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Ist Unit Test- Semester II
Subject- English Grammar

20 marks

Ex-1 Underline the proposition in following sentence.

1. Our house is beyond the hills.
2. The monkey is jumping from one tree to another.
3. Divide those mangoes among the boys.
4. He will join office from tomorrow.
5. My purse is on the table.
6. Our teacher told us about the exam.
7. The cat sprang upon the table.
8. He died of cholera.
9. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
10. She has been working since morning.
Ex-2 Fill in the blanks with the prepositions given in the bracket.
(in, for, into, over, from, by, to, with, under, off)
1. The bird was bundled _____ into the sack.
2. That naughty boy snatched the toy _____ the kid.
3. The policeman kept that thief _____ the jail.
4. She showed great love _____ the orphans.
5. The train passed _____ the bridge.
6. We completed the project all _____ ourselves.
7. We were late, so we ran _____ school.
8. He went to picnic _____ his parents.
9. That man fell _____ his horse.
10. She is _____ the tree.
Ex-3 Complete the questions with when, why, where and how.
1. _______ will you finish your work?
2. _______ are you so upset?
3. _______ did you come here?
4. ______ is your fathers shop located?
5. _______ did your father visit the park?
6. _______ do your uncle live?
7. ______ did you went to Puna?
8. _______ will the train arrive?
9. _______ can you speak so loudly?
10. _______ is Golden Temple situated?
Ex-4 Complete the questions with what, who, whose, whom and which.
1. To ______ did you gave my keys?
2. _______ is the owner of this hotel?
3. ______ is the agenda of the meeting?
4. _______ is your favourite movie?
5. _______ car was stolen that night?
6. ______ is your mothers name?
7. ______ brought these rotten apples?

8. To ______ did you choose as your dance partner?

9. ________ movie did you all planned to see?
10. No, this is not my purse._______ is it then?
Ex- 5 Form question from words given to each answer.
1. I live near the railway station. (Where)
2. My friend came with me to the temple.(Who)
3. I went to picnic with my friends. (Whom)
4. Nainital is my favourite hill station.(Which)
5. My best friends name is Kirti.(What)
6. We will go to zoo on Sunday.(When)
7. We went to Mumbai by train? (How)
8. He was absent because he was ill.(Why)
9. This is my uncles bunglow.(Whose)
10. His brother is living in Delhi.(Where)
Ex-6 Write a yes-answer and a no-answer to each question.
1. Did you like ice-cream?
2. Did you keep that bag for you?
3. Have you got a compass box?
4. Has your brother sent you that parcel?
5. Does your sister like to eat pastries?
6. Do dogs bark at night?
7. Did you call your neighbor?
8. Have you purchased a new necklace?
9. Does your friends like to go for party?
10. Has Kiran submitted the project?