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(Mfg. & Exporter of Quality Cotton Bales)


Quality Passing Terms : Subject to Spot or Testing Condition. Passing should be

done by buyers controller within 2 maximum working days. In Testing Condition
buyer have to give reply within 24 Hours maximum time.
Weight Terms : Spot Two Average Weigh Bridge Weight will be consider as final.
We will do 2 different weighbridge weight and take average weight for final
Invoice. Buyer have to appoint their person to check weight and actual Lot
Dispatch. In case of Mill Weight or Port Weight Final system buyer have to
intimate in advance before contract. 50 Kg. Weight Shortage Allowed if any
weight shortage at Buyers Premises.
Payment Terms : By LC / BG / RTGS before Dispatch for 100% Invoice Value. We
will not dispatch good until proof of payment copy from buyer.
Cash Discount : Cash discount for 15 days @ 15% interest rates as per Gujarat
Cotton Ginners Association Rules.
Cotton Packaging : In Full Pressed Bale Packing with Plastic Strapping. Bale
weight will be 160 to 170 Kg. which will marked with identification Lot No. & Press
No. We can do extra cover packing with additional cost on buyers demand.
Total 50 Kg. for Packing Material will be deductable as Tare from Gross Weight of
Delivery : Buyer have to lift cotton bales within 7 to 8 days. If buyer want to get
late delivery or need warehousing than buyer have to inform in advance. After
15 days additional storage charges applicable at actual bases.

Taxes : 5% VAT for Gujarat Sales / 2% CST for Out of Gujarat State Sales
(Against C Form) / Zero Tax to Merchant Exporter (Against H Form) Buyer have to
give C Form or H Form on Quarterly bases on time. If delayed we may ask
penalty for sales tax liabilities by Govt. of India.
Quality / Weight Claim : For Cotton Quality Variation Buyer have to claim within
15 working days otherwise it will treated as No Claim. Supplier can recheck same
Lot Quality by their controller and seller have to give settlement for quality claim
immediately within 7 days. For Serious Quality Issues seller have to lift cotton
bales from buyer and have to give payment settlements to buyer. As a third
party agency we are settling immediate claim for quality issues. For False
Packing or Wrong Lot Dispatch seller will be penalized legally.
We ensure Smooth Cotton Business by Quality, Timely Delivery and Best Price.

Regd. Office:


B-310, Titanium City Center, Near Sachin Tower,

Tele: +91 79 40307878 / 26934023 / 65450151

Prahlad Nagar Corporate Road,

Mobile : +91 92272 00704 / 81413 41430

Ahmedabad-380015. Gujarat, INDIA.

Board Line No: +91 78783 88783 (10 Line)

Direct Fax : +91 78781 87758

Email :

Web URL : /

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