colleges and professional between the degree and CGA programs. reinforcing their learning as they go. night school. In addition.

They want to work within an educational continuum philosophy where they can quickly link into resources for professional development and upgrading. CGA Manitoba executive director. many of the former challenges and criticisms of distance education programs have been erased. November 20th. manager of change and configuration with Great West Life.: and interviews with CGA Canada. They are highly motivated and self-disciplined. Today's students. Grant Christianson. He literally grew up as a professional as he progressed through his study program. Today. London Life and Investors Group. he moved into an entry level accounting job and with every milestone achievement. They want to be able to gain additional business breadth by quickly accessing focused and topical research or entering a discussion forum to determine application alternatives. Michael Geiger-Wolf. he was recently elected president of the 3. 2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. mature and have high educational goals. he began his promotional journey to his current job. no matter in which professional field they are studying. technology has made the "world your oyster. with a background in information technology. Time and location is no longer an issue. 50 . is a good example of a typical CGA student. Source: Distance Education at a Glance. began his seven-year professional accounting journey as a fabricator within a manufacturing setting. Following a few technical courses. Geiger-Wolf. University of Idaho. this has resulted in an increase of 10 per cent in the national student pass rate for professional certification and substantial growth in student and graduate membership. director of education. For CGA Canada. CGA. MBA. In fact.appears to influence their success in course work. Saturday. Thankfully. Geiger-Wolf is not only a well-recognized professional in his field. Len Hampton. those who possess a diploma or university degree in another field and who have credentials in accounting and those who wish to use this approach to begin their degree studies." so to speak. if you really have the desire to learn. are demanding flexible and timely learning opportunities with the highest standard of quality. Second.100-member CGA Manitoba. online learning is attractive to a wide variety of people from all walks of life. including those who do not have a university degree of any kind. and M. All Rights Reserved. indicated CGA Canada is unique in that students are provided the choice of earning their degree(s) while being part of the CGA professional designation program. nd.

quiet work while the rest is spent talking on the telephone. But take a moment. and perhaps even general exhaustion. enhance employee quality of worklife around.S. what do you see? Are there more bland walls. Research in the area of office design and productivity demonstrates that it doesn't matter whether you are a manager. And what do you see? Does your workspace consist of bland off-white walls with those all-so-common and boring limited prints lining the hallways? If you're in an office. then employee productivity and job satisfaction will be less than ideal. And if the physical work environment is not conducive to facilitating these two seemingly contradictory needs. a desk jammed into a corner with a computer taking up most of the space and a meeting table so crowded that no one can meet anyway? Or. you have more than likely experienced sore eyes at the end of a day. BOSTI and Associates. attending informal and formal meetings or just chatting. Don't be shy! and contribute to overall organizational effectiveness. collaborate and learn with others. a leading U. business. research group and pioneer in the area of innovative workplace solutions. most people's time on task has remained constant over the years.or private-sector field. if you're in open space. or whether you work in an "old" or "new" economy business or in a public. principals at Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Inc. In their opinion. look productivity. and leading professionals in their fields Workspace comfort. This creates both a need for workspaces that provide an employee with peace and quiet. ergonomics and enough space of architecture and interior design. this is If you're like most people. a stiff neck and shoulders. Go for a walk. while at the same time providing an opportunity to communicate. Now. productivity? According to Rick Linley and Esther Support for meetings and undistracted group work. For instance.. you've probably never done unfortunate because it's now well known that this. using your critical eye. stiff or cramped legs or arms. you may feel you are enduring work rather than being inspired by it. most businesses fail to pay attention to the design of the workplace. In fact. 51 . most employee time is spent in their own workspace on focused. Support for impromptu interactions (both in one's You've got to be kidding! Is it possible for our workplace to have this kind of dramatic impact on our workspace and elsewhere). professional. can you stand on your tiptoes and see a maze of tall blue or grey cubicles stretching out over the work landscape? Be honest: Do you get a good sense of energy from this workspace? I doubt it. These include: Ability to do distraction-free solo work. papers piled not so neatly on the floor. Well. No doubt you are anxious to get home and hopefully experience some peace and quiet. Patzia. suggests there are 10 different workspace design features that are proven to affect employee productivity and job satisfaction. very few companies realize the interrelationship between workplace design for work tools. in spite of the fact that most operating it's time to take a walk around your office or workplace costs are directly related to the people aspect of a and really evaluate it with a critical eye. finish your walk and go back to your own personal workspace. We typically just accept whatever space we're workspace design has the capacity to increase work given. If you really sit down and think about it.Workspace follies Bland cubicle mazes don't cut it if the aim is to raise productivity NOW that summer has slowed things down at work. is it so noisy that you're constantly distracted? Be honest: Is your personal workspace stimulating? Does it help you become a high-performing and productive employee? I doubt it. In other words.. and employee productivity. or administrative assistant.

have been absorbed into main circulation routes for the enjoyment of all employees. Bosti Associates. Certainly something to think about! Saturday. toward future success. planners encourage companies to set aside a prominent place to commemorate their accomplishments and express their culture. those once-coveted signals of private-office hierarchy. rest. organizational culture needed to be effective in our global economy. while at the same time providing for ease of changing some elements within it. must reconceptualize their view and understanding of workspace design. the research also suggests that an improvement in any one of these top 10 factors has the potential to yield an employee productivity increase worth approximately two to five per cent of each individual's annual salary. Workspace designs that increase employee productivity typically include a physical framework that is somewhat stable. Michael Brill. resulting in an increased capacity of each individual to perform. 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------Linley and Patzia strongly believe that management © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press.Workspace supports side-by-side work and Organizations are continuing to change as they strive "dropping in to chat".Y. eat. Windows. nd. conduct private but informal conversations or to be close to nature. Walking and circulation patterns are constructed in such a way that both the public customer and the employee will be easily oriented. Office and workspace design will also have to change to support the type of Located near or can easily find co-workers. space is separated into recognizable neighbourhoods that employees can feel connected to. July 26th. Design needs to be seen as a tool both to facilitate work tasks and serve employees' psycho-social needs. 2002. Temperature control and air quality. In other words. And finally. All Rights Reserved. won't do it any more. workspaces are now including places to exercise. Bland walls and cubicle mazes just Workplace has good places for breaks. Access to needed technology. Floor spaces are no longer those huge fields of identical dehumanizing cubicles. Michael Brill and Sue Weidemann. N. Quality lighting and access to daylight. Buffalo. Rather. The Office As A Tool. Source: Disproving Widespread Myths About Workplace Design. Teknion. 52 . Special thanks to Rick Linley and Esther Patzia of Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Inc.. As well. today's designers are focusing on strategies that help integrate an employee's work life and "life-life". Interestingly.

In fact.. tops and hipster pants more suited to a belly-dancer fit into an office environment. the workplace? Do women's tights barely covered by a sweatshirt fit into the workplace? I don't think so. More customers mean versus business expenditures. the dress code concept the right to work with someone they can take has spawned a complete new vocabulary. image counts. Clothes create a professional company has to have its own version.. I when the usual dress code power symbols for status believe that you have an obligation to the organization. In fact. which translates into more jobs and job security. just leave the It's also a challenge for human resource professionals weekend casual dress wear at home." As well. dress code has been seen as a cost-effective way to improve employee morale. it's a general rule. don't customers deserve To complicate things further. to work? I can certainly see how it can cut down on employee costs. relaxed dress. every dress professionally. but what really bothers me is my business casual dress trend. On the other hand. oh. However. more work. dangerously into weekend casual wear. torn and faded T-shirts that spew sexual overall productivity. Just how many earrings in one ear is enough? From a company perspective. If you create a sloppy 53 . a 1992 study conducted by the Society for Human I'm sorry. Casual business dress code is a challenge for workers who have had to buy new wardrobes and then still don't From a corporate perspective. Do you think it is unfair for an employer to expect you it's a challenge for customers who become confused to be presentable and professional? No. classic casual. And. Or that short tank casual business dress code. dress-down. Women in particular have trouble improves employee productivity? Can you tell me how with business casual because it typically means it makes an employer more attractive as an ideal place wearing slacks of some sort. Finally. If you create a poor first impression in the customers' I agree there are many companies where business eyes. What about rings on all In other words. those attractive to new employees and a strategy to improve ripped. it's also been an innuendo or beer advertisements? Do they belong in evolving challenge. Beach bum provide a means for a company to become more And. please Trend to dressing down in workplace becoming a nightmare for many Let's be right up front. disappear. please. It's worrisome that an attempt to create a warm and inviting. but you can't convince me that jeans or shorts Resource Management showed 63 per cent of with holes so big that a cheeky bit of flesh peeks out businesses in the United States are now offering between the threads is appropriate. friendly corporate culture and a comfortable workplace particularly in the high-tech firms. customer While the trend has been around since the early 1990s. but. it's a challenge for managers who to help your company present itself in such a way that now use precious time ruling on bare feet in loafers it attracts and retains customers. more and more for employees might now be turning into a nightmare. who deal with issues and conflicts as people apply their own unique interpretation of "appropriate. smart casual. rings on the toes. casual-casual. jewelry in the most unlikely of places. It has simply gotten out of fear that business casual dress might be slipping hand. can you tell me how this know what to wear. image and. and rings in the nose? Body perk. I'm annoyed and fed up with the casual dress is ideal. or I also believe you have an obligation to yourself to country-club casual dress. they won't come back. of course. whether you like it or not. We see seriously? business casual. dress-up. companies are jumping on the bandwagon.Casual dress? Oh. what about beach bum clothes? You know. business casual is no longer simply a fingers.

If you create a slovenly ----------------------------------------------------------------image to your colleagues. why not take this dress code issue a step further? Take leadership. dress the part. take action. First. To be a winner. my bet is that you'll Saturday. then dress so that you are creating a welcoming comfort that invites them to establish a relationship and purchase your services. Ask what kind of corporate image your employer is creating? Then. plan your wardrobe to ensure you project the correct business-like image. Are you dealing with front-line customer service? If so. From a career development perspective. take a look at the work environment around you. Bring a professional look back to the business workplace. don't follow along with the beach bums. you are the company. 2001 be passed over for promotion. you might also want to think about the old adage: "If you want to get ahead. Use your common sense.personal image to your manager. you need to look and act like one." But. No matter what. develop and recommend one. 54 . recommend a set of guidelines that will define and clearly set out expectations for appropriate dress. look at the nature of your job. All Rights Reserved. Decide not to look like you've never owned a mirror. Get professional. June 9th. Take the initiative to project a strong positive image coupled with personal confidence. If your company doesn't have a dress code then set one for yourself. If your company doesn't have a dress code policy. Stop weekend casual dress in its tracks. treat your work tasks that way too. So. from the customer's eyes. Set up a checklist outlining clothing options and then canvas other employees and managers to get consensus. Next. Remember. Take pride in being neat and well-groomed. Remember. Next. they may suspect that you © 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. it happens. how you dress influences how people will judge you. And it doesn't matter if that assessment is fair or unfair.

ambulance drivers." But exactly what role can employee goals and objectives.is given its own identity. uniforms take away the employee cost of purchasing a large wardrobe and worrying about what to wear every day. An added feature is that sometimes this visibility is 24/7 as employees act as roving ambassadors proudly wearing their clothing off duty at casual social events. quality and reliability to such an extent that you may even be able to charge higher prices for your product or service. the use of employee uniforms can send a uniform really be effective? positive signal to employees. doctors. Employee sense of ownership and self-esteem serves to act as an invitation to potential new customers and clients. The whole concept around brand marketing is to create a unique or memorable first impression. It creates a consistent. employees is reduced and employees feel professional and act accordingly.particularly for occupational groups such as police officers.Employee uniforms are latest branding strategy New marketing 'hook' needs careful preparation COMPANIES such as Procter and Gamble have achieved a good deal of success through branding strategies where each product -. that successful. employees can gain a sense of security change initiative and must be implemented with this in from their uniforms. equal to any great Tide product or advertisement. Sense of security A uniform strategy is essentially an organization In addition. nurses. While uniforms have certainly been around a long time -. Is it really appropriate to use the uniforms play in promoting one's corporate image? uniform as a means to identify and "brand" your business? If you are looking for a flashy image. efficiency. uniform appeal is becoming the new rack. employee uniforms can do as much as any advertising tool by providing free advertising and visibility. because they may not see the same value as you do. you establish credibility and they pay more attention to will have to develop a strategy for bringing your their personal appearance. Uniforms might suggest your company cares not only about the details of Next. Other companies such as Sony have developed significant value and market positioning through corporate branding. a vice-president of marketing for a grounds maintenance business.most uniform strategies have been implemented for safety or cleanliness as well as identity and recognition. you need to examine your customer base and professional presence but also. they are more easily able to the professional image you are seeking? Thirdly. can a First of all. You know. competition for dress between mind. to have synergy and unity. employees on board. Finally. Will uniforms truly give you belonging and pride. It's sometimes said customers perceive quality service.such as Tide laundry soap -. They perceive your company to be a team. Uniforms are also known to have a positive impression on clients and customers. But implementing uniforms as a marketing strategy is not as simple as plucking a nice dress model off the In other words. From the corporate marketing perspective. Employees feel a sense of to enhance your image. Communication and employee involvement will 55 . you care about determine if implementing uniforms would really help protecting your employees. First of all. winning spirit that every company seeks. But how can small business owners apply these concepts to their operations? After all. However. a growing small business trend today is to integrate the use of uniforms into the overall corporate marketing strategy in order to gain a competitive edge. more and more small businesses are finding the answer in employee uniforms. you need to look at your marketing marketing "hook. healthcare workers and flight attendants -. not everyone has a marketing budget similar to these larger conglomerates According to Keith Grabow. professional and polished image.

Ongoing cleaning is also usually supplied for those companies in manufacturing where grease. moving the idea forward. the same time you don't want your employees looking like automatons. June 2001. if Procter and Gamble can be successful at corporate branding. Finally. It has to be the right strategy for the right reasons at the right time and it must be customized to your needs. Inc. I anticipate we'll see increased use of uniforms in the workplace. Remember that uniforms must withstand considerable wear. With casual business dress continuing to gain ground in business environments and with uniforms becoming increasingly fashionable. Boost Your Image. While it is ----------------------------------------------------------------important to create a sense of unity and consistency. Once a decision has been made to adapt a uniform Keith Grabow. While the ideal image may be a "complete look" encompassing an entire wardrobe including socks and shoes. there has to be a return on the investment. 2004 are far more fashionable than years ago. you need to really consider the notion that women have distinctly different dress sensitivities than men. It's also important to develop a clothing design that allows for flexibility. then I'm sure a uniform branding strategy for small business might work too. As can be expected. Thankfully. 56 . 2000. As can be expected. then consider at pants/shirts and shirts at a minimum. Brainstorm with them on Kristen Hampshire. don't forget quality. Implementing uniforms as part of a marketing strategy is not for everyone." Most companies perceive uniforms as an investment and will cover initial costs for the outfits.. strategy. For instance. what style of uniform is most appropriate and what alternatives can be built in. January 17th. cost is always a factor. December 1999. NEBS. Nor do women want to dress like men. But. all strictly alike. the use of matching separates might be more effective in this case. morale and so called "buy-in". it is important to involve employees in Uniform Appeal: Employee Uniforms. Paul Temporal. As well. but will also surely lead to improved Sources: Trends Toward Corporate Branding.be key to success. at © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. Take time to assess the job requirements and how this might take a toll on the fabric you have chosen. this is often not possible. And then the issue arises of "who pays for what. If this is your situation. particularly for smaller businesses. after all. oil and solvents are prevalent. today's choices Saturday. tear and washing. All Rights Reserved.

This includes conducting yourself with dignity. Ethics and integrity Remember ethics and integrity are observed through your personal actions. But it doesn't matter because over time. Professionalism is all about internalized behaviours. Learn to always be To say the least. you might become alarmed to learn that decision making. what does general incivility professional conduct. you would expertise or so-called profession. cards.Respect Helps build success in workplace FEBRUARY is typically known as Valentine month where sweethearts share loving memories and pay respect to their relationship through notes. In fact. Consider the following look like? guidelines-your career success depends on it! Examples range from loud outbursts. manners. You would Rather. sabotage that some employees experience. civility and courtesy. if you pay close attention to the frequency of It's about ethics and integrity. But in my opinion. gifts or celebratory dinners. if you ask a human resource manager. keeping promises. you are always judged by your actions. But what about respect. Commit yourself to behaviour that'll create overall trustworthiness and respect and then consistently live by this commitment. don't blame others for your mistakes. personal responsibility. some might refer to these faulty communication patterns as downright incivility. I can tell you that both aggressive communication styles and general incivility will equally serve to poison a work environment. Then. And professionalism doesn't just refer to a business presence through dress and demeanor and it's not limited to a specific technical Well. you wouldn't find any feelings of conscious of the impact your behaviour will have on respect. morale will be affected and job satisfaction will be a Remember. one study 57 . You can bet overall others and then project how they will view it. I see professionalism as a set of respectful also be disturbed to learn about the intensity of conflict behaviours that ensure positive employee. newspaper articles on the topic of workplace personal excellence. It feels good to be respected and valued like this and I'm sure most of you can quickly recall those special feelings of warmth and appreciation. value and appreciation. technical competency. effective even simple interpersonal relationships between communication. good environments. yelling and rudeness to neglecting to say "Please" and "Thank you" or talking in a condescending manner to colleagues. value and appreciation in the workplace? found 12 per cent of people experiencing incivility quit their jobs while 52 per cent lost time and productivity worrying and 22 per cent deliberately decreased their work efforts. positive attitude and general good employees are becoming more troublesome. bullying and and business relationships. customer and stress arising from badgering. interrupting. incivility and poor employee interpersonal relationships have everything to do with overall professionalism. And what effect does this have on employees and the Personal responsibility workplace? Stand up and be accountable for your actions. be surprised to learn the extent of daily interpersonal and workplace conflicts being addressed. figment of someone's imagination while productivity and profitability will sink like a rock. In fact. you need to establish While we hope that aggressive and bullying behaviour and consistently abide by your own code of would be an exception. It doesn't matter whether or not you're a member of a recognized professional body.

It also means being discrete Learn and consistently apply a good decision-making when coughing or yawning and avoiding sloppy habits model that allows you to examine a problem from all such as blowing and popping gum. Giovinella Gonthier. increases personal productivity and creates a sense of job satisfaction. Respect for others Parent Leadership. If you've made promises. possible viewpoints and consider alternative solutions. be certain to mind your own business. Never raise your voice to bully and 58 . Leave personal matters to personal time. commit yourself to performance excellence. caring interpersonal good rather than simply serving your own self relationships and serves to recognize the importance of interests. In other words. badger another individual. 2003 avoid internal politics. But we also need to recognize each of us also has an individual responsibility for nurturing positive Keep promises relationships in our workplace. even if there is disagreement. acknowledge the emotion and then address the issue. February 15th. A positive attitude creates energy. devote your work time to job performance and concentrate on your responsibility to customer service. don't accept work tasks Good manners that are beyond your specific training and/or Good manners promote positive employee and experience unless it is considered a stretch assignment customer relationships. careful to ensure you work within these defined boundaries. bonds. Make efficient use of time and resources. Listen carefully for the issues in between the emotional overtones of someone's anger. Crisis in the Workplace. courteous when answering the telephone and greeting a customer quickly rather than continuing with a Good decision-making personal conversation. Professionalism and Workplace Savvy. This includes being polite and accompanied by coaching and assistance. lets people down. Communication Consistently communicate with colleagues and employees using a pleasant and clear tone of voice and matching body language. Then select a solution that will impact the greatest Valentine's Day celebrates warm. James Stenson. value and appreciation. Strive to seek clarity and mutual understanding through effective listening and acknowledgment of others. This approach helps to avoid conflict-of. A positive attitude Keep your skills sharp and current. And this requires professionalism.Personal excellence No matter what your career or job activities. Keeping a promise develops trust. A positive attitude is contagious and actually invites colleagues and Technical competency customers to want to work with you.each individual's responsibility in nurturing these interest situations. Then within the work environment. who makes promises and then. demonstrate this by accepting their opinions as valid 1999. then keep them. © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. If you've scheduled an appointment. time and time again. All Rights Reserved. Andersson L & Pearson. Tit for tat? The spiraling effect of Professionals treat others with dignity and respect and incivility in the workplace. then arrive Source: Rude Awakenings: Overcoming the Civility on time. gossip and negativity and ----------------------------------------------------------------refrain from unjustifiable and improper criticism. Positive attitude An attitude is reflected in how we carry out our work. Understand and allows you to value your contributions and accept new accept the limits of your skills and competency and be challenges. Saturday. A harmonious There is nothing more unprofessional than someone workplace is all about respect. facilitates good teamwork.

Still others just inhale the cool clean then there's the issue of second-hand smoke that air and enjoy the smell of nearby flowers and bushes exposes other employees to over 4. Employees on the the starting gate. instance. maintenance and role in the bylaw implementation. absenteeism plus a loss celebration of summer. forestry want to walk through a cloud of smoke or trip over and mining industries are smokers compared to 45 per piles of cigarette butts. research shows smokers are But this year may be different. giving employees benefit rates leads to an estimated additional minimum and employers a wee bit more time to prepare. it has a lot more to do of productivity through the use of company time to with the new city smoking ban that was to start July 1 smoke. Kevin Saunders and Sherry While some employers may provide incentives such as Mooney of the Seven Oaks General Hospital Wellness cash bonuses to employees who quit smoking on their Centre. disappointing.2 per cent in the intakes that allow smoke to simply circulate back into service industry. employees quit.000 smokers.3 per cent of all employees smoke. Some employers.565 per smoking employee. employers CANADA DAY is a tradition. 40 per cent in designated smoking spot isn't close to windows or air machining and processing jobs and 37. for every 1. employers may be anxious about their damage. half will die of smoking related illness. For celebrate-summer and holidays are finally here. And through their hair. It's also interesting. create a communication strategy and a series of educational programs to help motivate employees to So if smoking is a personal choice. Health Canada's Prairie on your grounds you'll allow smoking. why should quit.Clean air concerns Smoking ban clouds plans for many workers. Everything seems so chemicals. payroll cost of $2. fresh and clean. Many have visions of illnesses and diabetes as well as increasing the racing into the lake water. still others may just be at smoking is such a personal choice. Determine where workplace? First of all. or concerned about cleaning costs or the cost of building a separately how to accommodate smokers and help their ventilated smoke room. be sure your cent in transportation and construction. other hand. fire insurance premiums. In fact. be sure to garner support of senior management and then confirm the What exactly is the situation with smoking in the extent of your program and policies. to note smaller workplaces have higher levels of current smokers. From a cost perspective.000 toxic moist from an early morning rain. Smoking creates significant There's a sense of restlessness as employees anxiously risk factors for cancer. may be anxious about whether or not to quit smoking. as well as higher life insurance and health but has been put off until Sept. others provide lunch and learn education 59 . smoking is the leading cause of preventable own. It's a time to death and chronic illness in North America. keeping in mind statistics show 32. how to go about it and when to begin If so. a soft breeze blowing likelihood of chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Next. heart disease. and the building. Instead. I suspect much of absent from work two days more a year than worker restlessness has nothing to do with the non-smoking workers. employee smoking habits be a concern for employers? Because. Next. may be asking why they should take any While smoke-free work environments are already the responsibility for helping employees quit when norm for many employers. according to Dr. 1. that people entering and leaving your buildings don't Over half (55. the first thing to do is to develop a vision for your their no-smoking campaign-now or later? smoke-free environment. respiratory wait their turn for vacation. Then again. particularly smaller businesses.4 per cent) of workers in fishing. And this figure doesn't even consider increased property On one hand.

As well. Manitoba Lotteries. the employee visits a wellness consultant who provides counseling on healthy lifestyle. 60 . Sources: Smoking on the Job: Trends and Issues. Although 80 per cent of workers already have smoking restrictions in the workplace. Finally. With costs aside. Dr.programs and in-house smoking cessation programs. Saturday. Brenda Falk. the employee works with a behavioural counselor to identify the smoking related behaviours that must be changed in order to promote a nonsmoking lifestyle. During the three-month program. want smoking out of the workplace and individuals are quietly signing up for the in-house programs. The program was modified from a Mayo Clinic model and was pilot tested with staff of the hospital. Next. 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------One of the more effective workplace smoking © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. director Employee surveys are showing workers themselves of employee services. each employee first receives a medical assessment during which time they decide on the most effective nicotine replacement strategy. July 5th. September 1st marks a major change for smokers in public places. It will also put increasing pressure on workplaces to assist their employees to quit smoking. just the ability to inhale the cool clean air wherever you go is a wonder in and of itself. employees are monitored at key points in the quitting process and continue to meet in a group to provide support to one another. Once perfected. All Rights Reserved. cessation programs is the Kick Butt program offered through the Seven Oaks Hospital Wellness Centre. Currently the program is boasting two workplace groups that have been smoke-free for more than one year. In addition. Cathy Bain. the goal of creating a total. With the Seven Oaks model. This is the only program that jointly treats both the nicotine addiction and the habitual smoking behaviours. smoke-free work environment is truly of value to everyone. Kevin Saunders and Sherry Mooney. Seven Oaks General Hospital Wellness Centre. Smoking Cessation in the Workplace. corporations such as Manitoba Lotteries and Boeing Canada Technology have negotiated with their health benefits carrier to open up their drug plan to include smoking cessation products. the Wellness Centre began offering its best practices program to businesses and the public. Health Canada 2002. each employee is provided a membership in the Wellness Centre itself. manager of compensation. benefits and SHEA for Boeing Canada Technology.

in fact. it is suggested multi-tasking might work for separate tasks at the same time. creativity and the integration of The range of multi-tasking capability also seems to be ideas. soon as the tasks are increasingly complex. one recent U. relates to employees. efficient or as effective as we've been led to believe. David Meyer and arranging puzzle pieces to another moving an object Jeffery Evans. Envision the dexterity. is the tasks that are quite simple. a great deal more attention is required. In other words. I can just imagine you speaking on the phone. for tasks that are very fact multi-tasking appears to have been elevated to idol automatic or habitual such as riding a bicycle or for status. Today. talking on the different steps. researchers in the area of cognitive through a maze to a third playing ping pong and processes. For instance. concentration and spatial orientation required to move the mouse from one game According to a reported study by Dr. causes a place at the right time? potential employee time loss that may be as high as 20 to 40 per cent of overall productivity. multi-tasking is not productive four video games all on the screen at the same time? and. the commonly accepted concept of multi-tasking is the ability to work on two or more Therefore. and drinking coffee. you're probably doing.003 employees indicated 45 per cent of participants felt workers were expected to multi-task as part of their job. Thus. I'm sure you've seen a teenager doing fact that your mind must process through three homework while listening to music. b) phone to a friend all the while typing rapidly and make the switch and apply different rules for the new conversing with four other friends through the instant task. can be counterproductive. This is due to the But then again. multi-tasking is emails. as a parent. People brag about their abilities and consider tasks that are quite different from one another. But what exactly is multi-tasking and how did it creep There's been considerable research lately that suggests into our vocabulary and into our job requirements? multi-tasking might not be as productive. Under quite extensive. holding a youngster and supervising two others while you listened to the news and watched the latest news highlights scrolling across the screen. This mental switching or against invaders. And let's face it. On the other hand. The switch costs increases with the complexity personally guilty of answering the phone while reading of tasks. For instance. cooking supper. You have to: a) want to switch tasks. in their view. But as multi-tasking synonymous with job success. sorting papers on your desk extremely hard for someone to do and is sometimes 61 . multi-tasking requires mentally switching finally to a fourth game defending the home front from one task to another. can you imagine playing these circumstances. Interesting too. there is a belief out there that suggests multi-tasking at work saves the company time and money and that's where the debate comes in. opening letters. and c) get warmed back up on what you were messenger. Or.S. It's suggested the concept of multi-tasking originated new models of how we think indicate each of us has a in the early 1960s when computer operating systems limited amount of attention or mental fuel and this were designed to share a single processor between mental fuel can be dispersed simultaneously as long as several independent jobs. How can the mouse be in the right "mental gymnastics" as it is sometimes called.Multi-tasking quite a chore Increasing mental gymnastics may be too much for us WHEN was the last time you reviewed a company job description or carefully scanned an advertisement for a new job? Did you recognize multi-tasking as one of the key skills required? I recently reviewed about 30 job ads and was quite surprised to find multi-tasking was a requirement for every single position. study of 1. no matter what level in an organization. particularly as it the attention for both tasks doesn't exceed the limit. Some people venture to say the phenomenon of multi-tasking arose out the drive for corporate efficiency and productivity. involve problem solving.

and the road while at the same time you mentally make decisions about where you want to go and what you want to do. places. inner speech and inner eyes are tuned into imagining what the person on the other end of the phone is talking about. 2001. Star-Telegram. August. studies say. In his study. March 01. It is also suggested multi-tasking is akin to mental madness in that if your brain is moving in all different directions all day. you'll feel like an octopus and experience increasing stress and anxiety. Also. I'm not certain how multi-tasking has been able to grab such a hold on our work life. Marcel Just of Carnegie Mellon NPR Programming. when the complexity of the telephone conversation increases. In addition. listening dropped 53 per cent. Perhaps we've just been kidding ourselves and we need to rethink this! Sources: Multi-tasking makes you stupid. All Rights Reserved. December 6th. 13. become overwhelmed and suffer from physical and mental burnout or depression. 62 . Driving requires you to look at different signs. subjects listened to sentences while comparing two rotating objects. the ----------------------------------------------------------------visual processing input dropped by 29 per cent while © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. University. While Saturday. 2003 these two tasks required different parts of the brain. Sue Shellenbarger. for either task. For instance. other cars. Sept. 2003. There is no way to do this while talking on the phone because your inner ears. Multitasking is Inefficient. demonstrated two mental tasks being Multi-tasking: Physical vs Mental. it draws away more attention and more mental resources thus leaving you at risk of having a serious accident. they suggest there is considerable conflict in conducting the two simultaneous tasks of driving a car and talking on the cell phone. The Thief of Time. A second researcher. conducted at once reduced the brainpower available CIO Magazine. multi-tasking can be downright dangerous. So in his opinion. according to Meyer and Evans. Studies Show. 2003. some people have trouble concentrating and can suffer from short term memory problems. In addition.impossible. Imagine the embarrassment when you have to ask for a question to be repeated! You know. multi-tasking has a definite cost.

It was at her knee that we learned our interpersonal and problem-solving skills. more women have university degrees and women during the American Civil War. became pregnant through the introduction of maternity leave in the 1970s to the most current practice of a Others suggest our more contemporary celebration one-year maternity leave with financial support." be patient or work time is finished. celebrated for hundreds of years and has a wide variety of interesting histories attached to it. Mother's Day is workers can access paid maternity leave. the entrance of women into the paid workforce is. women still receive about 73 per cent as much income as men. In fact. the second Sunday in May. After all.S. And we've work performed by women is often invisible to current taken all of these personal learnings directly into the measures of economic progress. Mother's Day Work Clubs that provided food and medicine to needy Today. there is substantially more flexibility in today's workplace. While many mothers are still challenged to balance their home and professional work lives. job sharing. a mother's influence in the work world goes far beyond these practical measures. most race home to their unpaid to strive for the best. sibling fights and taught us how to settle our differences. it's well known that when a mother's paid She taught us to "stand up for ourselves. And these mothers won't necessarily be continuing with their celebrations when they learn that overall. The concept of parent has and parenthood needs to be more fully appreciated. has been the workplace is nothing but profound. Cards. no matter what the exact history. home-based work assignments and part-time worker initiatives. and paid leave for family responsibilities. Women and flowers. reduced hours. according Statistics Canada. we know that the workplace. flexible workdays. we see shorter work weeks with no loss of pay. While these statistics are sometimes accounted for by women's concentration in part-time work. limited overtime. parental leave now celebrated in more than 50 countries. it's still a pretty sad figure. It was she who helped us to understand the But let's not get too pessimistic. salary deferral plans. work policies and practices. been broadened to include adoptive parents and But. In addition. shift rescheduling. For instance. most of those celebrated mothers return to work! Paid work that is. We've landlords giving servants at least one day off to return moved far beyond forcing women to resign once they home and visit their mothers. Still others several professions such as medicine and law are now claim Mother's Day is simply recognition that mothers considered gender neutral. preferential shifts for parents. More than 68 per cent of these women have young children between the ages of three and five. breakfast in bed and perhaps a special family mothers have also been instrumental in helping the outing are often the way in which Mother's Day is work world understand the value of family friendly celebrated. impact both mothers and women in general have had in 63 . arose from the good deeds of the U. Tremendous progress has been made from the early 1900s workplace where married women were barred Some historical stories suggest it can be traced to from employment and the late 1940s when women religious connotations or to the practice of wealthy gave up their jobs to returning war veterans. the biggest change in labour force statistics in the last 20 years. She was the one who broke up home-care work and child-care responsibilities. But believe it or not. molded our language and crafted our very behaviour.Mother knows best Her influence just as tangible in workplace as at home MOTHER'S Day. mother's teachings have influenced our thoughts. But as soon as mother's special day is over. low-paying occupations or by over-representation in lone parent families. While it's true that importance of continuing our education.

Two wrongs don't make a right. cajoles you or coddles you. All Rights Reserved. You are known by the company you keep. you can actually hear your mother's voice. when you are observing behaviour in the workplace or interacting with your colleagues or your boss. How many times have I told you.. Statistics Canada. ----------------------------------------------------------------And then along comes Mother! Yes. So this year. © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. anger and frustration bubble over and Holidays. She lectures you. I've told you a hundred times. encourages you. While each of us has our job chores. try it! See how many of these "mother" statements have influenced the dynamics in your workplace: Why? Because I said so. A History of Mother's Day.? I am not your personal secretary. If I told you once. it's worth doing it right. 64 . May 10th. Have a great day! Sources: Economic Gender Equality Indicators.ca. I'm going to give you to the count of three! I don't know is NOT an answer. in many cases. You get what you give. 2000. workers lash out at each other with outright childish www.. Money doesn't grow on trees. Interpersonal conflict results in a scenario Saturday.You probably haven't thought much about it.canoe. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I'm not talking just to hear my own voice. some of us lag behind. look at Mother's Day as a special time to celebrate not only her influence on our personal life. some exhibit jealousy while others strive to get special attention. If you don't believe me. Still others poke fun or say unexpectedly nasty things or steal credit for another colleague's work well done. but the dynamics of the workplace aren't much different than the dynamics of a family. but also to celebrate both the tangible and intangible impact mothers have made on our workplace. What goes around comes around. Everything In some cases. It's a lot more than you think.com. that's why. Top 10 Momisms. behaviour. 2003 not unlike kids fighting in the sandbox. If it's worth doing at all.

Working for the weekend
Labour Day holiday celebrates efforts to make work lives better
AAAAhhhhh, Labour Day weekend! Our last official legislation and while Prime Minister John A. holiday before life gets back to normal. Macdonald finally repealed the law on Sept. 3, 1872, demonstrations and celebratory parades have It's a time to celebrate the family's last fling at the continued to the present time. cottage or to organize that last big neighbourhood barbecue or fundraiser. Still others are excited by the As with any social change, despite changed legislation, opportunity to lounge at a local park or attend a special suspicion and distrust of organized unions continued series of community events such as outdoor theatre, for many years resulting in increasingly aggressive musical performances, festivals and sports activities. union initiatives to protect the rights of their workers. For instance, our city was the site of the now Labour Day weekend-it's become somewhat of a well-known Winnipeg General Strike on May 15, transitional holiday as it marks the end of vacation 1919. This strike was not just about wages, but was a season and the end of summer and it serves to direct rebellion against the refusal of employers to engage in our attention to all of the upcoming activities of the fall collective bargaining. season. It can be quite an emotional transition because it's somewhat hard to move from the lazy, hazy days of But even with newly gained knowledge of the summer (at least most years) to the hustle and bustle of importance of the Winnipeg General Strike and a bit school and work. about the history of Labour Day, it is hard for most people to fathom a work life any different than we But frankly, I'll bet not much other thought goes into currently have. the Labour Day weekend. For instance, how many of you know why the Labour Day holiday exists? Do you So, let's get into a time capsule and look into the know when it was established as a holiday? Are you working world of our ancestors. Can you envision a familiar with the history behind the holiday weekend? world where: How many of you really understand the background The average person works six days per week, 10-14 story and true purpose of this Labour Day holiday? If you are like me, you probably don't recall any of the hours per day. history and like many others you probably take this The standard hours of work are 58 hours per week. holiday for granted. Child labour as cheap labour is a common approach But there is indeed a long history behind our Labour Day holiday. In Canada, the first Monday in September to reducing costs. was declared a national statutory holiday by our Children work as many hours per day as an adult. government on July 23, 1894. But, early trade union groups had declared their own "workingman's holiday" Wages are not regulated and are below the poverty some 10 years earlier and had actually been organizing "workingman demonstrations" for more than 20 years. line. The cost of living is high and wages are low. But what is even more interesting, and what is not widely known, is the fact "workingman" groups, trade Women's salaries are one-half to two-thirds less than assemblies or unions during this period of our history were considered illegal. They were outlawed as a male counterpart. criminal conspiracies that were perceived to be Trade unionists are jailed for their efforts to reduce restraining trade. Most of the early worker demonstrations and parades focused on changing this work time to nine hours per day.

Workers are subjected to unsafe working conditions This list of earlier working conditions could be much and safety of workers is of no concern to employers or longer, but I think I made my point. Work during the early industrial revolution and, indeed, right into the government. early 20th century was somewhat of a dreary picture in respect to worker rights and liberties. There's no Dangerous equipment and machinery are question that most people would not want to return to unprotected and safety devices are non-existent. this early life. The place where you work is probably the place where you die, as nearly one million workers are killed So, as you celebrate the Labour Day holiday and then return to your working world next week, take at least a or injured every year. moment to remember that the foundation of the current Workers can be dismissed from their jobs at will, worker rights and liberties and the safe and healthy there is no grievance procedure and no one to represent workplaces we enjoy today have a history all of their own and should not be forgotten or taken for granted. your interests. Human resource management (personnel officers) Sources: Labour Day, CanadaInfo, Craig Marlatt, 2004; History of Labour Day, The Winnipeg General are non-existent. Strike, by Helen Buttery, History Television; The Good Old Days-Myth versus Reality, Dennis and Judy Women are not allowed to enter specific Randall, May 2001. employment fields. There is no workers' compensation program for injured workers. Saturday, September 4th, 2004 There is no such thing as unemployment insurance or ----------------------------------------------------------------help for retraining. © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. All Rights Reserved. Employees do not have sick leave benefits-workers lose pay when not at work. Apprentices are required to live in the shop or home of their employers. There is no job classification and promotions are at the whim of management. Women are required to resign their jobs immediately upon marriage and/or becoming pregnant. There are no maternity leave benefits for women; you are obliged to resign your job and hope for the best. There is no day care for children of working parents. There is no paternity leave for fathers wishing to stay home with their children. Worker pension plans are non-existent or inadequate and unprotected.


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Life of a Leader



the real world. being a boss requires the skill of As a manager or boss. that thought is often high on many employees' As well. team. Waivering and indecision destroys The following themes will give you a small glimpse of employee trust. Good face quite a rude awakening during their first few judgment must be exercised at all times and perceived months on the job. and as a matter of fact. Finally.Life at the top There's a lot more to being the boss than meets the eye SO you think you want to be the boss? Believe it or thinking in the long term. influence. Where power and influence. direct and oversee their work. controls. someone's behaviour and usually not for the better. While yes. They struggle with their company rather than those which may be popular or responsibilities. direction and you must be able to influence your work team to follow your lead. Respect versus popularity Controls. being creative and visionary. You'll always have former staff peers may no longer feel comfortable another boss. Big picture thinking While you may have developed excellent technical Power and influence skills in your last job. but you must also motivate your they would make a difference in the workplace. Objectivity and courage Any decisions made at the management level are Is being the boss as glamorous as employees might typically highly visible in an organization and are. the relentless challenges and which are slanted toward personal feelings on the pressures. many new leaders therefore. As well. be accountable for their productivity and create an environment that They also tend to focus on the perceived power and facilitates their well-being. Being selffreely play the "if only I were the boss" game. 69 . Now you must not only daydream and imagine how quickly and idealistically motivate yourself. Being the applying scrutiny to your business processes and boss can be quite isolating and lonely so you'll need to achievements. You must even more masters to please. your allegiances must align with this strategic wish lists. reach out and find a new network of friends and confidants. They A boss is no longer a single entity. prestige and the financial benefits that come with the "boss" job. departmental managers. as a matter of fact. you may have sharing their own thoughts and anxieties. you will indeed have more looking beyond yourself to see the big picture. looking responsible will appear easy compared to being at their managers and leaders with great scorn. They responsible for other people. And. there are troops of bad bosses out there. they'll have full decision-making control. but these allegiances will boss. and the difficult decisions that face them. That's change once you become the so-called boss. controls Being part of a work team often results in strong Many new bosses naively believe that once they're the friendships in the workplace. but you must not let this "go to is your company going? What must you do to help it your head. open to the scrutiny of all employees. not. You will absolutely not so. focus on developing the respect of your employees senior managers and shareholders who will all be rather than maintaining personal popularity. There'll always be someone else to not be able to share the confidences you once did while whom you must be accountable. good bosses make decisions and stick But what exactly is the job of being "boss" all about? with them. think? No. matter. a boss must have the realizing they've completely underestimated the scope courage to make decisions that are right for the of company expectations." It's amazing how a little power will change get there? This requires you to become more strategic. They often feel overwhelmed upon favouritism avoided. many employees frequently criticize their boss without Group responsibility appreciating what being the boss is all about.

A boss must communicate ideas effectively. 2003 effective recruitment. not everyone is cut out for this job. In fact. engage others in debate and influence others to accept recommended solutions to general company problems. So be honest. But as the boss. a boss must be able to relate to and communicate with people from all levels of an organization from the shop floor personnel to the senior executives. And yes. you must not demonstrate favouritism and must ensure you communicate with everyone while treating everyone equally. Too bad if you're feeling a bit blue. are you one of those people who constantly criticize your boss? Do you still think you could do a better job? As you've learned. but some days you'll be so busy solving everyone else's problems that you'll feel you haven't done any "real" work. Treat everyone equally While you were part of your previous working team. coordination and people management Being a boss is more about thinking than doing. there's a lot more to being the boss than meets the eye. you absolutely can't engage in gossip or party all night and then expect your staff to respect your directions the next morning. And this includes the folks whose company you may not particularly enjoy or whose work quality you might question. Are you? Planning. Being a role model As a boss. 70 . For the sake of your staff. Participative management and employee involvement is what makes the world go round these days. enjoying coffee breaks and conversation to the exclusion of others. Shortand long-term planning. you're a role model and you cannot let down your guard. things. micro-manager who wields power like a big stick. you may have stuck pretty close together. while you may like to socialize with your team. It's hard to keep up on © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. In many cases. This is important because people will pick up on your mood and will model your behaviour. It's strange. project management and the Saturday. A boss exhibits personal behaviour that is consciously chosen and sprinkled with patience and self confidence. deployment and coordination of ----------------------------------------------------------------staff resources are no easy task. Communication skills Being a boss typically means you are communicating at a different level. At the same time. May 3rd. you need to keep a smile on your face. All Rights Reserved.Be careful to avoid becoming an autocratic. you must show proficiency in developing and presenting a business case to a more senior management team.

long-term team tenure or unsuccessful candidacy that will create unique challenges? And keep in mind that your team members are facing the same anxieties as you. Inquire about their fears and anxieties. people. In fact. believe me. 2. after all. keep in mind that the employees and determine your own fears and anxieties. first of all. a mentor from your new peer network and/or hire a right now I'll bet you're probably puzzled and even professional coach to assist you through this transition. Secondly. Recognize team transition issues. a promotion is typically the first step in a chain of events that stimulates other changes in an organization. you'll suddenly find it's no longer appropriate to share your inner-most thoughts with former peers. breaks down resistance. must be carefully choreographed and managed. be is critical. As a new leader. Make a mental note of just what activities Although you've got lots of ideas for making process and relationships will change. How will your promotion impact on those who were once peers? Are there additional complexities such as age differentiation. there's a perceived disruption to the powerful and established psychological and political dynamics within the organization. Hey. Develop relationship-building strategies. outright criticism. Ask about their challenges and accomplishments. how soon they'll change improvements. You must be feeling a strong sense of satisfaction. if the promotion is going to be successful. You'll have to find a new support network. systems. Don't be probably had a lot to do with establishing the current surprised when you experience a sense of loss. No matter what. Meet with other leaders and ask their advice But being promoted can also be one of the most and helpful hints on change transition issues. Find a mentor/executive coach. 4.with each employee's anxiety before it interferes with management will be key to your success as a new productivity and relationship building. you've worked hard for this next step in your career.you've been promoted! What a great accomplishment. understanding that new beginnings (your promotion) will require you to end what used to 5. influence and power relationships. Therefore. what's going on? Well. And never be embarrassed to ask for help. because if your interest is superficial. meeting employees is to help dispel their worst-case scenarios and to begin a communication dialogue that 1. employees will sense it quickly and your leadership The following 10 tips for transition into leadership efforts will be immediately damaged. Dancing from absolute elation to downright fear all within one minute is really a disturbing feeling and so is waking up in the middle of the night worrying about your new responsibilities. Make changes slowly. It's a huge responsibility. both personally and professionally. but where does one start? 3. leader. Next. Begin by meeting with each team member individually.Yikes! Now you're the boss Here are 10 tips to help make the transition a little easier Congratulations -. Remember. Recognize personal transition issues. Be sure to listen honestly and sincerely. Change for the new leader and changes in reporting structures. the whole process of change. develop a plan to deal Effective self-awareness and emotional self. they have a strong sense of ownership recognize and accept it and develop a step-by-step that might cause any critique to be perceived as strategy to deal with it. Plan your change management timetable such that transition issues are 71 . overwhelmed by your rapid mood swings. you're shaking up the status quo so try to quickly identify and anticipate the new dynamics. In fact. The resulting resistance and resentment simply isn't worth it. Inquire what they like to do and what they are good at. The goal of may be of interest. job-survival and career success. Seek out challenging life changes you'll ever experience.

between toughness and leniency. Try taking at least three to six months to 10. know where the problems are and also have excellent Once again. but effective problem-solving model that allows for exploration of both issues and solutions. Adopt a simple.minimized. Becoming a new leader within an established team is one of the hardest challenges you'll face. Employee involvement helps to develop and expand their skill sets such that productivity and job Being promoted into a new leadership role is both satisfaction will improve. Involve employees. ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. Try to be consistent. overcoming this challenge. Set realistic goals that can be achieved. It's hard to delegate former responsibilities to another person who might complete the work Saturday. Then select a solution that represents the good of all concerned. 9. November 9th. There's also the danger of micromanaging by frequently checking on the employee's progress. Learn to separate your emotions from the problem and to identify important matters from seemingly urgent ones. "take the 7. Deal with conflict immediately. Your new role requires planning and co-ordination. integrate your team before making system changes. 72 . Look at your challenges as opportunities to learn. Keep a positive attitude. Delegate and give yourself the freedom to plan. oversee and develop others. One of the key challenges of new leaders is the issue of control. delegate. Insecurity and fear of failure in the new leadership role may well plague your ability to be consistent. but were simply never asked! feelings and deal with them. But remember. empathy and develop strategies to involve them in your change aggression and they struggle with feelings ranging process. You'll be so busy that your whole day will seem like an interruption and then you get to do your work when everyone goes home. All Rights Reserved. You'll be surprised how many employees from barely coping to flying with high self-esteem. While 6. exciting and downright scary. 2002 differently than you. But keep a positive attitude. 8. Controlling and doing it all only serves to destroy teamwork. grow and succeed. the answer is to acknowledge these ideas for improvements. leaders often waver Keeping the concept of employee ownership in mind. not the front line operation. you got the promotion because of your capabilities so. Delegate. step by step. delegate. failing to resolve problems in a timely manner will only cause you more headaches in the long run. While dealing with conflict might be new to you as leader. bull by the horns" and create even more success.

As well. However. a senior leader who continually fails to meet business objectives will soon be removed. between multiple priorities and make difficult decisions.A leader who demonstrates insensitivity to the ideas of others. ability not everyone has IF you even glanced at world and national news during the last number of weeks. It productivity will be non-existent. It's almost like plucking the petals off a instead hire people who can be manipulated and daisy -. Also. he or on a political hat and experience the stress of she will derail their career at some point. they fail to understand about their successes and failures. possessing incredible skills. or competitive and Then again. think strategically. collaborative negotiation style. Can you just imagine yourself in the shoes of Toronto's medical leaders with the responsibility of containing an invisible enemy such as SARS? That's like shooting in the dark. build and lead a team . business. It's tremendously little will be accomplished. Team energy. because of their specialist expertise in one functional area. individuals have been continually promoted fail in senior leadership roles. synergy and difficult to be a leader during such chaotic times. personal ambition or significant accomplishments. cold. it's been suggested that despite leadership style to different situations. 73 . requires significant wisdom and a personal and intellectual agility that many of us simply cannot Fail to meet business objectives . challenges and opportunities or are unable or unwilling to adapt to change will ultimately fail. and take into account the context within which they are working. aloof or arrogant.As with any match. or understand feedback and are analytical rather than emotional the changes required.Leaders drive to communicate and an affinity for a who are unable to stay ahead of their business issues. Part of the To be successful. who cannot listen and is not trustworthy or ethical is on the sure path to failure. Finally. research institute that has focused on leadership traits since the early 1980s. a leading U. As well. how many readers would be willing to put manipulative such that peers are overpowered. how many would leap at the challenging leadership job at Air Failure to hire. there are five key reasons why leaders fail: Poor interpersonal relationships . a Unable or unwilling to adapt to change . provincial or federal party leadership? Or. successful leaders strive to constantly seek cannot seem to take a long-term view. some leaders are either overairline? controlling and cannot delegate or simply ignore and neglect to build up the people around them.Ineffective Canada? I can't imagine the anxiety being experienced leaders are fearful of hiring highly talented team by those leaders as well as their employees and members who may be stronger than they are and passengers.will there or will there not be a national dominated. They have a strong sense of sociability. then there is no support and events is the issue of leadership. Lack of a broad functional orientation .Leading in chaotic times It requires wisdom. once in a senior leadership position. these leaders require a good sense of problem is failing to clarify key performance self-awareness coupled with an ability to inspire indicators right at the outset and having a clear others. a proven track record. quickly differentiate understanding of goals and timeframes. I'm sure you couldn't help but notice the number of leadership challenges many current events are creating. they are unable to adapt their On the other hand.In many anywhere between 33 and 50 per cent of all executives cases. Why? According to the Centre for Creative Leadership.S. if an individual is overly ambitious. These leaders Finally. If a leader The one common thread through all of these national can't get people to follow.

We live in a fast-paced and often uncertain business environment where the role of the leader is very complex. in many cases. All Rights Reserved. within a highly politicized environment that creates many issues and requires them to navigate between Saturday. they are likely to fail. Victoria University of Wellington. As a result of their work. June 7th. experience a tendency to make less effective decisions. overall. Many failures occur when a senior leader attempts to transplant programs and initiatives that had been successful in a previous organization without any consideration of the new culture and without adaptation or modification. Research findings on the traits of unsuccessful leaders point to the significant impact that leaders can have on organizational success as a whole. the candidate will not be successful and likely will be in transition within 18 months. experience a sense of personal paralysis and. Keeping your Career on Track: Twenty Success Strategies. Studies into what makes a successful leader are ongoing. culture always wins.Z. their success will be fragile. Centre for the Study of Leadership.. If there isn't a good match 74 .Senior leaders operate Craig Chappelow and Jean Brittain Leslie. It also strongly suggests corporations need to pay better attention to the process of recruitment and selection of new senior organizational leaders. If a ----------------------------------------------------------------leader does not fully understand and have a strong © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. N.If leaders are not fully aware of all the dynamics affecting their workplace. senior leaders must struggle with a board of directors that may interfere in operational issues. And as we become more of a global and international economy. Contextual awareness . Political/governance issues . Sources: A Phenomenological Examination of Chief Executive Derailment/Failure. Beverly McNally and Dr. Ken Parry. ability to manoeuvre between all of the competing stakeholder interests.Executives without strong family support and minimal conflict within the family context are often unable to fully concentrate on their business.individuals often experience failure because the breadth of experience and scope of problem solving is inadequate to meet the complexity and myriad of organizational challenges. As well. Remember. This often creates substantial employee resistance if not outright rebellion. a team of New Zealand researchers suggest that three additional factors often lead to the failure of senior level professionals: Family/social context . these leadership skills will even be more critical. 2003 multiple organizational and social boundaries. between leadership skills and organizational culture. Another key message points to the need to focus attention on the operational context and organizational culture within which the new candidate will work. Instead they lose focus.

A typical issue regarding recruitment of a new CEO or senior leader is the question of whether to hire an internal or an external candidate. There are just so many things to think about these days. Your business journey is fairly steady and represents a smooth continuance of direction. Is the industry expanding. selecting the wrong person can create internal turmoil and be a costly mistake that is usually quite visible both within your industry and the community at large. Assignment of an internal candidate will serve to So. What is happening in your industry? boost morale and loyalty. An internal candidate can be successful particularly in business situations where: A candidate has developed strong personal and professional respect and is well liked by employees. After all. These skills become your recruitment and selection benchmarks. shrinking. you probably face global competition. Oh. process improvement and increasingly aggressive customer demands. The candidate holds considerable corporate intelligence that the company would be at risk of losing. first of all. departure may have been more related to internal politics. An internal candidate has the breadth and depth of skills to take you on your journey. you discover worry about how to make the right hiring decision creeping into your mind. Be sure to look beyond current technical skills and reach out to the broad general skills that are required within a global market. Poor performance should not be simply directed at a former incumbent as the entire management team is always involved. consolidating or diverging? Are there new non-traditional competitors? Has your market gone global? Do you need to reduce 75 . costs? Can your company spare the time for a new incumbent to learn the industry or learn your business? Do you currently have any high talent employees to consider for the position at hand? Once you have completed a solid assessment of your industry situation. On the human resource management side. geopolitical dynamics. On the operational side. Also. where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Now it's time to examine the best merits of recruiting either an internal or external candidate for a corporate leadership position. it is important to list the specific skills and abilities required to take you there.Be a leader by picking right leader Decision one of most important tasks you will ever encounter IT'S been said many times before that selecting a new chief executive officer (CEO) or a new member of your leadership team is one of the most important tasks you'll ever encounter. While a 15-year research study demonstrated that companies recruit an internal candidate 85 per cent of the time. Your business is unique with a steep learning curve and action is required quickly. interpersonal relationships or change of a stakeholder board rather than poor performance itself. key stakeholders and customers. Selection of the internal candidate is seen to reduce the overall risk of change and transition. take the time to assess your actual business situation. replacement planning for technically qualified employees is probably causing you great concern along with the prospect of seeing important corporate knowledge go walking out the door as several retirements loom in the very near future. when does the stress of being part of the ownership or stewardship end? And just when you've reviewed the awesome task of recruitment once again and quickly calmed yourself down. the study suggests it's critical to take into account the current business conditions surrounding the departure of the former incumbents.

then the selection of an external candidate is the best solution to create symmetry. Laurence J. This requires much broader skills. wisely and ensure your process level employees and is less costly to the company. fits your culture and strategic direction. preferably in a company of Succession. suggests there is indeed some symmetry to leadership assignment cycles. symmetry. In this case. In his opinion: If a CEO or leader has been forced out of the organization. Leader to Leader Institute. An external candidate can bring in a fresh perspective void of interpersonal baggage and established friendships. All Rights Reserved. then an relationships and can effectively make the shift to the internal candidate is typically successful in creating new leadership role. © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. Stybel. 2003 leading edge technology to your organization. 2002. Feb. particularly if you go global. can be objective with previously established natural retirement of a previous incumbent.An internal candidate has little or no political If the CEO or leader vacancy occurred because of a baggage.to nine-month learning curve. thus ----------------------------------------------------------------boosting sales and increasing your customer base. 2000. While reviewing and weighing these factors may not provide a straightforward answer. ignite employee enthusiasm and motivation. Laurence J. An external candidate can be successful in business Source: Framed to Fail: How Companies Missituations where: Structure New Assignments and What you can do about it. Selecting your Appointment of an internal candidate allows leaders is one of the most important business decisions resources to be spent on recruiting and training entry made. Do it carefully. Dr. thus increasing employee No matter what. Stybel. Ram Charan. There is no internal candidate with the breadth and scope of skills you require and your business plan allows for a six. the external candidate would experience high resistance. they will typically experience very high resistance. Ed. Promotion of an internal candidate leaves room for additional promotions. drive revenue and increase market share. 76 . How to Lower the Risk in CEO reputation in your industry. every business needs strong leaders to loyalty and long term commitment. A candidate can bring competitive intelligence and Saturday.. June 21st.D & Maryanne A candidate has a strong personal and professional Peabody. a leading search consultant. similar size. if an internal candidate is appointed. Your business strategy calls for major turnaround or shift of philosophy and direction rather than business as usual. this also avoids group think issues where too many of the management team think too much alike.

sincerity. master and then put on a wall-mounted plaque. If you had the opportunity to dissect the career path of a fallen leader. Leaders who have integrity inspire trust and respect both internally as well as in the public arena.Fallen leaders will derail corporate train Integrity means everything to businesses THE last two years of business news have been overshadowed by high-profile scandals of corporate corruption. Leaders without personal and professional integrity simply don't survive. but lost it all in highprofile disgrace? Or have you known someone who had quickly reached the pinnacle of career success only to suddenly and quietly disappear with no notice or explanation? These leaders appeared to be welleducated. Leaders who demonstrate high levels of personal and professional integrity share the following key traits: Sincerity . You would be disconcerted to learn that political manipulation for personal positioning and "looking out for No. 77 .Leadership sincerity means an individual is essentially a good person with a clear and confident conscience who operates within the context of basic moral principles. Those who don't aren't ever able to build a strong. leaders with integrity will be able to create a peace of mind within their followers because they can be counted on. But integrity is a much more simple concept. And you'd be discouraged when you encountered the high number of one-time colleagues who became victims crushed by their friend's personal agenda. trustworthiness. dishonesty. They will also demonstrate a congruency between personal and professional ethics. it's a dynamic personal value that must be applied time and time again as you face daily personal and business challenges. had strong followership. behaviour. leaders without integrity eventually crash and burn. It means maintaining high personal moral values and focusing on what is right no matter what the Followers will quickly lose respect and trust and circumstances. says and does. it is difficult for a business to rise above the character flaws of its leader and so the lack of trust and poisoned environment these leaders create sometimes cause their businesses to crash and burn right along with them. Integrity is also not something you learn once. They are always concerned that their actions represent doing what is best for the larger group (their business or community) rather than for personal and professional gain. personal charisma and upward mobility. if there is no real subBut what is personal and professional integrity? stance to your integrity. what is your own personal experience? Have you ever personally known someone who seemed to have everything. You would be shocked at the depth of selfishness. people will soon see though Integrity means committing yourself to principled that thin veil of camouflage. Substance -While a strong professional image is certainly something to strive for. 1" were the daily mantras of these individuals. so why did their world come crashing down? The answer is personal and professional integrity. Integrity is demonstrated through steadfast and consistent behaviour in everything the leader thinks. Consistency Of Behaviour . you either have it or you don't. These leaders can be counted on to do what is right rather than what is simply expedient. Finally. deception. opportunism and broken promises left in their wake. It means honesty. long-lasting team of supporters.Our true character is exposed every time we make a choice. But let's put large corporate scandals aside. Leadership is the art of influencing and motivating others to do great things and is applied through many leadership styles. as well as consistently avoiding deception and expediency. While it may take a number of years to catch up with them. unscrupulous and unprofessional behaviour. Unfortunately. eventually begin to quietly leave the organization. you would discover a sense of ruthlessness in their pursuit of success.

high integrity leaders always follow through on their promises. Gen. They also recognize integrity is an issue of professional competence and so they always ensure their skills and training are maximized. Integrity is all about choice. people want and respect equal treatment. Professional Integrity. Commitment .Treating everyone by the same Executive Derailers. The Leadership Integrity Link. self-promotion. the choice of behaviours based on ethical principles and exercised through small daily decisions that ensure consistency between your actions and your words.A leader with high integrity is always conscious that he or she is a model for others and their behaviour sets the tone for their organization. 2003 takes a good deal of courage and inner strength but ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. R. your career will suffer and your business will not flourish for the long term. They also search for manipulative ways to demonstrate they are unique. Applying the same value system to all their actions Saturday. Integrity is not something you are born with. Today's philosophy suggests leaders are born to learn and then learn to lead. They often focus attention on protecting their own interests. for everyone at work will help gain trust and respect. 2002. principles and demonstrating a high personal regard Developmental Dimensions International. The key thing to remember however.R. has identified a number of executive behaviours that lead to executive failure. Jeff Davidson. Arrogant self-promoting leaders become so selfabsorbed they look at everything as an opportunity to promote their own career. defensiveness and the inability to read and understand other's behaviour. they lack tactfulness. volatility. Inc. is that without integrity. and ensure a job is done to the best of their ability and without concern for the value of the task or who is assigned credit. November 22nd. The same applies to integrity. Equal Treatment . 78 . Several of these so called "derailers" are directly related to integrity. Development Dimensions International. These include arrogance. but rather it is learned. one step at a time. Lack of integrity causes duplicity and gives rise to criticism and unnecessary gossip. are often moody and may misunderstand or misread social or political cues. a well-known research and training company specializing in leadership. 1999. All Rights Reserved.Sources: The Illusive Nature of Integrity. It is a goal that must be pursued. they monopolize attention and take credit for their colleague's work. Cameron-Brooks. Fogleman. Finally.

At work too.Time to delegate Tool is one of management's biggest challenges TIME. issues of trust. projects that result in organizational change. trying to control it or trying to save it. time. If these individuals cannot paper and electronic systems doesn't necessarily mean overcome their personal psychological barriers. Even though our clocks are moved ahead in April in an attempt to capture just one more hour of summer sun. similar tasks. time. time really hasn't stopped nor has it slowed down. In fact. train a staff person and transfer the job responsibility. gadgets. delegation is a highly effective time. You are probably not delegation principles will help. precious time -. it does not remove responsibility for the But working longer and harder or adding elaborate completion of the task. delegation is also one of management's daily "to do" lists only to find at the end of each day biggest challenges essentially because it involves the that you've only completed the first four tasks. autonomy and control. review about two weeks of activities. Routine activities management tool. it is also an excellent professional development and team-building strategy. start by keeping a daily time log so you can an issue for you. delegation is a complex and lengthy process You colour code files. paying close attention to the following six key higher level strategic objectives. weekly or monthly activities. time simply passes. human resources or information79 .Determine what can be delegated. you turn off your quite frequently the major cause of failure to delegate. While this sounds tasks that could be delegated rather than working on onerous.a constant thought in your mind. The result of good delegation is not only the completed work but also higher levels of motivation and productivity and a heightened sense of job satisfaction. telephones or you simply come in early and stay late. suspicion and lack of trust are by working behind closed doors. Effective delegation means delegating the right tasks to the right person at the right time and juggling all these In other words. bookkeeping. time. Sometimes you seek out uninterrupted time personal insecurity. that while delegation does involve the loss of direct control. Group these activities into survival as a supervisor or manager. If this is indeed the case. they you are working smarter. In addition. it's critical to your health and are the easiest to delegate. carry a separate cellphone for priority Robert Heller. you could be wasting will not be effective in their delegation role. you always seem to be fighting time. It Many individuals have difficulty separating the notion just seems your workload is never done. Yet it's something you can't change or control. It's an opportunity for staff team members to strengthen the depth of their skills in one area or to learn new ones. delegation is obviously nuisance. taking advantage of your own skill set and you are definitely not taking advantage of the skills your staff Identify your priorities. separate your work into in/out priority baskets. confidence. Examine these activities to determine if you are spending large Delegation is the ability to get things done through amounts of time on low value activities. examine activities such as But delegation is not simply a time-management tool. You make up However. Assess which others. Next. But no matter what. And the one way you are probably wasting precious time is by trying to do too much of the day to day work yourself. Although it feels like a offer. In fact. a well-known management consultant phone calls and invest in additional fancy electronic and author suggests the psychological barriers of fear. you may be working on operational assignments simultaneously. electronic filing. It can range from the allocation of small activities are key priorities and whether or not they are short-term tasks to the assignment of major long-term daily. set up an elaborate system of that takes planning. effort and patience.

While it may seem costly to use contract professionals. When delegating a whole job or a small task. the time you save by doing your own work will fully make up for this. Effective supervision. Delegate whole jobs. what resources are available to support the task. Time. Essential Managers. give delegation a serious try. Justin Tyme. Then as supervisor. communicate.a constant thought in your mind. April 17th. 80 . but on the long term delegation will become your most effective leadership tool for removing stress. It's much more satisfying and motivating to work on a complete task and present a final product. Finally. 1998. accepting nothing less than finished work. keep activities that are strategic and/or have higher risk. And now that you've admitted time is not a concrete "thing" that can be moulded. time. Communicate. it requires an investment of time and energy. This helps to guide their work. you must clearly communicate why the task is important. Delegating a job that requires frequent back and forth discussion is not saving time for anyone and indeed can be quite frustrating for all involved. when and in what format.technology that are not part of your skill set and find a way to delegate them. but at the same time. You must withdraw to an overseer role. select someone that you can coach and mentor while you are building their independence and skill set. DK Publishing. Robert Heller. The hardest part of delegation is letting go and letting the individual team member perform the work you have assigned. providing assistance and coaching when requested rather than micro-managing. As well. Yes. For other smaller tasks. will determine the extent to which you can delegate. saving time and energizing your organization. Take time to understand the ----------------------------------------------------------------varying levels of skills amongst your staff because this © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. Sources: How to Delegate. controlled or saved. what results you expect. Delegate a whole job rather than a fragment of a job. All Rights Reserved. For large complex jobs. Delegation Trains Everyone. 2004 Know your staff skill set. select someone who has more experience and will not require much supervision or intervention. don't forget to give full credit to your team member when the job is successfully completed. it's important for individuals to fully understand how their job fits into your overall goal. precious time -. Saturday.

is that delegation triggers internal emotions within individuals such as fear of failure. It requires thoughtful knee deep in written correspondence and e-mails? planning and implementation. that an individual will gain far more job satisfaction delegation of work is one of the most effective from completing a "whole" task rather than time-management tools managers can use. budget responsibilities or then again. 81 . why not think about delegation. list of unanswered telephone calls or are you wading authority and accountability. you're still taking work home. Prepare for implementation Preparation for implementation requires specific planning. policy forget to change your daily telephone greeting? And making. Finally. The following strategy will help to steer through a course. fragmented parts of a task." So if delegation is such an effective management tool. It's not about dumping a task on some poor soul because you personally don't feel like doing it. Or. I'll do it myself. As well. goal setting. supporting policies and procedures are made available and potential barriers and obstacles are identified. clearly outline and establish regular feedback and progress reports. In fact. feelings of intimidation. The manager must ensure appropriate information and resources are gathered. The best way to decide what to delegate is to list tasks that can be done more cost effectively by I imagine you're also tired of all those snide remarks someone else or assign the task to someone who is advising you to take a time-management course.Manage your time Effective delegation benefits both managers and employees HAVE you been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted Effective delegation is a long-term time-management lately? Have you been scrambling to prioritize a long solution based on the principles of responsibility. Select the right person Seek out staff members who have the skill sets you are looking for. more skilled or has more time. The importance of the task is determined and specific goals are developed. Delegation enables managers to focus on strategic issues while employees develop additional skills and can. Therefore. Set performance standards It is difficult to be successful if you don't know what success looks like. fear of becoming invisible. are reliable or who can be quickly trained and would also benefit from this opportunity. Isn't it strange that despite working long days. general insecurity. I'm sure you've heard comments such as "it takes too long to explain. or the need for control. business costs will be reduced and job satisfaction will increase. why do people have so much trouble with it? One reason for this difficulty. Actually. how are you managing all the stress from confidential personnel issues. but then find yourself too tired Determine task delegation to open your briefcase. be certain to clarify the degree of authority given to the staff member. rather it's creating an opportunity for professional growth for both you and your staff. Delegation is all about giving the responsibility for a task to someone else. Delegation is not easy. if I want it done right. do you get so busy you If the tasks are strategic or include planning. then these tasks cannot the dreaded and never ending "to-do" list? be delegated. therefore. I can't take the risk or I'll lose track of things. While training does take time. a strategy must be created to train the individual on how to do the new task. efficiency comes with experience and once the individual reaches a high productivity stage. it's faster to do it myself. establish specific performance standards and confirm expected timelines. It also creates cost efficiencies for the business while at the same time creating a higher level of individual job satisfaction. interestingly enough. keep in mind Instead. As well. fear of surrendering authority. These emotions often cause people to enter the realm of career survival which impedes the ability to take personal risk. contribute to the organization at a higher level.

look up over that pile of papers and start to delegate. You need to take time to be with the individual to clearly outline your goals and objectives. October. Some of these include: Delegating on the run Delegating while you are racing out the door to another meeting is a practice that will only leave an employee scratching his or her head while trying to digest your flurry of instructions. This will only serve to alienate the success of all business activities. is ambiguous. George A. may well appear to be Whereas a manager retains final accountability for the condescending. Therefore. coach Ask the staff member to describe the approach to task completion they are taking. It is a sharing of responsibility and authority. then provide non-intrusive feedback and coaching as required. Milne. Over-explaining Delegation is all about developing trust between a manager and the staff member to whom the task is being assigned. 2003 personal pride to others and creates a sense of ----------------------------------------------------------------accomplishment that will only encourage more © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. coach. confusing and unproductive. repeating key points and continually confirming whether or not an individual Retain accountability understands your directions. You'll be surprised at the creative approach people will take. All Rights Reserved. in other words improvising. October 18th. Therefore. work together to clarify. effective Accept only finished work delegation is one of the best time-management tools The whole idea of delegation is for someone else to you can implement. assignment is on track. So. Then take a look at yourself -. After all. Public recognition enables an individual to demonstrate Saturday. 2000. Otherwise delegation loses its whole purpose. we want to feel on the long term. If challenges begin to arise. you must work individual rather than develop a good working collaboratively with the staff member to ensure each relationship. Source: Mastering the Art of Effective Delegation.Balance management involvement There is nothing worse for an individual than being assigned a task and then experience being micromanaged. Be sure to prepare a written discussion paper as a framework for meeting the individual to whom you wish to assign the task. No. accept that there are different ways of doing things and let the employee get on with it. so take time to celebrate each success. Vol. Successful completion of a task deserves recognition OmiaNews&Views. Rather than constantly looking over someone's shoulder. Special Report. involvement.2. reprioritize or apply Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted is not something additional resources if required. it's might be the biggest barrier to delegation! important not to accept anything except finished work. Coach. 82 .you take a load off your work-plate. 15. delegation also has its pitfalls. As with many management skills and strategies. Improvising Planning simultaneously with implementation. 1999. Recognize and reward Effective Delegation.

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don't underestimate what these One of the big disappointments experienced by job agencies can do for you. Rather. and interview potential candidates on behalf of the client. not individual job seekers. do not understand either the role of executive search and recruitment professionals or how the corporate business of the recruitment world operates. interview many candidates and then sell the top candidates to potential clients. in addition to advertising strategies. a placement agency typically works in the area of front-line employees. a company balance their time between paid clients and courtesy will use a search firm when they are too busy to interviews. From the candidate perspective. actively research and source candidates who might otherwise not be looking for new employment. these agencies sell temporary help to their clients and if the client then creates a full-time opening. they do not "place" candidates in a job. higher-end jobs. I'm finding a number of candidates. In other words. of the "reactive" nature of executive search. their efforts result in a slate of three to four candidates-all of whom could do the job well-being presented to the client. Some search firms operate in a "retainer" environment where the company pays for actual time used. So what exactly are search professionals? First of all. Therefore. companies don't know how recruitment world operates THE recruitment and executive search world is a What is the difference between executive search and confusing one. recruitment professionals and placement agencies? In fact. While this might often be the case because an executive search firm or recruitment professional. independent and objective process and present a slate of qualified candidates. 85 . identify. there isn't much difference. Job seekers must be patient as recruiters must successful candidate could be found. Executive search professionals work for corporate clients. This lack of knowledge results in job seekers who are misinformed and disappointed while companies themselves miss opportunities for independent professional assistance in their hiring process. Executive search professionals typically work the higher-end. as well as companies themselves. Or. while recruiting firms are known more for recruiting mid-level management and professional jobs. the marketplace is forever changing and it The client then applies a variety of selection strategies seems placement agencies are slowing moving into the to ensure the "right" candidate is hired. All professionals use a systematic. search and recruitment professionals are paid by corporate clients to search. especially for job search candidates.What exactly are search professionals? Many job candidates. As well. while others operate in a "contingency" environment where payment comes only with a successful search." these professionals. senior executive jobs. Sometimes called "headhunters. search professionals are used because good recruiters do like to build their professionals they have a wider contact network base from which a network. Finally. These agencies are excellent resources for individuals who need work between permanent jobs and is also one way in which to find a new job. search candidates is the perceived lack of attention given to potential candidates when they wish to simply When should a firm use recruiters? There are a present their credentials and be included in candidate number of reasons a company will use the services of databanks. if you are a more senior level candidate. be assured In many cases. They are considered independent and objective and apply a systematic process for researching. At no time and under no circumstances is a candidate asked to pay a recruiter for their service. They absorb a large number of resumes. the temporary help then turns into a permanent placement. Often as well. On the other hand. undertake an exhaustive search on their own. identifying and contacting suitable qualified candidates.

additional research fees. What is the time frame for a typical search? Conducting an executive search is a time-consuming process and so it is standard that a search assignment can take 10 to 12 weeks for lower. a senior executive must provide up to three months notice in their former position. Some firms charge to your company. ask for a courtesy interview to explore other options. which includes identifying the various candidates. which covers such things as ----------------------------------------------------------------telephone. As a result. This practice is very disappointing to many candidates. but don't let this hinder you from calling to inquire about the status of your candidacy. often providing weekly reports on their progress. What is the role of the candidate? With the increasing cost of postage rates these days. While some organizations believe they need a national search firm to do the job. All Rights Reserved. approved and are usually charged at cost. it is really a matter of chemistry or cultural fit with your organization. absolute objectivity when identifying candidates and The best selection strategy is to look for a firm that's making their final selection. Travel expenses are always © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. How should a firm be selected? There isn't really any difference between the executive search or recruitment firms themselves. most search professionals will no longer mail candidates a letter confirming receipt of your resume. In many cases. Look for a search consultant and firm How are fees determined? Typically. you will not be contacted unless you are being seriously considered as a candidate. known for its customer service and for good client communication.many companies want to be perceived as having website. fax or courier. executive that have the respect in your community that will search firms charge a percentage of the overall enable them to reach out and attract suitable candidates compensation or first-year salary. What type of reports can a client expect? One of the challenges with an external recruitment might be a sense of loss of control. If possible. February 5th. In fact. conducting a national search these days requires nothing more than placing an advertisement in a national newspaper and placing it on a national 86 . weaknesses and how this individual is perceived to be a good fit for your organization. Still others charge an Saturday. most recruiters and search professionals strive to keep in close touch with the client. As a client you should expect written reports on each candidate explaining strengths.and mid-level jobs and three to six months for a senior executive position. 2005 administration fee.

Selection criteria Developing appropriate selection criteria is the key to finding the best candidate. skill sets and job titles. the help wanted index is down 24 per cent and workforce reductions have thrown employees into the frenzied world of job search. Match of job applicants to lie on their resume. disconnect. Students are not only Resume review "poaching" material from the Internet. Last year. conducting a thorough Are educational qualifications recognized in your resume review. so Is there logical career progression? A steady career don't take a chance. everybody Could the individual really achieve the goal? Is there a knows somebody who knows somebody. and 3. 87 .000 resumes might reach 30 to 40 per cent.) misrepresenting their grades to potential employers. list the skills and abilities required to do for distortion. According to a December 2001 accomplishments. even at prestigious universities. use this information to review the resumes. conducting several interviews and finally. For each task and where personal ethics are sometimes being abandoned responsibility. Be alert to the following: it's happening. some are Read the resumes and sort into A (good match. is it. it's no surprise lying on a resume is also increasing Typically these people exaggerate their skills and at an alarming rate." but can't really perform. path? Do the career moves make sense? Is the What about employers? Short of hiring an experience feasible at the stated former employer's investigative "eye team. Are they reasonable? I only have a few words of advice for job seekers: Don't lie on your resume! Remember. 2. the job and then specify the work experiences you desire. So. sense of evasiveness? you'll get caught. name the sections as follows: 1. Canadian executives expect at least 22 per cent "Talks a good line. review every detail so you can spot university insignia and accompanying gold seal. job title is inflated. It's hard to believe anyone would have the a scale from one to five. we aren't talking about a slight exaggeration or a typically won't match. Hundreds of students are being charged and expelled. skills and ability and work Then there's the problem of fraudulent university experience list against the resumes and grade them on degrees. survey. Be concrete so you will "know it when you see Student plagiarism. Your reputation will be ruined. So. in a the duties. Then. we are talking outright fraud." concentrate on developing location? Is the company still in business? appropriate selection criteria.S. and divide it into three sections. conducting reference checks. Unfortunately. tasks/responsibilities.Employer P. dishonesty and outright fraud. guts to state a false degree on a resume let alone present a diploma inclusive of an authentic Canadian Next. Today. At each step. industry? Are they old? New? Are they familiar? assess the candidate's credentials for misrepresentation Is it easy to check the credentials? The more difficult or fraud. But misrepresentation or fraud. we also appear to be entering a time sample work experience. jobs were plentiful and companies scrambled for talent. B (medium match. responsibilities.based surveys demonstrate that resume fraud. Here are some helpful tips.I. Study the accomplishments. One day. Avoid fraudulent resumes with a little sleuthing What a difference a year can make. If a batch of 1. Compare your tasks/responsibilities. now a widespread problem. The reader will feel a sense of bit of creative wording.) C (poor match) groups. take a piece of paper. the skill level and accomplishments Now. Other U. Excessive flowery language and buzz words. skills and abilities." Now.

----------------------------------------------------------------Look for a match between what is said verbally and © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. 2002 measurable results. Saturday. what was written on the resume. then contract the task to an external HR consultant. Globe and Mail. Look for concrete. I'll bet the candidate doesn't have the experience.a supervisor from a current and previous job. HRonline. January 26th. -. then close by asking. Ask for their role in solving the problem and three National Post. used their skills to carry out the tasks you have Sources: identified earlier. -. Also consider computerized personal style investigate further.a reference external to the workplace if appropriate. Someone who is slow to respond. doesn't look directly at you and repeats phrases or steps. there is a definite need to checks. what relationship are they to the candidate? Is there a current or immediate past If you don't have time to conduct thorough reference supervisor listed? If not. SHRM key activities they used to resolve it. the more likely an individual is to lie. Reference checks Reference checks are a critically important part of the recruitment process because you are now confirming what the candidate has told you. bring him or her in for a and employee violence are already costing companies plenty of dollars and with resume fraud becoming an face to face interview. Do a telephone screening interview. if appropriate. and integrity assessments that will serve to firm up your evaluation of the candidate. workplace theft the candidate passes this test. "Would you Can you call the former employer? hire this candidate again?" If references are listed. If answers aren't concrete. All Rights Reserved. Watch for speech patterns. The interview The best interview strategy is to conduct a series of interviews. at the very minimum ask for: -. and if Workplace issues such as harassment. -.it is to check. you can't afford to Ask the candidate for real live examples of how they make a wrongful hire. They are making up their response. 88 .call the references and ask the same questions you asked the candidate. Then: increasingly challenging problem. -. Look for evasiveness or answers that don't address your question. typically doesn't have the experience. So.an individual or team member with which the candidate has worked.someone the candidate has supervised.

my experience now typically conducted on-line with interpretation has been that these are quite accurate. a thrust to reduce corporate health-care benefit Communication style costs by identifying pre-existing medical conditions Communication style assessments attempt to identify. behind the increased use of pre-employment testing. classify and categorize a personality and communication style and then match it to a work style Today. such as absenteeism or potential disciplinary problems. in the early 1960s "testing" of individuals personality dimensions such as reliability or for school and job placement was more common place. For instance. Once again. While some professionals feel this is backlash to unethical business and professional too informal an approach. it is widely used both for practices is once again bringing the issue of recruitment. knowledge is power. In other words. This is certainly a valuable piece of information from In today's turbulent global world. After all. For companies that have cross training and technical skill set. this assessment can be a valuable in importance as corporations turn toward flatter asset. is that most of these assessments require a improve workforce quality was the driving force qualified psychologist to conduct the interpretation. development of strong teams. The risk of validated and have been proven to predict behaviours discrimination just became too great. it collapsed under the weight of multiple individuals. The most common assessments in the marketplace these are often on-line instruments that can have your include personality and communication style. ago a competitive business environment and a need to however. A challenge for testing is a growth industry. sociability. 89 . My experience is that traits identified through these assessments are also With candidate assessment now becoming common quite accurate. the assessments are that proven leaders exhibit. interest inventories and based and include well-known factors and behaviours integrity testing. They examine a variety of For instance. Then. In most cases. fear of violence in the workplace and a general and environment. There are a number of management and leadership style assessments on the market as well. This is workplace. These assessments are typically quite broad in their assessment focus. place. Once again. These generic traits are also growing career mobility. it helps to identify broad important because experience shows that more people areas within which a person may have interests or are terminated because of cultural fit rather than their talents. fuelled its growth. job hunters need to develop a better understanding of this growing trend and perhaps even Management/leadership style take advantage of it. organizations.Taking a good look Pre-employment testing is a growth industry It's interesting how the world of work changes and Personality assessments trends come and go. All are research leadership/management style. pre-employment the recruitment point of view. larger teams and generally more teamwork. three years employers with the more sophisticated assessments. and report writing being completed by national research centres. these assessments have also been court decisions and hefty legal costs. However. results back within less than 24 hours. career development and for the pre-employment testing to the forefront. despite taking a broader view of In the '70s. Interest inventories These are more commonly used for career Most assessments examine the more generic traits that development. but are also highly effective in the help to ensure a good fit with the corporate culture as identification of skills themes that can be applied in the well as an ability to get along with people.

Keep in mind that an employer will not be using any of these assessment tools as their primary source of decision making. Personality Testing in Employment. But. First of all. Source: Being Honest About Being Dishonest. Then there are no surprises. Ask some the following questions before participating: What role does the assessment play in the overall recruitment decision? What job factors in the assessment tool relate to the position you are applying for? Is the assessment available in other languages if English is not your first language? Is an in-person debrief of the assessment results available to you prior to being forwarded to the selection team? Will a complete copy of the assessment results be provided to the selection team or just a summary? What is done with the assessment tool should you not be the successful candidate? Is a copy of the results for your own record available? Frankly. 1999. Schmidt. you can use these assessment results as a tool to better understand what kind of work culture you best fit and to better position yourself for your overall job search. 90 . misreporting of time worked. SHRM. so don't get yourself all in a tizzy if you are somewhat fearful or reluctant. it might be wise for job seekers to undergo their own assessment accompanied by a personal. March 2001. D. Eliminating candidates with a predisposition to stealing or dishonesty has been proven to save up to six per cent of total annual revenue. declining to participate in an assessment process is more than likely the kiss of death on your job candidacy. April 27th. there are a number of issues a candidate must keep in mind when going through this process. there are several other selection strategies that are also important in their overall decision. debrief session. lying and/or abusive behaviour. Saturday. face to face. But there are indeed privacy issues that you need to inquire about. Oct. All Rights Reserved. These assessments evaluate an individual's attitude. In fact. integrity assessments are now being more widely used. SHRM. values and behaviours toward truthfullness or any wrongdoing. 2002 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. Shaffer and R.Integrity tests With corporations losing thousands of dollars to employee theft. you will know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are and how these can be applied to different workplaces. Bernie Eisenberg and Linda Johnson. with pre-employment assessments becoming such common place.

But sometimes. titles and a again?" unless your job is exactly the same as the description of duties. Ask candidates to sign a written declaration giving the referee permission to provide information and fax to However. be certain this individual has had sufficient well-rounded view. Reference checking is really a dynamic three-sided Simply ask for a supervisor they've worked with in the coin involving the former employer (referee). As you can expect. you may want to consider the following: Determine to whom all reference inquiries will be Request candidate references that enable you to get a directed. move jobs in order to increase their salary status. Better yet. For other positions. Don't ask about the candidate's former rate of pay. get a well-rounded view of their candidates. hoping for the best. this strategy candidate's previous job. Family on edge. Still other firms are alternatively adopting a "statement of service" document that simply verifies the basic Avoid the question "Would you hire the candidate facts outlining dates of employment. Then consider the following strategies: Speak to at least one reference check prior to moving the candidate forward to the final stages. today many larger companies are changing the referee. First of all. 91 . Focus on concrete examples of work skills and accomplishments. the last five years. Otherwise. these companies are restricting Use the same standardized behaviourally-based who is authorized to provide references or are no interview questions that were used with the candidate. This saves time and effort. the response may of limiting reference information can be particularly be quite ineffective for your needs and may be frustrating to potential new employers who try hard to misleading. train all managers on your reference checking process. especially when they can't change things. Concerned about exposure to referees to expect your telephone call. perhaps it's because either the former employer uncommon for people to leave for personality conflict won't co-operate or the reference wasn't positive. ask the candidates to notify their reference policies. And for the referees. members should be excluded. don't be alarmed. it's important to establish a protocol and a process to make this stage of the recruitment process more fruitful. For management positions. This So let's see how each of the employer. project leader as well as teammates. External referees are welcome if they can make objective comments It's a time in the job search process when everyone is about the current qualifications required. ask for contact with the former employee to provide an a former supervisor.Dynamics of a three-sided coin Take steps to avoid an abrupt end during reference checking Reference checking is a popular tool for verifying colleagues. Why? If your candidate doesn't wish to use a former employer as a reference. Next. unexpectedly. It's not Well. And remember. my experience shows that most former employers will indeed provide information to a potential new employer. longer willing to give references at all. there's an abrupt ending to the hiring process. a subordinate and at least two effective reference. potential employer and the candidate and everyone has to play the game. However. ask for a supervisor or information about a prospective employee. many people checking process. referee and may annoy the referee as it could be seen as candidate can contribute effectively to the reference competitive intelligence. litigation from both former employees as well as potential employers. reasons.

it might cost you the job! Review each job opportunity with your referees. no matter mislead the listener or providing your opinion unless it what your task is in the reference process. discuss how your skills and abilities match and confirm that they are comfortable providing support going forward. Review your reference to ensure that the information Reference checking will continue to be a popular tool is accurate and factual. to verifying candidate information. being said about you. Document any requests for reference in your person. Be aware new employers are suspicious of unconditionally positive recommendations. All Rights Reserved. take steps to can be substantiated with facts. your comments. Be sure to inform them for which position you are being considered. If you volunteer in the community be confident that references from these activities are equally valuable as references from the workplace. discuss the issue of references. include the callers name. Here are some tips to help: Select your references carefully. Select those that will be balanced in their perspective. recruiter can't contact your references.Saturday.----------------------------------------------------------------tion and date. the job in ques. title. If the 92 . When you are in the final stages of your job search. avoid an abrupt ending. 2002 nel files.During the period of exit from your employment. Be certain they can give up to date and accurate information. It's a time when Avoid making any comments that may knowingly everyone is on edge. Attain permission to use the name of your reference before attaching it to your resume. Don't forget to include a summary of © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. So. failing to manage this crucial stage of selection may well jeopardize overall success. be certain to inform that individual. but experience shows potential being helpful in the selection process. If you are not prepared to provide your former employee with a reference. hire someone to employers prefer to speak directly to the individual conduct mock references to double-check just what is referee. hoping for the best. On the other hand. Be certain all contact information is accurate and current. Some companies provide a written reference for If there is any indication your references are not attachment to resumes. forewarn the referees. candidates also have a responsibility in the reference process. After all. Either work with the individual to prepare a reference document you both agree will be used as a framework or ask the former employee to sign a document authorizing you to provide a reference. November 2th.

some leaders have such high power needs they lose sight of the company goals altogether and become abusive to employees as well as their families. not knowing who corporations and banks are double-checking auditor to trust. Employers will be put on the spot. I am stunned to look after themselves." The Enron fiasco has been a shock and in the process is turning one of the most revered professions on its head. Can you just imagine a candidate asking the following tough questions? Shareholder boards: Who are the members on your board? What qualifications do they have for the job? Are there any interpersonal relationships between board members? Between board and management? What provisions do you have for conflict of interest? Turning tables 93 . They then focus only on promoting those decisions that benefit them The tables will be turned. Even more so. It's not often we see a financial people resources. Most accounting firms are rushing out to divest themselves of their consulting arms because of the perceived conflict of interest. In fact. Are you confused? Finally. Each opposing Believe it or not. most employees don't have the power to stop believe that senior executives can plead ignorance of unethical leader behaviour. Let's face it. Interpersonal dynamics would've been tense. considering for employment. management participation would be encouraged yet decisions would be made in secrecy. as Fortune political conflicts can go on for years and when they magazine calls it. On the other hand. the tension between leader rivals would have been "so thick you could cut it with a knife. the work environment becomes poisoned and company morale and productivity typically drops. this catastrophe might even turn leader would play intense games of political intrigue as employee recruitment and selection practices on their he clawed his way up the organization. rotten numbers. Others become so paranoid and insecure they undermine anyone who is perceived as competition. to communicate and when no one listened. every one of them will reach into career survival mode. I'm sure the whistle-blowers to speak up? There are a number of future will see potential candidates conducting an well-known explanations for unethical behaviour in unprecedented investigation of any company they're organizations. I just can't After all. each and employee investments to line their own pockets. Turnover would be high. Employees would try who will drive the change. employees are tired of being used as pawns in someone's power games. large Employees would feel intimidated. Leader behaviours would signal that feedback independence while some are changing firms was welcomed. Sometimes there are conflicts between the personal and professional roles and people can't or won't differentiate between them. They aren't going to How could this happen? Why did it take so long for sit back and take it any more. yet critics would be silenced. And it may well be the candidates themselves behaviour would be everywhere. Unethical heads. there might also be a battle for money and I don't blame you.Aftermath of Enron disaster will see recruits asking employers tough questions Keeping tabs on the recent Enron business disaster? personally. In fact. Middle altogether. And it's going to take hundreds of investigators and months of These high level interpersonal and inter-departmental time to decipher the dirty. Are you angry and disillusioned? I am. they would leave. And when their work world is by the allegations that company leaders sacrificed turned upside down and insecurity creeps in. house of cards collapse into a heap so quickly. Meanwhile. and the winner will fight to take all. do. they only have the power such seedy transactions. I can just imagine working in this kind of corporate culture.

employees are beginning to protect independence? Does your accounting firm also invest themselves any way they can. 2002 ----------------------------------------------------------------rationale for this? © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. frankly. Corporate credit rating and practices: What is your corporate credit rating? Payment practices? What is the Saturday. in your company? How often do you meet with your If Enron is the example of where business ethics are accountants? going. March 16th. I don't think any company? Are external consultants also from your employer would be anxious to provide an answer. you accounting firm? What positions do they hold in your might not like them and. What is yours? What is the rationale? How does this impact your reputation? Upward feedback: Are employees involved in evaluating their bosses? Have you implemented an employee climate survey? What issues were last raised? What's been done? Employee demographics: What are your employee demographics? What is the organizational diversity? Are there any intergenerational conflicts? What are you doing for succession planning? Legal liabilities: What type of employee litigation have you experienced over the last five years? Sexual harassment? Wrongful dismissal? Discrimination? 94 . All Rights Reserved. Employee pension plans: Who manages your employee pension plan? What's their expertise? What risks do employees face? Employee turnover rates: High performing companies have low employee turnover rates of less than 10 per cent.Do your accountants serve on your board through their What is the status of these cases? What has been done arms-length investment companies? to improve the organization? Organization structure: Who is on your management team? Who did you hire and why? When was the most recent management team restructuring? Why? How have you balanced the various leadership styles? How many women are in management? What is your promotion philosophy? Workers' compensation records: What is your corporate workers' compensation record? What is your accident rate? Do you have an early return-to-work policy? Ethics: Do you have an ethics officer? Do you have conflict-of-interest policies? Provide one example of a Decision making: What is the decision-making conflict-of-interest situation. process in your organization? How are differences of opinion and conflict handled? Who has final Employee communications and recognition: What is accountability? your employee communication strategy? Describe your reward and recognition program. Accounting firm relationships: How much of your current staff was previously employed by your These are indeed tough questions. As an employer. But accounting firm? What are you doing to ensure let's face it. then candidates won't have a choice.

Focus on matching values . When reality skills such as communication. however.Some enjoy full regulations. who gets promoted or what behaviour focus on teamwork and collaboration. more situations where company representatives present their than 80 per cent of most jobs require so-called "soft" culture as a hope rather than reality. examples of candidate challenges related to work teamwork. Unfortunately." It helps people to assess what's really important business relationships most likely will not fit. corporate or very entrepreneurial. Be certain to ask for concrete examples and dig really deep for details. Focus on clarification . systems and structure. candidate's ability to fit into the organizational culture becomes paramount to success. they often exaggerate their roles and accomplishments.Many organizations get sidetracked or "romanced" by a candidate's excellent communications skills. but it doesn't mean management should start applying the good. didate must not be a lone "wolf" who tries to outshine everyone on his or her team. customer service. Finally. the resigns within a few months. Be sure to ask for concrete values with respect to growth. using multiple sources for candidate identification including a recruitment or executive search professional that can target candidates working within similar organizational cultures. the candidate faces a big shock and often to build interpersonal relationships. This can be accomplished through a number of strategies including the following: Focus on strategy . Still others seem to be driven. Some are very bureaucratic while others have few rules and Focus on matching structure . teamwork or the ability finally hits. each organization has its own and manage their work. These folks exude selfconfidence and while quickly responding to any question. If your company work style is fast and company and is defined as "how we do things around driven. causing autonomy with few rules and systems while others employees to work at a frenzied pace that leaves them need clear operational systems and processes to direct exhausted. In fact. organization culture is somewhat intangible and hard to measure. let alone the right candidates. and employee productivity. old-fashioned "warm body" approach to recruitment and selection. The challenge facing companies then is how to assess candidate fit with the organization culture. It is composed of the values of the company. If you to the company. a candidate who excels at developing long-term here. that more focus must be placed in recruitment is the importance of clearly and on both hiring the right people and applying an accurately describing the workplace culture.Placing a newspaper advertisement or including the job ad on your web page no longer attracts enough candidates. I suggest Focus on substance . As a result. these candidates waste precious company time because they talk more than they work. I've seen many identifying and assessing technical skills. Many companies are developing strategies that reward employees for referring potential candidates they believe have the cultural fit. a successful canis rewarded by management. While effective search process. every effort must be made to describe it in Hiring the right candidate goes far beyond simply concrete terms. pay Organization culture is essentially the "personality" of attention to ensure that candidate values align with the a company.Avoiding culture shock Finding employees who fit 'personality' of company tricky business AS we move into a tight labour market. very related questions in your interview process. 95 . In most cases.One of the biggest challenges It does mean. Be sure to include value Company cultures are either formal or informal. companies will be faced with much stiffer competition for qualified candidates.While avoiding the potential of creating a team of employee clones.

The solution here is to apply a personality and communications style assessment tool that will outline candidate strengths and weaknesses as compared to your organization culture needs. 96 . They've been trained by career counsellors to present themselves in the best light. Focus on referees . Ask referees the same candidate interview questions as much as you can. In fact. they may use descriptors of their work style that are innocently inaccurate.Let's face it. a peer colleague. Fortunately or unfortunately. Apply different interview strategies including interviews with those employees with whom the candidates will be working. pay attention to those candidates who have the flexibility to change and grow with your organization and who perhaps can even lead your planned change. organization culture always wins.Recruiting for cultural fit requires a lot more time and effort. Saturday. On the other hand. there is another group of candidates who do not know themselves all that well. ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. Ask for referees that include a boss.Focus on process . JP Maroney International. 2005. they will simply not be successful. Don't forget to show the candidate where they will be working.While your organizational culture may be set. As a result. Therefore. Focus on more than gut feeling . it should never be finite and must evolve with the changing economic environment. someone who reported to the candidate. but the payoff is longer term employee retention and job satisfaction. a customer and. Take the candidates on a tour and pay attention to the nature of questions being asked. if in a management role. 2001. Focus on skills and organizational culture fit. if a new employee is not in sync with the organization culture. JP Maroney. Focus on the future .Plan to acquire a well-rounded view of your candidates. many of today's candidates are slick. January 22nd. Source: Three Keys to Hiring the Right People. Organization culture is so powerful and all-encompassing that it becomes more important than technical skills in the recruitment and selection process. All Rights Reserved.

after all. selection process as you would for a full-time Students help smooth over workflow gaps resulting employee. from vacation schedules. inexperienced or "green. If you don't. You must look past simply providing vacation They are skeptical because students are typically so replacements and help with workloads.m. and call it a day. your company will be seen as being a good On the other hand. I can also hear the growing sighs of community citizen. It's a chance to evaluate a potential employee or the Ensure that students understand their work hours and "try before you buy" concept. they can't just leave at 3:30 p. students and teachers reached the end of the finish line Student employment has public relations value as with another long school year behind them. a whole army of 16-to-24-year-olds. Students have good energy and enthusiasm and are 97 Establish a peer relationship with another employee . But the solution to student employment." as many would say.the loud burst of joy and relief as highly productive. organizations must take great holiday scheduling and productivity is right here in care to manage the employment process effectively. To manage the student employment waiting to contribute to your company! process. stress and concern as business leaders struggle to Student employment helps spread the word about schedule impending employee holidays. company. you must: While many businesses systematically hire summer Establish the purpose of student employment in your students to meet their productivity needs. Concern because. hire someone who has the skills you need. then the entire student employment Imagine. Some of these include: Provide a good job description with clear roles and It's an opportunity to cultivate young talent for your responsibilities. it's called student employment. year-round While there are many benefits and advantages to customer service is key to survival. front of us. quickly mastered. be sure to review all workplace safety candidates for future jobs. requirements. not just someone who is simply a willing body. many other businesses are indeed reluctant to bring students company. But Provide meaningful work experiences that are there are many advantages and benefits to businesses focused. Student employees help with the seasonal upturns in Undertake the same scrutiny in your recruitment and your business. break times. your positive work culture. are at the right skill level and which can be resulting from student employment. Ensure proper training is provided when the student Student employees create a pool of qualified begins the job. onboard.School's out! Student employees aren't simply cheap labour -they're a pool of talent waiting to contribute to your company I could hear it -. business productivity doesn't operate on a school schedule. just experience will result in major frustration for all concerned.

21. incentives to employers to assist in the creation of new Review the summer work project with students and career-related positions for students. Invest in the future . don't expect The provincial government also has a number of student employment programs. search its database and student and provide face-to-face feedback. the Federal Summer Career Placement Include students in all company functions wherever program offers wage subsidies to employers. Employers can post the jobs they have to possible. don't isolate them in some far corner. These programs. an organization may be move the student from one department to another over eligible for a 100-per-cent subsidy of provincial minimum wage. offer while students receive help with job search Ensure the student is assigned a supervisor who can techniques. more than 53. it's worth a try! Go for it! But where does one find a "good" student candidate? Sources: HRDC news release. are fresh in your mind. special student employment offices are opened to provide services to both employers and quickly and successfully as students.so the student is integrated into your business as Each year. All Rights Reserved. the work period. resume preparation and interview oversee skill development and provide coaching when techniques. required. but it will the student employment contract. there are many resources available to site. make sure the student knows who to go to for Last year. the that students are a source of cheap labour. While many companies find their summer students by Jan. programs such as the CareerFocus Program provide wage make decisions regarding their future employment. Partners for Careers program not only maintains a Conduct a performance appraisal at the conclusion of database of eligible aboriginal students. For instance. Employers from the private and public sector as well as possible. Saturday. 2002. In addition. annually launches a highly successful student summer job action programs. meet with the review your requirements. 2002 ----------------------------------------------------------------For instance. offered through Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) are geared toward helping students find summer jobs that specifically develop skills to prepare them for the future. Manitoba Education and Training Web word of mouth. In addition. In the case of Provide for a variety of experiences where possible. this is match a candidate's skills and interests with the greatly valued by students and will also help you to opportunities in your company. 98 . assist them to understand what skills they have learned that will benefit them in full employment. With all of the supports available to business.000 students were placed in help. as part of its © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. the federal government. June 29th. not-for-profit agencies are eligible. weekly basis. Provide an appropriate pay structure. summer employment positions that gave them valued Provide some specific student mentoring on a work experience. students with disabilities. Youth Employment Strategy.Hire a student this summer. businesses to assist in recruitment as well as other aspects of student employment. School is out and the army of students is anxious for interesting opportunities to experience the real world Be prepared to offer a reference letter while things of work.

are finding they do not have the financial resources for prolonged retirement and are returning to the workforce. Tend to be less flexible than younger workers. what a difference four years can make! It seems there's a stereotypical "rule of ageism" being Are not motivated and are just waiting for retirement. already retired. mid-life career changes. some retirees are finding they simply miss the socialization of work and are returning as consultants. Stifle creativity because of old-school ideas. this unfortunate bias will create a number of human resource challenges that will be far from humorous. today's reality strongly suggests people will stay in the workforce. those defined as individuals between age 40 and 75. Actually. In fact. and proud of it An older workforce creates new challenges. I've certainly had "older worker" group will consist of a diverse plenty of controversial stories to keep me busy over the population of individuals such as those experiencing last number of weeks. Are uncomfortable reporting to a younger worker. Then again. and possibilities. contractors and part-time workers. particularly. Other complementary studies have also shown no reported depletion in intelligence. applied to one individual. ridiculous and discriminatory situation. this very public war against a "worn-out workhorse" also serves to demonstrate the pervasiveness of negative stereotypes about age and older workers. most of these myths have been dispelled through studies conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in conjunction with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Still others. early retirees. So it seems corporations will have to deal with a challenging new future workforce that includes both younger workers as well as older workers. My. learning ability. and vibrant Are unwilling or unable to adapt to new technology. memory. age-old. Will retire before any training investment is realized. one of the key described as "yesterday's man" or a "leftover challenges will be fighting the heavy hangover of those caretaker" making a "tiresome exit. And with the fast-growing population of "grey hairs" in the workforce. but not the other. mature workers include: Quality customer service experience. 99 . accuracy or motivation. might add. I assure you. On one side. But putting party politics aside. although banks and financial planners have been successful in teaching baby boomers to sing the Freedom 55 song. I Are less productive than younger workers. older retirees and empty nesters made up of The vocabulary and. Will jeopardize company pension and medical plans. the descriptive re-entry women and stay-at-home dads. it was only a few short years ago that futurists were warning of an impending severe labour shortage because of baby boomer retirements. A rather humorous. at the "youthful" age of 64. negative stereotypes. is stereotypes and myths suggest that older workers: being painted as a refreshing. for today's employers As a dedicated armchair politician. This Have memory problems and declining interest. many today are finding they cannot afford to retire." On the other side. energetic. Interestingly. we see Prime Minister Jean Chretien at age 68 being And. However. speed. contender. Personal and work stability. additional studies by the AARP have shown the top job performance criteria and attributes of older. clichés are in themselves quite interesting. as poor Chretien is finding. displaced workers. Some of these his rival Paul Martin. In fact.Grey.

This will identify issues and attitudes that tend to create challenges related to Saturday. 60. then we prejudices prevent your company from capitalizing on Canadians need to do a better job of ensuring our work years of business savvy and experience. improve their workplaces. statistics on age discrimination human as a company you can't afford to let stereotypes and rights awards are any sign of things to come. HRDC. However. your culture through the conduct of a company review SHRM. be sure that all questions are non-discriminatory. July 1998. Superior communication skills. help them to dispel the myths applied to older workers and to rethink and change their attitudes. Provide a favourable work atmosphere (organization Age Bias: Is Your Corporate Culture in Need of an culture) for all employees. challenges. there are a number of steps companies can begin to take to Sources: Myths Related to Older Workers. 2002 discriminatory behaviour and will enable you to begin ----------------------------------------------------------------dealing with the issues before they become bigger © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. problems. A strong work ethic. pay particular attention to company behaviours that discriminate against older workers. All Rights Reserved. or audit of employee attitudes. Eagerness to provide support and guidance. While I realize things may not change overnight. Provide management and staff training on the value of older workers. Review HR policies and procedures in particular for recruitment and selection items to ensure application forms and the process are not discriminatory. Train line managers responsible for recruitment on discrimination issues. These include: Dome Employment Services. Overview of the Aging Workforce Challenges. Develop standard company questions that are directly related to and are required for each of your jobs. 100 . older workers are included both on the committee and nothing was being done to meet the aging worker in discussion of issues. So. Retirement is fast becoming an outdated concept and And. You can test the nature of Overhall.Dependability to initiate sales and transactions. particularly the Canadian and Manitoba Human Rights Code. 65? Absolutely not! Don't count them out. rigid scheduling and other barriers may be a detriment to attracting more of the older worker group. while the studies demonstrated there is an Implement a diversity task force and make certain increasingly positive perception of older workers. Varied work experience. Review policies to determine if they are friendly toward older workers. if U. September 14th. think again environments are free of any discriminatory worker are your current workers and future candidates impact. take steps to build a supportive environment that builds morale and productivity.S. Better ability to work with mature clientele. "washed up" at 40.

title pages volume 1 6/30/05 2:26 PM Page 4 Employees are an Investment IV 101 .

102 .

103 . third-party consultants who will collect the data. have Select a survey with a good balance of questions elevated the issue of employee satisfaction to as high a Most surveys range from 65 to 100 questions. both pre the organization. and identify what kind of feedback they will receive. employees can identify isolated management so check the vendor's validity and reliability factors. but also to get feedback on customized questions specific to the organization can what is going well or to present ideas that might be added and if demographic categories such as encourage an even higher level of productivity and department. Establish a confidential process On the other hand. It provides feedback approach where employees are asked to management with comparisons between various comment on a peer or a boss. organizational communication. management must determine whether just about problem issues. Look for specific comparative report features While there are many employee satisfaction surveys. If the right questions diagnose and prevent potential problems in the future. for this reason that North American companies.Tap into knowledge Employees are an important source of information It is well known that a workplace where employees experience challenge. analyse it offsite and develop a comprehensive report. customer service and the bottom line. As well. safety in the workplace. the management's job skills. them and their opinions. high morale and loyalty. Employees should be told why the attitudes. but the priority as satisfying customers and investors. The comparisons can help pinpoint focused surveys that try to clarify an issue that has organizational strengths and areas for improvement. Respondents will be concerned about employees a message that management cares about confidentiality so it is important to use external. style issues that can often be easily resolved with coaching and professional development. many companies are turning to An effective survey should be administered to all more general employee satisfaction surveys managed employees. already been raised. according to the Conference Board of Canada. the right data will not be obtained. Most surveys measure employee and post assessment. human resource It is equally well known that if synergy. management or by an external third party. it is important that a general narrative opinions on recent organizational changes and can help comment section is available. unit. This method sends front line. It is and a sense of future. high morale development. employees may have helpful included. As well. financial rewards. leadership and teambuilding. issue that needs to be addressed is what goal is the company hoping to achieve? If the survey questions are Employees are an important source of information not standardized. the kind and amount of work undertaken. there is a direct impact on empower employees and feelings toward job security productivity. feelings and perceptions about survey is being conducted. aren't being asked. But. job satisfaction and healthy peer and management relationships is a workplace that creates synergy. years with the company are success. their opinions. what it hopes to accomplish their jobs and their level of job satisfaction. motivation. These can include interpersonal relations. Finally. readiness of the organization to and loyalty are lacking. employee focus groups departments or comparisons between different facilitated by an external consultant or quick-problem geographic sites. location. how do you select and implement such a survey process? Here are some general tips: Prepare for ongoing employee communication A critical success factor in survey implementation is an Select a survey that measures factors important to effective and ongoing communication strategy. whether full or part time. the But how can you tap into employees' thoughts and most effective are those that compare the organization to opinions? Typical approaches include an upward some kind of norm (hopefully Canadian).

An employee satisfaction survey. doing something about the results is another. don't sit on the results. Baby Boomers were committed to objective input. All Rights Reserved. information. born between 1946 and 1964. Accept responsibility and act Implementing a survey process is one thing . Once it has been established why the survey is being conducted. employee satisfaction is as important to Ensure visible senior management support any business as satisfying customers and investors. productivity. there is nothing worse than completing a survey where honest and forthright comments are given yet results are not reported back. Results can be interpreted to managers so they can inform employees and/or the consultant can make a general presentation to all employees and invite questions. employees will become distrustful and less Boomers in last week's column. I knew that. 2001 critical. July 7th. thanks to the effort. restructuring or leadership change. can go 104 . a survey should never be conducted when the organization is facing and/or has just come through a major downsizing. employees can gain a sense of trust regarding their commitment and loyalty. with the results shared openly and honestly and with management taking responsibility to meet the challenges identified. Stay away from vacation periods and statutory holidays. From the employee's perspective. senior management must visibly support the In keeping with openly sharing results. If they don't continue to express belief in the readers who pointed out the error regarding Baby process. Remember. no action is taken and the word survey has been dropped from management's vocabulary. it is best to coordinate a survey with © 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. If a company isn't prepared to deal with issues raised. This helps employees to view the survey as a normal part of doing business.. then the survey has failed. a business planning cycle where possible. On the other hand.This is also the time to introduce the consultant so a long way to increasing morale. Unless a firm is attempting to confirm a specific ----------------------------------------------------------------short-term problem.. Employee feedback One of the most frequent failures of employee satisfaction surveys is the lack of feedback to employees on the final results. carefully selected. but didn't seem to type it correctly and it slipped by the editors! Sense of timing is everything A sense of timing for survey implementation is also Saturday. But. planned and implemented. whatever you do.

Others who require constant training to stay How do you recognize a training need? Typically. Training also will increase Has a promotion or transfer created a need for skill employee knowledge and technical skills.. sexual harassment? be successfully met. thus increasing company efficiency and effectiveness. the American Association of Training and Development reports the average expenditure for training by a company with 50 or more employees is two per cent of payroll or $500 per employee. well thought out and fit in with a company's overall strategic direction and goals. doesn't get the employer off the hook because Is there mandatory knowledge and skills required by employee training and development is the company's legislation such as health and safety? responsibility. employee doesn't seem to have the knowledge or technical skill to do a job and/or an employee has been On the other hand. how can a company proclaim employees are the "most important asset" if there is no effort to ensure new hardware/software installations? they have leading edge skills? Is job performance an issue. While many companies training programs range from $295 to $600 per day per cannot afford a training professional to conduct a participant plus costs for training materials.Training investment must be made It's up to companies to ensure staff update skills LAST week. a manager will identify a problem . All training initiatives should be proactive. But. Finally.you know. In other Experience indicates these figures also apply to words.e. For instance. change within the company? In addition. that one shot program that provides an exhilarating day away from the company and which often results in more networking than skill enhancement. if so. implementing a solid employee training program requires more than sending employees off to a $99 day special . Will employee training take the company where its Employees can also gain considerable self-confidence that helps contribute to overall job satisfaction. wants to go fast enough? training will enable an employee to contribute at a What is the risk to the company if it doesn't train? higher level of problem solving. The next issue is how to determine a budget for employee development. training will have some general human Is it more effective to recruit trained staff versus resource spinoffs. handouts 105 . But that asked to quickly determine a need for training. is lack of training Employee training and development offers many spin. enhancement or new skill development? Finally. these on the leading edge can spend up to six per cent. I argued there was simply no excuse for formal needs assessment. a healthy training program is very appealing to potential employees and training internal employees? is a good retention tool for current employees.truly the cause? off benefits for a company. are identified through performance issues. While budgets definitely vary according to industry and the size of a company. training can provide a low performer with the Is training required to prepare an employee for a opportunity to bring skills up to a satisfactory level. training will ensure a highly qualified workforce is maintained so any future challenges can i. a number of questions can be an employee to forsake continuing education.an Canada. From a corporate Is employee behaviour putting the company at risk perspective. registration costs for external transferred or promoted. Is there a need for technology training because of After all.

community colleges and universities and Saturday. September 1st. Small companies typically select how they would apply it to their workplace. No two ways about it! Programs are available from consulting and training companies.straight lecture. All Rights Reserved. motivating one-day session to the participative one-day skillbuilding workshops and three to five day So. So you can learning to the workplace. mailboxes are usually jammed full of training brochures. An If it is determined training is indeed the answer and effective transfer strategy is to have the employee there is budget available. Otherwise. At this time of year. then an investment in training development programs. supervision. see. managers and strategic planning. ----------------------------------------------------------------communication. 2001 include topics such as leadership. so here are a number of tips to help make a selection. the next question is how to present their learning accomplishments and suggest provide the training. Do the stated program training objectives match training requirements? Will the length of the program provide an adequate learning opportunity? Are there strategies built into the program that will enhance a transfer of learning back to the workplace? What kind of delivery method is being used in the program . Who are some of the former participants? Are there any testimonials? Do the costs of the program reflect the anticipated quality? Once an employee has returned from an off-site training program. the greatest challenge is transferring 106 . group discussions? The best method is a highly participative one in which learners can practise right on the spot. This is often the most neglected aspect of training. must be made.and sometimes travel and accommodation. customer service. finance for non-financial © 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. an external program. There are a huge number of the training program may simply be one more binder training programs in the marketplace. ranging from the gathering dust on a shelf. if a company accepts that employees are indeed its most important asset. case studies. one has to manage that budget pretty carefully. Who is the instructor and what are their specific qualifications? How many participants will be in the program? Smaller programs are more effective.

organizational department. The experience has proven helpful to students professionals. allows a company to quickly glean knowledge about using a number of different mentors. if there is no shadow because it's cloudy. Groundhog Day! Look out the training method that broadens skills and employee window! Is it cloudy? Sunny? flexibility. then it's the employee and employer. job shadowing is a cost-effective financial skills. schools Special assignments or study projects throughout the U. they will participating employees and literally "follow around or learn project and resource planning as they face the shadow" these individuals in their workplace. Some of these include a sure sign we'll get six more weeks of winter. you might have just realized One key value of cross-functional teams is that employee flexibility is indeed critical to business participants meet and work with people from every success. Each strategy teaches numerous skills as outlined Hibernation below. leading edge trends impacting an industry while at the same time providing subtle marketing for your Participants can learn more sophisticated skills in their business. presenting and defending ideas. it's Feb. one Why? Because according to tradition. there are creative solutions that can objectives. takes a cautious step out of its winter hideaway and predicts There are a number of other creative learning and our weather for the next six weeks. leading hoping for a cloudy day and an early spring. Actually. exposed to different viewpoints. participation in a formal mentoring/coaching program. It's said that if he employee development strategies that can benefit both faces a clear sunny day and creates a shadow. Additional skills will be developed in provide benefit to everyone. the students can see first hand some of the specialist skills and develop communication strengths tasks and responsibilities carried out by their chosen as information is shared between colleagues. as an employer. the groundhog wakes up from hibernation. Of course. Students are linked to specialist or multifunctional team. job rotation and can't count on it. but I sure and facilitating team meetings. They learn to view how to create career and job satisfaction along with problems from a broader perspective and become worker flexibility in a world of limited opportunities. On the participation in cross-functional team projects. personalities and Thankfully.S. The value of broader skills will quickly become evident when. in the case of illness. It association is an excellent development activity. Riding on the intrigue of Mr. An shadowing program to help give students a first-hand individual project leader can learn to direct a small look at the work world. problem solving and consensus building. Let's take a lesson from the education system. The employee will develop board leadership own job category or learn completely new skills sets. 107 .Shadow world Employees can learn from the best. events management and For the employer. skills as well as marketing. as they make decisions about career choices. Groundhog's shadow. As well. special other hand. listening. Perhaps you too are just "waking up from hibernation" to realize there's no sure way to predict your career Cross-functional team projects future. Or. As challenge of tight deadlines. are launching a nationwide job Special assignments can be quite exciting. It can be accomplished over a scheduled period of time. External specialist committees Job shadowing is also an excellent way for employees Employee representation in an industry or professional to learn new jobs and skills in their own workplace. assignments or study projects. training others. both parties face the same dilemma . I'm external specialist committees. 2. appointments to then we'll welcome an early spring. Projects also hone observers. today's the day worker can easily replace another. right at work HEY. external mentor. customers or suppliers.

some of the front-line frustrations." Mentors provide observation. and predict the weather. Skills learned include meeting and agenda planning. In other words. Not only will new skills be developed. it's comforting to seek the advice of someone who has "been there. February 2nd. Fortunately. It is often the first step taken prior to tackling external meetings and/or technical training. understand organizational dynamics. In addition. constructive criticism and feedback. a new sense of understanding may also lead to procedural improvements. interpersonal communications. But while the groundhog can predict. agendas were put aside and no progress was made." Just recall a previous meeting when emotions spilled over. if you wish to develop a departmental supervisor. Job rotation Job rotation has long been a development strategy in large businesses and can certainly be applied in small organizations. tempers flared. individual needs analysis. For instance. And what better way to improve presentation skills? Group facilitation Rotating the role of chairperson or group facilitator for team and employee meetings is another effective strategy for developing skills. training increases your technical expertise while developing numerous other skills. No wonder. the groundhog will come out from hibernation. done that. people hate meetings.Technical training It's often said that training someone else is the best way to learn. it can't control the weather. 108 . For instance. and develop strategies for leading change. Their understudies learn to resolve complex problems. develop on-the-job and group learning plans and apply different teaching/training strategies. conflict resolution and consensus building. Formal mentoring program A new supervisor is an excellent candidate for formal mentoring. seek its shadow. then rotating this individual through all the jobs within the department develops a strong understanding of all the tasks and requirements. After all. it's an excellent way to learn job skill assessment. however. the individual experiences first hand. listening. And chairing a meeting isn't just a "piece of cake. Saturday. All Rights Reserved. Today. participatory management. 2002 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. employers and employees can "weather" potential job satisfaction and work flexibility storms by applying creative employee development strategies.

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110 .

must be careful to ensure the goals are truly within the capability and reach of each employee while at the same time providing some challenge. and valued performance appraisals can easily be developed while training for both managers and employees is readily available. But it's important to remember that success will not be found in the choice of performance appraisal tools. They focus on controlling for mistakes and identifying and stopping bad performance. a performance appraisal for more than 15 years despite the fact they've been given several raises. Typically. Goals or performance objectives need to be written in a manner that outlines the required specific results. positive. shop floor is totally disregarded until it becomes a crisis. The cost of employee turnover resulting than objective and observable feedback is nothing from poor leadership among the rank and file on the more than opinion and opinion is often laced with bias. Then again. some however. they somehow believe they need to fix their employees. is the challenge of providing concrete and senior management neglect to pay attention to what got observable feedback. they sit in disbelief as other key accomplishments during the year are totally disregarded. a collaborative and continuous process that encourages self-responsibility and creates a shared understanding between employees and their managers. how they will be measured. Unfortunately. what do you expect? If management Because the performance appraisal process is not just a doesn't care. meetings are set up with such short notice both the manager and employee are ill-prepared for the meeting. They've reeled in emotional anguish as their most recent error is lauded before them. cost. ongoing communication and feedback is critical to success. Worse yet. On occasion. Next. Both have specific responsibilities throughout the process. Employees must take steps to understand what is expected of them. But it doesn't need to be that way. quality. in other words. impact On the other hand. no matter what time of the year performance appraisals come along. For many. I imagine employees won't either. fair Employee progress must be monitored and when they 111 . top-down approach.the most dreaded words in the workplace. I've met employees who haven't had and personal behaviour. A performance appraisal is a joint effort. accuracy. one-time event reserved for business year end. Just ask any employee and I'm sure you'll find someone who has had a bad experience. unfortunately many managers continue to approach the performance appraisal process from the old industrial. They must ask to review the corporate business plan and then work with the manager to determine three to six specific goals that will constitute their contribution. they must identify specific activities for each goal.Performance appraisal Need not be the most dreaded task of the year PERFORMANCE appraisal -. performance review meetings are typically problematic. it is the most anxious moment of the whole year. Finally a timeframe for the achievement must be established. They've been exposed to managers whose observations are inconsistent and subjective. The manager on the other hand. implementation is the key. Because these meetings are often perceived as anxiety-ridden for all parties. But why? Because. and how they fit into larger corporate goals. subjective rather them there. Or. It seems that One of the key difficulties with performance criteria. Well. quantity. They focus on authority and control and disregard employee needs for personal and professional development. rather. they are often scheduled and rescheduled causing even more anxiety and frustration. managers will evaluate employees on such factors as time. as long as the financial numbers are satisfactory. Today.

bring the interview to an end with positive yet firm direction as Providing performance feedback is often delicate to improvements you wish to see in the next meeting. each party sees Performance appraisal is the most dreaded word in the the situation very differently and their views are quite workplace. Invite the employee to give you feedback on your comments and be careful you do not react in a defensive manner. My recommended strategy is to prepare fully ahead of time. 112 . stay calm and begin by describing the employee's behaviour and how it impacts on the organization. If the employee questions or challenges your feedback. positive as possible. This © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. One of the biggest challenges of a performance review interview is staying focused on the facts. even writing the exact script that you want to adhere to. Be certain that you have done your homework. Or in some cases. All Rights Reserved. resource availability has changed which then impacts on the initial timeline that was set. Ensure you maintain positive Saturday. And for many employees. being specific and staying away from a debate about your management comments. work toward a Remembering that the purpose of a feedback meeting mutual understanding and agree with established goals is to improve performance. it can quickly lead to an adversarial relationship which is the most anxious moment of the whole year. 2004 body language otherwise there will be a mismatch ----------------------------------------------------------------between how you look and act and what you say. discuss the issues from a positive perspective. The manager also needs to apply a problem solving approach to the issue by examining if the context of the job has changed such that goals need to be reviewed. communication disconnect alone will jeopardize the entire feedback process. you need to listen as the employee may have a completely different perspective to what you have presented. January 24th. Finally. In some cases. issues and behaviour. because some employees might not even recognize there is a problem. manager and the employee to fully prepare. Use a step-by-step structured approach beginning with specific examples of work accomplishments. but do not expand on any statement or get into an argument about the accuracy of your assessment. otherwise. the strategy is to repeat the comments. numerous times if you have to.get off track. The isn't healthy for the organization let alone the people only way to rectify this anxiety is for both the involved. It is also important to avoid mixing up positive with constructive feedback. There is many an employee who will focus on the positive yet not hear the constructive feedback message you are trying to give. keep your comments as and objectives. leaving each of the participants unhappy if not angry. At this point. the manager needs to provide feedback and concrete guidance. being brief. your team and on yourself as manager. no matter what far apart. If not managed well. Don't get bogged down with trivia and small talk that will distract from the message you want to deliver. you will put the listener on the defensive. each of these situations time of the year performance appraisals come along.

management guru. They often don't have performance. Although the numerical scale gives the While creating or revamping your performance appearance of being effective. many managers are not comfortable with deadly disease that is killing organizations. especially when they have performance are directly linked to the job and are to provide constructive criticism. A leading authority on employee with the forms and the process. some performance appraisal formats do not indicating report cards will be out soon. As well. most performance appraisal formats use discrimination lawsuits arising from non-job related a numerical rating scale. as it is more commonly known. Ed Sherbert of the Society for Human a good understanding how the performance review was Resource Management. In other words. a quality with difficult problems. So in many cases. those dreaded report cards and they just don't satisfactory performance. And of steps management can take in the meantime to of course. conducting the formal performance appraisal interview itself. if many employee implementation guidelines as well as interviewing appraisals are completed within a short timeframe. available to all staff and supervisors. stilted conversations rather than solid objective discussions of expectations. the performance appraisal process.Report card woes Work performance appraisal system fails grade I was driving past a school the other day and saw a sign Secondly. is really a remnant of the old command and control style of working. including: which then creates inconsistency within an Ensuring all job descriptions are up to date and organization. Some appraisal formats are go away! In fact. First. Edward Deming. the lack of explanation appraisal system is time consuming. how it ties into corporate goals and management the worst-managed organizational system objectives. do a good job of linking evaluation ratings to specific job content and fail to define the specific standards for Ahhhh. Many employers don't realize how the lack of training it's more of a punitive process than a employee and poor implementation of the performance appraisal improvement process. as used goals for the future. This often results in interviews that are What's wrong? awkward. However. increase fairness and effectiveness. In today's litigious world. most managers don't like to do appraisals. 113 . goes even further to suggest many of today's performance appraisal processes are really a Fourthly. in many companies today. how it is to be implemented or how to deal in the workplace. misunderstandings or subjective biases. calls employee performance constructed. there are a number actually allows for subjective opinion to creep in. bet is that the ratings and comments will be quite similar. process can put the company at risk. which again increases the chance of subjective opinion. my techniques. There are four additional common problems with Ensuring all work standards or criteria for job performance appraisal systems. a problem arises comments. appraisal may not even be completed or it's done at the Training supervisors on the company philosophy and last minute. Thirdly. or performance appraisal. every manager has his or her own opinion. many businesses neglect to provide training for managers and supervisors so that they are familiar No wonder. in the workplace. successes and First of all. because often no explanation is provided for each level of rating. the measurable and verifiable. most people so generic it is difficult to really make an objective continue to absolutely dread their employee report card judgment of job performance. no business can afford to deal with For instance.

All Rights Reserved. It must become a more comprehensive management process instead of a one-time. revisit them periodically to function within each job? Don't be in a hurry. September 29th. employee's work. this is what will attract and retain loyal employees. Take time to performance appraisal process as well as the guidelines look at your company. Doing a self-assessment and being keenly aware of your own personal biases. In many cases. Ensuring the employee has an opportunity to review the final appraisal and understands the company appeal process. slow down. staying away from any personality based comments. you might realize that it is indeed a "dreaded disease" and you might be tempted to just throw it out and buy a ready-made. Saturday. workplace and economy. retains employees? Review your job descriptions. coaching. 114 . 2001 Being certain to assign the performance appraisal to ----------------------------------------------------------------a supervisor who has direct knowledge of each © 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. This is what will drive success in the future. Assign a senior manager to review the final performance appraisals to confirm selection criteria were applied in a standard manner and that language and comments are accurate and objective. Establishing a timeframe for the completion of the performance appraisal process and ensuring that each employee is granted the time they deserve. Today's businesses are moving beyond the command and control leadership of the past and are continually striving to create a sense of teamwork and synergy between co-workers. Being careful to provide comments that are directly related to specific job related work behaviours. begin ensure they continue to apply as changes occur in the with the basics and then work your way up.Training employees on what to expect during the off-the-shelf process. but. mentoring and employee development needs to integrated throughout. once you read this column and take a quick look at your current appraisal system. But this means the performance appraisal process and its underlying philosophy must change to support this new direction. What is it about your organizational culture that attracts and for appeal. dreaded event. Setting annual goals with employees so they are clear Have you even identified verifiable measures for each about their expectations. Look at your values. Ongoing feedback.

Success seems to Then. but instead employees' performance. we continued to "fix" have more to do with the confidence that management the employee by focusing on their personal off hours. behaviours and situational factors became improving overall performance. As well. workplace diversity and the increase in management. Complaints are commonplace. but I'm truly embarrassed to confess that performance management is considered the worst managed of all human resource functions. Let's face it. This includes ensuring commonplace vocabulary. (management by objectives). MBO ensuring there are effective organizational supports in 115 . Today. some companies such as General Electric have adopted the philosophy that failing to aggressively address the issues of poor performers. Remember. results in prejudicing good performers. So. managers dread performance management and avoid it or are chronically late. are workplace. balanced scorecard and 360 degree (upward employee feedback) systems were proposed.Rating performance rating Right systems make task easier WE often say human resource management systems make organizations more effective. many research studies have identified and proven direct concrete links between employee behaviour and customer satisfaction. Few managers receive training on the corporate performance philosophy let alone the implementation how-to's. and employees have with the implementation process. Researchers then studied the change in work performance management system is your philosophical tasks and focused on skills and competencies. discrimination made management realize there's more to performance than just efficiently completing work One of the first things to challenge when designing a tasks. Rather. Top down management philosophies saw it skeptical and intentionally manipulate the system. as with other social trends. we had better start paying more attention to how we actually implement our human resource It wasn't until the 1980s that accusations of programs. institutional investors are turning their sharp eyes toward valuing the more intangible features of corporations such as employee satisfaction and ethics. it doesn't appear there's one clear. As a result. Few people conflict of interest because it is evaluated on its challenged these basic assumptions. relationship problems and addictions. best choice of performance management methods. I'm sure you know many employees who have wrung their hands in agony as the appraisal interview date crept closer and closer. But no matter how many improvements are made to the performance management systems. problems may Performance management has a long history in the still appear. But simply creating systems and structures without making sure they work isn't enough. The result was a proliferation of employee benefit And with the growing number of concerns regarding plans. but techniques and management systems. they've turned to a forced ranking ABC system. A flurry of new appraisal not only that the employee is doing the right tasks. Every employee has a scary tale to tell. as a way to tighten management control. In many case's. the goal is not about trying to control employees. Performance measures are seen as more subjective than objective if they exist at all. Thus. lawsuits. the global competitive marketplace is creating significant pressure to create and maintain a high performing workforce. Coaching and feedback skills are often left to chance. approach. focused simply on how to improve the forms and rating accuracy. Some people try to beat the system. stop bad Some critics even suggest management has an inherent performance and fix employees. it's about focusing on Traits. Finally. including counseling in areas such as financial older workers. It's not my fault.

most managers will stand tall and confirm their belief that high performers should get higher rewards. 2002. In the view of Jack Welch. that's a goal worth pursuing! teams often only attained superficial agreement on goals while managers struggled with too many Source: Managing Performance. Performance management is known as the worstmanaged function of HR. priorities and therefore couldn't focus. Saturday. showed a key reason people leave their jobs is a Bowes Leadership Group presentations. functional departments and different levels of staff continue to create communication gaps. the study found this reward 116 . Finally. employee satisfaction and investor interest will goal clarity at all levels of the organization. about company goals and objectives. performance management right. On the other Achieving Outstanding Performance hand. Managing Performance. a large international HR consulting the tough decisions and spread their rewards evenly." employee attitudes and translated some of its results into a working paper called. interpret and shape their goals and become motivated toward higher productivity. perceived lack of company direction. January 2002. Now. processes. But at least there's now good evidence to show that if systems are in place Goal clarity and implemented effectively. And it's disappointing to This study identified three key areas that impacted on learn that after all this time. recently completed an in-depth study of "like peanut butter. firm. we still can't get effective performance management. It seems that managers are continuing to avoid making The HayGroup. many incidences were identified where reward policies conflicted with the goals and employees were punished rather than rewarded.place to help make it happen. communication must be a free flow process throughout the whole performance cycle. Jan Kennedy. Top level increase. In fact. But the HayGroup study showed that disconnects in systems. for instance. philosophy is rarely translated into actual practice. revenues. March 2nd. senior consultant with HayGroup. shareholder The Hay study revealed considerable problems with value. the results HayGroup. All Rights Reserved. They recommend that opportunities for intense dialogue be provided so employees can challenge. high performance for an A level employee should translate into salary raises that are two to three times higher than level B employees. front-line workers weren't effectively informed Through a Culture of Dialogue. warns managers not to send mixed messages. 2002 Systems and processes ----------------------------------------------------------------It's all well and good to say that goals and objectives © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. need to be cascaded throughout the organization and clearly communicated to employees. As well. However. former CEO of General Electric. Aligning Rewards Ensuring that rewards are in tune with organizational goals is well understood. However.

it must to deal with employee issues such as interpersonal be delivered in a genuine manner. team conflict and poor performance. or humiliating. it's inevitable that you have had If constructive criticism is to be of any value. blaming and shaming the individual. Moreover. Equally important. Employee performance can also suffer as a result of poor supervision from a poorly trained and skilled supervisor. motivated and they need to see the benefits of new 117 . they need to be provide psychological security for employees. potential. avoid being their work habits or to help someone achieve their full rude.Keep in mind construcchallenged fitting in with their new work environment. it is not punishment.Clearly identify the work or behaviour about which you are concerned and ensure it can indeed be changed. avoiding employee performance problems will only lead to more difficult challenges down the road. tive criticism is feedback. making insulting remarks. how to carry out specific tasks criticism: or are unaware of their work expectations. Be certain to encourage an individual to improve their performance. work. there are times when employees may not have the right skills or simply need more practice. Focus on description . As well. keep your emotions in check. Your On the other hand. however.While providing constructive feedback can be stressful. the ongoing application of constructive criticism will create a work Identify the benefits of change . the better. Poor leadership and.Meeting an employee face-to-face is a more effective approach because your communication cannot be easily misinterpreted. It includes both positive and negative comments in a safe and friendly environment. Employees can also experience personal issues such as substance abuse and challenges with mental or physical health. At all costs. remarks will need to be well thought out and directed to work or behaviour rather than personality or other personal characteristics. provide concrete examples for the individual and specifically describe Constructive criticism is a valuable supervisory tool the desired behaviour and/or work standards required that offers a well-reasoned evaluation of an employee's for satisfactory performance. It also enables you to adjust your language and tone of voice as the discussion continues. Next. poor processes and work flow design as well as inadequate resources. it must focus on the individual's work rather than his or her personality and problems. Take action . employees and management. For instance.Constructing criticism Delivery can be as important as the message IF you're a supervisor. The There are many reasons why these workplace issues following guidelines will help you to create an arise. In some cases. appropriate constructive criticism. employees have been inadequately trained or are Feedback not punishment . Face-to-face interaction . it must provide concrete advice for improvement.Speak calmly and constructive criticism or employee feedback is to deliberately and never sound threatening. The sooner you deal with employee behaviour or work issues. This inappropriate supervisory behaviour is simply a power Constructive criticism can also be a tool that results in trip and only serves to push the employee into a improved interpersonal relationships between defensive mode.People are not going environment that values open communication and will to change for the sake of change. lack of and/or unrealistic standards. The goal of Manage the communication tone . a lack of employee productivity typically consists of inadequate or unclear direction. is the lack of supervisory skill. particularly in the ability to provide ongoing. some employees don't fully effective personal style for delivering constructive understand their duties. employees often experience motivational issues such as a lack of interest in the job or find themselves in a personality conflict with another employee. thus.

2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2004 Winnipeg Free Press." While learning a new skill takes "gunnysacking. Be sure to maintain eye contact and open body language as you listen and communicate. Do not be tempted to overgeneralize the issues by professional development. Constructive Criticism. ." In other words.Most people don't accept criticism well and will quickly move into a defensive mode. BrainyEncyclopedia. anticipate their response and prepare a strategy to deal with it.Being on the receiving end of constructive criticism is one thing. balance your comments and conclude by summarizing your conversation. Discuss current issues and behaviour time you spend focusing on their personal and only. 118 Source: That Pesky Business of Delivering Constructive Criticism.Constructive criticism is much more effective when the discussion takes place close to the behavioural/work incident you wish to describe. Guide the employee toward understanding Using constructive criticism in employee feedback sessions is a powerful strategy for getting employees and acceptance of your behaviour goal. back on the right track and it should be part of every Discuss current issues . Prior to your meeting. Anticipate defensiveness .Once the employee has accepted the criticism and makes attempts to change behaviour or work habits. High Roads Solutions. your goal is positive change through positive reinforcement. Be sure to focus on one behaviour at a time.When conducting your action analysis." "never" or "worst". using terms such as "always. seek out opportunities to catch the individual doing the right thing. This is downright painful and totally inappropriate. Formal or informal approach .behaviour. but at a time when you are cool. determine if the situation simply requires an informal "nip it in the bud" approach or a formal. Seek privacy . if you wait too long. your recollection of the details will be hazy and your comments will lose their meaning and effectiveness. November 13th. Follow up . Time criticisms well . All Rights Reserved. Seek out a private location and speak with the employee individually.com Saturday. Maureen Sanders. Structure the meeting . Be sure not to share your meeting details with other employees.There is nothing more embarrassing than being chastised in front of others. calm and collected rather than over-emotional. documented meeting. On the other hand. Remember.Avoid the old trap of supervisors "toolkit. avoid digging back time and practise. I am confident your employees will into old incidents and dragging them into the current respond favourably because they will appreciate the conversation. take a moment to evaluate the employees' past behaviour during a feedback meeting. but no one likes to be confronted with a string of problems.

title pages volume 1 6/30/05 2:26 PM Page 6 Diversity in Organizations VI 119 .

120 .

doorstep of local businesses. that cultural diversity and understanding cultural social workers. negative stereotypes without even being given a Traditionally. in the last year at least. I think much more attention the fast-growing First Nations' group of candidates and needs to be paid to welcoming. For discrimination and change will only come about instance. accountants. underlying indeed available right here. This raises a number of questions. With new Winnipeg doubling difficult to achieve their original dream. international marketing differences are not only strong competitive strategies. But how can these candidates overcome the hidden and not-soHearing businesses lament about a shortage of skills subtle barriers facing them? Believe me. many immigrants as well as the high level of skills of our highly qualified individuals who could indeed make a local multicultural population. How can talented Today. I have personally met through the initiative of our business leaders. at least in my mind. many significance of its meaning touches us every day. As well. memory of hundreds of thousands of Canadians who lost their lives fighting for our rights and freedoms. Remembrance Day also directs our attention to immigrant professionals get Canadian experience if no the goal of general world peace and security. They are often turned away because their professional credentials are According to Judith Hayes. significant contribution to your company. respecting and add those many other talented individuals who are in recognizing the skills and credentials of new the job market. They know that accredited individuals who are desperately seeking a the growth of technology and globalization has made job. Remembrance Day links us to the chance. many new immigrants as well as local professionals who offer graduate and post graduate Several large local businesses have indeed recognized degrees in a variety of fields. cultural diversity a necessity. but the leadership positions drift away. developing a respectful workplace where individuals made welcome amongst cultural support groups only from diverse cultures happily work together and where to have their high hopes for a job shattered at the employee productivity is high. right at our back door. their Manitoba Lotteries. employment equity initiatives Canadian work experience is deemed to be limited and must be built right into the business plan. one will hire them? How can someone who is a something we Canadians often take for granted. Still others see senior leaders. it's extremely makes me wince because I'm confident the skills are difficult to overcome this persistent. and human resource professionals and MBA they simply make good business sense. director of training for declared inequitable to a Canadian equivalent. Chamber of Commerce data suggesting recruitment of skilled workers is continuing to be a problem for If you couple this immigrant pool of professionals with Manitoba businesses.Are you throwing up barriers? Build employment equity into business plans REMEMBRANCE Day has come and gone. I have met psychologists. many. professional with transferable skills get a job if each industry considers itself so exclusive and unique? And But equally as important. I'm confident you'll find many. cascaded throughout every department their job transfer to bigger centres as key senior and integrated into every business and operational 121 . These businesses also value diversity as a fundamental building block to Immigrants are being lured to our province and city. the how does one overcome negative stereotypes? celebration of Remembrance Day also alerts us to the importance of respecting cultural diversity in our Unfortunately many of these highly talented world and the need for corporations to focus on professionals are subsequently forced into low-paying building a diverse workforce reflective of our jobs simply to pay the rent which then makes it multicultural community. directed by they speak with a slight foreign accent. qualified individuals are being tarnished by broad brush.

If so. Introduce yourself to cultural groups and outreach agencies that can help facilitate contact with qualified workers. selection and promotion. All three corporate leaders have implemented a variety of highly successful programs supportive of Saturday. November 15th.activity. bursaries. In addition. for instance. computer training. Develop and provide training programs for all of your staff. Manitoba Lotteries. Manitoba Hydro. Source: Special thanks to Judith Hayes. and Diane Burelle. Leverage your internal resources by asking employees to help link you with potential candidates and develop partnerships with various associations to increase your candidate reach. Corporations that are bias-free judge culturally diverse candidates by their capabilities and reward individuals for their contributions will soon be known as a great 122 . school academic upgrading. tuition reimbursement and priority consideration for summer employment have all proven to be effective tactics for attracting and retaining multicultural candidates. place to work. scholarships. These have included English ----------------------------------------------------------------Second Language courses. 2003 employment equity. an international customer-care company with 55. Convergys Customer Management Canada Inc. has been committed to employment equity since the early 1980s and is pleased with its results. Is there truly a lack of candidates in the market or does your business create employment barriers that result in systemic discrimination? Perhaps it's time to look at all of your human resource practices and systems to determine if there is indeed discrimination in the area of recruitment. Convergys. Then link up with local companies who are successfully demonstrating that a deliberate.000 employees in 14 countries views cultural diversity as simply a normal part of doing business. Advertise employment opportunities in specific national or regional publications that can reach out to designated groups. Manitoba Hydro. high © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. directed strategy of cultural diversity helps attract and retain highly qualified candidates and affects bottom line profitability. educating and sensitizing employees to the issues of systemic discrimination. All Rights Reserved. Finally. ongoing special events to celebrate multiculturalism help to develop understanding and respect for the different nations represented in a workplace. some companies have found that student summer camps. mentoring and tutoring programs. Joseph Resendes. This reputation in and of itself will serve to attract more candidates to your firm. preplacement training. remove those barriers and modify your practices.

How many of our readers are using flex time. sooo. let's stop right there and take a good objective view of things. the ability to engage in any occupation of choice. this privilege was simply not available. particularly in the U. women's groups are not as you might say. already getting all the jobs!" Well. access to education. training and succession planning? Are you able to survive the skills gaps that'll be created in the very near future? Here are some of the strategies you might use to ensure your company's skills foundation is maintained and nurtured. . Just look over your shoulder and count the number of baby boomers lining up for retirement. part of Women's History the so-called "glass ceiling" still exist? How do female month.Look around you.S. Soon these noble efforts were attributed to However. expectations. female them" approach rather than understanding the value of survey participants stated they were experiencing working together to create a better workplace and a considerable frustration in finding a job that met their better world. But the women's movement has endured and can be proud of its input into many social change accomplishments. a young mother doesn't have to resign her job when she has her baby.. conscious or unconscious in how you recruit and promote people. In fact. people are quickly taking these benefits you? 123 . and Canada. What are you doing about employee recruitment. As one might expect. change didn't come easily. particularly women? Are you only hiring employees that look like Unfortunately. Today for instance. where do we stand today? Is there disparity between women's and men's work experiences? Does International Women's Day." Today in many cases. retention. part time or telecommuting as a way to keep connected with home. March 8 is International Women's Day. Initially compared to their male counterparts? started as a women's rights and peace movement. So. family and work? Just a very short time ago. Other rapid-fire comments I've heard aggressive as they once were. Examine internal stereotyping . the in closing the gender gap and there are indeed areas movement gradually began focusing more on barriers where the experiences of men and women are now to the division of labour and women's success in the coinciding. What about pension contributions. the issue of cruelty to women in Third World countries.The gender gap Women's frustrations should ring alarm bells DO you know what day it is today? for granted and many probably don't realize most of these initiatives were spearheaded by women's groups. traditional measures such as access to jobs and equitable wages suggest some progress has been made In the 1970s. she can take a combination of paid and unpaid maternity leave for up to one year. marriage property rights. do an audit. "Yah. women with higher education and radical feminist politics and were thus dubbed the higher-end "knowledge" jobs appear to experience "women's liberation movement. workplace." Unfortunately this significantly more job quality deficits than their negative labeling created a confrontational "we versus university-educated male counterparts. Is there a bias. instead women are include "What do we need that for?" or "Women are becoming part of the mainstream political process. the UN soon endorsed and sponsored it as a means to raise According to a newly released Canadian report. Fathers wanting a parenting role can take leave as well. has been celebrated in one form or another for knowledge workers look at the new economy more than 90 years and has a very rich history.. equal pay for work of equal value and equal opportunity for all? These employee frustration and quality of work issues should raise alarm bells in the heart of any business owner.

Create general guidelines and "how-to" procedure manuals that will enable business leaders to concentrate their talents on company vision and direction. Reduce hierarchy . Watch for it! Increase communication . coaching. Seek out people with a variety of opinions and viewpoints. both technical and soft skills training. Remember.. insidious and unintended bias creeps into decision making. Graham jobs.High productivity workers. 2003 everyone. commitment and respect is currently falling far short of expectations.Create a multicultural and diverse workforce by reaching out to different communities. If we look back over the years. Canadian Policy Research Network. it's your responsibility to develop trust amongst your employees. flex time.There is nothing worse than mouthing the words. If you want employees to support your goals. Feb. consistency and commitment is key. it's been found that 25 per cent of women receive lower pay. All Rights Reserved. Ensure high commitment .Set up a system and family-friendly workplaces for women employees. However. 21.If you don't already have Making Full Use of the Nation's Human Capital. benefits and security than male counterparts. March 8th. Make sure you have female candidates in the "pipeline" and be careful Source: Men's and Women's Quality of Work in the not to limit these individuals to traditionally female New Canadian Economy. family friendly policies benefit Saturday. Going forward. Oct. employee diversity will help to solidify your role in a global economy. part time or job-sharing. the greatest thing of mentoring. My experience suggests that in most cases communication issues refer to company vision. Hire your employees and then let them do their work. Lowe and Grant Schellenberg. 1996. 2003. we can easily see that we've come a long way in creating high productivity Initiate comprehensive training . strategies as one way to attract and retain female workers. then communicate your passion and develop ongoing commitment through frequent communication.Many companies would quickly say they already have a gender neutral pay structure..Reach out . strategic direction and employee roles and responsibilities. particularly those with a university education. Gender neutral pay structure . Go beyond your usual professional network. ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. This is a key area where subtle. check out these Motion Magazine. developmental assignments and all is that there is a benefit to everyone.One in seven female study participants indicated dissatisfaction with communication in the workplace. Good for Business: Family-friendly policies . but not living up to your commitment and 25 per cent of women feel that 124 . Karen Hughes. want an opportunity to work independently. As business leaders. where professional development can occur through While there's still work to be done.

they get into middle management and they don't go any further. Women frequently find themselves in job roles where they don't have the opportunity to build This imbalance doesn't just apply to the workplace. Old fashioned ideas about 125 . artificial yet very strong barrier or "glass ceiling" that prevents women from receiving promotions despite proven achievements and a well-developed set of professional attributes. this is the time in a woman's worklife Is it prejudice? Or is it simply personal choice? If you where misguided attitudes and stereotypes can put a ask CEOs. I imagine it's hard for many young people to even perceive a world where women's rights were restricted. how many women MPs do their skills. many will say that in today's world there are quick stop to her career. these women women judges? Not enough. there are a larger number of women in front line or mid-level management. But if you ask a woman executive. stereotypes and assumptions about their capabilities continue to hold them back in their careers. are not even considered. more often than not. But is it enough? Are women still disadvantaged in the workplace? Are women able to easily move into positions of power and influence? no longer any obstacles to a woman's career success. It starts right at the apprenticeship or "rookie" level. While the number of women graduating from university and participating in the workforce has increased substantially. it appears that our labour market continues to be segregated by sex as we see the concentration of women in certain types of jobs. but women at this level. for sure. International Women's Day was initially set aside by the United Nations as a day of reflection to assess the challenges that continue to be faced by women in today's society and to celebrate the many successes and advancements already achieved. Who can imagine not being able to vote? Who would accept being required to resign their workplace as soon as they marry or become pregnant? Thankfully the world is full of examples of the gains women have made during the last 30 years. They don't have an opportunity to become you see? Fifty-three women compared to 295 men are a "known entity" amongst the management team and not enough. perhaps unnoticed by many. Actually the glass ceiling doesn't just rise at the middle management gate. Every employee goes through this stage of proving themselves. This is where most of the sexual harassment takes place because of the power differentials between rank and file workers. It seems interest in women's issues has waned and discrimination against women is perceived as an obstacle of bygone days. the less women you will find. These stereotypes and assumptions form a subtle. That is the lack of women in senior executive roles. she'll tell you that in many cases. apprenticeship. creates a system that serves to disadvantage women. But in fact. Unfortunately as well. Yes. but the higher you go in the hierarchy of an organization. accept behaviour that should not be tolerated. Instead. one major problem still remains. International Women's Day. The glass ceiling is made up of management and employee attitudes and beliefs which then get incorporated into internal structures. You will find even less women holding The glass ceiling phenomenon also occurs post positions on various corporate boards of directors. March 8th was a very special day across the world. the glass ceiling concept suggests that women seem to get stuck in a rut. How many women senators? How many when promotional decisions are made.Glass ceiling still exists Have women really come a long way? MARCH 8 has come and gone. of letting others take credit. In other words. any additional credentials or gain any visibility for Look at our government. policies and day-to-day practices and that finally. So what is preventing women from moving into the upper echelons of the work world? Is it discrimination? In addition. corporate leaders look for someone who is more like them.

invisible but powerful wall -. 126 . Competitiveness in a global marketplace requires having the right people at the right time doing the right jobs. February 2004. Smashing through the glass ceiling. judged by a whole new set of rules. and isolated and. Women want to and are capable of playing a larger role in leading organizations. recently released the results of a new study of 353 Fortune 500 companies. therefore.still exists and continues to negatively impact women's careers. But the glass ceiling continues right to the door of the Saturday. As well. with increasingly hard data to support the link between profitability and gender diversity. Now. in many cases. Women who do make it into ----------------------------------------------------------------these senior ranks quickly find themselves quite alone © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. Canadian HR Reporter. Not only that.that intangible. They were able to demonstrate a direct link between corporate performance and gender diversity. All Rights Reserved. ensuring equity of opportunity and moving your company toward becoming a family friendly workplace. March 13th. The group of companies with the largest number of women in senior management had a 36 per cent higher return on investment than other companies in the study.women being too emotional for leadership. Older Women's Network. Dataline. Anne Ronce. or aren't self disciplined enough is just nonsense. Successful firms include successful women. This means recognizing the contributions that women are capable of making. a leading research and advisory organization working to advance women in business. 1998. it seems that women managers are often concentrated in non-operating roles that rarely lead to a senior level position. There are many research studies that have shown women very closely match the leadership qualities of a successful leader in today's world. that women can't make the tough decisions. 2004 senior executive level. iVillage. 1991. Mary-Ann Stephenson. hopefully business leaders will develop a better understanding of the glass ceiling and begin to aggressively remove more of the barriers. these women are often excluded from the male oriented informal social activities and. Power and Decision Making. Sources: The Three Levels of the Glass Ceiling: Sorcerer's Apprentice to Through the Looking Glass. miss out on many discussions and decisions that are often made during these male bonding events. Catalyst. Although much progress has been made for equity in the workplace. the glass ceiling -.

boats and cottages. age and gender allow us to apply a broad range of experience to our work. women's liberation or Greenpeace? Go back through your memorabilia to find those buttons declaring peace or equal rights. home computers and private e-mail addresses. They have grown up on technology. This can be formalized or simply administered informally. the Baby Boomer generation (1942-1947) has thrived on the climb up the corporate ladder where loyalty to work was more important than family. We're fortunate that our mix of cultures. Gen Xers THE only description for today's workplace is diversity. On the other hand.Striking a balance Managers must meet needs of Baby Boomers. the challenge of multi-age workers might not be as hard as you think. Success was measured in job titles. weren't you? The challenge then is to integrate the career and personal needs of your workers so that they are driving your business forward. anti-poverty. (1965 1977) sometimes dubbed Generation X. They are at ease with change and innovation and are more entrepreneurial. Finally. Businesses value and want to retain the Baby Boomers' storehouse of knowledge and experience and they welcome the refreshing new ideas of younger generations. doing aerobics. Baby Boomer values are also changing. Flexible work sites With most employees having a computer at home. It's about what strategy business needs to attract and retain a thriving workforce. Recall your first days at work where you just knew how to solve all the world's problems. to make sure that the program is effectively and fairly managed. They are simplifying their lives by selling the large homes. Intergenerational life values are actually melding and if this is so. You were young once too. One group of workers. Some companies are promoting wholesale 127 . or flexible start and quit times. But today's work world is different. oh. the newer generations. Oh. Finally. accept the value of being loyal to themselves and their family ahead of career. dollars. These folks are fiercely independent and may have taken on a lot of responsibility early in life. They are becoming the "me" generation! On the other hand. The issue is really about values. Individuals now realize job security is all about maintaining a current skillset. houses. cars. The trick is to implement human resource policies that will appeal to both groups. the tasks and the requirements of customer service. With today's technology. but somewhat impatient and they want a job where they will be intellectually challenged. They are optimistic. Y or Screenagers. how each person looks at the world and what career motivators are important to their success. electronics and mass advertisement. Be careful though. Don't you recall your own struggle for a sense of freedom and personal self-direction? Remember how you threw yourself into student politics. Baby Boomers are no longer putting career advancement ahead of personal and family happiness. As a result. Boomers now have personal cell phones. is the intergenerational gap rearing its ugly head again? Let's back up and get this into perspective. Some of the retention and management strategies that are proving successful include: Flexible work time Offering flexible work times will depend on the nature of the job. so they are flocking to educational upgrading programs and computer courses. there is mounting alarm regarding the challenges of managing a younger generation. They are computer literate and typically have more than one university degree. allowing individuals to work at home is often a treat. looking for life meaning and joining alternative religions. they too. There are a number of variations of flextime such as staggered hours or days per week. No business is expected to provide a job guarantee and the corporate ladder has lost several rungs. strategic in their career moves. have their own values and career motivators. cooking and redecorating. They are running the marathon.

Find which method works best Saturday. These days are used at the employee's discretion but are not carried forward to the next fiscal year. but also meets individual worker needs as their families change and evolve. 20 per cent of their salary for five years. they can take one year off. This can also reduce costs for both the employee and employer because many share benefits with their respective spouses. intense and challenging projects that are intellectually stimulating.telecommuting where the individual only comes to the office once in awhile. These can be individual or team projects. On the other hand. In some cases. I believe that we can find creative solutions to retaining and motivating employees of all ages. All Rights Reserved. Choice of health benefits Offering a choice of health benefits is not only more cost effective for businesses. I admit that it is a challenge trying to keep people focused on your business goals while at the same time meeting their individual career ambitions. But if we concentrate on the similarities rather than the differences. many individuals miss the heady action of the workplace and would rather undertake a phased in retirement. 2001 for you. let's say. Sabbaticals While traditionally limited to educational institutions. Retirement phase in/job sharing While the dream of retirement at 55 appeals to some. a sabbatical from work is a nice perk to offer. individuals enjoy being on more than one project at a time. ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. Short. June 30th. At the conclusion of this term. Personal leave days Some companies are offering up to four personal leave days in addition to sick time. 128 . challenging assignments Today's employee is motivated by short. the younger generations value job sharing so that they can spend more time with their children or even continue with an advanced education. Typical plans require an employee to save through the company. Alternative time frames make this program more flexible. but have a definite start and end date. perhaps working three days a week.

title pages volume 1 6/30/05 2:26 PM Page 7 VII Confronting HR Challenges 129 .

130 .

you've got human resource challenges NO matter how small your business. you've got human resource challenges. One big happy family! But how does one go about finding and making a selection of an external HR generalist consultant? On the other hand. systematic strategies and effective administrative systems. members of the Human Resource Association of Manitoba. mistakes in hiring are brushed aside. but also enable internal professionals to often employee issues are dealt with in an ad hoc concentrate on strategic management issues. selecting and retaining the right people. the use of human resource outsourcing. how can a small business afford to deal with their recruiting. Systems are not in place and reductions. Most companies and organizations with fewer than 100 It's anticipated that by 2005. When selecting your HR 131 . manner or not at all. small business human resources can Where should you start? easily be compared to a huge iceberg -. human resource issues? setting the right salary levels for your business. payroll and benefits. Benefits not only include cost firms is often neglected. monitoring and assessing performance and rewarding An increasingly common response to this challenge is employees for good work. some of whom see the role as nothing more functions include the transaction-related areas such as than an "add-on" task and sometimes even a nuisance. brewing Professional Association: Although not legislated to and churning. which means contracting with an external professional to provide All of these human resource functions require some or all of your human resource services. In fact. according to the American HR Association. most would tell provide the remaining human resource generalist me their business was a well-oiled machine and wasn't services is a strong and viable solution. experiencing any human resource problems at all. outsourcing payroll and then If I approached these business owners and inquired contracting with an external HR professional to about their human resource challenges. 85 per cent of companies people do not have human resource managers and will outsource at least one component of the human instead assign the responsibility to a financial resources function. These challenges also mean maintaining the overall well being of a business and ensuring your company is compliant with current they must not be neglected. if you've got maintaining technology and machinery at a state-ofemployees. The association grants a professional Today's business world is fast paced and focused on designation and provides ongoing professional efficiency and effectiveness. they form the core basis And challenges don't simply mean having to deal with of business operations and are instrumental to problem employees. the most common manager. yet companies are also beginning to outsource other functions such as training and The result is that human resource management in small development. Often they don't surface until there's a do so. the-art level. human resource outsourcing is a burgeoning business. no one pays attention to It is anticipated outsourcing human resource functions employee turnover levels and problem employees slip will continue to expand as companies increasingly through the cracks. appropriating the proper allocation of benefit expenses. training is too informal.in other words. the real issues lie just below the water line. recognize the value and return on investment. Currently. individual HR professionals are typically crisis. But what about employees? Employees are a key company resource. So.Pay attention to people If you've got employees. Much attention is paid to development for its members. labour legislation for your province and/or provinces. For small companies.

like your accountants and is many senior human resource professionals. standing of the association. Work Schedule: It is difficult to determine a specific time required for putting in a system. Credentials: Credentials within the profession (Certified Human Resource Professional. Be sure BusinessWeek online." In other words. CHRP) have No matter how small your business. whatever the level of sophistication. but once again. practices and challenges to determine effectiveness. then you've got human resource became nationally recognized and accepted. Professional Fees: Professional fees vary among vendors and much like the accounting profession. The audit enables the professional human resource generalist to gain an understanding of your organizational goals and strategies and will serve to create a framework for identifying and prioritizing all work going forward. Then. if you've got only been in force since 1994 and only recently employees. Experience demonstrates that a company without any human resource systems will require one year of service to put policies and procedures into place and to train management on implementation. And believe me. Experience: The most effective consultant is someone Pamela Babcock. While credentials are preferred. the best legal challenges. for a small business. more frequent allocation of time will have to be made. Contracts can be designed by project or can be purchased through retainer fees on an ongoing basis. although lawyers. July 2004. your consultant can do more than "walk the talk. If you do indeed have current systems. The result challenges. fees 132 . your human resource consultant is worth they are very experienced. ensure he or she is a member in good depend on the level of staff working on the job. broadest range of human resource services. © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. this person needs to Saturday. do not have professional every penny if he or she keeps your organization out of credentials. being offered by your proposed vendor. experience shows that at least two days per month will be needed just to establish the foundation of systems and procedures. July 24th. who is a generalist and who can assist you with the Human Resources Outsourcing Buyers Guide. which isn't much different than your financial audit. builds employee morale and helps approach is to look at the full complement of education you achieve your goals. SHRM. 2004 be very hands on as well as being able to assist with ----------------------------------------------------------------strategic issues. then the audit would consist of employee and management interviews to determine the nature of challenges your organization is facing. if there are any higher level priorities. Human Resource Audit: The best place to begin is to conduct a human resource audit. then the audit will analyse your policies. All Rights Reserved.professional. If you don't have any systems. Source: Slicing off Pieces of HR.

resources. but already overwhelmed and don't have the time. lower productivity and general humorous or practical joke. neglect to establish measurements for human resources or the expertise to deal with HR issues. success is probably have been identified. They provide of marketplace demand. today it passes almost without comfortable with their new job. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. You can have all the managers. I'm told. For instance. quality and production issues. Their professional. Surely it was a joke! Totally disbanding a human resource Turnover Rates department! What happened to the concept "employees Most companies have a wide variety of measurements are your greatest asset?" Front-line managers are for production performance and customer service. no matter what that job notice. Employee replacement employees "by the seat of your pants" just won't work costs can reach three times salary. all of which the HR dependent on your employees." then an HR But I had trouble laughing during April Fool's Day this professional can help. when was the last time you measured and compared the number of resignations No joke. Without policies. year. Did you know it While it was initially a celebratory event that marked takes up to one year for a new employee to feel the start of a new year. how are you tracking and managing the cost of absence in your company? How are you treating short. And managing these manager could assist you with. long way to mitigating this risk. An employee orientation program goes a meant to be just all good fun. but remember. skill shortages. documentation of expectations for employee behaviour Their customer is your company and your employees. So check out your program. employee favoritism can occur just Here are some of the ways in which a human resource as easily as abuse of privileges. Policies are valuable tools for ensuring efforts are directed toward solving the people aspects that everyone is treated equally. resulting in animosity practitioner can assist your business: between groups of employees. and provide a framework for progressive discipline. 133 . But no matter what. Recruitment and Selection Are you aware of the provincial labour laws that apply to interviews and selection? How familiar are you with the prohibited questions you should not be asking your candidates? Is each candidate treated equally? Are you documenting your findings? Do you realize the financial cost of a "wrongful hire" or the costs of a discrimination lawsuit? Absenteeism Management Again in terms of measurement.or long-term absence. If it's simply "learn as you go. we hear children conjuring up an is? In the meantime. the company is at risk for April Fool's Day prank or excitedly repeating a employee error. absenteeism can be a drain on your finances. any more. unauthorized absence or persistent lateness? How many employees are receiving workers compensation and for how many years? Why? What have been the costs to your company? Without tracking statistics and HR intervention. or poor training will business goals you want. failing to effectively manage your employees within your various departments? If you have. On occasion.HR expertise is no joke These pros no ins and outs of touchy staffing situations APRIL Fool's Day has a long history stretching back to Job Orientation and Retention 16th century France. problem will cost you in the long run. HR Policies The work of human resource professionals has moved Lack of HR policies is another area of neglect far beyond "personnel administrator" to becoming commonly found in companies without an HR strategic support to core business processes. Effective new employee orientation is critical to the retention of newly hired employees. it's inefficiency.

if you think your business is too small for a formal HR approach. regardless of whether you have one. legally infested area where great care and caution must be taken. serious side effects and cost implications resulting from neglecting employee well-being and human resource issues. 50 or 100-plus employees. employee termination is a tricky. On and on it goes. Don't be fooled. Saturday. Is it worth the risk? Unfortunately HR is often viewed strictly as overhead without recognition of the many ways that an HR professional intervenes with situations to create higher employee productivity and job satisfaction. So what happens if you don't have documentation to support your decisions? Fighting this battle in court could cost you a lot of money. indeed. or if you believe your front line managers can handle any HR problems. April 5th. then watch out! Because in terms of employment law. And violation of employment laws can carry with it heavy financial penalties. One side effect.Employee Termination Although it doesn't happen often. HR matters are no joke. Can you afford this? Finally. Your goal is to exit the problem employee at the least cost and least disruption to remaining employees. 134 . All Rights Reserved. no time". there is no such thing as too small or "sorry. 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. There are. the spread of employee negativism results in a poisoned work environment.

The minuscule villages of people and personal interactions more hierarchical and "do as I tell you" management all working together to meet stated productivity goals. all for the sake of trust and allowed you to influence others. business process developing your resume or preparing for an interview. people and technique. shared ideas and resources. We've employed convince the interviewer you "have what it takes. And thanks to found that positive. helped others and went the extra mile when needed. evaluated and measured again. strong working relationships. Do what you say and say restructured again. and an inclination to act ago. your key task is to has there been a lack of strategies. But as we've all experienced lately. of thinking and every thing they do and people are seen as an investment rather than simply overhead. I've are actually felt quite quickly. 2. Honesty and integrity. prodded. personal and act very differently from 30. indeed. They operate with flat governance models and are quickly. Conscientious employees Today's surviving companies and organizations look demonstrate a high level of motivation. staring us right in the face. dependability. model no longer applies and so employees who just "put in their time" are no longer welcome. So. companies have what you do is an old motto that still applies. long-term success for both employer and changing challenges. Co-operative team player. no one business and no one country works in isolation. Conscientiousness. well-developed "soft skill technology and instant information. Honesty means being and project teams. competitive. and come fully armed with personal accomplishments in teamwork all with differing levels of success. us. Quality is embedded in every way interviewer envision your conscientiousness. Whereas nobody works also means companies must keep in tune with trends. demonstrate how you've be fast to the market and be flexible. You need to have a good It shouldn't be a surprise to find "soft skills" are all balance of strategy. made improvements and truthful in all your dealings. it sometimes attributes" have proven to be more critical to seems the world's complexities are glaring down upon employee success than technical skills. to date there hasn't been any lack of trying nor or seeking new opportunities. measured. monitored. if you are searching for that first job Frankly. While employees themselves have been the one Explain your experience as a team player or team constant in all of this change and turmoil. there's What then are the characteristics of an ideal employee so much intermingling of goods and services that the for the new workplace? Time and time again when I've impact of global competition and geopolitical forces worked with both corporate and individual clients. it has changed dramatically. established design 1. Find accomplishments that help the technology driven. process improvement initiatives. We've restructured. efficient and effective in the face of such demands and volatility. the impact leader. on what constitutes an ideal employee has not been 135 . if positive working relationships with peers and managers cannot be established and maintained or if The result is that corporations and organizations at the work style doesn't fit into the organizational large are scrambling to keep pace with the ever culture. poked." In total quality management.Soft skill attributes It's important to build positive. Survival 3. been sold. in isolation anymore. re-engineering. In other words. We've each of the nine following success factors. competition and business survival. It's a tough task to stay employee will be elusive. 20 and even 10 years responsibility. supported group goals. In fact. related to building positive. Provide downsized their workforce. And in some cases. merged with examples where your honesty developed interpersonal others or changed their name. strong working relationships CORPORATIONS and organizations are actually constant.

accept criticism and learn from their mistakes are highly valued. 5. No matter how volatile the world around us. Identify your contributions to developing and maintaining a respectful work. Respect for others. religion and cultures. Demonstrate a time when you recognized there was still more to learn. who are also prepared to propose creative solutions. Task and job flexibility. 2003 candidates who are process improvement oriented. Volatile. Employers prefer Saturday. Prove your worth by finding several examples at different levels of complexity. Good communication skills. Success today means sharing knowledge. Even experience resolving a simple problem is evidence of an ability to contribute. roller-coaster emotions are harmful to workplace dynamics and in fact will detract from all other positive attributes. Creative problem solver. ----------------------------------------------------------------those who go beyond simply identifying problems. No doubt today's workplace creates a good deal of stress and so it's important for employees to have a strong sense of emotional balance and an ability to manage short-term stress. but © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. Empathetic listeners who can isolate issues from details. 9. All Rights Reserved. Demonstrate flexibility and you'll be on the path to career security. 8. An attitude of arrogance and superiority will only breed trouble. Manage personal stress. learning a broad range of jobs and skills and striving to be as flexible as possible.4. technical skills are important but the make or break success factors always relate to positive "soft skill attributes. but recognize their personal limitations. 6." So if success is important to you. ask for help appropriately. look for an example of which you are proud. Prove you have an even keel approach to daily work challenges. Employees who can work independently under general guidance. sex. Round this off with well developed written communication skills. Controlling job tasks and job knowledge to increase one's own self importance will only serve to sabotage your career. interpersonal dynamics between employees. volunteer or school environment. Your job and career success will depend on treating everyone with respect. 7. respect opposing opinions and facilitate consensus decisions are highly valued in a team-based environment. Balanced self-confidence. concentrate on developing and maintaining these critical factors and demonstrate them to your current or future employer. May 24th. Today's work teams represent individuals of all ages. Yes. successful companies and organizations still require solid 136 .

And. Review your statistics for absence patterns that point to Absence is defined as employees who reported off a problem employee. A 2001 survey of employee benefits conducted by the So where does one start? American human resources association reported 62 per cent of employers are now offering "paid time off plans" First of all. Interesting enough. companies have to either hire a temporary worker or ask other employees to work overtime. many businesses find that "casual absentees" if there is management style conflict. it's unexpected. Examine absence totals for the entire employees are absent from work. Finally. high absenteeism rates may affect business insurance and workers compensation fees. or Fridays and Mondays. But then again. as you might Then determine if job stress or workload is an issue or expect. it can expect to see significant reduction in extra payroll costs. do not validate their absence with a medical monthly sick days rather than seeing this benefit as certificate. a survey of 1. However. if a company really wants to get serious about its absenteeism rates. absenteeism has been found to be more of a problem in larger rather than smaller companies. This creates unexpected costs as high as 25 per cent of direct salary. you need to take steps to help employees understand that attendance is important. Also be alert to are responsible for 80 per cent of lost days and in most employees who believe they are entitled to take their cases. Be particularly sensitive to serial work for all or part of any given week because of absence such as the day before or after a holiday. have taken quite creative steps to overcome their absenteeism problems. Absenteeism has significant costs for business and the Canadian economy. As well. Interesting enough. many businesses don't do a good job of tracking employee absence and many don't have clear policies on absenteeism. departments are experiencing chronic or excessive you might be surprised to find that seven per cent of absenteeism.Addressing absenteeism Employees taking excessive time off costly to businesses and the economy It's hard to imagine. personal or family responsibilities. company and establish norms for each department as well as your company. establish a notification protocol for reporting an absence and develop methodologies for recording absences if they are not already in place. remaining employee productivity may be affected resulting in project or product delays. Watch for seasonal fluctuations. Provide definitions for excused and unexcused absences. sick leave is hard to manage because by definition. lost sales. Compare these statistics to According to the latest survey from Statistics Canada. Next. this represents a significant increase and translates into an average of 8. For instance. Be sure to include policies relating to the disciplinary process for excessive absenteeism so all employees perceive they are being treated fairly and problems are dealt with consistently. collect some statistics.600 Ontario firms indicated only 17 per cent keep absenteeism data. In addition to paying an employee who isn't working.5 days absence per employee per year. insurance. Identify which which wraps up all paid leave and allows employee to 137 . Canadian norms. but if you stopped to take count. And a decline in morale will certainly become a major problem if the absent employee is a chronic abuser of sick leave. many of these companies. And. Review and/or establish a set of absence management policies. Communicate any identified problems of absenteeism. Innovative programs such as lotteries and contests ranging from sports season tickets to giveaway trucks have also proven successful. customer dissatisfaction and lagging employee morale. or personal reasons such as illness or disability. Absenteeism management strategies include flextime or the ability to make up lost time without penalty or exchange. inform employees of your goals and make every effort to create rewards and incentives that support and value an attendance culture.

or determine why the action plan goals have not been The key to success is to be well prepared. be sure Workforce.manage their time prudently within this framework. there will be times when you must Follow-up and acknowledge any noted improvement address the issues of excessive absenteeism head on. Provide the employee with sufficient notice of your Sources: meeting. redefine the goals if necessary. 138 . Clarify the company's expectation for the employee's attendance. Explain that your goal is to assist the employee to improve attendance. a timeframe and follow-up activities. document. key issues for discussion. Discuss the financial and human costs to the organization resulting from the employees absence pattern. 2002 Develop your goals. Ask the employee to identify what can be done to improve his or her attendance and what steps the company can take to help them. Introduce the purpose of the meeting. review the company policies and present the employee with the summary of absences of concern. Review your presentation for objectiveness. but the problem can be eradicated through a absence record. Programs That Slash Costs and Build Morale. Take steps Confirm the company's resources available to the to build a company culture that rewards employees for their accountability. the employee meeting. thing now. the agenda and your strategy for ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. Schedule the meeting location so you will not be interrupted. As you can expect. met. Prepare for an employee interview by reviewing your policies and procedures and confirming the Absenteeism is a chronic problem for many employers. do someemployee. Don't become a statistic. What Does Absenteeism Cost? How do I address Prepare a summary of the absences and identify the Tardiness? . Saturday. Retooling Absentee Programs bolsters profits.com archives. have another party review your Daltec Occupational Health Services Web page. All Rights Reserved. September 28th. Here are some guidelines to assist you through this challenging task. systematic absence management program. Follow the company policy for disciplinary action should it be necessary. to stick to the facts. Establish a plan of action that includes goals for improvement.

the employee revenues to occupational fraud. alcohol or account. for instance. their employee used a company vehicle to What can be done to avoid employee theft? First of all. smuggle illegal drugs across the border into the United no matter how big your business is. checks and trend analyses especially in the areas of 139 . These employees lack a sense of ethics company time by taking longer lunch and coffee or morality. estimates become. Take steps client. The Association of Certified increases. But most employee theft involves have a total lack of care. as the business and. They may also experience a strong sense of jealousy with respect to an owner's success and lifestyle and What kind of employee theft is occurring? One of the may feel entitled to their "share of the profits. as one well-respected Canadian company experienced. The Retail Council of Canada estimates internal means to balance the scales of the perceived injustice. or the well-dressed professional who sits behind a mahogany desk and drives a fancy car. In this case. then overpaying suppliers." most common types of theft occurs when employees simply think nothing of taking boxes of pens. theft accounts for one-third of all inventory shrinkage and all industry sectors are at risk. I'm sure all of us would dread the thought of following Svend Robinson's careening path of career suicide. Still others suggest employee theft is due to a staplers. they have a low standard of property breaks. these fraud artists are the same employees who show extreme loyalty. it involves selling merchandise or services cross over the line and feel they have no other to friends at a reduced rate or falsifying expense alternative than to steal.Why employees steal From pens and paper to complex fraud. the more dissatisfied an employee will Fraud Examiners (ACFE). take a moment to think about what he did: He stole something that did not belong to him. a flexible concept of honesty or they simply personal errands. accounts. To put it another way. would suggest the most common reason is probably opportunity. detected. asking for a refund gambling problems or who are experiencing a troubled and depositing the money in the special account. more and more employees are sense of unfair treatment or inadequate compensation getting in on the act. Employees who have drug. it's not always the technician on the shop floor who is engaging in employee theft. abuse or white collar rationalizes the theft as "wages in kind" or a personal crime. it's also been suggested employee theft But Robinson is not alone in his attempt to rob a has more to do with motivation. making personal phone calls or running rights. paper. the church and community leader. Who are these "fraud artists?" As many well-known companies have recently found out. they are always at work on time and rarely take a vacation. Or. The result was not only the loss of their major employee theft is indeed a chilling prospect. recognize that States. tape and envelopes for home use or usurping character flaw. But as you observe his career implode and struggle to understand what caused such socially unacceptable behaviour. he robbed a business owner of an Why do employees engage in theft? While many opportunity to make a living. In other words. This could include random spot status border clearance. His stunning fall from grace is only one more example that no one is immune from moral pressures. workers are risking their careers WHILE most of us are certainly wary of making mistakes in judgment at some point in our lives. but they also faced a new restriction on their fast to protect yourself. which in turn increases the potential to engage businesses are losing about six per cent of their in a criminal activity. in fact. In marriage breakup and financial pressures may easily some cases. It's the so called fine upstanding citizen. concern or guilt for what they elaborate and complex schemes that are not easily are doing. Financial pressures are also a well-known cause for This could involve opening another bank chequing employee theft. In many cases.

finally. And. 08/14/2003. In addition to protective structures within your administrative system. Why Employees Commit Fraud. Canada Business Service Centres. it is also wise to pay close attention to employee behaviour. Ensuring background checks and reference contacts for all new employees. London Free Press. 2004 Other tactics include: ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. but engaging in employee theft for any reason will only lead you down the path of career suicide. Write and post a policy on ethical conduct and employee theft. Preventing Theft. Stay on the alert for telltale signs of drug or alcohol abuse such as lateness or sudden absenteeism. 1997. April 24th. Follow through on written policies when theft does occur. 03/22/2004. Saturday. Reduce the opportunity to steal by establishing controls and balances. Whether you are an individual or a business. Watch for sudden changes and improvements in lifestyle or changes in personal demeanour such as moodiness or irritability. your intuition will tell you something is wrong long before the problem surfaces on paper. Enforce a policy that ensures the workplace is limited to employees rather than personal friends. Source: Employee Theft Hurts all in Business. be certain you and your business act as a role model for honesty and integrity. 140 . Issue as few keys as possible and limit access to sensitive areas.expense reimbursement. don't let theft be your downfall. All Rights Reserved. Ellen Goldhar. While white collar crime is often difficult to prove and difficult to accept. invoicing and inventory. Making mistakes in judgment is bound to happen at some point in our lives. Joseph Wells.

The following types of workplace romance are of On one hand. Browne reinforces the notion that employment lawyer points out that our workplace management's role is to hold people to a professional practices are actually quite contradictory to society's standard of conduct. this is a workplace! An additional problem identified through this survey was the fact that a full 72 per cent of respondents did But men and women spend long hours together in the not have any policies in place to deal with a situation workplace. Excitement is everywhere. to meet an interesting person and begin a significant relationship? In other words. In fact.S. Paul Buchanan. sexual harassment claims. decreased morale of fellow workers and complaints of retaliation when the romance ended. While many people are fearful of interfering in a There are definitely supporters for both sides of the personal relationship and are worried about privacy argument. romance at work. Just notice the sparks flying as lovers pass in the hall. there were many outcomes that were not so favourable. yet practise zero-tolerance for sexual expression in the workplace. Day after day they struggle with that might arise. issues. found in a 1998 study that there was definitely reason for concern. there's definitely a thrill when thinking It's not. mores. voice for human resource relationship can be huge. But from a manager's everyone. Management and direct report He further suggests that zero tolerance transforms The most challenging workplace romance is that of a managers into surrogate parents who are thrust into manager and a direct report. enjoy sexual language and imagery. there is sincerely nothing romantic about Browne. a talk show psychologist. And then too. After all. Joy perspective. more recent SHRM challenging projects. the leading U. conflict of interest. all the while learning more about study regarding the role of a human resource manager each other's idiosyncrasies. we are bombarded with. Differences in monitoring employee behaviour and doling out organizational power create much concern regarding penalties. fairness and objectivity and the potential for harassment charges particularly when the The Society for Human Resource Management romance fails. perhaps Dr. tolerate and particular interest. except perhaps the manager's office. Frankly. we can no longer just throw up our hands and say butt out because "romance is personal. that many relationships did indeed result in marriage. managers. states it the best. So what better place than work ignored. Watch for those hushed whispers and secret smiles that permeate the atmosphere. For instance. the issue can no longer be thrown into disrepute. most managers and business She says: "Work is about competence and there is owners simply don't know how to handle it. the nothing about love affairs that has to do with issue of romance in the workplace invokes all kinds of competence." emotions and opinions and is actually quite controversial. but love might still be in the air. Romance in an office has an impact on of any kind of romance. The damage resulting from this type of (SHRM). From another perspective. Although it was noted 141 . a leading U. And a second.Nothing romantic about romance at work Dilemma created for management and fellow workers Valentine's Day may have come and gone. social trends in cases of office romance indicated that in spite of this are quickly changing and the bar scene has now been being a rather sticky subject." For most folks.S. These included complaints of favouritism from co-workers.

From the business perspective. Then make certain they are trained on how to focus on performance and appropriate behaviour and also to deliver the tough messages when they have to. gradually developing casual non-intimate friendships. As you have learned. have some sort of © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. be clear. we all know that banning romantic Workforce. this type of rather than one-way. So what can an employer do? Paul Buchanan. January1998. workplace romance can still be problematic. workplace romance creates a strange set of contradictions. It is also seen as a rather personal and private thing and July 2000. The romance to agree that from a manager's perspective. a sociologist and consultant indicates that while friendships in business are crucial and beneficial. consequences. I have both management and fellow workers. already married. And. 142 . At the very least. are reluctant to intervene.Manager and employee Ensure that your friendships are equal and reciprocal While not in a direct reporting relationship. Find out what the rules are for office romance in your workplace and be sure to continue a focus on your own Co-worker romance A romance between equals is typically considered work productivity. huge liability risks for the business. especially with e-mail be particular concern about the voluntary aspect of the communication. February 16th. the issues are more related to where and when romance takes place as well avoid becoming involved in inappropriate. Dan Yager. unethical relationships and be prepared to accept the as ensuring appropriate behaviour at work. certainly a dilemma for While I'm all for the thrill of loving relationship. Apply a three-year rule to work relationships. Sources: SHRM Office Romance Surveys. you need to evaluate Saturday. All Rights Reserved. relationship. Issues regarding power differentials still exist and there can Never let down your guard. What about the employees? Dr. be fair. including managers. and Love in the Workplace by involvement is ludicrous. then again. Workplace Romance: Words of Wisdom for HR. Don't share too many details about your personal life or business affairs and watch for harmful or destructive relationships. 2002 your organizational culture and then determine what ----------------------------------------------------------------will work for you. treat every employee equally and communicate your expectations to everyone. acceptable except in situations where both parties are If you do become involved in a workplace romance. July 1998. he offers the following words of wisdom: Casual but not close or best friendships are preferable in the worksetting. people. policy that guides managers in this situation. there is situation could be a disaster waiting to happen with sincerely nothing romantic about romance at work. Be practical. In most cases.

participation of co-workers as pallbearers or guards of honour during the service.Recognize that some employees will initially be unproductive. screen daunting task will be made easier by applying the through e-mails and project files and empty drawers of following guidelines: personal effects. Provide grief counselling . the death of a colleague doesn't happen when it's received.Offer the family co-workers.Stay firmly in charge. assistance with funeral arrangements or situation. While you may be sincerely internal contact person who can respond to the concerned about their grief.Some employees may need more support than others. thinking and replaying every detail. Call key stakeholders. so when co-workers say goodnight.In most trauma cases. However. we develop many good collegial relationships and solid friendships. be a role model .Returning to a work employees with the needs of the organization may be routine can have a lot of healing power but it's also a challenging. quickly return them to effective job performance and overall productivity. Don't be afraid to express your own feelings. it's expected they'll be there for each other in the morning. but you must ensure you are bit unnerving to enter the deceased colleague's demonstrating goodwill and genuine caring. Workers are shocked and numb after learning a colleague has passed on. attend a group session and demonstrate a positive example. Balancing the needs of grieving Show respect for the deceased . The closer the collegial relationship. ask people how they are doing. information is scarce yet in high demand. the more co-workers will become preoccupied with the last moments of interaction. it might even seem that many full-time employees spend more time with their co-workers than with their family.When a co-worker dies Positive steps can help staff cope with loss ALTHOUGH we more often think of the workplace as simply the place we do our work. over the years. Reminding co-workers of shared values helps show respect for the deceased and makes 143 . So it's not unusual for these work relationships to become rather significant and when they end in a tragic loss of life. This workspace. "I don't know. Most of us take life for granted. so don't be afraid to say. Providing an on-site counsellor who can offer individual or group sessions enables employees to share their feelings in a safe environment. most organizations fail to appreciate the impact of this kind of loss on Reach out to the family -. so it's important to review and postpone deadlines or reassign work to others less affected by the trauma. that often. the mental strain will take its toll. And soon. Communicate the news to all employees on an individual or small group basis as soon as you can. Work rescheduling . if possible. Assign an grieving employees. it's also a place where we strive to belong. They may feel guilty about an earlier offhanded comment or become angry at the coworker for not having following advice. And. fellow workers grieve right alongside the families. you must also strive to financial and insurance questions that will arise later. Be certain to maintain high visibility for a period of time. In fact. close Leaders must overcome a reluctance to intrude in the organization for the day of the funeral or give someone else's personal pain and take action to assist co-workers time off to attend the funeral. and are ill-prepared to respond to the condolences. Where appropriate. be respected and valued for our contributions. Take the lead. As leader. informing them of the employee loss and negotiate a new timeframe." Be sure to inform employees that every effort is being made to obtain additional information and that it will be shared Thankfully. Communication and information sharing . it's a place where. wondering. just be there for employees. go through work papers or tools.

Be certain to work with employees to recognize that a new team member is not a "replacement. Support informal organizational rituals . rename an annual event. now is the time to review what could be done differently the next time.There are many innovative ways to memorialize a co-worker. Build on strengths of the group .this difficult task easier. United States Office of personnel Management. donate to a charity. Accepting a new employee .The next milestone in the grief process is accepting a new employee. Build on the experience . All Rights Reserved.While the organization may not have been prepared for the death of a co-worker. Encourage the team to support one another. Start a scholarship fund.In many cases. Saturday. No matter when the job is filled. a wall plaque or simply plant a tree. 144 . February 2003. a trauma such as the death of a co-worker serves to bring the remaining team closer together. any new person will be confronted by a sense of resistance by established employees. Ask for employee input and conduct a review." Source: A Manager's Handbook for Handling Traumatic Events. October 4th. create a memorial scrapbook. 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2003 Winnipeg Free Press.

This could include low morale and generally low productivity that may result in increased grievances and high employee turnover. These include the creating of interpersonal conflict. employers and employees alike are becoming more Control rumours in the workplace and more anxious and fearful. recognize that fear and anxiety is just as infectious as the SARS disease itself and must be quickly eradicated. positive messages whenever possible. move into personal survival mode. I believe it's quite a normal response to today's tumultuous world dynamics. Recognize the signs Symptoms of fear and anxiety vary from subtle to extreme. memos. overworking or underperforming and/or projecting blame onto others. but enemy. If you don't business focus. glued to the employees will mirror your reactions to these anxious television. be honest and say so. a new dynamic that can Strangely enough. Share your own personal vulnerabilities but be sure to There just doesn't seem to be any place to hide. creating personal distance by withdrawing from other employees or activities. These include the following: Our adventure as global villagers has also now created a startling new discovery that the dark side of the global economy can burst uninvited into our daily work and home lives with lightning speed. These terrible events are affecting us now. Acknowledge the fear and anxiety and ask people to openly discuss their issues. for instance. they simply react. the potential of world travel adventures and the thrilling experience of working abroad. Second. peace of mind has been shattered. halt employee travel. As also be encouraging and optimistic. rumours are the fastest modes of communication between employees. is causing companies to call workers home. You'll find your individuals. there are many steps one can take to help that of the entire world. have significantly negative effects in the workplace. quarantine returning employees. causing them to lose ensure frequent and open communication. accept that it is the responsibility of the corporation to ensure a safe environment for employees. What can employers do? First of all. despite all efforts otherwise. become have an answer. To overcome this. It doesn't matter whether the fear and information on that subject. People don't e-mails and/or video conferences.Fear and anxiety New dynamic can have significantly negative effects in the workplace SOCIETY'S passage into the 21st century was heralded by exciting opportunities of a global business economy. Denying its existence will only serve to create long-term pain. Acknowledge the existence Although we may not like to think fear and anxiety live among us. we are rendered helpless. listening and watching in disbelief. creating so-called "clean teams" of employees to ensure their company will continue functioning should further catastrophe strike. Everyone. Whether it's panic. ambiguous feeling of vulnerability. but don't 145 . but individuals commonly use four types of survival strategies. Communicate using anxiety result from a concrete threat of layoff or an multiple means including staff meetings. today. Our moments. Be certain messages distinguish the difference. alleviate the situation. desperation or simply good business sense. Acknowledge more competitive and engage in short-term rather than concerns and indicate you are working on providing long-term thinking. Communicate safety and personal control of their lives. cancel business meetings and conferences and postpone business decisions. searching for to all employee groups are consistent. No longer are we personally immune to such far away events as the Iraq war or the fast spreading and deadly disease SARS. Then The sophistication of instant TV replay has brought accept that while the issue of fear and anxiety has international news right into our living rooms helping individual causes and may well result from a faceless us to maintain the pulse of not just our own nation. the SARS scare. you must Fear and anxiety distract individuals. Still others are quickly moving into survival mode.

Ensure awareness of external support Whereas fear and anxiety are individual responses to danger. open-ended questions that invite involvement or challenging questions that focus on new solutions or opportunities. Care Communications. Questions that clarify concerns and raise issues. Navy. Considerable strides can be made to eliminate fear simply by asking a lot of questions. no matter what the issue. If this is not available. emotions. differences that impact communication. The global economy with its opportunities and threats is not going to go away and so we had better learn to deal with both sides of this new business equation. Jan Austin. Jan.mislead people as this will only serve to break Understanding fear and anxiety in the workplace and employee trust in leadership. Be calm at all times. reacquaint yourself with the shop floor.D. RRA. be certain that it is dealt with promptly and communiqués are sent to all concerned as quickly as possible. Gerald Suarez. Demonstrate an interest In any business.. a concern and an 2003. Saturday. Dept. power suits. don't over react to strong W. Arrange for peer support where possible. These individuals would benefit from receiving external support from qualified specialists. It's also important to recognize that the fear and anxiety from one trauma can be quickly compounded by trauma resulting from a leader's actions. interest in individual's fears and personal challenges. there are always power and status Sources: Managing Fear in the Workplace. 2000. actions taken within your business may not alleviate their stress. Leslie Ann Fox. All Rights Reserved. Ph. 1993. remember they are simply trying to determine and gauge their own level of risk. at least provide a list of agencies where they can go for help. Potential at Work. be a good listener and keep a highly visible profile in your organization. Never be threatened by employee questions. the fast spread of the SARS disease is serving to greatly lower employee risk tolerance. possible. 146 . Respond to issues quickly While some might still look at the Iraq war as some sort of distant war game. talk to people. MA. questions that focus on vision and strategy. Therefore. April 19th. Where J. taking preventative measures is a good first place to start. of U. minimize these differences. Remind employees how to access their employee assistance programs. demonstrate empathy. This perceived epidemic is truly seen as more of a threat to our existence and is causing ripples of concern. discard those Projection: Anxiety Flows Downhill. 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------Ask questions © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press.S.

as it safer subject. it can cause severe emotional pain. the issue must be addressed! You because their life view is full of negativity. customer service. anger and can't afford to let malicious gossip fester to the point resentment. I'm sure you'll recognize that deep sense of inadequacy. Try to lead the communicator onto a effective in developing social relationships. strategy is to isolate a targeted individual. If you are not satisfied. you don't know where the knots are and fit in and use gossip as a tool to become "one of the you don't know where it will lead. it is well known that tactic as a means to gain personal power. but desperately want to where to start. the first thing you must do is adopt an open person against another and hopefully turn employees communication model. so. before you repeat a story. when casual conversation turns to the deliberate creation of mean-spirited and malicious rumors or gossip. shut share stories about families or work. derail promotions and destroy careers. Recognizing that gossip is a power and control tactic. where possible. to vindictive. it can turn your workplace upside down. gang" and/or to create their own group of supporters. has said in previous columns: gossip is upcoming holidays. births. work styles and organizational issues. powerlessness and anger investigating and managing malicious gossip is like direct their aggression through verbal abuse or grabbing onto an invisible rope. a leading author on anger management. ruin relationships. Their gossip often results from a lack of information. people's take to heart what the popular newspaper columnist. to gain power and control in an organization.if not. struggling with productivity issues and constantly repairing customer On the other hand. They look at a glass as half empty rather than half full But no matter what. where you are losing good employees. feel the tension. So if you are the recipient of such gossip. so organizational structures and relationships. play one Therefore. the resulting emotional turmoil can create a hostile and poisoned work environment that inevitably impacts on productivity.The rumour mill Malicious gossip has no place in the workplace Let's face it. suggests that people who suffer from a As a manager. can be further than you.. Try to confront the gossiping individual privately to clarify the situation and put a stop to the rumour. ask graduations is often stimulating and exciting. small talk and gossip. you can't really get hold of it and wrestle it to the ground. Sometimes you don't know Gossips are not team players. Those threatened by other's successes turn to this conspiracy From a general perspective. sharing information equally and/or managers against them. weddings. malicious rumours. take personal initiative to help create a positive work environment. people use gossip as a political tool relationships. sometimes called networking. with all employees and being available to answer questions and clarify issues. as people yourself: is it true? Is it fair? Is it necessary. so walk What kind of person engages in malicious gossip? away and stay away from the gossiping employee. up! But. Also keep in mind that gossip about provides an informal way of learning about someone else can easily turn into gossip about you. 147 . promotions or nobody's best friend. On the personal side. Know also that engaging in gossip will not make you one of the gang. On the business side. report the malicious gossip to your boss and ask for an investigation. Lorraine Bilodeau. try to understand the person's motivation and. and the bottom line. Small talk about Ann Landers. make sure it doesn't go any Small talk. people working together eight hours a day But what if you are an employee caught in the are going to engage in casual coffee room crossfire? Remember that no one should be subjected conversations.. destroy self-esteem. While you can see and malicious gossip.

isolate the employee source. When a problem arises. All Rights Reserved. Although you are not a psychologist. First of all. gossip-prone employee just isn't worth it. new company contracts. because someone who has time to stand at another employee's desk for 20 minutes to gossip might well be short of work. have regular group meetings. conduct an investigation. productivity and company profitability with the desire to “fix” your highmaintenance. Working within an environment where gossip and malicious rumours are rampant is absolutely exhausting. At that point. confirm your facts. then outline a progressive disciplinary process that will be taken to address the matter. Believe me. In the meantime. If the problem can be isolated to one person. births. take the initiative to help the individual move out of your organization and on with their career. 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. try to understand the rationale for the employee's actions and determine if you can do something in the workplace to assist the individual to fit in and be productive. So at some point. employee departures and customer compliments. and conduct a verbal disciplinary meeting to outline that malicious gossiping behaviour will not be tolerated.Where possible. the energy expended to balance employee morale. You will need to use a policy and performance-management strategy. send e-mail announcements to all staff to keep them current on staff marriages. 148 . make it clear that hurtful and malicious gossip will simply not be tolerated. But a general approach alone will not prevent a chronic employee gossip from creating and spreading rumours about fellow employees and/or your company success. illnesses. July 28th. it's worth it. Saturday. analyze their workload.

It's about businesses by BDO Dunwoody and COMPASS developing a comprehensive strategy that is embedded Research indicated only 44 per cent had an exit in your business plan. With middle management downsizing during the last What was your answer? If you replied no. baby boomers are discomfort. 149 . Then too. To be talking about succession feels like you're talking about successful. it doesn't take much of a general employee competencies needed to get you change to send a shudder through your customer base. there. it's difficult to retain ambitious young Things happen in the business world too. many companies often haven't prepared career advancement. you need to forecast the leadership and substantial risk. On the Canadian scene. quite as inspired to sacrifice their lifestyle for corporate glory. so why worry?" Better yet. there are fewer of them ready to step into not? Although you've probably experienced a lot of senior leadership shoes. profitability and identify the skills and talents required. Replacing a senior executive isn't so easy. you aren't immortal and you retiring at age 65 or earlier. and it's about developing an strategy and only 24 per cent had selected a successor. examine the age of your employees." or BUSINESS STRATEGY DRIVES SUCCESSION "things are going well. either. things happen. assess your risk for unexpected retirements and plan to fill skills gaps. highly visible involvement and support of the entire management team. Be sure to assess all internal job roles and resulting in a loss of competitiveness. High-productivity employees and top talent are question: "Do you have a personal will?" simply not as readily available as they once were. It's simply so distasteful that it's avoided. event driven by a human resource department. a 1996 study of human resource professionals found that only 40 per But developing a corporate will or succession plan isn't cent of firms had any kind of "corporate will" or just about designating a potential new leader. or mulling over tactics 1. More than 60 every key position in your organization. In fact.Can you replace them? Companies need a succession plan. Also. nor is it colleagues or family where you were confronted by the quick. Don't forget to future growth. Executives and business owners will throw out any of the following: "We're too busy. just like people need a will HAVE you ever been in a room full of friends. Let's face it. have Succession planning must support the corporate you ever heard the comment: "Why focus on the strategic initiatives and be embedded in the strategic negative when the chances of something tragic plan. for unexpected departure of a key executive. the CEO must lead the process and ensure failure.000 small and medium-size entrepreneurial to raid your competitor for top talent. And guess talent who think nothing of using an aggressive what? Just like many individuals without a personal job-change strategy as the most rapid approach to will. why not? There's a multitude of excuses. it's about succession plan that enabled them to deal with the the right skills and the right fit. then why several years. Although there is no standard process. companies without a Once you understand where you are going in your succession plan are also placing their firms at business plan. a recent study of sizing up potential candidates. And it's more per cent failed to have any kind of succession planning than just strutting your stuff on a golf course casually process. After all. the following tips will assist you to Well. overall succession culture. all at the right time. and young people aren't aren't bulletproof. But why is a corporate will or succession plan even an issue? Not unlike the personal tragedy of leaving your FORECAST SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES family in financial difficulty. themselves very well. remember. It's a continuous process rather than an isolated happening are so slim?" For some business leaders. not map an employee succession plan for your future: unlike those you hear from people who don't have a personal will.

After all. © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. You and everyone in your company will benefit. Keep your human resources involved and ensure all management practices are integrated. 2003 employees and identified successors to various ----------------------------------------------------------------positions.a risk no company should want. Strategies typically include mentoring. National Post Mazagine. DEVELOP A SUCCESSION/ EMPLOYEE DATA. spreadsheet or sophisticated succession planning software.IDENTIFY COMPETENCY GAPS Mapping your existing talent pool will ensure you are fully aware of all employee capabilities for both current and future needs. Lack of succession planning is nothing other than a ticking time bomb -. a lack of highly specialized technical staff can derail a successful business as quickly as the departure 150 . So put away your excuses and become a positive rather than a negative statistic. formal training and project-based stretch assignments or on-the-job training. Use a simple colour-code system to identify different stages of readiness and update your records frequently. of a CEO. DEVELOP A SUCCESSION CULTURE Succession planning shouldn't just stop with the top executives -. weaknesses. Don't forget to consult employees to determine if they are indeed interested and committed to progressing to higher levels in their careers or if they are willing to learn entirely new skills and techniques.Shari Caudron. job history. the key is to link information between Saturday. Sept. so it is important to ensure your HR practices such as performance management. June 14th. 1996. compensation and employee development support rather than impede employee retention.it's every manager's responsibility. BASE Succession Planning Suffers From Inattention. Determine how close your employees are to your future requirements and project the need for personal and professional development. Sources: BDO Dunwoody/COMPAS Report on Family Business. All Rights Reserved. The Looming Leadership Crisis. Determine the best learning approach for each employee and be certain that personal initiative and accountability for their own development is integrated into the planning. It doesn't matter whether you use a simplified Excel Workforce Survey. 1999. Develop a summary of strengths. Plan for succession and replacement staffing at all levels. career and leadership training requirements and a history of completed training. REVIEW HR PRACTICES Keeping high-productivity talent is difficult. Workforce. Be sure to consider that one candidate can be viewed as a potential replacement for more than one position. June 2003. coaching. APPLY DEVELOPMENT PLANS Developing employees occurs in many different ways.

manager of occupational health and forced indoors as they search for clean. are also probably already very much isolated and 151 . problems. Well. managers are encouraged to take the following steps: Become sensitive to the employee's current lifestyle and determine how it might impact on the individual's work behaviour. They specifically does not meet company standards. you're wrong. ineffective and unproductive team Waves of cool freshness serve to create a sense of environment and ultimately lower profitability. We all know that people use the power of smell and personal body odour to attract the opposite sex. People are Donna Cuming. then the workplace has no no misunderstanding about the message being given. For instance. Each of us projects a different personal odour and we each have varying sensitivities to the smells around us. It's hard to ostracized from their colleagues and are avoided at all explain but it certainly is distinct. by the time supervisors and managers are made aware of a personal hygiene issue. Dirty clothes. On the other hand. Speak in a matter-of-fact and clear manner so there is As a manager. However. choking smoke from stubble sensitive and can be downright embarrassing. body and the world. But in fact. have poor social interaction skills impacts the development of interpersonal relationships and few if any friends who can provide a reference in the workplace. although personal hygiene issues are highly pleasant. problems thankfully don't occur all that often. it is the fires serves to poison the air and steal the beauty from employer's responsibility to deal with this problem. in offensive body odour. overactive sweat glands and noxious breath from poor dental hygiene are the most common personal body odour is a problem and that they will be embarrassed. Smell can also possibly ruin potential careers. not all smells of fall are so So. another can find offensive. What one finds pleasant. For instance. According to Most of the time. the offending employee and outline how the offending behaviour employee may well be a walking health hazard. every day thoughts and the teaching/learning of personal hygiene. emotions. All of these factors lead to an unfriendly. But while smell is a universal trait. an otherwise spectacular autumn day. we don't even realize the power or Cuming. an employee may have left home at mind. has dealt with personal hygiene issues for more than 16 years. unkempt and Recognize the employee will not be aware that filthy hair. Arrange for a private and confidential meeting with Most of the "smelly" issues related to employees in workplace are due to poor personal hygiene resulting the employee. influence of smells and scents around us.How not to stink the joint out Employees with hygiene problems need help THE smell of fall is definitely in the air. costs by your customers. point. Cuming stresses each and every person must be treated with respect and dignity. most people don't think about how smell can be repulsive and can detract from building positive employee relationships in the workplace. business interfering. you might believe that if personal body odour is indeed personal. but it also greatly currently live alone. Or. they may enjoyment of our surroundings. But no matter what the lifestyle circumstances. it is also very personal. And in most Review any dress code and hygiene policies with the cases. Recognizing that many workplaces do not have on-site nursing and occupational health and safety professionals. fresh air. excitement and expectation about what is soon to come. but when they do other lifestyle factors often play a our sense of smell is actually the interface between our role. safety for Deer Lodge Centre. Smell not only influences a very young age thus missing parental guidance in the our mood.

So. don't expect the employee to provide suggestions. Source: Nipping Nasty Habits. the problem must be dealt with. Edmonton Sun. Who would have believed our sense of smell had such a powerful influence in the workplace? But it does. 2003. If there is any hint of health problems. As a result. All Rights Reserved. Shelly Decker. Conduct a second employee meeting if necessary and follow up as each of the seasons change. Declare that the company will assist the employee to deal with the problem and lay out a plan of action. September 20th.Initially take a coaching approach to the problem. no matter how sensitive or embarrassing it is. © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. ask the employee to visit their physician and return to discuss potential plans for recovery. 152 . Provide a selection of reading material on personal hygiene. many companies are educating their employees about these potential health issues and are developing policies leading to a "scent-free" workplace. It appears that aggressive product marketing and advertising has convinced people the "sweet smell of success" comes from a hefty lathering of perfume and cologne. watery eyes and nausea to breathing difficulties and serious allergic reactions. Cuming points out the fastest growing "smell" issue in today's workplace is the proliferation of perfume and artificial scents. 2003 engaging the employee in understanding how their ----------------------------------------------------------------personal hygiene is offensive to some coworkers. Sensitive reactions range from headaches. Canada Safety Council. March 11. 1999. Perfume in the Workplace. Saturday. Be sure your company has a dress code or hygiene policy in place. If overactive sweat glands are an issue. But with modern fragrances now made out of a multitude of chemicals. if an employee is exhibiting personal hygiene issues. While poor personal hygiene can certainly be an issue. more and more people are reacting negatively to these products. offer to provide additional uniforms.

you're shocked to find that things haven't really changed. Many. the potential for conflict in the workplace is high. If this sounds like you. But whether or not the conflict is between individuals or organizational systems. as you can see. you find the problem didn't really go away and you must still deal with it. you thought a vacation would relieve your stress and help develop some stamina to deal with that old and bothersome employee conflict that's been flaring up for some time. If the conflict involves individuals. costs of employee turnover and the costs resulting from poor decision making. is a critical skill for continued career thing. particularly if although they believe they're talking about the same you are a manager. It's exciting to share those holiday adventures and glistening photographs but oh. Then. September is just around the corner. the costs of conflict in the workplace are high. These situations are often not dealt with and consequently escalate into open conflict. these individuals often feel paralyzed and are fearful of worsening the situation. Because of personal insecurity and lack of skills. Or. accountability. individuals in conflict are actually fighting about entirely different issues So. Additional costs might also include fines and court-awarded decisions such as the recent judgment requiring a company to pay $2. In many cases. Interestingly enough. dealing with conflict. two scenarios typically arise when conflict is experienced in the workplace.6 million to an Individual employees often find themselves with employee who was "hounded" from his job by a differing opinions. But where exactly does workplace conflict come from? Conflict can arise in any of three areas-between individuals. These include costs hidden by wasted employee time and non-productivity. Not that you really believed they would. Still others focus on personally winning the success. but you were certainly hoping. And it seems that now your vacation is over. Even the newspaper ads are already touting their back-to-school sales. they often blame the organizational systems while on the other hand management will typically blame an individual. employees may simply dislike one another's work approach or perspective or become angered over irritating events such as missing deadlines. But where can one turn to acquire this training? 153 . within the organization structure and within the organization culture. or whether or not it is explosive or insidious. a company's shared values and norms on the other hand. professional mediators and instructors with Mediation Services in Winnipeg. supervisors and managers lack the self-confidence to deal with workplace conflict and simply hope it'll magically disappear. you aren't alone. the actual problem itself. Now as uncomfortable as it is. many employees. according to Greg Barrett and Janet Schmidt. After all. may be responsible for actually sanctioning counter-productive behaviour. believe me. They are unable to clearly assess the situation or separate the problem from their own emotions. How can that be? Where does time go? Then interestingly enough. resentment and generally bad feelings. following just one week back on the job. As you can see. decision-making practices and task or departmental interdependencies. each other.Conflict resolution solution Mediation Services offers courses to deal with discord in the workplace IT'S mid-August and many employees have concluded argument at the other's expense rather than focusing on their vacation and are slowly returning to work. The result is poisoned work relationships and perhaps a poisoned work culture. they let things linger to such an extent that tension increases and may indeed become intolerable. Organizational culture. those first few days back are hard. Organization structure can also cause conflicts over roles and responsibilities. feelings and ideas that contradict manager.

" This special course offers an opportunity to return to Mediation Services to sharpen skills that have already been developed. Our organizations are all about people working together and so some level of conflict is inevitable. and Greg Barrett. informal mediation for managers. neighbours. dealing with bullies in the workplace. Originally started as a mediator training source for Manitoba's victim offender program. controlling. All of the courses are skills based and utilize interactive exercises and role plays. not-for-profit agency. August 23rd. hits right at the heart of challenges experienced by every manager. Mediation Services has now expanded to provide conflict resolution and mediation services to assist families. Saturday. Courses in this program include building respectful workplaces. navigating through conflict. Mediation Services has also packaged several of its programs into an organizational leadership specialization. More importantly. mediation or organizational leadership. work style and personal strengths and weaknesses. delivering difficult feedback. 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. Source: Janet Schmidt. wants and desires and to develop positive resolution strategies rather than those old standby tactics of manipulating. One course. for Mediation Services and published brochures. Registrants can now choose to complete one or three certificates in conflict resolution. All Rights Reserved.One of the leading local resources for conflict management training is Mediation Services. badgering or becoming angry and aggressive. but are not well used. a 25-yearold. 154 . community groups and workplaces.. the course provides the learner with a framework for examining and screening each conflict situation and determining the best approach to resolve the issue. But working together also means developing relationships and valuing one another's opinions.. Taking a conflict management course will help you to recognize people's needs. communication at work. Training administrator. The one-day course teaches participants how to describe problematic behaviour without personal judgment and how to give clear and concise feedback. Mediation Services also has an extensive variety of courses and programs that are applicable to both one's personal or professional life. for instance. polarity management and a one-day course called "use'em or lose'em. program co-coordinator. how to provide difficult feedback to an under-performing employee. consensus decision making.

English. After our recent fabulous weather. While it can result from a single severe incident. I don't want to believe it and it makes equality. March. as well as the general backlash to affirmative action for women in the workplace. is celebrated around the world in individual suits are being awarded. toward equality in the work world. Just as we step into the month of was simply a sign of the times. But today I can laugh at myself when I see the Women's Day symbolic blue dove sticker glued to the inside of my sewing box. that's an can't vote or are dismissed from work because of old high school ghost. the "bra burner" or "women's libber" name calling. like Julius Caesar. It can become so severe and pervasive that a work environment changes to becoming an intimidating. I'm not even sure people realize there workplace. women me angry. Imagine. social and workplace rights. it occurs over a long period of time. the inside! You see. most women will brush it aside and give things another chance. I'm not sure people today think much about won't face my struggles and barriers. justice and peace. the phrase "the Ides of March. I remember screaming out in anger when required to present a confidential divorce document in order to revert to my maiden name. why aren't women standing up and screaming? First of all.Take up the struggle Workplace sexual harassment traumatizes women It always happens. I was there and I define sexual harassment. emotional abuse and other humiliating mechanisms to keep the woman in her place. Despite the fact sexual harassment is illegal. Starting in 1909. Sadly. sexual harassment recognition of at least nine decades of struggle for is still a reality. They wouldn't accept a world something bad happen because. And between 1960 and 1980. I want to celebrate because I'm thrilled young women Actually. So. in some cases. too. Women's rights have recall a vicious March blizzard that trapped us indoors indeed come a long way. Today people can't imagine a world where women First. I wake up with three thoughts on my mind. But the sweet working women or even understand and recognize the taste of success is tainted by the knowledge that numerous accomplishments made on behalf of women are still being sexually harassed in the women's rights. but it makes me wonder will marriage or pregnancy. commemorated by the huge financial settlements from class action and United Nations. abortions. If the situation represents an isolated incident. I didn't want my spouse to know what I was up to! It Victims face coercion. I always daycare or workplace equity. parental leave. and didn't listen to some good advice? Secondly. in most cases. I remember parading on Memorial Boulevard and shaking in my shoes while making my first presentation at the legislature. but in plain and simple fought hard. that well written company policies sit on the books and that International Women's Day." Wow. sexual harassment is violence against women. are still some important gains to be made and that's sad. And women Thirdly. Career development plans for several days. sexual harassment is quite complex and ranges from being very subtle to being outwardly aggressive. took to the streets to assert women's political. the The Canada Labour Code goes to great lengths to women's movement really heated up. there was backlash in families. manipulation. And I remember society's resistance. I and family friendly policies encourage women to take wonder if our payback will be another giant storm. I without birth control. I recall International Women's Day (March 8) are excelling in professions that were traditionally and the struggles women have endured as we move male oriented. their rightful place at the leadership table. hostile and offensive place to be. 155 .

according to Ms. bring friends along for protection.They will simply adopt the "don't make a mountain out Saturday. All Rights Reserved. 156 . The victim feels emotionally hurt. She is labeled emotionally unstable or a troublemaker who is using the sexual harassment policy to combat the performance problem. even as we celebrate International Women's Day. Regretfully. Don't suffer silently. They will initially seek to avoid any contact. Status of Women Canada-International Women's Day/Week. protest. and Ms. 2002 of a molehill philosophy. © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. her work performance will have suffered and she may then be revictimized. she says the harasser. 2) they will be ridiculed or laughed at. this is still a fact today. found the three most common fears preventing victims from coming forward is: 1) they won't be believed. Thelma Lussier. director of the Office of Institutional Analysis." After all. March 9th. report and eradicate it from the workplace. she is often emotionally distraught. one of the leading experts in sexual harassment in Canada. And. Sources: HRDC Pamphlet 12-Sexual Harassment. and 3) they will be made to pay a price through employer reprisal for coming forward. longer-term sexual harassment creeps up on a person. the harassment begins to escalate. they don't want to ----------------------------------------------------------------jeopardize working relationships. or ask for a transfer before they formally complain. Guidelines for the Elimination of Sexual Harassment. So. become very overt and more frequent. MacKenzie. As well. I invite everyone to take up the struggle once again. Unfortunately by the time a victim decides to report the harassment. insecure and even fearful. may merely be reprimanded or allowed to quietly resign. On the other hand. Initially discounted or brushed off as good natured fun. some women are continuing to face a daily war of sexual harassment in the workplace. on the other hand. has lost all her self-esteem and is fearful of her job. U of M author interview. Further. embarrassed. The question is which comes first? A 1988 University of Manitoba study conducted by Marilyn Mackenzie.

In fact. Bullying behaviour and second. take decisive action to deal with any bullying issues that are identified and then put policies What does bullying behaviour look like? Typically. both today and tomorrow. emotional abuse. this is discouraging inconsistently and unjustifiably changing work news. especially those who are jealous According to a leading human resource journal. 157 Bullies toxic . abuse of power that undermines self-confidence and employers aren't amateur psychologists and shouldn't causes stress. Or they set an employee up to fail by overloading them with work. Unfortunately though. It almost seems poor interpersonal relationships. swearing or ridiculing. extend to the workplace. Finally. employee the deliberate. it is also how it affects employees and the work environment. it is not well documented. First. a psychotherapist and leading community is important. studies from the United States and the United spite of using more verbal techniques. public humiliation or sabotaging of cultivating a healthy surrounding doesn't always achievements. over. chronic unjustified criticism. It's a problem because it affects now.If they're in your workplace. But judging from the e-mails I receive. berating. workplace bullies aren't differentiated unhealthy workplaces today is the issue of bullying. the or are threatened by their colleague's abilities and/or most insidious and destructive problem creating success. But why is this a problem for the workplace? Surely it's just a situation of people being too sensitive. Kingdom estimate that one in five workers is regularly abused through workplace bullying. the most tolerated of all workplace behaviour. indeed seem to be a problem. it and procedures in place to manage any future situations. they're hurting other employees and the company's bottom line Spring has finally arrived and gardeners are out in full comes from a boss to a subordinate in the form of force. But there is a leave physical evidence. So what is going on? What can we do about it? But workplace bullying is not limited to bosses. and responsibility to deal with the exhibiting behaviour and since it rarely erupts into open confrontation. Still others refer to it as harassment. one person by another. It includes yelling. It's a problem because your company's reputation in the Dr. continual and trivial faultfinding. non-productivity. You'll be surprised. Because workplace bullying doesn't be expected to "fix" people's psyche. this sense of excitement about intimidation. And up until and healthy place to be. For an optimist such as myself. targeted aggression or But what can be done about this? First and foremost. Or This has certainly shattered any illusions of perhaps it's just a matter of personality conflicts or organizational harmony that I've had. isolation. learn to recognize the signs of a toxic workplace. Ruth Namie. a significantly increasing problem. exclusion and gossip. repeated and hurtful mistreatment of sabotage and medical leaves. Growth and a sense of "newness" are taking verbal or emotional abuse. that those young sandbox bullies (male and female) grow up. Do the arithmetic: Add up the researcher in the field. it does responsibilities and even cancelling holiday schedules. Women can be equally as vicious as men in fact. It can also come from peers. In by gender. trade in their cute little shorts for fancy No! It's a problem because it's the responsibility of business suits and a slick hairdo and continue to apply every company to provide a workplace that is a safe aggression to ensure their career success. it seems to have worked! your bottom line. statistics are beginning to show that some workplaces are becoming But the workplace bully can also be the silent snake in quite toxic and that mental-health issues are becoming the grass who cruelly bullies through manipulation. describes workplace bullying as costs from absenteeism.

This has several different but integrated strategies that include developing a culture of support. Bullies in the Workplace. 2002 Finally. Once urgent issues have been dealt with. If one individual is indeed isolated and confirmed as a bully. Ask employees to describe to take considerable time and patience. Women at Work: Campaign Against Workplace What about your employee relationships? Are there Bullying.find out growing a healthy. Increase communication with employees through frequent progress reports so they are confident you are indeed doing something about the issues they have raised. implementing 158 . in HR Magazine 1999. Begin with an intervention strategy that enables you to thoroughly identify the problem. Gary and Ruth Namie. Retain the services of an external facilitator to conduct an assessment. disrespect? Or are people working in fearful silence? Saturday. yelling and general signs of by Drs. Reach out for what are called the "quick wins". no matter your culture.your business can't afford it. Use face-to-face interviews and focus groups to get to the bottom of the issues. once you begin don't stop. Eradicating a toxic environment and cultivating and Have a third party conduct exit interviews -. extensive management and employee training and recognizing the symptoms of a toxic workplace is easy. designing and implementing appropriate policies and procedures. But recognizing a toxic workplace is one thing. Your business and macho image. Physically move them or terminate if this is the last resort. problems that are fairly easy to resolve.M. Look at your processes and systems -. All Rights Reserved. Sources: Lurking in the Shadows. reputation are at stake. high-performing workplace is going why people are leaving. frequent arguments. Watch for signs of frustration and a general sense of disgruntlement. If you are living by the old-fashioned what.Once you are aware of workplace bullying. then deal with it immediately. your words? If not. Constantly check your turnover rates. fixing it is another. Yandrick. then bullying is probably in your midst. But don't delay -. I can bet that bullying is present.are they rigid and controlling? Are you a micromanager? Are employees trusted? Control issues often lead to bullying behaviour. May 25th.and long-term plan. by Jo Goecke. have a high profile and will help to quickly build the confidence of the organization. who is the role model? Look at yourself and ----------------------------------------------------------------your management team: Does your behaviour match © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. develop both an overall short. Then begin to build a strong prevention program. But. by R.

study shows LAST week. For Two-Headed Snake. instead of using the organizational hierarchy to abuse their targets. stop at only one target. but often torment small groups staff are often accused of wrongdoing. co-author of The Bully At Work. in most cases. aggressive eye contact and physical body As well. are assigned unreasonable work demands or accomplish their bullying. closed-door meetings. often overdressing and using seductive behaviour with male colleagues to win them to her side. the bully may be threatened by another This female bully exhibits a dishonest and indirect woman's competence. Constant Critic. the bully next management level or stealing credit for their may simply target an individual because of the ease of work. They abuse their power and deliberately select an individual upon whom to target a focused and unrelenting battery of psychological and emotional abuse. women who are bullied face a 70 per cent chance of losing their job. the bully typically adopts a number of strategies to accomplish her goal. superior skills. Gary Namie. with insults. however. opportunistic. So it pains me deeply to share with you some recent findings that showed that many women who have made it. She lies co-workers or important customers. these female bullies use a combination of social network and more subtle means of delivering their abuse. If this is truly the case. Not only that. gentler and more nurturing work environment supportive of the advancement of other women might be nothing more than a pipe dream. this bully is running over a non-confrontational person. The survey went on to suggest that once targeted. More startling. Namie's four types of female bullies Dr. this column drew attention to the lack of progress experienced by women in reaching the senior levels of executive management. 159 .Women bullying women It's happening more and more in the workplace. While there are many proposed reasons for bullying someone. While totally lacking in integrity. independence. so to speak. blamed for of other women and use the peer social network to errors. deadlines and face intensive cross-examination when completed work is presented for review. It also referred to recent studies that demonstrated a correlation between an increase in bottom-line profit and the number of women in leadership. interpersonal style that consists of phoney friendliness growing reputation or their relationship with other while at the same time sabotaging her target. are also perceived as outright bullies in the workplace. was the fact 58 per cent of all bullies are While management may admire this bully for her themselves women. instance. found in his study that 86 per cent of all individuals being targeted for bullying are women. to say the least. her staff is confronted daily figure. personal isolation and oversupervision. belittling comments and personal criticisms. e-mail. These bullies demonstrate an unconscionable meanness toward a targeted female colleague. A disappointing and disheartening department's productivity. As well. Namie suggests that four general types of female bullies exist. Namie's survey found female bullies in all types of organizations. include the following: president of the Workplace Bullying & Trauma Institute and a leading researcher in the field. Unfortunately. then it seems the hope of a woman's influence in creating a kinder. such as the telephone. the survey also suggested nothing was done to the perpetrators and the bullying ended only when the targets quit or were terminated. While it is difficult to categorize a bully. it was determined that female bullies don't just language that outwardly displays discontent. female bullies were perceived to choose their targets mainly because of their own insecurities. and discovered bullying behaviour continued for an average of 23 months. including small business. outright and has no problem trashing her victim at the since most women don't like confrontation. However. On the other hand.

it needs to act now. Unless you are willing to spend the time. Gary Namie. And it doesn't stop at the targeted employees. productivity and personal happiness. It is indeed disappointing to learn about the increase of female bullies in the workplace. It is sometimes suggested that bullying in the workplace is like domestic abuse. Diligently conduct fact-finding. it must be dealt with. excluding them from the communication loop or refusing to provide the appropriate resources. All Rights Reserved. finally. While also a control freak. Dr. PhD. In addition. It destroys people. Dr. because the cost of other employee turnover will probably be much higher than the cost of your bully. pointing fingers. their health and well-being. She always has to be "one up" on you. or by threatening one's personal space. 160 . It is a silent killer. it's better to use a quick surgical strike to rid your organization of such blight. keeping in mind that bullies are usually repeat offenders. you will all be better for it. Source: The WBTE 2003 Report on Abusive Workplaces. the result is a poisonous work environment that contributes to low morale and low overall productivity. is an outright abuse of power and cannot be tolerated.Gatekeeper. It is a silent cancer eating away at workplace productivity. consider whether you can afford to retain a bully on staff. denying privileges or failing to return your phone calls. She not only discounts contributions made by a target. Guaranteed. She makes every effort to isolate her target with the silent treatment. 2000. Onlookers are also affected. making new rules. While some companies fear being sued for sexual harassment by the tyrant herself. this bully may deny training and/or the time to succeed. March 20th. but bullying. Control is an absolute for this type of bully. But an organization can't wait until an employee reaches out and complains or until the abuse is identified through absenteeism or health problems. Bully Types and Tactics and Long-term Goals for Employers to Deal with Bullies. it's pretty hard to find protection. All in all. this should not be a deterrent. Confront the aggressor and outline the consequences and separate the perpetrator from the target rather than forcing them to participate in a dispute-resolution process. When an employee is in the middle of a hostile workplace. energy and money to reprogram your bully. but makes every effort to interrupt or challenge them in public. She is insensitive to the needs of others and creates a poisonous workplace through temper tantrums and angry outbursts. this bully rules by fear and intimidation. whether perpetrated by a man or woman. Screaming Mimi. 2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. Create a policy that prohibits any kind of harassment or destructive conduct and. Gary Namie. morale and profitability. October 2003. Bullying by women against other women is on the increase and as a growing employment issue. Saturday. She is physically aggressive. slamming her hand.

The article obviously struck a chord with readers. guilt and fear as their weapons. Next. one individual was struggling to prove a dysfunctional workplace in order to qualify for employment insurance and one was on stress leave for depression. was forbidden to speak to others and was confronted with increasingly negative performance reviews. In most of these cases. they are clever and they are good liars. Some sought out personal counseling. she began to be accused of a poor attitude and an inability to be a team player. the readers suffered some sort of health problems from the overwhelming stress created by these situations. it is usually very hard to prove." workplace issue. many of whom had never before responded to a newspaper article and many who were at their "wits end". One individual described her pride as a team player with good co-worker relations. Take time to learn as much as you can about bullying 161 . all of them had experienced bullying and many were still in the process of tackling this challenge. Some women were stunned with the seemingly sudden turn of events after being introduced to a new female manager. According to Tim Field. with some even bordering on a the problem!" sociopathic mindset. were well educated." use shame. Bullies have a dysfunctional personality. while one individual was planning to change occupations in hopes that she won't encounter bullying again. She couldn't understand why all of a sudden and without concrete evidence." sanity and self-worth. It didn't seem to matter where these women worked or what occupational role they held. That is. So it's no wonder you take the criticisms personally and begin to question your own "It didn't pay to be a whistleblower. Her head was spinning as accusations flew without any opportunity to challenge what was being said. an expert in the field. However. Many of these women were or had served in senior management roles. until they met their female bully! And then their world fell apart. she was directed not to ever leave her desk. point where leaving is preferable to enduring another While bullying is slowly gaining credibility as a day of misery.Women and bullying II The topic obviously strikes a chord Our usual practice at the end of every month has been to provide a question and answer column. getting control of your emotional and the target) have a great fear of sticking their neck responses and taking action. "This has been one of the most difficult experiences of my life and I continue to have many struggles. Still others had already been fired or had voluntarily resigned.Bullies are control freaks who fear of suffering repercussions." A common theme among these readers was the great fear of coming forward with their accusations and "No male co-worker has ever harassed me to the confusion about what to do and where to go for help. Here is some of what was said: Many of the readers struggled with the question of why they were targeted and could not find an explanation. Here are a few tips that out. one day they had been successful and happy in their job roles and the next. their lives were being turned upside down. articulate and considered themselves socially confident. So solutions require a combination of understanding what "Bullying continues because everyone (bystanders bullying is all about. bullies are very "How can I go to management with this issue? She's manipulative. this month we are setting this practice aside so that you can hear from the many women who sent e-mails to the column editor in response to the earlier article on women and bullying. job tasks were removed." might be helpful: "My co-workers and I can't go to management for Know your enemy .

Then step ----------------------------------------------------------------back and look at the journal objectively and make a © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. but don't leave without a severance package. Inform the HR department . Find out what the formal steps are for your complaint process and use them. gather up all copies of memos. Document. e-mails. you is being investigated. When your employer expresses disbelief. Tim Field. it might spreads throughout the organization and creates a be some time before you even realize you are being destructive environment. Seek professional help . ask for clarification of what their expectations are. But it will continue to spread bullied. document . bosses have the right to direct you in your daily work. but rather an accumulation of smaller A bullying environment is much like a cancer. If you are afraid to go alone. Work with an experienced professional who can confirm and validate your experience and give you advice on how to proceed. After all. Look for trends in both your Saturday. document. a daily journal to not only record the incidents but also your emotional responses. it is a matter of self-protection. It is important for you to seek outside counseling through your employee assistance service or a private service provider. Bullyonline. bring along an advocate.While not every organization has a formal HR department. As well. When you receive an unjustified allegation. if something isn't done.Bullying is typically not a one-time event. to assist you to extricate yourself from the situation. April 3rd. author and constantly placed in a "no-win" situation. because if you don't have written proof. Keep a daily journal . While this is cumbersome. In fact. Start keeping manager of the web page. seek legal action cannot deal with a bully by yourself. letters and make notes of meetings with your bully as well as any meetings with your HR manager. it incidents over a longer period of time. the bully will deny everything.to help put things into perspective. give them a copy of your evidence and ask for action within a stated timeframe. If the situation is unbearable and you don't think you can stay one minute longer. As a last resort. But remember. But strong feelings of frustration. Source: How to deal with workplace bullying and how confusion and anxiety will soon surface once you are to tackle bullying at work.At the same time you are keeping your journal. 2004 own behaviour as well as that of your bully. ask the bully to substantiate the criticism in writing by providing specific examples. someone is assigned to manage HR issues. particularly if your boss is the perpetrator. All Rights Reserved. request a leave of absence with pay while the situation 162 . sharing concerns with a co-worker might also result in further isolation as each individual goes into personal job survival mode. decision to seek help.While you might initially feel better.

Offer a lunch and trauma of job loss. and in some more challenging situations.While many prepare themselves for some psychological fallout employees are somewhat aware of the supportive from the trauma of all these recent events. Still other families have seen their loved ones suffer through the Invest in employee resiliency . Encourage them to seek help a trigger to deep memories of devastating past losses. heart attacks or vehicular accidents. illness. talk about their psychological trauma can also be created by the lack of concentration. make an Thus returning to the workplace and meeting all the appointment with them and arrange for a buddy to challenges of the fast-paced business world could accompany them to their first appointment. We are desperate families and relatives between moving ahead and falling back. most will not have used matter whether you've experienced a first-hand. loss of creativity and weakening of interpersonal capabilities. Speak to employees individually. seeking loved ones.Take time out to meet with supervisors and other team leaders to discuss the impact of trauma on your employees. we now clearly Post a graphic display of the grief/change management understand that Canadians are not just distant model to help people understand it is normal to waiver observers. so. I am expecting many more people to arrive symptoms and emotions that might arise. If this is the case. my chest is tight. "How can this be?" Make stress symptoms known to everyone . As with the terrorist attacks of September 11. my the criticality of the situation. Then to manage your own stress level. unfortunately. the resource before and may well be embarrassed to do eyewitness account of an immediate catastrophe. have direct connections to the cataclysmic tsunami. learn session for your workplace on the impact of trauma on individuals and include strategies for personal So. yet at symptoms include disbelief. I feel as though I've been swept up in a magic carpet. the reality of a truly global world. quickly become overwhelming for many employees. Make them understand My breath has been taken away. to can they do? vent. Make certain everyone realizes stress the most devastating natural disasters of all time. It doesn't resources available to them. what can employers watch for and what Encourage communication . to share their feelings and to compare events. 163 . so far away. Validate in the New Year workplace with some kind of personal feelings and be as encouraging and supportive emotional trauma at hand. a concerted effort to be positive than first expected. Need for tolerance .Learn to manage trauma Prepare for psychological fallout from global and personal tragedy IT'S a bright and sunny day as I write this article. lack of sleep. shock and anger and that the same time. it also serves as another stark lesson in these feelings can linger for some time. Educate leaders . sadness and intensity of television coverage which in turn serves as feelings of helplessness. ushering in 2005 might take more of coping as well as how to help a colleague. corporations searching for vacationing employees and friends looking for friends.Supervisors and organizational leaders need to be tolerant of the various stress related As a result. In addition to those who as you can. 2001. flying high above the sky painfully observing the world catastrophe below.People need to talk. In fact. Help them understand how trauma affects the bottom line through lack of productivity. buddy up with a fellow supervisor to continue the local community members have also experienced encouragement that you personally might need to be death of a family member or friend through terminal strong. Thanks to the wonder of television. yet my mind is so. employers and employees might be wise to Advertise support mechanisms .Be open with your communication to all employees of your I realize the tsunami catastrophe may well be one of company. heart is pounding and I think to myself.

Saturday. in particular those who have been touched by recent tragic events. the workplace is one area where you can help employees retain control. If indeed. over and over again if you have to. University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre. January 8th. consciously work to release this stress constructively and recognize that you need time to heal.While being strong is admirable during times like this. Your support. At the same time. Normalize your day . A Practical Guide to Feeling Better. reach out and help. Sometimes a short change of scenery might do the trick. The most obvious reactions are a lack of sleep.One of the key challenges for someone experiencing trauma is an apparent lack of control in their lives. All Rights Reserved. make certain your employees are effectively pacing themselves so they don't get even more overwhelmed. you return to work and find someone suffering from any kind of trauma or stress. care and attention will make our world a better place to live and work. would a small quiet and private group discussion provide support in helping people move on with their lives. For instance. or would a lunch and learn and larger group discussion be a better forum? Reaffirm personal control . 2005 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. Take short naps in addition to regular sleep if you can. Then let someone help you in any way they can. Employees.Determine your strategy depending on the relationship to the trauma. The economic forecasts for Canada in 2005 are bright and encouraging. it's also exhausting. it's important to eliminate those extra activities in your life and concentrate on rest. Meet with employees to reaffirm near-term goals and to set goals for the future. 164 . fear of the unknown and depression. American College of Occupational Environmental Medicine. so as we move into the New Year each of us needs to make an extra effort to keep our spirits high. Redefine priorities . Source: Psychological Trauma in the Workplace. Give permission . Thankfully. recuperation and spending time with supportive friends and family. The following guidelines might help to overcome these challenges: Confide in someone .It is important not to carry this stress alone. an inability to think.In times of stress and trauma. Share your story. also need to recognize and understand their response to trauma and find ways to cope with their stress.Maintaining a detailed work and personal schedule allows you to maintain personal control and reduces the stress of managing your time. nd. Following a routine reduces your need to think and make decisions.

or crimes affecting public between your staff and suppliers/vendors. While I felt very fortunate in being able to clear up the problem in my favour. Or for that matter. particularly living beyond by private citizens. good dress. embezzlement. payment card counterfeit. false invoices. breach of trust. perhaps because of personal modesty or our will to avoid controversy. crimes against government changes in lifestyle. motivation and productivity as well as increased It can also refer to crimes against government or the customer complaints. the Association taken to safeguard a business or organization. forgery. closely and personally employers or were aware of other employees who had review your bank statements and limit access to your done so. false identification. it's downright shocking to realize that not everyone is as honest as you are. the entire event also served to make me sit up and pay attention to the real potential of so called "white collar" crime. employees. it's disturbing to accept that someone whom you admired and saw as a role model with the accompanying nice personality. For instance. or high turnover of new staff in specific areas of your private purchases through company accounts. small businesses need to make certain that suggests that employee fraud accounts for six per cent documentation is in place that creates a solid paper trail of lost revenues for U. many crimes go undetected for years until either a new person with a new perspective arrives on the scene or an employee incumbent is suddenly absent. crimes against investors. attire and pleasant customer service isn't always the person with the most honesty or integrity. there are many other concrete steps that can be increasingly widespread. bid rigging." Although it was fortunate the error was determined to be a computer "glitch. asset misappropriation. Similarly. Also. just waiting to strike on an unsuspecting business or individual.S. 165 . Most of Certified Fraud Examiners in the United States importantly. As a result. another report suggested 25 per cent of Canadian Next. to support all transaction expenditures and payments. organization. Credit card fraud or what? Now what do you do? My recent experience in attempting to clear unauthorized credit card charges was certainly an "eye-opener. health. organizations. The term white-collar crime or economic crime is often referred to as a crime committed by a person(s) of respectability and high social status in the course of his/her occupation. or even reported Have you ever had the experience of reviewing your indicated almost one half of all Canadian companies credit card statement only to find a huge series of surveyed reported being a victim of an economic crime charges that are definitely not yours? in the last two years. I find this hard to believe. Finally. reception and employees had either committed fraud against payment duties where you can." it was truly disconcerting to be faced with this dilemma and then to experience three months of persistent effort to clear my account and recapture the dollars taken for payment. Rather the so-called culprit is simply terminated from the company. many of these crimes are not reported. secret commissions Therefore. be sure to segregate purchasing. watch for reduced staff morale. take note of unexplained public by public officials. apparent means and observe the nature of relationships consumers. Finally. but I guess the biggest challenge for most of us is letting go of the assumption of honesty. it is important to watch for signals such as and kickbacks. theft. fraud. a 2003 global economic crime survey corporate cheques. It is also well known that most company leaders have not been trained to observe how employee behaviours might be linked to economic crime or how companies and organizations can protect themselves. In fact. While observation is one precaution to economic Reports suggest this type of crime is becoming crime.White collar crime wave Culprits often go undetected. And. It can involve such things as credit card misuse.

Yet at the same time. what about larger corporations or situations that Sources: Economic Crime on-line webpage involve more complex crime? Where can we turn for (www. The White Collar Crime Centre of Canada has identified that 19 per cent of crime is related to advance fee frauds. help? Global economic crime survey. agencies as well as regulators and private commercial organizations. 2004. education and best practices in order to more effectively combat and prevent economic crime. one.But. As can be expected. how often do we have the opportunity to see the development of a whole new occupation? 166 . 19 per cent on-line auction frauds while 40 per cent of crime involved other types of fraud. Then again. opportunities also grow out of challenges. Prairie Business Magazine. it's gratifying to learn that public attitude is driving change in both prevention and prosecution. an integrated partnership between ----------------------------------------------------------------International. The organization also noted credit card fraud has been steadily increasing and that payment card counterfeiters are now using the latest of computer devices. Pricewaterhousecoopers. newly minted academic educational programs and new professional certification programs in forensic accounting and fraud examination are now available through professional accounting associations. federal and provincial law enforcement © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. 2004 Canada. Graduates become highly trained experts who can investigate and analyse financial evidence. an additional source of assistance is the recently established National White Collar Crime Centre of Saturday. testify as an expert witness. 2004. These include Reporting of Economic Crime online Centre (RECOL) (www. become involved in criminal investigations. 2003. help to uncover financial evidence in employee or insurance fraud cases and provide investigation services in the rapidly evolving area of computer and Internet fraud.ca) and Phonebusters National Call Centre (1-888-495-8501). October 23rd. The Centre has established two key crime fighting tools. All Rights Reserved. In this case. nine per cent identity frauds. Reporting.recol. The agency was established to act as a source of information. HRM Guide While local law enforcement should always be step Canada. It seems to me white-collar crime or economic crime is a sleeping giant as most of us don't pay attention until something shatters our complacency.recol. which deals with deceptive telemarketing crime. universities and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.ca).

title pages volume 1 6/30/05 2:26 PM Page 8 VIII Managing Corporate Events 167 .

168 .

involved in an accident. Invitations for company cannot be monitored constitutes a dangerous receptions arrive daily and social committees are busy environment for employees. The individual refused expectations for them regarding intervention in all offers and continued drinking with other employees at a local bar. intoxicated individual was offered taxi service. a controversial Ontario court ruling in February has created quite a bit of beverages. What stunned employers and what Limit the number of drinks per person. and unsupervised bar where alcohol consumption toys and stocking stuffers. The momentum continues to escalate as participants overcome the frustrating question of "What am I going to wear?" and "Where will I sit?" Not meaning to put a damper on upcoming events. and highly visible. And. preventing the individual from driving. His rationale suggested that an open Advertising flyers entice us with colourful decorations. According to public records. So whether we agree or not. As a result. events has been thrust to the forefront by a number of recent legal cases involving employee-related alcohol Provide plenty of food to accompany any alcoholic incidents. be it a special evening event or simply drinks in the office. human resource managers. As one might suspect. limit the event to four hours. the company was faulted for not Christmas party. party planners need to take extra caution when planning their festive celebration. the employee went on to sue the employer for the injuries. However. business owners and social committees are struggling with the more sobering issue of liability and risk resulting from such company celebrations. Ensure the function has a limited timeframe. In particular. While many employers already have policies and procedures in place. closing so that a "cool down time" is created. controversy. Excitement begins to fill the air as more and more people sign up for the special event and plans for juggled personal schedules and babysitters are finally in place. I share with you the fact that hosting a company party. the remains so controversial was the fact Ontario Superior Christmas festive season is indeed fast approaching. a call to Brief the professional servers on your policies and set the spouse or an overnight stay. the Ontario case reported Prevent employees from mixing their own drinks. an arrange for the services of a professional bartender. was severely injured and at the Stop serving liquor at least one or two hours prior to same time charged with impaired driving. Quite frankly. is becoming a much more complicated issue.Christmas party needs guidelines Hosting company gathering a complicated issue ALTHOUGH winter has been slow in coming. Communicate the policies prior to the event and remind employees of the consequences of their actions. the following suggested guidelines and ideas might help to minimize the risks: Develop a set of policies for employee behaviour at company sponsored events. Court Justice Claire Marchand found the company partially liable. the individual was monitoring employee consumption. this year more than ever. And knowing that alcohol with last minute details for the annual company-hosted impairs judgment. 169 . it's making employers Ensure attractive non-alcohol beverages are available really sit up and pay attention. the Ontario ruling is a clear precedent respecting employer liability for employee behaviour following a company-sponsored event. At the closing of the party. that an employer hosted an afternoon Christmas party with an open bar. for an The issue of liability and risk of company sponsored onsite function.

All Rights Reserved. Dealing with an intoxicated individual is a big responsibility and requires a good deal of tact and diplomacy. 2001 draws to create a fun evening. spouses or special guests to help move closing time. Forget trying to be a hero or a "wanna-be cop. designated drivers. Planning a special event such as the upcoming Christmas party represents only half of the work. ask people to bring their favourite holiday recipes. loud laughing or talking. should be a memorable fun event full of laughter. Survey employees prior to the special event to determine and ensure transportation arrangements are Approach individuals with a friendly manner. be firm in place. one for every 50 the police if a situation truly gets out of hand. to the event. offer a paid hotel room for Note: Guidelines were adapted from HROnline the night. an individual away from potential conflict. joy insist on arranged transportation if the individual is and shared stories. appreciation for employee contributions and to introduce family and friend to work colleagues. Several guidelines might be of assistance: Assign individuals to observe and monitor the behaviour of partygoers. The other half is making sure the party is a fun event without any alcohol related incidents. If a person is intoxicated. don't use a loud. ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. November 24th. correspondence and Standford University Alcohol Safety Guidelines. It Ask those who drive to check their keys at the door. company paid Determine the level of tolerance for behaviour and bar. and considerate without embarrassment. intoxicated behaviour such as aggression. The goal of a special event such as a Christmas office Develop a plan for "crowd control" in case a party is to use the holiday spirit to demonstrate an partygoer does get out of hand. angry voice. Substitute an evening party with a potluck lunch served in the workplace. 170 . Take the dollars that would normally have been spent on alcoholic beverages and spend it on prizes and/or Saturday. if required." call Consider hiring security personnel. Detailed planning and guidelines gauged to have had too much to drink. pair up drivers and passengers prior use only enough force to restrain a person. Offer a cash bar instead of an open. for alcohol service can ensure this goal is met. party participants. Provide incentives for employees to act as Don't touch anyone without good reason. Take a head count for taxis prior to the party and arrange for transportation to arrive at an arranged Use friends.Offer limited drink tickets which cannot be Brief the monitors regarding early signs of transferred to another employee. plan for intervention stages and strategies.

Plan to have fun! enthusiasm and build employee relationships. companies are paying more attention to developing local commerce and business success. interests and occupations as you when was the last time someone enjoyed a riverboat determine such event factors as timing. because picnics slide.Cook up some employee fun Company picnics and barbecues are great ways to improve staff morale If you've read about any number of employee survey results over the last few years. in most cases. As well. And personal lifestyles. it's also important to set some parameters for your event. then and with vacation schedules. The An employee picnic or barbecue doesn't have to be an following guidelines will assist you in this matter: elaborate event. the better. appreciation for employee contributions to the success arrange for a pony ride. flexible time But if a short tour to a living museum. not a formal Inclusiveness -. Be careful to consider zoo. Challenge participants to a checker match. However. I truly believe a the best costume. Guaranteed. no excuse for discarding the beautiful green grass that good old fashioned summer fun. leadership time and invite people to dress accordingly. If there are children in attendance. the more simple the event. Often times as well. 171 . or if you just simply examine your own job happiness. It's an outing. religious cruise? overtones. a feeling of appreciation boost employee morale and enthusiasm. to invite round of fun with your employees. Create a party theme and weave all of your activities I recognize a company's agenda may be as full as ever around it. environment. there's nothing wrong with simple. There is no shortage of potential venues for event is to build employee morale and create a feeling your picnic or barbecue. there's But let's face it. it's an opportunity to forget about any power status within an Finally. games and activities. So it's important long time since any of your employees visited the local to be as inclusive as possible. croquet or a These fun events serve to once more demonstrate baseball game. historic site or a schedules and professional development opportunities. In fact. If your theme is Hawaii beach time. For instance. or one of the many nearby historical sites. Give out prizes for resources are limited.The whole purpose of your special banquet. and barbecues are a more casual event. Search out those old standby portable company picnic or barbecue is well worth the effort. Pick a site and gather up your company barbecue as a great way to rejuvenate shared picnic tables. employee families and to learn more about the importance of family relationships on overall While the idea of a company picnic or barbecue is to employee well-being. I'll bet you'll be surprised at the family history stories that arise from this type of venture. river cruise doesn't suit your employee group. You'll be surprised how many of your All of these ready-to-serve venues offer excellent employees might have a religious faith that precludes points of interest that encourage learning about a certain foods. and a sense of organizational culture. if you like. particularly flexible benefits. one or two of your organizational heroes and your company's role in And indeed. Then again. face painters or an inflatable of your business. I bet it's been a of importance and sense of belonging. an employee picnic or blankets our city parks. It's also an opportunity. entertainment and food selection. you could probably agree that employee relationships at work and a positive work environment continue to rank very high in the overall scheme of things. a badminton tournament. community while at the same time learning more about each other as working colleagues. this issue by focusing on formal employee retention strategies. think about inviting a local hero or a retired organization and for employees to simply have a great team star to drop by and sign autographs or play a time. you wouldn't want to miss a good opportunity to brag about the history of your own company. these events will create a shared experience.

teams are set to compete against each other in the traditional rope-pulling contest. traditional hamburgers and hot dogs still seem to taste the best at a special summer event and most people continue to enjoy this treat.Many companies today are approaching customers and suppliers to provide prizes for their special events. limit the amount of alcohol if it is provided. For instance. it may be considered obligatory. While most will be pleased to do so. employers must also recognize you bear significant responsibility for your employees' safety and well-being. the green grass. if the event is required. which of course. the flowers and trees and all of the many summer sports and activities. it's a cost-effective way to recognize employee contributions.Voluntary attendance -. All Rights Reserved.One of the hardest parts of any special event is enticing all of your employees to attend. drinks and paper plates and cups to match your event theme. Still others enjoy the opportunity to bring a special dish and swap recipes. April 2001. Selection of Activities -. sort of a combined barbecue and potluck supper. In fact.they enjoy the sunshine.Picnics and barbecues do not need to be elaborate. I don't know of any scientific reason. rather than straight fun. the water. 2004 cheer everyone on.Set some company parameters for the types of activities that are appropriate for your event. To be honest. Sources: The Company Picnic is Alive and Well. © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. not only at the party but also on the way home. And. this competition can ----------------------------------------------------------------get very serious and losing is just not fun. Don't let the season pass without it! 172 . salads. August 14th. Accompany this with some cold meat slices. provide an opportunity to socialize. so be careful you don't abuse these relationships.While most employees will be aware and cautious of overindulging. departmental SHRM White Paper. most people prefer the event to be kept simple. Focus on fun versus competitiveness -. 2004. spoils all of the fun. Workforce Management. remember that you are only one of many requests. Families and children require different venues and activities than does an event for employees only. but I know that people seem to come alive in the summer -. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. and ensure that a ride home is provided. build relationships.Sometimes Make Work Fun: How HR Can and Should Take the special events inadvertently focus on competition Lead. Create a simple but great culinary experience! Alcohol -. boost morale and reinforce a sense of family. Remember to consider the employees' points of view.For some reason. Remember your bottom line -. while people Saturday. Prizes -. Food and beverage -. So why not take advantage of this short but colourful season and plan for a company picnic or barbecue? After all. July. Keep all of your activities on the wholesome side. Therefore. in other words. I assure you.

clients. Schedule the late afternoon and each other. improve teamwork and. I Donate your time-Schedule some time during the sometimes wonder if a more family-tradition-type month and invite employees to work in a food kitchen. Say thank you for a It's also an opportunity to thank employees for their whole year of support. less stressful hamper delivery. organize a group of staff to reach out and entertain some seniors. a pancake breakfast. Then drop off the hampers out to the community and to help others celebrate the to an interested agency and join together for a farewell holiday season? cup of tea. therefore. person every day. And I particularly like to see company coffee breaks. Take a late afternoon and get everyone enable your company. the celebratory month is an opportunity to reach out to Enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy seeing the favourite dessert and share these items during lights and decorations. a time exchange. Another idea is to simply make the event into a dessert December also brings the Christmas season. While this is always most enjoyable. 173 . For families. What about ice skating? A walk in the park? is typically limited to a one-time event. use the opportunity to raffle the desserts and donate the funds to a charity. events at work bring people closer together? Family gift hampers-Invite employees to make a Would these events serve to enhance interpersonal donation and/or collect donations from friends and relationships. Perhaps the 2004 holiday season is the time to try something new. to reach involved in gift wrapping. could these events of children. Or. people in a happy holiday mood. when we can take a moment to pause in our workplaces and recognize all of the accomplishments After-work reception-Invite friends and clients to of the past year. approach might be just as suitable to the workplace. Pot Luck lunches-Scheduling a series of lunches where employees bring and share their favourite dishes and recipes is loads of fun. Perhaps you variety of get-togethers. could enjoy a hay ride with hot chocolate when you For many businesses. through its employees. It is a very inclusive event because it also provides an opportunity for employees of all faiths and nationalities to contribute. I love the Coffee break dessert-Invite employees to bring their snow because it's fresh and clean. to share and to give through gifts and a check out short winter tour opportunities. would a number of smaller. Morale-boosting cards or notes. Creativity is the name of the game because no money can be spent. Here are several alternatives to the single-event Christmas party that might work well for you: Entertain seniors-If you have any musical talent within your workforce.The productive party Mark festive season with morale-boosting alternatives to business bashes December is one of my favourite months. dedication and hard work. Decorate the workplace into a festive mood. They will very much appreciate hearing Christmas carols or listening Pancake breakfast-Get out your griddle and organize to holiday songs on the piano. a cookie here or there or a thank-you balloon always serve to increase the festive fever. Invite your business neighbours and/or your clients. Invite a celebrity to join in your Holiday Good Samaritan-It is always fun to draw names and then try to do something nice for this fun. the so-called Christmas party. In Seek out opportunities to act as a driver for Christmas other words. Include both food and gifts for the various ages productivity? At the same time. drop in after work for a short visit. celebrating the Christmas season return.

Hosting Helpers for Company Holiday Christmas Folklorama-If your organization has a Parties. The traditional approach to family celebration is regaining importance as the commercialization of Christmas continues to lose its lustre. 174 . too. Have a contest. Phyllis Cambria and Patty Sachs. Fun and games-Schedule a games day over the lunch hour. Have people share the tradition and story behind their item. cribbage or Monopoly. no matter how small. Raffle a work day-Everyone can use an extra day off. this activity can be very interesting and informative. Invite employees to share their photos or videos of recent trips. 2004 a special item that represents their national heritage.com diverse employee population. All Rights Reserved.Lunchtime entertainment-Be creative and develop some form of lunchtime entertainment. Check out the seniors groups-there are plenty who enjoy entertaining and are looking for opportunities to reach out to the community. ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. invite someone you know who has had an exciting adventure. Interior Decorating webpage. cards. Add to the fun by allowing people one change to force a trade. ask individuals to share the highlights and provide a short educational event for everyone to learn more about each other. can return to traditional roots by finding more simple and meaningful activities to engage all employees and to create a more lasting impact on employee morale and relationships. Bring in games such as Trivial Pursuit. Limit the gifts to no more than $15. invite a school choir or band to play during the lunch hour. then invite people to wear something that is culturally traditional or to bring Saturday. If no one is available internally. Chiff. If you have different religions at work. try offering one month free parking. Draw names among your employee team and plan to exchange gifts. Gift-swapping-People love to receive gifts. Sources: Christmas Party Ideas. Offer to teach someone how to play. especially when it is free! Get the boss to raffle off a 'day' and donate the money to charity. Take a late afternoon to swap your gifts. If the opportunity for one day off is not available. Show a movie. December 4th. Travelogue-People love to share their adventures. With people taking the initiative to travel to faraway places. checkers. Businesses.

Watch become tearful and weepy without recognizing the for irritability. Nancy Wesson. holiday stress and depression is much more common than we think. You will also notice a great deal of According to Dr.Some people under stress will begin the common stress signals and to recognize when our avoiding their colleagues and slink quietly away employees are beginning to suffer from seasonal stress. clients? 175 . Keep your eye on how often It's not that holiday season stressors are any more this happens as well as the intensity of the outburst. it's also a period of increased stress. Some of the key signals include: Tearful and weepy . challenging than other times of the year.Look for complaints of disrupted sleep patterns. overeating or Disorganization . we need to be alert to Avoidance . end-of-year work activities compel employees to struggle with work deadlines or rush customer orders. person to erupt into an angry outburst that is totally uncharacteristic of them. Often.Seeing an employee who is typicalexperiencing difficulty sleeping. sick children and that dreaded last-minute dentist appointment. beginning or finishing their Christmas shopping or struggling to make efficient travel arrangements.Many people have unrealistic expectations of themselves and want to clear up all their work before the holidays.Stress can cause a normally calm particularly among women. hoping they won't be missed. particularly with alcohol.Look for nervous munching during the day. Watch for employees who might arrive at work with a hangover and determine if they should be sent home. specializes in anxiety and depression. Is the employee sleep deprived? Are they experiencing extreme tiredness in mid-afternoon? Are they sleeping in and arriving late for work? Eating habits .Some people who feel overloaded pressures when they occur within such a concentrated and stressed can't prioritize their workloads and seem time period. reluctant to tackle tasks that normally wouldn't be a problem. It just seems there's so much to do and not enough time to do it. Could that employee be eating to relieve stress? Alcohol . ly well organized move into disorganization is a sure sign of stress. Overwork .Watch that cheer! Overindulgence could signal increased stress While December is a month of celebration and excitement. Then they get angry at themselves for their there a lack of patience with colleagues. All of these stress factors are often on top of the every day events such as a dead car battery. One result of this dizzying schedule is that employees may be so stressed from all the demands. Observe who is going overboard and eating all the Christmas goodies in the office lunchroom. They begin to suffer stress responses ranging from headaches to excessive drinking. a psychologist who frustration. Angry outburst . Is the employee easily frustrated? Is cause. customers or behaviour. Since maintaining high productivity and high morale is a chief concern for employers. They'll overwork and may also see themselves being unable to attend a holiday event because of work. At the same time. they begin to suffer from anxiety and depression without us being fully aware. these frazzled folks are busy juggling and negotiating dates for family holiday events.Many people under stress Subtle changes in behaviour and attitude . it's just that some people find it difficult to manage all these Procrastination . Sleep patterns .One of the most common holiday stressors is overindulgence. a bad cold. slippery streets.

learn to holiday season stress. more than them excited about your vision. Dr.Stress can cause a sense of Supervisors must find some time for themselves hopelessness and a persistent sadness that strips during the day. Focus on celebrating your successes and Become familiar with the signs of stress. be supportive. you thing. Publish a list of healthy holiday alternatives for food and drink. Be sure to address vacations and time off so that all work areas are adequately covered off and the Sources: Holiday Challenges for Supervisors. Your following are some practical tips for handling behaviour will be a good model for your employees. All Rights Reserved. More than likely there are some recognize the symptoms and take steps to alleviate strategies that can be suggested. any time of the year. you Recognizing the signs of employee stress are one have a lot of responsibility and a lot of pressure. December 18th. The need to lighten up and have a good laugh. productivity and Spirits up at Holiday Time. 2000. Give yourself 10 minutes of peace and employees of their energy causing fatigue and longer quiet and relax. Unite your employees behind a goal. November 2001. Meet with employees before the holiday season to Start focusing on the new year with respect to goals communicate your expectations regarding productivity and objectives as a means to keep employees and workloads. Speak to each employee on a casual and the holiday blues as well as company resources basis and inquire what they are most proud about with you may call upon. season. trying to do something about it is another. Be a good listener. ----------------------------------------------------------------Differentiate holiday stress from poor performance © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. priority lists. be sure to set ground rules for socializing Blues? Helpful tips on making it through the holiday during the workday so that productivity remains high. but openly confront the problem. Remember that the holiday stress and longer periods of non-productivity. When you see an employee under stress. depression accomplishments. Keep stress. Ask for employee input with regard to reducing Employers and managers have to stay alert. Nancy Wesson. While yes. December 8. anxiety and/or depression. talk to them about it. November 2000.Persistent sadness . whether formally or employee stress during the holiday season: informally. While you want to stay sensitive to the festivities of Workplace Strategies. respect to their accomplishments. Get in the holiday spirit yourself. Remember that most employees will feel embarrassed and will fear you will judge them as being weak. Keep your eye out for employees who aren't productive and speak with them. crunch is only temporary. stress in the workplace during this time. Determine the stress of juggling all the employee demands will what can be done to re-organize workloads and cause unexpected stress. Remind employees to access their employee assistance programs if they feel their stress is becoming overwhelming. get Holiday stress is all about time stress. it is important to set clear work goals for this period. 2004 of stress and depression. remaining employees are not subjected to further Workplace Strategies. Holiday the season. Talk to your employees about December holiday season is exciting but sometimes what additional pressures are expected. So. Refer them to your employee assistance counselling program or have them take a day off. Watch for all the signs Saturday. 176 . Promote your company wellness program before and during the holiday season. and keep a helpful attitude. energized. Plan to take time to celebrate.

title pages volume 1 6/30/05 2:26 PM Page 9 IX Change Management 177 .

178 .

It is a huge responsibility. the slow-death approach. viciously attacking one industry sector after another. These include voluntary salary reductions so that everyone hears the news at the same time. This is a hellish position to be in and I guarantee that stress levels will be high as managers This latest explosion of layoffs reminds me of a toss and turn through many sleepless nights. restructuring. doom and involved. constitutes inhumane treatment. we are also told consumer spending has slowed about which product lines to cut or which employees significantly and the word recession is being bandied will stay and which will be asked to move on with their about. and permanent layoff. believing that if emotional and anxiety-based event for employees. both one company is downsizing. into the common trap of group think. cut fast and deep so you don't have to keep eliminating more staff IF you're someone who stays in tune with the work world. more than 35. Canada also offers a number of programs such as work Contract with career transition consultants for on-site sharing to assist employers to retain their employees employee meetings immediately following your during difficult times. delayering. for instance. scanning the TV news and reading multiple newspapers. News articles stun you with the increasingly high Let's face it. career. I recognize how tough it is to make the call with the company. If you have multiple sites. these targeted employees aren't going to numbers of employees crossing the chopping block. after all. voluntary severance or retirements. will there ever be a good time to tell your employees they have lost their jobs? You need to determine when. conduct a group session. 179 . rightsizing . but my personal preference is to get it over with. Human Resources Development individual's personal situation and potential reaction. where and how to make the announcement.. laying off employees should individuals are being targeted throughout the company.Getting it over with If your company has to downsize. across the board. In my mind. strategy that fits for each and every company. announcement and provide ongoing off-site career counselling to assist them to make the transition to There is no one right way to implement a downsizing retirement or to a new worklife. temporary layoffs. computer virus spreading like wildfire. If several employees consideration of all other options. to downsize. so should they. plant When making the list of employees targeted for closure for a longer period of time than normal.. where employees are given notice and then expected to continue to work.000 job cuts were made in the technology sector alone during the week of July 22-29. take time to think about each hiring freezes. reports that behind. are involved and time is of the essence. be productive and neither will those who will be left The Excite News Web site. a shortened work week. If selected don't care what you call it. balancing the risk of losing corporate knowledge versus maintaining production I sometimes wonder if some companies aren't falling and lowering costs. The employer is faced with making decisions gloom. If an entire department is being Downsizing. It is also a very unsettling. Cut fast and cut deep so that you don't have to keep going back to trim more employees out of the system. be the last resort following deep and careful then conduct a private meeting. then use your management team to individually notify each affected A number of alternatives to layoffs have proven employee. deploy managers successful. you can't possibly miss the many company announcements of massive layoffs. A downsizing strategy is traumatic for everyone Adding to a growing sense of anxiety. I eliminated. On the for those who will move on and for those who will stay other hand.

More often than not though. honest and frequent and don't make promises you can't keep. Consider age and skill transferability. But. Be sure to comply with the provincial labour laws regarding notice periods. Provide short-term on-site counselling because they. August 4th. ranging from anxiety to apathy and hostility.no. a group of employees will rally around you and help take the company through this dramatic event. benefit and holiday issues. Keep employee communication open. a fair severance package for departing employees. programs and equipment are at risk. too. Offer. Use an exit checklist to confirm that the employee has returned company property. 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. attention must be directed to the surviving employees. All Rights Reserved. the answer is easy . fair and humanistic approach to managing such an emotional event is the best for all concerned. Be prepared for a variety of emotions. One question that always arises when we assist with downsizing strategies is whether to let employees back to their workstations to clean out their personal belongings.Have the appropriate documentation and exit checklists ready as you meet with each employee. Saturday. Provide a letter confirming termination of employment as well as outlining any severance package. potential of getting another job and the number of years worked with your company. This goes a long way to smooth out the anger and hurt experienced by the displaced employee and helps to ensure they will continue to think highly of your company and speak well about how they were treated in difficult times. While I can't argue with the fact that challenging economic times are creating a need for downsizing or layoffs. 180 . phones and phone cards. I do sincerely believe that a cost-effective. when your computer systems. will be in emotional shock. Next. Allow the employee a period of time to return a signed copy to you. This will probably depend on the extent of the downsizing as well as the emotional state of each individual. etc. door passkeys. where possible.

or simply yourself. ask pressure and don't take this event personally. teamwork will only further damage business results. low morale and poor resentment toward your former employer. project that can be used to mobilize and motivate Because people in an organization create a whole new employees. most remaining employees life. So. what circumstances led to the tough decisions. It also involves the emotional trauma of the incident. aftermath. personal time issues forward for discussion. their creativity and ingenuity. Coping with downsizing 181 . Take fear out of the workplace. downsizing becomes a lot more than Continually provide encouragement and positive the mechanics of letting people go. use this situation to take some time for Contract an external counsellor. .It can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Accept that your employer was facing extreme will often put in more effort than you expect. be sure supervisors Employees who survive the ordeal feel just as deep a and managers are as upbeat as possible. the problem doesn't end there. As for the displaced. Create a specific focus. seek creative ways to reward dedication the low morale and the personal insecurity of the during these stressful times. of having to face the daunting fact work a valued contribution to your vision. But. My professional experience suggests most people take themselves for granted and I believe the career transition process is one of the biggest personal learning opportunities an individual can ever experience.you deserve it! Keep in have frequent staff meetings to allow people to bring mind that once you start working again. orders and projects have been cancelled and a Ask employees for ideas on how to cut costs and company may no longer be able to afford the staffing create more efficiencies. a holiday perhaps. As a manager or business owner. will be limited to those strict vacation schedules. sense of relief to be away from it all. set of dynamics. they will surprise you with levels it once enjoyed. Communicate your vision of where the company is going. Believe me. this attitude is a waste of time and energy and you can't afford to lose one minute of your next In situations such as this. the lingering pain. but there is hope. but there are ways you can help ease the pain LAST week I wrote about the disturbing task of Describe and define for employees how each can add downsizing. reinforcement. I know your first question was "Why me?" You probably experienced great anger and may have even harboured Lingering productivity problems. of the future as those who have departed. help them were experiencing and I guarantee you'll feel a great to move through their personal change transition. downsized worker. a problem and/or a special Now the company must deal with workplace survivors. In fact. you must take quick responsibility to get employees back on track. a severing of close friendships and a fear and don't forget to say thanks. keep employees up-to-date on changes or trends in the workplace. walk the talk sense of loss. . you'll recognize the tremendous stress you time and resources for employees to grieve. despite feeling fearful. them for help and take action to: I'm confident once you are out and away from the Acknowledge the loss of personnel and provide the workplace. if need be.

It's a great confidence booster to realize you're not a former job title nor are you defined by strict job parameters. reading. Undertaking a hobby you've neglected because of work. So. October 20th. Appreciating your family and friends and being open to accepting help and emotional support.self-help books. It's a process that will prepare you to cope with change in the future by creating your own professional and emotional security. just learning and learning and learning. In my opinion. after all. biographies. I really see the situation as quite parallel. . or displaced worker. there will no progress toward future success. whether you are a manager. be it personal or corporate. Volunteering at your children's school or sports event. It's a time to work on the most important thing in your life. basking in your accomplishment and then analysing the unique skills and talents being applied. bragging to the morning mirror that you are talented. business and humour books. . I teach my career transition clients that this is an exciting time. wonderful! If you can't. It's an opportunity to look really hard at what you truly want to be doing the rest of your life. 182 . And so. for instance. simply taking the time to share yourself with others and stopping to smell the roses. survivor. And. without this inner balance."or in other words. professional magazines. excellent. it's a matter of regaining psychic balance. volunteer experience and workplace skills can be reinterpreted and redirected into an entirely new career path. 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. It's a time for reflection and self-exploration. Saturday. good. starting that exercise program you've been promising for months. no one else will. Finding a positive way to work off stress. Reading. acknowledging there are indeed days when you aren't so fine. owner. It's exhilarating to recognize that natural raw talent. All Rights Reserved. a time for "taking back the night. Acquainting yourself with the unique tactics of positive self-talk.you! You can start by: Recognizing and accepting that life change/career transition is a process you simply have to go through. seize the moment and make it work for you. I guarantee. While it's difficult to discuss and address the issues facing both workplace survivors and displaced workers in such a small printed space. reading . taking control of your life. but that you will indeed be better for it in the end.

no matter whether you call it specialist with many years experience. Assemble a termination planning team as well as other temporary organizational structures that are required during the transition. tourism and transportation related companies are in a state of shock and are scrambling to secure alternative supplies and distribution channels. but it must be conducted in such a way that the dignity of each displaced employee is retained. And while we desperately wanted to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.S. These is one of the most difficult tasks a manager can face. processes. 183 . we can no longer deny that psychological anxiety is beginning to permeate our workplaces and our lives. They want to have someone in charge to guide them through the process. First. Organizational Planning Downsizing and restructuring is a traumatic. include: It's even more difficult when the need for cutbacks arises from circumstances beyond one's control. emotional time for all concerned. then they must perceive that the re-employment candidates received fair outcomes. So. turnover of remaining employees. And finally. No matter what our physical comfort levels. retaliation initiatives while at the same time bracing ourselves for what might come next. you need to develop a comprehensive plan that will effectively implement your downsizing strategy. a 2000 study on termination with dignity by Richard Bayer suggested four key factors contribute to an acceptance of termination and continued goodwill toward a company. But remember. job sharing. pay in lieu of notice. while still others are struggling with the potential of job losses. employees value strong leadership Confirm the most effective termination tools and during crises such as this. but very few have the experience of mobilizing resources to strategize and implement a larger scale downsizing. the rug is pulled out from under your feet while at the Determine potential risks to your company such as same time maintaining strategic wisdom as you make document removal. As a career transition Reducing a workforce. and educational options. you must also master a dual struggle . Other businesses are busy seeking alternative means of communicating with their national and international offices. working notice. There are a number of other factors that can help smooth out the process. identify the short. And. early while the employees may not like what is happening. as a manager.and long-term skill requirements and establish selection criteria check lists. Analyze and forecast immediate work needs. 1. share a sampling of my check list of tasks. both affected employees as well as survivors must trust in the competency of management.facing your own emotional trauma as determine its impact on your termination requirements. they must believe in the messages that are communicated. etc. at retirement. they must believe that the process and procedures were fair and just. many of us were glued to the television watching the U. whether you are a larger company with a substantial workforce or a smaller company with one or two affected employees. In fact. I am pleased to downsizing or layoffs and no matter what the rationale. Travel. computer sabotage.Downsizing dignity Treat employees with humanity and honesty MANITOBANS and the world are still reeling from the World Trade Center attacks. Next. It's also beginning to impact on our economy. low morale or difficult choices. Identify which legislation governs your industry and Unfortunately. determine which functional areas are affected. least they can appreciate your empathy and concern. Most organizational leaders are confident in their ability to implement the termination of a few employees.

reduce the number as morale determine their personal situation in terms of years of increases. All Rights Reserved. holidays. implement in a humanistic career transition packages. monitor Confirm the identity of affected employees. outlines of severance and if you plan carefully. Ensure that each employee is treated with dignity and respect. © 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. provide references if manner and communicate openly and honestly. communicate but keep in mind that everyone deals with and accepts the message in a different way. Employees need to know who to contact for further information or clarification. positive memories.Purchase professional career transition services for Train all managers to give the same termination displaced employees. 2. celebrate small internal corporate tuition. employability. as the downsizing has nothing to do with their performance or capabilities. anticipate each employee's reaction to their situation and prepare Saturday. October 13th. age. honest and transparent with all lawsuits. 3. provide a general question and answer fact sheet. overtime. Survivor Management Prepare and implement a "to do" check list Provide some sort of venue for colleagues to say immediately following the termination announcement good-bye and to keep in touch. so that company property is returned. letters of Downsizing employees is far from a pleasant task but termination. Keep your termination planning team in place for a Specifically define what is over and what isn't. confirm their status with Celebrate whenever a former employee is successful regard to benefits. on with their lives and creates overall goodwill. release forms. this helps mitigate the risk of message. have counsellors on hand to deal with ----------------------------------------------------------------the aftermath of the message. assists former employees to more quickly get strategies and communication. work world. Communication Develop a communications plan for the public and for all employees. 2001 for their stresses. 4. successes. Employee Planning Establish regular management-staff meetings to discuss feelings regarding the transition. educational in their job search. Communicate. Determine how you will give the message. communicate. Prepare appropriate employee documentation including records of employment. 184 . service. employee stresses. there is a good chance you will create goodwill and strong appropriate. so period of time to monitor for any implementation employees gain a good understanding of their new difficulties. Propose a career transition plan that is suited to personal needs. be open.

weekly and monthly less severe yet unexpected workplace crisis? Or. too Helping employees through times of trauma is good for everyone It seems only a microsecond of time since Manitobans employees while at the same time protecting the need were basking in the glory of a stable economy in a for organizational productivity. no one can afford to compound glaring operational parents. employees experience an intense But today we weep and react in fear as seemingly need for personal safety and security. global market. a well-known Winnipeg crisisOur businesses were experiencing the excitement and intervention specialist. emotional trauma. Marilyn MacKenzie. Therefore. Tracking down any business travellers. workplace crisis. invisible global tentacles of terror successfully reach management should not discount anyone's emotions. personal challenges. how can one deal with the lingering Facilitating a group discussion at the 90-day post-traumatic stress arising from this latest trauma? milestone to provide a sense of closure to the event. call a spouse. out to savage our innocence. accounting Specific crisis-response policies and procedures also need to be established so that a company can quickly for all employees and communicating the results to the and consistently react to the emotional needs of workplace. quiet times. response resulting from a future catastrophe or from a then planning for daily. Facilitating group meetings that allow employees to So. At the very least. it only makes sense that every business has a means to deal instance. for discussions. These include: Representatives of other businesses I spoke to were Giving employees some sense of control by calling simply not clear on what their responsibility should be them together and asking what needs to happen to in a situation like this. what can be done to prepare for the emotional discuss the tragedy openly and share their reactions. very few companies apply this to situations of tears. 185 . some issued cell phones for easy access to challenges with the ongoing performance inertia relatives and others brought in radios or tuned in to experienced by employees struggling to cope with television news. some Winnipeg businesses allowed with workplace trauma no matter how extreme. that matter. general sadness and place. their children or all. key individuals Making contact with employees who are on sick should be provided basic training in trauma psychology as well as front-line. in my opinion. emotional first-aid leave or vacation and connecting them to what is happening at work. make them feel safe. After employees to go home. Although a tragedy such as that witnessed last week is Providing as much practical help as possible. but must acknowledge and share in the loss by making themselves available to listen. suggests that during an acute thrill of soaring export sales and exotic business travel. intervention skills.Workplaces grieve. privacy. The surreal horror of the World Trade Center incident has also awakened us to the fact that many local She indicates that several specific initiatives are businesses were not prepared for and did not expect valuable for helping employees move through their such deep emotional responses from their employees. For an extraordinarily rare event. emotional trauma. It's interesting to note that while most employers Honouring individual uniqueness by respecting routinely train for the logistics of fire or health and safety crises and have solid crisis-response plans in closed doors.

alcohol or death Recognizing when individuals are not coping well and in the family. September 22nd. workplace will never be forgotten. Telephones are staffed 12-24 hours per day.Setting up a buddy system for mutual support. family conflict. Wilson Banwell. recognizing the will fade. artwork. dispelling rumours and communicating frequently by e-mail. on the door of a lost employee. providing time to attend funerals and memorial services. most workplace crisis events are not as catastrophic as the recent World Trade Center event and can be effectively managed through the services of a company employee-assistance plan. gambling. Saturday. through a 1-800 number or limited face-to-face meetings. be it cards. But the power of employee emotion in the anniversary of the event. reduced interest in work and a lack of concentration. All Rights Reserved. which is a type of silent psychological suffering. distressing dreams and flashbacks accompanied by irritability. these include Manitoba Blue Cross. 365 days per year. avoidance of activities. Encouraging employees to participate in a vigil or remembrance ceremony with moments of silence and Time is slipping by and memories of this tragic event reflection. 2001 ----------------------------------------------------------------Providing backup work support. to employees quickly. or a photo display can and they will reward you tenfold. once time has moved on. financial difficulties. Consultants. are easily attained as part of your company benefit package and are usually quite economical for both large and small companies. Thankfully. or negotiating time off to assist those employees having a difficult time. She alerts managers to be aware of employees who experience recurring. Allowing expressions of sympathy and loss within Protect and nurture your people resources when you the workplace. bulletin board An employee-assistance plan is a cost-effective means postings or any other means that provides information of assisting your employees in dealing with individual distress caused by divorce. Family Services and Warren Shepell counselling. sharing and contact. teen issues. adjusting workloads © 2001 Winnipeg Free Press. Employee-assistance services put distressed employees in touch with professional counsellors 186 . MacKenzie further advises that many viewers of this tragedy may also experience post-traumatic stress disorder. Providing recognition to employees who take leadership in helping colleagues or who have taken steps to volunteer or give blood. These services typically offer limited confidential employee counselling in a number of areas. Several local vendors offer exceptional directing them to more specific one-to-one service. Confirming facts.

title pages volume 1 6/30/05 2:26 PM Page 10 Voices of Experience X 187 .

188 .

and Families: 189 . a local call centre operation. industry sector or implementation of creative initiatives such as the profit/not-for-profit status. human resource They not only believe employees are an important adviser. a not-for-profit. They employee recognition. fun recognition and Other celebrations include honouring staff cultures award programs. that employee spouses are also recognized for their Convergys and New Directions for Children. according to Sharon Hooper. successful recognition program despite significant budget challenges. I'm pleased to see that a number of local businesses and On the other hand. And they do it through low cost. really. the development of a New Directions staff cookbook as a United Way For instance. but actually practise what they preach. I can safely say most lapel pins. through a one-day annual event. and Well you're not alone. assigns a half-time staff person to oversee the recognition I'll bet you even had souring energy and a stronger program. Committed to developing a family of sense of job satisfaction. Employee recognition is a long-standing practice and includes As you have seen. Joanne Baleja. Ceridian Canada. was recently named one of the top 50 parking for a month. banners. But vacation. Motivation and drive evaporates and is policies such as promotion-from-within and a replaced by a horrible and pervasive sense of commitment to employee training serve to create high unhappiness. Now. A key feature of this elite program. Youth behind-the-scenes support. a local national payroll fund-raiser and special draws for a day off or free corporation.It pays to feel good Employee reward and recognition programs work Do you remember your last compliment? That sweet Congratulatory cards feeling of pride? Convergys. is Here are the words of wisdom from Ceridian Canada. T-shirts. people quit their job because the long-term lack of respect. Remember your frustration and anger? Convergys focuses on both departmental and corporate That awful feeling that no one seemed to care about programs. President's Club group status are key ingredients of a successful program. creativity and innovation rather than award options ranging from dinner gift certificates to a company size. In fact. has created an equally recognition. described its approach as a tapestry of resource. Canadian companies to work for. organizations pay lots of attention to employee social service agency. they purposefully cultivate recent "Heartfelt Appreciation" for Valentine's Day. recognition and appreciation finally saps their Human resources manager Louella Lee also indicated energy. balloons. additional program components must also be considered. employee productivity and loyalty. wellness and know a sincere and creative "thank you" contributes to spirit in the workplace programs. who wants to live like that? employee morale and a stable workforce. Employees are involved in the planning and No matter the company size. recognition. Employee efforts are recognized through your contribution to the company? congratulatory cards called Power of One or highprofile ceremonies. cultural diversity. New Directions. Then compare this to no employees with common values and mission. vice-president of human resources. the power of employee motivation and job satisfaction. industry sector or profit/not-for-profit prestigious all expenses paid.

recognition For each program. Nomination and selection process Create a very transparent nomination and selection process and communicate this throughout the company. how to become recognized.Employee involvement Keep in mind everyone has different needs and interests. Pay attention to ensure groups of people satisfaction and company loyalty. Include awards that enable peer as well as supervisory and departmental recognition. than difficulty. that "feeling Be sure there are programs directed to all levels of good" feeling creates employee motivation. Establish a committee that is representative of all employee groups. Create visibility Program goals and objectives for your winners because they represent model Define the program goals and objectives and design a employees. variety of initiatives. Be sure to develop programs that are inclusive of all employee interests. on the Internet. Involve employees in both nomination and selection process. employees are included. in company newsletters and in management briefings. clearly define eligibility guidelines and praise. in line with company mission. Having having a photo posted on the company bulletin board programs for which few people are eligible is certainly or Internet is no small matter. participation will greatly increase. Keep in mind the goal of an modest. all of us will admit to being happier and more award and recognition program is frequency rather motivated when we have something to brag about. Don't be discouraged that the program is slow to start because once people experience the excitement and satisfaction of being recognized. 190 . Employee communication Broadcast your employee recognition programs. selection criteria satisfaction are directly linked to respect. Think of employee satisfaction from a ----------------------------------------------------------------"whole" person perspective. it's who may be considered "behind-the-scenes" worth it. make public announcements in the newspaper. values and strategic plan. Create publicity. February 23rd. take up the challenge. needs and Saturday. Remember. Employee recognition and award programs really do work. Believe me. So. And. be nominated and recognized. Keep committee discussions confidential. 2002 capabilities. fun and and timing of each program Then. Be sure programs are indeed motivating Let's face it. be sure programs are celebratory events are the most effective. but keep in mind that low cost. set up an employee reward Full participation and recognition program. All Rights Reserved. Program budgets Develop a cascade of programs that lead to Establish budgets for each award and recognition company-wide recognition and identify the frequency programs. © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. Be sure to involve employees in both initial and ongoing planning and management. Let everyone know what they are about. being featured in a company newsletter or to employees and not just the planners. Arrange to celebrate nominees as well as award winners. They work because motivation. not motivating. drive and job Define eligibility requirements. Award and recognition presentation One key to enhancing self-esteem is to broadcast employee accomplishments to the world. although most people are quite and the selection criteria. job employees.

a fastgrowing Manitoba manufacturing plant. the newest strategy is to In preparation for the challenging task ahead. It is now widely recognized that developing employee loyalty goes far beyond pay. constructed for each employee appeal. is a shining example of this type At the same time. It also included issues related to disciplinary action and termination of fellow employees. Companies big and small have implemented team-based management and involved employees in total quality leadership initiatives where their problem-solving ideas have For several months. Kitchen Craft and its interim saved thousands of dollars and made work more employee group structured the committee mission and efficient. tee ensured a broad communication strategy was Kitchen Craft established a representative employee planned and implemented so all employees were given group called Employee Concern Resolution an opportunity to understand what the new committee Committee (ECRC). was to facilitate greater participation of group meetings provided opportunities for question employees in decision-making. The role of the committee. solving tools and techniques for issues management in the area of employee relations. the group was mandated to take an active role in recommending new personnel policy and/or changes to current rules and regulations. Finally. open and trusting relationship delivered a comprehensive training program that between employees and management. the not only ensure interesting and meaningful work. benefits. but human resources and management staff developed and to develop a strong. provided understanding and skills in the interpretation of the provincial employment standards and However. while departmental and general interest. Today. training was provided in the use of problem in leading the company to success.Employee Engagement Marries worker loyalty to customer satisfaction Much has been said over the years about the connection between employee satisfaction. loyalty and customer satisfaction and it has been supported with considerable research. which might mean for them and their daily work. and answer sessions. 191 . A facilitator from the human "participative management. mandate. established and implemented a representative election process and developed the logistics for dealing Some companies have instituted permanent monthly with employee complaints. The committee was roundtable discussion groups that seek out employee structured so that special investigative panels were ideas on selected topics. attendance. you'll developing and implementing company personnel find employee groups engaging in a much higher level policies and became familiar with processes for of decision making. working right along with company measuring success and making changes. The focus was placed on personnel and employee relations issues such as policies and/or conflicts related to promotion. the newer employee engagement philosophy legislation. which are typically considered the purview of "management only. The success at Kitchen Craft. security and employee rewards and recognition. benefits and parking. The panel consists of three elected associates and two members Years ago. management in making personnel and financial recommendations and playing a more significant role Finally. employee involvement was called from senior management. was formed after discussions with employees (called employee newsletters explained the rationale and goals Associates) and several focus groups to determine of the new initiative. the company and employee commitof leading edge initiative. Participants learned the process for seems to go farther than its predecessor." In addition." No matter what term you use. Just over four years ago." while today the new resource department assisted with discussions. terminology is referred to as "employee engagement.

In addition. just ask the committee members! Each and every one will tell you how proud they are of the success and influence The success of the Kitchen Craft ECRC is outstanding. Going home at night knowing an issue has been given a fair and just hearing brings a strong sense of personal satisfaction to members. Now. employee committee is committed to resolving perceived problems to the satisfaction of all parties. And they are becoming leaders in their own right. Dana Love. but actually gives the employee committee the power and authority to act over issues so near and dear as human resources? and are so dedicated to Kitchen Craft's employee engagement initiative that they'll do whatever it takes to resolve employee relations issues brought to their attention. © 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. To date. Employees feel comfortable raising issues Mason. Grace addressed. At the same time. individual achievement and accomplishment for each of the committee members. satisfaction or loyalty? Has it served to resolve employee problems and earn the respect everyone had hoped for? You bet. the company has noticed all-round improved decision making at the front-line supervisory level. the documents committee has gained the respect of fellow colleagues Special thanks to Neil Boodoosingh. Finally. All Rights Reserved. They are more effectively able to communicate policies to front-line staff and they in turn have gained a greater understanding of how a company works as a whole entity. Saturday. then it should give this type of employee and the employee committee has increased to such an engagement initiative a good try. Vic because they know both the company and the Lukic and Paul Olfert. ECRC members take their responsibilities seriously 192 . Bert Martin. Brad Lutz. They have learned tolerance and patience and they have come to recognize the importance of policy and process. Rodney Neufeld. the level of trust between management teamwork. It has helped to initiate additional benefits such as massage therapy and prescription drug cards and is working to implement a number of safety strategies with the goal of reducing accident rates. achieved in such a short time. It can ask and interview additional witnesses. But has this approach been successful? Has it led to employee trust. Darryl Kitson. some members have successfully moved into leadership positions. the committee has examined more than 30 issues and made key contributions to the rewards and recognition program for perfect attendance. members suggest if a company sincerely wants to develop a true level of employee/management For instance. February 21st. Brian Roper. equitable with issues quickly and satisfactorily Ansar Amin. Diane Bevan. In fact. review documents and inquire about the rationale for the decisions and challenge management decisions. They have applied new skills that have enabled them to understand the thought processes involved in management decision making.The ECRC reviews employee appeals related to employee relations decisions. 2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------There is a heightened sense of personal growth. Trudy Lamb. as the appeal process has proven to be fair and Carlos Sousa. what other company do you know that not only invites employee participation. extent they are now meeting monthly to participate in new policy development and to discuss general issues Sources: Kitchen Craft ECRC member meeting and of concern to company achievement. Mark Bois.

Finally. searched for a way to build and sustain employee morale during a time of major corporate change and Implementation of computer and product staffaggressive growth. Then he communicated the results back to staff and incorporated key ideas into the strategic grounds. as it is identifying and resolving day-to-day workplace now known. First. negotiated its scope of responsibility and defined the types of issues for really does care about employee well being. with topics Health Products. Personal learning and skill development in employee The first task of the committee was a special one-to relations. he invited employees to provide their front-line perspective on operational purchase plans. in-depth analysis developmental opportunities for all members. they'll tell you it's been a great ranging from departmental information to experience and they wouldn't have it any other way. in order to provide Problem-solving requires research. The committee then created a team mission. the employee initiative committee (EIC). It's an opportunity to speak up about the the inaugural team. discussion procedures and action two individuals.but in record have learned that: time-the group drew up a mission statement. Next. enabling expectant moms to park of employee participation. problems began in the early 1970s. he initiated an employee committee to work Introduction of fitness classes. But does it really work? If closer to entranceways. but you can change how employees think election procedures.Vita Health's employee initiative committee an invigorating exercise in making changes INVITING employees to take a more active role in Today. it designed an organization structure You can't expect to change the way a company is to ensure effective employee representation and ongoing continuity. Three years ago. mandate An employee committee is evidence the company and operating principles. Improvement of parking-lot lighting. 193 Voices of experience . Some of their successes include: Today. An employee committee can indeed be an effective after several challenges and only one word change. tracking logs. Today. Then. the document stands as a testament to the enthusiasm of voice for the people within a company-people really can have a say. you ask the employee initiative committee from Vita An employee lunch-and-learn program. is very proud of its accomplishments. special-interest presentations. planning process. They facility. committee roles. newly appointed president Eric Smith Installation of an on-site banking machine. management and leadership is another key develop a draft mission for the entire Winnipeg accomplishment for members of the committee. discussion. it and an assessment of the needs of the company as a implemented project management strategies such as whole rather than focusing on the problems of one or new request forms. After much brainstorming . issues and collected input through focus groups and Installation of new picnic tables on the company questionnaires. The committee established managed. hand in hand with management to find solutions to issues. Next. workplace and no issue is too trivial to be discussed. many companies have implemented some form Pregnancy parking. a rotating chairman role was created. monthly meeting formats and about things.

Most solutions take time. Problems can't be resolved Be sure to rotate people on the committee to increase overnight, but fixing small problems can make a huge the number of people who can experience the value of difference in the overall scheme of things. the group. Employees have an opportunity to really become part Be sure to have a "continuity" person so that group of the company, and although not all problems can be knowledge is not lost and there is someone to replace fixed to everyone's satisfaction, it's important to keep absentee members at meetings. an open mind. Develop a committee that is representative of the An employee committee develops a better company, but be democratic on how departmental understanding of the "bigger picture" of how a representation is achieved. company operates, how things are done, and they can Conduct a transition meeting with both old and new have a hand in making changes. members to familiarize everyone with processes and A committee is one way to help employees take accomplishments. responsibility. They can't simply whine about Start small and take baby steps. concerns-they need to put forward solutions. The employee initiative committee has been a great experience for both employees and management. Employees are seen as productive problem solvers nd employee spirit and morale has soared. And, thanks to the employee initiative committee, Vita Health Committee involvement is a good way to learn and Products is well on its way to becoming an employer understand what kinds of issues affect the different of choice." departments and to learn the various roles and Sources: Special thanks to committee members Alfie responsibilities throughout the company. Imbrogno, Pam Jonasson, Bridget MacDougall, John Committee involvement creates links between the Ohm, Andrea Kostynuik, Barbara Vogt, Josee Peloquin departments that couldn't happen during normal work and Amber Samson for their insights. Thanks to Eric hours. It helps others understand union/non-union Smith, president, and Linda Young, vice-president of issues. human resources, for management's viewpoints. Employee-committee members can benefit through the development of leadership and team-building skills, meeting management and becoming skilled in different problem-solving methods. Committee participation brings employees into Saturday, June 15th, 2002 face-to-face contact with management and they are ----------------------------------------------------------------able to see the growth of talent and skills, which © 2002 Winnipeg Free Press. All Rights Reserved. provides opportunity for career advancement. Three years after its inaugural meeting, the Vita Health Products employee initiative committee is strong, successful and eager to share what it has learned. When asked how to build a successful employee committee, members give the following advice: Know what you want from the committee. Having a clear mandate will reduce the growth struggles. Determine the parameters of what the committee can work on and what is the responsibility of management.

Working well
Employee health program provides benefits to overall business strategy
IF you were buzzing around the hallways, nooks and cranny's of the Seven Oaks General Hospital lately and overheard the huddles of energetic discussions, you wouldn't be hearing gossip, sports scores or complaints about the shift in city taxes. a well-rounded approach to helping individuals become and sustain a well-rounded, "whole" and healthy lifestyle.

But why should the employer be responsible for an employee's health? And where's the employer's payoff Instead, you would overhear enthusiastic responses to for such an investment? It's not that the employer is questions such as: "How many weeks since your last taking responsibility for the employee's health; rather smoke?" "How far did you run today?" "What's your we should view it as the development of a partnership. current weight loss score?" or "What progress has your department made this month?" The employer provides resources so employees can improve their health, lifestyle and fitness levels. And it's not because they're busy celebrating Healthy Spinoff benefits for the employer include reduced Workplace Week, it's because the hospital has created absenteeism, sick day and WCB rates, higher a vision and operational philosophy that integrates employee morale, higher productivity and increased employee health and wellness into everything it does. employee satisfaction. To them, employee health and wellness is more than a nice add-on, it's integral to their overall business Dofasco Inc., a large company with more than 7,000 strategy. employees, for instance, saw time injury rates fall by 66 per cent, WCB premium rates by 63 per cent and You might not realize it, but incorporating an non-occupational musculoskeletal injuries by 70 per employee wellness philosophy into the work cent over a nine-year period. In addition, a number of environment is still very much a leading edge unanticipated impacts included employee selfinitiative. According to a 2002 survey conducted by the improvement and development, improved morale and Canadian Labour and Business Centre, employee loyalty and pride in the workplace. wellness continues to be in the infancy stage with less than 17.5 per cent of employer respondents indicating While wellness programming is suitable for any size of they offered programs. In fact, for many businesses, business, the larger the employer, the more planning any interest in employee health resulted from a crisis and communication is required. Seven Oaks hospital, a such as a growing rate of injuries, escalating Workers Canadian leader in the employee wellness field, has Compensation Board penalties, increasing adopted a seven step process with substantial success. absenteeism, employee stress or declining morale. Yet, These steps include: according to this study, there is a strong link between employee health and wellness and workplace 1. Senior level support: Experience has shown senior performance. level commitment as well as personal involvement is critical to the success of any program. Strong proactive Exactly what is employee health and wellness? Seven leadership and explicit support serves to legitimize Oaks hospital's working definition describes wellness program efforts, oversee accountability and at the same as the optimum state of lifelong health and well-being time, creates a visible link to the strategic achieved by actively preventing illness. objectives. The key is prevention! Initiatives typically include not only efforts to improve the physical working environment, but also the physical, mental health and psycho-social concerns of employees. In other words, 2. Creating a wellness team: Employee participation is critical to program success. Input into planning and decision making by staff representatives from various employee groups and functional departments will


ensure employees are informed and involved. This is Sources: Twelve Case Studies on Innovative often accomplished through a formal committee Workplace Health Initiatives, Canadian Labour and system. Business Centre, November 2002. Special thanks to the following 3. Collecting data: Conducting employee needs Seven Oaks General Hospital personnel Mark Neskar, identification surveys and/or focus groups will ensure CEO, Sherry Mooney, manager of special projects and any initiatives are appropriate for each workplace. Doug Chervinski, director of human resources at Data collection strategies typically include a formal Seven Oaks General Hospital and Carrie Solmundson, health audit, health assessment or health risk appraisal executive director, Seven Oaks Wellness Institute. as the first step in program development. As well, operational data such as retention rates, medical and Saturday, October 25th, 2003 stress leaves, absenteeism and WCB claims should be ----------------------------------------------------------------collected. © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. All Rights Reserved. 4. Crafting an operating plan: Operating plans should include a vision for the wellness program, specific goals and objectives, implementation timelines, a marketing strategy, budgets and an evaluation process. 5. Choosing appropriate interventions: While there are a number of interventions, an effective strategy is to begin with programs that can demonstrate immediate benefit such as absenteeism or WCB rates. Refer to the employee needs assessment and select an opportunity that will have the widest range of impact for both the employee and employer. 6. Creating a supportive environment: Review the kind of organizational culture that is required to support your wellness initiative and begin to implement these supports. This may mean improving two way communication, changing policies or leadership style. 7. Evaluating outcomes: Monitoring and measuring results is important to the sustainability of programs yet it is difficult to directly link many of the impacts on employee health. On the other hand, there are many hard core HR statistics such as absenteeism rates that can be used as indicators of improvement. Seven Oaks has also demonstrated that implementation of a wellness program is not just a simple "intervention," it's essentially a complete organizational change management initiative requiring full grassroots participation, planning, patience, education and time. Their goal of full organizational implementation by January 2004 is just around the corner, but they're already beaming with success.


Public servants deserve thanks
Enthusiasm, commitment evident in work
THOSE of us who don't work for government probably a wide variety of career opportunities. Todd indicated wouldn't have taken notice that June 13-18 is Public that being a public servant has allowed him to be at the Service Week. forefront of several new provincial initiatives such as the Centre for Agrifood Research in Medicine through In fact, many of us don't pay attention nor do we have which the disciplines of agriculture and medicine have a true appreciation of what our public servants really been blended into one. A real coup for Manitoba. do for us. Still others continue to perpetuate a negative view of public servants without taking the opportunity Dobson, on the other hand, knew that upon graduation to investigate, thus choosing to seek out their careers in his heart was set on living and working in a rural the private sector, which is very unfortunate indeed. environment and working directly with people. Today, his role as agriculture representative affords him the Actually, public servants make up a huge part opportunity to help people deal with problems and to Manitoba's labour force. They work for a variety of fulfil their dreams. He thrives on his involvement in a agencies within the City of Winnipeg, the province and wide variety of community groups and is challenged the federal government. Their jobs range from by the many different work activities in which he is generalists to experts to technicians and support staff. engaged. His enthusiasm and caring attitude toward his Specific roles are as diverse as our province and customers is evident as he talks about the need for include police officers, customs officers, bus drivers, public servants to thoroughly enjoy their work and to human resource managers, economic development continually reinvent themselves as they take on new managers, economists, home economists, agricultural challenges. For someone like Dobson "service to the representatives, park rangers, rare book curators, public" is a mission. health-care workers and safety standards officers. David Laird, manager of human resource planning and Each and every one of these public-service workers, in services for the City of Winnipeg, deliberately chose their own field, in their own communities, work hard public service as his career. After 28 years as a public every day to ensure efficient and effective services to servant, Laird says he continues to love his job and to us, the citizens of Manitoba. They are proud of their feel a strong sense of accomplishment every day. He role of providing advice and carrying out programs and suggests the public service strives to create and build policies that ensure the needs of the public good are an inclusive and diverse workplace that offers addressed. individuals a broad range of career and learning opportunities. For instance, during his career with the During the last number of months, I have had the city, he has worked in and/or managed almost every opportunity to work with a department of the most area of human resources. dedicated and committed public servants I've ever met. For instance, Dr. Barry Todd, deputy minister, and Mike Styre, regional general manager for Canada Shane Dobson, professional agrologist, at Manitoba Border Services Agency, Prairie Region, and chairman Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives in Melita are of Manitoba's Public Service Week, notes his team of just two of many. almost 1,000 professionals administers and enforces more than 60 pieces of legislation, no small feat I'm Todd, a 23-year plus veteran of the provincial sure. But the key thing, in his mind, is that employee government, chose to become a public servant satisfaction surveys, year after year, are indicating following a university teaching and research career as people love their job and are proud to be providing a well as time in the private sector. He was attracted by value added service to society. the opportunity to make a difference in the industry of Manitoba agriculture and at the same time has enjoyed

the provincial government deals with issues such as interprovincial trade or labour laws and a city deals with issues related to zoning or public transportation. one that the general public. grow and contribute to the good of all society. During his 29-year career. he has been promoted eight times and has lived and worked in a number of cities across Canada. no matter what technical specialty or support area you are in. a public-service career is very satisfying. All Rights Reserved. me included. has taken for granted for far too long. there are multitudes of unique complexities that create a variety of opportunities to learn. a joint effort by all three levels of government. a strong customer service focus. 2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2004 Winnipeg Free Press. Let's take a moment to congratulate and thank them for their dedication. hard work. empathize and understand what people's needs really are. is designed to help celebrate the commitment of government employees to the service and well-being of our communities. Saturday. anyone interested in the public service must have excellent people skills. was attracted to public service because of the phenomenal career opportunities and the ability to contribute to the public good. too. This is doubly important because of the nature of public service customers and the demand of translating to the public the complex web of government policies and procedures. 198 . loyalty and commitment to serving our community needs. The federal government deals with national policies such as immigration or aid to the Third World.From a personal perspective. Sutre indicated he. Being a public servant is a proud and honourable profession. As can be expected. Public Service Week. Public-service careers will continue to provide challenging opportunities for young people. Each level of government deals with different issues. an ability to listen. As described by these few proud public servants. June 12th. Within each of these areas of responsibility.

Let me customers contribute donations to a special gift box share some of these fabulous stories with you. Volunteerism builds goodwill canes. getting into the Christmas spirit. as well. Then just prior to the holiday. there's that gift of pride and a feeling of drivers for the Christmas Cheer Board.000 candy employees as well. And then as a small-business decorations. And was I ever employees participate in a "secret Santa" gift-giving surprised! ritual. take a bit of time to plan.000 employees.Volunteers have true Christmas spirit But plan before offering services I don't know how you feel. but I can tell you I was in the Salvation Army's Mitts for Kids program. Crafty really having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. The result of these traditions. seasons such as Christmas is a growing trend and why Then as the parade wound its way along the streets. Now. human resources manager. Blue Cross are particularly excited about participating 199 . staff knitters fashion new children's mittens all year-round while others purchase a multitude of I hadn't started my gift shopping and couldn't even coloured mittens that are hung on a Christmas tree as think where to start. collect contributions for food hampers and other charities as well act as volunteer Finally. rallied together and within three weeks designed and decorated a fabulous float that was entered into both Employee volunteerism. Traditionally. is enthusiasm. a much larger organization with staff Christmas party with donations going to the several locations and more than 2. In addition. has created an entire lobby decoration with a spoke to people. staff volunteers from Manitoba you offer your services. When I company. I could literally experience their real life sleigh and a model Santa! Employees and excitement and feel their tremendous energy. excitement and towards your company. not? There are lots of benefits to the corporation and to volunteers treated parade watchers to 10. particularly in a more But these hearty volunteers don't stop there. uses Christmas Cheer Board. accomplishment just knowing you've contributed to a happy holiday for less fortunate individuals. I was struggling with planning our annual staff are donated to the Salvation Army for distribution to event. They casual situation. This year. Where should we go? What should we do? All children. President Kerry Bittner So I decided to reach out to others in the business transforms into a costumed elf and entertains everyone community and inquire about their strategies for with his clever puppetry. fun and organizational pride. fosters high morale and genuine pleasure these volunteers felt as children's teamwork and stimulates personal and professional eyes lit up with awe and wonder? pride. according to Susan Flanders. It also provides an opportunity for employees to get to know each other better. big or Manitoba Blue Cross also has a long tradition of small do at the Christmas season? stimulating festive spirit through both staff and children's Christmas parties. But before On the other hand. the its active volunteer social committees to focus on a company is participating in the Salvation Army Kettle multitude of different events. but what's out there? What do other businesses. an equipment sales and distribution Christmas season was quite overwhelming. Christmas tree auction. Can you just imagine the fun. but discovering the depth and breadth of volunteerism during the Toromont Cat. of my team felt that we should do something different. employees at Work Day. company volunteers organize a very successful silent auction at the annual Manitoba Lotteries. especially during special the Night of Lights as well as the Santa Clause parade. generous with their volunteer time. And to build team spirit. it can be used to build new create a variety of fund-raising events such as a employee skills. the mittens owner. I've always known that Manitobans were festive spirit. This year. next to the sleigh.

it's a great team building initiative. Joanne Fortney. The excitement generated has served to increase the overall interest in volunteerism so that more and more projects can be accommodated. Clearly define the volunteer parameters in terms of time away from work or time involved in the project. 2002 corporate mission and the service agency to which you ----------------------------------------------------------------wish to contribute your volunteer time. I'm beginning to feel the excitement in the air. Sandy Raposo-Lloyd and Susan Olynik of Manitoba Lotteries. but now that there's a focus on helping others. Simply contact the Christmas Cheer Board to adopt a family for Christmas. © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. You know. Clarify each volunteer role and be certain that all participants know what their job is. But get out there and volunteer! It's a great experience. All Rights Reserved. Determine whether you will support one key project or if employees can participate in a program of their choice.Think about and make sure there's a fit between your Saturday. I was really having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. Susan Flanders of Manitoba Blue Cross and Dorothy Callaghan of Toromont Cat for sharing their stories. Although you may have different religious beliefs within your workplace. 200 . December 14th. offer to drive gift hampers to families or volunteer at Winnipeg Harvest. invite everyone to become involved. A special thanks to Carla Clarke. Develop a protocol for securing time away from work. Develop a systematic way to select your projects. And don't think you need to be a large organization to participate in Christmas season volunteerism. Each of these business contacts is tremendously pleased with their volunteer contributions. Celebrate the success of your fundraising activities and recognize the contributions of your volunteers.

and especially. mission and a new strategic plan. mobilizing people is not about personality. From an organizational systems perspective. challenging the process. Long-term employees. "Well. anxious patrons and public Under the creative leadership of Marilyn Robinson. newly appointed leadership. involvement. own Manitoba Lotteries Corp. all school graduation (particularly English and math). achievements over the past two-and-a-half years. and Janet Kaminsky. high Regent. So when a stunning turnaround occurs. training and development. But they did it. the turnaround results from the in turn has reduced reliance on external recruitments. Representative employees were invited to Can you imagine what had to happen in order to effect contribute their ideas toward establishing the corporate this extraordinary change? Turning around a large. In fact. statistics demonstrate significant improvements in absenteeism and turnover rates. enabling others to act and encouraging the heart. prepared for internal promotional opportunities. company pride. it can't be You're probably asking. a grounded. demonstrating a sense of mindfulness. ages. This readers must be told that MLC was recently honoured is Manitoba Lotteries' success story. and attest to the significant turnaround in employee computers skills. stages and Organization-change efforts are also time-consuming cultural heritage. especially when the organization is our very According to leadership gurus Posner and Kouzes. New attendance management officer roles were created and placed at each worksite alongside two labour-relations officers. HR department was realigned to create more positive synergies and improved customer service. by the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba (HRMAM) as the 2003 winner of the For the executive team. the company is experiencing waiting lists. the vision. the employees at all levels. modelling the way meant organizational excellence award. The result saw employees better synergy. and exhausting. values. casino manager. each and every one of them. how did they do that?" ignored. at McPhillips Street Station. Improvements were also made in the area of measurement standards for corporate performance. bring your attention to the comprehensive mosaic of employees from all walks of life. University of Nevada. casino manager. James Training was targeted toward overcoming employment Anastasio. Educational programming has been expanded and employee participation in internal education has skyrocketed. often resulting in stagnation or failure. Teena Timm. which In their view. dispersed company experiencing chaotic times. internal initiated a management development program in promotional opportunities and the openness of the conjunction with the University of Winnipeg and the management team.000 employees at a number of different sites. It's about five key business practices: modelling the way. the scrutiny at every turn is no easy task. over 2. guest services. 201 . And in honour of its significant change-management inspiring a shared vision.People power saves day Remarkable turnaround for Manitoba Lotteries IT'S well known that organizational challenges sometimes create negative G-forces that damage And a walk through any MLC worksite will quickly productivity and drive away talented employees. listen and create a connection with employees. focused and authentic leadership presence that served They did it to reach out. corporation's vice-president of human resources. extraordinary attention paid to employee MLC also reached out to community resources and communication. training specialist. technical support at Club barriers such as English as a second language.

The final key practice area of leading corporations -that of creating initiatives to enable others to act -. the corporation's president and CEO. April 12th.saw MLC include a multifaceted approach. was to become an employer of choice. All Rights Reserved. As well. A pretty ambitious goal at the best of times. employee development and listening. Well folks. They began with enhanced communication. Wow. quarterly employee feedback and progress meetings. Building on the multicultural mosaic of employees. employee input and participatory involvement efforts at all levels of the organization. lunch-with-thepresident events and the establishment of a companywide human resources advisory committee. a special volunteer language bank was established that encourages employee volunteers to assist colleagues and customers with various language needs. what an accomplishment! Saturday. 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. lunch-and-learn sessions. 202 .Challenging the heart of employees has occurred through a wide variety of corporate citizenship initiatives. employees at every site can volunteer as personal tutors or mentors for fellow learners. valuing and respecting the skills and input of employees. they really did it. He envisioned this change being accomplished through teamwork. I might add. he told me the goal of Manitoba Lotteries Corp. when I first met Winston Hodgins. These included an intranet employee Web site. Employer of choice About one year ago.

bolts and matched with steel checkerplate baseboards and scuff liners. a principal with Smith Carter Architects productivity and efficiency and they explored preferred and Engineers. Ester declares the first and most critical step is the need to understand her client's A customer's first step inside the new Bison Transport organizational culture and business philosophy. Clever! Working with Patzia to scope out the long planning process. employee lounges and meeting places deal. the company wanted to neighbourhoods with cool. you say.Further down the hall. and administrative tasks? A tour of their recently opened new offices convinced me that Bison Transport Then. efficient workspaces. building creates a sense of awe as the large open space atrium greets and absorbs its guests into the bright and For example. when you lift your eyes. open. watching the scenery as you go. ensure that their drivers. Well. Finally. that sounded great. you'll be in for a has accomplished this and more.Drive for perfection Bison Transport offers its staff the best in workspace design EARLIER in this column you read about workspace could create an ideal employee and functional design and the potential impact on employee interaction. communication patterns. shiny. the workspace planning committee undertook a substantial analysis of administrative workflow and process needs in all functional areas. who respected the challenges of the trucking industry. if not futuristic. group meeting rooms. it will also function as the heart of employee employees who are constantly on the road with those in communication meetings. telephones events such as a community/corporate fund-raiser. a hightechnology boardroom. the workspaces are divided into communication. now what about practice? The committee reviewed specific people behaviours and how the workspace could be designed to support Esther Patzia. career employees is guided into the world of high-tech trucking. This unique workplace design exactly The dream of Bison Transport's management and duplicates the inside of a transport truck and is highly design committee was to create a workspace that successful in creating a sense of nostalgia as the guest would serve to attract long-term. productivity. fun barbecues and special a corporate office huddled over computers. visitors and employees pass large. take Bison Transport. On a well-laid-out route.workspace design strategies that would support group and-employee-productivity concept. glass. would feel just as comfortable in the new open complete with leather couches and wall dividers that environment as they did in their trucks. she and her clients meetings. How does plants and open space has been designed for esthetic one go about designing a workspace that integrates pleasure. Next. and glassed-in private offices. resemble wooden pallets. sandblasted plywood panels complete with design at its best. 203 . But theory is one thing. they searched for unique techniques to develop the look and feel of a While there are many steps to designing effective and modern. While this large atrium with green fast-growing Manitoba trucking company. and a professional interior designer. Then they examined is not only a keen proponent of the workspace-design. quality lighting. As well. an aggressive and inviting space. employee. who are on the road a great small. enjoyed working within a proactive. trucking company. distraction-free solo work. with its painted highway oriented environment and appreciated open and rapid markers. can prove the concept works. they examined communication patterns and decisionmaking procedures required for daily work transactions and then searched out ways in which they Employee walking and circulation patterns are easy to navigate and quickly create the physical sense of just rolling down the highway. bright hallways lined with employee environment is a fine example of work light. and workspace comfort. In fact. purple colour schemes. Inc. this new surprise! You'll see wide.

and Trevor Fridfinnson. Saturday. music. in its drive for employee productivity and customer excellence. Employees are demonstrating ease and comfort in their new workplace. are already beaming with the thrill of success. happy. the adventurer will reach a dividing wall resembling wooden pallets that separate the "war-room. The cafeteria is huge. Smith Carter Architects and Engineers. For those who still smoke. And for Esther Patzia. use the simulators to maintain their razor sharp driving skills or to challenge the status quo with innovative cost-cutting techniques. on the other hand. Inc. if you were to ask Greg and Trevor today if all that rigorous effort to analyse and design their workspace with employee productivity in mind was worth every minute." as it's called.president of finance and administration. and the folks at Bison Transport for the tour and interview time. it's one more example that workplace design and employee productivity really are linked. Bison Transport. Spirits are high as the workplace design is proving to create an integrated. professional interior designer. State-of-the-art simulators allow new drivers to train on a wide variety of road conditions. truck-driver training centre within the walls of its new facility. vice. All Rights Reserved 204 . The new Bison Transport facility has only been open for a short time but Greg McFadzean. it's also a resting place with several couches and comfortable chairs sprinkled in different-sized groupings. also has integrated a leading-edge. So. full-screen monitoring devices that flash key truck-location information to employees as they speak to customers on the phone. complete with equipment. While Bison Transport already boasts a low transportdriver turnover rate. August 9th. there's a small in-house "store" conveniently sealed at night by an overhead door similar to the transport truck. director of operations. there is a private. Cowboy hats and business suits are common place in the corridors and are equally as valued. wide-open space exhibits a number of employee workstations placed in groups or pods. and productive workforce. sealed smoking room. employee integration and driver training is indeed attracting more and more potential recruits. And let's not forget the 24-hour-a-day fitness room. 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------© 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. Employee interaction and face-to-face conversations are fluid and easy. management is equally pleased their leading-edge strategies of workplace design. but it's not just an eating place with banks of microwave ovens. principal. Source: Special thanks to Esther Patzia. showers and an envious personalsafety system.. This bright. you'll receive a resounding "yes" for an answer. in case employees are in need of anything. These pods serve to facilitate rapid interaction and communication between employees as they go about their daily work.Soon. The bright room is also surrounded by large. Finally. Experienced drivers.

I guarantee. we find that 60 per cent of all women in Manitoba work. women and their families in the workplace. you would never have labelled me with that oldfashioned "bra-burner" feminist term. After all. work implementation team. the May 2003 report. Thank goodness society listened. Women in Canada: Work Chapter Updates. It's hard to believe that when I started my career and continued through child-rearing years that I was almost labelled a traitor to family values. I distinctly remember the for a living. But I'm proud these initiatives resulted in fairness and equity for men. positive. an increase of 14 per cent over 1976. My interest doesn't come only from the fact I'm female. but I was certainly out there lobbying for legislative changes that affected families and women alike. budgeting and finance. 56 per cent of all Canadian women age 15 and over have jobs. in particular. I was also intensely focused on the initiation and facilitation of organizational change in my places of employment. project and information management. I'm also pleased our women's initiatives served to create a new focus on the training of women so they could reach out and attain their rightful place in the leadership of organizations. While there is a whole conglomeration of managerial programming available to aspiring women. offered as a Friday-to-Sunday monthly weekend retreat. job performance. And those successful women. caught my eye. or the return to a birth name without endless hassles? In a younger and idealistic frame of mind.Dare to succeed Local program shows women a winning path STATISTICS Canada has always published interesting national studies and. It is now registering its 10th group of students. I really did have to work! Now. Students are placed in peer learning groups. It was a hard and lonely struggle and one that served to block my initial chosen career in many ways. Courses are rigorous and demanding with studies in management. 70 per cent of women are still working in traditional "pink ghetto" occupations. at least there's been an increase of almost 30 per cent in the number of women entering the management ranks. students learn business strategy. but also from the fact I've always been an ardent observer and active participant in the struggle for women's advancement in the workplace. yet traumatic. the ability to use a hyphenated married name. haven't manipulated promotional decisions through feminine wile. job sharing. And then again. postsecondary program was adapted to the Manitoba context and piloted in 1993. who can imagine a world today without maternity and paternity leave. The program. are assigned mentors and are able to apply their learning through workplace-based projects. the statistics showed that 75 per cent of all women who have a university As part of that first instructional design and degree and 69 per cent with a college diploma. But what is the status of women in the workplace today? According to the latest statistics. Disappointingly. though. human resource management. Never mind the fact that as a single parent. organizational behaviour and leadership. On the other hand. accounting. They've earned every rung of that career ladder through impressive academic credentials. and strong business savvy. communications. long before it was even labelled and welcomed. an important component of the program is learning to understand personal learning and leadership styles. one particular educational program stands out above all others. On a provincial basis. and creative problemsolving. That is the Management Development Program for Women (MDW) offered by our very own University of Manitoba. and nice perfume. however. This female-only. suggestive power suits. the statistics also show that despite increased representation in non-traditional fields. consists of 256 hours of instruction reinforced by on-the-job experience. assertiveness and marketing. impact the program had on 205 . Finally. In addition.

Since their graduation several years ago. The study found that during the 10-year period. Source: Women in Canada: Work Chapter Updates. aged 39 years and over. Atlanta Sloane Seale. But let's let the longitudinal study by Dr. most Saturday. skilled and fully equipped for their first career move into management. the Management Development Program for Women is. but as a passport to career success. who were © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. The voices of Corrine Scott and Shelly Hart. Insp. The knowledge. both women are strong proponents of the MDW program and are active mentors to women participants. 2003 registering students were highly goal-oriented and ----------------------------------------------------------------motivated women. All Rights Reserved. program manager and Linda Dunwoody. intensive and exhausting. And I can say with authority that most of our first graduates have achieved tremendous success in their careers. University of Manitoba Continuing Education. skills and abilities gained through their studies frequently catapulted the graduating student into their first middle-management role accompanied by higher earnings. May 2003. Atlanta Sloane Seale speak for itself.many of the students' personal and professional lives. August 16th. one of the best opportunities for aspiring women to become knowledgeable. Scott particularly valued her training in program management. Scott will assume responsibilities as divisional commander for District 5. Today. was the students' increased knowledge of gender issues in the workplace. strategic thinking and creative problemsolving. I have to say I am a bit biased. it's worth every minute. 206 . which resulted in a substantial growth of self-confidence as well as the professional skills and abilities to positively challenge systemic issues they encountered. and equally as important to advancement. Yes. the program enabled Hart to develop a strong and supportive professional network in addition to learning new management skills. Because the police service had been a highly maledominated workplace. both have experienced successive promotions and today they are at the top of their profession. are representative of the wholehearted success experienced by many students. interviews with Dr. Hart is the first female inspector and effective in early September. married with dependents. But honestly. marketing manager. two Winnipeg police officers. As a former instructor in the program. the program is dynamic. As well. in my opinion.

And how appropriate this of fun. I want to thank everyone for all the very walkway that provides a scenic tour behind Boeing's kind comments over the past year. I've very chairs. productive workplace. as well. And they've proven it. ergonomics and opportunity to slip an article or two on their employee's MSDS research challenges while still others engaged desk! in a Family Feud-style safety game. The long lineups spoke to the success of the event. on their manager's desk. But guess what? Many of they organized a safety rodeo and wellness fair. Then the medical community came to the rescue with free flu shots. And if someone is into a higher level of e-mails and. an 207 . Relay those same managers come to work early just for the teams competed in job-skill routines. first of all. I receive hundreds main buildings. couches and effective tool for many readers. both strongly consider writing weekly human-resource related believe that a work environment that enables articles for the Winnipeg Free Press. environment. personal employee volunteer Green Team has attacked every health and corporate success. a senior human resources manager for Boeing Canada Technology and Patti Anne Lepage. Cathy Bain. Not only that. person who likes to quickly get to the bottom of a problem and to coach people through solving their Boeing. Recently. even more interesting. They know there's a strong efforts in employee communication. these two businesses have been successful in title has proven to be! creating a high-energy work environment as well as improved statistics in employee turnover and lost work I also remember telling the editor that I'm the kind of days. advice. There's an internal walking trail snaking much enjoyed writing the articles. but soon found that we had similar views of volunteerism in program implementation and what constitutes productive workplaces. Grandmothers forward the articles to grandchildren and employees discreetly place articles Boeing's employees like to have fun. this practical approach has proven to be an room complete with a lending library. recently won a the well-being of their employees and developing a Sustainable Development Award of Excellence for its positive workplace culture. they quietly work behind the scenes protecting The Fairmont on the other hand. take brisk strides during their breaks. Combined I remember we initially struggled with goals and with employee participation in the generation of ideas. they can watch Tai-Bo videotapes and stop me in the street and thank me for such practical participate in sessions during their lunch break. it feels like I'm throughout the factory layout where employees can speaking to readers over a cup of coffee. walkers can strut their stuff on a gravel So. During the summer. many Winnipeg businesses representatives. The result was appropriate reward and recognition seasoned with a bit the Working World column. objectives. employees to do their job safely and well is key to the success of a healthy. has created an employee reading feedback. But while many of the articles relate to problems. And judging by frequent safety committee. that strive to exemplify positive workplace cultures and are indeed doing a great job. I've massage therapy sessions and chiropractic service also encountered many. So nook and cranny of the facility seeking out it's time to highlight some of their stories and opportunities to physically improve their work successes and give them some profile. Instead. with the help of a wellness and joint health and issues in a practical manner. The only thing is. Not a small feat in a traditionally high-turnover industry.Best employers the quiet ones Time to recognize the many workplaces exemplifying a positive culture IT'S now been 18 months since I was asked to HR manager with the Fairmont Hotel. they aren't out there front and centre in the headlines. Its four-year-old connection between employee performance. people literally of exercise.

associations or organizations who are light. acknowledged and given a little press. When you visit these sites as a customer or guest. employee illness has been reduced. if you know of a deserving individual or company. they've hunted down and wiped out serving as positive role models and who are making a repetitive strain problems. But that leads me to another point. Saturday. and I think they should be celebrated. 208 . Merry Christmas and I'll see you in the new year. It's been a pleasure to write the Working World column. Boeing's wellness and safety rodeo and the Fairmont's energy-buster contests are only small examples of an ongoing effort to create a healthy workplace environment. acid-based cleaning Winnipeg's well-known Kinsmen Reh-Fit Centre. laundry workers. It's the constant development and refreshing of employee knowledge and skills. 2002 ----------------------------------------------------------------And finally. They've created summer and winter work schedules and recently built an air-cooled environment for This award is presented to individuals. please call the Reh-Fit Centre and ask for an application. it's the way these two businesses have fun © 2003 Winnipeg Free Press. As I said earlier. But in my opinion. businesses. As a products. December 21st. these efforts help to build up Winnipeg as an employment city of choice. So. these companies and others just like them quietly work behind the scenes protecting the well-being of their employees. But it's not just the physical improvements and emphasis on safety that makes the Fairmont Hotel and Boeing Canada Technology Winnipeg leaders. complete with much more natural corporations.They've traded aerosol cans for hand pumps and So does Don Fletcher. the invitation to employees to come forward with suggestions and the involvment of employees and union groups in the implementation of new ideas. The numbers show it too. together. We not only have a great location. It's their humanistic approach to people management. but we have great companies. reduced water consumption signicant contribution to healthy living in the and continually create new bench-marking challenges. community. And finally. and return-to-work programs are a part of life. the Reh-Fit Centre is now seeking nominees for its healthy living award. It's the recognition that employees and employers together can make a difference. chief executive officer of aggressively avoid corrosive. All Rights Reserved. you can feel the difference. matter of fact.

(CMC – Fellow). Barbara is the author of the highly popular. Barbara has also been active as a community leader. a Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRP) and holds a Master of Administration in Education. CHRP. Earlier in her career. organizational 209 . During these assignments. Her columns are also now accessible through the national Workopolis career site. Easy Resume Book: A Transferable Skills Approach and in conjunction with the Winnipeg Free Press. Currently she is Chair of the Red River College Capital Campaign. Barbara was on the Board of the Victorian Order of Nurses. We work with individuals on a one to one basis and with small groups and will provide service to front line personnel as well as senior management. Barbara offers a wide variety of experience including: Executive Search/ Recruitment and Selection . she is publishing a book of cumulative Working World articles. She is a Certified Management Consultant.Engaged to provide career transition services for all industry sectors. job design and workflow.All industry sectors – Barbara and her firm have been engaged to recruit senior executives. Currently. Previously. past president of the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba. senior professional management and technical professionals for a variety of industry sectors. Barbara has also recently become a weekly contributor to the Manitoba Business show heard on CJOB radio in Winnipeg. Career Transition . earlier in her career. Barbara is President of Bowes Leadership Group and is Manitoba’s leading and most respected authority on human Resources. Barbara’s weekly “Working World” column in the career section of the Winnipeg Free Press is one of the most widely read sections of the newspaper. the United Way Board and she has served as an elected school trustee. Organizational/Restructuring Reviews – We are frequently engaged to conduct an evaluation of the administrative structure. Barbara also led and managed the human resource management practice at a large international accounting and consulting firm and was Director of the HR consulting practice for a regional accounting firm. (HRMAM) and a past executive member of the Women Business Owners of Manitoba. Barbara built her practice and participated in a number of projects for a wide range of client organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to not for profit organizations. FCMC. Women’s Division. Bowes.All industry sectors .Ed. she was awarded a “finalist” category as Entrepreneur Woman of the Year.Barbara J. Barbara was awarded the Woman of The Year Award 1990 for her contributions and in 2004. M. Barbara is also certified in a number of human resource and proprietary operational strategies. Barbara was nominated to the Canadian Women Mentorship award (1999) and has been listed in the Who’s Who of North America’s professionals. In addition to the experience as a business owner.

the Wynford Group in Calgary sponsor a national survey which includes many Winnipeg businesses. Our colleagues.culture and interpersonal relationships within small organizations and/or departments within larger firms. etc. deliver and evaluate training programs. Compensation and benefits – We are engaged to conduct job evaluation projects for large and small companies. Training and Development – Bowes Leadership Group offers over 22 customized training programs for new supervisors and for general professional development. We are one of the few consulting firms who design. mediation. General HR Services – this consists of employee relations. 210 . Strategic Planning Facilitation –We are called upon to conduct planning sessions for notfor-profit groups and departments within large firms. develop. policy development.

her professional credentials include being a Certified Management Consultant. hR consultant Barbara Bowes provides practical advice on handling more than one hundred management issues in the workplace. well thought out strategies or solutions to the problem at hand. . president of BoweshR. Barbara Bowes is a highly respected authority on human resource management. and provides you with smart. Vidacom inc. So real are the situations and challenges that she discusses that many times you’ll swear that she works in your office.” . a leading hR consultant firm. is a popular guest on radio talk shows and conducts numerous public speaking engagements for clients ranging from fortune 500 companies to not for profit organizations. you can’t do better than My staff is Driving Me Crazy! “Barbara Bowes is the Ann landers of the office – no one is wiser on the intricacies of today’s workplace. her awards include being named Woman of the Year in 1990 and being nominated for the Canadian Women Mentorship award (1999). ChRp. or has been talking to your employees.D candidate in Business and leadership. She also writes a highly respected newspaper column on office politics. Bowes. these are the collected articles from Bowes’ Working World Column. Barbara J. Each column covers a unique management challenge. fCMC.ARE YOu hAViNG tROuBlE MOtiVAtiNG StAff? NEED hElp RECRuitiNG thE RiGht EMplOYEES? DO pERfORMANCE AppRAiSAlS MAkE YOu RuN fOR COVER? thEN YOu NEED My staff is DRiViNG ME CRaZy! in this down-to-earth guide for managers. M.Ed. here you will find helpful tips on everything from effective delegation of tasks to throwing a successful office Christmas party. as published in the Careers section of the Winnipeg free press. a Certified human Resource Management professional and a ph. president.Joanne therrien. if you are looking for a handy survival guide for managing employees in today’s workplace.

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