A technician wishes to optimize the settings for a Windows XP system by modifying the size of the virtual memory. The technician needs to login as a member of which group in order to optimize the system? Administrator Everyone Guest Super User Users

A technician updated a video driver and now it is impossible to interpret any information on the screen. How can the technician boot the computer so that the driver can be fixed? Boot to the BIOS and configure the computer to use VGA mode only. Press F8 during the boot process and select the boot option Enable VGA Mode. Press F8 during the boot process and select Boot to Command Line. At the prompt type 'win /b'. Boot the computer holding down the Windows key so that it will use the default driver. A technician has been able to boot a Windows XP computer that has an incorrect driver loaded for the video adapter card. How can the technician revert to a previous driver? Select Create a Restore Point from System Tools. Use regedit to remove the information about the graphics driver from the registry. Select the video adapter card in Device Manager, select the Driver tab, and click Roll back driver from Properties. Right-click the Desktop and then go to Settings > Advanced > Reset video driver.

A technician is having trouble repairing a difficult Windows XP problem. The usual quick-fix solutions did not work and there are no obvious clues found in either Device Manager or Event Viewer. What two actions should the technician try next? (Choose two.)

Reinstall the operating system. Check any manuals relating to the hardware and software. Check the Internet for possible solutions. Ask the customer for any idea as to what may be wrong. Use the recovery CD to restore the operating system. A video-file editor defragments the hard drive on his computer every month to ensure continuing optimal performance. How can the editor ensure that the defragmentation occurs every month? Select the Action menu item in the Defrag utility and then select Schedule. Add Defrag to Scheduled Tasks in System Tools. Set the Scheduled flag for Defrag in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. In Ntbackup, select the option to do a Defrag; set the schedule for monthly but do not specify any files to backup. The accounting department has received a new laser printer. According to the printer technical specification, the printer complies with the Bluetooth Class 2 specification. What is the maximum distance that any device could be expected to successfully send print jobs? 3 ft (1 m) 10 ft (3 m) 33 ft (10 m) 100 ft (30 m) 330 ft (100 m)

Which type of encryption key should be enabled on WPA-compliant devices? 28-bit 32-bit 64-bit

128-bit 255-bit

Which two types of batteries should be completely discharged and then fully recharged to remove the charge memory? (Choose two.) Li-ion Ni-Cad Ni-CH Ni-Hid NiMH NiMO

A laptop will only work on AC power. What should be done to fix the problem? Replace the AC adapter. Replace the battery. Replace the CPU. Replace the laptop.

The design department recently doubled the RAM capacity in all of the laptops. After the upgrade, the laptop users reported experiencing improved performance. Which operational benefit have the users noticed after the RAM increase? The CPU reduces the number of operations by cycle. The BIOS can use more RAM for I/O buffer space. The CPU is now able to implement throttling.

The hard disk swap file is read less frequently. The hard disk partitions are automatically extended.

Which three laptop components should be cleaned during routine maintenance? (Choose three.) CPU fan exterior case hard disk cooling vents keyboard RAM

After configuring a new network adapter on a laptop, a user reports that it is unable to connect to the Internet. Which Windows XP utility is used to get relevant information about the issue? AUTOEXEC.BAT Device Manager MSCONFIG.EXE POST test Services

Which TCP/IP protocol is used to retrieve e-mail from a remote server? DHCP SMTP POP3


A user in a large company is unable to login to the corporate network because of a forgotten password. The help-desk technician changes the password but the user is still unable to login. Which quick fix should the technician try next? Delete the user account and create a new account for the user. Change the password to something very simple to reduce the chances of the user entering it incorrectly. Arrange to visit the user to ensure that there is nothing unusual about the working environment. Ask the user to reboot the computer. Ask the user to try a different user account.

Which standard does Bluetooth incorporate to reduce the chance of interference when multiple Bluetooth devices are present? IrDA GPS AFH GSM

Which wireless technology is a low-power, short-range technology that uses LEDs to transmit data and uses photodiodes to receive data? Bluetooth infrared cellular Wi-Fi satellite

What wireless technology has a range limited to 3 feet (1 m) and cannot penetrate ceilings and walls? Bluetooth infrared cellular Wi-Fi satellite

Which type of infrared network bounces the signal off ceilings and walls? line of sight scatter reflection optical teleport

Which Wi-fi standard uses the 5.0 GHz frequency band? 802.11a 802.11b 802.11g 802.11x

Which two characteristics describe cellular WAN technologies? (Choose two.) They are designed only for voice communication. They are faster than DSL and cable connections. Supports voice, video and data simultaneously.

They have a range greater than 165 ft (50 m). They have a minimum data transfer rate of 1000 Kbps.

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