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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

The Price of Positive Outlook

Mae Yap, 56, is a survivor of her own fate. Since birth she had bronchial asthma that
bothered her for a while. In 2000, upon her doctor‘s recommendation, Ms. Yap decided to
undergo medical workup because of her swollen womb. The result was Uterine Myoma, but
―fortunately it was negative of cancer,‖ she says.

But in 2003, she noticed that the swelling came back again. This proved to be a serious case
when ―a piece of skin tissue was sloughed off from my breast,‖ Ms. Yap recalls. She
consulted a specialist
at the Philippine
General Hospital. But
this time the results
were grim: She is
suffering from Stage
III Breast Cancer.

This is no ordinary
story. Hearing the
terrible news of her
fate, Ms. Yap should
be sulking, but she
chose not to. She went
on to get an operation
in Singapore General
Hospital. She was
advised to undergo
chemotherapy and
radiation to fully

Ever the optimistic, Ms. Yap used Reishi Gano and Ganocelium capsules, Spirulina Candy,
and Morinzhi as food supplement. ―I survived those days by drinking dissolved RG/GL, to be
taken within 72 hours, even if I‘m still in pain,‖ Ms. Yap says.

―I was bedridden and had Alcopecia; my hair started to fall out and used Ganozhi Shampoo,‖
Ms. Yap recalls. It wasn‘t long until her hair went right back and grew steadily, just as her
condition improved. ―Just after a week of taking all DXN products, I was able to stand up
alone and eat regularly on time,‖ she says.

A year after her operation, her continuous battle for survival is transcended to inspiring others
with similar fate. ―I am now a cancer survivor and a member of Cancer Survivors Association
in Northern Mindanao Medical Center in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamiz Oriental,‖ she
shares. This endeavor has taught her that despite the trials, there is hope in every end of it;
what is needed is the belief on every possibility and strength to face challenges with faith and

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

Back to Her Prime After What Seems Like

a Losing Battle
She has exuded that energetic aura for
so long. Her family members have
also been used to her appetite-full
eating spree during meal time. That's
why it came as a big surprise to Naty's
kins when she became the reverse of
her lively self.

Her skin gradually turned darker

(hyperpigmenation) while her delight
for food, even her favorites, was
growing lower and lower each day.
Worse, she'd occasionally cry over her
painful flank. Other changes ensued
day after day, that, to Naty's relatives,
were signs that nothing good should be hoped for anymore. In fact they thought she'd leave
the world in no time.

But even with finances going on downward slope, Naty's family members managed to have
her undergo several medical tests and procedures. When they learned about the physician‘s
diagnosis, that‘s when her loved ones understood the surprising changes Naty had gone
through. Her creatinine level had increased, the medical report indicated. Simply put, her
kidney was weakening or was not functioning well.

For nine months, Naty would regularly get face to face with hemodialysis – a machine that
mimics the natural work of the kidney by filtering wastes from the blood and returning it
clean to the body. For nine months, she‘d ask herself when her condition would eventually be
better. She took medicine that her doctor prescribed but they seem to work so slowly. Regular
check-up results would accompany her homeward; feeling rather frustrated for her creatinine
levels that won‘t subside. She wished she had something more potent in reversing her poor
physiological state.

"..she is grateful that finally, she doesn't have to deal with the
trouble that dialysis brings.."
And just as she hoped for, Naty got to know RG-GL and Spirulina. As suggested by DXN
member Juanita Ballesteros, Naty kept a regimen of 3 pairs each of RG and GL, and 12
tablets of Spirulina, staggered in four different times in a day.

The regimen went on for days then for weeks. One day, Naty received her physician's review
of her condition; a surprisingly low level of creatinine was clearly printed on the white
medical report. And surprisingly delightful even, Naty realized that she had maintained her
RG-GL and Spirulina habit for just barely two weeks.

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

Naty is not regretful though that she had gotten introduced to DXN's products not until after
nine month. In fact she is grateful that finally, she doesn't have to deal with the trouble that
dialysis brings - both financially and physically.

The active turned sickly Naty has regained her healthy state - complete with that enthusiastic
outlook in life, and a favorable fondness for eating. She is again in the pink of health - a state
that she hopes to maintain even when her mane had already turned gray.

Sailing in the Vast Sea of Trouble

Like any typical young man his age, Reynaldo Flores enjoyed his merry-making nights. He
had colorful booze days as a seaman with his colleagues. With liquor pouring like rain day
after day, matched with fat-laden fave, pork, he and buddies would gulp and chow like
tomorrow's already doomsday. It was fun, after all. Besides, he was bursting with stamina as
just-a-twenty-something youth.

Until his age grew almost double,

Reynaldo embraced his pastime
with much delight. But, as luck
would have it, he grew ill at the age
of 42. He stopped his drinking
habit. He's over the laklak days that
weakened his bodily condition and
eventually resulted in his sickness.

Or so he promised!

For two years of gaining back his

strength, Reynaldo had been
missing his friends and their ''talks''
over ice-cold bottles of alcohol. He
was back, indeed; he had to make up for the lost time.

And back was another weakening illness, only this time, more hard-hitting than the previous.
At 47, Reynaldo experienced several complications.

It started with his urine one day growing thick and oddly more yellowish. His ''crazy'' tummy
on the other hand pressed him to vomit often, not to mention his terrible body pains. He
would have ignored such conditions had his family not noticed the yellowing of his eyes and
darkening of the skin on his face. A swollen left leg and dimming sight added to his resolve
to seek medical help.

Hepatitis B struck Reynaldo. His physician added that his condition could not be totally
cured; he'd remain a carrier of it for the rest of his life. Regrettably, still, the medicines given
by the doctor, supposedly for alleviating his sickness, do not work well. Reynaldo could only
hear himself repeatedly saying, ''tsk tsk tsk'' under a cloud of depression. He knew he needed
the mighty hands of the Divine.

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

Still gloomy about he doctor's findings, Reynaldo suddenly saw a hint of a bright way out: his
friend is an active DXN distributor, he remembered. Some years earlier, Mr. Rosauro Bacus,
Sr. earned Reynaldo's confidence on RG-GL after a positive effect of the product on the
latter's cancerous cyst in the left shoulder. He, however, did not continue his supposed RG-
GL regimen upon feeling well.

As advised by Rosauro, Reynaldo befriended RG-GL once again - taking 30 capsules of each
product everyday - and included 12 tablets of Spirulina.

Reynaldo had been somehow worried during the first week of his RG-GL and Spirulina habit
''I noticed that there were some red dots on my stomach.. my legs swelled greater. I was
vomiting more frequently and my sight grew dimmer.''

More bothersome changes added to Reynaldo''s nuisance. His tummy pain was growing. His
urine, coming at 10-15 minute intervals, turned brownish. His legs swelled to an unusual size.
He''s irritated by body heat.

Curiously troubled, Reynaldo sought the opinion of Rosauros, who told him that what he
goes through is all part of the detoxification process. Reynaldo kept his trust on his friend and
on the DXN products.

Reynaldo felt better after a couple of days. Gone was whose pain; vanished was the annoying
body heat. He could see more clearly and realized that his leg had improved. To confirm the
favorable changes, he sought medical checkup. The doctor’s findings had Reynaldo verify
that his liver, kidneys, and pancreas were normally functioning.

Reynaldo has held on to his DXN habit, now keeping six tablets each of RG, GL, and
Spirulina as part of his daily supplements. ''At present, I am healthy and happy. I thank God
who saved my life by giving me DXN products,'' he said.

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

Lessons from the Unexpected

The sun was about to set that busy afternoon. The long day is almost over; but Gershon
Seguro has not the slightest idea that October 11, 2005 would welcome the night, albeit
unusually, for him.

Gershon was almost at the tail of his itineraries for the day. He was readying himself for
home when an uncanny feeling struck him: he seemed like a lit candle that‘s slowly melting.
While resting, hoping to ease out his strange feeling, doubts played on his mind. ―Sir,
180/110‖ broadcasts a nurse-
distributor who determined his
blood pressure.

Gershon took five pairs of RG GL

and swept the floor of his Service
Center. His doubts turned to
perplexity upon realizing that the
left portion of his body was
slowly growing numb.

Gershon got more bewildered

when, on the way home from his
office on the third floor, he could
not anymore move his left leg. He
felt the need to doze off when he
got home but quickly changed his
mind in fear of unanswered
confusions in his mind brought
about by his condition.

A physician at the ICU of Heart

Center shed light on his queries at
9 PM – cerebral stroke had been weakening his system. ―Had you gone much earlier, we
could have given you initial relieving process‖ conveyed his doctor.

Gershon had to endure various changes: he requires wheelchair for moving; his jaws became
unaligned after some time. He was breathing differently; ―it was as if no air comes in or out
of my nostrils because my nose grew numb as well.‖ On his third day in the ICU, he could no
longer move any part of his body.

Confident on DXN products, Gershon maintained his RG GL regimen, only this time with
increased dosage of 30 pairs a day, contents removed from capsules and mixed with water.

Gershon stayed in the ICU for seven days – far shorter than even the other patients who were
admitted before him. For two months thereafter, he religiously maintained his 30-30 RG GL
habit. His wife, thankfully, became the ultimate extension of his arms and legs – literally and
figuratively, that is.

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

One day, Gershon surprised his physician of his fast recuperation. A practically speechless
doctor welcomed a smiling patient, minus the wheelchair, and beaming with regained vitality.
Although the doctor prescribed some drugs for his further healing, Gershon opted to put his
confidence on the ―cheaper, more potent‖ DXN products. ―My blood pressure has stayed
normal even without taking what my doc prescribed‖ he said.


Gershon admits to being a workaholic – a disposition he knew gave him stress, but which he
thought could be alleviated by merrymaking with liquor and fat-rich foods. Diagnosed of
hypertension even before his stroke attack, he ignored the medical advice of having his blood

―When you are already bedridden, your family grows hungry because you can not attend to
your responsibilities anymore; and all the things that you worked for suddenly may be
squandered‖ he realized of his stroke attack.

Gershon now believes that being in virtually perfect health condition does not give one a
passport to pushing his/her body beyond the healthy state. ―Proper exercise, proper food
intake, proper rest, and avoiding stress, coupled with faith along with action‖ says Gershon
about one‘s quest for optimum health.


Gershon and his attending physician are both witnesses to his (Gershon‘s) unparalleled pace
of recuperation, if he is to be compared with the seven other patients he has come to know at
the ICU. ―Only three, that includes me, where able to go home. I am the only one who can
walk among us.‖ For this, he stressed his belief on the potency of RG GL: ―The power of
mushroom cannot be questioned because of my case. This incident proved further that our
products are potent for conditions such as what I experienced.‖ Had it not been for his DXN
supplement, ―I would not have the stroke attacking gradually as I experienced, rather, just
like in most cases, it could have been so sudden and swift.‖

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

Purpose Born on a Second Chance

He was breathing rather differently when he was born. He was touted as a blue boy, whose
abnormal respiratory rate gave him black lips whenever he cried. He would gasp for air
shortly after he was given his
much needed breastfed milk.

Kemp Pring had pains takingly

undergone such complications for
having two holes in his heart,
made even worse by blocked
ventricles - congenital disease that
read Tetralogy of Fallot. in his
medical record.

A year passed and doctors advised

Vilma, the mother, that Kemp had
to undergo heart surgery to save
the life of her beloved. But
financial limitations, as well as the
toddler's unhealthy state at the
time, immediately saw the
supposed operation's constraints.

In preparation, however, Kemp

had undergone medication for
improving and strengthening his
body system. But colds and cough,
and constant mucous in the ears
were among the side effects that
the kid had to succumb to.

Distributor Noel Bercasio learned about Kemp's case and brought the good news of RG GL
to Vilma. Having been to an unsuccessful attempt early on, the doing mother was skeptical
and at the same time afraid to try another regimen on the frail body of her son, who then was
five years old. But Noel was persistent and confident himself of the products that he finally
lured Vilma to try RG GL. From one pair on the first ingestion, Kemp's intake was gradually
increased week after week.

With all the Risks Involved

Kemp showed signs of readiness for the operation after six months of taking the products.
Gone were his cough mucous days. Doctor's findings confirmed his healthy state. Physicians
warned the anxious mother, though: Kemp's going under the knife might leave his child's life
hanging by the thread. Divine intervention, they said, is a must. "I love my son. Do
everything you can. I know he'll survive," was Vilma's determined reply. The kid's words
made his mom even more positive. "I'll be back mama, I know I can get through this."

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

The ailing child spent a day at the ICU. The restless yet hopeful mother kept praying during
the course of the operation: " Lord, take my child if u must. But I know I did something for
my child's welfare, to fight off his ailment. I am confident that you will give me my son

Vilma welcomed the following day with answered prayers, even with a few bonuses. Kemp
was transferred to a private room, with great signs of stability after just 2 1/2 hours (8
supposedly, said the physician). He spent a day in the recovery room, two days shy of his
supposed stay.

Vilma could not believe all those where happening, and so was Kemp's attending physician,
who learned from the now joyful mother about RG GL. The doctor, who expressed his
amazement of the child‘s unusually strong body resistance for and fast recuperation period
after the operation, "approved" of the regimen of the food supplement.

The exit doors of the Heart Center were opened on February 2, 2006 for Kemp and vilma
with the doctor's note on the child's clinical abstract that read: "patient was noted to be stable,
comfortable, and a febrile."

Birth of Mission

Having witnessed the potency of RG GL, Vilma has set her mind to accomplishing yet
another endeavor: "I do not want to use my education on something unproductive and
untruthful. I have seen the good effects of the product to my child; I want to share its wonders
with other people. If they eventually sign up as members, it will just be a bonus."

Now I'm planning to promote DXN and its products to those whose family members have
physical ailments - try the product and see how it might work with them."

The Life of Elizha Mae

"A Struggle for Survival"

"There is no assurance that your daughter will survive even if we performed an operation."
that's the dreadful statement that the doctor conveyed to Efren de los Santos, father of Elizha
Mae, after the Kasai procedure (surgical treatment for Biliary Atresia) was done."

A week after Elizha wa born, Efren noticed that her daughter was unusually yellowish. As
often advised by pediatricians, newborns should be exposed to early morning sunlight to
avoid this to happen. He followed this advice, however, Elizha's skin did not return to
normal. Her Tummy also began to bloat.

When Elizha caught cough and colds, Efren brought to her a doctor fo a check up. That was
when they started to discover her true condition. The doctor's advice was to immediately have
Elizha undergo ultrasound, which in turn showed that her liver was enlarged.

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

It was concluded that Elizha had Biliary Atresia, a rare disease characterized by a biliary
obstruction of unknown origin that presents in the neonatal period. This condition leads to
cirrhosis and death within the first years of life.

Elizha had gone through operation but still her liver continues to enlarge. Her doctor said that
her chance of survival is still "50/50". She was under observation and continues medication.
Her condition never stabilized. She became a regular of the hospital, frequently coming in
and out. There was even a time that she had to stay in the Intensive Care Unit due to her
worsening condition.

A Moment of Hope

Star Ruby Vicky Altea, a friend of Elizha's aunt, Elsie

Gales, learned about the situation and invited them to
visit Ms. Pam Ignacio of DXN Sta. Rosa Service
Center. Desperate to alleviate the condition of her
niece, they brought Elizha to the center. Elizha was
already a year old then but she can't speak, walk nor
stand yet. She was "really" malnourished.

At the center, Ms. Pam introduced DXN. She

expalined the health benefits that DXN products offer.
Eager to ease the suffering of Elizha, her family started
giving her RG_GL - half a capsule each everyday on
the first week then gradually increasing up to 12 pairs
on the weeks that followed. Alternately with milk, they
also fed her Cocozhi, Roselle Juice and 2 tableets of
Spirulina daily. They also bath her with Ganozhi body
foam for her dry skin.

When Elizha's consumption reached 5 pairs of RG-GL

a day, she became weaker and she suffered from high
fever. Immediately, Efren and Elsie brought her back
to Ms. Pam - They thought of discontinuing
consumption of DXN Products. Ms. Pam, however managed to encourage them to go on with
Elizha's regimen. They followed with faith that indeed soon Elizha will recover.

A Shed of Light

Within six months, progress can be seen. She began to walk and talk. Her stomach shoed
signs of recovery although, it was still relatively large. Eventually, she became active and
signs of malnourishment waned. Even her doctor was amazed of her recovery when they had
a follow-up checkup recently. When Elsie revealed to the doctor that they discontinued
Elizha's medication and substituted DXN food supplements instead, the doctor even
encouraged them to go on with what Elizha has been taking.

She had undergone another ultrasound, citi-scan and other tests but they no longer see any
abnormalities especially with her liver. Though it is still a bit enlarged, the doctor said that

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

she will eventually flush out the toxins. And the best news is: she doesn't have to have her
liver transplanted anymore.

Currently, Elizha maintains taking 4 pairs of RG-GL with other food supplements of DXN "
We never let a day pass without her taking any DXN product," Elsie noted.

Elizha's parents and aunt want to express their gratitude to the Lord for guiding them to
DXN, to Ms. Vicky who had been instrument to this, to Ms Pam Ignacio who shared her
knowledge of the products, and to DXN's Founder and CEO Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin.

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

Gano In Action
"...on ruptured internal organs, amputation, dropping red blood count and high blood-sugar
Faster than expected

Ervin Bartolay was on his way to fetch his wife on a

gloomy night of Feb. 2, 2004 when a tragic motorcycle
accident happened that caused him heavy internal
organ damages. His liver suffered the most with severe
ruptures that caused internal bleeding.

On the brink of passing out, he was brought to the

Ospital ng Makati after receiving first-aid from a
military hospital at The Fort. There, findings showed
that he had to undergo liver packing – a delicate
surgical process to repair his ruptured liver.

After the operation, Ervin‘s doctors required him to be

confined in the hospital for a month to monitor his
progress and ensure that he recovers from the damages
caused by the terrible accident.

Barely able to talk, Ervin asked Ricky Alfaro, a DXN distributor, if he can start taking
RG/GL with a strong belief that it would hasten his recovery.

Ricky immediately called up Dr. Danilo Sadsad, one of DXN‘s accredited speakers who
conducts Ganotherapy, and asked for advice. The good doctor said, as soon as his attending
physician allowed him to take solid foods he can also begin with his RG/GL regimen.

With the green light on, Ervin right away started taking 10 pairs of RG/GL every morning,
for the two weeks that he stayed in the hospital.

A remarkable development showed by X-ray results surprised both he and his doctor. His
liver recovered in half the time expected, a remarkable development that prompted his doctor
to consent his release from the hospital.

On the week following his confinement, he resumed networking while he decreased his
RG/GL intake by five capsules each per day, which he later again reduced to two pairs after
another couple of weeks.

He even started playing basketball within less than two months after the accident.

As it is known, Ganoderma‘s natural components – polysaccharide, organic germanium,

adenosine, triterpenoids and ganoderic essence – help detoxify the body, thus enhance the
body systems‘ function and promote cell regeneration.

Ervin maintains that since the accident, never had he felt any abnormalities in his bodies.

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

Prime Hope at A Prime Age

At age 61, nothing can be more tragic than to lose a part

of the body, perhaps next to death. To some this may
mean the end, but to Senior Star Diamond Felisa
Gatchalian-Lalas, it‘s just the beginning, a new dawn of
health, wealth and financial freedom.

Her leg was too late to be saved when it was discovered

that she has diabetes. The only promising solution – if it
can be considered as one – is amputation, to stop the
infection from consuming her body.

Devastated by what had transpired, Mrs. Lalas thought

that there‘s no hope left for her. Until one day, Crown
Diamond Ester Langit visited her home and invited her to
attend a Business Opportunity Meeting.

That was when a shed of hope had shone on her. Mrs. Lalas said, ―Kaya ko yan,‖ after
hearing CD Langit‘s words, having faith that DXN can make her healthy on top of being

She immediately registered with DXN after the seminar and sold 10 bags of Lingzhi coffee 3-
in-1 on the same day. That was also when she started taking RG/GL.

First she took two pairs of RG/GL, daily, for a week in addition to the Black Coffee and
Spica Tea that she instantaneously becomes fond of.

It was also within the same week when she noticed she was gaining strength. She increased
her intake by another two pairs, which she maintained for a month. ―I take four pairs only
(RG/GL) per day. Sabi nila iba-iba daw ang reaksyon ng tao sa RG/GL, pero sa akin mabilis
nag-react,‖ she said.

Her husband used to carry her on his back every time they purchase DXN products at the
upper floor of the building where the nearest DXN Service Center in their area was located.
Miraculously, sooner than expected, she was able to go up and down the stairs without her
husband‘s help.

People who know her were amazed with her fast recovery, and some even can‘t believe that
she can walk – though with heavy prosthetic leg – given her age. Their town‘s mayor, who
happened to be in the same situation, heard of Mrs. Lalas‘ remarkable recovery and asked her
what has she been doing to keep her health. Mrs. Lalas shared her knowledge of the products,
which turned the mayor into a DXN product consumer.

As for her wound, she used Ganozhi Body foam along with boiled guava leaves to cleanse it.
Surprisingly, it healed within just a month without any infection incurred. According to
researchers, Ganoderma lucidum serves as a substitute to insulin to inhibit release of fatty
acids. It regulates blood glucose and high urine glucose. Furthermore, Ganoderma helps the
immune system maintain its normal function in fighting infection and cell regeneration.

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

Surprised with the development, his son, who is a medical doctor by profession, advised her
to continue taking DXN products after he himself witnessed the difference that it brought.

―Kung wala yang RG/GL at yung mga kape, ewan ko na lang, sa kalagayan kong ito na putol
ang paa. Mrs. Lalas said, showing her gratefulness for having been introduced to DXN.

Preventing History From Repeating Itself

Betty Naing was overwhelmed with fright when her

youngest daughter, Maria Belle, began to show exactly
the same symptoms which her elder son experienced
before passing away – fearing that the still fresh pain
of the incident will be repeated.

At age 11, Belle‘s brother, Richie Boy was diagnosed

with anemia, though he had frequently consulted with
doctors and was transfused with blood often, his
worsening state had not been abated.

Finally, he was advised to have his bone marrows

checked. It was only then that they discovered he had
leukemia, on it‘s advanced stage. It was too late to be

Faced with dread of what could happen to Belle, Betty

tried almost everything to improve her daughter‘s
condition, to the point that her family sacrificed their
meals just to have the money to buy Belle‘s medicines.

She made it a point that her daughter would have her

medication. They even moved in to another house near
the sea, which the doctor said could help improve her
constitution. However, everything she did proved
ineffectual, Belle‘s health continued to get worse.

Belle, just like her late brother, was anemic. The

oxygen supply to her brain from the blood was low and
way beyond normal, thus she often lost consciousness. And worse her blood sugar was very
high which caused the weakening of her muscle that left her like a vegetable – she cannot
even stand up. Her hair was falling off and spots showed on her skin, more on her back and
spinal area. Her lips were so pale that even if she bit on it, it won‘t turn red.

Out of desperation and left with almost no other options, Betty sighed, saying ―bahala na
magkautang-utang, ang mahalaga gumaling.‖

When it reached the point that Belle can barely support her body to walk or even just to stand
up, she was refused to be accepted in school and soon she was confined in a hospital on late

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

March 2003. That was when Betty decided to give her DXN products, which was introduced
to them by one of her son‘s friend.

While still confined in the hospital, in mid-April, Belle started taking 15 pairs of RG/GL and
12 tablets of Spirulina daily before breakfast. She also had Cocozhi as her liquid support,
though sometimes she consumes it without water. Though Belle could be allowed to get out
of the hospital , her doctor hinted that she might end up in a wheelchair, another dreadful
scene that Betty could not accept.

Miraculously, after a month of confinement, Belle managed to walk again, however, she still
felt weak. The following months, she was able to go out and attend church services. She just
continued the same DXN product regimen.

In August, her skin particularly her lips and other parts of the body started to return their
natural color. And finally, on September of the same year, she totally recovered – as shown in
her medical certificates.

Another thing is, Belle‘s hair with the use of Ganozhi shampoo became fuller and thicker.
―Yung shampoo natin ang pinaka-grabeng nakakatuwa, kasi nung una ang buhok ko
napakanipis, ngayon kumapal sya ng todo,‖ she noted.

Based on studies, active natural components of Ganoderma like polysaccharide helps regulate
glucose in the body. It also contains iron which is necessary for the formation of myoglobin
that supplies oxygen to the body (also present in Spirulina).

The best part is, most of the money that they used for buying RG/GL, Spirulina and Cocozhi
came from Betty‘s networking. ―Kung wala ang DXN, di ko rin alam kung saan ako kukuha
ng pambili ng product,‖ she said.

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Gano In Action
"...on ruptured internal organs, amputation, dropping red blood count and high blood-sugar

I live To Eat
By Godihard Buenaflor

" I eat to live. "

This holds true, if not for everybody, for most of us. And
whether we like it or not, this is human nature. We need to
eat to live.

But not for me. Mine is the other way around: ―I LIVE TO
EAT.‖ And every food and drink I consume, I consume
them in excess.

Ever since I was a kid, I used to be chubby and overweight.

But not anymore. Thanks to DXN especially our Lingzhi
Coffee, RG/GL, Spirulina tablets, and of course, the right
exercise, sleep, diet and a lot of prayers.

My ordeal started last year, April 26, 2003. We were in

Boracay at that time. We did BOMs for 3 days, coupled with
heavy eating, drinking, sleeping on early mornings and
waking up on early mornings! Kulang talaga sa tulog even though we drank ourselves to
death every night.

On the third day, I felt dizzy and everything seems to spin. When we reached Kalibo, Aklan,
after having pork liempo for lunch, I felt dizzy again. My nape became numb and so did my
hands and feet. I started to have cold sweat and I ask my group to take me to a nearby
hospital. The doctor took my BP and it was a scary 200/140!

I was given something to decrease my BP and I took 1 sachet of Lingzhi Coffee 3-in-1 and a
pair of RG/GL. When it subsided, at 150/90, we head immediately for Iloilo City.

Along the way, everything started to change every second. Many thoughts entered my mind. I
had mixed emotions: dismissal, denial, afraid to die, bargaining, yes, I was bargaining to the
Lord that if I started to do good and be good for the rest of my life, He would spare me from
Death; angry, sad, etc. I kept thinking about my family: my wife, my 2 kids who are 5 and 7
at that time.

Last May 1, 2003, I went to the doctor for a check up. My BP at that time was at a steady
150/90. I weighed 220 lbs. and my waistline is 42 inches. My BMI (Body Mass Index) was
30+. I‘m frighteningly obese (normal BMI is >20 but < 25).

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My lab test showed I have a problem with my cholesterol, triglyceride and uric acid. Also,
my liver was inflamed. I started on my own diet program, exercise, walking briskly everyday
for 30 to 45 minutes, two pairs of RG GL everyday and six tablets of Spirulina together with
my doctor‘s prescription.

I quit smoking and drinking that very day. I don‘t eat pork anymore so with shellfishes and
crustaceans. I‘m now more of fruits and vegetables and other high-fiber foods like oatmeal,

After 56 days, on June 26, 2003, I went for another lab test without my doctor‘s knowledge.
My cholesterol, uric acid and triglyceride levels decreased dramatically! My cholesterol went
down from 5.40 to 4.22! Uric acid level: from 471 to 345 and triglyceride, from 2.82 to 2.17!
All are now on normal levels!

I went to see my doctor and showed the results. She can‘t believe it! She said that even
though with her prescription, diet and exercise, it would take a year or more to decrease those
levels back to normal again.

Currently, I‘m still taking her prescription together with a pair of RG/GL and lots of Lingzhi
Coffee 3-in-1 everyday. My BP is now normal: 130/80 and in as little as one year, I lost 75
lbs. from 220 to 145! My waistline is now at 31 inches.

Thanks to our products! I now live a happy and healthy life. My family, especially my kids
are very happy also.

My advice to others is: Don‘t wait for the worst thing to happen, a little discipline on our part
will save our lives as well as the life of others. Because of DXN, I‘m now experiencing time
freedom and reaping the financial rewards from being an independent distributor by sharing
DXN to every people I meet.

The last thing I have learned from all of these is: Nobody can help us get through every trial
we experience but GOD. Reach out to Him now and thank Him for DXN and the beautiful
life He had given to you! Good Morning and God Bless

...Brush With Death

It was in 2000 while in Bahrain working as cook when

Loreta ―Lita‖ Jamito, 47, felt something wrong with her
stomach. Her eyes turned yellow and her skin turned itchy.

At first they suspected hepatitis, but later tests proved she

was facing a more serious disease.

By November 2001, after having checked up, she was

advised to undergo operation. It was found out that there is
a mass growth in the pancreas that caused excretion of
waste inside her body.

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With her husband on AWOL status and their savings running out, they were on a struggle to
fund her treatment.

The mass continued to grow and soon it was causing problems that she can‘t bear.

Later on it was found out that the mass was cancerous and an immediate removal was

―Talagang kinukulit ko yung doctor, baka naman merong gamot na makakatunaw sa bukol
ko?‖ she narrated, bugging her doctor with the question ―Gagaling ba talaga ako kung
maooperahan ang bukol ko?‖

To her disappointment, the doctor said that there is no medicine or any other way but
operation to remove her cyst.

Lita‘s Doctor asked her to prepare P50,000 to cover operation expenses should she decide to
undergo one. Deep in despair, knowing not where to find the money and with the uncertainty
of whether the operation will do her good in the long run, she decided to delay, with a strong
faith that she would find something that will help her ease her condition.

When Hilda Magno, Lita‘s friend and a DXN distributor learned about her ordeal, she came
along to introduce DXN, ―Ate nabalitaan ko may cancer ka, i-try mo itong DXN.‖

Lita right away got interested particularly after she read DXN‘s About Reishi, where she
discovered that Ganoderma is a potent mushroom that cleanses and strengthens the body
particularly the pancreas.

Desperate to be healthy again, she did not follow the ―1-2-4-6‖ formula but instead took one
pair on the first day, two pairs on the second, three on the third until she reached five pairs on
the fifth day, which she maintained.

On the seventh day of consumption, her chronic sinusitis had its worst but final attack. It did
not bother her again ever since. This prompted Lita to trust DXN products, considering that
her sinus had been suffering too long.

Though she wanted so much to take RG/GL regularly, her lack of resources hindered her to
do so. Instead, she resorted to taking Lingzhi Coffee 3-in-1 alternately with Spica tea.

It was after three years, March 2004, when she was again admitted to a hospital — the threat
was really serious. CT scan showed that she has three growing cancerous masses in her
pancreas. She became very skinny with her tummy bloated.

She also developed diabetes, which almost caused her to lose sight. Complications in her
lungs, also occurred.

With her faith with God and DXN products, she refused operation and consumed 5 pairs of
RG/GL daily with two Roselle and four Spirulina candies instead.

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DXN Product Testimonials on Health and Wellness

Gradually, her body showed evidences of recovery. And finally after three months of
confinement her doctor endorsed that she can leave the
hospital already. ―Pwede ka nang lumabas kasi wala na
kami gagawin sa ‘yo. Lumabas sa CT scan mo totally wala
ng bukol,‖ the doctor said to Lita.

Lita can‘t believe what she just heard. ―Doc talaga bang
wala na yung bukol ko?‖ she asked her doctor in disbelief.

―Kung nandiyan pa ‗yung bukol mo, matagal ka nang wala

dito,‖ her doctor responded.

Lita is very grateful to the Lord for giving her DXN. And
the best thing, aside from her recovery, is her constantly
growing network, which started from all her mates in the
hospital ward including two nurses.

Lita is now on her way to become a Star Ruby. With her personal brush with death as a
strong proof, it won‘t be long before she reach the coveted Star Diamond Status.

And Become Our Next Success Story.
The More You Delay, The More You Will
See and Hear People Realizing Their Dreams.
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“Your Decision Yesterday Was The Result Of What You Are Today.
Your Decision Today, Will Be The Result Of What You Will Be Tomorrow.”

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