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The Institute of Finance Management

Centre fo r ICT Research and Inn ovatio ns (Ci RI)

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Workshop on Organisational ICT Security

About the Course
IFM is organising a workshop on Organisational ICT security. In todays world, organisations must be prepared to defend against threats in
cyberspace. Complexity of security requirements is increasing day by day as result of evolving technology, changing hacking tactics,
emerging security vulnerability e.t.c Poor security management causes the majority of companys security problems, decision makers must
be familiar with the basic principles and best practices of ICT Security to best protect their enterprises. The goal of this workshop is for
participants to grasp a general knowledge of each topic and not to become specialist in any of the security aspect which will be covered in
the workshop including;

Introduction to Information Security & Aspect of Organisation Security

Information Risk Management, Operation Security & Security Governance

Social Engineering, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

System Hacking, Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime

Physical Security, Cryptography & ICT Security Policy

Learning Outcome of the Course

At the end of the Course the participants will be able to implement techniques for ensuring data confidentiality such as Email Messages,
Personal Data & Organisational Data, understand principles of ICT Security, Incorporate approaches for risk management and best
practice, understand need for computer forensics, understand how to detect phishing emails and understand importance of ICT security
Target Group
This training is relevant to all Decision Makers. Specifically the training will be useful to Head of the Departments, Managers and Senior
and Administrative Officers who need a broad overview, rather than those who are already deeply immersed in technical aspects of ICT
Security, although both groups will find the course valuable.
How to Register
Registration can be done through Email: or .
Course Fee & Certification
The participation fee per participant for this Workshop is Tzs 1,500,000 which will include course materials and refreshment. This should
be paid at any CRDB Branch in Tanzania, Account Number: 01J1042984102, Account Name: The Institute of Finance Management. IFM
Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the course.
Course Venue & Dates
Tanga at Tanga Beach Resort from 19/01/2016 to 21/01/2016 Time 09:00AM 04:30PM.
Mwanza at Monarch hotel From 16/02/2016 to 18/02/2016 Time 09:00AM 04:30PM
Ibrahim Sultan Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, Network Analyst & ICT Security Consultant..
Contact Details
For further information contact details Mob: +255653525226 or +255752313145