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IN PERE A TIONAL BH, ut sourced supply, chain Vendor Agent, International Manufactares Representative AMICI CLIT DY CORICAT FEAL FUMOVIEG EQUIDAIENT FUCKS and FRATLERS Days, Cowen. (Chnrleved Procurement & Mavtater Consitan ADI32 061 511738 INTERNATIONAL BLEEY of MACHINERY (sles) A ADN 32064 515195, A Marksnenn Colqutioun Stentegles Concept of Marketing.” W AUN 32.061 871785 [Age esto Meri andlag Ean Date, 6™August 2012 lent Order Number 02 / 600532. Tax Invoice No HTSTT1206 Dear To: Ciymec Construction and Engineering Pty Ltd 116 Nautical Drive, Henderson WA 6166 For the purchase and supply of (1) one only 2014 HINO FY700 SERIES TANDEM DRIVE TWIN STEER TIPPER 410hp 165p ZF Transmission, Along with all the rest as per my quotation in alr operated tall gate devise, As is where Is as Inspected with no warranty implied or expressed, VIN SERIAL NUMBER JHEFYIEUKO0011763, Engine Number £13 CUN 12470 For the agreed purchase price of $195 000.00 Plus GST of 10% § 19 500.00 $214 500.00 ine For a total purchase price of est Payable by way of electronic transfer Into the cheque account of Barry Braln Cowen National Bank of Australia Is appreciated BSB No 083 802 ACC No 85 - 478 ~ 9869