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From: Mohammed Jawad

Subject: UPDA certification-request for information

I have recently done this and obtained a Grade A in Civil Eng. and would like to
share my experience for the benefit of all engineers who are interested to know
Qatar UPDA Registration procedure.
1) You shall be a graduate engineer obtaining the degree from a University or In
stitution listed in MMUP (B-Tech is accepted now)
2) If your university/ institution is not listed you can approach Qatar Job Qual
ification centre on C- Ring Road near Gulf Cinema
3) You should have your degree certificate attested by Ministry of Foreign Affai
rs, Qatar (QR 10/- per certificate by card payment) before for which you require
Notary, HR, Qatar Embassy (India) attestation etc. from India (better to go thr
ough some attestation centre - they charge QR 400 - 500 per certificate)
4) Any experience certificate other than from Qatar has to be attested by Minist
ry of Foreign affairs, Qatar for which you have to follow the attestation proced
ure as explained in item 3
5) You have to obtain a PCC from Indian Embassy - Qatar and this also to be atte
sted in MFA
6) Once you have your attested certificates and experience certificates and PCC
you can go to MMUP Ground Floor (Opposite City Centre) and show in Counter (last
one) - Only on Monday and Thursday.
7) They will issue a letter to Qatar CID (on Salwa Road) and you have to go ther
e with this letter and PCC, fill an application form and submit there for their
Police Clearance which you will get within 2 weeks time.
8) Once you get this you have to fill the application MMUP forms, either in Arab
ic or English ( I have attached them as new form 1&2) and submit along with your
CV (showing qualifications, job summary, certifications etc.), the original cer
tificates, mark list, experience certificates, PCC, ID copy, PP copy, copy of ot
her certificates etc., one photograph with copies of all the documents (1 set) a
nd a CD containing all the scanned copies of all these documents (refer attachme
nt PEC docs required)
9) These documents are to be submitted in a file (better to put in plastic folde
rs and then file it)
10) They will verify the documents and will accept it everything is okay, or wil
l comment to rectify. They will keep all the documents and will return them only
on the day of exam (after exam).
11) Once the application is accepted, they will give a date for the exam over ph
one (on Wednesdays only)
12) The exam is computer based (Multiple choice) and will have 25 question to b
e answered in 1 hr.
13) There is no syllabus available, few questions will be general and balance te
14) There is no idea on the minimum mark. May be they combine mark + experience
+ certificates etc.
15) You will know the result on the same day and will get the original certifica
tes back.
16) You have to take oath, pay the fee and collect the Grade certificate (valid
for two years)
Hope I could give you some idea on the process. If any more clarification is req
uired, I would be very much happy to share with all.
Best of Luck to all