Hompath MD - True Expert System Software designed for Homeopaths who have deeper commitment for Practice, Resear

ch Work and Thesis with advanced features like :13 CDs 17 Modules 29 Repertories with Complete Repertory 270+ Books 5000 Articles 1,00,000 plus pages of information The Hompath MD has an extraordinary array of most Intelligent features which are -> Quick, Intelligent, Accurate Symptom Recording Even while patient is giving history, you can record symptoms, repertorize the c ase, filter the remedies and get the Similimum. Also crosscheck from Materia Me dicae. ->You can record any number of symptoms, repertorize and get similimum in just f ew seconds. Refer to extensive database of Themes, Cross references and Synonyms and record the symptoms from extensive source of around one million reference base. -> Apply drug filters There are multiple permutations and combinations possible based on side affected , stage, thermal states, sex, miasm, polycrest or multiple permutations and comb inations of all. ->Minerals Periodic Table Opt for either Calcarea or Magnesium or from Acid group. Selection can be Horizo ntal group (row - series) or Vertical group (stage - column) from the periodic t able. ->Animal Kingdom Base prescription from Insects or Mammalia or Spider or Ophidia Find correct gr oup relationship or differentiation. ->Botanical kingdom Base your drug on Compositae or Anacardiaceae or Solanaceae family or opt from f lowers, seeds or roots as needed. -> Miasm Filter out the remedy considering Psora, Sycosis, Tubercular or Syphilitic expr essions. -> Similimum The software can guide you with correct medicine, potency and repetition. So it is very useful for cure. -> Expert system based on Masters concepts such as Kent, Boger and Boenninghause n Extremely useful, as if masters are helping you to choose the remedy to cure. ->Patient Management System With detailed case record under different categories, such as personal details, case history, follow-ups, plus video, audio and image can also be included. Grap hical and Statistical Analysis of your various treated cases is also possible w ith this software. Hundreds of ready / editable patient instructions. Use it to Believe it

Download the free trial version http://www.hompath.com/freetrialsoftware.asp

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