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Reoionat Orners 84 Hantow St. 280 FLOOR -Bancon, Mane O401 ‘Ta 207) 941.3070 Janer T. Minis Fax (207) 941.3075 IsTOREY aeNERA 415 Cononss Sr, $7. 301 PORTLAND, Main 01101 ‘Tats (207) 822-0260 a (207) 522-0259 STATE OF MAINE TEL: (207) 626-8800 Orrice oF THE ATTORNEY GeneRAL TTY USERS CALL MAINE RELAY 711 14 Accass Hlonway Ste. 1 (Camou, Mane 04736 6 STATE House StatioN ‘Tau (207) 496-3792 AuGusTa, MAINE 04333-0006 Fax: (207) 496-3291 December 21, 2015 The Honorable Jeffrey Evangelos ‘The Honorable Benjamin Chipman 465 Waldoboro Road 5 Mayo Street, #3 Friendship, Maine 04547 Portland, Maine 04101 ‘The Honorable Charlotte Warren 19 Oakwood Drive Hallowell, Maine 04347 Dear Representatives Evangelos, Chipman, and Warren: I have received your December 4, 2015, request that my Office initiate a criminal investigation of Governor LePage concerning several matters described in your communication. Thave reviewed these matters with several senior prosecutors thoroughly versed in the criminal law who have also examined the facts in the OPEGA report on the Good Will-Hinckley matter that was endorsed by the Government Oversight Committee at its meeting on December 3, 2015. Initially, 1 should point out that while the term “abuse of power,” which you employ in your request, is commonly used to describe a wide range of behaviors by public officials, that term is nowhere used in the Maine Criminal Code. It is always our obligation to be guided by the specific provisions of the Code in assessing whether the weight of the criminal law should be brought to bear upon any person or entity. Under the Code, conduct cannot be judged solely by its result. Even though conduct may be viewed as offensive or inappropriate, it will not rise to the level of criminal wrongdoing if it does not satisfy the specific elements that constitute a criminal offense as defined in the Code. My Office has carefully reviewed all available information and all relevant provisions of the Criminal Code, including “Official Oppression,” and concludes that there is not a basis at this time for us to pursue a criminal investigation While 5 MRS §200-A gives the Attorney General exclusive responsibility for investigation of public officials, we have also conferred with District Attorney Maeghan Maloney who concurs with our conclusions. As always, our Office welcomes reliable evidence against any individual or entity, public or private, that may warrant an inquiry into possible violations of the Maine Criminal Code, from any source, with or without a formal request Sincerely, Fou T. Mills ‘Attomey General Concurring: Maeghan Maloney District Attomey cc: The Honorable Michael Thibodeau ‘The Honorable Justin Alfond ‘The Honorable Dawn Hill The Honorable Andre Cushing ‘The Honorable Garrett Mason ‘The Honorable Jeff McCabe The Honorable Sara Gideon The Honorable Kenneth Fredette The Honorable Ellie Espling