What is Garbage?
‡ Garbage is waste that is generally thrown out of our homes, offices, parks, shops, etc . ‡ In our country it mostly consists of rotting vegetable and food matter, paper, plastic, glass, rubber, leather, porcelain, metal, rags, toxic material , building material and soil.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Government Central Environmental Authority Urban Councils and Municipal Councils People Who live in society

‡ Increasing Population density ‡ Unauthorized Constructions ‡ Not Public awareness and wrong attitudes

‡ Dump waste materials hear & there
It is usually done in a shallow pit in the ground, along the roadside, on a nearby dumpsite, in low-lying marshland or in waterways or waterbodies.

‡ Weak waste collection and cleaning ‡ Waste Collection is not selective Due to Insufficient resources

DRY waste:-

WET waste:-

TOXIC waste:-

SOILED waste:-

Garbage cause to environmental pollution. 
Air pollution Land pollution Water pollution

Garbage cause to health hazards. 
Left to roads and this breeds insects, rodents and bacteria that cause and spread disease

Garbage on the roads are unsafe for drivers & pedestrians which can cause accidents.

Garbage cause to stink 
because it consists of rotting organic matter.

Garbage remains unclear 
because there is too much of it which even municipal corporations can't get rid of.

Garbage cause to ugly of the environment 
because we do not throw it properly in bins.

Garbage cause to impede water in drainage channels.

‡Stop the importation of packed stuff ‡Recycling ‡Making Compost

Stop the importation of packed stuff
-Stop the importation of not crumbling materials Ex-Containers of the soft drinks , Beers , Cooking oil

-Make laws to import bulk containers of food stuff which can be repacked within country

-Recycling is the driving force behind

reducing the amount of garbage that sit on the landfills


Pop bottle

child¶s toy

Making Compost
Steps of making compost
‡ Punch holes in a garbage can ‡ Chop plant debris into small pieces and place them inside the garbage can. ‡ Spray water over the chopped plant material inside the can. ‡ Put the lid on the can. ‡ Place the filled garbage can . ‡ Turn the can as often as daily, or at least once a week ‡ Add more plant material at any time. ‡ Harvest compost after one month

So what cause the difference there ?

‡ Attitudes & habits of the people are the most important in garbage management ‡ So follow 3R process

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