ALL CESA 2 School Districts Marj Pertzborn, MS & Jill Gierach, MSE ATP CESA 2 PBIS Co-Coordinators March 28, 2010  PBIS Requirements for Universal/Tier 1 & Coaches Training

As you begin your process towards implementing PBIS in your district, Justyn Poulos, Coordinator of the WI PBIS Network, has asked us to remind all districts of a few requirements to be completed before beginning the Universal/Tier 1 & Coaches Training: 1. District-Level Administrative PBIS Team attends Administrative Overview before schools may attend Universal/Tier 1 & Coaches Training 2. Complete required Illinois PBIS Network Forms: a. District Readiness Checklist b. Commitment for Success Agreement Please feel free to review the “Getting Started” information and download the required forms from CESA2’s PBIS site,

For more information contact:
Jill Gierach, MSE ATP PBIS Co-Coordinator Cell: 608-921-1258 (608) 758-6232, ext.340 Marj Pertzborn, MS, PBIS Co-Coordinator Cell: (608) 516-4470

448 E. High Street Milton, WI 53563

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