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Chamish - Save Israel (Exposes International Plot Against Israel) (2002)

Chamish - Save Israel (Exposes International Plot Against Israel) (2002)

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truth about Rabin assassination
truth about Rabin assassination

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Published by: Rosario Dei Medici on Apr 05, 2010
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Chapter One

A Lesson in Evil ......................................... 1 Rabin Won’t Go Away..................... 15 Internal Crimes........................................ 77

Chapter Two

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Foreign Atrocities ................................ 117 A Monster Loose in Israel ......... 161

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Trips Before and After September 11 ...................................................................... 185
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The War Is On....................................... 203

Chapter 8

How Bad Are the Peacemakers? 291 Book Reviews .................................................. 299


The year 2001 saw a turnaround. Israel took Barry Chamish’s radical political writings seriously. Very seriously indeed. The turning point came on October 29 at the Windmill Hotel in Jerusalem. There, 200 people gathered for the second conference on the Truth Behind the Rabin Assassination. Six years before, when I insisted Yigal Amir could not have murdered Yitzhak Rabin, I had zero support in the country. But that night I wasn't the only one speaking. There was the former chairman of the Israeli Chartered Accountants Association, Yaacov Verker. He was followed by the Head of Vascular Surgery at Kaplan Hospital, Dr. David Khen. Then came the distinguished Bar Ilan University professor, Dr. Hillel Weiss. The equally distinguished professor of genetics from Ben Gurion University, Dr. Arieh Zaritsky, chaired the conference. No, I wasn’t alone anymore. A few months later, the nation's largest circulation newspaper Yediot Ahronot published a six page cover story in its weekend magazine about the phenomenon of highly respected doctors and professors researching the Rabin murder and supporting my once derided conclusions. My book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? has sold over 30,000 copies in five languages in Israel. It is one of the leading sellers of the past decade. When once only the religious Right invited me to speak, now the entire political spectrum, including kibbutzim and the far left media, book me for lectures. And the disturbances of the past are a fading memory; all audiences are polite and respectful. I speak primarily about the Rabin assassination because Rabin himself still awaits justice; as does half the country which was falsely implicated in his death. But to me Rabin is really just the key to opening the whole box of horrors that has been inflicted on Israel. I’m now speaking of the cabal of hidden American and European rulers out to get Israel, and corrupting our leaders to get their way. Such talk was unacceptable even two years ago, but now Israelis are willing to try and understand that what is happening to their country is the result of a deep, international conspiracy of evil. iii

In May 2001, my previous book, The Last Days of Israel, was published in Hebrew. For the first time, I not only named Rabin's murderers, but spelled out the plan for global domination called the New World Order. Already in its second printing and heading for lots more, the most common reaction among its Israeli readers is, “I knew it”. Israelis know the truth when it is presented to them, but the mainstream media is utterly controlled by the ruling establishment, and any truth that would threaten our corrupted leaders is censored out. So I created my own media utilizing a combination of the Internet, my books and lectures and the sale of those books at rallies and fairs throughout the country. And the strategy is having a profound effect. Look at the proof: Last November, on the anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin’s murder, all three of Israel’s big newspapers, as well as TV news, ignored the fact that much of the country no longer believes the government’s version of the murder. But literally every major religious and conservative newspaper devoted huge articles on the unanswered questions and likely truth of the assassination. These outlets included Makor Rishon, Hatsofe, Yated Neeman, Hamodia, and Hashavuah. Then the bombshell of October 26: The Voice of Israel conducted a survey, the results of which were broadcast on the popular Dahlia Yairi radio show. 29% of Israelis believe Rabin was murdered in a conspiracy, with an equal number unsure. Half of Israel believe or suspect Rabin was murdered in a political conspiracy. It took six years, but my work had swayed the nation. It will take just as long, if not much longer, to persuade my people of the wider plot against us all. The Last Days of Israel was the first volley in the battle for a truth that appears too fantastic to be possible. This new book spells out in far greater detail the manipulations and machinations of those who hate Israel and seek our demise. When reading it, every now and then remember that my previous works have all been proven uncannily correct. The information within is the result of brave people supplying me with evidence. Not surprisingly, few wish to be identified. So let’s anonymously thank the man who gave me the 2000 pages of sensitive Rabin murder documentation in October 2001, as well as the lady from Toronto following the covert diplomacy of Europe, iv

and especially the Vatican. The same heartfelt appreciation goes to everyone who found the courage to get the facts into my hands. All my readers inspire me, none more so than Martha Stephens, who has made this work a reality. David Perkins had the ideas and wherewithal to make my books actual products. The Last Days of Israel would not have been published without the editing talents of Menachem Bloch and the publishing skills of Israel Cohen. The Greenfield family broke open the gates of truth with their Hebrew and Russian publications of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?. Elazar Brandt edits brilliantly and makes sense of my musings. Joel Bainerman is my invaluable number one asset. Meir Meshulum is spreading my proofs on the Hebrew internet. Yaacov Verker and Arye Gallin have done more than any two people in their pursuit of justice for Rabin and the Jewish people. Adir Zik was there from the beginning. And Franco Levi is the one who woke up Italy. Barry Chamish Modiin, Israel



EXPELLING THE SETTLERS One of the secret clauses of Oslo, negotiated by the likes of Uri Savir, Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres, was a promise to the PLO to hand over all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza to them. That meant expelling the Jewish residents, the so-called settlers, from their homes. The means agreed to was to spread total demoralization by murdering the political and spiritual leaders of the Jewish community there. This required cooperation between the PLO and a select group of Shabak officers. This cooperation has not ended. The demoralization by murder of admired leaders such as Binyamin Kahane has not had the desired effect, and may even have strengthened the resolve of many in the settler community. So a far more insidious campaign was initiated, and it involves murdering members of families who had recently suffered tragic losses. The murder of Assaf Herskovitz, in the exact ambush spot where Binyamin Kahane’s vehicle was riddled with 62 bullets last October, is a case in point. Assaf’s father was shot dead barely two months earlier while driving his car near Efrat. His son died the same way. One brother remained to say Kaddish over his father and sibling. The enormous disaster that befell the Herskovitz family has been a huge blow to the morale of their community, Ofra... as it was planned to be. It is no different than the heartbreaking case of the 14 year old son of Sheri Mandel, an American immigrant living in Tekoa. He took a short hike from his home with a friend, they were set upon by Arabs who tied them up and bludgeoned them to death, cracking open their skulls with rocks. After delighting in the screams of the boys as each rock opened more of their brains, the murderers took further pleasure in the sadistic coup de grace of ripping the bodies apart with knives. 1

Later that same night, I received news not yet reported in the Israeli media. Sheri Mandel’s home was sniped at, with a bullet entering the bedroom of her nine year old daughter. Had she been in the room, she would have joined the list of double murders. Sheri took the hint and briefly abandoned her home in Tekoa. She will likely not be the last. Her family was targeted for demoralizing tragedy and others will follow. The Mizrahi family is another example. Idit, aged 21, was shot dead while driving past the settlement of Michmash. Her brother died in combat previously. Only one son survives. At Idit’s funeral an unexpected eulogist offered to make peace with Arafat on his terms. The demoralization continues. The methods are heartless and ghastly. Those behind them will stop at no atrocity in their war against a Jewish presence in the land of their forefathers. Take the example of 14 year old Amihai Yifrah. He and three buddies were playing in the youth recreation center of Netzer Hazani in the Gaza Strip, when a PLO mortar shell fell on them. Three weeks later Amihai was released from hospital and returned home. A mortar shell landed on that home the next day. This was no accident. Call an actuarial statistician and ask him to calculate the likelihood that these dual tragedies are random flukes. Then reach a horrible realization that the Arab killers had to have had exact intelligence about the locations of their victims and they were in no position to gather it. Only Israeli intelligence fed to them could have assured the desired, bloody effect. We are observing raw evil in Judea and Samaria, so raw that even sniping a 10 month old Hebron baby in her mother’s arms is considered a legitimate operation. This highly trained murderer was likely a graduate of CIA sniper training received in Virginia based on the recommendations of the CIA’s then-Middle East gobetween, George Tenet. This team of snipers has been coordinating its activities with their counterparts in the Israeli General Services (Shin Bet or Shabak). They have been under order from Shimon Peres since the summer of 1993. Their existence was a concept conceived by Peres’ deputy, Yossi Beilin. And Arafat is playing his role despite the deliberate media leaks that he has lost control of his forces and senses. He has survived all 2

these years by obeying. He was ordered to start the next Middle East War by his foreign handlers, and he is doing their dirty work to their satisfaction. Those who insist on knowing who the masters are might read my books; Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land, Israel Betrayed or The Last Days of Israel. Within I name the foreigners who foisted a phony peace process on Israel that they knew would lead to war by the true millennium. And I include plenty of space on how the international media would be recruited to spread the big lies against Israel once the conflagration began. Readers will find that very few of my previous predictions have proved wrong. Now the conflagration is on and the media has lost all shame in its lying reportage from Israel. Arafat is backing Israel into a corner where it must go to war against him to survive. The world is now primed to accept PLO land claims as legitimate. A totally demoralized and satanized Jewish community in Judea, Samaria and Gaza will put up little resistance to the complete dissolution of their homes and their lives. And they still refuse to understand what is being done to them. I prefer to space out my reports, but I have been bombarded with requests to verify my report of a CIA-PLO-Israeli hit squad charged with eliminating Jewish leaders of Judea, Samaria and Gaza and spreading mass demoralization as a prelude to removing the “settlers” from their homes. Let us begin with George Tenet, appointed during Peres’ reign by CIA head John Deutsch to be his liaison between Israel and the PLO. Now check out this ridiculously underlooked item that appeared throughout the Israeli media. Then Prime Minister Shimon Peres and the CIA’s resident spy, George Tenet, had come to a little agreement: Peres assented to the PLO sending 40 “policemen” for an advanced CIA marksmanship course in Virginia. Once in old Virginee, the best snipers, especially those with the loosest attitude towards murder, became a handpicked hit squad. Their assignments would be chosen by the CIA and a tiny, nearly independent cell of the Israeli General Security Services or Shabak. The cell would be limited to a handful of officers loyal to the very far left of the Israeli political spectrum. These officers had spent 3

most of the decade organizing often deadly sting operations against the religious Right, and were responsible for setting up Yigal Amir for the murder of Yitzhak Rabin, Dr. Baruch Goldstein for a massacre in Hebron, the Kahalani brothers Eitan and Yehodidya for a planned massacre they knew nothing about, and much more. These officers preferred to let PLO Security Chief Jibril Rajoub’s murderers carry out most of the killing. All they had to do was supply the locations of the victims to the Arabs and they would take care of the dirty business. One indication of the ties between the two secret services was leaked to a religious newspaper Kol Hashavuah by a “high-ranking government official.” He claimed that after Rabin’s bodyguard Yoav Kuriel threatened to tell the truth of Rabin’s assassination, Shabak chief Carmi Gillon ordered him permanently hushed up. He could not find an assassin under his command willing to murder a friend, so he had Rajoub’s men pump seven bullets into his chest. All he did was supply the location. Let’s take a moment’s breather. So far, published material has been the primary source of data. That Peres would be treacherous enough to send PLO thugs to the US for CIA advanced sniper training was confirmed many times over by the Israeli media. Of course, they believed these snipers, and their brand new up to the minute, state-of-the-art CIA equipment, would be used to further peace because they believed Peres when he explained that the snipers would be aiming only at Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists. As for the Kuriel report in Kol Hashavuah, I have met the newspaper publisher Asher Zuckerman on several occasions and found him to be most responsible. Further, his reports (largely from Haredi civil servants working within the system at day jobs) have been reliable. One example stands out—the twice published claims that Rabin’s surgeons were suffering from unexplained debilitating diseases. Both stories were later confirmed to me at lectures by colleagues of the doctors. I will accept Zuckerman’s professionalism as verification of the story and now do the same with another journalist, Steve Rodan. In 1994, he was the security affairs reporter for the Jerusalem Post. Today, he writes for a variety of military and intelligence journals, including Jane’s. 4

At the time, I was co-editor of an intelligence newsletter, Inside Israel. I received a call from a source who said he possessed intercepted transmissions from the Oslo “peace” negotiations and they were both genuine and terrifying. I told my partner about the call and we met the caller in the lobby of the Jerusalem Hilton. The caller was representing “an employee of a government ministry”. This turned out to be the truth. I met the “employee” at his office and later saw his picture in the papers on occasion. The caller handed me reams of paper, which I read, and concluded that I didn’t believe it, at least not the part about murdering settler leaders to rid the territories of unwanted Jews. The caller answered, “We gave these documents to Steve Rodan. The Post has been checking the story out for three months. I want you to publish the stuff the Post won’t touch.” I replied that I’d have to do my own checking. I called Rodan and he confirmed the veracity of the story. The Post HAD been checking for three months. The leak was who he said he was and his facts were accurate. A few days later Rodan’s story appeared on the front page of the Post. It maintained that the secret clauses of the Oslo Accord, negotiated by Yossi Beilin, call for Israel returning to its pre-’67 lines. The settlers would have to go. The government Foreign Ministry lost its composure and cancelled all its subscriptions worldwide to the Post. This cost the paper $50,000 but they did not recant the story and no one sued them. My informant had passed enough tests for us, and we decided to run as our lead story in the next issue of Inside Israel, “The Secret Clauses of Oslo.” It has since been reprinted in full in my book Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land. The documents the Post chickened out of publishing accuse Yossi Beilin, who at the time was Shimon Peres’ parliamentary deputy, of approving the following plan with the PLO’s Abu Mazen:
“The Foreign Ministry program for Israel’s future is outlined in a document authored by Beilin himself called, ‘The Palestine Interim SelfGovernment Agreement (PISGA). The PISGA’s main points are that the ultimate aims of the peace process are to roll back Israel’s territory to the 1949 borders; to create a Palestinian ‘entity’ which, after an interim


period, will be granted statehood; and to permit the right of return for any Palestinian to the new nation... “The Beilin plan calls for the removal of all Jews from beyond the Green Line. Before such a change can be implemented, opposition from the settlers of the Administered Territories is to be eliminated. Beilin is well aware that tens of thousands of territorial Jews will fight his program; and they will have broad support throughout the country. Thus, if they are to be removed, he decided it would have to be in stages. “Stage one calls for the disarming of the settlers...Once they become less able to defend themselves, army presence on the roads leading to their homes will be greatly diminished, leading to heavy terrorist casualties along with feelings of fear and helplessness. This will cause the more passive residents to panic, sell their homes and flee. With the resulting crash in housing prices, the government will offer to buy up homes at current market price... “To facilitate this need, Beilin requested and received a significant expansion of army intelligence (Aman), in order to supply the Shabak with information required for total suppression of opposition voices...”

And onward this sick program continues through a media campaign aimed at turning the settlers into monsters, and the shutting down of voices of opposition. The plan was unleashed in February of 1994, when three political figures were attacked: Miriam Lapid, number four of the Moledet list lost her husband and son to snipers. She has since moved back to pre-67 Israel. Kahane Chai spokesman David Axelrod survived a knife attack. And NRP head Chaim Druckman survived a sniper ambush but his driver was killed. Shortly after, Dr. Baruch Goldstein was lured into the Cave of the Patriarchs as the fall guy for a massacre of over fifty Arabs. This is not hip-shooting on my part. I read the eye-witness testimonies of the massacre and no one, Jew or Arab, saw a lone shooter. And that’s just for starts. Further details are in my book Israel Betrayed. And yet with all the carnage, the program devised by the longblackmailed homosexual Yossi Beilin hasn’t worked. So recently, another stage has been added, increasing the demoralizing effect of each hit via the murder of settlers who had recently suffered a similar murder, horrid torture of victims, total heartlessness, going as far as shooting a baby from her mother’s arms. With the hope of stanching the agony, I will identify members of the hit squad, right to the top, and that is where I will lose most 6

of the victims of this bloodletting because it will appear TOO conspiratorial. THE YESHA HIT SQUAD The current hit squad is a continuation in policy of the previous one, the one Shabak Chief Carmi Gillon ran, with Avishai Raviv the big-time agent provocateur who got caught. It is fear of exposing the previous hit squad that is the primary force behind the endless delays of Raviv’s trial. Since Gillon ran the first manifestation of the squad, could he still be directing operations? After all, he was fired from the Shabak. I am reliably told that if this were the case, then the squad would be run out of the Peres Center for Peace. That, I am informed, is far from impossible. Eli Barak, who operated the dirty tricks squad, which employed the likes of Raviv, is still in the Shabak and as violent and loony as ever. In short, he’s still on the squad. And it’s been suggested to me that another Shabak agent, G. Ben Ami is privy to the secrets of the Gillon squad, strong evidence of an inside role. (See “Gagging on the Protocols” from The Last Days of Israel. The Beilin plan calls for cooperation with military intelligence (Aman). Three such squad men are, most likely: • Brigadier General (Ret.) Yisrael Blumenthal. He commanded numerous sting operations on behalf of the first squad, including the framing of 17 members of an underground that didn’t exist and the similar framing of the Kahalani brothers for a massacre they had no intention of committing. • Col. Shlomo Mofaz. Brother of the IDF’s current Chief-of-Staff. An intelligence officer definitely seen meeting Baruch Goldstein in Hebron the day before the massacre. Was recently discovered on a PLO hit squad target list. • Shlomo Edelstein. A communications officer, who coordinated the Hebron massacre operation at the most, or, at the least lied non-stop to the government commission of inquiry into the massacre. It is 7

indisputable that, against regulations, he had his IDF Jeep pick up Goldstein and take him to “pray” at the Cave of the Patriarchs. Again, that’s just starters. These are the highest ranking officers of the squad, but they let others do the killing and their identities are the most protected. The head of the PLO snipers can only be Jibril Rajoub chief of PLO security and police. No one else would be entrusted with such a squad. And his liaison to the Israelis is former Shabak deputy chief, Yossi Ginosar. Ginosar is Rajoub’s personal messenger to Peres, and shares with Jibril numerous business interests, including undeclared shares of the once profitable Jericho casino. Of members of the squad who actually pull the trigger, we know of one for certain. He is Yoram Rubin. Three days before Rabin’s last night alive, his regular bodyguard, Tzahi, was sent abroad on a superfluous assignment. He was replaced by Rubin, who shot Rabin three times and this is beyond a shadow of a doubt. All the proof necessary is found my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? Within that book is ample evidence that Shimon Peres organized the Rabin murder. Those who have been following my work will not want me to recite the proofs again, and few doubt them by now anyway. But now here comes the part these people have the most trouble with. For years I’ve been rationally explaining that a 3800 member think tank in Manhattan called the Council on Foreign Relations is out to get Israel. I sent their 1997 Middle East Task Force Report far and wide and still the victims of the hit squads just don’t get it. The CFR is powerful; no Secretary-of-State in memory has not been a member and no president is unallied to them. And we know by this report that they want the settlers gone from their homes and Israel returned to its 1948 borders. I have before me this year’s CFR members list. Recall that CIA chief John Deutsch appointed George Tenet to be his personal Israel/PA liaison. We look at the list and between I.M. Destler and Phillip J. Deutch, we find John Deutsch. And who follows Dina Simone Temple-Raston but George J. Tenet, the one and only agent who put together the PLO’s hit squad with Shimon Peres’ approval. 8

Yes, the CIA does the CFR’s bidding and in Israel’s case through their loyal members John Deutsch and George J. Tenet. And they are doing in Judea, Samaria and Gaza what they do everywhere. Here’s a hint from the President’s Intelligence Oversight Board (1996), investigating CIA operations in Guatemala:
“In the course of our review, we found that several CIA assets were credibly alleged to have ordered, planned, or participated in serious human rights violations such as assassination, extra-judicial execution, torture or kidnapping while they were assets—and that the CIA’s Directorate of Operations headquarters was aware at the time of the allegations. “...a number of the station’s liaison contacts—Guatemalan officials with whom the station worked in an official capacity—were also alleged to have been involved in human rights abuses or in covering them up.”

Now we have the CIA’s assets and liaisons, the PLO, assassinating, executing, kidnapping and torturing just like in Central America. And with the approval of a few Jews in power, utterly devoid of morality. Nothing could be clearer. The campaign of violence aimed at removing the settlers is deliberate. CIA-trained hit squads are roaming the land. The goals of the Oslo peacemakers will not be thwarted no matter how many settlers are in the way. MAYBE IT’S TIME TO LISTEN From Arutz Sheva News:
1. AT LEAST TWO DEAD IN ESCALATED WAVE OF PA ATTACKS TODAY “Blood mixes with blood” [Hosea 4,2]. Residents of the Gush Etzion city of Efrat, south of Jerusalem, set off this afternoon for the funeral of this morning’s terror victim—and themselves fell victims to murderous terrorist fire. The security officer of the Shomron Regional Council, Gilad Zar, was murdered this morning by Arafat’s Fatah agents. Zar was pronounced dead on the scene after Arabs shot two rounds of fire at his car on the southern Shechem bypass road, between Kedumim and Yitzhar. Some forty bullet casings were found near the car. The attack occurred near the Arab village of Kafr Jit, and the killers apparently escaped into Shechem. Although Zar traveled in a clearly recognizable security vehicle, Brig.-Gen. Benny Ganz, Commander of IDF forces in Judea and Samaria, says there is no sign that the terrorists had specifically targeted him.


The victim, Gilad Zar, had been seriously wounded in a similar attack just over two months ago. A resident of Itamar, he leaves behind eight children. His father, Moshe Zar, is one of the pioneer settlers of the Shomron.

I will not detail my previous two posts “Expelling the Settlers”, and “The Yesha Hit Squad”. Those who read them know I reported the existence of a CIA-trained hit squad run by PLO police chief Jibril Rajoub in coordination with the Israeli “peace” team formed by Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres. You are aware of the charge that this death squad was initially created to assassinate Yesha leaders, and is now compounding the pain by murdering people who had suffered recent attacks against them or their families. The goal is the total demoralization of the settler movement, to be followed by the complete dismantling of Jewish homes in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The IDF is reducing its presence along the roads of Yesha to facilitate the hits, and the murderers of the squad will never be caught in the act or after. The atrocities will be covered up by the local and international media, ultimately coordinated by the Manhattan think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations. That’s a summary of the claims. What does it take to wake the victims up to the fact that this is the reality of their situation? Gilad Zar was shot two months ago and finished off by the hit squad today. The target was chosen for ultimate demoralization; if the Shomron District security chief could be attacked twice with impunity, then nobody is safe. One more Yesha leader bit the dust, and the army commander of Judea and Samaria denies he was chosen for assassination. Well he was! The professionally trained hit team pumped over 40 bullets into his car and then approached the vehicle and made sure their quarry was dead by blasting away his head. That is not random terrorism; this is cold-blooded murder. And without accurate intelligence about Zar’s movements from the Israeli side of the death squad, it could not have happened! Now ponder those facts before absorbing the whole picture. Take your time. Now hopefully, you’re ready for the rest of the facts. 10

Just a few days ago, the weekly newspaper Makor Rishon ran an article about the tank shelling of Jibril Rajoub’s house. The report insisted that the shelling was a deliberate exercise aimed at restoring Rajoub’s reputation among the Palestinian people starting to resent his close ties to the Israeli intelligence agencies, specifically the Shin Bet and Aman, the country’s internal and military intelligence forces. Note that after today’s attacks, a leaflet distributed by the “independent” militias, the Tanzim, announced that they were taking the law out of Rajoub’s hands. This is another deception. The CIA-trained snipers of the Tanzim are working hand in hand with Rajoub, who is working hand in hand with the Israeli intelligence officers plotting the final demise of the Jewish population of Yesha. The same issue of Makor Rishon had within, another exposé, this time by Amnon Lord. He detailed how the international media were being intimidated by their own to misreport the PLO’s atrocities, both against Jews and their own people. He cited the case of a USA Today reporter, Matthew Kalman, who exposed the PLO’s deliberate policy of having children killed in clashes in all its gory glory. He was fingered to the PLO by the ABC News bureau chief, thus forcing him to move elsewhere or suffer the consequences. Another bureau named by Lord is Reuters, run in Gaza by two PLO-paid hacks. Amidst the carnage, a story was lost. Three journalists, American, British and Arab were kidnapped in the Gaza Strip and released three hours later after reaching an accommodation with their kidnappers. I now open my latest Council on Foreign Relations Annual Report and turn to page 92. The first name on the list of Corporate Members is ABC, Inc. That’s a little taste of how the foreign media is kept in line. Now here’s a taste of the Israeli media participation in the destruction of Yesha. At 7:30 PM, the government-owned Channel One television station had a discussion group analyzing the day’s events. And who was the dominant speaker but Moti Kirschenbaum, former head of the very same station? He insisted that the Yesha communities could not be protected and in a matter of months, they would be all but emptied. 11

Shall we recall what Moti Kirschenbaum was up to from 1993 until the Rabin murder? He was approving phony news reports of the activities of a Shabak front group called Eyal, the same organization that the Rabin murder patsy Yigal Amir hung out with. And he was busy turning the Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv into a typical Yesha extremist settler leader with his staged reports on deadly training camps and initiation ceremonies. And instead of standing trial for incredible abuse of his position, he is on TV tonight scaring the settlers from their homes. And what are the victims of Kirschenbaum and the Peres-Beilin peace team doing about it? Why they’re blaming the IDF for their laxness and Sharon for his cease-fire. Unbelievably, they still believe that CFR-corrupted Sharon and the army are interested in protecting them! Well, they had better get that notion out of their heads and start protecting themselves. They can start by properly patrolling their own roads because no one else is going to. And the blindness travels far. The pro-settler newspaper, the Jewish Voice and Opinion of New Jersey ran a long article declaring that, at last with Bush, they have a friend in the White House. The editor has been long informed of the anti-Israel plot of the CFR. She has been told that the Bush family is a founder of the CFR, that Powell, Cheney, and literally everyone else close to Bush is a member of the CFR. And that Bush’s closest Middle East advisors are two Jewish CFR members who totally side with the Arabs on all issues, Richard Haass and Daniel Kurtzer. All the editor had to do was look at the yearbook. Kurtzer’s name is found on page 150, following James R. Kurth and Haass, is on page 148 preceding Inmaculada Habsburg, of European royalty. We now know the CFR’s stated policy is Israel’s return to 1948 borders with a divided Jerusalem as its half-capital. So why isn’t this editor protesting the dual allegiance of Israel’s new American ambassador to Tel Aviv, Kurtzer? Could it be because ALL heads of the big American Jewish organizations, be they Bronfman, Lauder, Seigman are loyal CFR members? This week Morton Zuckerman was appointed King of the American Jews by a council of 50 kingmakers. We turn to page 159 of the CFR Annual Report. 12

Preceding Charles J. Zwick is none other than Mortimor B. Zuckerman. So let’s do some figuring out. The new American Ambassador to Israel is CFR. The President’s closest Middle East advisor, Haass is CFR. His Secretary of State Powell is CFR. Lest there be any complaints, the president of the leading American Jewish organization, the umbrella group covering all other major organizations, is Zuckerman, CFR. There are 3800 members of the CFR. The CFR’s written and stated policy calls for the annihilation of Yesha. The head of the CIA, and its Israeli/PA spy George Tenet, belong to the CFR. In 1996, Tenet and Shimon Peres approved the sending of 40 PLO “policemen” for advanced CIA sniper training in Virginia. These “cops” were trained in the arts of marksmanship, drive-by shootings, urban warfare; the whole CIA course in the destruction of nations from within. They are making their instructors back in old Virginee very proud today. Of course, they would be nothing without those officers, PLO and Israeli, supplying them with precise intelligence about the victim’s location and movements, unimpeachable escape routes and the knowledge that they will never face justice for their bloodshed. The families and neighbors of the fallen, I fear, will react by organizing still another mass demonstration demanding that the army and government protect them. They will beg the IDF to attack the PLO in strength and put an end to the bloodletting. And, of course, they will be wasting their time in this futile belief that their country is a democracy. There is one chance and one chance only, to save Yesha—get the whole “peace” team removed from office and society by exposing their ivolvment in the Rabin murder. They bungled the assassination, left way too much indisputable evidence behind, and are finished if justice is pursued. That upcoming wasted demonstration demanding protection would be a great deal more effective if it was turned into a mass rally outside the Attorney General’s office demanding a reinvestigation of the Rabin assassination.



THEY’RE TALKING I ask my readers, in this case, not to inquire who my sources are. I will be using deceptions to hide their identities.
The Evolution of Raviv Source 1: We wish you had made it clearer that the Shabak is not a monolith, it’s compartmentalized. You are taking down a lot of silent heroes who don’t deserve to be associated with the dirty tricks department. We wish you understood the kind of heroism taking place in the service by young men whose committed duty is to prevent mass murder in the country. They’re story should be told too. If the public knew the filthy job they were doing and what daily dealings with vile scum terrorists does to their permanent life’s perspective, the damage that is about to be exposed publicly could be minimized. You don’t know it but you’re on the edge of being proven right about many of your claims. That’s going to happen with or without our help. We’re just speeding up the process. We took the decision to talk to you because things have gone too far. Even you don’t know how serious matters really are. We’ll tell you some things we know and they’ll know it had to come from inside. We’ll stop short of naming certain names that could get you, or us, killed. Let’s start with Avishai Raviv. You didn’t get the whole story. You don’t understand how things got out of hand. And you don’t know what he was doing before there was an Oslo Accord. Start with 1992: His assignment was to destroy the Tekhiya Party, the most committed Knesset representative of the settlers. The plan worked like this. He had spent five years infiltrating far right wing groups and now he was ordered to unite them into one party which would draw away enough votes to annihilate Tekhiya but not enough to actually sit in the Knesset. He asked the Kach people to join his movement, but they turned him down flat. However Gershon Salomon’s Temple Mount Faithful initially accepted his proposal. Salomon was going to head the list and Raviv began politicking for him. But Salomon soon suspected Raviv’s motive and backed out. Raviv was furious and asked his followers, who later would form the core of Eyal, to wreck Salomon’s car and property. They


balked at the idea, and Raviv went looking for another party to siphon off Tekhiya’s supporters. In the end, he got desperate and backed a party run by a disgruntled meat company owner, whose plank was to eliminate the income tax authority. Raviv campaigned hard to have the hard-line vote support what was known as the Picanti Party, and drew off just enough Tekhiya support to eliminate the party from the Knesset. He did so well, we’re told, he even cost the National Religious Party a seat. You never understood where Raviv came from. He wasn’t merely a Shabak information gatherer, he was a pretend right winger planted by the Labor Party to neutralize the political unity of the Right. That’s what the leaders of the Shabak were doing with our service even before Oslo. This was a huge breach of the Shabak’s mandate, which is to guard internal security from violence and nationalistic crime. Raviv was a political tool illegally run by our chief commander Yaacov Perry. But it was Carmi Gillon’s Jewish Department, as you rightly reported, which Raviv worked for. After the Hebron massacre Perry was made CEO of the country’s biggest cell phone operator, and that was no coincidence. He turned it into a surveillance tool of the highest order. Meanwhile, Gillon was made head of the service, and he expanded the role of Raviv and others dramatically. From a political manipulator, Raviv was ordered to become a criminal instigator. You are right that the goal of the instigations was ultimately the forced removal of the Jewish residents of the West Bank and Gaza. Raviv’s assignment was to radicalize young people and inspire them to commit a continuing chain of murderous outrages. This would eventually justify the army coming in and removing these criminal residents from their homes. But the settlers didn’t cooperate. Raviv’s superiors badly misunderstood the settlers’ thinking. Maybe they were victims of their own prejudices, but they weren’t prepared for how meek these people really are. Today, when the atrocities against them are being turned on high, they still remain almost totally timid. The planners didn’t get proper intelligence on the effect of their rabbis either. Far from being firebrands, the rabbis were preaching fatalism. While their best people were being murdered, the rabbis taught that it was the victims’ time to die. And though the covert actions carry on with increased sadism, the rabbis are holding courses in etiquette and values. The plan to remove the settlers is way behind schedule and Arafat is going crazy. He thinks he was taken for a ride. The way we were told it happened was that after the Hebron massacre, Rabin was supposed to have the army round up the Jews of Hebron and Kiryat Arba and start the removal process. He refused and that was the moment the plan to murder him was hatched. You didn’t get that either. Source 2: Another aspect about Raviv that you didn’t report is how poor his decision making was. This guy is not terribly clever, and we were always having to silence people who caught on to what he was doing. You


got the arrest of Shmuel Cytrin right. After he started spreading the word that Raviv worked for us, he was arrested on no charge and kept at a safe distance in prison. But you didn’t find out about the trouble we had with Yehuda Miller, a police officer living near Raviv in Maale Levona. Raviv decided that he could hide his service ties by telling everyone that Miller was his police commander. Miller found out about it and told Raviv to stop the lying. But Raviv just turned up the heat. He even had his mail sent to Miller’s address. Miller, it turns out, was a first rate photographer, and he began capturing Raviv in criminal action on film. He had enough to bury Raviv and all his officers, right up to Gillon. In the end we got him kicked out of the police and terrified to tell anyone what he knows. I use the word ‘we’ with reservations. I had nothing to do with these operations and have learned to hate the people who did. Not everyone, there were kids caught up in their duty who had nothing to compare to, I almost feel sorry for them, but their officers were engaged in serious irregularities, and they knew better. As for the platoon that did the killing, I have not an ounce of forgiveness towards them. Rabin’s Dead Bodyguards Source 2: We knew you would ask so we prepared partial answers. We don’t know that much, but we know it’s worse than what you wrote. Source 1: All we know about Yoav Kuriel was that he was in a Shabak course and taken out. Almost always that means he went into the deep underground on assignment. I never knew him, but I do know that after he was buried, we had to talk to the people who buried him. I can’t imagine that the commanders thought they could hand a body riddled with bullets and missing internal organs to a legitimate burial society and not expect the undertaking crew to talk about what they saw afterwards. We made it clear to one of the crew living in Bnai Brak, his name was Baruch, as I recall, that the loose talk would have to end then and there. He has been most obedient since then. And we had to lean on this guy Biton from Pardes Katz who was blabbing about what he saw. Source 2: There were a couple of other of our people who were eliminated; one was from Ashdod or Rishon, I think, another guy named Tzvi, as I recall, was buried in Jerusalem the night of Rabin’s murder. A minyan was gathered in a hurry to supervise the burial and, of course, someone reported the incident, this time to a Haredi paper in Bnai Brak. This paper was called Hashavuah and they were about to publish the victim’s name. We just closed down the paper and confiscated the damning issue. The paper was re-opened under another name right after. Source 1: At the risk of repeating myself, my friend uses the word ‘we,’ when neither of us were involved in the operations. People in the service talk to each other, we are human after all, and that’s where this


information comes from. There are now enough of us who have had it with the situation that we decided to fight back. I am sure that most of our buddies agree with what we are doing. At first, no one believed your conclusions about the Rabin murder. You were checked out, and it was concluded, now don’t be insulted, that you were too weird to ever be taken seriously. Source 2: The service really underestimated you. They never dealt with a personality like yours. The intelligence reports painted you as an oddball who could be neutralized with ease through the media. No one anticipated that you had these kinds of persuasive talents. We have guys in the service who are convinced you either have hidden powers or are working at a high-ranking mutineer’s behest. Either way, a lot of us have reached the conclusion that it is inevitable the Rabin murder is going to rock the service like never before. We want to make sure the damage won’t be permanent. The only people who should be prosecuted are those who killed Jews, and there aren’t many of them. We want them purged from our ranks. Uzi Meshulum

(A rabbi who exposed the kidnappings of thousands of, mostly, Yemenite infants in the early days of the state).
Source 2: At the same time that the service was being exploited to smear political opposition to the Oslo process, we were being used to snuff out another political threat, Rabbi Uzi Meshulum. I bought the propaganda that he was a dangerous cult leader threatening widespread violence in our society. Most of us did at the time, so we cooperated in his silencing. Now we know that his message was honest and that it threatened the very basis of the Labor movement. If it was allowed out, Labor’s first heroes were going to be pilloried, the political movement would have no moral imperative to continue, and thus the Oslo process would die. We were used again. As far as the service was concerned, Meshulum’s fatal mistake was naming his Shin Bet infiltrator, Ilan Raz. We do not appreciate having our men exposed and their lives thereafter threatened. We planned to move in on Meshulum big-time for that. But Raz tried to warn Meshulum. He had actually come around to admiring him, and that, by the way, is breaking regulation number one: get close to your target but not too close. He told him to stop his campaign immediately or we would come down on him very hard. He even tried bribing him but Meshulum wouldn’t budge. We laid siege to his compound with army and police snipers everywhere. They killed one of Meshulum’s young supporters. Meshulum was put into prison and now he seems to have forgotten everything to do with missing infants. And the story gets worse. The Prison Services medical head, Yaacov Ziegelboim was appalled by the medical treatment Meshulum was


receiving, and was on the verge of reporting the facts to the proper authorities. A bomb in his car put an end to that. Our public relations people shifted the blame to Meshulum’s followers. They are like the settlers; they talk big, they used to call protest rallies thinking they could persuade the public to seek justice but they never took murderous actions. Yet the propaganda was so effective that the public believed the bombing was by an extremist Yemenite. I have no proof but I’m convinced, and I’m not alone, that victims like the Amir and Kahalani brothers were chosen because they were Yemenite. Part of the overall operation was to convince the public that Yemenites were unstable and their claims shouldn’t be taken seriously. We Mean It Source 1: We worked out a strategy that we can live with. We are going to allow you to report a highly sensitive piece of information. It should show the dirty tricks people that we aren’t kidding. Their operations have to stop and now. This will be the last information you get from us. Next time we’ll find a more conventional media outlet. That is a promise. You will not be contacted again. Source 2: I suggest you take a trip to HaChoresh Street in Ramot and look at villas around the number 100 block. You’ll see one with a special garage door. Suspects from the Ramallah area are taken there for interrogation. Let them find a new villa. If we don’t see a change of policy, the next reporter we talk to will get more, much more information. We are looking for an internal order that lets us know that the Shabak will have only one function from now on, to protect Israelis from their real enemies. Source 1: And like I said before, you must report that the Shabak is where our country’s finest men serve. Most of us have no role in any of this subterfuge. We are confident that we will be forgiven by the public when the full story comes out. And it will.

AMIR INTERROGATION TAPE UNCOVERED One evening last year, I gave a lecture on the Rabin assassination in Netanya. Once the presentation was completed, a handsome woman named Rachel Friedman approached me.
“My sister, brother-in-law and their three children were murdered in the pizzeria explosion in Jerusalem,” she said. “The very last thing I said to my brother-in-law was that I’m coming tonight to hear you. And the last thing he told me was, ‘The violence against us is being run by the same people who started the Holocaust. Maybe Rabin’s murder will lead us to them.’ He was from Holland and knew things Israelis don’t. He was blown up a few moments later.


“I told Israeli TV news what he said and it was censored. The big story the next day was about an Arab killed in a retaliatory action. My family was almost wiped out and Sharon knocked down a few buildings in their memory. And the media thought an Arab killed in one of the buildings was more important than my brother-in-law’s last thoughts.”

Two days later, five more Israelis were murdered. A husband and wife were slain before their infant children on the ModiinJerusalem road, a mile from my home. And Sharon knocked down some buildings to commemorate the slayings. Meanwhile, he is sending Peres to Germany to arrange the continuation of the slaughter until the NATO troops take over the region. If you want to know what Israel is in for, look at Macedonia. It’s the same plan. The New World Order leaders arm a gang of Moslem dissidents and they murder and maim and massacre until the world army comes in to douse the flames its commanders lit in the first place. Arafat is just doing what he’s told, like any good dissident Moslem leader. I told Rachel that her brother-in-law’s last words were pure truth from G-d’s heart to his mouth. I added that for years I’ve been saying the only way to save our people is by exposing the Rabin assassination. The truth will lead from Gillon to Peres to those Europeans enflaming our region. Of all the innumerable crimes against the Jews since the Oslo Accord, the only one Israelis will never forget is Rabin’s murder. It is the key to our salvation. Two days later I received the most dramatic piece of evidence seen in years. A dogged writer, well known and oft-seen on Israeli television, phoned me and insisted we meet. He drove to my home with his wife. He brought 3 tapes with him as well as vital information we had both been seeking for years. Then he offered to show me three films he had acquired. They were the police interrogations of Amir. “And not the phony-baloney staged interrogation they showed on Channel Two last year; the real ones.” I will transcribe all three interrogations in time, but let us begin with the interrogation of Yigal Amir on December 3, 1995. Earlier that day Amir had a hearing, covered by the media. He entered the courtroom and yelled to the cameras and over a million people watching, 20

“Why aren’t you investigating Rabin’s murdered bodyguard? The people will forgive me when they know the background. After you understand why, you’ll see the whole system is rotten. Everything you see is fabricated. I didn’t think they’d start killing people.”

Then at his hearing, he told Judge Dan Arbel, “They’re killing people, it’s all a lie?”
“What’s a lie?” asked Arbel. “That I killed Rabin,” answered Amir. “I didn’t even try to kill him. What you’ve seen up til now has been a facade. I request to be allowed to explain the background to my actions. They’re killing people. If you listen to the truth, the whole country will be up in arms.”

Needless to say, Judge Arbel did not give Amir a chance to explain himself and he was taken back to his lockup. The following interrogation took place later that nearly fateful day when Amir was about to tell the court the truth. The interrogators are two nervous, almost desperate policemen Yoav Gazit and Ofir Gamliel. While reading the transcript, never forget that the Israeli media has spread a lie that Amir confessed to the murder to the police and that’s all. This transcript proves that was not the case. Amir still wants to tell the truth but, clearly, he doesn’t trust the intentions of the interrogators. A decision was made to present the whole interrogation transcript. While that will slow and greatly lengthen the reading and often confuse the reader, the main consideration is authenticity, both of the atmosphere of the interrogation and the fact that I have acquired such damning evidence. To reduce confusion, I will add commentary beginning and ending with three stars (***).
447/95 Serious Crimes Division, Israel Police; Transcript of conversation of 3/12/95 between the murder suspect of Prime Minister Rabin, Yigal Amir, and two investigators, Sergeant Ofir Gamliel and Inspector Yoav Gazit. Gazit: Let’s finish the investigation. Let’s clean up the whole story. Amir: I gave you the phone so give it back. Gazit: Here it is. This is the starting point. As soon as things are cleared up you can meet your parents. I want to start with a point you made and, look, I’m not writing anything down. You can talk freely. I want to nail down an issue you stated in Yoni’s report...

***Officer Yoni Hirshorn was Amir’s first interrogator.*** 21

Gazit: Everyone heard what you said in the courtroom today. I want to know what you meant by it. I’m hearing bits and pieces in the media but don’t have the true picture. I asked Yoni to write a summary of your claims. Tell me what you meant by them. Were they real or not? Amir: Now I’ll talk. Gazit: You said that what we’ve seen so far has been a facade and you asked the court to let you explain the background to your actions. ‘They’re killing people, if you listen to the truth there will be a revolution in the country,’ you said. Wasn’t that a bit bombastic? Amir: They didn’t let me tell what I could have. Gazit: So tell me, I won’t write anything down, what did you mean? Is it a theory or not? I don’t know. Amir: They’re killing people. I heard about the dead bodyguard from my lawyer and from my interrogators.

***The Shabak agent, Yoav Kuriel was buried two weeks before and there were publicized suspicions of foul play. In the end, the police and media insisted that he committed suicide because he was depressed about the Rabin murder. Within a year, I spoke with one of Kuriel’s burial team. He informed me that Kuriel had seven bullets in his chest. A persistent suicide it was. When Amir shouted to the cameras that the media was covering up the murder of a bodyguard, he reopened the wound and the police wanted to determine what he knows. Amir answers that his lawyer and other policemen told him about Kuriel. Gazit sees this line is going nowhere so far and switches topics.***
Gazit: Tell me briefly what you know about Itamar Ben Gvir. Amir: That’s what I heard in the bus, that he was going to murder the prime minister. Gazit: Did you meet him personally? Amir: No. Gazit: Itamar was the one who put the sticker on the prime minister’s car. He’s an extremist. Did you ever meet him? Amir: No, I just saw him.

***Itamar Ben Gvir is a highly publicized member of Kach. There are widespread suspicions that he is a Shabak agent. What fueled said suspicions amongst many people was an incident a few years back when he threatened to murder Sinead O’Connor and her band if they showed up for their scheduled Jerusalem performance. The show was cancelled, leading to great resentment among the country’s Left and youth towards right wing settlers like Ben Gvir. 22

And what was Ben Gvir’s punishment for his death threats? Nothing. He wasn’t even questioned by the police. A month before Rabin’s murder, Ben Gvir put a sticker on his car reading, ‘We got to Rabin’s car, next we’ll get to him.” Amir is claiming he heard a rumor on a bus that Ben Gvir was planning to murder Rabin that night. The plot thickens.***
Gazit: Ben Gvir is in Kach. And the one who told you about him was a Likud Youth member from Raanana. Amir: I don’t want to say. Gazit: You already said it. What you mean is you don’t want to say who he was. You gave him a first name and I don’t even remember it. Fine, you heard a theory and your lawyer told you a bodyguard was dead too. So what’s your take on all this? Briefly, what do you make of it all? If you don’t feel like answering, that’s fine with me too. Amir: Do you swear? Gazit: Enough already. Amir: Alright. Gazit: I just want to clear up what you said, what is true and what isn’t. Amir: Aaah. Gazit: Nu, tell me already, briefly. Amir: I’ll tell. Gazit: What did you mean when you were so bombastic in court. Amir: I had to be. They wouldn’t let me talk. Gazit: Who knows what they thought. Amir: I don’t care. Gazit: I am speaking as your investigator and I don’t understand my case. I have to follow up on things said in the media and the courtroom and I don’t get it. Amir: You’re my investigator, not my father. Gazit: That depends. I never said I was your father and you don’t have to confide in me. I never asked for names of people. Amir: You’ll hear me in court. Gazit: I’ll tell you, from what you said in court this morning I can surmise that you think one of the bodyguards died, true? Amir: Yes. Gazit: You said an attorney told you? Who is he? What’s his name? Amir: The one who came to me. Gazit: That’s not enough and you know it. We’re not children here. I want to know where you heard this theory. See, I’m not writing down a word.


Amir: It was nothing. I just threw out some theories. Gazit: That’s not what you said before. Amir: Okay. Gazit: I spoke with your brother before you as you saw. I asked what you meant in court today. Amir: You’ll both know later in court. Gazit: You said you were on a bus to the rally, right. There was a guy... Amir: I won’t give his name. He told me that Itamar Ben Gvir was going to murder Rabin. Gazit. You said you were told Ben Gvir intended to murder Rabin? Amir: Yes. Gazit: And you said you heard from people that Avishai Raviv was a Shabak agent. And that Avishai is friends with Itamar Ben Gvir, true? That’s what you said and now you’re being wishy-washy. Are you finished with your words? Amir: Yes.

***Amir connects Avishai Raviv to the Rabin murder. He, correctly identifies him as a Shabak agent. He connects Ben Gvir to Raviv and implies that he was a Shabak agent as well. And he insists that word was out that Ben Gvir was out to murder Rabin that night. Far from confessing to Rabin’s murder, Amir is trying to make sense of it. He has obviously drawn some strong conclusions from the knowledge he possesses. Now look at the implications of Amir’s conclusions.***
Gazit: I can see you’re tired. Stretch out while I carry on. Now tell me, true or not, is this what you believe? The top ranks of government, specifically Rabin and Peres, planned a fake assassination by a right winger after the rally and that Ben Gvir was supposed to be the shooter? Yes or no? Amir: Yes, yes.

***How do like them apples? Amir sorted out the plot, at least the fake assassination part and the blame shifted to a right wing religious shooter. Note that he includes Peres in the plan, a fact that also has turned out to be proven. No, Amir is not confessing to murder, he’s caught on to what happened. Still, it must be noted, there has been no subsequent proof of his charges against Ben Gvir.***
Gazit: I need us to clear all this up. Other than that, I don’t need anything. Amir: Then I didn’t mean it.


Gazit: Then what did you mean? Amir: I said this, I said that, I wasn’t thinking straight. Gazit: You said that Itamar Ben Gvir was supposed to arrive, um, with a gun full of blank bullets that Avishai Raviv gave him. True? That’s what you said.

***Amir told Hirshorn, his previous interrogator that Avishai Raviv supplied Ben Gvir with a gun loaded with blanks. But, the truth is that Raviv must have handed Amir that gun. We know this because we have a picture of Raviv holding a Beretta. The serial number, blown up, was the same as that of the gun Amir allegedly used to shoot Rabin dead. We know it because, a minute after Rabin’s shooting, forty minutes before anyone ever heard of Amir, Raviv told reporter Amir Gilat and numerous members of his phony radical group Eyal, that Amir did the shooting. He knew before anyone else because he supplied the gun to him. So why is Amir claiming Raviv also supplied a gun with blanks to Ben Gvir. Was he also set up to be a patsy, or a backup to Amir? Or perhaps Amir is making the story up to get the police to look into Raviv. Whatever his motive, Amir has realized that he shot blanks at Rabin.***
Amir: It was just a story. I threw it out as a possibility. Maybe Avishai isn’t what I thought in the courtroom. Gazit: No. You said what you said, also about the Kahalani brothers, that they switched bullets or rigged their weapons. Where did you get that idea?

***Amir is right again. Two months before Rabin’s murder, Two brothers Eitan and Yehodidya Kahalani were arrested by the Shabak and charged with planning to massacre Arabs. The Shabak claimed they had tampered with the two M-16s, making them inoperable. In October 1999, I addressed 400 political bigwigs including four Knesset members at a forum in a Herzlia hotel. I told the gathered that I had the reports from the police ballistics lab. The two M-16s were in the lab the night before they were planted, not in the Kahalanis’ car but in a car borrowed from a Shabak snitch named Yves Tibi. Two months later, the Kahalani brothers were quietly released from prison. And no one thanked me. Amir is absolutely right about the frame-up of the Kahalanis. How did he know? No one suspected the Shabak of such a thing until the tactics of the Rabin assassination and Raviv were exposed 25

much later. Amir has more than a gut feeling about how he was set up. Now look at him describe the plot perfectly.***
Gazit: No! You said it. You said they rigged their rifles. Amir: I tell the police one thing because they lead me in certain directions and it’s not what I intend to tell the court. Gazit: I’m asking if your version is just a theory. Your claim is that the top echelons of government staged a fake assassination to strengthen their hold on government by blaming a right wing shooter who really shot blank bullets. In the end, the intended shooter didn’t shoot, but you did. Amir: True. Gazit: And to further the plot, Rabin’s bodyguards cleared a path for the shooter to Rabin? Amir: That’s why the bodyguards shouted that the bullets were blanks.

***Bingo. Amir’s got it. He worked out the plan and it seems that Gazit suspects he may be right. The problem is the addition of Ben Gvir. Why add him? Why doesn’t Amir just say that Raviv gave him the gun with the blanks, since that is most probably the truth?***
Gazit: So it was supposed to be Ben Gvir. No, let’s not mention names. Wait, Ofir (Gamliel) is coming. (A second policeman enters the room). Ofir, he thinks I don’t understand him, what he’s getting to. Amir: That’s it. Gamliel: Listen. Gazit: Talk to Ofir. Gamliel: You spoke about a facade. Gazit: Ofir wants to hear. That’s why I brought him.

***Like he wasn’t watching the whole thing through a two way mirror.***
Gamliel: You brought up other people. Amir: I’ve said nothing. They didn’t let me talk to the court or the reporters. Gamliel: No, I meant here. Amir: I asked you to let me talk. Gamliel: Nu, talk! Amir: You’re not letting me. Gamliel: Talk, let’s hear. Amir: It’s too late. Gazit: What’s the story? Amir: Wait until my trial.


Gamliel: The court will ask that the police testify to what you told us. You can’t say we’re not giving you every opportunity to explain yourself. Amir: I don’t want to say. Gamliel: You don’t want to say but we know what you want to say. We know your story. Amir: It’s not a story.

***Gamliel is finally turning into the bad cop but the strategy fails. Amir will lose whatever slight trust he had established with Gazit as soon as Gamliel turns up the heat and the lies.***
Gamliel: You said there was a Shabak conspiracy and you accidentally walked into the middle of it. You said the bodyguards shouted, ‘ They’re blanks.’ Do you know which ones? Amir: I told you why they shouted, ‘Blanks.’ Gamliel: And what do you base this theory on? Amir: Nothing. It was just a theory. Take it or leave it. Gamliel: So what’s the theory. I don’t understand it. Amir: One of the bodyguards is dead. Gazit: No. Gamliel: Who told you such a thing? Amir: Just people. Gamliel: No one is dead. Now let’s listen to your theory. Gazit: Your theory is based on a dead bodyguard, murdered to keep silent. Amir: He asked what I thought. Gamliel: If I tell you there is no dead bodyguard, then your whole theory collapses. Amir: Yes. Gamliel: That’s what I’m telling you.

***And is Gamliel ever wrong. Yoav Kuriel was buried on the 15th of November in HaYarkon Cemetery: His plot can be visited at bloc 13, region 5, row 57, number 20. Amir is right, but underestimated the situation. Another bodyguard was murdered and buried ten days before Kuriel. Gamliel’s game is to lie to Amir and force him to abandon his line of defense.***
Amir: Really? Gamliel: Your line is that the Shabak murdered him to shut him up. That’s what you meant to say. Amir: Maybe. Gamliel: Did you say that here?


Amir: That’s what I said. Gamliel: Who is Benny Birtz? Amir: Just someone. Gazit: He told me the one who stuck the sticker on Rabin’s car was there. He saw him on television. Gamliel: Wait a second, you told me it’s all connected and the shouts of, ‘Blanks,’ connects everything together. Gazit: Suddenly he’s very mysterious. Gamliel: You don’t want to talk to us. Amir: Okay, I’ll talk. Gamliel: Then talk already. (Amir’s response missing from film). Gazit: So nothing is true. It’s all based on a story someone told you about a dead bodyguard. Amir: As well. Gazit: And you mixed the Kahalani story into your salad so everything would fit together. So, say something. Amir: There’s no need. This isn’t a detective novel. Gamliel: If the bodyguards were involved, tell me how and I’ll investigate. Amir: Does it seem right to you that... Gamliel: So you’re not so sure what’s right, are you? Amir: You said you’d investigate. If you’re so sure then you won’t, will you? Gamliel: There’s nothing to investigate. No one is dead. Everyone is alive. Amir: Fine, if everyone’s alive...And your story is truthful. Gamliel: Now listen. You’ve just been guessing all along, haven’t you? If not, tell us something you know for sure. Up til now you’ve been very frank with us. There’s no reason to hide anything more. Gazit: I don’t understand your problem. We’ll investigate whatever needs to be investigated. You explain yourself well. Say what it is you want to say.

***Amir received information about Kuriel’s murder from a trusted source, one of his lawyers. His attorneys were in a position to know and, from first hand experience I know, they were privy to profoundly disturbing information. Amir will not name which lawyer (at the time he had two lawyers and their partners working on his defense) and the two interrogators are becoming increasingly frustrated. They want to know who knows about Kuriel and Amir isn’t budging. Their tactic is to investigate nothing for him until he 28

spills the beans on his informants. In time, they will try to track down the Likud youth who informed him about Ben Gvir. But Amir will prove to be as suspicious of their true motives and as stubborn not to turn into a stool-pigeon.***
Gamliel: It is the truth. Gazit: I’m telling you, no one was killed. Amir: So what, we’ll see. Gazit: So where did you get the story from? From who exactly? You can’t really say you’re basing your suspicions on hard facts. Amir: Not this question. Gamliel: So why is it one day you say at full volume that you did it, that you were alone and now you’re inventing a conspiracy? Amir: That’s the situation. It’s all been a facade. Gazit: A facade by whom? Who wore the mask? Amir: I can’t say anything. Gamliel: You can’t or won’t say? Because you weave conspiracies. Amir: Okay. Gamliel: Not okay. I want to hear your theories. Amir: I won’t give you what you’re after. You don’t care. Gamliel: We care. Our problem is most of what you’ve said until now checked out. We’ve been very impressed with your honesty. You’re not a simpleton and what you’ve said so far, you believed. Now we want to check out your new points. Amir: I just can’t. Gamliel: You mean you don’t want to because you don’t know anything. Why can’t you tell? Is it because you know things that can’t be revealed or you’re guessing based on logic, like the bodyguards shouting, ‘They’re blanks.’ You think that doesn’t bother us, too? It does, no doubt about it. I can imagine how much it disturbs you. The question is if there is something behind it. So far, you’ve been very open with us, now we need hard facts from you. Amir: I can’t relate to that. Gamliel: How... Amir: I can’t relate to it. Gamliel: You can’t relate? Amir: Can’t relate. Gamliel: Because you’re just theorizing. Amir: Enough, enough. Gamliel (laughing): No, it’s not enough. Gazit: You really do want to relate your theory to us.


Gamliel: It would be interesting to hear what you think. Gazit: Suddenly, he’s so mysterious.

***The cops are running out of rehearsed script and are repeating themselves. Amir has so far correctly told about the dead bodyguard, the frame-up of the Kahalani brothers, the reason the bodyguards shouted, ‘Blanks,’ the fact that Raviv supplied the gun with the blanks, that the bodyguards cleared a path for the fake killer and that the orders came from Peres. That is an awful lot to know a month after the murder when it took the rest of us a good year or two or more before all of Amir’s claims were proven true. If nothing else, we must ask how Amir knew so much, so soon.***
Amir: All I can tell you is I don’t say things for nothing. Don’t worry about that. Gamliel: You’re trying to get other people involved. Until now this wasn’t your line. So what changed your mind? What else is behind this conspiracy of bodyguards and whoever else was in it? We’ll all leave here with a cleaner conscience if you can prove a conspiracy, or you think there was one because of this or that. Can you with a clean conscience attest to a conspiracy? Don’t hesitate if you can give me evidence I don’t have. Today they shut you up in court but you’ll be home free at your trial to say what you want. Now what do you want to say? Amir: I can’t say. Gazit: What do you mean you can’t say? Amir: I can’t tell you. Gamliel: You’re just using logic, like in the Kahalani brothers story. What you say makes some sense but they’re a different case. We’re not going to investigate it for you. If you have evidence related to your case, we will. So talk already. Amir: Everything that you wrote down about Itamar Ben Gvir is nonsense. Gamliel: That was your theory. Amir: It was nonsense.

***Out of the blue, Amir retracts his story about Ben Gvir. The retraction is too sudden for the interrogators not to suspect the motive of this change of heart and they pursue it. In a flash, Amir has decided that he has said too much already for his own good.***
Gamliel: You just don’t understand the legal process. If you make a statement to the police and retract it, the court won’t take you at your word. You have to be consistent. It’s for your own good. Amir: I didn’t say it for my own good.


Gamliel: You’re hurting your own cause. Amir: I never said anything, nothing. Are you telling me that no bodyguard is dead? Gamliel: No. Amir: Fine. Gamliel: So go on as if there was no dead bodyguard. Gazit: One of your investigators told you that? Gamliel: Ask your lawyer. He’s objective. If he tells me a bodyguard is dead, I’ll investigate. Amir: So why are they saying so? Gamliel: We just told you, there is definitely no dead bodyguard. Does it matter to you that much? Amir: What? Gazit: That you’re told there’s no dead bodyguard.

*** But there was a dead Shabak agent, Yoav Kuriel, and Gamliel and Gazit, as investigators responsible for the most important crime in Israel’s history, must have known it. Are they splitting hairs? Kuriel wasn’t a Shabak bodyguard but a Shabak agent. Or are they just lying to Amir? They may have suspected that Kuriel’s death was unrelated to Rabin’s murder, but it is not their right to inform Amir that there was no dead bodyguard when they knew there was. The motives of Gazit and Gamliel must be considered suspect or why are they using unscrupulous strategy to get Amir to name the sources of his information?***
Gamliel: Yigal, it’s your right to think but there’s no motive for your thoughts. Amir: I never said anything, not a thing. Gamliel: Then I can construe that your thinking is based on theory not facts. Amir: What was said here, wasn’t. Gazit: Itamar, the bodyguards, the high-level plot, nothing? Amir: I explained there, oh, alright. Gazit: Have we stopped then? Amir: He asked what could have been and I answered. Gazit: So you meant none of it. They were just crumbs of ideas. Amir: Yes Gazit: This is hard to say, but we are at your service. Amir: Yes.


Gazit: What you said in the courtroom is unconnected to what you said here? Amir: I can say more here.

***Earlier in the day Amir told the judge and reporters that he never intended to kill Rabin. He is not prepared to tell Gazit or Gamliel anything nearly as important and they are beginning to see that their cause was hopeless. With them, Amir never retracts his claim that he didn’t even try to kill Rabin. This obstacle was overcome when Amir was later instructed to explain he never intended to kill Rabin, just cripple him. Meanwhile, whatever Amir was prepared to tell Judge Arbel, he is not going to tell the police.***
Gazit: Look how mysterious he’s become so suddenly. I don’t even know you anymore. This morning I spoke with Ofri. He said he was representing you. Do you even know who is your lawyer, the one who changed your whole perspective? There’s no connection between these things at all. Amir: Now I know what the connection is. Gazit: I’ve sat with you before several times. You weren’t like this. I want to know why you’re so different now. Why you’ve suddenly become so mysterious. Is it just something that came over you? Amir: No? Gazit: I’m not asking these questions for nothing. I consider you reliable, now I can’t understand you. I had no problem with your story as long as you said you did it. Amir: Yes. Gazit: Now you’re throwing out new things and we’re obliged to follow them up. Amir: Even without me you should be doing it. Gazit: What? Amir: Your conclusions are unconnected to it all. Gazit. No. You’re saying these things in court and we have to find out why. You throw out these things in court and I have to find out from the media what you’re claiming. You tell me that one day you’ll tell everything. I have to find out what you mean by that. I don’t even know what you mean by a facade. Tell me simply. Amir: (yawns) Gazit: Are you tired? Amir: (yawns) Gazit: We can talk to you tomorrow if you want, but it would be better to do some explaining now. You think you’re the only one without


explanations? We can find explanations for everything you think. If you’ve been just saying these things for nothing, then tell us. Gamliel: I have one question. Amir: What time is it now? Gamliel: Five thirty. When you want to eat, join us. Now you told a story about a bus ride from your house to the rally on the night of the murder where you met an acquaintance who told you about Ben Gvir. Amir: Truth and nothing but the truth. Gamliel: Truth and nothing but the truth. That means you confirm the story on the bus. Amir: Yes. Gamliel: Did you see him accidentally or do you always travel together? That would mean he lives in Herzlia. Amir: Raanana. Gamliel: Raanana. Amir: I didn’t say anything. Gazit: He already told me. Gamliel: What did he say? Gazit: It was a guy from Likud Youth In Raanana. He gave me his name. What was it? Amir: I don’t want to give the name. Gazit: You already told me. Amir: Only the first name. I think it was Gilad, I’m not sure. Gamliel: He must have known you or he wouldn’t have brought up the subject. Gazit: He was a young boy. Gamliel: Someone who knew you. Gazit: You said Margalit knew him as well.

***Amir has already incriminated Margalit Har Shefi, as we shall soon see. The police are building their own right wing conspiracy and want as many people within it as possible. If this Likud youth didn’t report Ben Gvir’s intentions to the police, then he was as guilty as Har Shefi was of not preventing the murder of Rabin. But unlike Har Shefi, Amir told Officer Hirshorn that the youth did report Ben Gvir’s plans to the police. The policemen are most likely not trying to help Amir’s case but the government’s for a right wing, religious conspiracy. And Amir has caught on.***
Amir: Maybe I did. Listen, I don’t want... Gamliel: What don’t you want?


Amir: that... Gamliel: But you’re saying this is the truth. This is what happened on the bus. Gazit: That means you happened to meet him and he just happened to tell you this story. Gamliel: If you won’t give his name, at least tell exactly what he said. Amir: He heard that Itamar Ben Gvir wanted to kill Rabin at the rally. Gamliel: So what did you tell him? Amir: Can’t you find the bus driver who might have seen us together? Gamliel: Who was this youth? Amir: (groans) Gazit: Don’t play games. We’re trying to find people and you’re groaning. Gamliel: Were you known to anyone else on the bus? Gazit: I understood from you that you didn’t see him again, that you avoided him. Amir: Yes. Gamliel: Now explain logically why he told you the story and no one else we can find. Amir: I’m not saying anything to incriminate someone else. Gamliel: What could you incriminate him on? Amir: It doesn’t matter. Gamliel: Not true. Amir: I’ve already turned the state upside down. Gamliel: Not true. You haven’t turned anything upside down.

***Amir uses the word hafakhti and I translated it turned upside down. It also means to cause a revolution. Now does Amir mean he turned the state upside down because he murdered Rabin, or because he was blamed for the murder? Look at his next line of thinking.***
Amir: They’ve investigated every rabbi in the country. Gamliel: Don’t exaggerate. Amir: No exaggeration. Gamliel: All in all we spoke to a very few rabbis, not what you think. Amir: The reign of terror against them has started. (Amir used Arabic word alayhom to describe terror). Gamliel - Alayhom? Amir: Yes.


***Amir has caught on to the whole plan; set up a religious patsy for Rabin’s murder and start a reign of repression against the religious community and their rabbis. He knows that is what the policemen are aiming for and he’s testing them. They do not fail him.***
Gazit: Hagai told me specifically that you went to a certain rabbi to get his blessings. Amir: Not true. Gazit: Ask Hagai if he said it. Amir: What does Hagai know about this? Gazit: You tell me. Amir: No, I know the rabbis permitted it. I hear it on the radio, read it in the papers. But I never went to a rabbi to ask. Gamliel: They said in their classes? Amir: No. There was no need. The persecutor judgment was known. Gamliel: You wanted verification. Amir: Didn’t need it. Rabin fell in the category. Gamliel: And I understand you checked that out first. Amir: Me? Gamliel: Yes, you. Amir: And that’s how I arrived at my conclusion... Gamliel: You arrived at your own conclusion. The question is if you had help.

***Amir riled Gamliel and got his answer. He is out to prove that the religious community and their rabbis murdered Rabin. His only purpose in interrogating Amir was to get him to change his testimony about a government conspiracy or to disprove it. Amir was right from the beginning: all the interrogators were interested in was wrapping up the government’s version of events. Amir plays along with his inquisitors as he was always supposed to. He reverts to form and victimizes Har Shefi. It isn’t easy to understand Amir’s sudden reversal of form, but all talk of a government/Shabak conspiracy disappears and the rabbis are now to blame. This is what he was supposed to say all along and we can surmise that he knew these cops weren’t there to help him. He gave up telling the truth.***
Amir: No help but I was influenced.


Gazit: Not enough, be more specific. We understand from Hagai that you went to a rabbi and you yourself said that Margalit went to her rabbi in Bet El. Amir: She wanted to. She didn’t trust my judgment and said she’d see her rabbi. I told her to ask him. Gamliel: Did she get an answer? Amir: She told me no. Gamliel: What, no? Amir: He put her off, didn’t give a straight answer. Gamliel: So you felt vindicated. Amir: I told her to ask and she’d find out it wasn’t forbidden. She wanted to prove the opposite and I told her that he’d say it was allowed. Gamliel: But you got a less certain answer in the end. Amir: Another rabbi would have said it’s a blessing. I didn’t need to find one to know it.

And now the Shabak agent Amir returns to form. That Amir was, at least, a Shabak asset, has been testified to by thousands of people who saw him at work with Avishai Raviv from the autumn of 1992 on. Their job was to criminalize the religious community and the Jews of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The government had promised the PLO their homes and in order to assure that there would be no sympathy for their forced removal from them, the Shabak’s Jewish Department, initially headed by Carmi Gillon, organized a campaign of sting operations against them, culminating in the Rabin assassination. Amir’s duty was to smear the rabbis. Checking the timing carefully, not one rabbi ever brought up the concepts of persecutor, or a death judgment for tyrants until Amir arrived at their yeshivas and raised the issues. Amir knows precisely what the plan is and is now feeding the cops what they want to hear. They think they’ve finally broken him. For the final five minutes of the interrogation, the interrogators once again try to get Amir to name names: which rabbi blessed his actions? who was the Likud youth on the bus? who told him about the dead bodyguard? until Amir shouts, “Stop harassing me. This is like a Shabak interrogation.” Now how would he know that? Amir’s crime was a police matter, and though the Shabak oversaw the interrogations, supposedly he was not questioned by the Shabak. Apparently he was. 36

That morning, Amir made a break for freedom. He told the media and the judge at his hearing that he didn’t kill Rabin, in fact he never even tried to. When the judge refused to hear him out, his fate was sealed. He tried to tell the truth to the police and realized they had closed the book on him. His best hope lay in cooperating with the Shabak. This taped interrogation proves that Amir, up until December 3, 1995, did not confess to murdering Rabin and did try to expose the conspiracy. It is a very different tape than the ones shown Israeli television of Amir confessing and showing no regret. So it has been hidden from the public. But I’ll show it and two other tapes of Amir’s police interrogations to any group that invites me. The issue isn’t justice for Rabin; it’s saving our nation from those still in power who murdered him. They are murdering all of us now and must be stopped. The only way to do so is through Rabin. NO SYMPATHY FOR HAR SHEFI The Israeli Supreme Court turned down Margalit Har Shefi’s petition to appeal her indictment for failure to prevent the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. So she’s off to the slammer for nine months, and I feel no sympathy for her whatsoever. Here’s why. Shortly after Yitzhak Rabin’s murder, Margalit Har Shefi was arrested as a suspect in a wider conspiracy than just Yigal Amir. Not long after her incarceration, the Shabak (General Security Services) provocateur Avishai Raviv was placed inside her cell. Since mixing the sexes in Israeli jails is forbidden, we can be pretty sure that Har Shefi had some Shabak ties of her own. But so did her uncle, Rabbi Benny Elon, who now sits in the Sharon government. A few days after, Elon broke the news that Yigal Amir’s good buddy in the Eyal movement, Avishai Raviv was a Shabak agent, and Eyal was a Shabak creation. How did Elon know before anyone else? He knew because HE worked with Raviv, and I have solid witnesses to back me up. Elon hung around young people at antiOslo rallies and directed them into the arms of Avishai Raviv. As one Eyal teenager told me: 37

“I was at a protest rally outside Orient House and Benny Elon told me, ‘You have to meet this guy.’ Then he introduced me to Avishai. He was the matchmaker between me and Raviv and because of him, I could have been Yigal Amir.”

Early in my research I worked with two filmmakers, Merav Ktorza and Alon Eilat, who turned out to be inappropriate to the task. But they did score a few coups and one occurred in a meeting with Elon. He told them that a couple of months before the assassination, Yitzhak Shamir called him into his office and told him:
‘They’re going to kill Rabin and blame the Right. They’re planning another Arlozoroff and this time we won’t get back in power for another fifty years. I want you to identify potential assassins in your community to prevent the murder.”

Elon refused to repeat the statement on camera but there are two strong witnesses who said he made it. Margalit Har Shefi, a political organizer at Bar Ilan University started palling around with two Shabak assets, Avishai Raviv and Yigal Amir. Amir was the chief social director and public speaker of Eyal. His task was to attract idealistic young people opposed to the Oslo Accords and turn them into hyper-extremist criminals. The youths he attracted at his Shabbat seminars and his yeshiva speaking engagements were then directed into the clutches of Raviv and Eyal. Amir and Benny Elon were doing the same thing for the Shabak. And I strongly suspected so was Har Shefi, and said so publicly at the Rabin Assassination Conference in Jerusalem. Listening to me in the audience was Har Shefi’s grandmother Pnina Peli. She approached me after my speech, introduced herself and said, “You’re right about Margalit and Benny but you’ve got the motive all wrong.” I quickly directed her to a semi-quiet nook in the auditorium and asked her what she meant. “They were supposed to do a good thing, stop a political assassination. They didn’t know the Shabak was using them.” Too many people were approaching me with questions and I asked Mrs. Peli to meet me at the end of the conference. However, the event went on too long and I had to suffice myself with our 38

two minutes of conversation. But I think what she said was wise and right. Benny Elon was an early activist for truth about the Rabin assassination. He testified at the Shamgar Commission about Raviv’s activities and then, as far as I know, never made a public accusation again. That task was left to his wife Emunah who collected all the newspaper clippings about Raviv in one damning volume called The Raviv File. And then she stopped her activities. The Benny Elon family know all about Raviv and the more lurid background of the Rabin murder, but they have not helped Margalit Har Shefi in any way. The opposite. Benny Elon’s left wing brother was hired as Har Shefi’s lawyer and he simply did not defend her. Worse, he incriminated her even more deeply. His chosen defense was that Har Shefi didn’t take Amir’s threats against Rabin seriously, and to prove it he coached Har Shefi to stress the fact that she asked her rabbi if Amir’s biblical justifications for Rabin’s murder were legitimate. What a trap he laid for Har Shefi! Obviously if she went to her rabbi, she did take Amir seriously and thus should have informed the police about him. That’s the way the judges saw it, and from then on Har Shefi’s chances for acquittal were over. Margalit Har Shefi had the best defense of all. She was innocent of the charge of not preventing Yigal Amir from murdering Yitzhak Rabin because he didn’t do it. She and her family have been contacted by numerous friends and given the documentation. There is not an honest court on earth that would convict Amir because there is no evidence against him. But there is a whole pile of solid evidence against Rabin’s bodyguard, Yoram Rubin, who did shoot him and almost as much against Shimon Peres, who indirectly ordered him to. And if Har Shefi and her family were really interested in saving her from prison, they would have used it. And if Benny Elon really cared about his niece, he would have testified to what he knew about Raviv and the murder. And if Margalit Har Shefi wanted to be free, she would have told the truth about Eyal. Now, I know they were warned not to. And we can be sure the warnings were terrible and terrifying. However, there are other people trying to get to the bottom of the Rabin assassination who 39

have suffered in similar ways and I’m one of them. I’m taking ridiculous risks, so how can I be sympathetic to Har Shefi when she won’t tell the truth to save her life? I can only suggest a strong action which could redeem her. Avishai Raviv is also charged with failure to prevent Rabin’s murder and his role is a great deal deeper than Har Shefi’s. When his trial begins again in Jerusalem District Court, it would be a very good idea for her and her advocates to sit in his trial if the sessions are open. Raviv’s trial must be scrutinized without letup, not just for her sake, but for Rabin’s and that of the Jewish nation. Meanwhile, Rabin’s real murderer Shimon Peres is in the Sharon cabinet, while Margalit Har Shefi is in prison. Such is the upside down moral reality of Israel. APOLOGIZE FOR REPRESSION? I received a letter from my friend Joel Bainerman today. He just had a phone conversation with our mutual friend Gemma Blech, an activist for Women in Green, who informed him that the Israeli Right was angry at me for my stance on Margalit Har Shefi, who is serving a nine month prison term for “not preventing the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.” He, better than anyone, should know that I do not serve the Right, I serve the Truth. You see, the Women in Green are campaigning to have her released and they think I am opposing them. Nothing could be further from the truth. I want to see her free, but I know unless she and her family start telling what they know about the Shabak and its provocateur Avishai Raviv, she will not be released no matter how many pleas for mercy are sent the Israeli President. Look how well that strategy worked with Jonathan Pollard. His people are also too frightened or lazy to hire a professional and find out why he is REALLY sitting in prison for life. No, Pollard did not work alone. No middle level Navy Intelligence employee could have possibly sifted through the billions of files in the Navy Intelligence archives to fish out the data that Israel needed. He had high-level guidance, and he is sitting while someone else, someone high up, is being protected. And those supposedly fighting for Pollard refuse to go looking. Pollard 40

will not be released out of pity; it’s war out there and his advocates had better, finally, start looking for some ammunition. No different with Har Shefi. Her uncle Benny Elon was the first public figure to finger Raviv as a Shabak plant. He knew him, he was apparently tricked into working with him, I have witnesses to this fact, and he’s keeping his mouth shut while his niece wallows in prison. Am I supposed to admire that? Joel should know better. Because you see, two days ago Joel and I took our kids on a camping trip. When he got home, he found that his house had been broken into and trashed. The only thing stolen was his computer. He knows the robbery was an intelligence-gathering operation and surmises it resulted from his having financed the Hebrew translation of my book The Last Days of Israel. Funny, we did a lot of talking about intelligence gathering operations during the camping trip because of an incident that happened to me the day we left. Our upstairs neighbors suddenly abandoned their new home and took a five month trip abroad. I was sitting on the patio with my kids when we heard the blinds open above us. My son was shocked, “No one’s supposed to be living there, so why did the blinds open?” he asked. I have two phone lines; one downstairs for the computer, two upstairs for the home. The next day, one of the upstairs phones stopped ringing, yet you could dial out. We called the phone company, and an hour before I left for the camping excursion, a technician came over to repair the problem. He discovered that the upstairs phone now shared the line with the computer phone downstairs. He explained, “Phones don’t switch lines by themselves. The only way that this could have happened is if someone tapped your phones and mixed the lines up afterward. To do that, he’d have to have a key to your building.” Our efficient Shabak leaves its mark again. If Margalit Har Shefi thinks she is the only victim of repression in Israel, she’d better think again. The newspaper Makor Rishon this week reported the police investigation of Tzahi Zweig, the brave 41

post-graduate archaeology student, who did far more to expose the PLO’s illegal digging under the Temple Mount than our government. He is now being investigated on trumped up charges of stealing artifacts. Then there is the gutsy investigative journalist Dell Griffin, arrested and handed deportation orders for reasons he isn’t sure of yet. The guesses being sent to me range from his advocacy of a less than popular theological position to his past personal acquaintanceship with Avishai Raviv. Zweig’s crime was exposing the PLO, Griffin’s is not understood yet. However, what is indisputable is that he is a reputable writer, a former reporter for the Jerusalem Post and he is being deported from his home. But he is fighting back. He is seeking out the facts. He is talking, writing, informing. So why isn’t Margalit Har Shefi? Why is her only defense that she didn’t take Yigal Amir seriously? The implication is that Amir was the murderer, which he was not. Her stance is undermining all the years of hard work of those, all right including me, who labored to expose the truth. She is hurting me by her silence, she is perpetuating the lie that the religious Right murdered Rabin, but most of all, she is destroying her own life. And I’m supposed to thank her for that? Talk, and I’ll support her with all I have to give. Otherwise, don’t expect anything from me with what I have to go through. Fine, I’m not in prison... yet. The authorities won’t dare to hand me a public forum by allowing me to defend myself in court. I would like nothing better than to subpoena Rabin’s assassins to my trial. But look what else is going on besides mere surveillance. My family received a notice that we owed the income tax authority $80,000. I was accused of not submitting my annual income tax statement in 1998. I NEVER miss submitting it so I contacted my accountant who admitted he forgot to submit it but refused to repair the damage. So we hired another accountant to get to the bottom of the matter. All he has to report is the first accountant won’t answer his queries but I wasn’t billed by him for my 1999 report either. Here comes another $80,000 bill. So someone is trying to get me on trumped up tax charges and now my family has a lien on the house and car. And if that doesn’t work, a widespread disinformation campaign is being mounted 42

against me. This time the claim is I am publicly accusing everyone in sight, people I have traded information with for years, of being Shabak agents. The smearing is spreading and I’m expecting a huge final smear to shut me up for good any day. I’m no angel, I’ve never claimed to be a saint and whatever form it may take, I’ve decided to just accept the consequences. I’m frankly getting very discouraged with my fellow Israelis. I tell them the truth and they are incapable of absorbing it. Tomorrow Shimon Peres is in Washington. Makor Rishon reported that he will be meeting with two of his biggest allies in the Bush Administration: Dan Kurtzer and Richard Haass. Both are high ranking members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Kurtzer, in fact, is the only orthodox Jew in the CFR, which means his orthodoxy is a sham. Haass, who as I have previously reported, is the most anti-Israel politico in the Republican Party, and this fact came from a politician who knows, Jack Kemp. Other correspondents sent me ample proof in the form of Haass’ own writing which confirmed the fact. That they are both influential members of the CFR is not a coincidence. That Peres is meeting them is not a coincidence. That Sharon is sending Peres is not a coincidence. That Sharon appointed Peres Foreign Minister is not a coincidence. That Peres organized the murder of Rabin was a fact known to Sharon when he made his appointment. After presenting my proofs of Peres’ complicity to thousands of people, the Israeli Right knows my case is solid. But they can’t put things together to save their lives and their nation. Israel has an enemy in the United States; it is called the CFR. Peres will be meeting their stooges tomorrow in Washington. They will be plotting Israel’s downfall. And as far as the Right is concerned, the core of the Middle East bloodshed is Arabs hating Jews. Well, that’s not what’s happening. The CFR exploits the hatred that exists through the Israeli and Arab leaders it has corrupted and that includes Netanyahu and Sharon. And while my nation bleeds, the Right refuses to listen to who is twisting the knife. And while the Rabin assassination has been exposed and proven, their biggest issue is Margalit Har Shefi’s release because she was a victim of injustice. 43

Well get this, WE ARE ALL VICTIMS OF INJUSTICE. The whole state of Israel is under diplomatic siege by murderers who rule us, the EU and America. The only solution I can think of to save our enterprise is to FINALLY expose the Rabin assassination and watch where the pieces fall. By doing so we can preserve our existence and as a bonus, free Margalit Har Shefi. After expressing all this deep-seated frustration with the people I care for most, why should I carry on? It’s because of people like Miriam Samsonovich, a fine journalist, who faxed me the following report from Yom Hashishi (April 20, 2001):
Interpol Director Arrives to Investigate Rabin Murder

Israel police heads, and the commanders of Tel Aviv Police and Yarkon District Police spent an hour and a half in Rabin square demonstrating the Rabin assassination for the Director of Interpol. Also present was a reporter from Hashavuah who was informed of the event. The Interpol Director climbed up and down the steps where Rabin spent his last few moments alive, while checking various angles and recording them in his computer. He engaged in conversations with the police representatives which appeared to end in heated disputes. Citizens passing the site, were hurriedly directed elsewhere. The Interpol Director flew to Israel for a few hours, specially to investigate the Rabin murder. He was seen examining adjoining buildings. Police spokesperson Shulamit Herzberg confirmed the visit to Hashavuah. She added that it was an official visit but insisted it was unconnected to new findings about the Rabin murder.

There you go. After over five years of presenting the evidence, the head of Interpol, plainly against the wishes of Tel Aviv area police commanders, came to investigate the Rabin assassination. We don’t know who sent him or why. I’d like to believe it was a leader of the Israeli Right. But I doubt it. They’re too busy trying to arrange a pardon for the smallest cog in the murder. And I hope they succeed. But the only way they will is to become warriors for truth, the complete truth, the deep truth... already. HAR SHEFI AND OTHER STINKY DEALS President Katzav has pardoned Margalit Har Shefi and is receiving endless accolades from her supporters, praising him for 44

his wisdom and goodness. When will they learn that there is no goodness left in Israeli politics, just stinky deals? Katzav has never had an original thought in his life, nor has he once acted upon his own initiative. Har Shefi’s pardon was part of a program to make certain that the Shabak inciter Avishai Raviv never has his day in court. The first signs that such a plan exists were revealed two weeks earlier when charges of incitement against three Eyal members were dropped. They were accused of participating in a filmed initiation ceremony, broadcast over the Israel Broadcasting Authority’s Channel One television station. Of course, the inflammatory ceremony was organized by Raviv himself and stage-directed by Channel One’s Shabak director Eitan Oren. Now, thought the authorities, we wouldn’t want those nasty facts emerging from a trial, so let’s get rid of this problematic exercise in legal malpractice. And since the charges were dropped against the Eyal boys, well, we’ll just drop the same charge against Avishai Raviv. That left just one charge against Raviv: failure to prevent the assassination of the prime minister, why the very same crime Har Shefi was convicted of. And if she gets a pardon, well so will Raviv, even before his trial begins. Now how do we know this was the deal? Because Katzav as good as told us. He explained he reached his pardon decision after consulting with Carmi Gillon and Edna Arbel. Now why, oh why, would they want Margalit Har Shefi pardoned? Could it be because Arbel, as state prosecutor, dropped numerous police complaints against Raviv and prevented Eitan Oren from standing trial for directing the infamous Eyal initiation ceremony? (For full details, look at the chapter called “Gagging on the Protocols” from my book The Last Days of Israel.) And could it be, because Gillon was Raviv’s ultimate superior officer, and his role in the incitements leading to and including the Rabin murder would inevitably be exposed in a fair trial of Avishai Raviv? Could it also be because Rabin’s real murderer, the Shabak bodyguard Yoram Rubin, has to be protected at all costs. Recall a similar episode. In 1974, a soldier, Rachel Heller, was murdered by her boyfriend, a Shabak officer named Yoram Bichovsky. To protect their man, the Shabak had State Attorney 45

General Meir Shamgar sent an innocent dupe, Amos Baranes, to prison for life. As public awareness of the injustice spread, Supreme Court Judge, Haim Cohen, begged Baranes, literally on his knees, to accept a presidential pardon and be released. Baranes refused because one can only be pardoned for a crime actually committed. He would not go through life a convicted criminal. He chose prison over letting the state get away with murder. Margalit Har Shefi was just as innocent as Baranes and if she had a fraction of his integrity she would have turned down Katzav’s phony pardon. But she didn’t, and watch the consequences. Raviv will be pardoned as well, even before he steps into the courtroom. **** But since stinky deals are a way of life in Israel, let’s take the opportunity to look at a few more:
1. Covering Up the Enemy’s Crimes

The source of the ammonia poisoning in the Gush Dan water supply has been solved. The water authority Mekorot found an ammonia leak at a filtration station in Bet Netofa in the Jezreel Valley. A hydrology student wrote: “That means the ammonia-polluted water flowed 80 kilometers undetected before entering the Gush Dan network... like that could happen.” A nature-loving shepherd was murdered by the PLO and our government told us he was shot dead. Why didn’t they want the public to know the truth, as explained by another writer:
“It was told to me this evening that the government version of the murder of Yair Har Sinai being shot by automatic fire from a distance was a fabrication. The fact as reported to me by an army officer is that he was surprised and caught by a number of assailants and tortured before death. His body was cut from the area of the navel up towards the throat, his innards being removed as well as other mutilations. It was the opinion of the officer that he suffered greatly before his unfortunate death which was ended with a bullet in the head at close range.” 2. Trojan Horses

Palestinian leader Faysel Al-Husseini was murdered in Kuwait by his own CIA-trained bodyguards. The motive reported by Arab 46

sources was a power struggle between him and PLO Security chief Jibril Rajoub for the takeover of power when Arafat goes to the great kasbah in Hell. However, a much better motive has emerged. Husseini started blabbing about the real purpose of the Oslo Accord: to plant a totally corrupt Arafat within Israel’s gates, like a Trojan Horse, then destroy the country in stages. To say the very least, this was a no-no on several counts and the penalty had to be a quick murder. Here is a sample of Husseini’s ego getting him killed: On his way to Kuwait, where he later died of a heart attack, PLO senior Faysal Al-Husseini gave what turned out to be his last interview to the Egyptian (Nasserite) daily Al-Arabi.
“Had the U.S. and Israel not realized, before Oslo, that all that was left of the Palestinian National movement and the Pan-Arab movement was a wooden horse called Arafat or the PLO, they would never have opened their fortified gates and let it inside their walls.” “Despite the fact that we entered these walls in order to build, unlike the Greeks who entered in order to destroy, I now tell you all, all those to whom I spoke in a secret meeting during the days of Oslo: ‘Climb into the horse and don’t question what type of material the horse is made of. Climb into the horse, and we shall transform your climbing into that horse into a beginning of a building era rather than an era of the end of hope.’ “And indeed, there are those who climbed unto the horse and are [now] inside [the PA territory] whether they supported the Oslo Accords or not.”

The PLO are hardly the only Trojan Horse in Israel. Thanks, initially to the Debka File (debka.com), the world learned that Saudi Arabia is calling America’s shots in the Middle East. Subsequent reports sent to this address insist that the Saudi Foreign Minister is threatening the Bush family oil interests if Israel’s disintegration isn’t speeded up. The Trojan Horse planted in Israel by Bush is the new American ambassador, Daniel Kurtzer. He is being painted by the media as an orthodox Jew, with a son studying Torah in Mevasseret Zion, who, of course, could mean no harm to his own people. Well look who controls Daniel Kurtzer! Look at the company he keeps! Why, it’s the notorious Henry Siegman, who was exposed by Ma’ariv reporter Yoav Yitzhak for taking what amounts to a 47

$200,000 bribe from the EU to run a smear campaign against Israel. And look where they like to meet; why at CFR headquarters:
(http://www.cfr.org/p/resource.cgi?meet!838) Ad Hoc Meeting December 18, 1997, New York, NY “The State of U.S.-Egyptian Relations” Speaker: Daniel Kurtzer, U.S. Department of State Presider: Henry Siegman, Senior Fellow and Director, U.S./Middle East Project, Ad hoc meetings on the Middle East Other Meetings in this Series: The Middle East Process After the Israeli Elections: An Egyptian Perspective Israel’s Elections and Middle East Peace The State of the American-Israeli Alliance Three Perspectives on Peace After May 4: Palestinian Options and Strategies The Middle East after Oslo Current Developments in the Middle East Orthodox Perspectives on the Peace Process What Now? The Aftermath of Secretary Albright’s Visit to the Middle East The Middle East Peace Process at a Crossroads: A Palestinian View Promoting the Middle East Peace Process The Peace Process after Hebron: A Palestinian Perspective Update on the Peace Process and U.S.-Egypt Relations Israeli-Palestinian Relations The Future of Jerusalem An Israeli Perspective on Radical Islam and the Peace Process Is the Peace Process in Crisis? Perspectives on the Middle East Peace Process 3. The Media

And if you’re wondering why you’ve heard of none of these stinky deals, maybe it’s because the mainstream media isn’t telling you. Here’s a little example of why, sent by Toronto journalist Marshall Shapiro:
“It has come to my attention that Ms. Wafa Amr, senior editor at CNN and senior writer at Reuters, is an officer of the Palestinian Authority


security forces. Wafa’s husband, the head of Arafat’s Voice of Palestine PBC radio station, also plays an essential role in the security forces of the Palestinian National Authority.”

For those who believe that President Katzav’s pardon of Margalit Har Shefi was a unilateral act of decency that deserves high praise, think again. It was just another stinky deal that the Israeli public will soon pay for many times over. AN EYE-WITNESS TO THE RABIN ASSASSINATION I gave six lectures this week and reached about 1500 people. That is why a tidal wave of new information was imparted to me. The people who spoke with me noted the recent death of one of Peres’ chauffeurs, who collapsed while playing backgammon with friends. One more early death of someone who got too close to Peres. A few noted that Yigal Amir’s judge, Edmund Levy was appointed to the Supreme Court. Others observed that the country’s dirty judge Meir Shamgar released his report on the Kishon River navy cancer deaths and, as expected, not one officer was held responsible for the agony. And a few people donated inside information, such as:
“The funeral director who arranged the burial of Yoav Kuriel, the Shabak officer murdered after Rabin’s assassination, was Israel Ehrlich. He lives in Bnai Brak. He has been warned not to talk and has suffered very serious harassment, especially at the hands of the income tax authority, as a hint of what’s to come if he speaks. But when the day comes that the murderers are prosecuted, you have the name of the person to subpoena to testify as to what exactly happened to Kuriel.” “I am related by marriage to a senior Shabak officer named Reuven Gilad. I gave him your material and he studied it for hours. He told me, ‘This demands a serious investigation. I didn’t know all this and that means, neither did most of the Shabak. This isn’t how my unit operates. There must be people breaking all the rules and they should be identified and interrogated.’”

Now the most serious incident of all. Someone who was at Ichilov Hospital when Rabin arrived had something to say. Something extremely important. What I could verify, assures me that I had a truthful conversation. Nonetheless, I will add some commentary to put the dialog in context. Naturally, I will do what is necessary to hide the witness’ identity. 49

“To begin, there were people in Ichilov who saw what was going on that night. One who I caught was a journalist who later became an advisor to a well-known politician. He hid in a vent and I saw him but didn’t say anything. “Ten minutes before Rabin arrived, anyone in the ER was ordered removed. I only saw Dr. Surkin and he objected rather violently to being thrown out, protesting that anyone who tried it would have to kill him first. However, he gave in and only went back after Rabin was put on the table in there. “He examined Rabin and while doing so, Shimon Peres, Yossi Sarid and someone I didn’t recognize stood outside in the hall. Dr. Surkin emerged and told Peres that Rabin was too ripped up to be saved. Peres broke out in a huge grin and started joking with Sarid.”

After almost six years of research, I had never heard of Dr. Surkin, nor did anyone place Sarid inside the hospital. So I did some investigating. Dr. Surkin exists, lives in Raanana and is in charge of Ichilov’s ER department today. The information does check out.
“Then Prof. (Gabi) Barabash arrived with the journalist Eitan Haber. They were both at the same party and drove to the hospital together. Prof. Barabash went into the ER and examined Rabin. He came out a few minutes later and told Peres that Rabin’s condition had improved. “The grin on Peres’ face disappeared in an instant and he went crazy. He picked up his cellular phone and barked orders into it. He started yelling at people to do things. Rabin was moved to the operating theater and Peres ordered Haber to go in there and collect anything that belonged to Rabin. “That’s all I saw. I was terrified I’d be noticed and I got out of there after that.”

Eitan Haber testified to the Shamgar Commission that after hearing of the shooting, he rushed to Ichilov, ran to the operating theatre and collected Rabin’s possessions. For years I’ve asked how Haber would have had the knowledge and authority to know where the theater was and actually enter it. His arrival from a party together with Barabash answers the questions perfectly. I believe the previous eye-witness account is accurate. And I don’t know what to do about it. *** The release of the Amir interrogation tape led to consequences. Most people were highly impressed by the discovery of Yigal Amir telling the police about the Rabin murder plot. One person who 50

wasn’t was Natan Gefen, author of Fatal Sting, a very important Rabin murder exposé. I received the tape, with no conditions attached, from the economic writer and commentator Yaacov Verker. He received the tape from Natan Gefen, who received it from a former advisor to the Israel Police Crime Lab, Nahum Shakhak. A couple of years ago, Shakhak dropped into the Rabin research community from parts unknown. He had an enormous stockpile of important evidence in his apartment, including the final unreleased Shamgar Commission report, which he would wave under our noses and return it to a drawer “until the time was right to release them.” There are those convinced that Shakhak is an agent keeping tabs on the Rabin “conspiracy” crowd. They, yes we, suspect he releases decent evidence about once a year to cover his real duty of spreading division in the small community and sabotaging real progress, such as TV documentaries. Maybe we’re wrong and he really is a former police adviser with a bad personality. Either way, he got the tape first and passed it on to Natan Gefen. He was furious when he called. “I was negotiating the tape’s sale and you could have wrecked everything.” Natan has a more commercial view of Rabin evidence than I do.
“No one said not to release the transcript. The way I hear it, you’ve been handing the tape out all over the place. Nurit Kadar of Channel Two got a copy from someone.” “That was then. Now I’m in negotiations and you’re in the way. I already sold the tape to Fox News and I wanted to find a newspaper as well.” “Fox bought the tape?” “Yes. They’ll be broadcasting it on November 4th.”

Now that is news. This coming Rabin murder day, Fox TV will expose a film proving his alleged murderer believed he was a sucker in a conspiracy to knock off the prime minister. That should do the trick, except, fifty to one, enough threatening phone calls will have been made to Fox News to cancel their plans. But Gefen did make his sale anyway, and has put another “Final Proof” on the market.
“I have the original police conclusions about the Rabin murder. They are in three pages. On the first page the police conclude that Amir could not


possibly have been the murderer. The police cleared him and I have the proof. This should blow things open. And I have follow-up proof of tampering. The next page’s conclusion is that Amir was likely guilty and by the third revision, the police decide that he is the murderer. The whole genesis of the cover-up is on these pages.”

Natan is putting these documents on the open market. Next, he lit into me about a supposed mistake in the previous article. I had written the name of the mysterious Rabin bodyguard murdered the same night as the prime minister; Tzvi Forster. Natan insisted, “Forster was the Shabak agent who murdered Rachel Heller in ‘73.” “I thought Yoram Bichovsky was the prime suspect.” “He didn’t do it, Forster did and I don’t believe he was still in the Shabak twenty two years later.” So, I contacted Bichovsky’s lawyer, Chaim Misgav, who does believe his client was innocent and asked him about Tzvi Forster. He replied, “I don’t recall hearing his name in any of the proceedings.” From Natan, the tape led to a friend of a bodyguard who took me aside at my newspaper kiosk.
“My friend was a Shabak bodyguard and I’ve got news for you. The Shabak owns most of the gun shops in the country and they let their agents run them. It’s good for money and keeping tabs on who has guns. My friend shared responsibility for a shop near Tel Aviv and he was called away on assignment to South Africa. There he was quickly gunned down by a ‘robber’ outside his hotel. That’s how it was reported, anyway. He never said so, never said not, but I think he was one of Rabin’s guards. Now, Yoram Rubin (Rabin’s bodyguard and real murderer) was given a gun shop in Netanya to operate with his brother. I heard he was just given an assignment in Egypt. Take my word for it, this won’t be a long assignment.”

The tape then went public. It seems that Kach had spread a leaflet throughout Judea and Samaria accusing me of being a Shabak agent because I was accusing “those who most care about Israel” of being Shabak agents. The left wing weekend supplement of Ha’aretz, Kol Ha’ir interviewed me about the leaflet. I explained that Kach people were out in full force in the month before the Rabin assassination. Avigdor Eskin performed his Pulsa Dinara, death curse on Rabin, Itamar Ben Gvir put a death threat on Rabin’s car, Avishai Raviv had infiltrated Kach, etc. Then I 52

mentioned the tape and Amir’s contention within that he had heard that Avishai Raviv had given Itamar Ben Gvir a gun with blanks and that he was going to shoot Rabin with it. The tape made the news. The newspaper quoted me, “This proves I’m not working for the far right like the media claimed, but for the truth.” The approach was serious and a nice color photo accompanied the article. The left is warming towards me somewhat. I gave three lectures to left wing audiences recently. Even the stalwart Kibbutz Yotvata near Eilat, flew me in for a speech. The article led to responses. Natan Gefen commented about Kach leader Noam Federman:
“He’s a real shmuck. He told me he opposes my work and is working to give Amir the full credit he deserves. They want Amir to be the murderer no matter what the evidence.”

And now from the left:
“Remember last month the Shabak found three bombs in Federman’s car. We knew the story was fishy from the start but we assumed it was an Avishai Raviv type operation to blame the settlers for some outrage. The outrage came a couple of days later when three Arabs were killed in a drive-by shooting and Raviv’s old organization took responsibility. Then it turned out that the driver of the van was an intelligence officer not liked by Arafat and blaming a straw Jewish group for his murder served a lot of purposes. “Now look what the effect was on Federman. By blaming the Shabak, he planted the message that they are my enemy. Then his wife got a huge story in Ma’ariv restating the Shabak planted the bombs angle. So now, any suspicions of Federman’s ties to the Shabak are erased. But we know that Kach was involved in the atmosphere creation before the Rabin murder because of the Ben Eliezer incident.”

This week the Labor Party held a leadership vote. Two thugs, Avraham Burg and Binyamin Ben Eliezer vied for the votes. Burg is currently being investigated by the State Comptroller for corruption while he was head of the Jewish Agency. He liked to pilfer money and take his friends and family on little jaunts to expensive hotels. Ben Eliezer had already been investigated as Housing Minister for bribing Arab councils with ministry allocations in return for voting Labor. Burg was also leader of the EU and CIA-funded Peace Now movement. He was apparently the winner of the contest, which means that Labor will be no different than Meretz from now on. 53

Except Ben Eliezer discovered vote fraud. And as he digs deeper in his own police investigation, here is what he will discover. A couple of months back, Burg was in Washington meeting with lots of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) bigwigs like Powell, Rice and both Clintons. They liked him a whole lot and promised to finance and arrange his ascension to the leadership of the Labor Party. They used a trick described in detail by me and Joel Bainerman in the March 14, 1994 edition of the National Review. They got the PLO to decide the winner. Only about a quarter of all Jewish voters bothered to cast ballots and they overwhelmingly supported Ben Eliezer. But over 80% of eligible Arabs voted and literally ALL chose Burg. Ben Eliezer knows that after bribing so many Arab municipal leaders for so long that this is impossible. But he’s wrong, as he shall soon discover. When the PLO orders Israeli Arabs to vote for one candidate, they obey. And that’s how Burg won, the same way Rabin won in 1992. Now all Burg has to do is win a national election and return his favors to the CFR and Arafat by dismantling the state. Next, I get a phone call from a neighbor of Burg’s. “The kippa he’s wearing is phony,” he said. “Burg isn’t religious. He lives across from me. The lights go on and off all Shabbat and more.” Back to the reporter from the left.
“Remember before the murder, these Kach kids jumped on Ben Eliezer’s car while he was in it, supposedly threatening his life. Ben Eliezer was in on the setup. If he was threatened like that for real, his bodyguards would have started shooting them off the roof and hood one by one. He was in on the incitements, though nobody thinks he knew it would lead to Rabin’s murder.”

I meet another left wing reporter, Greer Faye Cashman of the Jerusalem Post. She is one of the most informed, astute reporters in Israel and her paper isn’t giving her a chance to really strut her stuff. Her first observation never occurred to me. It was about the bloodied song sheet Rabin put in his side jacket pocket:
“How would the blood have gotten on the sheet unless it was put there? Rabin’s jacket was open, if he was shot lying down like they said, the flap of the jacket would have fallen away from his chest.”

Then she passed on a solution to one of the great mysteries of today: Why is Rabin’s daughter Dahlia sitting in the same cabinet 54

with Peres and even hugging him publicly. A common answer is a little conversation that went like this:
“Your mother went too far and I’m sorry she’s gone. Don’t let it happen to your children. They don’t deserve to be that sick.”

Greer put an end to such thinking:
“The way I hear it is Dahlia Pelosoff wanted to be Deputy Security Minister so she could have access to the files about her father’s murder. But the Peres appointees are feeding her the wrong information. I hear the Rabin children want the truth out and Yuval is coming back to Israel soon to campaign for it.”

Greer’s information is confirmed by the Arutz Sheva Arab Affairs reporter Yehoshua Meiri who tells me, “Yuval Rabin wants it out and doesn’t care anymore who gets hurt.” I cross the street and enter Gefen Books, publisher of the Hebrew and Russian versions of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? I am meeting the wife and friend of Victor Mordechai, author of a powerful book called Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat? I step outside to inhale some fresh nicotine when I see a gentleman photographing us from a white Mitsubishi van across the street. I bring everyone out to see, he spots us and takes off. His license is 60 061 02. Can anyone hack into the Motor Vehicle Office computers? I take a trip to Efrat to show the Amir tape to a small group who know the issues. It’s an advanced intelligence gathering. Interesting information emerges, very interesting. It was an Efrat researcher, David Bedein, who uncovered Yigal’s mother, Geula Amir’s, own strange intelligence ties. In 1974, Geula Amir led a letter writing campaign to release a female Mossad spy held by Norway, after a bungled hit in the city of Lillehammer.
“Why she was chosen for the job isn’t certain but she was the niece of that crooked Histadrut head, Yisrael Kessar. The intelligence ties of the Amir family are far deeper and go back a lot farther than anyone knows.”

The week is winding down. Sharon flies to Moscow. Now did anyone report that King Juan Carlos was also in Moscow that day? Well he was. Just read
(http://asia.dailynews.yahoo.com/headlines/world/article.html?s=asia/h eadlines/010905/world/afp/Solana_works_for_Arafat-Peres_summit __ Israel_beefs_up_security.html)


Sharon is run by the top of the New World Order. The Europeans are planning their next slaughter of the Jews and Sharon is playing with their leader and not telling anyone about it. It’s what happens when outsiders completely corrupt the political leadership of the Jews. The Amir tape led to the deepest crevices barely concealing the rot. A story being told goes like this.
A Palestinian and settler are complaining about their governments. “Arafat is a thief.” says the Palestinian, “All he does is rob us and get us killed. When will we get an honest leader and put an end to the suffering?” The settler retorts, “And our government has lied to us all and sold out our heritage to terrorists. When will the suffering end?” “Well,” answers the Palestinian. “At least yours won’t last for long.

AMIR DID NOT MURDER RABIN AND NOW IT’S A PROVEN FACT Wasn’t Adir Zik wonderful in his cover story interview in Makor Rishon? This leading journalist/broadcaster said his view of the Rabin murder is exactly the same as mine. He also confirmed my view that Baruch Goldstein was a patsy for a massacre others committed. Lest anyone dare to doubt him, me or the truth anymore, within this article are the conclusive proofs that Amir did not shoot real bullets at Rabin. As I’ve been saying for six years now, he shot blanks.
National Police Headquarters - Investigations Division Department of Criminal Identification – Ramle, 13 November 1995 Subject: Murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Background: On 4/11/95, around 21:45, Prime Minister Rabin and one of his bodyguards were shot while about to enter their vehicle at the end of a rally in Kings of Israel Square. A suspected shooter, Yigal Amir, was caught by police and transferred to the Yarkon Division police station. The prime minister died of his wounds at Ichilov Hospital.




Test Results: On 4/11/95 I was part of a video crew led by Superintendent Shmuel Berger at a rally in the Kings of Israel Square. At approximately 21:55 I was given a plastic bag with a pistol inside, suspected of being used in a shooting, by Deputy Superintendent Moti Naftali. The pistol was a model 84F Beretta, serial number D98231Y that utilized short 9 mm bullets, which included a clip with an undetermined number of bullets within. On the street and sidewalk, three 380 WIN Auto cartridges were found. At 22:15 approximately, I arrived at the office of the commander of the Yarkon Division police station. The suspect Yigal Amir was present. I took samples from his hands and hair. I could find no significant results from the Feroprint examination that I undertook of the suspect’s hands... Detective Arieh Moshe 93614 Mobile Police Laboratory

A Feroprint examination will reveal the tiniest amount of metal residues. Officer Moshe examined Amir’s hands a half hour after he claimed the shooting took place and found none on Amir’s hands. After consultations with a forensics expert, doctor and policewoman, I can conclude that this result would be unlikely in the extreme if Amir had shot real bullets. However, there are possible explanations. So let us now look at a second report to get the full story of the forensic tests on Amir’s hands.
Israel Police Headquarters/Investigations Division Department. of Criminal Identification Written by Nadav Levine - Trace Evidence On 5/11/95 I received evidence for testing, including samples taken from the murder suspect Yigal Amir, (identity number 027790088). Here are the initial test results: In the suspect’s hair sample, I found one particle that could be identified as a gunshot residue. We are unaware of any similar compound not used in the explosion of caps. In the sample from the suspects hands, I found no particles which that could be identified as gunshot residue. Detective Nadav Levine Trace Materials Laboratory

The Hebrew word for cap, as in cap gun, is pica, the world chosen by Levine. But even if the one particle found in Amir’s hair was from gunpowder and not a cap, the explanation is simple. A 59

policeman touched his own pistol, then Amir’s head and left a particle in the hair. But if Amir actually shot real bullets, there would have been gunshot particles on his hands. AND THERE WERE NOT! Neither gunpowder nor metal residues were found on Amir’s hands in two separate tests, by two competent police technicians. THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBILITY IF AMIR SHOT REAL BULLETS! Blank bullets are noisemakers which do not have enough explosive material to leave significant residues. Nor is the material of the same power to expel a bullet from a cartridge. Think of a little boy’s cap gun, or those party poppers that make noise when a strip of paper is pulled. That is what Amir shot and that is why the police technicians could not find gunpowder traces or metal residues on his hands: because Amir shot blanks! It’s over, people. The cover-up of Rabin’s murder is finished. We have all the proof we need that Amir did not murder Rabin. Send the attached documents to the world and force the Israeli government to tell the truth. HAPPY RABIN WEEK Every Rabin week has its revelations but this year was the best, thanks in part, to the little old evidence leaker. Four days into the week, ending November 4, the popular radio announcer Dahlia Yairi announced the results of a survey conducted for the Israel Broadcasting Authority to determine how many Israelis believe in the “conspiracy theory” of the Rabin assassination. The last time this survey was undertaken, in 1999 by Ma’ariv and Gallup, 18% of Israelis believed there was a high-level plot that took Rabin’s life, while 13% answered that there might have been. This year, the figure of those who accept the “conspiracy theory” rose to 30%. A befuddled Yairi reportedly said, “That means two million Israelis believe the Shabak was behind Rabin’s murder.” Actually, even more, because the figure of those who suspect such a thing wasn’t included. However, it’s a sure bet that half of all Israelis now believe or suspect that Rabin was murdered in a way much different than what their government is telling them. 60

HALF OF ISRAEL! The truth is truly out. But it’s only being released to that half of the country that cares. Look at this Rabin week’s press coverage: • Hatsofe—religious right wing—Eight pages in weekend magazine. Extensive coverage of Amir’s trial defense summation, which arrived precisely at the “conspiracy” theory. Headline; “THERE ARE NO TRACES OF AMIR ON

• Yated Ne’eman—religious, liberal—In a two page article, which referred in large part to Hatsofe’s revelations, the rather skittish Hebrew edition (compared to the fearless English version), admitted that there is much backing for the “conspiracy theory.” The author noted that the mainstream Israeli papers, “Who know how to attack like only the left wing does,” backed off their incitements this year because word has reached them of decisive evidence proving Amir did not murder Rabin. • Hashavuah—haredi, right—The headline was AMIR DIDN’T MURDER RABIN. The three page coverage included an extensive interview with Dr. David Khen, showing medically how Amir had no opportunity to murder Rabin the way he died. • Makor Rishon—secular, right—Two pages of new evidence in the weekend magazine, with an impressive article in the main section about Rabin’s song sheet. On the night of the murder, it had a round black hole in it that sure looked like a bullet hole. The newspaper printed that photo beside a photo of the sheet as it appears in the prime minister’s archive today. The hole has disappeared. Now compare: • Ma’ariv—secular liberal—Eight paragraph article in weekend paper reporting Hatsofe’s exposé of Avishai Raviv’s police testimony. The more damaging report on Amir’s trial defense is excluded. • Yediot Ahronot—secular liberal—Nuttin’ • Ha’aretz—secular, extreme left—Nada. 61

• Kol Ha’ir—secular, extreme left—Had a long article about Rabin’s bodyguards who suffered mysterious deaths. Mostly debunking junk BUT with a huge revelation. A third young bodyguard died of an unexpected heart attack a few days before he planned to testify at one of Avishai Raviv’s trials. And that’s it for the secular left. They’re covering up the truth. Case closed and Period! But the desperation of the ruling tyrants is shining through. Just look what’s going on: From Ha’aretz we discover that Margalit Har Shefi’s letter to President Katzav which led to her early release, was a forgery, and she could be shipped back to prison. From Ma’ariv, we learn that the Rabin family want a true hero to be prosecuted. They speak of Shlomi Halevy, the Bar Ilan student and soldier in the Intelligence Brigade who, five months before Rabin’s murder, reported to the police and Shabak that Amir was threatening Rabin’s life. Why would the Rabin family want him tried? Perhaps to get to the Shabak. Because that’s what Dahlia Pelosoff Rabin told Ha’aretz. She said she can’t wait for Raviv’s trial because she knows he is just the tip of the iceberg. Well, now she’s going to have to wait six months because the trial has been postponed again. That’s nine times now. *** Now how do we really know there is a Rabin cover-up? Because a highly significant convention took place on his Hebrew memorial day, and other than in Arutz Sheva’s newsletter, no Hebrew media covered it. The hit lecturer was Joel Skousen, editor of the World Affairs Brief, who journeyed from Utah, in part, to attend the convention. He explained New World Order philosophy and how the hidden rulers can deliberately create radical regimes like the Taliban or PLO, fund and arm them into power, only to have a useful enemy to make war on down the line. It was nice to have Israelis hear it from someone else. This author has been writing steadily that Shimon Peres is a tool of the European Illuminati, headed in part by King Juan Carlos of Spain. Peres will meet Arafat in Spain shortly. Please, someone, connect the dots already.


Mubarak on a Two-Day Visit to Spain

Egypt-Spain, Politics, 10/31/2001 Later the President will meet King Juan Carlos on a lunch banquet attended by the delegation accompanying the President and Senior Spanish officials. Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher said that President Hosni Mubarak’s coming visit to Spain acquires special importance at this stage. Maher said that Mubarak will have talks with Spanish King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, and will address the forum on means to expand cooperation between the European and Mediterranean countries. He told diplomatic editors on Tuesday that the talks would also deal with relations between the two countries, international and regional issues, developments in the Palestinian territories and means to bring the Palestinians and Israelis together at the negotiations table. The talks will further cover cooperation to achieve security and stability in the Mediterranean basin and means to push forward development efforts in North Africa and the Southern Mediterranean, added Maher. Maher said that round-table talks would be attended by him together with Palestinian Minister of local government Saeb Erekat and with the possible participation of Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres Ambassador of Egypt to Spain Hussein Kamel Haridy said President Mubarak’s talks with King Juan Carlos and Premier Aznar would focus on three key issues namely the situation the Middle East, terrorism and the Spanish Presidency of European Union.

And for those who don’t think Peres had a role in Rabin’s murder, broadcaster Yehoshua Meiri has a scoop. It seems that a really damaging tape recording is floating around. On the day before the signing of the first Oslo agreement, two reporters, Shimon Shiffer and Nahum Barnea were taping an interview with Peres at his office. The interview was interrupted by a phone call from a Peres Labor Party politico, Giora Einam. Peres had the reporters to leave the room for the duration of the call. They did but left their tape recorder on “accidentally” . Rabin wanted to attend the signing ceremony and Peres didn’t like the idea. “Something’s got to be done about that S.O.B.,” Peres shouted. “We have to do something about him. The bastard’s been haunting me for sixteen years and it has to stop.”


Rabin Day Addendum

November 4, 2001, the final day of Rabin week. In our previous overview, we discovered that the entire Israeli religious and conservative media reported extensively on the conspiracy that ended with Rabin’s murder. We noted that one newspaper, Yated Ne’eman, observed that this year the liberal/left media chose to drastically tone down its coverage of Rabin week because they had received conclusive proof that Yigal Amir did not murder Rabin in the form of two police lab tests on his hands right after the shooting, which proved negative for metal and gunpowder traces. The gunpowder trace test was conducted by the head of the Israel Police Trace Laboratory, Chief Inspector Nadav Levine. This week, one of my faithful readers, who works in the medical field, called Levine to verify his test results on Amir’s hands. Levine did not deny that he conducted the tests, nor did he deny the results. He simply said, “I did my job and now it’s in the hands of the courts.” We can assume that he gave the same answer to those journalists of the mainstream media who decided to keep Rabin week coverage to a minimum. On the weekend before the end of the obscene annual ritual, the newspaper pattern stayed the same, but with one huge difference: • Hamodia—religious, right—A superb three page précis of the Amir/Raviv issues including fifty unanswered questions about the Rabin assassination that put it all together for the novices and former non-believers. • Makor Rishon—secular, right—A two and a half page summary of the main conspiracy theses. This author’s section was riddled with errors. The article, though extremely helpful to the cause of truth, claimed I have been working with one of Amir’s lawyers from the beginning, in order to publicize facts not suitable for the courtroom. Simply, not true at all. • Yerushalayim—secular, left—Nearly supercilious coverage of the recent Root and Branch Rabin Assassination Congress. • Ma’ariv—secular, liberal—A tiny reference to the “conspiracy” theory in one column. Nothing else. 64

• Yediot Ahronot—secular, liberal—Nothing • Ha’aretz—secular, extreme left—Nope • Kol Ha’ir—secular, extreme left—One of the most thorough and important exposés of this week or any other. Wait, what was that? An extreme left news magazine printing a Rabin murder exposé? Could it be? It sure could and let’s take a gander at this revelation. The front page of the magazine: Pictures of Shlomi Halevy, Hezi Kalo and Dahlia Pelosoff Rabin. The headline: “THEY’RE AFRAID”. The characters so far: • Shlomi Halevy—He reported Amir’s threats on Rabin to the police and Shabak in July 1995, five months before the murder, making him one of the rare heroes in the ugly tale of the assassination. • Dahlia Pelosoff Rabin—In last week’s Ha’aretz, she was quoted as watching the upcoming Avishai Raviv trial with great interest, believing that this Shabak provocateur was “just the tip of the iceberg.” As we know, Raviv’s trial was delayed for the ninth time, this time for six months. On the same day as her Raviv quote, Ma’ariv reported that the Rabin family was pressing for the prosecution of Shlomi Halevy. • Khezi Kalo—Head of the Jewish Department of the Shabak in the period leading up to and including the Rabin murder. Thus, he was Avishai Raviv’s commander. We open the article. The headline reads: “THE SHABAK’S

The new characters are: • Yaniv Elrad—Kalo’s lawyer, previously Ehud Barak’s strategic planning director. • Khemi Sal—Head of the Political Affairs Department of the National Kibbutz Movement and an executive 65

member of Dor Shalom, the organization supposedly charged with keeping Rabin’s ideals alive. • Yossi Ginosar—Former Deputy Head of the Shabak. Released from duty for perjury and abetting murders. Took his ties to the PLO with him and became a partner in their Jericho casino, or what’s left of it. The mediator between PLO security chief, the well known tyrant and murderer Jibril Rajoub and Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak and their ilk. The plot: Kol Ha’ir reports:
“On the surface, the last person the Shabak would want to prosecute would be Shlomi Halevy, one of the few sympathetic people involved in the Rabin assassination.”

Yet, the report continues, the person behind the initiative is none other than Khezi Kalo. The media reports that the Rabin family were behind Halevy’s planned prosecution were lies. Dahlia Pelosoff Rabin told the reporter (Anat Ben Moshe): “Neither I nor my family led any initiative to prosecute Shlomi Halevy. The media was wrong.” So how did the Rabin family get the blame/credit/ responsibility? The plot unfolds: Kalo is terrified about what could come out at the Raviv trial. Raviv has let it be known that he will not allow himself to become the scapegoat for all the incitements leading to the Rabin murder. If Raviv turns his anger into truthful testimony, the whole Rabin fake assassination plot could be revealed in court. So far, the Shabak has managed to postpone Raviv’s trial nine times, and the public is getting very sick of the manipulations. What is needed for Kalo is a legal precedent that could be used to cut a trial-ending deal. Raviv is charged with not preventing Rabin’s murder because he withheld knowledge of Amir’s murderous intentions and did not inform his superiors. Halevy also had knowledge of Amir’s Shabak-directed threats but did inform the police and Shabak, however, without naming Amir. He, instead, described Amir, as a short Yemenite who belonged to a political group at Bar Ilan University. 66

Now the nutty conclusion. Because Halevy had foreknowledge but didn’t name Amir, he should be charged with the same crime as Raviv. But because he did inform the authorities, the court will throw out the case against him. When it does, Raviv will have his precedent to have his charges thrown out as well. As one Shabak official summarized the plot:
“Kalo is terrified that he’ll have to testify at Raviv’s trial. He made a strategic decision to go after Halevy to prevent that. Since Halevy is such a minor character, there will be no pressure on the court to try him, like there was for Margalit Har Shefi. The judges will refuse to proceed based on lack of public interest and Kalo will have his precedent for canceling Raviv’s trial.”

And now the plot deepens. Kalo could not be seen as behind the initiative to prosecute Halevy, so he set up a few walls between him and the facts. He asked his attorney, Elrad, to find and convince a respected public figure to submit the case against Halevy to the courts. Khemi Sal was chosen, and he told Kol Ha’ir that he had no idea Kalo was behind the trial petition. Deceit number one. Deceit number two. To get the trial ball rolling, there is nothing like Rabin family support. Because Kalo has no in with the Rabins, he sent his pal Ginosar to Dahlia Pelosoff Rabin and included in his conversation was a reference to the prosecution of Halevy. She acknowledged the idea and that was leaked to Ma’ariv as Rabin family support for a trial against Halevy. Kalo’s plot illustrates just how desperate the Shabak is to put an end to the Rabin murder affair. They are up to all kinds of tricks, including planting lies everywhere. Local researchers have a disrupter in their ranks and all kinds of increasingly desperate disinformation is being placed on the internet by an address called cyber samizdat. The deceit is being spread by a Haifa-based professor, trained and groomed by the Federal Reserve, and apparently sent to Israel to spread that kind of free-market economic theory that allows American corporations to take over a nation’s finances. He is being backed by a CIA/CFR father-son team in America, also tied to academia. Then there is the plot to re-imprison Margalit Har Shefi as reported in Ha’aretz, based on an allegedly forged letter sent by her to President Katzav, which led to her early release. 67

The List

Included in the massive pile of documents left to this writer a couple of months ago is a list of nearly 400 unmarried, religious women, their addresses and phone numbers, recovered from Amir’s computer by the police. Journalist Adir Zik took special interest in the list and found its significance. He believes the Shabak supplied Amir with the list to find women to victimize, and in Raviv’s case, to marry. Reading the newly uncovered testimonies of Raviv, Amir and Har Shefi leaves no doubt, that the latter was the second most gullible woman found. The most gullible was the poor settler woman who actually married Raviv. Here are just a few of the ways Amir set up the foolish Har Shefi to be a conspirator in his crimes. • Amir asked Har Shefi to buy her some digital watches, the kind that can be used to set off bombs. She complied. • Amir asked Har Shefi to recommend a chemist who could teach him to make bombs. She directed him to Dr. Bachrach of Bet El. • Amir invited Har Shefi to join his underground. She agreed if she wouldn’t have to do anything violent. Time after time, Amir framed Har Shefi and this silly girl played along without a second thought, if she was even capable of a first thought at what she was getting into. And none of this setup was ever mentioned at her trial. Clearly it was not in her or the Shabak’s interest to bring up these embarrassing little facts. Nor did the court pursue them because the judicial system is rotten. Let’s look at a personal example. I sued Knesset Member Ophir Pines for slander after he had my book banned from the podium of the Knesset. I won the first hearing when Judge Boaz Okun ruled that it was my right to sue a Knesset member, despite parliamentary immunity from prosecution. And I was winning the second hearing until Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein sent his attorney to the courtroom with a brief to show Judge Okun. A meeting was held behind closed doors and 68

the judge returned to close the trial. (A full account of the fiasco is in the author’s book The Last Days of Israel). Now what could Judge Okun have been offered to agree to such a miscarriage of justice? A year and a half later, Judge Boaz Okun was appointed to the Israeli Supreme Court. THE SAD SAGA OF SARAH SHWARTZ On the night of the Rabin assassination, the police raided “assassin” Yigal Amir’s house and found no weapons. This could not be permitted, so two days later the Shabak conducted their own raid and found a veritable armory, they claimed belong to Yigal’s brother Hagai. Now they could explain where Yigal got his gun and ammo; from little brother’s stockpile. The Hagai armory was photographed and released to the press. Many noticed that among the stock there was an IDF issued M-16 and lots of IDF ammo. How, many asked, did Hagai acquire army equipment? The Shabak sprung into action and came up with a plan. They looked in their registry of young men opposed to the peace process and found Sergeant Arik Shwartz, who was in charge of an armory in a small IDF base. He would be the source of Hagai’s army weapons whether he was or not. What caught the author’s eye was the sheer volume of documents related to the framing of Sgt. Shwartz. While my coresearchers saw little reason to pore over so many pages related to such an obscure side issue, the author saw great drama emerging from the Shabak’s Humor and Absurdity Branch. The following tale comes right from the records of Israel Police. The Shabak hand the police an order to raid Arik Shwartz’ home based on their claim that he had stolen IDF weaponry, sold it to Hagai Amir, and one of his bullets may even have murdered the prime minister. The police are dispatched to the home of Sgt. Arik Shwartz but he’s not in, he’s at his base. But his 61 year old mother Sarah Shwartz is in, opens the door and a squad of police barge into her home. The commander barks at her, “Okay, where does he keep his weapons?” Sarah replies, “Who keeps what?” 69

“The weapons Arik stole from the army. Where are they?” “Arik took his weapon back to the base.” “No, the rest of them. The ones he gives out to his assassin pals.” “He’s never brought anything like that home. He’s a wonderful boy.” Sarah refuses to allow her house to be searched but her husband Dr. Naftali Shwartz, yes the well-known dentist, acquiesces and the police turn the house upside down. In the end they found one used grenade pin and handle, a souvenir of army training. Behind the scenes and unreported, the police must have expressed their pique to the Shabak for sending them on a wild goose chase. The men of the Shabak’s Humor and Absurdity Division spring back into action. They return to the Shwartz home in Ramat Gan and only Sarah is home this time. We don’t know which threats were used on her but she did agree to go to the police and admit that she gathered all of Arik’s weapons, put them in a suitcase and threw it into the Mediterranean Sea. Here is her testimony to the police.
“On the night of the Rabin assassination my son Arik called from his base and said there could be trouble if I didn’t do him a little favor. He asked me to pack all his weapons and get rid of them where no one would find them. I found his weapons sitting in a carton and I packed them into a suitcase. Then I took a bus to look for a good spot to dump the suitcase. I got off near the Dolphinarium Disco and took a trail behind it to the sea. I climbed onto a rock outcrop and threw the suitcase into the sea. This I declare is the truth.”

The police were hardly convinced. They asked her what was in the suitcase and she replied, “Rifles, bullets, grenades, that sort of thing.” To which the police insisted that suitcase would weight 75 kilograms. That they decided was too heavy for frail, 61 year old Sarah to lift onto the bus, let alone throw far enough into the sea that no one would detect its presence in the water. They sent her home. We do not know how the police chided the Shabak for again wasting their time but the Humor and Absurdity Brigade were back in action, once again visiting Sarah Shwartz. They ordered her to 70

find a co-conspirator, a strong young man who could have conceivably thrown the suitcase in the sea. She phoned her nephew, seventeen year old Moshe Khakham and asked him to do her a teeny little favor. One can only imagine his enthusiastic response, “Sure I’ll help you destroy vital evidence connected to the biggest murder in the country’s history. I like the idea of spending fifteen years in prison for you.” Sarah and Moshe tramp down to the police station and once again confess. Moshe gives the following testimony.
“On the night of the Rabin assassination, my aunt Sarah phoned me to ask for a small favor. She asked if I wouldn’t mind picking up a suitcase of hers and throwing it into the sea. I went to her place, rang the bell and waited until she came down. She was walking the dog and carrying a suitcase. She didn’t tell me what was in it. But she asked me to take a ride in my car and throw it into the sea. I saw a trail behind the Dolphinarium which led to a rock outcropping. I stood on it and threw the suitcase fifty meters into the sea. This I declare this to be the truth.”

Here comes the drama. The police don’t believe that Sarah carried the suitcase down to his car, but they especially didn’t believe that Moshe could throw 75 kilos fifty meters. Moshe explained, “It was stormy that night. I threw it only a few meters then watched as the waves carried it fifty meters out.” The police react, “Then the suitcase floated.” “For a little while, just long enough for the waves to take it fifty meters out.” “And how long does a suitcase full of steel float?” “Longer than you’d expect. Look, can I talk to my aunt?” Sarah is brought into the room. She looks at Moshe and says, “You told them, didn’t you?” He replies, “They made me.” This show over, the police ask Sarah a simple question. How did she know about the trail behind the Dolphinarium and the rock outcropping if she wasn’t there? Now, I guess in hindsight she would have preferred to say, “I asked Moshe where he threw it and he drew a map for me,” but she was stunned by the question and couldn’t answer it. The police tell Sarah and Moshe to get lost and once again we can only imagine what they told the Shabak. But nothing deters the Humor and Absurdity Battalion. They visited Sarah Shwartz again 71

and the next day she was back at the police station. This time her testimony was:
“After Moshe came back without he suitcase, I became curious where he had thrown it. So I asked him to drive back with me to the exact spot. We got out near the Dolphinarium, crossed a trail behind it and climbed onto a rock out cropping. Then he pointed to the left and said, ‘I threw it over there.’”

This Sarah declared to be the truth. Now why was the author so entranced by the sad saga of Sarah Shwartz. Because it showed just how panicky and irrational the Shabak were in the days after the Rabin murder. The plan did not go off as anticipated, and a brand new conspiracy had to be built almost from scratch. If Yigal Amir had access to IDF ammo, which they were now saying Hagai prepared for him to murder Rabin, then a source for the ammo had to be found. They viewed it as crucial to their cover-up. They started with Sgt. Arik Shwartz and by George, he was going to be their culprit. At this point in the drama, the tempo picks up. The police are worn down and finally accept Sarah’s sworn testimony. At one in the morning a team of police frogmen and their hi-tech night vision equipment assemble on a beach opposite the Dolphinarium. It turns out the water Moshe Khakham had tossed the suitcase into was too shallow to swim in, so the frogmen first formed a line to feel for the suitcase with their feet. Only after nearing the magic fifty meter offshore line did any swimming underwater take place. But alas, no suitcase was found. However, since a compact suitcase weight at least 75 kilos could not have drifted far or anywhere, the frogmen reassembled at 6:45 in the morning to finally track down the proof that Hagai Amir supplied army issue ammo to his assassin brother Yigal from Arik Shwartz’ considerable, stolen weapons cache. But the suitcase just wasn’t there. This time the police were hopping mad. At the next interrogation they invited Sgt. Arik Shwartz to testify with his mother. Enjoy the next scene as inscribed in the police records:
Arik Shwartz:: And then I asked my mother, if she wouldn’t mind, to collect all my stolen weaponry and throw them in the sea where no one would find them. Sarah Shwartz: Enough lies!


Arik Shwartz: Mom, no! Sarah Shwartz: Maybe if we tell the truth, we can get Moshe out of jail.

It was all too much for Sarah, she cracked. She couldn’t go on. The last straw for her was when they arrested and jailed her teenage nephew on suspicion of destroying evidence vital to the investigation of the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. Through circumstances she could not possibly have understood, she managed to get her nephew to face up to fifteen years in prison. She couldn’t do the same thing to her son. Sarah had had enough of the threats and lies and said so. Which is why the sad saga of Sarah Shwartz was never mentioned in the Shamgar Commission findings or the protocols of either Hagai or Yigal Amir’s trial. The Shabak’s Humor and Absurdity Force didn’t foresee that sixty one year old Sarah Shwartz would tell the truth at the end of the day. And now for the punch line: Sgt. Arik Shwartz was charged and indicted for stealing weapons from the IDF and selling them to Hagai Amir. Why not, with such powerful evidence against him gathered by the Keystone Shabak? THREE MORE DEAD IN RABIN RAMPAGE The latest Rabin hush-up murders were Dr. Dalia Eyal, her husband Nimrod Eyal and son Assaf. Dalia Eyal had been employed at Ichilov Hospital since the early 1980s. Currently, she was director of a health fund located there but shift-worked in the trauma department throughout her career at Ichilov. So far, she has not been positively located in the trauma center on the night Yitzhak Rabin died there, but let’s not rule out the possibility. What is certain is that she knew the doctors and nurses who attended Rabin and was privy to the truth. Let us repeat the murder motive: Dr. Eyal undoubtedly knew how Rabin was really murdered. Who conducted the autopsy on the Eyal family? Dr. Death himself, Yehuda Hiss, the head of the police pathological institute, which was raided for hoarding the internal organs of 81 corpses without informing the families of the dead. And as we all know, it was Dr. Death Hiss who changed Rabin’s wounds in his infamous pathologist’s report. 73

Let us repeat the motive for the cover-up: Dr. Eyal knew Hiss lied about Rabin’s real wounds. Now let’s look at another really sloppy mass murder.
The Chronology of a Slaughter

Thursday night, January 10, 2002—Dalia and Nimrod Eyal die embracing in their bed. Friday morning—January 11—Assaf, 22, dies sitting upright in a salon chair. According to the Jerusalem Post (15/1/2002):
“Police theorize that Assaf came home and found his family dead. Failing to detect the presence of the odorless, colorless gas, he too, passed out and died.”

Saturday, January 12—Yona Eliad, Nimrod’s brother-in-law, discovers the bodies, along with the family cats, that were very much alive. Police announce that it was an apparent family suicide. Friends and relatives of the Eyals vigorously deny the possibility. Sunday, Jan. 13—Police reinvestigate and come up with the answer within a day. From the Jerusalem Post:
“They died as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide fumes leaked from the water heater in their closed luxury apartment, after a bird’s nest blocked the exhaust pipe.”

The Post reports that about 100 victims a winter, “are overcome by gas from home heaters,” though only one hospital in the country is equipped to revive carbon monoxide poisoning victims. Now let’s start thinking clearly: • The Bird’s Nest—Birds do not nest in Israel in January. They do not put up a nest overnight anywhere in any season. They do not put up a nest on a pipe venting carbon monoxide. If they tried, they would not finish the nest. • The weather—It has been cold and rainy for most of the winter. The water heater was not turned on for the first time that night. If a summer nest had blocked the exhaust vent, the Eyals would have discovered it or suffocated by the cold November past.


• The cats—The bodies were discovered 48 hours after they had succumbed. The apartment was sealed. The cats should have died as well by then. • The son—Assaf comes home, discovers his dead parents and instead of immediately calling an ambulance, sits down on a comfy chair and dies. • Ichilov Hospital—Every doctor and nurse who tended Rabin on November 4, 1995 has received written and verbal death threats. Two of the doctors, Kluger and Gutman, suffered unexplainable and almost fatal disorders. They learned to be silent afterward. Dr. Eyal, it seems, had not properly learned the lesson.
The Ticking Bombs

Rabin’s murderers are utterly desperate. The public is becoming more and more informed of their crime and the cover-up is quickly and obviously breaking down. Things are getting out of hand for them and they know there are at least four ticking bombs waiting to explode. They are: • Dr. Yehuda Hiss. Last week, his pathological institute was raided and body parts, some over five years old, were found, including those of four soldiers killed in action. But Hiss was not arrested. He knows too much about Rabin for that. But one soldier’s father, Dr. Haim Buzaglo, is suing to have Hiss imprisoned and the case is coming up soon. The public will not tolerate the atrocities done to their brave soldiers and Dr. Death will have to face the music. When he does, watch him sing the song of Rabin. • Judge Meir Shamgar. He is heading a commission of inquiry into the cancers of navy frogmen who trained in the carcinogenic Kishon River of Haifa. The press has already leaked his findings that there is no connection between the cancers and the river. Though he may save the navy hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation payments, the public will not buy into this whitewash and will start recalling that he was the 75

judge who similarly whitewashed the findings of Rabin’s murder. • Menachem Damti. Rabin’s driver on his final night alive is going mad. That comes from a cousin, a friend and a neighbor. He is undergoing a severe conscience attack and is close to cracking. • Avishai Raviv. Come April, Yigal Amir’s Shabak handler is scheduled to go on trial, and a ninth postponement is not going to go over well with the public. By murdering Dr. Dalia Eyal, one ticking bomb was neutralized but there are many more. So, expect many more murders. The Eyal family was poisoned, maybe with CO, maybe with another asphyxiating substance. And it wasn’t a little birdie that did it.



YOU HEARD IT FIRST My sources tell me that high ranking IDF officers are seriously considering the overthrow of Barak. The scenario described to me is the following: When the PLO first ordered its police and peasants to attack IDF soldiers, Barak issued a command unheard of in any army: soldiers were to wait until fired on to retaliate. Despite years of politically obedient appointments, many in the IDF’s high command were highly unhappy with Barak’s policy, believing it would lead to Israeli casualties and a prolonging of the conflict. These officers became increasingly frustrated when forbidden to use force to save a soldier slowly bleeding to death at Joseph’s Tomb and later when the shrine was abandoned. The refusal to react to the kidnapping of three soldiers on the Lebanese border by Hizbullah turned the frustration into anger. The turning point was the sadistic lynching of two soldiers in Ramallah. The IDF high command issued the following operational request to the Defense Minister, Ehud Barak: In retaliation for attacks against IDF soldiers by members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Tanzim, or Fatah, the Israeli Air Force would use 2000 pound bombs to turn their headquarters and other facilities into rubble. Second, the IDF had filmed Fatah policemen sniping at their soldiers, and an Italian television crew had captured the murderers of the lynched soldiers on film. The IDF had identified the murderers and wanted them hunted down and killed immediately. Barak turned the recommendation down and instead issued a directive sending helicopters against insignificant targets only after the PLO had been given ample warning to abandon them. Certain officers now understood that Barak was under international orders not to utilize the IDF to defend the nation or 77

avenge the murders of its citizens. The first grumblings of “coup” were heard. The final straw was Hizbullah’s kidnapping of Colonel Tannenbaum. The officers knew that he was being tortured and forced to reveal the names, addresses and all details of IDF staff, strategy, equipment and facilities. They summoned Barak to mount an operation inside Lebanon involving mass hostage taking to secure the release of Tannenbaum but were again rebuffed by Barak. Not knowing which demoralizing IDF fiasco was next and fearing that Israelis would take to the streets to secure the protection their army was forbidden to provide, high level but still informal discussions to plan a Barak overthrow gained momentum.
News from the Front No One Else is Reporting

A well known political activist has formulated a plan to neutralize the blatant New World Order reporting of the mini-war by the international media. According to the activist:
“The next time some CNN or BBC boob justifies the PLO’s savagery, we will go to his home and pelt him with rocks when he tries to leave. Unfortunately, our plan doesn’t call for the use of live fire to make the scenario more realistic.”

The activist adds:
“I have a long-term plan to buy properties next door to their homes in London or Stockholm and move Palestinian families in. We’ll be sure to put lots of loose stones in their driveways. Then they’ll get a real taste of how much fun it is to have them as neighbors.” Overheard

A Palestinian mother telling her nine year old son, “Go play in the war zone.” *** MORE OF WHAT THEY’RE NOT TELLING US The government-owned Israeli Television station, Channel One, presented an amazing item on its news program New Evening. The PLO had sent death threats to the two Italian television networks that had filmed the Ramallah lynching of two IDF soldiers and 78

broadcast it. The threat was so real that the filmmaker apologized to the PLO for doing his job and for doing so, had his press card revoked by Israel’s Government Press Office. What was behind the death threat? According to the report, the filmmaker had captured Yasser Arafat standing in the Ramallah Police Station overlooking the sadistic murders of the soldiers. It is widely reported that the full film of the lynching has been suppressed and the excuse given is that it is too grisly to watch. That never stopped the Italian media before. Capturing Arafat on camera personally directing a double murder would be a more logical reason for the death threats and the censorship.
Blackmailing Barak

Ehud Barak IS being blackmailed by the U.S. over numerous serious crimes surrounding his election campaign. This campaign was organized by Clinton’s trickster James Carville, who thought of numerous illegal scams to get Barak into power. One involved breaking into the Labor Party headquarters in Washington, not once, but twice, and implying that his political opposition in Israel, the Likud Party, was responsible. Then there was a massive campaign funding fraud, run by Barak’s brother-inlaw and a son of the late Israeli president Chaim Herzog. Americans, mostly Jews, were snookered into giving huge donations to charities supporting employment in impoverished neighborhoods, promoting democracy education, building sports facilities and the like. But the money went into Barak’s back pocket. Israel’s State Comptroller discovered the crimes and recommended that the police investigate. However, the American authorities have stymied the cops by preventing the Israeli investigators from pursuing their investigations in the US. If Barak doesn’t play ball, Clinton and the CIA have promised that they will open the door for Israel Police to investigate crimes that could land him in prison for a decade or more.
Inciting to War

The Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria are being incited into violence. The aim is to crush them and thus provide a pretext for their removal from their homes. To further this aim, two rabbis 79

have been murdered, one while the IDF stood by refusing to stop it, and two sacred sites, Joseph’s Tomb and the Jericho Synagogue were torched. The leader of this incitement is, reportedly, Israeli Justice Minister Yossi Beilin, who is pursuing a strategy he mapped out when the original Oslo Accord was signed. The gentle people of Judea and Samaria are just not violent enough to fall into the trap, so the atrocities committed against them will continue until they crack and start shooting. PEACE OF THE MURDERERS Shimon Peres met Yasser “Mad Dog” Arafat in Gaza and, lo and behold, miracle of miracles, they agreed to make peace again. At least, that’s how the world media is reporting the meeting. Now here is what really happened. The New World Order’s hardcore agents in the Israeli cabinet, Peres and Yossi Beilin are threatening Prime Minister Barak and he knows they mean business. He is terrified, not of them so much, as of the foreign troublemakers they are representing. Barak was placed in power by the Council on Foreign Relations and is owned by the Anglo-Saxons. He has debts to repay and, for a couple of more months anyway, he must obey Clinton. Come January, the next CFR President and his CFR Secretary of State, will take over where Clinton and Albright left off. Peres, on the other hand, is beholden to the Europeans and they want their piece of the peace. So, German Chancellor Shroeder showed up in Gaza and ordered Arafat to meet with Peres. The Peres meeting with Arafat was arranged by: • Yossi Ginosar—Former Deputy Shabak (General Security Services) chief, who became mired in scandal in the 80s when he lied about the execution of two PLO murderers in what is known as the Bus 300 Scandal, and later was forced to resign when it was exposed that his perjured testimony sent an innocent army officer to a long prison term. He and Arafat share a major business interest, both skimming from the profits of the Oasis Casino, near Jericho.


• Carmi Gillon—While Shabak chief, he oversaw a long string of deadly scam operations, including the Hebron massacre of February 1994, and the Rabin assassination, as part of a policy to promote peace by isolating and demonizing those opposed to it. It was his duty to remove the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria from their homes, in order to fulfill secret promises to the PLO to acquire 100% of the territory known to many as the West Bank. Another of the promises Peres made, as fully documented in my previous work, was to remove Israeli sovereignty over the Old City and East Jerusalem. He made a vow to the Europeans that the UN would take over security of Jerusalem, while the Vatican would become guardians of the holy sites. Once Israeli hegemony passed to the UN, it would grant the PLO the right to establish its capital in the parts of the city it controlled. The current war is being fought because neither the CFR, thus, nor Barak, want the Vatican deal to go through, and Arafat feels cheated. Peres must live up to his bargain for the fighting to stop. And Barak knows it. He also knows Clinton’s gang is opposed to Peres’ handover of Jerusalem to the Europeans. NO REASON TO CELEBRATE SHARON’S VICTORY My message, to those who respect it, is clear. The Israeli political leadership has been corrupted from abroad, and no one running for Prime Minister is exempt. And that includes Ariel Sharon above all. I can understand the widespread celebration of his unprecedented rout of Ehud Barak. Finally, those elements determined to drag Israel into a suicidal pact with the PLO have been given a resounding message that the people have had it with them. As a temporary relief valve this election served a most therapeutic function. Unfortunately too many people think Sharon’s victory means the war has been won, and they are about to be very disappointed because Sharon will betray them just as much as Barak did. Only the style will change. Here’s how we got the elections in the first place. Binyamin Netanyahu was in the middle of a lucrative American speaking tour. There, he met two members of the Council on Foreign Relations 81

(CFR), George Shultz and Henry Kissinger. In Netanyahu’s own words, they told him the time was right to run for prime minister; a very noble message except elections weren’t planned for another two years. Netanyahu then hopped on a plane to Israel, he claimed to attend a Bat Mitzvah, had a few words with Barak and flew back to America to continue his lectures. Two days later Barak, who Kissinger and gang put in power beginning with a New York meeting in May 1995, resigned and called for elections in which he would remain a candidate. Now why would he do such an insane thing unless told to? He was losing badly in the polls and began the race in a hopeless position. Then he continued with a campaign guaranteed to get him trounced at the polls. The CFR determined that it was Sharon’s turn to drag Israel into war. Barak had prepared the path and now Sharon would lead the war. And the world and its Jews, getting dumber by the day, believe that all these events will be explained by random actions. A few years back I received a phone call from New York from Joel Bainerman, who was attending an Israeli economic conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan. Excited, he said, “I was walking through a hall and guess who I saw come out of a conference room? Sharon and Kissinger.” Joel told the same story to journalists covering the conference, and at the next morning’s press conference, Sharon confirmed the meeting, adding that, “In order to achieve peace, concessions will have to be made.” He was asked if he meant territorial concessions and he refused to answer. Kissinger’s talk had molded the man. Meanwhile, I called Sharon’s spokesman Raanan Gissen and asked him what was discussed at the meeting. He replied, “They met to discuss overall Middle East security issues.” I asked why Sharon, the Infrastructure Minister should be discussing security matters at a trade conference. He answered, “You’re right, of course. They were discussing economic matters.” 82

I persisted, “Why was Sharon meeting Kissinger in the first place?” The reply was boggling. “Minister Sharon has met Mr. Kissinger every time he has flown to America since the end of the Yom Kippur War.” This was way too much to digest so quickly. I blurted out, “What do you know about Kissinger’s leadership in the Council on Foreign Relations?” Gissen paused and answered, “Mr. Sharon has left instructions that this topic will only be discussed when he writes his diplomatic memoirs.” Ariel Sharon was born and raised on a radical-Left Mapai moshav, Kfar Malal. In early 1973 he quit the IDF and formed a political party, Shlomzion, whose followers were anticipated to be from the Left. Sharon even invited the extremist Yossi Sarid to join him in the party leadership. In October of the same year, war broke out and Sharon emerged the national hero. Now his political career would rise, and the CFR decided that he had to be on their side. He met with Kissinger and his protégés in early 1974 and received their power and blessings for a rise to the top, but with conditions. The first was that he become a mole in the Israeli Right, and that he destroy the Herut movement. He returned to Israel, built up his party and proposed a united Right wing party to run in the 1977 elections. He amalgamated the Liberal (Gahal) Party with his own and Herut to create the Likud. The election of the honorable and independent Likud leader Menachem Begin sent the CFR into a tizzy, and Sharon was called on to neutralize and ultimately remove him. Before that could be done, Begin was outflanked by Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat and with all the power of the CFR behind the Egyptian position, Begin relented and withdrew from the entire Sinai Peninsula. The withdrawal could only proceed because Sharon was leading it. When one stubborn town, Yamit, refused to be obliterated, Sharon sent in the bulldozers to do the job, one reason he is known as “the bulldozer,” and a better reason to fear his real policy on uprooting Jewish homes. On June 6, 1982, my army unit entered the Lebanon War. Following a trail of battles, we finally arrived at our position on 83

Jebel Barauch, high in the Chouf Mountains, 80 kilometers from the safety of the Israeli border. We gathered around the TV set for the evening news and we heard Defense Minister Sharon’s lie to Begin that the troops would stop advancing once they had reached the 40 kilometer line in Lebanon. We were stunned. The nation and its Prime Minister were being given a totally false picture of the war by Sharon. We all asked why and no answer was satisfactory. A decade later Joel Bainerman and I spent an afternoon interviewing Menachem’s son, Benny Begin. He was very coy with the facts we sought but, nonetheless, provided vital testimony. His father’s war had been fought mostly to reverse a deal reached by Kissinger, Rabin and Syrian President Assad in 1975. Assad wanted Israel off the Golan Heights, Rabin couldn’t deliver so Kissinger came up with a neat idea. Syria wanted Lebanon just as much, so let’s give her it. We’ll ignite a civil war and Israel will allow Syrian troops in to bring peace. Benny Begin recalled. “Rabin laughed when he told this story and I said, ‘Why are you so happy, 300,000 people died in that war?’ He smiled and answered. ‘Don’t worry, it was a good deal.’” Menachem Begin’s goal was to reverse the Middle East of murder organized by the CFR and Sharon’s task was to stop him. Benny Begin stressed one point without adding the precise details we sought; Sharon deliberately ousted his father from office. We now recall the 1983 massacre at the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps. On a Friday morning, Sharon gave permission for Phalangist forces to eliminate remaining PLO snipers in the camps. The Phalangists had been victimized by savage PLO massacres and Sharon must have known how they would react if given a free hand to operate in the camps. Word of the massacre reached him by the night but he did not order the Phalangists removed for two more days. Sharon suffered a temporary career setback for his negligence, but this was the beginning of the end of Menachem Begin. Sharon has been a magnificent performer, building on his deserved reputation as a daring commander, since 1974 he has been the darling of the Right. And since his rise, the Right has been slowly disintegrating. When Netanyahu was ordered by his CFR masters to sign the upcoming Wye Agreement, which gave the PLO more territory than Rabin or Peres ever handed over, both 84

they and he understood that a huge ploy was needed to prevent massive protest against the outrage. So Netanyahu appointed Sharon his Foreign Minister, and barely a week later, Sharon gave his seal of approval to Wye. How could anyone protest when the militant, darling of the Right authorized all its clauses? Early on during the recent election campaign, numerous Israeli journalists wrote that Shimon Peres and Sharon were plotting against Barak. The goal this time, was to have Sharon’s buddy Peres replace Barak as the Labor candidate. However, Barak caught on and fought back with the strongest weapon in his arsenal; Peres’ organization of the Rabin assassination. The far left Meretz Party was about to back a motion led by Yossi Sarid to make Peres their candidate for the elections. Their central council was all ready to approve Peres when according to Yediot Ahronot, “Barak sent a messenger to remind the council members about Yitzhak Rabin.” Meretz then changed its mind about Peres. The media speculated that Barak reminded the Meretz members that Peres snitched on Rabin about an illegal bank account in 1977 that drove him from office, or that Rabin called Peres, “a relentless conniver,” as if those facts weren’t known and that they could turn the party against Peres. Despite the Meretz rejection, Peres called out all his forces, especially in the media, to mount a campaign to replace Barak with him. Then Barak appeared on a morning radio show on Reshet Bet and said that if Peres didn’t stop his campaign, he was going to talk to the Rabin family about the assassination. Peres’ campaign to replace Barak came to a grinding halt. Every available Saturday afternoon, for over twenty years, Sharon and Peres meet at Peres’ home for what they call “social visits.” At Peres’ 75th birthday party, Sharon was placed in the seat of honor beside him. They are the closest of friends and their “vicious” rivalry over the years has been brilliantly stage-managed. Do not be surprised if the happy couple come out of the closet and into the Knesset. If Sharon has his way, Peres will be his Foreign Minister. Yes, he knows about Rabin, all the insiders do. So Sharon will fight any legal action which could bring justice to the memory of Rabin by trying his real murderers. He’ll protect his 85

buddy Shimon with all the considerable powers he has just received. And Israel will go to war under Sharon, not because of him—he is just the right “hard-line, militant” pawn to justify bloody violence against the Jewish nation—but because the real powers who rule this planet have planned it that way all along. JUST SAY NO TO UNITY GOVERNMENT In the closing act of Barak’s Greek tragedy, he has warned the PLO that if he shooting doesn’t stop within 48 hours, he will invite the Likud and religious parties into his government. Why should they humbly accept this offer? They and all Israelis would be far better off if they stayed out. Barak’s gang got us into this mess and they can get us out. After seven years of national demoralization, there is no reason to believe a unity government will be any more effective at saving the nation, and there is good reason to believe Barak is trying to spread the blame as the situation deteriorates. Before any opposition party throws in his lot with Barak’s cabal of treacherous incompetents, the following conditions must be agreed to. 1. Yossi Beilin, Ron Pundak and Yair Hirshfeld held illegal meetings with the PLO beginning in November 1992, which led to the Oslo Accord. At the time, the Knesset harshly forbade such meetings, specifically outlawing them as treasonous consorting with the enemy. Only an unprecedented law, passed in November 1993, retroactively legalizing the meetings, saved this trio from standing trial for their crimes. This law must be rescinded and those responsible for the Oslo Accord must stand trial for their original crimes. Included also must be Uri Savir, Yoel Zinger and Shimon Peres, who entered the negotiations from March 1993, when it was illegal to do so. 2. Actions taken to promote the “peace,” including the provocations of Shabak agents such as Avishai Raviv, will be investigated honestly. Falling into the same category, the truth about the Rabin assassination and Hebron massacre will be released to the public. All those who opposed Oslo and fell victim to such connivances will be publicly exonerated. 86

3. The Israeli public will receive a detailed explanation of the secret clauses of the Oslo Accord and will be told the precise demands of the foreign power brokers who manipulated us into this disaster to fulfill their own agendas. 4. Barak will appear on television and rip the Oslo Accord into a hundred pieces; after which, he will resign. Short of his accepting these demands, there is nothing to be gained by the political opposition throwing in their cards with Barak. The Jewish people and its army will not be strengthened by a broader government if Barak and the Oslo gang remain in power after. We will fight our way out of this catastrophe despite our leadership. But we must never join it... unless they promise to cleanse the nation after the fires they lit are extinguished. COUP AGAINST PERES PLANNED IN WASHINGTON After Sharon’s election, leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) met with Labor MK Avraham Burg in Washington to plan a political coup against Shimon Peres, the leader of the Labor Party and its most powerful cabinet member. The CFR sent CIA head George Tenet to Israel to threaten PM Sharon with deadly consequences if he interferes with the plan to destroy the settler movement by the end of the summer. Tenet was pleased by the successes of the PLO murder squads he had trained in Virginia but was most disturbed by reports of Shimon Peres’ mental condition. He was informed that Peres was cracking under the strain of fear that his organization of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination was being widely exposed. He was subject to irrational bursts of anger and even his public statements were becoming increasingly nutty. Before he even returned to Washington, Tenet recommended Peres’ immediate removal. Avraham Burg has been long groomed for power by the CFR. His father, Yosef Burg, served longer than anyone in the Israeli cabinet, beginning in Ben Gurion’s days, and trained his son well where the real sources of political power lie. The CFR believe that it can repeat the success they had in electing Ehud Barak with Burg. They view him as a young, nominally religious candidate with potentially wide appeal, who can take over where Barak left off when Sharon is ousted from power. As a religious Jew, he would be 87

held blameless for the disintegration of Jewish villages in their ancient homeland. Burg had meetings with Colin Powell (CFR) and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice (CFR) to outline the coup plans. To overwhelm him with the seriousness of the plot, additional meetings were arranged for Burg with Bill Clinton (CFR) and Senator Hillary Clinton. The top leadership of the CFR have concluded that Peres must go, willingly or not, and well before his role in the Rabin murder becomes a national scandal the likes of which Israel has not seen before. It is essential that Burg be placed in power before that day comes, and vast cash resources will be thrown at a Burg campaign to, first, take over the leadership of Labor, and then the country. The CFR realizes that time is running out on their obsessive goal of ridding Judea, Samaria and Gaza of Jews. They are amazed that these people have not caught on to who is behind the covert war against them, and still believe their government and army has an interest in protecting them. However, great pains are being taken to keep the ignorance intact. A delegation of American presidents of major Jewish organizations is touring Israel, concurrent with the Burg talks. It is led by one Mort Zuckerman, who is not only a CFR member but was on the board of the notorious CFR Middle East Task Force Report of July 1997, which demanded that Israel’s borders be reduced to those of 1948, with half of Jerusalem handed over to the PLO. Zuckerman submitted a dissenting opinion of the report’s conclusions, but one should not view that fact as anything more than window dressing. He is as aware as anyone of the CFR/CIA’s plot against the settlers and is in Israel maintaining control of any objections to it raised by his delegation of American Jewish leaders. Unless the settlers miraculously awaken from their delusions and protect themselves bravely and intelligently, they have no more of a chance to continue their lifestyle than the other victims of CFR/NWO manipulations like the Afrikaaners, Rhodesians or Serbs. Their ONE AND ONLY long-term chance is to exploit the opportunities offered by those who are exposing the ghastly crimes of their enemies within Israel. 88

“THEY’RE TALKING” UPDATE Those who read the claims of the Shabak informants in my earlier posting, “They’re Talking”, will be pleased to learn that the information is being confirmed. Asher Zuckerman, publisher of Kol Hashavuah confirms that a few weeks after the Rabin murder, he was about to publish a report about the murder of two of Rabin’s bodyguards. His backer was approached with a threat to his life and he shut down the newspaper. Later it reopened with a new name. The informants were exactly right. Yehuda Miller of Maale Levana did photograph Avishai Raviv in criminal action, and he was fired from Israel Police. The informants were right, but forgot to add that as a sweetener for his silence, a job as photographer for the weekly magazine Mishpakha was arranged for him. He still holds the position. A correspondent went to the 100 block of HaChoresh Blvd. in Ramot and confirmed that a villa matching the description of the Shabak interrogation and surveillance center the informants reported does exist. And because the information is proving accurate, suspicions have been raised by the murder of a Military Intelligence/Shabak colonel, Yehuda Edri, two days after the posting was released. For one day, both Ha’aretz and Hatsofe published the truth of the assassination, then they stopped. Edri met his Arab informer outside Jerusalem and was shot by him. This should not have happened. Edri was traveling with two bodyguards. Neither searched the informer before he approached Edri. In fact, neither left the car to take up protective positions. The bodyguards let Edri get murdered. One bodyguard was shot by a bullet aimed at Edri, while the assailant chose not to shoot a seemingly helpless bodyguard seated in the backseat of the car. He shot and killed the informer. The informer’s employer wrote a personal piece published on the front page of the Jerusalem Post. She described an Arab sick of PLO corruption with no fight against the Israelis. She concluded that he was not a murderer type and that his family must have been threatened. 89

Edri was a religious Jew living in the “settlement” of Maaleh Adumim. He was assassinated under most suspicious circumstances. We hope it was not because someone thought he was one of the people who passed on the information in “They’re Talking”. He wasn’t, at least not directly. The real informants have not contacted me again, as they promised, so I searched my notes for quotes I chose not to include the previous posting. I rejected most because the informants admitted they were just rumors. One, however, should have been included. I was told the Shabak took over Yigal Amir’s police investigation right after the murder and staged the filmed interrogation of Amir with his forced cooperation. This wasn’t included because it was previously reported in Natan Gefen’s book Fatal Sting and oft-repeated since. Still, this is confirmation. Of the uncertain claims:
Source 1 - “While on the topic of the Kahalani brothers, you should know they had a brother in the army who started mouthing off about how the Shabak framed his brothers. He died of a ‘suicide,’ though no one I know of in the service believes that’s what happened.” Source 1 - “I’ve heard that a few agents are assigned to covering up forest fires. When the PLO want concessions from the government, they burn down Israeli forests. There is barely a tree left on the Tel Aviv/Jerusalem highway and Rabin’s government hid the arson from the public. Now they’re working on the Galilee, burning down those forests the same way. To cover this up, we identified a ‘security risk,’ a visionary Gog and Magog philosopher who wrote about his vision of Israel burning, and the police used him as the fall guy for the fires.”

A certain claim from a different source: A New York correspondent who I met at my NY lectures twice, and who I trust, wrote recently that he had met Yigal Amir’s mother Geula in New York. He asked her opinion about my book and she was not delighted with it, believing that I had hurt her chances to raise money among the religious Right for her son’s defense by implying that he was a Shabak asset. She was asked why her son doesn’t just tell the truth, and she admitted what we knew all along; Amir has been told that if he so much as whispers anything near the truth, his family will start dying one by one. 90

An awful evil is being committed to Israel. The settlers are being abandoned to their murderers by Ariel Sharon, who lives daily with a foreign gun at his head. And Israelis, especially the Jewish residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, can’t understand the obvious. So they’ll keep dying until barely a sole is left in his home and then they’ll express their indignation by voting for Burg in the next elections. DREADFUL CONFIRMATION One by one, the information being sent out by this writer is being validated. And it is now abundantly clear that the information received from two renegade Shabak agents relayed worldwide in the article called “They’re Talking” was mostly right on the money. Let’s begin with the claim that the CIA, PLO and Shabak are running death squads aimed at removing Jews from their homes in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Confirmation came from Defense Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer. ***

YERUSHALIYIM, D.C. (David’s Capital), Yom Rishon (Day One -“Sunday”), 10 Tammuz, 5761 (Gregorian Date: July 1, 2001) (Hijri Date: 9 Rabi Thani, 1422), Root & Branch: Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer acknowledged today that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) trained P.L.O. death squads in the United States with the approval of the Barak Government and Mr. Shimon Peres, currently Foreign Minister in the Sharon Government and formerly Minister of Regional Cooperation in the Barak Government. Defense Minister Ben-Eliezer made his remarks during a press conference today at the Inbal Hotel (formerly the Laromme Hotel) in Jerusalem, organized by the Foreign Press Association in Israel (F.P.A.). Mr. Ben-Eliezer was responding to a question posed by F.P.A. member Mr. Aryeh Gallin of the Root & Branch Information Services. Mr. Ben-Eliezer did not deny that any of the alleged facts cited in Mr. Gallin’s question were true. Mr. Ben-Eliezer simply said that the then Israeli Government thought the C.I.A. trained P.L.O. death squads would ‘behave themselves’. GALLIN QUESTION (verbatim):


“While Peres was prime minister, C.I.A. Chief John Deutsch appointed George Tenet to serve as C.I.A. liaison between Israel and the P.L.O. Shimon Peres agreed to Tenet’s request that the P.L.O. send 40 ‘policemen’ for advanced C.I.A. sniper, marksmanship and advanced weapons training in Virginia. Mr. Defense Minister, are not those C.I.A. trained P.L.O. squads the very ones today inflicting such terrible casualties on so-called Arab collaborators, the IDF, and Jews in Gilo and especially in Judea, Samaria and Gaza? And, Mr. Defense Minister, why was the C.I.A. request to train these P.L.O. squads routed through and approved by Mr. Shimon Peres?” BEN-ELIEZER ANSWER (summary*): “It’s an easy question. We thought that they would behave themselves.”

*** Then there was the suggestion that the Versailles Ballroom collapse was sabotage. The government announced that it would not investigate the disaster. The asinine compromise was a general commission of inquiry to investigate local building practices. YES, the government IS covering up Versailles. Now speaking of Versailles, we hop over to the claim that Shimon Peres was in France two weeks before the Rabin murder promising the French the total capitulation of Israel to Europe in return for approving the assassination of Rabin. Amnon Lord, writing in Makor Rishon last week, reported that Peres gave a speech at the Versailles Palace in Paris, to a gathering of Technion professors and academics, about two weeks before the murder, during which he shocked the assembled by not mentioning Israel even once. Finally, Peres is placed in France just when I said he was there plotting Rabin’s death. The recently reported CFR plan to promote Knesset speaker Avraham Burg as the next Labor leader received a boost when the party’s front runner, Shlomo Ben Ami, announced his decision to drop out of the upcoming race, thus leaving the way clear for the Burg takeover. To get a taste of what’s coming, a faithful Toronto correspondent sent an article in which Burg insists that the Temple Mount is located elsewhere, so there is no need to object to PLO sovereignty over the present site. 92

Another informant reminded me of a frightening fact that I knew but had refused to report because it is just too conspiratorial. Twenty minutes before the bridge collapsed at the previous Maccabiah Games, causing dozens of casualties to the Australian contingent, a Shabak Jeep drove over the same bridge, and a film of the event was shown on Israel television news. I had long considered the possibility that the bridge, like the Versailles Ballroom, was collapsed as part of an overall demoralization plan, in this case alienating Israel from the Diaspora, but desisted from saying so lest it neutralize, by going too far, proven cases of murderous intrigue. There I said it, and frankly I don’t care about the consequences because the New World Order plot against Israel is entering its final phase. The Israeli people no longer feel they have an army nor a government. They live day by day waiting for the next murder and wondering if they will be a victim of the next massacre wherever it takes place. And if they do die a grisly death, they know our government will not avenge it, and the criminals of the international media will justify it. And a few people woke up when they saw former Serb leader Milosevic extradited in shackles to Holland. They put the pieces together, starting with the BBC’s Panorama program questioning whether Ariel Sharon should be tried as a war criminal, and continuing with his possible indictment in a Belgian court. It became clear that Sharon is under threat that if he doesn’t cooperate in the disintegration of Israel, the next Israeli cabinet will be confronted with the nation’s quick destruction if he isn’t manacled and shipped for trial to Europe. And now, after his performance with Arafat at the gathering of the Socialist International in Portugal, even Israel’s far left are questioning the total lack of human morality within Shimon Peres and wondering if he didn’t set Sharon up for this upcoming European humiliation. Feeling there is nothing left to lose anymore, that Peres and the Shabak must be stopped and now, allow me to present the most devastating crime ever committed in Israel, Peres’ likely participation and confirmation of still another Shabak murder. The agents quoted in “They’re Talking” claimed the former head of the Prison Services’ Medical Department, Yaacov 93

Ziegelboim, was murdered by the Shabak just before he was planning to report the torture of Rabbi Uzi Meshulum. Today his son Eddie Ziegelboim contacted me, and in a long conversation, confirmed everything. Paralleling the Shabak’s covert war against all opponents of the Oslo Accord, was an equally vicious battle against Rabbi Uzi Meshulum. In the early years of the state, at least 4500, mostly Yemenite, infants were kidnapped from immigrant transit camps, nurseries and hospitals. Two new Hebrew books have thoroughly documented the fact that these kidnappings took place. It is commonly believed that the infants were sold for adoption, but Rabbi Meshulum, as I will shortly explain, reached a different conclusion. Rabbi Meshulum’s congregation lead the fight to have the kidnappings exposed and the kidnappers tried. In the summer of 1994, his headquarters in Yehud was attacked by hundreds of army, police and Shabak snipers. They sprayed Meshulum’s home with dozen’s of bullets in an attempt to murder him and his family, but in the end the sole victim was an eighteen year old congregant of the rabbi. Rabbi Meshulum was imprisoned and subjected to cruel medical techniques aimed at destroying his will and his memory. He was released from prison two years ago with almost a total memory loss. Those who saw him at his son’s wedding last month were shocked. He was in such pain he couldn’t even sit in his wheelchair. He lay prone throughout the ceremony. Not long after Rabin’s murder, the head physician of the prison Medical Services, Yaacov Ziegelboium, was blown to bits in his car. The police and media blamed Meshulum’s followers for the murder, claiming they thought he was behind the rabbi’s atrocious medical treatment. I was reliably informed the Shabak carried out the hit... but who gave them the order? Eddie Ziegelboim called me this morning.
EZ - I’m sorry I called so early but it’s urgent. It’s about the information you published from the Shabak agents. BC - What about it? EZ - I’m Yaacov Ziegelboim’s son. BC - Oh my. I hope you approve of what I did.


EZ - That’s why I’m calling. I know the Shabak murdered him and I want justice done... My father was honest and he was stubborn. He came from Russia thirty years ago and accomplished as much as any immigrant of the time. It was he who had the most modern prison medical facility built. He cared about his patients and had nothing to do with Rabbi Meshulum’s treatment. In fact, he told me, he was the only person in the prison services the rabbi would speak to. BC - Did he tell you anything else? EZ - Hardly anything but his personality was changing by the end of his life. He was complaining about the dirty politics he had to confront and asked why he was being dragged into it. Just before he died he bought a book called Only the Paranoid Survive, which was out of character for him and told his wife, my stepmother, that she may not see him again. He was obviously frightened but it wasn’t like him to show it openly... He was murdered two weeks before he was going to report Rabbi Meshulum’s treatment to a government committee. He was preparing his presentation the day his car was bombed. But there’s something else about the timing you should know. The night before, there was the biggest protest rally over the Yemenite children ever. The movement was gaining big ground. By murdering my father and blaming it on Meshulum’s followers, the Shabak killed two birds with one stone. BC - And you’re positive Meshulum’s people couldn’t have done the deed? EZ - Do you know how professional this operation was? It wasn’t just that the bomb was planted so no one saw it, the explosion occurred right after he dropped his children off. It was radio activated and there were spotters timing it. Not only that, the force of the explosion was perfectly calibrated to blow him to death but no bystanders. Rabbi Meshulum’s people were shlemiels, they could barely get the microphones set up at rallies. They didn’t have the expertise to pull it off and supposedly a hundred policemen were assigned to the case and they couldn’t find the bomber. There should have been no problem finding him if he really was one of the rabbi’s followers. I tried getting information from the policemen. They were told to hush up everything and you could hear the fear in their voices. BC - Did your father keep a diary? Maybe his secretary has his notes? EZ - My father kept a diary and it was confiscated. So was his computer. The police to this day won’t return them. The secretary is too terrified to talk. I tried to reason with her, however it didn’t help. But do you know who did try to get to the truth, the Police Minister Avigdor Kahalani. He told the media to quit blaming the Meshulum people. It was obvious they didn’t have the means to organize the murder. And he was ruined after that. He was accused of corruption and was only cleared of the phony charges last month. Anyone who touches my father’s murder is in serious trouble. No newspaper will investigate. Even the Russian papers I


approached wouldn’t go near it. They all know it was a Shabak hit, just like Rabin, and they won’t even lift a phone to get to the bottom of the crime... just like Rabin. BC - Why do you think Rabbi Meshulum was being maltreated in the first place? EZ - I remember what my father told me. He said, politics wasn’t supposed to be part of my job. Rabbi Meshulum was threatening a political figure powerful enough to have the army put him down and have my father murdered.

I think I know who the figure is because Rabbi Meshulum told me who he is. I was the last journalist to visit Rabbi Meshulum in prison. After my early revelations about the Rabin murder made national news, he asked his wife to contact me. She requested that I meet him and I agreed. On a hot summer morning, I walked through a maze of corridors in Sharon Prison and had a powerful discussion with the rabbi. He was still strong then and had a viselike handshake. He turned his tape machine on high so no one would record our conversation with ease and blasted Haredi music. What he told me was utterly terrifying and I have refrained from reporting the conversation in depth. However, a year later a Jerusalem rabbi, David Savilia confirmed his most awful claims to me. Nonetheless, even now, with my country being set up for ruin, I will qualify the following charges: this is what he told me and I can’t prove it and can’t stand by it. That said, our establishment mentally and physically wrecked Rabbi Meshulum and there had to be one heck of a good reason. He got straight to the point and said he suspected his movement’s spokesperson, one Ora Shifris, of being a Shabak plant and asked me to take over from her. I agreed but she would have nothing to do with the change and prevented it forcefully. He then displayed a fine understanding of world politics and a universally controlled media. He didn’t know it but he was describing the New World Order. I asked him the one question I had prepared: If you have the information, why don’t you reunite all the children with their biological parents already? He pulled closer to me and whispered, “Because most of the children aren’t alive. I’m waiting for their parents to die before I release the truth.” 96

I still don’t know why he chose me, but he saw something in me and related the following ghastly history.
“Back in the late 40s, the Americans still didn’t understand the effects of atomic radiation. They were conducting radiation experiments on retarded children and mostly, black prisoners in the American South. But the experiments were exposed and ended. The Americans needed guinea pigs for their experiments and at the same time, Israel was determined to build a nuclear reactor and ultimately bombs. The French knew how to build a reactor but only the Americans had the secrets of bomb building. We traded Yemenite babies to be experimental lab rats for those secrets. “The man at the top of the nuclear program was Shimon Peres. He got the French to put up the reactor at Dimona and he is my number one culprit in the kidnappings. He is a monster and he’s after me. He’s after all of us.”

GREAT MAIL, GREAT INTELLIGENCE The timing of my intelligence information seems divinely guided. Here’s an example. Years ago I wrote about Rabbi Marvin Antelman’s idea of putting a bit of pork in the IDF’s bullets. He explained that Moslems believe that if there is even the tiniest sign of pig on a body, Allah would turn the soul away from paradise. Rabbi Antelman explained that the fanatic Muslim’s courage comes from the belief that dying in a holy cause is a direct route to paradise where 3000 virgins await the martyr. Put a little pig in him and he loses the grand prize for martyrdom and with it, his reason for irrational courage. After I sent out the idea, both Rabbi Antelman and I were subjected to abuse, mostly for misperceived bigotry. One letter did stand out, however. The correspondent wisely asked what happens to the 3000 virgins after the martyr has his way with them. Since they are no longer virgins and infinity is a long time, where’s the big reward? I had forgotten all about the concept until I was in Hawaii. There, a special ops officer who fought against Iraq told me about a little fracas he had with America’s Arab allies. He was cleaning rifles recently packed in grease. Some Arab soldiers asked what he was doing and he was irritated enough to tell them he was smearing the rifles with lard to prevent the Iraqis from going to paradise. He explained 97

“If I had said I was unloading plutonium to nuke Baghdad there would have been no reaction. If I told them it was gelled anthrax, they wouldn’t have cared. But pork fat caused real anger and even more real fear. They were terrified by this ‘secret’ weapon. If Israel wants to control Muslim fanatics, a little pig’ll do ya.”

Then I returned home and one of the first letters I opened was from a long-time correspondent who recalled my pig bullet article of many years before. He included a news item that reported that a group of Yesha residents had asked Likud MK and former Deputy Chief of the Shabak, Gidon Ezra, to infuse IDF bullets with pork. He refused, saying that was a former British tactic that Jews found barbaric. So pig bullets are not to be employed, though they should be. But I did get an idea out of the letter; let’s show my wonderful correspondents some of my other letters to give them an idea of how I collect and verify intelligence. So here goes. My last article asking if the British are behind Israel’s misery included a claim that B’nai B’rith head Abe Foxman was faking concern for Israel and allying himself with the forces weakening and bleeding the country. The source added the claim that the B’nai B’rith are an arm of freemasonry. This prompted a letter from a genuine ex-American intelligence spook who I met personally a few years ago. I add that detail to reinforce the strength of his claims: ***
You mentioned several times Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League. I know Abe very well. We both were at the Yeshiva of Flatbush, between 1952/1957. Abie was then in Betar, from a firm Revisionist family and himself a staunch Revisionist. It was to him that I owe my association with Betar. He introduced me to Begin’s book The Revolt. It seems that over the years, he sold his soul to Bnai Brith, an organization founded by German Jews whose interest was that they should be able to thrive in USA without problems. They were never proIsrael, and see themselves as Americans, who lukewarmly believe in some of the tenets of the Jewish faith. They are not kosher nor are they treyf. They certainly do not believe in Christianity, but mainly in the idol Mamon. You could print what I wrote. I stand behind every word.

*** Also included in my previous article was the evidence that Ben Gurion’s buddy Chaim Arlozoroff was murdered by the Nazis in 98

1933 as a result of his affair with the Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbel’s wife Madje. A correspondent sent me this item confirming her perverse attraction to and close ties with Jews, a fact the Nazis would have murdered in order to hush up. ***

BERLIN (Reuters)—The wife of top Hitler aide Joseph Goebbels, one of the most fanatical anti-Semites among the Nazi leadership, had a Jewish stepfather who died in a concentration camp, a German television channel said Wednesday. The documentary series “Hitler’s Women’’ on the public channel ZDF said Magda Goebbels’ stepfather, Richard Friedlaender, who her mother divorced when she was young, died in a camp because he was Jewish and could not get help from his powerful relatives. “At one point my grandfather had the idea of speaking to his son-in-law and went to the ministry,’’ Michael Tutsch, Friedlaender’s grandson, told the program, referring to the Berlin Propaganda Ministry that Goebbels headed. “When he got to the office he must have been shocked to recognize his father-in-law. He turned to his aide and said ‘ask what this Jew Friedlaender wants here’,’’ he said. “He did this and thus the conversation was finished for my grandfather.’’ Friedlaender was sent to do hard labor at the notorious Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar in 1938. He died there the following year. “One word from his daughter-in-law or her prominent husband could have saved Friedlaender’s life,’’ the program concluded. Although historians have long known Magda Goebbels’ mother, Auguste Behrend, had married and divorced Friedlaender, who was working as a waiter in a Berlin cafe when he was arrested, his eventual fate had not previously been well known. Magda and Joseph Goebbels killed their six children and then committed suicide in Hitler’s bunker in the closing days of World War Two.

*** Exactly one month before the Rabin murder, a minyan gathered outside Rabin’s home to recite a Medieval death curse, the Pulsa Dinara. Leading the worshipers was one Avigdor Eskin. I had written that the ceremony was part of the Shabak’s preassassination incitement, ergo, Eskin was a Shabak agent. Later on his participation in such outrages as throwing a pig’s head into a mosque in Hebron, beating up a cab driver in front of the press 99

cameras while delivering a birthday cake to Yigal Amir at his prison, and his frequent trips to Moscow led me to declare assuredly that Eskin was a provocateur, not a right wing fanatic. What sewed up the issue for me were his ties to the supposedly extremist group, Kach. Over the years I have spoken to numerous Americans who founded Kach in Israel and they all said the same thing: They left the organization because it was totally infiltrated by Israeli secret service men. There is barely an American left in Kach; what remains is a tool of the Shabak, and Eskin was a leader of the tools. He was sentenced to a prison term recently but that is just to maintain his credibility, as the next correspondent proves: ***
Hello Barry, There has been a recent important development in this. Avigdor Eskin has been elected (in absentia) as a member of Political Council (leadership) of “Eurasia” Movement based in Moscow, Russia. The Eurasia socio-political movement is financed and structurally supported by Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Russian Presidential Administration. Although it is officially a “patriotic”, “neo-eurasian”, “anti-American” organization, it serves the purpose of NWO and is paid by its emissaries in Russia (basically, it is a pro-NWO party which hides behind a pseudo-patriotic facade). The official organizer is talented Russian geopolitician and political philosopher Alexander Dugin. It seems they are trying to use Eskin and his cohorts to “smooth” the relations between pro-Western Russian elite (Putin, etc.), criminal oligarchs (Deripaska, Abramovich, Chubais, etc.) with Israeli business elite and political circles. (It is known that Eskin has connections with Israeli lobby in Washington, with Republican Senator Jesse Helms, and with head of Committee on International Relations of Russian State Duma Dmitrii Rogozin, and has been used to make contact between Russian and American administrations.) I have much more info on this, but I would be very interested in hearing what you can say (research) on this angle from your vantage point.

*** Last November I gave a lecture in Kochav Yair, to a group of mainly army officers, at the home of a prominent IDF colonel (his brother was President Weizmann’s media advisor). At the end of the lecture, a high ranking officer told me not to be so bleak about the IDF, a rebellion was taking place at the top of the military hierarchy that could even lead to a coup against Prime Minister Barak. 100

My source was an insider so I wrote an article about the incipient IDF coup against Barak. MANY people wrote to say I had gone too far and a coup could never happen in Israel. Isn’t it nice to be proven reliable. A correspondent who apparently remembered my claim sent me this item from UPI:
As United Press International recently reported exclusively, there was a plot last November where senior Israeli military commanders by Lt. Gen Shaul Mofas, Israel’s Army Chief of Staff, led a rebellious party of Israeli generals, who wanted “harsher measures” taken against the Palestinian insurgents, including assassinating president of the Palestine Authority, Yasser Arafat, according to U.S. government officials. But according to Pat Clawson, Middle East analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Barak met the proposal with the scathing “contempt that it deserved.” One U.S. congressional source described the blow out as “the most severe crisis of civilian authority in the history of Israel.” This source explained the conflict centered on “the extent of the government’s ability to disregard the Israeli defense establishment and the estimates of intelligence chiefs in the pursuit of policy.”

Well, what do you know? I was right. And this was no fluke. The article that boosted my credibility a hundred times was called “Sharon: No Reason To Celebrate”. Written the day of his electoral victory, my thesis was that Sharon was controlled by the world globalists and he would do their bidding. To prove it, I predicted that he would name Rabin murderer and Oslo architect Shimon Peres his Foreign Minister. That very night, Sharon outlined his new government’s policy and tacked to the end of his peace strategy was a promise that Israel would adhere to “the global economy.” Readers immediately spotted the addendum and concluded that he was sending a message to his masters. A few weeks later Peres became FM and... you know the rest. People asked why I was the only one to correctly assess Sharon’s motives. Since then numerous people have informed me that Sharon was just being smart because he could blackmail Peres over the Rabin murder. Their proof is Peres’ recent about-faces on peace, settlements, terrorism and Arafat. That reasoning does not appease me one bit. Sharon hired an archcriminal and that was unforgivable. But it was just part of the pattern, as a Massachusetts college lecturer confirms in the following article: 101

Sharon makes the case for Chamish, E. Narrett, 05-13-01, 20 Iyar 5761 Monday evening May 07, Pesach Sheni I was in Manhattan discussing Israel on Cable TV. Later that night, I spoke with major sponsors of Yeshiva Beit Orot and the restoration of Jerusalem’s Shimon haTzaddik neighborhood. As we said goodnight and while I drove home the next morning, in Israel, Kobi Mandel and Joseph Ishran of Tekoa were being abducted, battered and stabbed to death by Arabs in the Haritoun cave. Six months ago, Barry Chamish warned that for two and a half decades, Henry Kissinger had groomed Ariel Sharon to eventually play a role in the dismemberment of Israel. Just as the Yom Kippur War ‘softened up’ Israel and Israelis, making them more pliable to State Department pressures, so the Labor Party and media-managed savaging of Sharon after the Maronites revenge at Sabra and Shatila in 1982 helped prepare the General to make his separate peace with the globalists. Already Sharon had bulldozed Yamit and spared Arafat in Beirut. Since then, the golem has grown ever bigger and more deadly. Eight years ago, Sharon told a woman in Efrat, newly-widowed by Arab terrorists, that the security of the people of Gush Etzion requires additional settlements. But none of significance has been created and the toll of murdered Jews continues to mount. Dr. Shmuel Gittis, Asaf Hershkowitz and now the two boys from Tekoa have paid the price for politicians whose perks are bought by those committed to severing Israel from its holiest places, if not destroying it altogether. Reports from Wye Plantation in fall 1998 suggested that Sharon was the weakest link at those talks. The one issue on which the General reportedly was strong was freeing Jonathan Pollard. Now that he is Prime Minister, he has abandoned the Israeli agent, recently ignoring a personal appeal from his former comrade in arms Gen. (res.) Rehavam Ze’evi. Another big shot whose organization Chamish often discusses is in the news today. Edgar Bronfman, Chief of Seagrams, the World Jewish Congress and main sponsor of “Peace Now” has underwritten an ‘advertisement’ in which several dozen Israelis declare their common interest with the PLO (Ha’aretz & International Herald Tribune, May 11). The “Peace Coalition,” including about twenty Labor and Meretz MKs, demands “a freeze on all building in the settlements” in Judea and Samaria. And it demands accepting the [former Senator George] Mitchell Commission Report that studiously avoids blaming the PLO for terrorism while recycling the canard that Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount was partly responsible for the long planned Oslo War. The “Peace Coalition” also insists that Israel support the Egyptian-Jordanian ‘peace initiative’ advancing the PLO position. The signers of this agreement are practicing treason against the State, consorting, meeting with and coordinating policy with enemies of Israel who for months (indeed, for decades) have been involved in murdering Jews and pursuing their goal of destroying Israel. In America, they would


be prosecuted under the Logan Act. Not surprisingly, the signers also demand that “circles close to the government and settlers” cease delineating them as the traitors they are. Mr. Bronfman is an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations whose anti-religious and anti-Israel plans for a global state Chamish often has reviewed. His “Peace Now” is a major instrument for achieving this end and thwarting 3500 years of Jewish faith, endurance and sacrifice. His high-profile focus on European anti-Semitism in the past obscures his unconcern with murderous Arab anti-Semitism today, and with the hatred of Israel and Jews encoded in efforts by European Foreign Ministries to ban the import of Israeli goods (especially from Yesha) and to legitimate Arab attacks on “settlers.” (“Danish FM: EU must ban settlement exports,” Ha’aretz, May 6). In 1993, Ariel Sharon acknowledged that more settlements and settlers would improve safety in Judah. “Only a continuous Jewish presence here can guarantee normal Jewish life.” But now that he is a ‘statesman,’ his mouth spouts “admiration” for the settlers while his hand slashes fiscal appropriations to them by 60%. Thus Sharon follows State Department policy that Jewish settlements in the Jewish heartland are “provocations that harm chances for peace” (news services May 10, 2001). As numerous writers out of the media mainstream have noted, for three decades the State Department (and Presidential candidates, Democrat and Republican) have been members of the CFR and more or less active promoters of shrinking Israel back to its Auschwitz borders. The day the boys were buried, I looked at photos of Tekoa on the web. There it lay amid the Judean hills, its rings of homes interspersed with trees. The larger it is and the more neighboring Jewish communities and farms there are, the more Hashem will be exalted and obeyed and the safer and prouder Israelis will be. Sharon and his appointees have stated often that they want to greatly increase immigration from North America. The family of Jacob Mandel made aliyah from Maryland. Kobi was looking forward to teaching his sabra friends to play baseball. Surely Mr. Sharon realizes that North American Jews will not come to Israel in significant numbers if their children cannot hike near their homes and if they cannot drive to and from work or the store safely. Nothing significant has been done to avenge the deaths of Kobi Mandel and Joseph Ishran and to deter further such murders. The missile strikes in Gaza, Jericho and Jenin demonstrated again that Israel can militarily (and legally, see ‘Oslo II,’ Articles 1, 10 and 11, imra.org May 09, 2001) obliterate the ‘Palestinians’ at any time. That it refuses to do so, as the Arabs continue to make war on Israel and Jews suggests that powers in the American State Department set Sharon’s policy. This government is failing very badly and Netanyahu proved himself to be even less reliable. The treachery of the Shas leadership in maintaining


the ‘Barak’ Knesset proves more costly every day. Israel needs new elections and an entirely new leadership to avenge the spilling of Jewish blood and bring real peace closer by victory. Let’s give the Prime Minister the benefit of the doubt. Sharon’s Pesach Sheni is to expel Labor from his government, form a nationalist coalition and seek victories to bequeath to its children. In the long term, only a new generation will save Israel from the machinations of those now afflicting it from without and crippling it from within. Eugene Narrett is the author of Gathered against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace (December 2000).

*** The last letter will be presented as received, with punctuation errors intact just to get a feel for how invaluable information is sometimes received.
God Bless you for your wonderful work.. I would like to tell you my own personal experience with the masons and inner workings on high levels. I spent 10 years in Air Force Security Service from 1954 to 1964. I was trained as a Russian Linguist and Radio intercept communications analyst of Soviet military radio transmissions. My training manuals had been written by Germans. When I graduated I was told that if I was ever captured and I had a mason’s ring I would be freed...and conversation left hanging at that! but I filed it in back of my mind. I was privileged to have worked on the U-2 program back in mid 50’s. first as intercept operator in middle east monitoring soviet fighter reaction against U-2. later I had part in Cuban Missile Crisis and watched the whole thing build up just the way things are going now and we are fools here in America...that is why I write to Bush because I hope he goes against what his father tells him about Israel. If little Bush is a real Christian I hope he has courage to stand up against Arafat by not inviting him to Washington. As for the Council on foreign relations or Rockerfeller family.....in 1963 I was accidently given an emergency top secret message intended for the White House from Saigon saying we had killed their president and gave all details..I was at our World hq. in San Antonio and responsible for any “spot reports” of on going Soviet Bomber/Air defense activity in Europe. The comm center thought it was for me...after an hour of re-reading it I gave it to my civilian bosses who returned it to the Comm. Center to send on to White house. A boss told me that when we wanted to stop or start a war one did not call the white house or pentagon, but new york...He would not tell me but only say that above a 36th floor in new yorks an organization planned all events even up to 50 years in advance and they determined who ruled where. I believe he was talking about Chase Bank and David Rockerfeller. I was later called in to some secret office and read the riot act that I would have my clearance pulled immediatelly if i talked....Then kennedy


got killed....i was told there was tons of oil off viet nam and that plus all the other natural resources of the area was our goal. i was then told we put in all the governments in mexico and central and south america... in february of 1964 I got out because i had been threatened with loss of top secret clearance and knew of coming viet nam conflict. I think God let me stay in just 10 years and see only the tip of the iceberg to prepare me for today to, if nothing else, humbly, in my own way alert everyone i can to love and support israel.

LIES, LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES, LIES, LIES The Tel Aviv region’s water supply is poisoned with ammonia. At the height of the panic, the national water inspector tells Channel Two evening news that he is not ruling out sabotage. An hour later, a security guard working at the National Water Carrier’s pumping station south of Lod is murdered and his weapon stolen. The murder is not seen as worthy of note by the Israeli media. A story is disseminated that agricultural runoff somehow entered a small pipe whose one direction flow valve failed. And that somehow tainted the water supply of two million people.
Lies, Lies and More Lies.

The families of the three soldiers kidnapped by Hizbullah are at Ben Gurion Airport one night on the way to meet UN big chief Kofi Annan. Coincidentally, so am I. I tell them, don’t believe a word from Annan. On a 40 kilometer road, your sons were kidnapped outside a UN outpost by terrorists wearing UN uniforms and driving a UN vehicle. This was a UN operation, probably coordinated with Syria. A few of the family members have read Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? and listen closely. They vow to investigate further. In New York they tell the media the UN was responsible for the kidnappings. This week a film emerges proving it. For the past 25 years, Shimon Peres has written and stated that he had a personal talk with Yoni Netanyahu before he flew off to lead the Entebbe rescue. At the anniversary celebration this week, another officer says that Peres was lying. Peres admits he was “mistaken” and never actually spoke to Yoni Netanyahu. More bald-faced lies from Peres and the Israeli media drops the issue like a hot falafel... Just like they never followed up on an 105

exposé by Hebron leader David Wilder published on the Arutz Sheva website.
Please, listen to this carefully, because otherwise you will not believe what you hear. The date is Friday, July 14, 1995 several months before the assassination of then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Rabin’s Foreign Minister was none other than the present Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres. I was in the middle of writing an article when I heard an interview on Kol Yisrael radio with Rabbi Nahum Rabinovitch, from Ma’ale Adumim. Rabbi Rabinovitch had spoken to a reporter who interviewed Peres a short time before. The reporter asked Peres, “Aren’t your worried about what will happen to the ‘settlers’ in Judea and Samaria after the army pulls out?” Peres’ answer was, and I quote from that 1995 article “I have no problem with what will happen in Yesha. We will withdraw the army and then let’s see what happens. They (the Jews) will either run away immediately, or the Arabs will massacre some, and then we’ll see what happens.” You are undoubtedly asking yourselves, “what did he say?” So, I repeat, and again, please listen carefully. Shimon Peres: “I have no problem with what will happen in Yesha. We will withdraw the army and then let’s see what happens. They (the Jews) will either run away immediately, or the Arabs will massacre some, and then we’ll see what happens.”

That was Foreign minister Shimon Peres of 1995. This time, Peres did not lie. That is an oddity as you’ll see if you visit www.afsi.org/shimon.htm. Nothing makes sense about the Dolphinarium explosion, which killed 23 young revelers in a line outside a disco. Israel blamed Hamas or Islamic Jihad for the bomb yet neither accepted responsibility or had filmed the bomber before his mission, as is always their modus operandi. Disinformation spreads throughout Israel that the bomber was sent by Osama bin Laden. His original target was the American Embassy but it was too heavily guarded. So he set his sights on the disco instead. Now why would the bomber want to explode his device outside a completely deserted embassy on a Friday night? Why would he choose an alternative target half a mile away, when the most crowded cafes were a few steps away from the embassy? The bomber is a Jordanian residing in Israel on a government visa. He would have been under heavy Shabak surveillance. Now look at this detail, not surprisingly, unreported in the Israeli media: 106

From the Sunday Times of London:

Uzi Mahnaimi, Tel Aviv A PALESTINIAN with links to Israeli intelligence unwittingly acted as a driver for the suicide bomber responsible for the devastating explosion that killed 22 people outside a Tel Aviv discotheque, it was claimed last week. A senior Palestinian intelligence official told The Sunday Times that the driver, Mahmoud Dahshat Rashid Al-Nadi, who made his living ferrying Palestinians from the West Bank to Israel, was an informant for Israeli police intelligence. Al-Nadi, who is in his twenties, was arrested on June 2, the day after he allegedly dropped off the bomber in front of the entrance of the Dolphinarium disco on the city’s seafront. Brigadier-General Tawfik Tirawi, the head of the Palestinian General Intelligence in the West Bank, said Al-Nadi did not appear to have been aware of his passenger’s deadly mission until it was too late. Israeli authorities have not announced Al-Nadi’s arrest—apparently out of embarrassment at the close links they enjoyed with a man who allegedly facilitated the worst suicide bombing in five years. Al-Nadi was believed still to be in custody last week, although it was not clear if he had been charged. “The man is under arrest,” said Brigadier-General Ron Kitri, the chief Israeli army spokesman, “but he is not a Shin Bet [Israeli secret service] agent.” Tirawi claimed that Al-Nadi, who lives in the West Bank town of Qalqilia, had been working with Israeli police intelligence since 1999, giving them information about Palestinian activities in the area. In so doing, he said, he was following the example of several other members of his family suspected for decades of links with the Israeli security services. In return, he had been given a special pass enabling him to travel back and forth between the West Bank and Israel. He also possessed an Israeli identity card.

*** So what has our government been telling us about the Dolphinarium blast? Lies, nothing, lies, nothing and more lies. Twenty family members of the victims of the Versailles Wedding Hall collapse demonstrated. They want to know why the government is refusing to investigate the disaster. They are getting increasingly frustrated by the government’s policy of lies, nothing, lies and nothing but lies. 107

*** For the past five years, various people have told me that Jewish worshippers in the Cave of the Patriarchs heard Dr. Baruch Goldstein banging on the door begging someone to open it. Either because they couldn’t or wouldn’t, no one opened the door. Instead they heard Goldstein’s screams as he was, we were told, bludgeoned to death. The government would not allow an autopsy to be performed on Dr. Goldstein’s body, even when his wife requested it. This week I found out why. An informant gave me the phone number of Itzhak Dov Reinitz of the Jerusalem burial society, which organized Dr. Goldstein’s funeral. He added, he also knows about the Rabin bodyguard who was buried on the night of the assassination. Of the bodyguard, Reinitz told me,
“I have no personal information. I just know that on the day after the assassination there was talk throughout the burial society of a bodyguard buried the night before... But Goldstein was something I’ll never forget. His body came in a bag in tiny pieces. He was decapitated, his limbs were torn off, his body was butchered inside and out.”

I asked what is needed to decapitate a body. He replied that a sharp heavy instrument like an ax or butcher’s knife was used. Now what was an ax doing inside the mosque where worshippers must pass through military inspectors and metal detectors? The government’s Shamgar Commission of Inquiry into the Hebron Massacre concluded that Goldstein was bludgeoned to death by iron bars, strangely, handed out by someone who found them in a storage closet. Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies and more Lies, Lies, Lies. I spoke to the man who prepared what was left of Goldstein’s body for burial. Dr. Goldstein was axed and butchered to death. And the government must be lying because under honest circumstances, axes and butcher knives would never have entered the mosque. Another informant, whose information has not been verified, knows the true circumstances of the murder of Military Intelligence/Shabak Colonel Yehuda Edri last month. She insists he did not die on the spot as we were told, but perished in the hospital 108

a few days later. And apparently, the reports of his bodyguard being severely wounded were highly exaggerated. Since this is early information, I won’t vouch for it. However, based on the previous verified facts, the official reports of Edri’s death will turn out to be lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies and more lies, then some added lies and lies. Because, while our besieged nation is being set up for its fall by death squads, bombers, sabotage and poison, our government has been forced to remain passive, cover up the enemy’s crimes and lie to its people. Watch Sharon lately. He can’t stop smiling while he lies. PRACTICAL IDEAS “Okay, I believe you but what can I do?” “Even if you’re right, there’s nothing we can do to change things.” “Fine, you identified the problem, what’s the solution?” Yes, there are ways. With lots of flair and imagination, we CAN change things. 1. A Law To Revoke—In November 1993, the Rabin government passed a law retroactively legalizing meetings between Israelis and members of the PLO. Until then, such meetings were illegal treason. The law saved the likes of Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Ron Pundak, Yair Hirshfeld and Uri Savir from prison for illegally meeting the PLO. Let’s revoke it. From a jurisdictive point of view, we have all the high cards. Numerous legalists have explained that there is no precedent for a retroactive law protecting criminals from high crime. One can no more retroactively legalize treason than murder or rape. Many, many people have tried to have the Oslo Accord repealed because the PLO have broken its clauses thousands of times. But getting rid of an internationally sanctioned treaty is not simple. Rescinding the retroactive meeting law is, legally speaking, a snap. It is an unbelievably non-binding piece of legislation. A few 109

good arguments to the Supreme Court could do the trick. And imagine the fine results after no one, not Sharon, not Peres could meet any PLO leader until a new law was passed. And we’ll fight that one as well. And best of all, the Oslo criminals could finally be prosecuted. So where are a gutsy attorney or two? 2. Get the CIA—Now that the Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer has acknowledged that the CIA trained the PLO death squads, with agreement from Shimon Peres; and now that a wide range of “experts” have acknowledged that the CIA trained numerous PLO “policemen” in the fine arts of advanced snipery and sundry deadly operations, let’s get the CIA and hard. Who says the American taxpayer would have agreed to foot the bill for the PLO’s training in sophisticated murder techniques? Who says the CIA had any legal right to train these squads, which have murdered over 100 Jews and maimed five times that number, even with the permission of Peres? Investigate George Tenet’s direct role in the mass murder of Israeli citizens. Prosecute him if he overstepped ANY law. And while you’re at it, you may as well expose the further training of the PLO at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. My sources assure me, the “policemen” are there right now taking courses in the slaughter of innocents. American lawyers, where are you? 3. No Place to Hide Anymore for Yoram Rubin—Yes, the State Prosecutor found a trick to drop one of the two charges against Avishai Raviv. Yes, the ploy is to delay his trial until the statute of limitations for indictment on new charges passes. So let’s open a new front. Rabin’s last bodyguard, Yoram Rubin, testifying to the Shamgar Commission, lied that Yigal Amir shot a bullet in his arm while he was protecting the prime minister. We have his clinical report; he got caught in his lie. Rubin testified at Amir’s trial that Rabin 110

jumped head-first into his car. We have the “amateur” murder film; he lied again. Rubin was the one who murdered Rabin. But there’s no point going for the home run ball. Let’s get him on deep perjury. It’s like shooting a fish in a barrel. So far, Rubin has evaded scrutiny. He DID have a most unlikely car accident two years ago that almost killed him, but that’s internal Shabak diplomacy. Now it’s time to have Rubin stand trial for perjury and let’s see where it leads. I’ll provide all the official records anyone could ever need to prove the charge. He must be made to know, he will not escape his crimes. Journalists, researchers, truth seekers, lawyers and the interested public, here is how to reach him. Yoram Rubin’s work number is 09 861-1122; fax: 8625831. His work address is the cellar of Herzl 53, Netanya. 4. Gillon’s Huge Mistake—It took a lot of e-mailing, but it worked. Carmi Gillon’s role in the Rabin murder made front page headlines in Denmark’s largest circulation newspaper. Simply, I exploited an opening. Gillon’s appointment as the Israeli ambassador to Denmark is causing a huge ruckus in that country. Now, of course, Danes will be Danes and the issue is his rough treatment of Arabs while head of the Shabak. Now that the Danes are in the mist of Gillonmania, let’s spread the word about who Gillon REALLY is. Go to your favorite search engine and seek lists of influential Danes in all fields; journalism, academia, government, diplomacy, then copy and paste your version, the real version, of who the Danes now have as their Israeli ambassador. With enough letters floating around the country, even the princes of modern humanity in Denmark, will get the message. If the Rabin truth can’t be exposed in Israel, well then, let’s go through the back door of Denmark. Here is what I sent out. Perhaps it will serve as a reminder for your own messages to the Danish people. 111

CARMI GILLON: THE NEW ISRAELI AMBASSADOR TO DENMARK The cover-up of the Rabin assassination reached new and even uglier heights of deceit in yesterday’s (April 14) Israeli newspaper media. Both Yediot Ahronot and Ha’aretz published long interviews in their weekend magazines with former General Security Services (Shabak) legal affairs director Shabtai Ziv. My, what a coincidence, two papers, same obscure character. And just a few days before Yediot Ahronot, as was emblazoned on its front page headline, would publish two chapters of former Shabak chief Carmi Gillon’s new book on the Rabin assassination in its Passover magazine. You can just feel the terror in Shabak headquarters as the fumbling high officers mapped out a full media blitz to quash the widespread and accurate perception that Gillon was one of the conspirators behind Rabin’s murder. In fact, Ziv admits that the current Shabak chief Ami Ayalon did not try to prevent the trial of Yigal Amir’s partner in provocation and crime Avishai Raviv, because, “He was tired of hearing about the conspiracy theory.” What is so useful in these media cover-ups, are the facts that don’t get cleaned out of the final copy. Ziv told Ha’aretz, as he did Yediot Ahronot that:
“I can state that all the activities of a judicial character in connection with Raviv were done in consultation and full transparency vis-a-vis the state attorney and her department. A number of discussions were held about him in which we gave the Justice Ministry all the information we possessed about offences he committed...”

This isn’t new, I made the same claims in my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? But then, I wasn’t the head of the Shabak’s legal affairs department. Ziv’s remarkable admission means former Justice Minister David Libai and former State Attorney General Dorit Beinish and her staff were apprised of Raviv’s crimes and provocations and approved their continuation. This justifies indictments against them all as active accessories in innumerable crimes. Yet how does one issue indictments against the people who issue indictments? And Ziv, as was clearly requested by his authorities, went out of his way to compliment Carmi Gillon: “He is a humane and sympathetic gentleman,” he insisted. 112

Well no, actually he’s a bit off here. Gillon is a brutish and cruel gorilla. He is also an inveterate liar, which is why I am presenting a truer picture of him than his own book will. Gillon will claim that the Rabin assassination was a series of blunders and he felt so bad about it, he offered to resign the next day. He will paint a picture of a murderous anti-peace community that had to be infiltrated by the likes of Raviv to protect Israel’s glorious democracy. He may even claim, as he once did, that he never even met Avishai Raviv. So before anyone has a chance to believe this liar, permit me to paint a truer picture of the monster.
How He Became Shabak Chief

In 1990 Gillon wrote an MA thesis at Haifa University on the dangers the Israeli Right present to the nation. More than a few people have insisted the thesis was written for him, just as post assassination newspaper analyses on peace clearly were. At the time, he was head of the Shabak’s Jewish Department and he was utilizing Avishai Raviv to infiltrate various borderline groups such as Kach and the Temple Mount Faithful. However, someone very powerful had bigger plans for him and after the Hebron massacre of February 1994, Gillon became Shabak chief. Of course, in a fair world that would have been impossible since, as Jewish Department head, he had supposedly failed miserably to prevent the massacre. In fact, he had succeeded but this is not the place to explain how Dr. Baruch Goldstein was set up to take the blame for bloodshed planned by others. The one sticking point was Rabin, who opposed Gillon’s appointment vehemently. So, Gillon had Avishai Raviv organize a protest against his home in Mevasseret Tzion to place him in contention and Rabin agreed to his appointment only if thenShabak head Yaacov Perry supervised his tenure, an unheard of procedure. Rabin admitted that Gillon’s lack of experience dealing with Arab terrorism made him unfit for the post, but he gave in “because of cabinet pressure.” Which in the cabinet of the day, meant that Shimon Peres supported Gillon. Recently Gillon was the chairman of the Shimon Peres Institute for Peace. All in all, while head of the Shabak, Gillon was a Peres plant. 113

Now let us look at Gillon’s activities and his central role in the Rabin murder according to Israeli experts. We begin with Adir Zik writing in Hatsofe:
Carmi Gillon was the direct handler of Avishai Raviv for an extended period. It was he who turned Raviv into the biggest provocateur in Israel’s history... Even while Gillon’s deputies directed Raviv, Gillon was in direct contact with him. He ordered him to marry a Russian born settler as a cover for his activities. Gillon ordered Raviv to undertake a long series of violent crimes against Jews and Arabs in Hebron, Jerusalem, and at Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan Universities. Gillon ordered Raviv to make violent attacks on Knesset Members Tamar Guzonsky and Shulamit Aloni on behalf of the Shabak front organization, Eyal. Gillon’s hatred of the Right led him to utilize the services of a Shabak plant in the Israel Broadcasting Authority named Eitan Oren, to film and televise a series of phony reports whose goal was to humiliate the residents of Judea and Samaria... Gillon ordered Raviv to print a photomontage of Rabin in a Gestapo uniform and display it a huge anti-government rally. Rabin called Gillon to his office and demanded an explanation. Gillon told Rabin not to worry, Raviv was under his authority. Immediately after Rabin’s murder, Raviv told police investigators that he had heard Amir threaten Rabin’s life four or five times. Raviv had to have informed his superiors, including Gillon about Amir’s intentions and they had to have deliberately ignored the warnings.

Amir shot blank bullets at Rabin and Gillon’s Shabak underling, Rabin’s bodyguard Yoram Rubin, actually murdered Rabin.
Gillon’s Uncanny Predictions

On August 24, 1995, barely two months before Rabin’s murder, Gillon told a group of journalists that Rabin’s life was in danger from an assassin. He described this theoretical murderer: “He doesn’t have to be a settler, he could be a dark-skinned Sephardic student, studying at Bar Ilan University and living in Herzlia.” What powers of precognition hath the prophet Gillon! Why Amir also was a Sephardic Bar Ilan student who lived in Herzlia! Ophir Shalakh of Ma’ariv was but one of many of the attending journalists who noted, “The profile Carmi Gillon presented precisely described Yigal Amir.” 114

And who can forget Gillon’s classic reaction when informed of the murder by phone while he was in Paris (Yediot Ahronot, 24/11/95): “It was a Jew.” However did he know?
What Was Gillon Doing in Paris on the Assassination Night?????

Gillon’s Shabak underlings were widely quoted claiming to have queried Gillon why he was flying to Paris two days before the most security-sensitive rally in the country’s history. He refused to answer, but did order his deputies not to change even one detail of his procedures for the rally. In previous articles I have traced the tracks of the Rabin assassination to Paris. The goal of the murder was to place the French puppet Shimon Peres in power. And Gillon was there pitching in. He was later rewarded for his connivance and silence, when in 1999, Peres appointed Gillon, at a huge salary, to chair his peace institute.
Trying The Wrong Man

Mati Golan wrote in Globes (11/12/97):
Carmi Gillon is opposing the indictment of Avishai Raviv because it would reveal Shabak operating procedure. Perhaps he is right, Raviv shouldn’t be on trial, his superiors should be.

However, the State Attorney General did finally indict Raviv on two minor charges in 1999. When he announced the indictment, he added a strange addendum: “We found no justification for indicting his superior, Carmi Gillon.” While the government protected Gillon, a good portion of the Israeli people are convinced he was a leader in the plot to murder Yitzhak Rabin.



THE VATICAN’S PLOT AGAINST ISRAEL In March 1994, the newspaper Shishi revealed a most remarkable secret of the Middle East “peace” process. A friend of Shimon Peres, the French intellectual Marek Halter, claimed in an interview that in May 1993, he delivered a letter from Peres to the pope. Within, Peres promised to internationalize Jerusalem, granting the UN political control of the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Vatican hegemony of the holy sites within. The UN would give the PLO a capital within its new territory and East Jerusalem would become a kind of free trade zone of world diplomacy. Halter’s claim was backed by the Italian newspaper La Stampa, which added that Arafat was apprised of the agreement and it was included in the secret clauses of the Declaration of Principles signed in Washington in September 1993. In March 1995, the Israeli radio station Arutz Sheva was leaked a cable from the Israeli Embassy in Rome to Peres’ Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem confirming the handover of Jerusalem to the Vatican. This cable was printed on the front page of the radical leftwing Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz two days later. A scandal erupted and numerous rabbis who had invited Peres for Passover services cancelled their invitations in protest of his treachery. Peres reacted by claiming that the cable was real, but that someone had whited out the word, “not;” the cable really said that Israel would “not” hand Jerusalem over to the holy pontiff. Illustrating the sorry political state of Israel’s rabbis, they accepted this cockamamie excuse and re-invited Peres to their tables. However, in the widely distributed minutes of a meeting with Clinton in 1997, Peres reiterated his diplomacy, ending with the words, “as I had previously promised the Holy See.” Peres’ partner in crime, and the real founder of the Oslo Accord, Yossi Beilin, coordinated his PLO policy with the Vatican. 117

Check the timing. At the same moment that he was finagling an accord with the PLO, he was negotiating an agreement for Vatican recognition of Israel. His deal with the pope became another brief scandal when politicians like Agudat Yisrael head Avraham Shapira and Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Shmuel Meir were leaked hidden details of Beilin’s accord which included, “the extra-territoriality of holy sites in Jerusalem to be transferred to Vatican control.” Later, Shapira was neutralized by having $250 million in debts accrued by his crooked carpet factory forgiven, while Meir was permanently hushed when his car was crushed by a UN truck driven by a PLO driver. The driver, of course, was released forever after being briefly questioned by Israel Police. Now let us jump ahead to 1999. The Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami is shuttling between King Carlos of Spain and the Vatican. That is where the action is for the Israeli government today, and when things get serious, the focus shifts to Paris where Chirac, Albright and Arafat await him. There is no question whatsoever that the Vatican wants Israel off the Temple Mount and that our leadership is accommodating their desire. What I have not been able to pinpoint is why. However, material sent to me appears to answer the question. Allow me to preface a few comments before I carry on. The vast majority of my ongoing readers are not really conspiratorial in their outlook. What attracted them to my e-mail list and books is that I solved the Rabin assassination to their satisfaction and that I am offering more likely explanations for Israel’s suicide than they are getting from the mainstream media. It took five years for me to finally instill the fact that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York is Israel’s number one enemy, and despite pouring on the evidence time after time, there are still doubters who refuse to believe that any organization can have that much power. Every time I dig deep, I’m accused of going too far, even of fantasizing imaginary foes. So what am I going to do with the evidence sent to me accusing the Society of Jesus, whose members are known as Jesuits, of being the real power behind the CFR and of being Israel and Judaism’s most vicious and successful enemy? My doubters are going to have 118

a field day with this revelation but I’m going ahead anyway. The weight of the evidence is beyond merely compelling. I had known for some time that a former Jesuit priest, Malachi Martin had exposed his society’s treachery at great length. Numerous correspondents insisted I could not understand Israel’s dilemma without reading Martin’s revelations. Still, one voice wasn’t enough for me to risk unnecessary mockery. However, recently other voices have been added to Martin’s, and I’ve started paying attention. A composer who I had greatly admired thirty years ago, Tupper Saussy released a book called Rulers of Evil, which expanded on the thesis of Jesuit control of the American political system, and is receiving fine reviews. We have begun a correspondence, and I will receive his book shortly. In the meantime, I will expand on the book I have completed reading. It is called Vatican Assassins and the author is Eric Jon Phelps. One may read excerpts by visiting www.vaticanassassins.org. This was no ordinary reading experience. The manuscript I received spiral bound is 750 pages in length. The first 600 pages attempt, mostly successfully, to prove that the Jesuits were formed in reaction to the Protestant Reformation, and their goal is to return the planet to the good old days when one pope held the monopoly on world religion. Utilizing any evil means available, their plan is to eliminate all the competition, be they Jews, Muslims or Christians who don’t recognize the Vatican as their capital. It is their war on the Jews which will most interest my readers and from here on, we will concentrate on that one aspect of a most complicated history. I will start with the book’s claim that Jesuit control of Great Britain was the real force behind Zionism and the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in Israel. I have no problem with this thesis since the entire Middle East as it exists today, was created by the British during and after the first World War. If the British created Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, one can be very certain they created modern Israel as well. The most disturbing charge is that, to populate the new Israel, the Jesuits stirred up the pogroms and Holocaust of Europe to drive Jews to their safe haven in the Middle East. On page 548 we read: 119

“Hitler, now in power, patterned his SS after the Jesuit Order. He used Roman Catholic Bavarian Himmler with his Jesuit uncle to carry out the plan. Hitler declares: ‘I have learnt most of all from the Jesuit Order. A good part of that organization I have transported direct to my own party. I will tell you a secret, I am founding an Order. In Himmler I see our Ignatius de Loyola.’ “Walter Shellenberg, Chief of the Nazi Sicherheitsdienst (SD) reveals: ‘The SS had been organized by Himmler according to the principles of the Jesuit Order. The rules of service and spiritual exercises prescribed by Ignatius de Loyola constituted a model which Hitler strove carefully to copy.’ “Edmund Paris then asks this most penetrating question concerning Hitler: ‘Was it not his uncle, the Jesuit father, who had been promoted to a highranking officer of the SS? And was not the latter the very eye and arm of Halke von Ledochowski, General of the Order? Who then was sending so many million deportees to death? Was it Heinrich Himmler or his uncle, the Jesuit canon?’”

The book details the betrayal of Israel’s leadership during the Holocaust, recalling that Rudolph Kastner:
“then one of Israel’s most honored leaders, was a traitor who had cooperated with the Nazi leaders of Germany including Adolph Eichmann to deport Jews from Hungary.”

I don’t dispute this claim and anyone who does should read Ben Hecht’s, Perfidy or The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black. It is the conclusion drawn from this treason, on page 584, which is far more troublesome:
“Ah, dear truth seeker, Zionist Israel is a creation of the Jesuit Order. Its purpose is to secure Jerusalem for the Jesuits “infallible” Pope, that he may receive worldwide worship from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple. If the Masonic Zionists betrayed their own Jewish race into Pius XII’s concentration camps overseen by the Jesuit Order, would they not betray the nation of Israel by giving Jerusalem to the Pope in preparation for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple? “...Therefore we are living under the preeminence of a Gentile Jesuit conspiracy. It employs notorious Masonic Jews and Gentiles as their agents. This furthers the deception of an international Jewish conspiracy oppressing the nations. Using this lie, the Jesuit General is creating global, anti-Jewish fury again. This fury will culminate in the last mad attempt to invade Israel and destroy the physical descendants of Jacob.”

And who is leading the invasion? We learn that Bill Clinton was the student president of the Jesuit’s Georgetown University and, 120

for a time, expressed the desire of becoming a Jesuit priest. In those days, Clinton was sent to England on a Rhodes scholarship, with all that that implies, and at an anti-American demonstration met Jesuit Friar Richard McSorely, who later headed Georgetown’s Center for Peace Studies. On page 672, we get a haunting hint at Clinton’s later role in Israel’s destruction, as well as those of Norway and France:
“McSorley then went to France and Scandinavia to meet peace people. Stepping off the train right behind him in Oslo, Norway was Bill Clinton.”

And if a Clinton Democrat fails to ignite the flames that will engulf Israel, the Jesuits “will use the Republican Party to bring a Jesuit-controlled, Jew-hating fascist dictator to power, ‘For the greater glory of the god who sits in St. Peter’s chair.’” That’s Eric Jon Phelps explanation why Israel’s political leaders, especially those of the Labor Party, are running between Chirac, King Carlos and the Vatican to secure a “peace” treaty with the PLO. I can only advise my readers not to dismiss the possibility that he got it right. RABIN’S LAST DOCTOR AND THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR We now enter the realm of the truly bizarre as we look at the doctor who last examined Yitzhak Rabin, the State Pathologist, Dr. Yehuda Hiss. Israelis know too well that their government’s coroner is corrupt. In September 1999, Judge Ruth Orr overturned a conviction against a Jewish resident of Judea and Samaria for the shooting murder of an Arab boy because she accused Dr. Hiss of forging the forensic evidence against him. It was the second time in a year that a murder conviction was overturned because Hiss had falsified an autopsy for political purposes. He had earlier been caught doctoring the facts to secure a wrongful rap against the parents of a murdered child. His biggest fabrication of all occurred after the country’s most ghastly scandal was proven. In the first decade of Israel’s existence, the Labor government kidnapped over 4500 babies, mostly of new Yemenite immigrant parents, and sold them off for adoption and medical experiments, mostly abroad. Through the efforts of 121

Yemenite groups fighting to expose this crime, three years ago one mother, Margalit Omeisse was reunited with her daughter Celia Levine, given up for adoption to a California couple almost half a century before. Besides looking like twins, the Hebrew University genetics laboratory proved they were mother and daughter by DNA testing. Dr. Hiss retested the two for the government and lo and behold, found that Hebrew University was wrong. And that’s why his nickname in certain circles is Dr. Cover-up. People started calling him that about a year after the Rabin assassination. He conducted a partial autopsy of Rabin and concluded he was shot twice in the back from medium range. In 1996, Rabin’s hospital records were uncovered, and over ten doctors and nurses signed very different accounts of Rabin’s demise. He was actually shot three times, twice from point blank range and once frontally in the upper chest. On top of that, Rabin’s spine was shattered and Hiss categorically reported that it wasn’t. Because the patsy Yigal Amir never shot from point blank range or from the front, and because the assassination film proved Rabin’s spine could not have been broken since he kept right on walking after the shot to his back, somebody must have asked Hiss to alter the medical facts. So he did, and then the government’s commission of inquiry into the murder adopted Hiss’s lies as the official version of Rabin’s death. So we knew that Hiss was corrupt and that he molded his reports to fit government orders. What we didn’t know was that he is also genuinely ghoulish. Avi and Nitzana (Darshan) Leitner are Yigal Amir’s attorneys. They also represent another victim of Dr. Hiss, the family of Alisdair Sinclair. On April 14, 1998, 47 year old Alisdair Sinclair, was stopped by customs officials at Ben Gurion Airport on his way out of the country after a six day stay. They found 9000 Deutsche marks in a false bottom of his handbag and he was arrested without charge. The police thought the false bottom suggested something illegal though hiding a large amount of money is a legitimate means of thwarting theft. At the airport police station, Sinclair was found strangling on his shoelaces. He was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead. From there his body was transferred to the Abu Kabir Institute for 122

Forensic Medicine, and straight into the paws of Dr. Yehuda Hiss, who conducted an autopsy, which concluded that Sinclair had killed himself. After that, there was a problem with the body. Sinclair was unmarried, his parents weren’t alive and he had been living a rather rootless life in Amsterdam dealing in vintage guitars and strumming them at local pubs. It took three days to track down his family in Scotland and the police offered to bury him in Israel. The family refused, and paid about $5000 to fly the corpse home. On May 13, another autopsy was conducted, at the University of Glasgow and guess what? The hyoid bone at the base of the tongue was missing and so was the heart. Both were removed by Dr. Hiss. But why? No problem guessing why the hyoid bone was gone. It would reveal that Sinclair did not hang himself but was strangled by other means. But the heart? Avi Leitner can only say:
Our best guess is that Hiss is involved the black market trade in human organs. We can’t prove that yet, but it seems the most likely motive for removing a healthy heart.

Incredibly, a most unlikely source provides an even spookier motive. But let’s get on with the story first. The Sinclair family started investigating Alisdair’s recent life and none of his friends thought him remotely suicidal. Nor did they understand why he was arrested for carrying perfectly legal currency in the first place. Israel police explained that they suspected he was a drug dealer and under interrogation he admitted to have smuggled in thousands of Ecstasy pills the week before, though he did not know who bought them. Alisdair’s brother James, of Selkirk, Scotland mocked the police version, noting accurately, that since he wasn’t caught with drugs, he had no reason whatsoever to confess to the supposed crime. Enter the British government. Tel Aviv embassy official Suad Andraus was furious, stating, “People don’t just die in lockup.” The British authorities demand that Dr. Hiss explain what he did with the heart and then return it immediately. Hiss explained that as a drug smuggling suspect, the heart would have shown “signs of long-term drug abuse.” Fine, so why didn’t he return the heart with the rest of the body? According to Hiss: 123

“It’s true we didn’t inform the family in Scotland that the heart was missing. Frankly, we didn’t want to upset them.” How thoughtful, and returning the body without the heart wasn’t in the least bit upsetting???? Hiss complied to the second demand and turned over the heart to the Sinclair family, or at least a heart. A not very convincing heart, at that. The Sinclair Family demanded DNA proof that this was Alistair’s heart but Dr. Hiss refused, citing the $6000 cost of the test. The Sinclairs found the cost prohibitive as well but this time, the British authorities did not press the issue or conduct their own tests. A frustrated James Sinclair expressed his disgust with the inconsistencies of his brother’s strange demise.
Alisdair never had a police record and it is unlikely that he would turn to drug smuggling. And he repeats, “Why would he admit to anything if his bloody suitcase was empty? My brother was an intelligent, well read man. He wasn’t daft.”

The Israeli Police conducted DNA tests, and James, awaiting the results, was clearly unaware that if Dr. Yehuda “Cover-up” Hiss has his hands in the testing, the findings will be as honest as those of the Rabin assassination. And now a most unexpected motive for the whole affair. It was published in the Jerusalem Report, a staid, establishment newsmagazine which is used as a fount of disinformation on behalf of the country’s Labor Party. This peculiar passage may be of interest to those questioning Britain’s early and deep interest in Zionism, their reverence for Chaim Weizmann, the Balfour Declaration, the British-Israel Society, the Round Table policies of Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner and the like.
According to Alisdair’s brother James, family lore has it that the Sinclairs are descended from the crusading Knights Templars, who journeyed to Jerusalem in the mid-1300s in search of holy artifacts from Herod’s Temple to bring back to Scottish hero Robert Bruce. Alisdair himself, says James, was particularly proud of his middle name, Roslyn, the name of a chapel in Scotland whose floor plan is said to be based on Herod’s Temple. James mentions these details in attempting to reconstruct his brother’s motive for traveling to Israel.

How does this medieval history explain Alisdair Sinclair’s missing heart? Researchers of the Templars present clues that may explain Hiss’ ghoulish crime. Let us begin with a marvelous history of the Knights Templar written by two Freemasons, Christopher 124

Knight and Robert Lomas, called The Second Messiah. Summarized is their history of the organization: The Templars were a poor chivalric order that disdained materialism until their arrival in Jerusalem in the early twelfth century on a papal crusade. Eleven knights dug under the ruins of Solomon’s Temple for nine years and hit pay-dirt. Under the Temple Mount the Templars discovered a network of tunnels where the Jewish priests hid their treasures from the marauding Romans in 70 AD. The knights not only uncovered some of the gold and silver described in the Copper Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but the records of the first Jerusalem church of Christianity. This according to Knight and Lomas is precisely what they went digging for. The first Bishop of the Jerusalem Church was Jesus’ brother James. He was aided by Jesus’ other siblings, five brothers and two sisters. After the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and dispersed the Jews, James and his family fled to France, a fact confirmed by the best-selling book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. These descendants of the holy Davidic line had the wherewithal to gain wealth throughout Europe and buy vast properties. Over time they constituted a good chunk of European royalty. While professing whatever religion the state demanded, first worshiping the pantheon of Roman gods and later papal Christianity, they secretly practiced the Christianity of the early Jerusalem church. These descendants of the priestly line, now called themselves Rex Deus, and passed on their traditions throughout the royal courts of Europe where they ruled. The original Celt church was founded by the Rex Deus, and St. Patrick of Ireland was a Jew. Other Rex Deus included the Habsburgs, the Stuarts of Scotland and today’s King Juan Carlos of Spain, who includes among his titles, Protector of the Holy Places of Jerusalem. The Templars returned from their Crusade with vast wealth uncovered under the Temple Mount and initiated a monumental building program in Europe, which ultimately resulted in the construction of over 250 castles and Gothic churches. They now challenged the papacy for political control of Europe, yet the usually jealous Vatican allowed their power to grow unabated. 125

Knight and Lomas insist this is because the Templars had a huge advantage over Rome. According to their version of events, the Knights uncovered the original records of the Jerusalem Church, and they prove that Jesus was a prophet but not a deity. His goal was to organize armed resistance to the Roman tyrants and re-establish an independent Jewish nation. Lest my Christian readers object, it is more than a little consolation knowing that Knight and Lomas are proud Freemasons and are promoting their own Masonic agenda. There is no obligation to take them theologically at their word. However, historically they are on solider ground because the rest of their tale is mostly provable fact. In the fourteenth century, the French king known as Philip the Fair coordinated a purge of the Templars in conjunction with the Holy See. Their properties were seized and their leader, in fact the last Templar leader, Jacques de Molay was brutally tortured by crucifixion until he confessed to the sins of his Order. He survived the first round of torture and a linen cloth was placed over him to absorb his blood and keep him warm. This cloth became known as the Shroud of Turin and the authors arguments for this claim are superbly grounded in fact. A group of Templars led by the St. Clair clan escaped the French siege by ship and landed in Scotland, a safe port since it was ruled by the Rex Deus member, Robert the Bruce. It must be noted that at his death, Robert the Bruce’s heart was transported to Jerusalem for burial. Two versions of what happened to it exist. The first says the deliverers of the heart were captured in Spain, the second insists they made it and the heart lays buried in Jerusalem to this day. An unpublished historian of the Templars, Daniel Leary notes:
The name Sinclair comes from the hermit St. Clare or St. Clere, who lived near the town that is now called St. Clair sur l’Epte, northwest of Paris, France. Sinclair’s ancestors took their surname from an abbey that was named after the hermit, because that was the site where in the year 911 their ancestor Rollo the Viking, signed the treaty with King Louis the Simple of France that created Rollo hereditary Duke of the new Duchy of Normandy. Rollo’s descendants included the nine St. Clare knights who accompanied their cousin William the Conqueror (also a descendant of Rollo) to England in 1066. They assisted his victory at the battle of Hastings, 14 October 1066. Many of them remained in England.


The Sinclairs played a prominent role in the history of the British Isles and were particularly important in Scotland. Through marriage, their family became related to the Bruces and the Stewarts. One of them, Henry St. Clair (1275-1336) both fought at Bannockburn and signed the Declaration of Arbroath of 4 April 1320 from Scottish nobles to the pope that declared Scottish independence.

According to Knight and Lomas, the French Templars brought with them the damning scrolls from under the Jerusalem Temple Mount and built a chapel in Rosslyn, near Edinburgh to house them. The chapel, built by William Sinclair (1415-1482), which exists today, was built according to the specifications of the Herodian Temple and an exact duplicate of the Western Wall was constructed alongside it. To hide their now-banned Templar roots, the Knights formed a new organization, Freemasonry, whose rites were precisely those set down in the scrolls recovered from beneath Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. Scottish rite Masonry spread throughout Europe, according to Knight and Lomas, much to the chagrin of the Vatican. In their version of events, in 1717, the pro-Catholic Hanoverian dynasty took over the British crown and ordered vast changes in Masonic rites. The 33 Scottish degrees were reduced to just four in the new English rites, and all the secrets within the Jerusalem scrolls were eliminated from lodge ceremonies. However, other writers share a different version of events, insisting the Templars and the Vatican remained partners throughout their public trials. F. Tupper Saussy in his excellent book Rulers of Evil writes:
On March 22, 1312, Clement V dissolved the Knights Templar with his decree Vox clamantis. But the dissolution proved a mere formality to further appease Philip (the Fair). More importantly, it permitted the Templars, in other manifestations to continue enriching the papacy...A subtle provision in Vox clamantis transferred most Templar estates to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. In Germany and Austria, the Templars became “Rosicrucians” and “Teutonic Knights.” Six centuries later, as the “Teutonic Order,” the Knights would provide the nucleus of Adolph Hitler’s political support in Munich and Vienna.

In his massive work Vatican Assassins, Eric Jon Phelps comes to practically the same conclusion. In his version of events, the Jesuit Order infiltrated Scottish Freemasonry in the sixteenth century and since then, the Templars have been doing the work of the true ruler of the Vatican, the Supreme General of the Jesuits who both Saussy 127

and Phelps call, the Black Pope. Daniel Leary concurs on the Templar/Vatican alliance.
These 2nd sons of European gentry have had a long close relationship with Rome and still act as the Vatican’s bankers and intelligence operatives. Plus, they’re current membership includes a rogues gallery of modern intrigue, not the least of which being the father of the US president elect, former president George Bush Sr...

Now the PLO has plans of its own. By the summer of 2000, they began digging under the Temple Mount in earnest. Originally they claimed they were simply expanding a mosque under Solomon’s Stables, beneath the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s walled Old City. However, the huge mounds of earth and artifacts from the Second Temple that were being dumped in nearby wadis betrayed a much more extensive plan. On January 26, 2001, the Israeli government’s television outlet, Channel One, broadcast a video clip secretly filmed under the Shrine of Omar, the 7th century Islamic building which may have been deliberately constructed over the Holy of Holies, the most sacred prayer room of the ancient Temple. The video revealed a new and massive tunnel aimed directly at the most sacred core of Solomon’s and later, Herod’s Temples. The PLO are after not only the treasures buried beneath the Temple to deplete their morally and financially bankrupt regime of terror, but must be looking for more scrolls that can be used to blackmail the Vatican and thus get their way in world diplomacy. The Vatican is terrified that the Jews will uncover the truth under the Temple, whatever it may be. It is essential for them that Israel is removed from the Holy Mount. And they are not alone in this desire. Now we come full circle to Alisdair Sinclair’s heart. On January 4, 2001, Colin Grant published a full front page exposé of the Hiss scandal in the Glasgow Sunday Post. He revealed that the Knights Templar, as descendents the Davidic line, believe they have a right to reclaim the Temple Mount as their rightful heritage:
A spokesman for Militi Templi Scotia, the Scottish Knights Templar admitted to the Sunday Post, “We are currently involved in an attempt to remove control of the holy sites from the Israeli government. We believe they should be administered by the United Nations and are working with the UN and NATO to achieve that goal.”


A secret Medieval battle over the Temple Mount is being conducted in Israel today, and unless it can be stopped, this skirmish has the potential of dragging the whole planet into war. HOW THINGS REALLY WORK ... AGAIN
More on Spain and the Jesuits

For those who can’t accept that little old Spain is planning its latest inquisition of Jews, recall that King Juan Carlos is long abdicated and supposedly has no more than a figurehead political role. If so, kindly explain the following facts: I will add my explanations between three stars (***). Now let’s see how things really work:
(http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=61706 &contrassID=1&subContrassID=1&sbSubContrassID=0)
Sharon: Israel ready for painful concessions for peace

Ariel Sharon (L) shakes hands with his Turkish counterpart Bulent Ecevit in Ankara on Wednesday. http://www.img.com.tr/article.asp?docid=824 April 30 /01 Prime Minister Ecevit visits Spain The Spanish King Juan Carlos also received Ecevit, during his short visit, in addition to his bilateral meeting with the Spanish Prime Minister. Noting that they evaluated the bilateral relations with their political, social and cultural dimensions during their contacts in Spain, Ecevit said that they decided to activate the joint action plan signed earlier. Ecevit said that they focused on various cooperation methods to benefit from the investment opportunities in the two countries and to further improve economic and commercial relations.

***Spain has, at the least, a mediating role in Israeli-Turkish relations but a far greater one between Israel and her neighbors. Recall that after the Persian Gulf War, the Bush/Baker team forced Israel to make grand concessions at a conference held in Madrid. Well, the “peacemakers” of Israel and the US are finagling to arrange a repeat conference under Spanish auspices:***
(http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml;$sessionid$JXE JEZQAAC3OJLAUAUCSGWVMCQCQMI5G?itemNo=63033&contra ssID=2&subContrassID=1&sbSubContrassID=0&listSrc=Y)


All roads not only lead to Rome but also to ...... the Beilin plan.

*** Now look what happened within just two days.***
Source: CNN Friday August 10, 2001 Statement by U.S. President George W. Bush: Bush condemns Jerusalem suicide bombing .....The United States remains committed to implementation in all its elements of the Mitchell Committee Report, which provides a path to return to peace negotiations based on United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242, 338 and the Madrid Conference. To get to Mitchell the parties need to resume effective security cooperation and work together to stop terrorism and violence. Source: Ha’aretz Sunday August 12, 2001
Peres gets green light to talk to PA; Beilin plans ‘‘second Madrid conference’’ this October

Former justice minister Yossi Beilin, meanwhile, is embarking on a new diplomatic initiative of his own—convening a “second Madrid conference” this October, on the tenth anniversary of the 1991 conference that kicked off the peace process. Several European countries have expressed enthusiastic support for the idea, as has UN SecretaryGeneral Kofi Annan and even some U.S. State Department officials. Yesterday, Beilin went to Cairo to try to sell his plan to the Egyptians.

***Now look who immediately flies to Damascus after the Syrian president exchanges a few words with King Juan Carlos.***
PLO secretary arrives in Damascus Sunday Today’s Jerusalem Post article: Arafat invited to Damascus. http://www.arabicnews.com/ansub/Daily/Day/010806/2001080616.ht ml Bashar al-Assad on Saturday received a message from the Spanish King Juan Carlos. http://www.arabicnews.com/ansub/Daily/Day/010806/2001080608.ht ml Mahmoud Abbas in Damascus Syria-Palestine, Politics, 8/6/2001 The secretary of the PLO executive committee Mahmoud Abbas ( Abu Mazin) arrived in Damascus on Sunday. In an arrival statement to the press, Abu Mazin said that his visit to Damascus falls in the course of consultation with the Syrian leadership on vision towards the future. He added “ I will brief the Syrian leadership with the current developments in the occupied Arab territories.”


(http://www.jpost.com/Editions/2001/08/07/LatestNews/LatestNews. 32038.html) 09:35 Report: Assad invites Arafat to visit Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat has been officially invited to visit Syria, according to Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), Arafat’s deputy, Israel Radio reports.

***So what are we told Juan Carlos said to Assad which sent the PLO’s Nabil Shaat scurrying to Damascus? Then we ask, what did Juan Carlos REALLY tell Assad?***
(http://www.arabicnews.com/ansub/Daily/Day/010806/2001080601.ht ml) A message to al-Assad from Spanish King Syria-Spain, Politics, 8/6/2001 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday received a message from the Spanish King Juan Carlos. The message was delivered to the foreign minister Farouk al-Shara during his meeting with the Spanish ambassador in Damascus Javier Navoro. Talks, during the meeting, dealt with bilateral relations between the two countries. There is still room for optimism, Palestinian Planning and International Cooperation Minister Nabil Shaath told Jerusalem Post Radio this afternoon.

***Now, let us look at how Shaath coordinated his Spanish orders with then Israeli Foreign Minister, and Juan Carlos’ spy in the Knesset, Shlomo Ben Ami.***
http://www.jpost.com/Editions/2000/08/13/News/News.10828.html Arafat fails to get backing to declare state Meanwhile, Acting Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami, currently in Spain, said that if Arafat does go ahead and declare his state on September 13 it would likely cause “irreversible damage” to the peace process. Ben-Ami’s comment came during a meeting with Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Pique in Barcelona, on the second leg of a five-day journey to Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, and the Vatican to counter Arafat’s globetrotting efforts in search of international support. Ben-Ami warned at a press conference yesterday that Israel might take its own unilateral measures to counteract the declaration of a state by the Palestinians. “When someone breaks the rules of the game, it is possible that the other part takes unilateral measures as well,” he said. Ben-Ami asked Pique to use his influence in Spain and in the European Union to get Arafat to display a more “pragmatic approach” on the negotiations.


“You should warn Arafat about losing an historic opportunity that may not return,” he said. Pique, who met earlier in the day with PA Planning Minister Nabil Shaath, said he would work inside the European Union to ensure that it coordinates its position on a Palestinian state with the US. At a press conference in Madrid yesterday after meeting Javier Solana, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Ben-Ami, a former ambassador to Spain, said he would like Spanish King Juan Carlos to play a mediating role with Arab countries in peace talks focusing on the future of Jerusalem. “I have asked Pique to see if it is possible for King Juan Carlos to use his good relationships with some Arab countries to make the parties move closer about Jerusalem,” Ben-Ami said. Ben-Ami said the two sides had an historic opportunity to reach peace, but he played down the prospects for a new summit with the Palestinians. He had raised the possibility in Barcelona of “a short, decisive” meeting before September 13. “Our peace strategy leads to the possibility that perhaps, some time in the month of September, possibly at the end of the month, we will be ready to go to a summit in which we would be able to make decisions and reach the end of the conflict,” Ben-Ami said.

***If you think Juan Carlos is only interested in Israel and its neighbors, look at how he spreads his talons throughout the Middle East.***
June 29, 2001 King Juan Carlos receives Prince Salman at the outset of his official visit to Spain. The Spanish monarch: Saudi Arabia and Spain can play a role in contributing to reaching a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the region. Emir of Riyadh region: the nature of our links is the product of the two peoples’ moral and the cultural and historical heritage. King Juan Carlos I of Spain announced that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Spain can play a growing role to contribute to reaching a just, comprehensive and lasting peace for which all peoples in the region are longing. ‘‘The intimate friendship which binds our two families is not but a true picture that reflects the distinguished relations which binds our two peoples and countries, and which draw its roots from history.’’ Prince Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz, Emir of Riyadh region, had arrived in Madrid for several days official visit, and was received at the airport by Crown Prince of Spain Don Felipe De Borbon, who is also the Prince of Asturias, Fernando De Almansa, Chief of the Royal Palace, along with the


Director of Foreign Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the military corps in Madrid. In an address during a banquet, King Juan Carlos of Spain has affirmed that the current visit of Prince Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz, Emir of Riyadh region to Spain, will strengthen bilateral relations and enhance cooperation in various fields between the two countries. King Juan Carlos said ‘‘the visit of the Emir of Riyadh region to Spain, reflects the existing strong ties between the two countries.’’ The King of Spain asked Prince Salman to convey his best wishes and greetings to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz. ‘‘Spanish companies and investors are following up with great interest the opportunities that are available in Saudi Arabia,’’ King Juan Carlos said. With regard to the peace process in the Middle East region, King Juan Carlos said that Spain is following with great care and interest the difficult stage which the peace process is witnessing, but he added that it seems there is a little hope following eight months of violence. ‘‘The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Spain can play a larger role in contributing to reaching a just, comprehensive and lasting peace for which all peoples in the region are longing,’’ King Juan Carlos said. King Juan Carlos also said that after six months Spain will preside the EU and there will be a lot of fields in which opportunities for enhancing and intensifying cooperation and relations would be opened.

***And while the retired king makes his promises to Syria, the PLO, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia to take care of Israel the way they’d like to see it done, he pulls the blinders over the Jews.***
(http://www.ecjc.org/) The Delegation to the King Juan Carlos The King of Spain receives top representatives from the Second Assembly of European Jewish Communities. Another important issue for his Majesty is Israel’s situation, he hoped that peace will soon reach that area. All the attendants at the reception stated how interesting and important it was for them that the King had received them and listened to their message and concerns. Both the King’s statements and the Cardinal’s words, were symbolic signs of the desire to reconcile with the Jewish people and further that explain the reasons ECJC decided to hold the second GA in Spain.

***And that is how things really work in the Middle East.***


ARE THE BRITISH BEHIND ISRAEL’S MISERY? I will cave in to many readers’ requests and review two studies by writers I am instinctively uncomfortable with; one a Jew who converted to Christianity, the other, a Jew who works on behalf of an ideology promoting a German-run planet. The works I speak of are The Executive Intelligence Review’s Special Report: Who Is Sparking a Religious War in the Middle East—And How to Stop It, edited by Jeff Steinberg; and Tim Cohen’s book The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea. I suppose an analysis of both is mandatory since both cite me, in Cohen’s case, effusively. There is a great deal in common with both works since they agree that Great Britain is behind the bloodshed in the Middle East, using as its means, secret societies. This is not a new thesis; the investigative journalist John Coleman has written that Britain stands up there with Germany, Russia and Rome in the first line of atrocities against Jews this century and that her current plan is “to keep the nation of Israel apostate and under Masonic hegemony.” While both works agree with the second half of the sentence, Cohen despises the existence of an apostate Israel, while Steinberg would like nothing better than to see Israel’s religiosity disappear.
The EIR Report

The Executive Intelligence Review is the magazine outlet of a quirky political movement led by one Lyndon G. LaRouche, Jr. The one theme of LaRouche’s philosophy appears that the evil British real and secret empire, led by its royal family, must be destroyed to be replaced by a cleaner German-led Europe. In pursuit of the goal, the organization has, in the past, published worthy exposés of the world drug trade, Henry Kissinger and the Bush family. However, they are way out of their depth when tackling the Middle East. Here is the EIR’s worldview in a nutshell: Israel was led by an inspired Platonist, David Ben Gurion, whose dream was to build a nation to uplift the Third World. His vision was opposed by a “Fascist,” Zeev Jabotinsky and his Revisionist movement. He melded his secular Fascism with the religious Fascism of the cabbalist rabbi, Avraham Kook. Together they created a Jewish Fascist (the EIR loves the word Fascist) philosophy, which in 1933 134

resulted in the murder of Ben Gurion’s altruistic friend Chaim Arlozoroff. Two generations later, Ben Gurion’s protégé Yitzhak Rabin carried on his vision by signing a peace agreement with the PLO. But those nasty scions of Jabotinsky/Kook extremism sent their believer Dr. Baruch Goldstein to sabotage the peace with a massacre in Hebron and then sent another follower Yigal Amir to eliminate Rabin. Luckily, another advocate of Ben Gurion’s dream, Shimon Peres took over his mantle and, despite Ariel Sharon’s current Jabotinsky/Kook Fascist regime, is gathering all his powers of goodness to save Israel from, yes, again, Fascism. This, despite the somewhat mocking description, is an accurate summary of the EIR’s view of modern Israeli history. So why don’t we tear it apart point by point? ● Jabotinsky lived in pre-state Israel briefly in the 1920s before being deported by the British, I repeat, the British, those wicked imperialists who preferred that Ben Gurion lead the Jews. From there Jabotinsky moved to Paris, became heavily involved in Masonry (as exposed in an extensive Ha’aretz Magazine article recently) and connived with the French over the future of the Middle East. In 1933, while Jabotinsky led a worldwide economic boycott of Nazi Germany, Ben Gurion sent his buddy Arlozoroff to Germany to broker a deal known as the “Transfer Agreement”. In return for the Nazis expelling their Jews to Palestine, Ben Gurion and his coterie agreed to use their assets to support the Nazi regime in the face of the international boycott. To stanch the Revisionists objection to this utterly immoral arrangement, Ben Gurion falsely blamed them for Arlozoroff’s murder and had three Jabotinsky followers arrested. They were released shortly after, but the damage to Jabotinsky had been done. He and his followers were expelled from the Zionist movement and Ben Gurion’s murderous transfer agreement went through. The most likely motive for Arlozoroff’s murder, also revealed recently in a long Ha’aretz Magazine article, was his affair with Madja Goering, Herman’s wife, while in Germany negotiating the transfer agreement. This version of events is widely accepted in Germany 135

itself, thanks to a best-selling book there which concluded that the Nazis knocked off Arlozoroff, not the Revisionists. ● Rabin, a puppet of the Anglo Saxon New World Order, signed a “peace” treaty with the PLO, which he later regretted and tried to renege on. That cost him his life. At this point, the EIR’s shoddy research becomes more than a little irritating. Unlike Steinberg, I actually collected the eyewitness testimonies of the Hebron massacre. Not one witness, Jew or Arab, saw a lone shooter inside the killing mosque. But a whole bunch, including Arab religious and municipal leaders, saw two soldiers shoot anyone who tried to escape the pandemonium inside the mosque, from outside the exit door. Goldstein was a patsy for peace. As was Yigal Amir. Again, unlike the superficial researchers of the EIR, I took the trouble of actually gathering the police, court and hospital records, as well as all the eye-witness testimonies I could track down. While Amir never shot Rabin, three times, at point-blank range or from the front, that is how Rabin died according to the police laboratories and Rabin’s doctors. Amir shot blanks at Rabin and his bodyguard Yoram Rubin did the killing. And there are now five books out in Israel that accept and further prove these facts. And guess what? Three of the books, including my own, accuse, with much backing evidence, Shimon Peres of being the mastermind of the assassination. So, all in all, the EIR got NOTHING right. So is there any reason to take their view of current Israeli events seriously? My feeling is, mostly no, but don’t dismiss EVERYTHING, as I’ll illustrate shortly. Here is their version of the situation.
“In December 1995, the ‘Jerusalem’ freemasonic lodge was established, adjacent to the Temple Mount, in the Grotto of King Solomon, to work for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. The lodge worked side by side with the on-the-ground networks of Jewish and Christian fundamentalist fanatics, to foment a bloody religious war over the control of the Temple Mount. That such a lodge would be founded shortly after the IsraelPalestine peace breakthroughs at Oslo—and just weeks after the assassination of Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, an architect of that peace—is surely no coincidence.


“The Jerusalem Lodge was founded by Grand Master of Italian Regulat Freemasonry, Giuliano di Bernardo, the right-hand man of Lord Northampton on the Temple Mount project... “Di Bernardo also let slip that Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith director Abe Foxman is a collaborator in the Temple Mount project, Di Bernardo revealed that, ‘While Foxman lacks intellectual capital, Lord Northampton and he had met Foxman in Switzerland, just prior to the launching of the Jerusalem Lodge, to discuss their project, and have met with him on several other occasions. ‘There are strong relations between B’nai B’rith and Freemasonry,’ Di Bernardo explained. “The role of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge in the Temple Mount plot significantly predates the launching of the Jerusalem Lodge. Dr. Asher Kaufman, a corresponding member of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge, did some of the first post-war archaeological ‘studies’ of the Temple Mount, laying the foundations for the upsurge of the Jewish fundamentalist assaults on the site.”

And so on. In short, Prime Minister Sharon is a member of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge and he is being used as an instrument to set the Middle East aflame through assaults on the Temple Mount. Others in the plot include architect Leen Ritmeyer who has completed design studies of the Temple financed by Lord Jacob Rothschild, Stanley Goldfoot, an aging member of the Jewish underground of the 1940s, and a slew of Christian fundamentalist leaders determined to ignite the Final Days, no matter how many Jews die, including Dr. Lambert Dolphin, Chuck Missler and J. Randall Price. There you have it, the British plan for Israel as told by the EIR. Of the accused, I have met only Stanley Goldfoot. He invited me to his home to convince me to stop my political writing and turn to satire instead; admittedly, a peculiar request. As for enflaming the Middle East via the Temple Mount, a few weeks ago, an American military officer told me a huge fear in his intelligence circles is that a desperate and evil Yasser Arafat may be tempted to blow up the Al Aksa mosque, blame it on Israel, and provoke the jihad he so dearly desires for his cause. Just because the EIR gets so much wrong, doesn’t mean a perusal of their “research” is a complete waste of time. Buried within mounds of unfounded speculation, specious connections between people, and unjustified leaps of logic, are solid truths, even if they weren’t meant to be interpreted as such. 137

The EIR hates the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and accuses them of being behind America’s murderous policies, foreign and internal, but then, don’t we all. Yet in one instance, Steinberg, incredibly chooses to utilize a CFR source to reinforce his own case. The result is a small triumph for truth. Read on:
“In 1988, the scenario was already fully developed in the book Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel: For the Land and the Lord, published for the New York Council on Foreign Relations by Ian S. Lustick. He began his study 1n 1979-80, when he worked as a CFR Fellow at the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research...Lustick’s CFR scenario outlines how the plans of Jewish radical sects, such as Gush Emunim, to rebuild Solomon’s Temple on Al Haram Al Sharif, could ignite nuclear World War III. The following are excerpts from the book. “‘Washington must seek ways to prevent the explosiveness that surrounds Jewish fundamentalism from being unleashed...In Israel such a crisis would almost certainly involve repeated demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of Jews, violence against both Jews and Arabs, challenges to the authority and legitimacy of the government...the creation of scores of new illegal settlements, threats of civil war, a sudden influx of militantly ultra-nationalistic Diaspora Jews, and, as suggested above, attempts at spectacular actions such as the destruction of Muslim shrines in Jerusalem.’”

Look what the EIR has provided us: proof that the CFR’s machinations against the religious of Israel date to at least 1979. How Washington and the CFR have sought to fight this war against religion and the Right has been quite thoroughly documented in the next work critiqued, Tim Cohen’s The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea. There is much about Cohen’s treatise that makes me feel ill at ease. That he abandoned my perfectly good faith for another is hardly a reason to celebrate, but his religious arrogance is more than a little bothersome. As far as he is concerned, any belief that is not his, and that includes rabbinic Judaism, is paganism. That said, his viewpoint on Israel, like those of many prophetic Christians, is often crystal clear. And like many prophetic Christians, he shares an uncanny sense, that I wish my own rabbis would develop, of who is really after the Jews and why. Unlike, Steinberg, Cohen is not fooled by Ben Gurion’ s Platonism:
“Peres and Beilin appear to be working toward fulfillment of David Ben Gurion’s twisted 1962 predictions that ‘countries will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All


armies will be abolished and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine to the Prophets to serve the federated union on all continents...”

Cohen calls Ben Gurion’s vision, certainly the ultimate goal of the New World Order, “Plato’s pagan slave state.” And he notes that Ben Gurion was a member of the Committee of 300. Relying
“The British monarchy heads the Committee of 300, and the Royal heavily on John Coleman’s work, Cohen insists that:Institute of International Affairs, both of which control the US and Israeli CFRs. In other words, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles sit at the real top of the entire Mideast peace process.”

In prophetic circles, there is a serious exercise taking place to name the Antichrist. The leading candidates are King Juan Carlos of Spain and Prince Charles of Wales. Cohen’s theory is that Charles is the winner though I would favor Juan Carlos if asked. And this is a perfect week for such advocacy. First Syrian President Assad flew to Spain to meet Juan Carlos, then the pope lands in Damascus. Syria is now the focus of big-time NWO attention and I might suggest that it is being offered a kind of renewed Umayyid empire, a united Middle East bloc, with one faith and currency, whose capital will be Damascus. Of course, in time this bloc will have to join the EU, NAFTA and other blocs to create a one world government but that would be no problem for Assad provided he received the expected promises that Israel will be eliminated before then. Still, Cohen devotes his study to proving that Charles and his family are New Age spiritualists, drug dealers and murderers out to destroy Christianity and Israel. It is all a strong indictment of Charles, but it doesn’t add up to the Antichrist for me. Yet along the way, Cohen provides vital information about Jews working against Israel by aiding and abetting our enemies. He exposes the finagling between Lord Victor Mishcon, Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin to force Israel’s retreat from its sovereign territories. He reveals how Armand Hammer financed Charles’ personal NWO project, the United World Colleges. And look at this surprising revelation found by one of Cohen’s many sources:
“An example of how Gentile and Jewish Satanists collaborate together could be seen when Prince Philip of England’s representative Martin Palmer and Edgar Bronfman’s aide, Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg jointly announced their plans at the United Nations in 1989 for the Sacred


Literature Trust, which is a major project to revive Mother Earth worship.”

Cohen believes that Charles and the Vatican are conniving to create, “more than just a return to the old European order, in which the pope rules the spiritual realm and the emperor, the secular.” If that is the plan, judging by this week’s events in Syria, Cohen had better reconsider King Juan Carlos as the more qualified AntiChrist candidate. It’s clear that I am not an advocate of either work. Both have agendas that I have nothing to do with. Nonetheless, by their earnestness, both provide information essential to understanding the deep and secret manipulations against Israel. Now to sort it all out objectively. THE GUILT-RIDDEN JEWS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat shared the podium at the World Economic Conference in Davos, Switzerland. In attendance was a Jewish journalist named Thomas Friedman. After Arafat cursed Israel for half an hour, and Peres shook his hand after the display of venomous hatred, Friedman was so shocked that he told an Israeli economics journalist, Stephan Plosker that, “You have no peace partner until Arafat leaves the scene.” My, what a revelation from a New York Times Middle East “expert” who has spent two decades eroding Israel’s position in the US! That day, a pure, true revelation appeared on an Israeli political site www.debka.com. The writers there noted that it didn’t matter what Arafat said or who witnessed it in the audience, the real business took place behind the scenes “at the exclusive meetings of the Bilderberg group.” Subsequently, a few people sent me a TV listing from the US. It seems that CFR member Daniel Pipes, the author of two books on “conspiracy theories,” would be exposing, on a History Channel program, the paranoia of those who believe organizations like...
“...the Skull and Bones Society, Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg Group are up to plots against the people of the planet.”


I have before me the latest membership list of the CFR; Pipes is on it and so is Thomas Friedman. To remind those who don’t remember, during the 1980s, the New York Times sent two correspondents to Israel, David Shipler and Thomas Friedman. Shipler came first and he was a far less talented writer than his successor. However, he provided Friedman with most of his contacts, many of whom were Israeli Uncle Toms like Rabbi David Hartman, who liked the publicity and pandered to the reporters, telling them what New York radical Liberals liked to hear. Both Shipler and Friedman wrote books about their experiences as NY Times correspondents in Israel. Neither book had anything to do with the actual country of Israel, and Shipler’s long forgotten volume was atrociously written. But both journalists were awarded Pulitzer Prizes for creating an Israel that uniformly despised the Likud leadership and longed for close personal relationships with their Arab neighbors. Friedman’s book From Beirut to Jerusalem was far more damaging than Shipler’s because it was readable. Within, Friedman created out of the Middle East, a little New York, filled with fine people, all with impeccably good hearts. With a little understanding and lots of Israeli concessions, Lebanon could become another Long Island and Israel, the Borough of Queens. The damage came because Friedman put all the onus on Israel to be more charitable, and was completely blind to the medieval savagery of the people Israel is stuck with as neighbors. However, since the recent Davos meeting, Friedman is sorry he wrote all that stuff. At least that’s what his fellow CFRer Daniel Pipes writes in the Jerusalem Post. But let us wait before analyzing this “masterful” apology. First, let us look at the real world. By a coincidence, last night, I finished reading a truly masterful work; Europe’s Full Circle—Corporate Elites and the New Fascism by British economic writer Rodney Atkinson. This is a sober exposé of the Bilderberg Group and its allies in the Royal Institute for International Affairs in London and the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. The author concludes that these groups are dedicated to completing the economic plan of the Nazis and their Vatican compatriots, and in Europe the means is the Maastricht Treaty. Allow me to quote Atkinson: 141

“The European Union is based precisely on the social and economic structures of ‘The European Economic Community’ proposed by the Hitler regime in 1941. The covert and undemocratic methods of forcing European rule on Britain—through Treaty law, directives and regulations which largely bypass parliament—had their equivalent in the emergency laws by which Hitler governed Germany... The Treaty of Rome, which brought the European Community into being, was nurtured at Bilderberg meetings.”

Atkinson is kind enough to present a list of those who attended the exclusive 1995 Bilderberg Conference on forced economic globalization and guess who’s name appears alongside Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller? None other than NY Times Foreign Affairs columnist, Thomas Friedman! Now CFRer Daniel Pipes, decided to bail out his fellow CFR member, who just happens to also be a Bilderberger, the distinguished journalist Thomas Friedman. Now keeping in mind that Pipes is a proud conspiracy debunker, how does he do it? First he introduces his colleague, “Thomas Friedman may be the journalist who has the most influence on the way the outside world understands the Arab-Israel conflict.” Maybe true, but now we learn how he views the issue; “His signature concept is applying a globalization theory to the conflict.” Ooh, could he have picked that up at his Bilderberg/CFR meetings by some chance???
“If Arabs and Israelis would concentrate on fulfilling the imperatives of globalization, he argues, they would not only live better but also find themselves too busy making money to hate each other.”

This was not just Friedman’s stupid idea but note, this is also Peres’ New Middle East and isn’t it a cozy coincidence that both Peres and Friedman were at Davos together this year? It was this globalization concept of Peres and his partner in crime Yossi Beilin, that led them to handing the PLO 40,000 rifles, and thus turned both into accessories to mass murder. But Pipes forgives Friedman his role in Israel’s bloodletting because, “Of late, Friedman has woken up to Middle Eastern realities.” As if better late than never works out fine this time around. But that’s okay, too, because:
“To his credit, Friedman has candidly acknowledged his mystification...Sadder but wiser, Thomas Friedman is learning a deeper truth about the Middle East. This is one region where politics trumps economics.”


And so we end on an upbeat note. The world’s number one propagandist against Israel is sorry. He was wrong all along. And thanks to his Lodge buddy Pipes, we’re all going to thank him for changing his mind. Even those Jews mourning their dead will be grateful because Friedman has seen the light at last. Back to Atkinson’s Bilderberg list. What struck me was the paucity of Jewish Bilderberg members. The vast majority of members are from Northern Europe. There are undoubtedly Jews who have lost their moral compass and are plotting a world government based on the Nazi model but Friedman’s about-face leads to the conclusion that others were invited as dupes, to promote an agenda they were too dim-witted to see through. THE BEST LAID PLANS OF MICE The EU’s political head, Javier Solana showed up in Israel on July 24, and ran into the arms of Europe’s chief spy in the Israeli cabinet, Shimon Peres. And, because Solana and Europe are so dreadfully boring, hardly anyone paid attention to the evil significance of the visit. Luckily for us, an attorney, Constance E. Cumbey, is keeping close watch on Solana. She writes:
I have kept the closest of tabs on Dr. Solana since he first came to my attention -- November 22, 1995. I collected all I could find thereafter about his earlier activities. I have saved all to disk. Perhaps the best way to transmit might be by CD-ROM. I have prepared an informational video; I am working on a book about him. Since I practice law on a full-time basis, all is not easy. I did meet a Daniel Seaman, Director of the Foreign Press Department, Government Press Office, Office of the Prime Minister (then Barak) at a War Bonds for Israel dinner last fall. His address is 37 Hillel Street, Jerusalem 94581; telephone 972-2-623-3389-90; FAX 972-2-623-3388; Web Site www.gpo.gov.il. I did bend his ear at some length that evening about Javier Solana. He knew about the EU and damage coming from it, but was a little bit more clueless about Solana, but said he wanted to learn much more. He offered to get me press credentials if I wanted to come to Israel. I do believe he may have taken to heart what I told him and he might be an excellent contact. I told him he and the others in Israel would be very wise to learn as much about Solana as they knew about Hitler. Solana, unfortunately, appears to be tens of times shrewder and smarter than Mr. Hitler, and far more disarming. If one looks carefully, however, the fangs are obviously showing.


Ms. Cumbey’s approach is to absorb what Solana is telling the Arabs and what they are saying about him. She sent along some examples. Permit me to add some comments:
Greater EU role in Middle East peace process demanded

The Emirates News Agency (WAM) Posted Thursday May 24, 2001 - 10:12:26 AM EDT Abu Dhabi—A UAE newspaper hoped today the European Union (EU) would play greater role in mediation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, saying that the partisan role of the US had harmed peace-making. The “Gulf News” said in part : “The European Union (EU) is beginning to take a high-profile interest in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It has endorsed the Mitchell report and said it stands ready to assist the parties. “The EU head of foreign policy Javier Solana was a member of the Mitchell Commission which authored the report, and he has undertaken a tour of the region and held meetings with officials from both sides. The EU is one of the biggest aid donors of the Palestinians and has extensive economic interests and ties in the region.”

***Now let’s get this straight. Solana was a member of the Mitchell Commission, whose findings Israel alone adopted and since then has suffered over 700 terror attacks. Yet Solana tells the Arabs that the US role had harmed their peaceful interests. That means that Mitchell, the US mediator, was harmful but not Solana, who worked hand in hand with Mitchell to write his commission’s report. Either Solana is a double-dealing, back-stabbing cretin or he’s playing the role demanded of him, which is to make it appear that the EU and US have not coordinated Middle East policy. We can already conclude that if Mitchell demanded that Israel adopt a one-way cease-fire which lets the PLO murder with impunity, so did the EU.***
“Palestinians now want to see the EU play a greater role in mediation in the conflict with Israel. This would be beneficial for everyone. The overbearing and partisan role of the United States has done much to exacerbate the situation. Palestinians cannot get a just deal because the mediator is so clearly and avowedly biased. “The EU has always propagated a balanced approach to the conflict and insisted on the implementation of UN Resolution 242 and 338. It has also called for a freeze in settlements. “A more direct role would enable the EU to flex its political muscle and grow out of the shadows of the US. It would instill greater balance in diplomacy and perhaps provide the opening that everyone has been searching for,” the paper said.


***And now we see how Solana has pulled the wool over the Arabs’ eyes. He has convinced them that the EU’s policy towards Israel is more unbiased than America’s, and that it would press harder for Israel’s demise. By leaving this impression, Solana also does some wool-pulling over Israeli eyes. Clearly, they must reason, America is a much better friend of Israel than the EU... the same America which prepared and endorsed the Mitchell Commission report, of which, Solana was an active contributor. Now let’s have a look what Solana told the Syrians:***
Al-Assad confers with Solana, Syrian patriarchs

Syria-European Union, Politics, 5/22/2001. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday in Damascus’s al-Shaab palace received the European Union’s foreign policy and Security Council chairman Javier Solana and members of the accompanying delegation. The meeting was attended by the foreign minister Farouk al-Shara. Talks dealt with the conditions in the occupied Arab territories and the practices of genocide conducted by Israel against the Palestinians. The president stressed the importance of the ME peace progress in terms of maintaining clear-cut criteria according to provisions of the International legitimacy resolutions and the Madrid’s terms of reference with a view to achieving a just and comprehensive peace. Al-Assad also noted the effective role of the EU has to play in the peace process. An agreement was concluded on continuing contacts between Syria and the EU. In a statement to SANA following his meeting with President al-Assad, Solana described the talks as very positive and constructive.

***Solana has just attended a meeting with the Syrian resident and foreign minister and the topic is Israel’s ongoing genocide against the Palestinians. Does he vigorously reply that the only genocide being discussed in the region is the Arabs’ plans for Israel? Does he condemn the PLO’s serial murder of innocents? Nope, he views what was discussed as constructive.***
He said that his talks with President al-Assad covered the situation in the region and relations between the EU and Syria. He added: “I am very pleased and wish to go back to Damascus to complete my talks.” He continued: “‘We, in the European Union, are trying our best to stop the cycle of violence and to create the conditions that allow the resumption of constructive negotiations.” Solana, who is on a Middle East tour of five countries and the Palestinian territories, added that he had: “good and productive” talks with President al-Assad, which also


covered negotiations on an association agreement between Syria and the EU. “I had a very good meeting with the President.. I think I have a very good picture about the thinking of Syria about the situation in the region.”

***Look what Solana offered Syria; an associate membership in the EU, with all the monetary benefits that go along with joining the club. Now why would the EU welcome Syria as a junior partner? For its future contributions to the well-being of the European continent? To spread its fine human rights record to the world? And why would Syria agree unless the EU and Solana made some very concrete proposals concerning Israel? Now what could they include?***
It was also on Monday, the president received at the Damascus al-Shaab Palace Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for the Greek Orthodox, Patriarch Zakka Iwaz I, the patriarch of Antioch and all the east for Syrian Orthodox, Higher President of the Syriac Church in the World, Patriarch Isador Bateikha, the deputy patriarch for the Greek Catholics. The patriarchs expressed their “high appreciation for the President’s wise leadership, his national attitudes and his efforts for activating Arab solidarity in confrontation of the current challenges.

***Could it be Solana made a promise to get the Jews out of the Old City of Jerusalem and Assad just couldn’t wait to tell the good news to his Christian patriarchs?*** At this very moment, some 200 European troops from a Ukrainian division, are learning the lay of the land in Jerusalem. They have been spotted roaming the Old City by several of my correspondents. Israel’s perfidious leader Sharon is supposedly opposing the presence of EU troops while knowing they are already wandering his land. He would prefer inviting a contingent of CIA monitors, we are told, as if they won’t be coordinating their murderous plots against Israel with the soldiers of the EU. Last week, the settlers were set up but good. A former Kach leader, Noam Federman, had three bombs planted in his car by radical elements of the General Security Services (Shabak). A lie was spread that he had planned to use them against Arabs. He wisely blamed the Shabak for the setup, but that didn’t stop the Shabak from continuing their plan. Next, three Arabs, including an infant, were shot dead on a road near Hebron and the “Committee for Road Safety” took responsibility. This same group was run by the Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv in the early 1990s, which the 146

Shabak obviously forgot when they tried blaming Kach for the murders. Everything is in place: the EU troops are coming, the CIA is on the way in bigger and more deadly numbers to “stop the violence” by removing the “violent” settlers from their homes, starting with Hebron and ending, for a spell, in Jerusalem. However, there is a fly in the ointment, a spanner in the works, that could put an end to these best laid plans of mice, and that is the Rabin murder. As a result of President Katzav’s early release of Margalit Har Shefi, there has a been a spirited revival of Rabin truth and demands for it. Here are two radio reports sent to me by correspondents:
Yesterday, the Radio interviewed Yitzchak Rabin’s grandson regarding the release of Margalit Har Shefi. The grandson revealed that Leah Rabin had her doubts and questions about the assassination of Yitzchak but was afraid to open Pandora’s box. Today, 18.7.01, on the Jojo Aboutbul evening radio talk show, an Israeli journalist from Bet El went live on the line to praise President Katzav for pardoning Har Shefi. He went on to disclose that, according to a cabinet protocol released shortly after the Rabin murder but immediately banned from further publication, a very senior cabinet minister suggested during a cabinet meeting that “we must stage a political assassination” in order to further the Oslo process. The journalist said the cabinet meeting protocols were available for a day or two, then strictly banned by government and GSS decrees and failed to reach the mass media. Nevertheless, he’s got a copy of it. He went on to say that the public did not get a chance to demand a REAL investigation into the Rabin murder and unfortunately the real murderer is still at large. At this point Juju forcefully cut him off, in mid-broadcast.

Now, of course, we know that cabinet minister was Shimon Peres, the same fellow who smilingly hugged Solana earlier today. And if the Rabin assassination truth emerges, he will fall hard, as will the coterie of “peacemakers” who have brought Israel to the precipice of extinction. And look who demanded that the truth come out! Recall July 24, because on this day, after nearly six years of cowardly silence, the Jerusalem Post finally displayed integrity. The concluding paragraphs of its main editorial read:
The fact remains that the killing of Rabin continues to haunt Israeli society, as the ruckus over the Har Shefi pardon made all too apparent. There are still too many questions that remain open, such as the role of


GSS agent-provocateur Avishai Raviv, for the wounds on the national psyche to have healed properly and fully. Indeed, Raviv is suspected of far more grievous crimes than Har Shefi, yet he still has not been brought to trial. The Raviv case could very well answer many of the lingering uncertainties surrounding the assassination regarding who knew what and when they knew it. If Israeli society is to truly succeed in uniting, it will have to come to terms with the divisions engendered by that horrific act, and the only way to do so is to start by removing whatever question marks still remain. Let us hope that such clarity will be achieved promptly and unequivocally.

For the first time since the Rabin assassination, we all applaud the Jerusalem Post... all except Solana, Peres, Gillon and company. BEHIND THE AMERICAN CONDEMNATION The viciousness of the American condemnation of Israel’s killing of six Hamas leaders in Nablus has caught more than a few people off guard. Delivered, as usual, by a sold out Jew figurehead named Ari Fleischer, screeching like a wronged fish maiden, that “a ceasefire is a ceasefire is a ceasefire,” the Bush administration questioned Israel’s right to defend itself. Of course, the only question the White House should have asked Israel is, “What took you so long?” Since the Israeli action was clearly a military triumph, why would the Bush gang have been so quick on the trigger to shoot down the first clear signal from the Sharon administration that it had had enough with Hamas murders? Could it be that the hooligans at the White House are not interested in Israel’s survival? It is not every day that one receives a phone call and long fax from a retired member of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff. This week retired Col. A.B. Cuppett, a former member of the US Army Joint Staff, recipient of the Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award and the Bronze Star, did so contact me and relayed information of such terrifying import, that many of my readers will dismiss it out of psychological self-defense. That would not be a wise idea. I quote from sections of the fax sent to me. Col. Cuppett relates that the American administration is fully cognizant of the “1939 vs.1999 Third Reich similarities,” which are 148

being perpetrated against Israel by, “the United Nations and the New World Order.” The plan includes:
...the necessary foreign troops/policemen to execute the planned implementation of another 1939-45 holocaust. The same spirit which annihilated six million-plus Jews sixty years ago is still extant, active and poised in the United States today.

On June 28, 2001, Col. Cuppett was advised of:
...a serious report of plans to allow UN police units to patrol US international airports in the event of an Arab-Israeli war in the Middle East.

These troops will also be placed at nine European airports and will be used to derail an Israeli “call-up of reservists for military duty.” Further, the UN will prevent ships carrying reservists from sailing for Israel.
The UN shall soon declare Zionism to be racism...affirm that settlements are a crime against humanity and equate the Jewish people with the likes of Hitler and Stalin...When the war breaks out, Moslems will riot in the US, and Jews, trying to go to Israel, for any reason, including bringing funds to aid the besieged state, will be arrested at the airports.

All the above information was relayed to me by a Field Grade US military officer, a US Army LTC and a USAF Major. If any reader doubts that a new Holocaust is being planned, take a look at how Europe is being primed for the kind of anti-Semitism not seen in six decades. In the eyes of the European media, Israel can do nothing right and any act of self-defense is an act of barbarism. Six decades ago, the savage peasants of Croatia, Lithuania and Poland were the tools of the Nazi mass murder of Jews. This time, the equally ignorant Arab masses are being roused to take care of the sadism. So who is behind the provocations against Israel? Once again, look across the street from the Vatican at the headquarters of Society of Jesus, better known as the Jesuits, for the answer. The following reports were sent by a few correspondents, but especially an insightful woman from Toronto who wants no recognition. Her only reward is the safety of Israel. She writes:
You may be interested to know that both George Tenet and George Mitchell are Georgetown graduates!


The two men most responsible for Israel’s murderous predicament are both graduates of Washington’s Jesuit control center at Georgetown University. But then, look who at who are honorary graduates of the same campus, King Juan Carlos of Spain and his Prince, Felipe.
(http://www.nato.int/docu/speech/1996/s960220a.htm) In the opening paragraph of this address Javier Solana addresses the students re: his country’s distinguished connection to Georgetown, stating Prince Felipe graduated from Georgetown and King Juan Carlos received an honorary doctorate from Georgetown as well.

And what ties Juan Carlos has to President Bush! I couldn’t find the picture I originally came across of President George Bush Sr. and King Juan Carlos on the palace steps November 14, 2000. I however, found this short article from the Washington Post which verifies the same. I just found the timing of this particular meeting most interesting, since it was only seven days following the American elections and prior to George W. being finally announced president after the ballot fiasco. Interesting also that he had Norman Schwarzkopf with him. It was the timing which caught my attention. I was wondering if perhaps this was a planning meeting to bring to completion (re: NWO) under George W. which wasn’t finished under his administration.
(http://washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A14414-2000Nov13.html) Never mind all those celebs who threatened to leave the United States if George W. Bush were elected. Bush’s ex-president dad, George H.W. Bush, has actually left. The elder Bush spent the weekend in Spain hunting for red-leg partridge with King Juan Carlos, retired general Norman Schwarzkopf and ex-Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, and plans to meet today with His Majesty and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. “We’re not supposed to discuss that.”

Now look at this item from the Jerusalem Post, to get an understanding of how the Italian Jesuit, Juan Carlos is running Israel’s leadership on behalf of the Supreme Jesuit General, the “Black Pope” of the Vatican.
Arafat Fails to Get Backing to Declare State

At a press conference in Madrid yesterday after meeting Javier Solana, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Ben-Ami, a former ambassador to Spain, said he would like Spanish King Juan Carlos to play a mediating


role with Arab countries in peace talks focusing on the future of Jerusalem. “I have asked Pique to see if it is possible for King Juan Carlos to use his good relationships with some Arab countries to make the parties move closer about Jerusalem,” Ben-Ami said.

Now let’s see how the Italian leadership is manipulating the most powerful Arab leader to get those EU/NATO/UN troops into Israel:
Egypt-Italy Talks on Peace Observers on Palestinian Areas

Egypt-Italy, Politics, 7/28/2001 Italy has started pan-European and International contracts in light of talks between president Hosni Mubarak and Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi to deploy international observers to the Palestinian territories. In his talks with his Italian counter part Renato Rugioro, foreign minister Ahmed Maher discussed the efforts to dispatch international observers to the areas of clashes. Ruggioro said Italy has wide experience in peace keeping and observer operations as it participates in peace efforts in areas of clashes in the world under UN or NATO banners. Analysts say Mubarak-Berlusconi talks were significant with the new Italian leadership.

Now guess who is currently meeting the pope to coordinate the slaughter of Jews?
Palestinian Leader Arafat to Meet Pope

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat is set to visit Rome on Wednesday and Thursday and will meet with Pope John Paul II. The Palestinian leader is also expected to meet Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Foreign Minister Renato Ruggiero to discuss the situation in the Middle East, sources in Rome said. President Arafat is currently visiting Morocco, Tunisia and other Arab states to discuss support for international observers to help bolster a now-broken ceasefire between Israeli and Palestinian forces. President Arafat is due to arrive in the Italian capital on Wednesday evening and will meet the Pope on Thursday morning.

Not that the plots against Israel aren’t inter-denominational. The New World Order’s declared intention of forming a one-world religion, with its capital sitting on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, insures inter-religious harmony, if you don’t happen to be a rabbi. 151

Now how is it Arafat is going to Rome to meet the Pope just a couple of days after meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Cardinal of Ireland?
(http://www.jpost.com/Editions/2001/07/31/News/News.31549.htm) Speaking at the press conference following meetings with both Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, Carey went out of his way to praise both.

And what is the first object of these meetings?
EU report: the settlers are ready to evacuate the settlements

Israel-Palestine, Politics, 7/27/2001 A secret report by the European Union .............

And it is not only Israel’s government that is cooperating in the plots against the Jewish State. Take a gander at Binyamin Netanyahu’s secret meeting with Assad at the behest of the Spanish prime minister. Actualite Juive (Paris) 26th of July by Jean-Jacques Biton
Monaco—Benyamin Netanyahu met Syrian president Bashar al Assad at the initiative of Spanish prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar, who organized the meeting by phone. A private meeting between Netanyahu and Assad took place at l’Hotel Hermitage on Sunday 27th of June. Sources say the secret meeting concerned an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights.

My, my, my, aren’t the Spaniards planning another Inquisition, and just like earlier this century, aren’t their Jesuit bosses using the corrupted Jewish leadership to lead their people into annihilation? SNOWBALL EFFECT, TIDAL WAVE Our previous message included some terrifying information imparted by a former member of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff, Col. Al Cuppett. The following snowball effect led to a personal visit by a former US Navy submarine sailor with even more important information about, “a much higher ranking former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” Admiral William Owens. Owens, a four star Admiral, high ranking member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a Rhodes scholar, was the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the early 1990s. In 152

1990, he was a temporary Five Star Admiral while commanding the Sixth Fleet during the Persian Gulf War.
“The last time I met him,” recalls the visitor, “I caught him on his cell phone negotiating the sale of Motorola’s Irridium global satellite network to the American government. He is now the CEO of Teledesek, a corporation 25% owned by Saudi Arabia, which is building a worldwide satellite-operated cellular network. He assured me that within five years, every person on the planet will have access to the network. I expressed deep misgivings about the likely misuse of this cellular monopoly but he promised me, ‘It’ll be good for everyone. Even the poorest peasant will be able to afford to join in. Calls to anywhere will cost about three cents.’”

The discussion digressed to the current use of cell phones in Israel to locate PLO terrorists and Jewish settlement leaders targeted for assassination. Any hit squad can ambush its quarry to within a few meters if he is carrying his mobile phone, and that has led to a huge percentage of successful assassinations in the past year. Even if the phone is off, a hidden passive power source can send out location signals. The fact that Saudi Arabia is a one quarter owner of Owens’ upcoming worldwide surveillance dream, will become a nightmare for Israeli security.
“Bill Owens was the skipper of my submarine twenty years ago. All the crew viewed him as a likeable, caring officer. He decided that he’d like to recommend me for officer training and I agreed to take the course if it was offered to me. Before he submitted his recommendation to Washington, he invited me for a private discussion in his quarters. “After a bit of small talk he asked me, ‘If the US turned on Israel like it should, would you be prepared to launch a Subroc against Israel?’ A Subroc is a nuclear tipped rocket. I told him that it would never happen. He answered that it very well might happen. I replied that God wouldn’t let it happen. That was the end of the conversation. He dismissed me and I wasn’t recommended for officer training. “But over time, we have kept in touch. He is not a man to tell me more than what he thinks I ought to know. Still, he told me some things that Israelis should understand already. The most bothersome concerned the position of the Sixth Fleet during the Persian Gulf War. You would think it would have been anchored off Saudi Arabia or steaming toward Kuwait. It wasn’t. Admiral Owens never took his fleet out of the Mediterranean. I asked him why and he answered that his ships were protecting the region from enemy interdiction in the war. I asked which enemy and he replied, ‘Libya, for instance.’”

Needless to say, the answer was unsatisfactory. Libya does not and did not have the capability to tackle the allied forces patched 153

together by George Bush, Colin Powell and their NWO cronies. Even if it could make trouble, the whole Sixth Fleet wasn’t needed to prevent it. However, part of the fleet was anchored off Haifa, a long way from Libya, and Iraq for that matter. Israel was ordered not to react militarily to Iraqi Scud attacks. The politician in charge of the operation was Defense Minister Moshe Arens, a member of the CFR’s Middle East Advisory Committee. Every effort was made to keep Israel a helpless sitting duck, including rigging polls to show most Israelis were in favor of restraint no matter how many missiles fell on them. Arens played ball, the visitor concluded, not because he betraying Israel but because Admiral Owens was sailing off his coast and if Israel dared defend itself, he would have launched that Subroc against the country. Haifa could have been flattened in a matter of seconds if Arens or Prime Minister Shamir dared defy the CFR’s Sixth Fleet Admiral, William A. Owens.
“The last time we met,” continued the visitor, “he almost revealed something just as powerful. He told me, ‘If Rabin wasn’t murdered, we might have had peace. He had a special relationship with President Assad of Syria and he holds all the cards in the region. Rabin’s death put an end to our best diplomatic shot.’ “I said to him, ‘You know the convicted assassin didn’t do it, and the ties to the murder run through Peres and France?’ His answer was succinct; ‘I saw the film: Rabin’s bodyguards pulled back.’”

REALITY CREATION FOR THE IGNORANT On September 30, 2000, a twelve year old Gazan boy named Muhammed ad-Dura was shot while huddled against a wall with his father, trapped in a firefight between the PLO and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The shooting was filmed by French TV and the PLO exploited the incident to fuel a bloody terror war against Israel, turning the boy into an international martyr through the foreign media. Numerous responsible Israelis such as Yaacov Verker and Yosef Doriel approached this same media with conclusive evidence that the IDF could not have shot the boy. The film proved that Muhammed ad-Dura was shot from in front and above. The IDF troops were behind him and at his side. 154

That meant that the PLO, in an incredibly ugly act of cynicism, shot the boy and milked him for all that he was worth. And maybe even more: Yaacov Verker’s research led him to the conclusion that ad-Dura survived the shooting. For 18 months, the world media refused to accept that the PLO shot the boy, to the point that when the IDF’s own investigative team reached the same conclusion, it was subjected to derision. Finally, one lone producer from German TV, Esther Shapira, broadcast the filmed proof that the IDF were not in position to have done the shooting. It was a rare instance of media truth about Israel, and just watch it get ignored everywhere. The innocent boy will continue to be a victim of Israeli cruelty no matter what the truth because the major world media are serving their political bosses’ agenda of destroying Israel by pumping up the anti-Semitism, especially in Europe, to pre-Holocaust levels. There is nothing accidental or random about the twisted news angles from Israel and we’re going to prove it by what the media is NOT reporting. However, before we take a look at the international media, let’s see how bad things are in Israel. Turn on your sets to Channel One’s 7:30 news report and you get to see a map of Israel minus Yesha. Yup, the good folks who run the government-owned station, those selfsame visionaries who brought us the joys of the Oslo peace, have removed those contentious territories from the map, along with, presumably, the quarter million Israelis who live in them. Then, as one informant tells me, there is the issue of censorship at the communal farmsteads. The Labor Party-affiliated publishing house, Kibbutz Hameuhad published an edition of Joan Peters’ book From Time Immemorial. This is the book the PLO has had banned wherever it had the persuasive power to do so, because it proves that there is no ancient Palestinian people. Peters confirms what every travel writer of the 19th century saw: the Turkish province where Israel sits today, was nearly depopulated, and in the few urban centers that existed, such as Jerusalem, Tsfat and Tiberius, Jews were the majority. She backs the travel writers with detailed censuses undertaken by the Turks and British. Central to her thesis that the ancient Palestinian people 155

is a myth, is the huge jump in the population of the Arabs after the British arrived. Arabs from as far away as Iraq were being encouraged by the British to settle in the Palestinian colony they had occupied. Most of today’s Palestinians have lived in the land they claim as their own, for no more than eighty years. At the same time as the British were luring distant Arabs to the land, mostly by economic opportunities, they approved the establishment of a Jewish state on the same land. Just as they had done in Africa and on the Indian sub-continent, the British were deliberately creating future chaos, all the better to control once their forces had gone home. My informant relates:
I wanted a copy of the Hebrew edition of Peters’ book and called every bookstore in Tel Aviv. They were taken off the shelves. So I phoned the publisher, Kibbutz Meuhad to order a copy. I was told not a copy of the book was left in their inventory and they would never publish it again, no matter how many people ordered it. I asked why and was told the book harms the peace process.

Indeed it would, if the goal is to create a distorted reality of events. But everyone is doing it. When a bomb killed 12 people in a Jerusalem restaurant, the BBC chose to cover the atrocity with a report on Israeli occupation in Gaza. Irrelevant coverage is just as good as no coverage at all. Still, no coverage is the prime means of distortion. Let’s have a look at some of the stories that somehow, are deemed unnewsworthy.
Who Needs Christians Anyway?

In 1992, 40,000 Christians lived in Bethlehem, and they had a considerable presence in Jericho and Jerusalem. Today, they’re all but gone, maybe 8,000 remain in Bethlehem and just hundreds in Jericho. Some found refuge in supposedly Israeli-controlled Jerusalem, but the long arm of the PLO is driving them out of there almost as quickly. The Christians were terrorized, threatened, molested, robbed, raped, beaten and murdered until they got the hint that they were unwanted in PLO-land. But why report this trivial story? 156

Business, We Don’t Need No Filthy Business!

In 1992, the Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza had a thriving commerce and as good a local economy as is found in the Middle East. No more, because the PLO thugs, and those of the “radical elements” strong-armed the proprietors out of business. If you own a store or factory in PLO-land, you pay protection money or else! With their businesses in tatters, and nothing left to lose, a significant number of such proprietors have moved their families to Israel, fearing what will become of them when the extortion capital has run out. But who cares about greedy capitalists anyway?
We’re Not Talking to That Troublemaker

A few weeks ago, a bomb went off next to a high school in the Arab village of Sur Bahr, wounding 13 students. CNN was the first to report that it was the work of “Jewish extremists,” and that’s the line that was spread worldwide. But all that was needed was the most cursory of background reporting to set the record straight. You see, Sur Bahr is the only Arab village to have openly declared that it doesn’t relish the idea of being taken over by the PLO. Life is better without the PLO mucking things up. Needless to say, the PLO felt hurt by the rejection and pumped two bullets into the village mayor Zuhair Hamdam. The prime and only suspect in the bombing was the PLO, not an imaginary group of “Jewish extremists” who have not been heard from since. However, reporting about an Arab village that thinks the PLO isn’t keen, is bad for the peace business. It’s much prettier to spend airtime on hopeless experiments in reconciliation between the Jewish radical left and handpicked Arabs.
The Rabin Assassination

I can personally attest that there are lots of local and foreign media in Israel who know Yigal Amir was the patsy in the Rabin assassination. I know of one local social reporter who is convinced Shimon Peres organized the murder, but gives him glowing press for their common cause. Even the secretary of the Foreign Press Association here has asked me to fax documentation and has told me she suspected a conspiracy from the night of the murder. 157

Here’s a typical incident. David Chater of Sky News interviewed me at my home for two hours. He understood the evidence just fine but when his report was aired, my portion had been edited out. I asked why and was told the decision was made in London. Instead of exploding the scandal, Chater ended up reporting that unfounded rumors of foul play found advocates in Israel. Only those condemning the “rumors” made it to the small screen. I could name ten Israeli reporters who wrote fair articles about my work, only not to see it appear in print or on film. I can name one who told me he was warned that his career would be over if he ever reported on the Rabin murder again. You see, it’s much better for peace if Rabin was murdered by a Jewish extremist and not by the peace-loving Foreign Minister. Now that we’ve proven unethical, selective or downright deceitful reporting, one must ask why do the reporters do it? An anecdote: A number of years ago, the Cuban-born Jerusalem bureau chief of the Miami Herald called me, saying he was looking for an assistant. I went to his office and before even getting acquainted, he asked me, “Who do you vote for?” I answered, “The Likud.” He replied, “I’m sorry, I can’t use you.” Flabbergasted I said, “Do you know it’s illegal to discriminate like that?” His cool retort was, “Not here it’s not.” Touche. I’ve met enough of the “journalists” to generalize: they’re not very bright and they were chosen for their assignments because of their politics and lack of ethics. They are serving the hidden masters of this planet, and I won’t pull out my Council on Foreign Relations members list right now to prove it. But the chairmen of NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, Newsweek et al are all members of the CFR. And they are kind to Israel compared to the creepy characters working for the Bilderberg-controlled European media. Now here’s how you aid and abet the mini-Holocaust taking place in Israel today and prepare world opinion for more extermination of Jews: you distort reality.


You’re Occupying Their Territory

Since 99% of “Palestinians” now share the subtle joy of being ruled by their own, Israel can’t be accused of occupying the Palestinian people. So the big, big justification for murdering Israelis is that they’re occupying their territory. Now who says it’s their territory? Barbara Walters for one. She told a colleague of mine that it’s a given in the media that Yesha is Palestinian land and there is no hope of ever reverting the concept. Not as long as the truth isn’t being told. What truth is that? That there never was a Palestinian state or people. That both are midtwentieth century inventions. That from 1948, 800,000 Jews were expelled from Arab lands with all their assets confiscated and that the 500,000 Arabs who left Israel at the same time could have been compensated from the stolen Jewish assets. That Israel settled its refugees and the Arabs left theirs in squalor. That the whole conflict could have been settled back then with a, ‘you take in your refugees, we’ll take in ours,’ deal. Judea and Samaria not Jewish? Well then, the PLO had better change the Hebrew names of their towns. Hebron in Hebrew means Little Friend; Ramallah, Great Heights; Jericho; Moon Town; Bethlehem, Bakery. And why should the media mention that before being massacred by the Arabs in the 1920s, a Jewish community had existed in Hebron from King David’s time? Or that a string of Jewish villages existed from Jerusalem to Hebron before they were razed by the Arabs in 1948? Or that not one Arab village existed in the Jordan Valley from Jericho to Bet Shean before the Israelis settled there and made the land worthwhile enough for “Palestinians” to claim today that somehow they have a right to it. Then there is the fact that not only did the British settle Arabs from throughout the Middle East in their Palestine, but after 1948, Egypt shifted thousands of its people to the Gaza Strip to maintain control. Gazans and West Bankers are not one happy family because a good chunk of the Gazans are, in fact, Egyptian. All those unpleasant historical facts, must never be hinted at; after all, they could harm the war process. 159

There Is Cycle of Violence in the Middle East

Now here is what’s really going on. The PLO and associated gangs take great pains to murder civilians, the younger the better. The Israeli army takes great pains to kill those shooting at its civilians. If Israel kills a non-combatant, it’s an accident. If the PLO kills a soldier, odds are he’s out of uniform sipping coffee at a cafe, or, an accident. Now how come the great institution of the free press doesn’t ask, what kind of a people sends its teenagers out to blow themselves up? Because the answer is, a monstrous people. Back in the 30s, many in the media reported on the achievements of Nazi Germany in terms not unlike those used to describe the “Palestinian” enterprise. When asked to cuddle monsters, they end up fondling them for their masters. And this kind of raw lying, hiding, twisting and distorting won’t end because Saudi Arabia owns controlling shares of UPI and a sizable piece of CNN. The Saudi leadership, long ago appointed by British and American oil companies, walk hand in hand with their buddies from the CFR and Royal Institute of International Affairs. And why shouldn’t they? Without Israel as the whipping boy, Arabs might begin to question their own repressive leaders, religion and culture. Which, of course, is the true road to peace. If the Arabs ever wake up to how they’ve been impoverished in every way by the outsiders who control their leaders, they might begin to see reality, instead of the distorted picture shown in the media, which is keeping them ignorant and turning them barbaric. If the Arabs don’t snap out of it, then they should know: after Israel, them.



A TALE OF TWO CENTERS: The Criminal Mindset of Shimon Peres versus The Truth Seeping Out of Rabin’s Edifice Shimon Peres had a busy month. Not as Foreign Minister especially, but as director of the Peres Center for Peace. You see, there is no real justification for this center’s existence. Its stated purpose is to promote business ties between Israelis and Arabs and based on this worthy sounding goal, it has raised tens of millions of dollars from private donors and the World Bank. However, no such projects have been initiated by the center. Instead it hosts bi-annual meetings of cooperative regional thugs to talk about regional cooperation. The only project that got off the ground was an unmitigated fiasco called the Peace Cup. Here’s how it worked. Last summer, the center hosted a soccer tournament held in Rome. Perennial Italian champs, Juventus Rome and teams from Israel and its Arab neighbors were to play each other for the Peace Trophy. Though Israel sent a team, Betar Jerusalem, none of Israel’s Arab neighbors but Jordan consented to participate. So the three teams played three 30 minute games one night in front of literally dozens of enthusiastic Italian fans in a stadium holding 60,000. First Juventus beat Jordan 11-0 in half an hour, then Betar proceeded to slaughter the Jordanians 7-0. Finally, to the disgust of all 57 Italian fans, Betar beat Juventus 1-0 for the championship. The Jordanians, beaten 18-0 in an hour felt anything but peaceful afterward. As far as they were concerned, they were lured into a trap designed to illustrate the total impotence of Arab sporting efforts. In fact, they better illustrated the total impotence of the Peres Center for Peace. As usual, its vision of peace just fueled more hate and hostility. 161

In order for him to justify his center’s existence, it is incumbent upon Peres to get a few more fiascos rolling, and that requires finally, funding economic co-existence. So he has spent the past month raising money for hi-tech ventures in the Arab sector of Israel, ventures, of course, doomed to fail since there are, without exaggeration, no original hi-tech projects in the entire Arab world. Like his Peace Cup joke, Peres’ vision will result in an 18-0 loss because it is the vision of a diseased mind. And the result will be the same; more hatred and hostility. Nonetheless, Peres used his pal Benny Gaon, head of Koor Industries to raise $10 million for the doomed ventures, then took a trip to America with another buddy, Rabbi Michael Melchior to persuade American Jewish businessmen to throw their money away on Peres Center hopeless projects in the Arab sector. If they only knew the criminal mindset of Peres and his center, these star struck Americans would have kept their wallets tightly in their front pants pocket where they belong. Let’s look at just one example of how the Peres Center thinks. And this time, for a change, the convincing proof of Peres’ central role in the Rabin assassination does not get even a passing mention. Instead, let us look at the construction of the new Peres Center headquarters in Yaffo. A major donor, the Peres Center refuses to give out his identity, agreed to build a sparkling new building to house the Peres dream, designed by an Italian architect. Yaffo municipality head Israel Peleg, a longtime Peres crony, invited him to build the facility in his town and offered a selection of suitable sites. None was good enough for Peres; he wanted a building in his name with a sea view. So he chose a plot of land on the previous site of a hospital and insisted it would be his. Here’s where Peres’ criminal mindset comes into play. It was illegal to build on the site, but that never stopped Peres before. Just look who ran the Peres Center. The Chairman was Carmi Gillon, head of the General Security Services (Shabak) at the time of the Rabin murder and a proven conspirator in the assassination itself. The Director is Uri Savir, a chief negotiator of the Oslo Accords, whose deceit and lies to the Israeli public will someday lead to criminal charges. And sitting on the board is former Chief Justice 162

Meir Shamgar, who headed the government commission of inquiry that covered up the truth of the Rabin assassination. The rest of the board includes a who’s who of local and international greed mongers, who may be viewing the center’s money laundering potential with unfettered lust. The Tel Aviv City Hall had designated the Yaffo site as a public park in its ordnance, Boardwalk Project 2236. The land was slated to be a continuation of the Yaffo boardwalk with a sea view for all residents to enjoy. Any construction which blocked the view was forbidden. Not that this little roadblock stopped Peres. His “experts” found another city ordnance which seemed to nullify the first. Because the land previously housed a hospital, another public building could legally replace it. That’s the law at Tel Aviv City Hall, and somehow Peres persuaded Tel Aviv’s mayor and city council to buy the argument and give him over an acre of invaluable seafront property FOR FREE. Yes, you heard it right. Peres got the land for 49 years at 2% of the real estate value of a public building or 2% of nothing. Only the Peres Center for Peace is not a public institution. It is entirely private. So how did Peres get around this nasty fact? Now watch this to better understand the criminal mindset. Because the Peres Center is a non-profit foundation, whose goal is to serve the public, it is by definition a public institution. The business newspaper Globes summed up the absurdity better than I could. It wrote:
By that definition, every one of the thousands of foundations in Israel are public institutions including the Foundation for Orchid Growers, the Foundation for the Promotion of Racing Horses and the Foundation for the Expansion of Chocolate Drinks. They are all now eligible for the breaks that come with being government institutions.

Such has Peres twisted the law that yes, all foundations in Israel are now public institutions if the Peres Center is ever used as a legal precedent. Israeli law insists that public buildings be open to the public. The Peres Center will be surrounded by guards and only the invited allowed in. The Peres Center counters:
We are building a museum of peace, a meeting place and an auditorium. We will be inviting the public to our functions no matter what their political leanings.


Of course, only the most gullible of the radical left will ever want to visit the center, but the explanation skirts the issue. Public buildings by law are open to the GENERAL public and the Peres Center will not be. It will serve almost no one in Yaffo and will interrupt all boardwalk traffic. The building is, simply, breaking the law by its existence; but there is more. Israeli environmental law now bans the construction of buildings closer then 100 meters from the sea. The law is vital since so little seafront property remains open in the country. The Peres Center parking lot is situated much closer to the water than 100 yards. It was okayed without submitting the plans to the Environment Ministry as is dictated by law. No problem for the Peres Institute. They explain that a parking lot isn’t a building and everything is right as rain. Only, those who choose to stroll along the beach will be blocked by the lot’s fence and have to take a detour around it. There is nothing legal about the new Peres Center for Peace building in Yaffo, just as there is nothing legal about its criminal namesake. RABIN CENTER EMPLOYEE OPENS HIS MOUTH ABOUT THE ASSASSINATION Now speaking about peace centers, look what is happening across the street at the Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies. A paid employee of the center is talking truth about the assassination of that center’s namesake. And the story is culled from no less than Ha’aretz, certainly the most extremist left of the country’s news outlets. Read on:
Rabin Center sponsors work criticizing the Left, questioning assassination

The new and improved Rabin by Uriya Shavit Ha’aretz Magazine 13 April 2001 In January 1995, 11 months before Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated at the end of a peace rally in Tel Aviv, Rabbi Yaakov Meidan from the Gush Etzion bloc of settlements in the West Bank sent a sharply worded letter to Ha’aretz. Five years later, in one of those ironic twists with which Israel’s short history is studded, the salary of Rabbi


Meidan is being paid by the center that was established to perpetuate the slain prime minister, the Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies. That fact might have aroused no more than sad irony were it not for the fact that Meidan is the author of the center’s official keynote document, together with Hebrew University professor of law Ruth Gavison. Entitled “Foundation for a new social pact between religiously observant and nonreligious in Israel,” the document was written within the framework of the Shalom Hartman Institute and was adopted by the Rabin Center in September 2000. And it didn’t come cheap: In the last four months of 2000, NIS 186,749 was invested in work on and promotion of the pact; in 2001 the center will invest a further NIS 600,000 in it. Rabbi Meidan and Prof. Gavison enjoy a stipend which costs NIS 6,000 a month each. And the center intends to convene a “national congress” to discuss the document. Meidan’s introduction to the document, at the top of which a photograph of Yitzhak Rabin appears, is fascinating: “In the past few years a shift has occurred which I believe calls into question the adherence of the secular community to humanism,” he writes, and continues with a withering attack on the road pursued by Yitzhak Rabin, as well as on the police and the Supreme Court. “A series of matters—the undemocratic behavior of the police in their activity against the demonstrators over the blood that was shed, the doubts that have begun to surface about how much the Supreme Court has contributed to the entrenchment of democracy, the fact that there is hardly anyone from the secular public who is demanding that Avishai Raviv, who flagrantly incited Yigal Amir to assassinate Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of blessed memory, stand trial, and more recently the fact that negotiations were conducted by a transition government which does not enjoy public backing, and the fact that many intellectuals from the top level of the Israeli elite are now saying explicitly that they will not forgo the opportunity of making peace with the Arab nation only because of democratic principles and are ready to trample deliberately whatever interferes with them—all this raises questions, which are not necessarily easy to answer, about the contention that secular culture is the bastion of democracy.”

Revelations undisclosed
“What I write is the truth,” Rabbi Meidan said this week, “but I can’t tell you that it seems to me directly logical that a passage like this should appear in the Rabin Center.” What is there that the public doesn’t know about the Rabin assassination that is important for it to know? “A great many things. A great many things. You are asking me for bombs which I am not ready to give you at this moment in this press interview.”

Maybe you could explain the main points.
“There are three things you people don’t understand. First, the impossible corner you pushed us into. The left pushed the people who had to run


between bullets day and night in order to bury their dead. Second, you did not understand the influences that affected Yigal Amir—not from our direction but from totally different directions. Avishai Raviv, who was not one of ours [Raviv was a Shin Bet security service agent working among far-right activists], is one of them. Third you don’t begin to understand the huge and vast gulf that separates angry words, however harsh, from [pulling] the trigger and committing murder.”

What do you mean in the reference your document makes to Avishai Raviv?
“Mister, was he the one who created a photograph of Yitzhak Rabin dressed in an SS uniform? Was he the one who said to Yigal Amir—and there are 35 witnesses to this—‘Let’s see if you’re a real man by killing Rabin’? A person like that was not put on trial, and no one opens his mouth to protest. “The Rabin Center—and I am saying hard words against the center which pays my salary—was upset at the fact that Margalit Har-Shefi [now serving a prison term after being convicted of failing to try to prevent Amir from assassinating Rabin] was interviewed on television. But the Rabin Center has so far not said a word about the fact that Avishai Raviv is walking about freely and until not long ago received a salary of NIS 10,000 a month. “If there was no protest at these things, then something here was not real. There was an attempt here to stir up the public against religious Zionism, in order to eradicate religious Zionism—something very similar to what was done at the time in the wake of the assassination of Arlozoroff [referring to accusations leveled at right-wing nationalists for the murder of a Labor movement leader, Chaim Arlozoroff, in Palestine in 1933].”

Are you saying that Avishai Raviv wanted Yigal Amir to assassinate Rabin?
“Avishai Raviv knowingly incited Yigal Amir to do it and he was not tried. How is it possible that you people do not protest this?”

Are you saying that the Shin Bet knew about this?
“What differences does it make? If you are asking me whether the Shin Bet knew about it, that is a different question. I am not dealing with that. A few books have already discussed that. I am now talking about the fact that there was no ‘satisfaction’ for Yitzhak Rabin’s spilt blood. The blood of Yitzhak Rabin cries out from the earth. It is crying out against a person who is walking free ... The leaders of the country and the leaders of the left are responsible for that spilt blood.”

Admittedly, Meidan is off course; in fact he’s taking the wrong course altogether. Raviv did not provoke Amir to murder Rabin, since Amir shot blank bullets and Rabin’s bodyguard Yoram Rubin did the dirty deed. BUT, here is a Rabin Center employee 166

demanding the truth and threatening to “explode bombs” at his chosen time. It’s a most refreshing change from the flagrant criminality of the Peres Center, almost a breath of fresh air that Yitzhak Rabin would enjoy inhaling. THEY’RE DOING IT AGAIN Three days before he died, Rehavam Zeevi attacked Shimon Peres viciously in the government’s cabinet meeting. He told PM Sharon that if Peres wasn’t sacked, he would resign from the government and take seven Knesset members from Moledet and Yisrael Beiteinu with him. Sharon refused to fire Peres, so Zeevi wrote his last essay, for the Arutz Sheva website. It read in part:
“But what is understood in Washington is apparently not understood here. Prime Minister Sharon, who himself fought for many years against Arab terrorism, is not strong or consistent enough in this fight during his tenure as Prime Minister. In order to keep Shimon Peres in the national unity government, he gives in to Peres’ dictates and allows him to continue talking with the top brass of the evil Palestinian Authority, which is a terrorist headquarters in every sense. Peres conducts diplomatic negotiations, while the Palestinians continue to shoot at our communities and on Jews—and he is doing all this just in order to revive the Oslo process, which brought catastrophe upon us and could, in the end, lead to the collapse of the State of the Jews. Peres is doing this possibly because he believes in it—or possibly because he wants to save his place and reputation in history.”

Zeevi went on the warpath against Peres, not a wise strategy. Others have tried and others have died. In numerous previous articles, this author has shown the many connections between Peres and the French connection to the Rabin murder. The same connections are emerging with the Zeevi murder and those claiming responsibility for it, the Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Recall that it was French President Mitterand who had PFLP founder George Habash cared for in France during his last days.
“THE George Habash affair is closed, or so François Mitterrand decreed in a pugnacious television interview on February 4th. The presidential aide and three top civil servants who failed to inform Mr Mitterrand about the Palestinian leader’s admission into France for supposedly urgent medical treatment had been ‘sanctioned’, he said, which means sacked.


“The ministers involved would not resign, the president went on, because the affair was ‘not serious enough’. It involved an ‘error of judgment’ about a ‘retired terrorist’ grossly overblown by press and television. There would be no change of prime minister, no government reshuffle, no early general election and no parliamentary inquiry. The opposition would have a chance to propose a motion of no confidence in the government at a special session of parliament on February 7th. That was it. “Edith Cresson’s government will not fall, not yet anyway. Socialists (including a former prime minister and likely presidential candidate, Michel Rocard) who joined the critics asking for ministerial heads must now toe the line. The Communists, who dread an early general election almost as much as the Socialists, have announced that their members of parliament will not vote with the opposition to bring the government down. As the conservatives have not the votes to do this on their own, a censure motion is doomed to fail. “Though contained, the damage has further weakened the government and added to an impression of muddle or worse at the top. Mr. Mitterrand claims he was not told about Mr. Habash’s visit until almost 12 hours after the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine had arrived in Paris on January 29th. That may well be true. Unfortunately for him, less than half of French voters, according to one poll, believe it.”

It would have been no trouble for Peres and the French to order the PFLP to knock off Zeevi. All we have to do is prove it. Given enough time, that will prove doable. Just look at the emerging cover-up: Just like, in the aftermath of the Rabin assassination, Israel’s Shabak has ordered its own investigation of the Zeevi murder. So who is sitting on this commission of inquiry? According to Ma’ariv, there is SH, who was responsible for Peres’ personal security on the night of the Rabin murder, I believe that would be Yuval Schwartz, and there is A, who is currently head of the Shabak’s Jewish Department, the very gang led by Eli Barak, who ran the provocateur Avishai Raviv previous to Rabin’s murder and had a central role in the assassination itself. The Rabin murderers are back, this time covering up Zeevi’s assassination. And just look how they are doing it. First, they are spreading the word that Zeevi was responsible for his own demise by refusing Shabak protection. Unfortunately for them, a 1997 Supreme Court decision ruled that even if a cabinet minister rejects Shabak protection, he must get it anyway. But that’s 168

just the beginning because Zeevi was not the only sensitive figure who stayed on the eighth, VIP, floor of the Hyatt Hotel. Joining him were Shas MK Yair Peretz, not a likely candidate for assassination, and Deputy Internal Security Affairs Minister Gideon Ezra, a former Deputy Head of the Shabak, a very likely candidate for kidnapping or assassination. The Shabak can howl all they want that Zeevi’s eighth floor was unguarded because he wanted it that way, but let them explain away Ezra’s lack of protection. Good luck to them. Now the Peres connection. From the Jerusalem Post:
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon promised slain tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi that he would not permit any future meetings between Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat, Zeevi told his faction shortly before his death. Zeevi showed the seven MKs a handwritten note from Sharon with the promise...The promise came about after Zeevi wrote to Sharon, via cabinet secretary Gideon Saar, asking him about reports that Peres intended to meet with Arafat at a Socialist Party conference in Greece.

HOW THINGS REALLY WORK ... AGAIN We had hoped that Shimon Peres’ seemingly irrational appointment of Carmi Gillon as ambassador to Denmark would open up his role in the Rabin assassination. So far, that has not happened, but it will. Instead, and from the most unexpected source, Gillon’s role in the planning and execution of the Hebron massacre of February 1994 is being raised. Read what Dr. Linda Efroni writes in the highly influential but staid Israeli business daily, Globes:
Besides being head of the Shabak, we must recall that Gillon was a central figure in the massacre at the Cave of the Patriarchs. It was decided that the Shabak fell asleep at the wheel in this case but, maybe not. In either case, the investigating committee headed by then Supreme Court President, Meir Shamgar, cleaned up Gillon’s responsibility... Once out of service, Gillon was taken care of with a job as chairman of the Peres Center for Peace at a salary equal to that of a bank CEO. There is no more preventing discussion of the dangerous connection between Peres and the government. As Foreign Minister today, Peres continues to take care of Gillon. Why did he appoint this klutz with no diplomatic background and a long history of failure to be the Danish ambassador? And why does the government back this disastrous appointment, one which endangers Israel’s reputation in Europe? It is more than obvious


that Gillon has the information to grasp quite a few politicians by their tender parts.

At last, the mainstream media has raised Gillon’s role in the Hebron massacre and the likelihood that he is blackmailing Peres and other politicians over the truth of the slaughter. The Israeli public was informed that an extremist, Dr. Baruch Goldstein entered the mosque in Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs alone and massacred 51 Arab worshippers. But that is not the conclusion one would reach after reading the records of the Shamgar Commission’s inquiry into the event. For one thing, no witness, Arab or Jew saw a lone shooter in the mosque. But that’s just the start. The three soldiers guarding the entrance to the Cave complex testified that Goldstein entered at 4:45 AM carrying an M-16. Shamgar concluded that Goldstein arrived at 5:20, carrying a Glilon assault rifle. Goldstein entered the mosque with two soldiers. They threw grenades and shot into the crowd, then escaped the mosque, locking the door behind them, thus trapping Goldstein inside against the panicked mob. At this point, an Arab on the commission, Judge Zuabi noted:
“Then there was a conspiracy. Goldstein couldn’t have locked the door from the outside if he was inside. He would have needed help for that.”

There is much more. Readers are advised to order the full commission protocols from the Ministry of Justice. The sum total of eyewitness testimonies prove that Dr. Goldstein was a patsy who did not murder anyone. But a patsy for who? Carmi Gillon was head of the Jewish Department of the Shabak, based in Hebron, at the time yet somehow was not called on by Shamgar’s commission to testify. That was easily arranged since Gillon’s brother Ilan was the court registrar who decided on the witness list. Thanks to Peres’ insane decision to appoint Gillon the Danish ambassador, even and finally, Gillon’s suspected role as planner and executioner of the Hebron massacre is emerging in the mainstream Israeli press.


The Har Shefi Dirty Deal Revealed

We knew that Margalit Har Shefi’s incredibly damaging saga was based on some kind of filthy agreement. By insisting that she did not know that Amir would murder Rabin, Har Shefi set the truth back years and landed herself in prison for a short stay. While incarcerated, her Knesset member uncle Benny Elon said not a word about the injustice his niece was suffering. Somehow, Har Shefi’s supporters missed the significance of his silence. Har Shefi’s attorney was Elon’s far-left brother Yosef. He planned the legal strategy that assured Har Shefi’s deceit and imprisonment. Meanwhile, brother Benny sits on the Committee to Elect Judges. So guess what? Thanks to the newspaper Hatsofe, we learned that Benny’s committee has decided to appoint Yosef Elon a judge. Har Shefi’s role in wrecking the truthful search for Rabin justice has been rewarded. However, the search continues despite her attempts to sabotage it. Recall the previous article from this author. An eyewitness inside Ichilov Hospital saw Peres’ commanding role in the murder and small details of his testimony are being confirmed. He claimed Prof. Gabi Barabash and journalist Eitan Haber arrived at the hospital together, having been at the same party. The witness was right on the money. Now, another correspondent has provided the name of the party’s host:
“Barabash and Haber together is correct (they came from Ido Disenchik’s home where Rabin was supposed to show up too). Since they arrived together, it was Barabash who showed the way to Haber inside Ichilov. Haber’s testimony that ‘he wandered aimlessly’ through the corridors is Alice in Wonderland.”

Even Har Shefi and her two uncles can’t stop the truth from marching on. AVI DICHTER: HEAD OF THE SHABAK AND PART-TIME CRAP SALESMAN Thirty days after the murder of Binyamin Kahane and his wife Talya, the chief of Israel’s General Security Services (Shabak) spent the Sabbath with the deceased couple’s family. His mission was to unload an unwanted supply of rotting crap. But before describing 171

his weekend, let us examine some classic cases of successful crap sales. On November 1, 1990, Binyamin’s father Rabbi Meir Kahane’s speech in New Work was interrupted by lethal gunfire. The shooter, an Arab named Nosair was a trained assassin. He felled the rabbi from a distance of sixty feet with small arms. He raced outside where a postman, who just happened to be wearing a bullet-proof vest, was supposed to kill him as he fled. But Nosair shot first and saved himself. Later it was discovered that Nosair somehow arrived in the US without a passport. And somehow he joined an Islamic cell in New Jersey run by a blind Egyptian cleric who would later order the bombing of the World Trade Center. This cell was infiltrated by an Arab who later moved to Israel for his own protection. He met with Binyamin Kahane and signed an affidavit for him declaring that he had reported the upcoming hit on Rabbi Meir Kahane to his contacts in the FBI and Mossad. They did nothing to stop the murder. And later, they intervened in the courts to prevent Nosair from being convicted of Rabbi Kahane’s murder. The Israeli and world media reported that Rabbi Kahane was murdered by a radical Arab. That was crap. Meir Kahane was a political threat to, more than anyone else, the Likud Party and its leader, then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir. While the Left despised him for his fiery opposition to their delusions, the Right feared him for luring away, according to all the polls, at least 20% of their voters. He was assassinated in a covert intelligence operation and that is the truth. In the Spring of 2000, the Israeli Ambassador to France, Eliyahu Ben Elissar, got wind of the truth behind the Rabin assassination and the collusion of France in the murder. French intelligence operatives told him that Shimon Peres cut a deal with the French. They authorized Rabin’s removal and in return his successor Shimon Peres signed an agreement for a French-approved peace deal. The UN would take over security of Jerusalem’s Old City, they would grant the PLO a capital there and the Vatican would become sovereign over the holy places within. Ben Elissar was 172

determined to warn his people and that the French authorities would not allow. Prime Minister Barak was called to Paris and met with Ben Elissar and Jacques Chirac. Ben Elissar was warned in the frankest language not to intervene to save his nation. He did not comply. Barak returned to Israel knowing what the French would do to his ambassador and tried his best to save him. To make Ben Elissar’s recall to Jerusalem more logical, Barak recalled a total of six Foreign Ministry workers and spread the word that he was firing appointees of his renegade Foreign Minister David Levy. Seeing that Ben Elissar was packing his bags, the French hit team went into action. They removed Ben Elissar’s Paris police guards and by whatever means, had his Israeli Shabak bodyguards abandon him as well. Alone, late Sabbath morning, Ben Elissar went to his embassy’s small hotel to meet two men. He clearly thought this meeting was vital enough to interrupt his normally quiet day of rest. The three of them went to a room. Ben Elissar was overcome, stripped naked and tied to the bed. A needle with an air bubble was injected into him and when the empty pocket of blood reached his heart he suffered a cardiac arrest. The Israeli media was leaked a lurid tale of Ben Elissar spending his last morning in the company of two male prostitutes and of having a heart attack while engaged in a sadomasochistic orgy. And the media dutifully spread the crap. It never occurred to them that a man of Ben Elissar’s stature and intelligence would never have shown up in the embassy’s hotel where everyone knew him, with two homosexual call boys. I received a call from America from a gentleman who worked in the same department as Ben Elissar when he was the ambassador to Washington. His wife worked with him personally. She was informed that American intelligence had conclusively proved that Ben Elissar’s death was a murder. In Israel, the crap story continues to rule. One morning in the fall of 2000, Binyamin Kahane, his wife and three children returned from Jerusalem to their home in Kfar Tapuah. No doubt his mood was fine because he was having a resurgence. After his father’s death, he abandoned his political party 173

Kach because it was thoroughly infiltrated by the Shabak and assembled an alternative movement called Kahane Chai. The Arab uprising begun three months previously had convinced tens of thousands of Israelis to openly proclaim that his father’s philosophy was being proven prophetic. They spread stickers everywhere reading, “Kahane was Right.” This, however, wasn’t what really worried the authorities in Israel. What got their ire were those hundreds of thousands of Israelis who thought, “Okay, Kahane went too far and he was an extremist. But, he was right about some things.” To prevent that bud from blossoming, Israel Police had recently shut down Binyamin Kahane’s yeshiva. But the stubborn bud threatened to flower, so it had to be removed from the stalk. Binyamin Kahane’s killers waited from just 60 meter’s range, audaciously close. They pumped 62 bullets into his vehicle. Please find another example of “random terrorism” where the shooters were so determined to fell their quarry that they pumped 62 bullets into his car. There aren’t any. This was a hit, and by skilled hit men. Their bullets only landed in the front seat. Not one bullet even scratched the children sitting in the rear. They were wounded by shattered glass and the car accident that followed. The Israeli media tried selling their usual crap, but this time people—too many people—decided not to buy it. So the Shabak sent its chief to unload the refuse in person. Read the following press release from Kahane’s organization:

GSS head Avi Dichter met with family members of the late Binyamin and Talya Kahane today, and informed them that the murderers of the couple—parents of six orphans under the age of 11—have been apprehended. Dichter confirmed that the terrorist murderers were members of Yasser Arafat’s Presidential Guard. The cell, most of whose members are also part of Arafat’s Force 17, murdered seven Jews over the past three months: Sarah Lisha and the soldiers Elad Veinshtein and Amit Zana—all in a two-pronged attack between Ofrah and Shilo; Ariel Jerafi east of Tapuach; Eliyahu Cohen on the Modi’in highway, and Binyamin and


Talya Kahane outside Ofrah. This cell is apparently also responsible for many of the recent shooting attacks in northern Jerusalem. However, when Dichter and the other GSS heads were confronted by the Kahane family and asked if indeed those apprehended were the ones who pulled the trigger in the murder of Binyamin and Talya Kahane, Dichter conceded that the actual murderers were not yet apprehended. Dichter then offered the real reason for his visit. The GSS representatives expressed their concern over the dissemination of conspiracy theories connected to the murder of Binyamin and Talya Kahane. Specific reference was made to the conspiracy theories that blamed the government for former Prime Minister Rabin’s assassination and asked the Kahane family to accept their denial of any government participation in the plot to kill Binyamin and Talya Kahane. “We had nothing to do with their murder”, insisted Dichter. David HaIvri, the husband of Molly, who is Talya’s sister told the GSS: “I personally did not suspect a conspiracy, however, many of the Kahane supporters believe that the Israeli government may have played a role. After all, you persecuted him and killed him so many times while he was alive, people see it as more than a coincidence that Kahane was arrested and his offices closed by the government only weeks before his murder. Everybody knows how hard you tried to silence and bury him.”

On the day Binyamin and Talya Kahane were murdered, I told my readers that the hit men were from Arafat’s own force. Look who got it right. The day before Dichter’s visit, the Israeli media proudly announced that the murderers of the Kahanes were captured. This was crap and Dichter was forced to admit it. So why did Dichter make his journey to the lair of the Kahanes? Because all the crap is coming out, starting with government involvement in the Rabin assassination, and the Shabak is panicking. The vicious attack on the Kahanes was one murder too far, and this time there will be no nipping the truth in the bud. Too many people are finally seeing through the crap. PROTECTING PERES It was a small incident but a telling one. The Italian journalist Franco Levi was visiting Israel on a tour this week and was banned from visiting a Foreign Ministry briefing with the rest of his tour members. See, Levi has been translating writing coming from Israel, including this author’s, and has reached the conclusion that Peres was the mastermind of the Rabin assassination. Someone didn’t 175

want him asking embarrassing questions about the Foreign Minister. Levi was furious:
“This is my nation and I have every right to ask whatever I want. The tour organizer was more interested in protecting Peres than letting us hear some true information.”

The phenomenon of protecting Peres is now widespread and constant. In recent days, Peres’ protégé Ophir Pines-Paz sponsored a Knesset law preventing the Rabin murder patsy Yigal Amir from being pardoned in the future. Amir’s eighteen year old brother Sivan was banned from serving in the army. After six years of searches and daily cleaning, the police raided the Amir home in Herzlia and, lo and behold, discovered a gun clip they claimed belonged to Amir’s alleged partner in murder, brother Hagai. All this to reinforce the prevailing image of the assassination the way Peres wants it to prevail. Peres is also recruiting his French handlers in clearing his name. Uri Savir, Peres’ co-conspirator in the Oslo Accords and Collette Avital, his mistress, have been inducted into the French Legion of Honor. The French connection has even reached Israel. The nation’s largest circulation newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, published a six page report in its weekend magazine on the growing number of distinguished academics investigating the real events surrounding Rabin’s murder. Israel’s government television station, Channel One, wasted no time organizing a prime-time program to mock Yediot’s reporter and the professors and professionals he interviewed. The chosen debunker was Michael Bar Zohar, an author who had written a glowing book about Jean Frydman, the French media tycoon who paid for the security of Rabin’s final rally and organized it to the last detail with Peres. It is no secret that Yasser Arafat is blackmailing Peres and not necessarily over Rabin. There are also the payoffs Peres receives from the PLO’s phone company and now defunct casino and untold seamy operations, like the Hebron massacre scam of February 1994. But Arafat played his cards a bit too confidently about the murder of the Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi, who was knocked off five days after he gave Prime Minster Sharon an 176

ultimatum: fire Peres or I leave and take two parties with me. The French-controlled PFLP (Front for the Liberation of Palestine) were called into action and Zeevi was eliminated six hours before he quit the government, taking nine dissenting Knesset members with him. Needless to say, the leaders of the two dissenting parties, Benny Elon and Yves Lieberman got the message and returned to the government. Just before Christmas, Arafat went on Israeli Television and said the “Palestinians” were not behind the Zeevi murder, the Israelis were. It did not take long before Israeli shells landed near his office, followed by tanks to make sure he was trapped there. Even Arafat’s cynical plea to visit Bethlehem for Christmas didn’t move Sharon to lift the barriers. And the show goes on; while Sharon demands that Arafat hand over Zeevi’s murderers, he claims his people weren’t behind the murder. Arafat misjudged the wrath that follows such a huge betrayal of Peres. Another example: The Public Committee to Reinvestigate the Rabin Assassination held a press conference in Tel Aviv, during which evidence incriminating Peres was presented. The next day, Yediot Ahronot editor Eitan Haber wrote a blistering editorial calling the investigators “nuts. Everything that needs to be discovered has been released.” On the night of Rabin’s murder, Peres met Haber at Ichilov Hospital, and according to one terrified doctor from Raanana, ordered him to go into the operating theatre, then to Rabin’s office, “and get rid of all the evidence.” Peres is just as terrified now because he’s not fooling the Israeli people. One poll revealed that 60% of Russian Israelis consider Peres the greatest enemy of Israel, with Arafat trailing behind at 32%. As Amnon Lord noted in a brilliant piece published in Makor Rishon:
The Israeli people have completely lost faith in Sharon and the kind of government they are saddled with. The overwhelming majority voted out the Left in the last elections and are asking why Sharon ignored them and appointed Peres their Foreign Minister.

In the same article he quoted the economics writer Yaacov Verker: 177

Peres is capable of anything. Back in 1977, he approached the Americans with a plan to get rid of Begin. That’s why Peres’ ally Yigal Yadin decided to join Begin’s government, to protect him from Peres.

The American writer Dell Griffin, who was deported from his longtime home in Israel, blamed Peres for the deportation because he purchased land Peres had promised to the PLO. The day before, Knesset member Michael Kleiner announced his intention to submit a request to the parliament to investigate the source of funding for Peres’ Peace Center, claiming Peres was being funded by outsiders with an agenda inimical to Israel’s survival. If the investigation is initiated, Israelis will discover just who is protecting Peres from his murderous crimes. For those with an understanding of who the Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations consist of, take a look at some of the board members of the Peres Center for Peace: • Dr. Ahmad Mango—Advisor to Jordanian Crown Prince Hassan • Hani Masri—President Management Corporation of Capital Investment

• Alex McCalla—Director of Rural Development for the World Bank • Aaron Miller—American government Middle East advisor • Miguel Moratinos—EU envoy to the Middle East • Jens Neumann—Volkswagen board member • Wayne Owens—President of the Middle East Peace and Economic Corporation and former US Senator • Dr. Ferdinand Piech—Chairman of the Management Board of Volkswagen • Lester Pollak—Managing Director of Lazard Freres and Co. • Bruce Rappaport—International crook, as well as Chairman, Bank of New York • Terje Roed-Larsen—Norwegian destroyer of Israeli security and sovereignty 178

• Dennis Ross—American special envoy to the Middle East • Baron Eric de Rothschild—Illuminati leader • Susana Sam-Vargas—UNESCO Program Specialist • Chaim Saban—Children’s show producer investigated for illegal funding of Ehud Barak’s last election campaign • Andre Sassoon—Illuminati lawyer And that’s just from M to S. Peres is being protected from his hideous crimes by the tyrants of the New World Order. And that’s why it’s so hard to pin the Rabin murder on him, no matter how compelling the evidence. PERES PROTECTION TAKES A TURN FOR THE WEIRD Since the very public accusations published in Yediot Ahronot, that Shimon Peres organized the Rabin assassination and that Rabin’s bodyguard Yoram Rubin did the shooting, a very determined campaign has taken place to neutralize the charges. I documented this campaign in my previous posting called “Protecting Peres”. Just three days since that posting, the campaign has turned desperate and downright bizarre. Look at the article published in Ma’ariv January 5, 2002:
According to a Book Published by the Cabinet Minister Eli Yishai’s Brother in Law: Amir Is Not the Murderer

In a book published by Shas Party Chairman Eli Yishai’s brother, Yigal Amir is portrayed as a patsy. In the book, The Whole Truth, written by Rabbi Yosef Shashua, a séance is recalled with the late prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, during which he identifies his Shabak bodyguard Yoram Rubin as his murderer. The book was exposed during last night’s Channel Two Program, ‘Tonight With Gabi Gazit’. Rabbi Shashua, who is married to Shas Chairman and Interior Minister Eli Yishai’s sister, receives a monthly government stipend of 3000 shekels. The book’s forward was written by Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who notes: “In the name of providing our people with strength in their hearts, Rabbi Shashua’s book The Whole Truth proves that


we are far from being told the truth and are being led astray from the holy Torah.” In one chapter of the book, a séance with Rabin is conducted at the request of David Ben Gurion’s daughter Geula Ben Eliezer, who received messages from Ben Gurion’s spirit to conduct it. In the séance Ben Gurion says, “I prepared Rabin to be a victim...I warned him about the conniver (Peres)...There’s no Oslo...Rubin murdered Rabin”. Then Rabin asked the assembled to read his book (Pincas Sherut) Service Record, because Shimon Peres betrayed him and was a partner in his murder. During the séance Rabin said, “Rubin shot the bodyguard who shouted, ‘They’re blanks’. He’s part of the bigger conspiracy. Yigal Amir was a victim.” Shas spokesman Yitzhak Sudri explained that, “The Minister is not responsible for the activities of his family.”

Now what’s going on here? The séance was conducted five years ago and the book has been out for almost half that time. Why is this news now? Here’s how it worked out that way. On Saturday Night, Channel Two broadcast promos for the Gazit show promising a séance that would expose Rabin’s bodyguard Yoram Rubin. Israel’s leading parapsychologist Hanan Avraham was scheduled to conduct the séance, but he was cancelled at the last moment. Instead, Gazit just talked about the Shashua book. Instant scandal. The next day the radio talk shows were abuzz with callers reacting to the show. One caller on Radio Two summed up the overall attitude: “The book’s author is an idiot and if Peres doesn’t sue him, he’s a bigger idiot.” Then came Ma’ariv’s report with the screaming headline that Amir isn’t the murderer. I reported this séance in 1997, and I was the only one to so bother. I add, I caught living heck from a lot of readers who thought I was cheapening my both-feet-on-the-ground research by reporting nonsense. I replied that I felt there was a legitimate sociological angle to the event. Here’s what I reported:
“I was faxed this confirmation from the magazine Tzahov, popular in the New Age crowd. Now admittedly, their research is hardly conclusive, but Tzahov reports that Rabin was killed by his bodyguard Yoram Rubin. How did they reach this left wing extremist conclusion? In typical New Age fashion; their reporters attended a séance conducted by the country’s leading parapsychologist, Hanan Avraham, in which Rabin was called back from the land of the dead to attend. Tzahov’s editor Shimon Ashor admits that he was one of those who ‘threw away his kippa after the


murder believing that the stupidity and racism of the religious caused Rabin’s death.’ Thus he was ‘flabbergasted’ by Rabin’s comments from the world beyond. Hanan Avraham’s method is to place a cup in the middle of a board surrounded by Hebrew letters. When Rabin answered, the cup moved from letter to letter. The reporters saw no physical means for moving the cup and Ashor admits that ‘most thought the cup was moved by the spiritual power of Hanan Avraham.’ Now that the validity of the method was established in New Age terms, the séance was recorded: Rabin: Yitzhak here. Hanan: Excuse us, we are all very excited to hear from you. Are you the departed Prime Minister? Rabin: No need to apologize. Yes, I am. Hanan: Do you have a message for the people? Rabin: I tried my best to slow things down and was made to pay for it. My service was terminated. Remember what I said at Givat Hatakhmoshet in ‘94? There is no abandoning Jerusalem. Hanan: What do you mean by ‘my service was terminated’? Rabin: Peres. Hanan: What about him? Rabin: He betrayed me... (Hanan tries to get Rabin to elaborate but his message is confused. So he tries a new conversation opener.) Hanan: Does your friend Ben Gurion have a message for us? Rabin: Yes. Hanan: Did you give the warning at Givat Hatakhmoshet that it is forbidden to abandon Jerusalem? Rabin: Yes. Hanan: Is Ben Gurion beside you? Rabin: Yes. Hanan: Please, our intentions are good. Ben Gurion: I prepared Yitzhak for sacrifice. I warned him about intrigue. There is no Oslo. Rubin shot Yitzhak. Rabin: Dado (the scapegoat for the Yom Kippur War who died most suspiciously) warned me and so did Skolnik. Both were betrayed also. I miss my grandson Michael. Hanan: How did you prepare Yitzhak? Ben Gurion: We knew about the conspiracy. We tried to warn him to prevent a crisis. There is no Oslo. It is a mistaken Holocaust process. Rabin: Leah is suffering. She cries for shelter. She too is in a trap from the highest echelons of the Shabak.


Hanan: Who is Skolnick? Skolnick: I am Skolnick. I am Levi Eshkol (former Prime Minister). I tried to warn him about the shigitz (Yiddish for “a Gentile”). Hanan: Mr. Rabin, do you have a message for your granddaughter Noa? Rabin: Yes. She is frightened and confused. Rubin shot the bodyguard who shouted, ‘They’re blanks’, (Yoav Kuriel perhaps). Persky (Peres’ original name) conspires with Satan. He’ll do anything to be prime minister. Hanan: What is your opinion of Yigal Amir (his alleged murderer)? Rabin: A victim. Hanan: Of whom? Rabin: Of the Shabak and Avishai. (Avishai Raviv, the Shabak agent provocateur). Hanan: Your friend Ben Gurion said to stop the peace process. What is the alternative? Rabin: The peace process is a delusion, the Old Man (Ben Gurion) reckons. Hanan: Was Yigal Amir the one who shot you? Rabin: No. Hanan: Does Amir know? Rabin: Yes. Hanan: Who shot you, then? Rabin: The bodyguard. Hanan: Who gave him the order? Rabin: D. Hanan: Who told you? Rabin. Dado. Hanan: Did you know the scenario ahead of time? Rabin. Yes. Hanan: So why didn’t you prevent it? Rabin: Because if I did there would be two choices: military trials and suicides or a dictatorship followed by a civil war over peace. Tell everyone. Goodbye.”

At this point the stunned gathering breaks into tears, all their illusions shattered. Allow me to say that I am not an advocate of this kind of research. However, tens of thousands of Israeli New Agers are and the minutes of this séance are very real to them. They are also citizens of Israel who now believe that Rabin was murdered in much the same terms that my worldly research suggests, if not 182

proves. The authenticity of this feeling is confirmed by Ashor, who writes that despite the charges leveled by Rabin from the other side, “I am in favor of Peres continuing the peace process.” This séance was conducted in 1996, barely a year after the assassination. So here is what spooks me. The details are right. It took me four years to discover that Rabin was murdered after he told his foreign bosses that he wouldn’t carry on with ‘peace’ process as it was being conducted. It took me five years to get the goods on Rubin and Peres. This séance beat us all to the truth by at least three years. Nonetheless, I decided to never, ever, ever discuss the séance ever, ever, ever again. And that meant sloughing hundreds of inquiries about it at lectures and over the computer. That’s just what I need, to be associated with ouija boards and the occult, a surefire recipe for destroying the credibility of my research. And that’s why this story is now going public. Peres’ protectors have found a formula for diminishing the credibility of the Rabin researchers, and members of the Public Committee for the Reinvestigation of the Rabin Assassination who have been most publicly implicating Peres and Rubin in Rabin’s murder. Committee chairman Yaacov Verker was overjoyed by the Gazit show and the Ma’ariv article.
“Look at the crazy twists the story is taking now. They think they are squelching the talk about Peres and Rubin but they’re actually spreading it.” “No,” I answered, “They’re ridiculing it.” “Then why was Hanan Avraham pulled off the Gazit show? Someone was worried about what he’d say about Rabin. I know Hanan, he’s very serious. I’m going to follow this up.” “Don’t do it. You’re falling into the trap.”

Needless to say, the determined Yaacov immediately had a long conversation with Hanan Avraham. Here’s what he was going to explain on the Gazit show:
“Two days before the Rabin assassination, Geula Ben Eliezer contacted me. Her father David Ben Gurion had spoken to her in dreams for the past few nights. He wanted an urgent meeting. I complied and Ben Gurion warned her that Peres was plotting against Rabin and his life was in danger. After the session, she quickly called Rabin and told him what her father said. He shrugged her off and answered, ‘So, I’ll be the victim.’”


And that was just the prologue before he was to speak about the post-assassination session. Now you see why I want nothing to do with this latest twist in the protection of Peres? This is a highly sophisticated psychological operation to get Peres off the hook. Who is going to believe any of this? Peres is desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures. Not only is Peres under attack from the Committee’s campaign, but at least two of the actors in the Rabin murder drama are close to spilling the beans. The doctor who forged Rabin’s autopsy report, Yehuda Hiss is about to be prosecuted for stealing body parts during his autopsies and he needs to buy safety, and Rabin’s last driver, Menachem Damti, is going stark raving mad. I certainly believe the séances took place. Early Labor Zionist leaders were involved in all kinds of cultic adventures. Rabin was a 32nd degree Mason and Ben Gurion delved deeply into Buddhism. That Ben Gurion’s daughter communicated to him through dubious spiritual exercises is no real surprise. But I’m staying away from the ambush and sticking to thisworldly evidence.



LAST THOUGHTS BEFORE I TRAVEL • Har Shefi—The Rabin murder is enjoying a revival thanks to Margalit Har Shefi’s impending incarceration and the postponement of Avishai Raviv’s trial until June 2, when it will be postponed again. A campaign has been organized to pressure President Katzav into pardoning her. A word of advice: If the organizers insist on arguing that Har Shefi couldn’t read Amir’s mind and thus didn’t take his threats against Rabin seriously, their campaign is doomed. Har Shefi is innocent because Amir didn’t murder Rabin... period. Will the campaign organizers find the courage or will to base Har Shefi’s freedom on the truth, for a big change? • Colin Powell—Here it comes. People are confused and surprised by the supposedly sympathetic new Secretaryof-State Colin Powell’s call for even-handedness in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Same old policy, press Israel into retreat. Now how many times must I repeat the same message? Powell is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He owes his power to them and he takes his orders from them. There is no individualistic Secretary-of-State, there is only the CFR. Powell, like all his predecessors at the post, are front men and nothing more. • Eitan Haber—Remember him? He is the journalist cum Rabin’s office manager who, on the assassination night, absconded with Rabin’s belongings at the hospital and then emptied Rabin’s file cabinets of their 185

incriminating contents. Remember Ehud Barak? Before he left his Interior Ministry office after the 1996 Netanyahu victory, he gutted the file cabinets of all “sensitive” records. Well, as a final gesture to Haber, Barak opened the government’s “sensitive” Rabin files to Haber exclusively because he is writing a book about the murder. He will, of course, write himself out of the plot. • The Villain—If anyone wonders how I acquire highlevel intelligence, look at the following letter from a long-loyal correspondent, as a fine example of how you help get the truth out:
Listen to this, I met Jack Kemp last week. I was at this function and he was there. I spoke to him for 5 minutes. He’s a good supporter of Israel. So listen to what he told me. The person who was most anti-Israel and works for the Council on Foreign Relations is Richard N. Haass. This idiot is a self-hating Jew. Do you know anything about Richard N. Haass. He told me, he was the person directing US Policy in the Middle East even today. He also told me, when he was in the Bush Administration, 89 to 93, this guy Richard Haass was the Anti-Israel guy and was directing the policy.

Jack Kemp is a high level source. He has identified Israel’s top enemy in the CFR. • Another Villain—Now look at the following new item:
New York Times News Service February 22, 2001 ROME -- Pope John Paul II on Wednesday installed 44 new cardinals in a ceremony combining pageantry with the purpose of molding the institution that will someday pick his successor. It was the largest single investiture of cardinals. After the cardinals recited an oath of fidelity to the pope and his successors, the pontiff received them one by one at his golden throne, handing them as they knelt before him the red biretta, a silken, squareridged hat that symbolizes their rank as princes of the church. Pope John Paul has appointed 166 cardinals, more than any other pope. Only 10 of the 135 cardinals who are eligible to vote for the next pope were not appointed by him. Among the new elite were three American prelates: Cardinal Edward Egan, 68, of New York; Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 70, of Washington; and Cardinal Avery Dulles, 82, a Jesuit theologian at Fordham University and son of U.S. statesman John Foster Dulles.


Why should this be of interest to anyone interested in Israel’s salvation? For those who read about the Dulles’ plots against Israel in the Loftus/Arons book, The Secret War Against the Jews, the answer is clear. For those who haven’t, permit me to quote from Christopher Simpson’s book, The Splendid Blond Beast:
Allen Dulles exploited his post in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to quash war crimes prosecutions of senior Nazi officials and German business leaders who cooperated with him in a series of clandestine schemes to secure US advantage in Central Europe...Meanwhile, John Foster Dulles helped forge consensus on Wall Street and in the Republican Party in favor of an ‘internationalist’ US foreign policy based on rebuilding the German economic elite into a renewed bulwark against revolution in Europe.

Based on my reading of Phelps’ Vatican Assassins and Saussy’s Rulers of Evil, I have accepted that it has been the Jesuit’s ‘Black Pope,’ the real ruler of the Vatican, who is behind the Secret War Against the Jews. Unknown to most Jews, the papal appointment of the Jesuit Avery Dulles to American Cardinal is a poignant lesson in modern Jewish history. • Shimon Peres—Peres fought like a cornered rat to drag his party into Sharon’s government. He is well aware if he is out of power for even a day, he will not be able to control the Rabin murder truth from remaining concealed, nor his central role in the assassination. He knows it and Sharon knows it. What a thing to return to. WHO CREATED ISLAMIC EXTREMISM? Well they did it again. For the third time is less than a century, the Illuminati manipulated a world war. They succeeded in creating an issue of good and evil that cannot be ignored. Yes, the Muslim extremists present a danger to the planet and have to be extinguished, just like the Nazis. So who created the Nazis and who created Islamic extremism? For hundreds of years the Arabs were quiescent and obedient servants of the Ottoman Empire. Then in 1917, the British expelled the Ottomans and took over Palestine. They and their secretive Round Table approved a declaration permitting Jews to re-establish Israel, thus offering them a shelter from Europe’s pogroms, which 187

were fueled by the Illuminati for just this purpose. Then they set Arab on Jew, creating such animosity that Islam gleefully allied itself with Nazism. After that, the Illuminati ignited the Holocaust and when it was ended, the Vatican’s Jesuit rulers, with Allied approval, shipped the worst of the genocidal criminals worldwide through its appropriately named “ratline.” Europe’s Jews were then shipped to Israel and a war was ignited which the Jews were supposed to lose, thus completing stage two of the Holocaust. But Israel overcame the odds and survived. Since then, the planet’s hidden rulers have done their utmost to turn Islam into an improved version of Nazism, starting with the creation of an artificial, terrorism-based “Palestinian” nationhood. It took barely a generation after to create Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban out of the same mold. So who created the Taliban? President Jimmy Carter of the Council on Foreign Relations took the first step by ordering a covert war against Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Who originally funded the Taliban? CIA chief George Bush of the CFR affiliate, Skull and Bones Society. Who supplied the Taliban with all the sophisticated encrypted telecommunications equipment, which made its attacks on the twin towers and Pentagon possible? President Clinton of the CFR, who approved sales of the high-tech wonders to Syria, where it was inevitable that radical Islam would inherit it. Who handed the Taliban $48 million, to eradicate poppies, knowing full well it wouldn’t be used for that purpose? Why our current American President, like his father, a Skull and Bones graduate. Who is Bin Laden’s brother’s business partner? Why Percy Rockefeller of the CFR-founding Rockefeller family. Who owned the land the World Trade Centers stood on? Why those pesky Rockefellers again. They even wanted to call them the Rockefeller Towers. And who created Islam in America? The same gang who imported Islam to Europe. No American black should identify with Islam. This religion captured territory in Africa in medieval times and looted its conquests for slaves. Without Arab slave traders, it is unlikely the European industry would have taken hold. Even today, Muslims enslave huge numbers of Christian blacks in the Sudan and Mauritania. 188

American blacks picked up this religion in the late 1950s and it was spread in the prison system. Who is enforcing those laws, especially the drug laws, which assure millions of blacks of some prison time where many will have to adopt Islam or face the consequences? The hidden rulers have created an angry community of Moslems in America and if they object too vigorously to this new war, there will be a race war in America. The same goes for the Moslems of Europe, imported by the millions for just this moment in history. We’ve all been set up for a period of bloody, murderous chaos. Then lucky us, we get a new planetary order with guess who in charge? And if enough people choose not to investigate how this war was really started and who was behind it, we’ll all deserve this new world order as a punishment for human stupidity. PRACTICING FOR THE WTC/PENTAGON BLASTS IN ISRAEL Operations as complicated and risky as the WTC/Pentagon attacks could not possibly have gone ahead without practice exercises. There are good reasons to suspect that Israel was chosen as the venue for at least two dry runs and that its government, under pressure, covered up both incidents. Consider two such exercises that preceded the Israeli events: A couple of years ago, an Egypt Air flight from New York crashed into the Atlantic when the co-pilot decided to commit suicide and take all passengers and crew down with him. Though the Egyptian government denied that any Muslim would ever commit suicide in this or any other fashion, the FAA insisted the black box recording proved that this was the case. The WTC/Pentagon bombers’ Egyptian connection has been established. How the co-pilot was inducted into the terror syndicate and brainwashed to die in a plane crash on command has yet to be discovered. Whatever the mind control techniques that were used on him, they were the products of Western technology. After the Egypt Air crash, the plotters knew that pilots could be brainwashed into turning their planes into potent bombs. But could the crew be overcome with just small knives? 189

That was tested when a Russian passenger plane was hijacked to India. The hijackers were Chechnyan nationalists who overcame three stewardesses and stunned the passengers into inaction with the same type of knives used to the same effect in America. Lest there be any doubt that this was also a dry run, see who agrees that Chechnya was a training ground for the suspected terrorists of the WTC/Pentagon:
MOSCOW (AP) A senior aide to President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that some of the perpetrators of terror attacks on the United States had trained in the breakaway republic of Chechnya. ‘‘At least four of the suicide perpetrators of the terror attacks on the United States passed through Chechnya,’’ said Sergei Yastrzhembsky, an aide to Putin and Russia’s chief spokesman on Chechnya. ‘‘The people who sent suicide attackers against New York and Washington conducted dress rehearsals for terror attacks in Chechnya,’’ Yastrzhembsky told a news conference, according to the Interfax news agency.

A few months later, it was Israel’s turn. A Jerusalem wedding hall, the Versailles, collapsed vertically killing 26 and wounding over 300. The venue had been under repair at the time and most of the workers at the site were Arab. One such laborer was interviewed by Israel television on the night of the disaster and blatantly lied about the type of work that was taking place in the building. One could easily dismiss the possibility that the Versailles was victimized by terror except for one fact: after examining the ruins for just a few days, the government refused to investigate any further. Despite the fact that this was Israel’s worst building disaster ever and despite the pleas of the survivors and the families of the dead, the government could not be moved. Instead, it opened a general commission of inquiry into national building codes and practices. Within days of the building’s collapse, the remains of the Versailles were hauled away in a blatant act of evidence destruction. Simply put, why wouldn’t the government investigate the tragedy? Why was the blame put on a flooring system that never collapsed before? Why have no indictments come down since the atrocity? What is the government hiding and who ordered the cover-up? 190

The Versailles could have taught many lessons: how to drop a building straight down, how many casualties could be expected in such an operation, how to increase the percentage of dead, how quickly people could be evacuated, and how rescue teams would react. The Israeli government’s refusal to investigate the incident only fuels such, for now, speculation. However, if I were an American, I would be even more fearful of the significance of the next act of infamy. Just as Israelis were recovering from the shock of the Versailles, a third of their drinking water was poisoned. Over two million people in the Tel Aviv and central region of the country had water running through their pipes, heavily tainted with, they were told, ammonia. It took 150 million cubic meters of water, or three times the amount Israel supplies annually to Jordan, to flush out the poison. The public was told that agricultural waste seeped into a valve at a pumping station in the Jezreel Valley, and then flowed 80 km. undetected. As absurd as the explanation was, no one bothered to explain a far more frightening event. On the day the poisoned water entered the system, a security guard at a Water Authority station near Lod was murdered. The murder was written off as just another terrorism incident. Now why would terrorists climb over a chain link fence, risk barbed wire and entrapment in the middle of the country far from the safety of the Palestinian Authority, to murder an armed guard? Maybe they were thieves, risking life and limb to steal some water? Or maybe we should ask what the guard saw or what he stumbled into. This dry run was a valuable lesson. The perpetrators learned how to poison the most people possible, how many of them would be affected, how quickly the water authorities would detect the poison, how the public would be informed and how fast the system could be flushed clean. It might be a good idea for Americans to stock up on clean water.


PEOPLE ARE GETTING SMARTER After eight lectures in New York, New Jersey and Toronto, I conclude that people are getting smarter. They demanded to know less about Rabin and more about New World Order this tour around. Toronto comments:
* “Israeli biological and nuclear scientists are being knocked off one by one and this covert war is going unnoticed. A plane carrying scientists to Russia’s biological warfare center at Novosibirsk was blown up over the Black Sea and no one questions that the Ukrainian missile that supposedly did the job was a hundred miles out of range. Then a Swissair Corsair crashes killing the head of Ichilov Hospital’s Hematology department, as well as directors of the Hebrew University School of Medicine and the Tel Aviv Public Health Department and not a word of suspicion is raised. After that, one of the country’s most prominent nuclear scientists, Baruch Zinger is assassinated and still, no one is putting the pieces together. Your front line against nuclear and biological attacks is being picked off in a covert murder campaign and your government is taking no security precautions to stop the intellectual slaughter. Or if it is, your public is totally unaware of the daily danger to its most educated citizens.” * “Three suicide and car bombers make it to downtown Jerusalem and your media isn’t questioning the security establishment? Think about this ‘breakdown’. Each bombing requires about thirty people for surveillance, engineering, hideouts and more. Over a hundred backup people were required to make the operation work and the GSS (Shabak) had no intelligence beforehand? I don’t buy it. It’s a fair bet that you have traitors in the GSS withholding information from the army. You can count on the fact that there are Israeli plants who believe in this New World Order and are abetting the bloodshed.” * “I’ve done a little research into Shimon Peres’ childhood and there’s one item which has been overlooked that may explain everything. It turns out his father went to Palestine and left his wife back in Poland. He reportedly shacked up with an Arab woman and fathered children with her. That may not be the first time he had children with a gentile woman. In Poland during the 20s, Jewish children were sent to their own schools. Peres received his elementary school education at a Jesuit school.” * (From the same source. He phones Israel and is faxed an article from Ma’ariv about the ownership of the PLO’s public phone company Paltel. It is 40% owned by the Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia and 40% by Arafat himself. BUT 2.46% of shares are owned by Shimon Peres). “Have a look at this Peres/Bin Laden business connection,” he says. New York:


I make a pilgrimage to Ground Zero. I’ve seen pictures of wartime Berlin and Hiroshima, but the devastation is more complete here. I view the wreckage from the fifth floor office of an acquaintance’s office, then stare transfixed at the destruction of the remaining evidence from street level for an hour. When I return to my hotel, my face is beet red and blistered. There was something highly caustic, perhaps toxic, in the air. * “They’re hiding the real death figures. They’ve got it down to only 3200 now. Now I’ll tell you why that can’t be. Only one company released its fatality figures, Cantor Fitzgerald. They lost 700 employees working on four floors. Even accounting for their being on top floors, you take 220 stories and do the math, you get a figure of 42,000. And that’s just employees, not visitors.” * “I knew the story of the plane hijackings was baloney when the Times published the, supposedly, only black box transcripts which survived. Four planes, and only one black box survived. Did you read the cockpit recording? It was straight out of Dragnet; ‘Don’t do anything stupid,’ says the terrorist. “But if you think that was contrived, look at the stupid story they told us about Flight 93. This was the plan that went wrong. To get the other three planes to crash into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, you had to override their autopilots. They were set from Logan and Newark to Los Angeles, and had to be switched off and the plane flown manually, or reset to the coordinates of their targets. And all the while this was happening, not one pilot activated the Mayday signal. “However, something went wrong with Flight 93, and the plane kept flying west. There was a snafu and the autopilot wasn’t overridden. So it was shot down 80 miles from Pittsburgh. It absolutely had to have been because parts of the tail were found eight miles from the nose. A plane can’t crash land and thrust its tail eight miles backwards. Only a midair explosion can do that. “So look at the scenario of heroism they paint to cover up the missile attack on the plane. They’ve got three terrorists with little box cutters gathering together a half dozen of the toughest passengers. One is a wrestler, the other a rugby player, the rest six feet tall and 190 pounds minimum. You’ve got the front line of the Green Bay Packers all together and no one rushes the little terrorists with their pint sized blades. “Next, the terrorists decide to let the passengers call home on their cell phones. Sure, that makes sense. You’re supposedly on the way to Washington, ninety minutes flying time away, to bomb the Capitol building, and you alert the entire defense establishment that you’re coming. That’s the way to make your mission a success alright. “And in the final act of the drama, Rambo is heard on one phone telling the troops, ‘Let’s roll, boys.’ And to make sure the public buys this ridiculous story, they roll out the pregnant wife and stick her on the same flight a few days later.


“Nothing about the scenario rings true because it didn’t happen. If you want to get to the truth about what happened on the three planes which did hit their targets, start examining the one that missed.”

Good advice from one of the many people who have wised up, we hope, in time. FORTY DAYS AT SEA I left on March 2, returned, April 11; forty days of lecturing in America. I finally met the loyal legions who created this peculiar career of mine and discovered they have almost nothing in common. In New York, my sponsors were religious Jews, including one memorable evening at the Lubatvitch world headquarters in Brooklyn. In Springfield, Missouri, the prophetic David Lewis Ministries were my hosts, while in Denver, the American Freedom Network organized a memorable evening. There, I was told, they take a historical view of Jesus, regarding him as a divine freedom fighter against the New World Order of the times, the Romans. My plane landed in Salt Lake City at 7:50 and Joel Skousen rushed me to a nearby university campus for an 8:00 PM lecture. The lecture hall was packed with Mormons who knew more about my work than any audience yet. In Dallas, the maverick archaeologist Vendyl Jones presented me to his convention of Bnei Noah, gentiles who accept the Old Testament but reject the New. In El Paso, my presenter was Eliezer Ben Yosef, a Reform Jew with a Saturday morning radio show. And my last stop in Hawaii was organized by Peter Goodgame, unaffiliated with any movement. If there is a thread of commonality amongst my sponsors and audiences, I couldn’t find it. Put them all in a room and the party would break up early. This diversity was a kind of revelation. Those people who find in my work the best explanation for what is happening to Israel today are united only in their love of the Jewish people, their battle against the New World Order and their profound hospitality towards a speaker who came a long way to meet them. Before I left, I vowed not to keep up with news from Israel unless it was too disturbing to ignore. My idea was to both take a vacation from the hothouse and return with a refreshed viewpoint. The strategy mostly worked and I have nothing to add to anyone’s 194

knowledge of the Middle East. In fact, my most striking memory has nothing to do with politics of any kind and shortly I’d like to take the liberty of expanding on new information I was given on a very different subject for me, seasickness. However, religion and politics did rear their heads on the trip and I suppose it would be in best character to point to a few highlights: • I arrived in New York to awful news. The worst snowstorm in fifty years was set to hit the city on the night of my first lecture and bury the landscape in two feet of snow on the evenings of the next two. My New York tour was to be wiped out, including a Television interview I had been looking forward to; The Americans for a Safe Israel program on Manhattan Cable TV. But then Ray Antoky and G-d decided to help me out. Ray provided my accommodations on condition that I wear tefillin on my trip. For those unacquainted with this tradition, tefillin are hand-written quotations from the Hebrew Bible placed in small leather boxes attached to the head and arm by thin leather straps. He and a dozen buddies chipped in $350 to purchase a handcrafted set of tefillin and just hours before the blizzard was set to hit, I put them on. I hadn’t worn tefillin since my bar mitzvah, but they felt comfortable. I recited the prayer for wearing the tefillin with the rabbi who made them but added one phrase: “And please stop the storm.” The storm missed New York City by ten miles. I managed to get to Manhattan for the TV interview. None of the lectures was cancelled, in fact hundreds arrived at the Lubavitch world headquarters for the speech. Do I think it was because of the tefillin? Yes. • I was privileged to have been interviewed on numerous radio shows in the past forty days including five hours on the legendary Alex Jones program and an hour on Hawaii’s most popular morning show, hosted by Rick Hamada. 195

But the most troublesome program came out of Omaha. The host, Marty, told me that he would like to support Israel wholeheartedly but its laws against evangelizing prevented it. I replied:
“How would you like it if a bunch of Jews came into your neighborhood trying to change the faith of your children. Or how would you like it if Scientologists handed out pamphlets in your church?”

He admitted he would not like it at all.
“Well, we Jews don’t proselytize your young people because we respect your faith too much for that. Naturally we expect the same respect shown to us.”

He said he had never considered that side of the issue but it made sense. Then he opened the phone lines to callers. One of the first brought up the silly matter of the Khazarians. A few decades back Arthur Koestler wrote a book about the Khazar empire whose leadership, late in the Middle Ages, did covert to Judaism. Then he took the crazy leap of hypothesizing that all Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Khazars who migrated to Eastern Europe at the fall of their empire. This caller insisted that 95% of Jews are actually not descended from Abraham but rather of a medieval Turkish tribe called the Khazars.
“Do you think,” I asked, “that if 95% of Jews were from Khazaria we would have forgotten that? Jews have long, exact memories and we know where we were. If it was in Khazaria we wouldn’t have forgotten it. And if we were Khazars, Yiddish would be a Turkish-based language, which it is not. I don’t think there are any Khazarian words in Yiddish. The Khazarian royal court did covert to Judaism, mostly for political reasons, but the Khazar people didn’t or we would have remembered it.”

Marty stated that my reasoning had to be right and invited me back on his show two weeks later. If I ever earn some sort of legacy, it might have something to do with having straightened out a few anti-Semitic notions held by people who have no reason to dislike Jews if they thought about a few things a bit differently. • The Texas leg of my tour was the longest and most confusing. While some crowds were ample, over 150 in both Dallas and San Antonio, others were the smallest by far of the tour. And the smallest of the smallest was to a group of 15 Israelis in the Dallas home of Rabbi Moyal. Despite the paucity of people, I gave my best as always but wondered why I flew 8000 miles to address 196

an audience of two dozen souls. The answer came a few days later when Wayne Linksman accompanied me to a gala Dallas Jewish social event, the Kosher Chili Cook-off. One person after another told me they heard I gave a very controversial but thought-provoking lecture at Rabbi Moyal’s home. A couple of Israelis gave me the cold shoulder at first but within an hour came back to ask if what I was doing really was healthy for Israel. I told them that it was beyond healthy, it was vital to the nation’s survival.
“Both of you know how corrupt our government is.” I noted. “How long do you think we can survive this level of corruption? The very people who murdered Rabin are still ruling us, so when do you start saying this has gone too far?” One Israeli, Iranian-born asked, “Why are you stirring things up and why should we talk when no one of influence is willing to say anything?”

Rabbi Malka provided the answer. He had attended my lecture and had been deeply affected. He came up to me and said, “I brought something for you. It’s from Friday’s Yediot Ahronot. I have a subscription.” He flipped through the weekend magazine section until he found an interview with the leading spokeswoman of Israeli Russians, Ida Nudel. The headline read: “Ida Nudel Believes Rabin Was Murdered in a Conspiracy: That Amir Was Just the Patsy”. I showed it to the two Israelis. The Persian smiled. “See,” I said, “I’m not alone. Now it’s your turn.” There were only 15 people at Rabbi Moyal’s home to hear my lecture, but now I knew that was more than enough.
The Secrets of Seasickness

Yitzhak Rabin made a dream come true. He provided me with an expense-paid working holiday to Hawaii. My host Peter Goodgame covered the costs for no other reason than to get the truth of Rabin’s murder to the Hawaiian people. Unlike my previous sponsors, Peter had no church, synagogue or political organization behind him. He’s a working man saving for a home for his handsome family, but he set back his plans because he believed in me. I was humbled. 197

And for a first-timer he did just fine. He got me a spot on Honolulu’s most popular morning talk show. The host Rick Hamada conducted a superb interview and a fine crowd arrived for my lecture later that evening. Once over, I was free to pursue a dream, to catch a marlin off Hawaii. Accompanying me was Ron, a longtime American soldier. And lest you believe there are no black helicopters harassing American citizens, Ron flew his share of missions on these choppers, until his Christian conscience opened up. “The goal of the black helicopters is urban warfare.” He told me. “I was in a special ops unit which trained with foreign troops and I can tell you that armies are being used today to control or eliminate troublesome individuals and groups.” On this tour, I had about ten other former military men with not dissimilar stories. I guess my work is of great interest to former soldiers. Ron reserved two seats on a six seat party boat and it was just a matter of time before he would be clicking shots of me beside my lifetime dream marlin. I had never been in a squall on a small boat. I had never spent eight hours in nine foot swells, going up and down, side to side, up and down until I became sick. Not just sick, I’ve been sick before. I was so sick that when a fish, after seven fruitless hours, finally took my lure briefly, I prepared myself to let Ron reel it in. The dead and dying do not reel. After disgusting myself and all aboard, the nightmare was over. Only one of us caught anything, two had come down with serious seasickness, while another spent the day lying in the cabin to prevent his from worsening. I had paid $150 to spend the day on a never-ending roller coaster. Once on land I recovered my health, but I was humiliated by the whole experience. But Peter came to my rescue. “You have nothing to be ashamed of,” he said. “I want to introduce you to my neighbor Gordie. He knows all about what happened to you.” Gordie’s home is decorated in blown glass fishing floats. These are thick green glass balls up to two feet in diameter used to float huge fishing nets. He picked them up floating free during his many voyages. 198

“Feel the smoothness of the glass, “ he said. “This is the best glasswork made in the world today. They are perfectly designed not to shatter at sea. Now look here, the blower left his signature in the glass. When I started collecting them, it was for their beauty. Now there are collectors everywhere and I hear they’re sold in galleries in Paris.”

Gordie is a middle-aged, tanned sea salt. He skippers fishing boats in major tournaments and has worked from Washington State, to Alaska to Hawaii. I told him about my day.
“So you had a bad day? You didn’t feel anything! I once had it for 30 days straight with nowhere to go. I knew what death was, you didn’t even get a hint of it.”

I disagreed because what I felt was as close to death as could be, but he was right about the duration of Hell. An Israeli lady named Naveh, living in Hawaii, later told me about her nine day bout on a trip to Palmyra, an island a thousand miles to the south. As bad as I had it, it gets worse over time.
“There is no sickness known to mankind as powerful as seasickness,” added Gordie. “I’m told the last stages of AIDS is as close as it gets. It makes men crazy. I took a guy out, real tough, loved his guns. Just a few hours after it hit him he said to me, ‘Gordie, I’ve got a Beretta in my jacket. There are two shots in the clip. You have to get it and finish me off.’ I told him no and he grabbed my shirt and yelled, ‘You gotta do it Gordie. I can’t live another second like this. Just do it and throw me over. No one will know.’ “And he wasn’t the worst. I’ll tell you how crazy it makes you. I used to work on this island in Puget Sound. The only way to get to it was by a small ferry and I saw the same people on it all the time. Well one day we got caught in a winter storm and I didn’t think we’d make it. That ferry boat got tossed as bad as any small yacht in a squall. And this guy got the sickness so bad he almost fell in the water a few times. The last time though, I saw him crawling to the side on purpose. I knew he was going to jump and grabbed him. ‘Just let me go,’ he said, ‘It’s the best thing.’ Well, I didn’t and we made it to the island. He hasn’t been back to the mainland since and I’ll bet it’s been twenty years. Nothing will get him on a boat ever again and there’s no other way out.”

Gordie has made a study of seasickness.
“It’s 90% psychological. The Dramamine and ear patches only work because people think they do. But when you get into really rough water, seven out of ten people get hit and the figure is the same for those who take the precautions. I once proved it was psychological. I took this arrogant (expletive) fishing and he kept bragging how the sea never got to him. So I worked on him all day, you know, ‘Are you okay, you look a little queasy,’ I’d cook up greasy food and offer it to him, talk about


moving, flying, falling, asked him to read small print, and it worked. Had him begging me to turn back but I said not until we caught a big one. “Another couple bragged they could take any sea but I wasn’t a mile off the sandbar before they begged me to leave them on the bar. So there they are sprawled on the sandbar in the middle of nowhere refusing to get on the boat. The husband yells that he paid for the day and I could use it to catch fish. I caught $3000 worth that day. By evening they were prepared to sail to shore, maybe ten minutes away. “But that was nothing compared to this lady who wanted me to sail her to Kono, four days away. I told her I made arrangements in Kono and once we were past our island there was no turning back. No problem, she said, she’d been on boats before. It took less than half an hour before the sickness got her. Half a day later we’re at the edge of the island and after that it’s open sea. ‘I have to get off,’ she announced, and I told her no way. She sees a boat anchored maybe half a mile a way. She shouts, ‘I’m not staying here,’ jumps in the water and swims to the other boat. I radioed him and she was safe in the end but that’s how crazy the sickness makes you. I don’t know of another that saps you of all rationality and makes you do suicidal things. “And if you think it’s only the passengers who suffer, it’s just as hard on the crew. How’d you like to be on a boat where the skipper gets seasick and can’t operate the craft? I’ve seen that lots of times but the worst was when the sickness killed the skipper. Seasickness will kill you two ways. After the belly is empty, it attacks what’s left. In the most severe cases, the body will dehydrate the organs and refuse to accept liquids. Or, the severity will cause a cardiac arrest. “That’s what happened to this skipper. Straight out of Gilligan’s Island. The skipper is dead at the wheel and the first mate doesn’t know how to control the boat. He radios for help and I get there and see the boat doing short circles in the water. And no one aboard figured out anything was wrong. The girls all covered up in their beach blankets when I approached. How you can’t suspect something is amiss when your boat has been doing sharp circles for two hours is explainable by the fact that despite federal regulations, lots of people take intoxicants on boats. And that’s a real bad idea. I’ve seen passengers throw everything overboard when they get the sickness. First they vow never to touch the vile inebriant ever again as long as they live, then over go bottles of booze, cocaine, pot. The only one I try to stop from going overboard is the pot. “The cancer and AIDS patients who want it legalized because it stops nausea are right. It’s the only stuff I ever saw that is a cure for seasickness. All the other advice like lie down, concentrate on one point, or even steer the boat to keep busy is worthless. But that stuff works. “And the skippers hate it when the passengers come down with the motion sickness. For one thing, the plumbing in the head gets clogged and it takes forever to clear it. One skipper tells passengers not to use the


head for seasickness because just a few weeks back a passenger got so sick he fell unconscious in the head and died of drowning. Right in the head, he tells people. No way it happened but that’s how desperate he is to keep his plumbing flowing. And the passengers always believe him and when it hits them, they go to the edge of the boat. “Which is awful because everyone sees him and then begins the domino effect. Now boats aren’t seasick friendly. The edge is too thick to go on the knees and use. And if you stand, it’s overboard for you lots of times. I had this great product idea. It’s like a big airsickness bag only with a harness attached to your head. You just find a corner somewhere and don’t bother anyone else. I’d like it to be bio-degradable so you can throw it in the ocean before you land. I’d call it, ‘In Case of Seasickness Take One’. “If you think you had a bad day, I say you’re wrong. You learned a lesson. Man is a land animal; he was never supposed to go to sea. His body rebels with all it has. But if there is ever to be greatness, truth or discovery, we have to fight it until we finally get our sea legs.”

I have succumbed to Gordie’s wisdom. I will take the next opportunity to go to sea and catch my dream marlin. I wouldn’t be me if I surrendered to mere unnatural risk. The final leg of the tour. Twenty four hours of flying from Honolulu to Tel Aviv. I change planes in New York to El Al. Yediot Ahronot is given to the passengers and I read my first Hebrew newspaper cover to cover in forty days. I find out that after a meeting with Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, who for forty days in America I had been proving was the prime suspect in Rabin’s murder, Prime Minister Sharon has agreed not to build new settlements in Judea and Samaria. A fellow passenger observes, “No one understands it. He’s no different than Barak.” I took the taxi from Ben Gurion Airport home. The driver asks why I was away so long and I answer that I gave lectures in America on Rabin’s murder.
“Oh that,” he replies. “I knew Avishai Raviv personally. I even bailed him out of jail once. We all know what happened. Raviv gave Yigal Amir a gun with blanks in it. He shot the blanks and Rabin’s bodyguard murdered him after that. Why do you need to give a lecture about that? Everyone knows already.”

After a hazardous journey, I was clearly reaching land.



AND NOW, END PLAY While the sane world has watched with pride as Israel fought for its shared sane values, the good times are coming to an end. Now the forces of the New World Order are going to show their cards. The cracks in Israel’s armor are appearing faster than anyone can plaster them. After a classic advance which reoccupied the West Bank in a week, Jenin was proving hard to crack. A few dozen diehards refused to surrender and booby-trapped a last stand in a crowded block of buildings in an area not much bigger than a football field. The army called for an Air Force bombing of the block because it was too dangerous to be tackled on foot. The government turned down the request because it wouldn’t look good on TV and 13 soldiers paid with their lives for better publicity. And the “Palestinians” get their own Alamo myth. Military analysts are aghast at the Jenin snafu and a few are beginning to ask questions; Like, why has Hamas not been targeted for retaliation operations even when they accept responsibility for a terrorist act? And why wasn’t the Gaza Strip cleaned out of terrorists along with the West Bank? The answer is likely the threat that Hamas will use non-conventional terror if their backs are to the wall. And while the refusal to use a jet or two to clear up Jenin was based purely on publicity considerations, the brave victims of this betrayal will have died in vain; for the media vultures are circling, waiting for the pullback to sweep down on the urban battlefields and record the horror of war. Pity Israel when they get to picking her flesh. Brace yourself for bodies and blood, and lots of sob stories told by “innocent” survivors of Israel’s brutality. The Children of Israel are about to become the lepers of the world. And it has all been planned from the beginning. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan announced just this before he added 203

that he would be meeting Colin Powell in Spain. The CFR, UN and Jesuit Vatican will meet in Madrid to add the final touches to the end game for Israel. They have been playing NWO good cop/bad cop with Israel. Bush and the US, of course, were the good cops, the UN and EU, the bad, but now Israel is going to discover they were all the same, all along: same aim, same anti-Semitic agenda, same new order, they just played different roles for awhile. And once the horror of the streets of the West Bank tarnishes the Jews throughout this perverted planet, there will be no one to stop the NWO forces from arriving in the region to “bring peace.” They will dictate the terms to both sides and appear as wise as Solomon as they cut Israel with their scalpel, depriving the country of its land, water, capital, resources and sovereignty. The best we can do is expose the NWO machinations and hope enough people will wake up in time. I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. Still, I received a timely and useful surprise. It seems that someone took the trouble to reread the newsletter I co-edited between 19921996, Inside Israel. That someone excerpted numerous items from the newsletter and sent them streaming down the net. I received three copies in a day. After the Netanyahu victory in 1996, I wrote that the new government must arrest, then try those who brought us the Oslo Accord, and quoted some of the crimes listed below. Since then, the call to try the Oslo criminals has spread the length and breadth of Israel. Inside Israel did provide the evidence of betrayal and it provided a glimpse of how the NWO operates. Look at the dates beside the articles and note how much has become our pathetic reality since then. And how much this obvious truth was ignored by the Jews we tried so hard to awaken. A CHRONOLOGY OF “THE PEACE PROCESS” This article, in its entirety, was submitted by a faithful subscriber. I pass it on to my readers for your perusal.


How We Can Gain Justice for the Victims of Oslo (JVO)

Just so we don’t forget how it happened and who was behind the creation of the Oslo Accords, in early l993 a very unique news source appeared reporting on Israel’s political, diplomatic and national security affairs. Had more people taken notice of its news reports Israel might not be suffering today from Arab terrorism I was fortunate enough to have been one of Inside Israel’s subscribers from l993-l997. Thus, I understand how they did it and why they did it. I also know who in Israel allowed the foreigners to install the PA in power. I understand that the destruction of our country didn’t begin in September 2000. It started in l991 when Beilin and Peres began their plotting to have the Israeli public buy into their deadly secret deals which were supposed to bring peace. These two “Jews” brought nothing but misery and bloodshed to both sides. Yet both still maintain their highly respected positions in Israeli political affairs—with Peres still serving in the position he started off with in l993. Who knows what secret deals Beilin is plotting as you read these words. Shame on the Israeli public for allowing these two traitors/criminals to continue to represent the interests of the people of Israel. First they corrupted our national leaders, then they divided us and swiped our soul, and now they are out to physically destroy us. Beilin and Peres’ plans and efforts were treacherous, deceitful, and illegal. They can be brought to justice. When will they be brought to justice? When will there be Justice for the Victims of Oslo (JVO)? The information contained in this “Chronology of the Oslo Accords” was based on the press reports which appeared in the Israeli printed media from l992-l996. The original archives of Inside Israel can be found at Israel’s National Library and Archives in Jerusalem. The author of this essay is asking all who receive it to translate it, post it on the Internet, send it to many other Jews and to print out copies and post them on bulletin boards in synagogues, community centers, schools and yeshivot. We all need to know how this catastrophe began so we will know who is responsible for it.
A Chronology of Oslo as Recorded in the Archives of Inside Israel
YEAR 1, 1993



• Palestinian Affairs: The Labor party’s official chronology of events leading up to Israel’s recognition of the PLO has the seeds planted after the party assumed power. This is a lie. According to the official scenario, Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin started the “Gaza-Jericho First” ball rolling at an academic conference. It was revealed in March 1995 in an interview with Yediot Ahronot that Dr. Henry Kissinger took credit for the idea that led to the Oslo Accord. Dr. K. claimed that he suggested pulling out of Gaza and Jericho first to then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin back in l976. The most recent version of the idea, the one that led to the “Oslo Accords”, was brought to life by Beilin who subsequently pursued it for a year at a Norwegian university through the offices of Terje Roed Larsen, a social scientist who had been doing research on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Another version of the official version of how Oslo began is that it was the result of a chance meeting in a hotel in Oslo between representatives of the PLO and Yair Hirshfeld and Ron Pundak—two unknown Israeli academics who happened to be staying at the hotel. Due to that chance meeting, the “Oslo Agreements” were said to have evolved as Pundak and Hirshfeld (who held no standing whatsoever in the Israeli government) hammered out an agreement with these PLO officials and then presented it to the Labor party for ratification. Neither story is the truth. The origins of Oslo are in January 1990, when the then-Science Minister, later to become President, Ezer Weizmann met with PLO officials in London. He told Labor party head Shimon Peres, who was then a member of the National Unity Government, about the meetings. Peres knew then-Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir would not go along with it, so Peres engineered a coalition. When the “Baker plan” came up in February l990, it demanded that Jerusalem was put up for negotiations, which Shamir couldn’t accept. On January 17, l992, US Secretary of State James Baker tells Hosni Mubarak that the American government would begin a campaign to force Israel into freezing settlements, and that the Bush administration would oppose Israel’s request to receive $10 206

billion in US loan guarantees. New elections were held in June l992 which swept the Labor to power under Yitzhak Rabin. What is absent from this story is “Beilin and Peres’ stinky deal”. It went like this: Starting in June 1991, Peres had sent Yossi Beilin to Egypt four times to make an agreement with the PLO. At the King Hotel in Cairo, Beilin offered Said Kamal and Mahmud Abbas, two Arafat aides, a deal; in return for the PLO shifting Arab-Israeli votes to Labor in the upcoming national elections, the Labor party would cancel the law which forbids meetings with the PLO, freeze Jewish settlements, and give recognition to something close to a state. The meetings were reported in the Israeli daily Hadashot by Arab affairs analyst, Yehoshua Mieri, and by two Egyptian newspapers, AlGomhouriya and Al-Wafd. After Rabin’s primary victory, Arafat invited the leaders of the three radical Arab-Israeli political parties to Cairo and called for the delegates and the politicians to close ranks behind one united proPLO party that would vote en mass for Labor. This made the difference on June 23rd, 1992, in effect putting Rabin into power. On November 25, just five months after the Labor party was placed back into power based on their support from the Israeli Arabs, Justice Minister David Libai introduced into the cabinet a bill to rescind the law banning Israelis from meeting with representatives of the PLO. It is believed that those secret talks were arranged by members of the Council on Foreign Relations. In an interview with journalist Yitzhak Ben Horin of Ma’ariv in January l996, Council on Foreign Relations point man on Israeli affairs, Canadian billionaire Edgar Bronfman, boasts using his influence to secure Rabin’s election in l992, adding, “Usually I believe Americans should not interfere with the Israeli election infrastructure but, in this case I broke my rule because I believed in the peace process.” Officially, Israel was not publicly involved in a “peace process” until late August l993. February 1993: According to the Lebanese publication El-Kifach Al Arabi, secret talks are underway between PLO officials and the Israeli government in Paris and London. The French magazine Le Canard Enchaine revealed that French experts will be in charge of establishing a Palestinian police force to secure an autonomy 207

arrangement in the West Bank and Gaza. The agreement was reached in November l992 in a series of meetings in London under the auspices of the American government. One of the reasons the talks continued in secret is because Israel wanted to have already concluded an agreement with the PLO before the negotiations are made public. In a May l995 report in an Israeli newspaper, Oslo negotiator Ron Pundak revealed that the US State Department “was in on the secret process from day one.” A secret clause to the Oslo Accords, authored by then Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin, was entitled “The Palestine Interim Self-Government Agreement”. It explains how the ultimate aims of the peace process are to 1) roll back Israel’s territory to the l949 borders; 2) to create a Palestinian “entity”, which, after an interim period will be granted statehood; and 3) to permit the right of return for any Palestinian to the new nation. The document which dealt with Jerusalem, called “The Illegitimacy of Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem,” outlines the Israeli government’s program for the future of Jerusalem. It called for the division of the Old City into cantons whose border posts will be under UN control. The Plan also wanted to work towards the removal of all Jews from beyond the Green line, to be done in stages. The first stage would be the disarming of the settlers. Once the settlers become less able to defend themselves, army presence on the roads leading to their homes will be greatly diminished leading to heavy terrorist casualties and a feeling of fear and helplessness. As part of this program, a “dehumanizing” effort would take place to paint the residents of the territories as “fanatics”, since they were against the peace process. Once such an image had been planted, the settlers would no longer be identified by most Israelis as one of them and it would be easier to break their morale to resist. Three days before the Washington signing of the Oslo Accords on September 10, 1993, Prime Minister Rabin ratified a decision made earlier allowing 187 members of the Hamas leadership deported to Lebanon to return home to the West Bank and Gaza three months early. Though Rabin had stated publicly that week that Hamas could scuttle the agreement with the PLO, he nevertheless strengthened the organization by placing its strategic 208

leadership in the battlefront. In Kiryat Shemona hundreds of demonstrators pelted the busloads of deportees with rocks. With absolutely no protest from any wing of the political establishment in effect, Rabin’s decision put in place the series of events that led to the wave of deadly terror that Israel’s civilian population is experiencing ten years later. • Security Affairs: February 1993: Arafat flew to Khartoum from Amman where he attends two meetings with Osama Ben Laden and Hassan Atourbi, leader of the Sudanese Islamic Fundamentalist Movement. The plan to bomb the World Trade Center in l993 was hatched there with Arafat’s approval. June 1993: Egypt agreed to establish courses for hundreds of Palestinians from the territories to teach them how to administrate law enforcement activities. More than 50 Palestinians will be sent to Egypt to learn how to become police captains. The Egyptians warned that if the Palestinians don’t act soon, they won’t have any trained personnel to run a country. August 1993: For the first time Arabs gathered at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem heard the assistant mufti, Sheikh Mahmud Aljemal, call for the killing of all Israeli Jews. The police had taped these comments but refused to hand them over to the office of the state legal advisor Yosef Harish, when National Religious Party MK Hanan Porat demanded that Harish charge Aljemal for incitement to murder. Nonetheless, in the previous six months, 25 mosques were closed down by Israeli authorities after routine searches uncovered recordings of incitement by Islamic Fundamentalist leaders. November l993: Colonel Ron Naveh of Acharei forms an organization just after the Oslo accords were signed on September 13 composed of Israel Defense Forces officers who refuse to do reserve duty in protest over the agreement. Naveh predicted, “The agreement is a disaster for the security of Israel and our only reply is not to serve under the government which arranged it.” Nine months later in May 1994, dozens of IDF officers signed a protest advertisement that appeared in Israeli newspapers. The public notice read, “The surrender to terror is the only achievement of the negotiations with the PLO, which threaten our survival. Shaking 209

hands with terrorists means terror has won. Arafat represents his own interests and will never fight for the security of Israel.” December l993: Israel Defense Ministry urges the Israeli team negotiating with the PLO to demand a detailed report of every weapon held by PLO personnel in the territories, now and every year after. It also demanded a joint committee of the PLO and the Mossad to fight terrorism, and the names and locations of terrorists responsible for 14 of the most serious PLO attacks. • Secret Diplomacy: September 10th: Three days before the signing of the Oslo Accords in Washington, the Italian newspaper La Stampa reported that Foreign Minister Shimon Peres concluded a secret deal with the Vatican to hand over sovereignty of Jerusalem’s Old City to the Vatican. The plan was originally discussed in November 1992 (the same time the first meetings in London took place to discuss an agreement between Israel and the PLO, which were probably arranged by Council on Foreign Relations executive, Edgar Bronfman) when then-Foreign Minister Shimon Peres met with Vatican officials in Rome. Under the plan, Jerusalem will stay the capital of Israel but the Old City will be administered by the Vatican. Arafat agreed not to oppose the plan. The plan also calls for Jerusalem to become the second Vatican of the world with all three major religions represented but under the authority of the Vatican. October 1993: Peres sends a letter to the Norwegian Foreign Minister committing Israel to respect PLO governing institutions in Jerusalem. Peres later denied that such a letter existed, much to the chagrin of Cabinet whip Moshe Shachal, who transmitted Peres’ message to the Knesset and was furious when the government later admitted that such a letter was actually sent. In response to the revelation of the letter, Peres told the Knesset, “If you are insinuating that we would ever divide Jerusalem, then that’s an ugly slander.” November l993: In a report in the weekly newspaper Kol Ha’ir, it was revealed that:
...for the past six months, the Israeli government has been taking advice on the future of Jerusalem from a planning commission headed by a close aide of Teddy Kollek, Raanan Weitz, formerly the settlement director of


the Jewish Agency. At a secret meeting on September 9, 1993, just before Prime Minister Rabin signed the recognition agreement with the PLO in Israel, the forum met secretly and approved in principle a plan for Jerusalem concocted by Weitz, which he calls, “Metropolitan Jerusalem”.

December 1993: In a Knesset debate on the security situation in the territories, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres announced, “When a Palestinian state in Gaza is established, it will take care of security.” Members of the opposition were shocked, believing that Peres had finally admitted publicly the ultimate goal of his agreements with the PLO. After the Knesset session turned into an uproar, Peres backtracked, claiming he had meant to say, ‘Palestinian police force,’ not ‘Palestinian state.’ Many opposition MKs were convinced that Peres had already promised the PLO a state and this was Peres’ confession, whether intended or not. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------YEAR 2, 1994 • Palestinian Affairs: January l994: Achmad Awad, leader of the Black Panther militia of the PLO, asks the court to subpoena Yasser Arafat as a witness for his defense. Awad was being tried for the murders of sixteen people and for being an accessory in the deaths of ten others. Awad’s defense was that the murders were the result of direct orders from Arafat. His attorney presented faxes to the court from Arafat to Awad ordering executions of alleged Palestinian collaborators. February 1994: PLO members throughout the territories met secretly to discuss the mental state of their leader. They reached the conclusion that years of intrigue and assassination attempts have taken their toll. In Lebanon, PLO chief there, Monir Makdakh, refuses to acknowledge Arafat’s right to lead the PLO and call the shots. Makdakh told reporters that he will not lay down his arms. He predicted a schism will create two PLOs, one committed to war on Israel’s northern frontier and another within the autonomous regions purportedly dedicated to snuffing out Palestinian violence against Israelis with its police force. Makdakh has little faith in the Palestinian police force’s resolve to stop any future bloodshed, adding, “Lots of my supporters have been placed in this police force. They will act as I see fit not as Arafat tells them to.” 211

March l994: Moshe Sasson, autonomy advisor for the Ministry of Police, confirmed to the Israeli press that an Israeli cabinet minister had been meeting with Hamas leaders on behalf of the Israeli government. It was believed to be Yossi Sarid. According to Sasson, “Some Hamas people want to be in line when we start handing out the fruits of autonomy. We are cultivating them.” The first meeting took place before the declaration of principles between Israel and the PLO was signed in September l993. At its conclusion, cash was given to the Hamas representatives in order to buy them into supporting autonomy and moderation. Israeli officials behind the policy see it as working. They point to the Hamas decision not to attack the PLO violently as a sign that the organization is coming around to the latter’s way of thinking. They believe the wave of attacks against Jews since September is a temporary phenomenon that will end once full autonomy is instituted. April 1994: According to an arms dealer in Gaza, since the September 13 signing of the Declaration of Principles, the residents of Gaza have been arming themselves. He says smuggling guns from Israel became infinitely easier as 75% of all Gazans homes now conceal a weapon. This has caused the price of a pistol to rise from $1,300 in l992 to $3,600 in l994. May l994: Faisal El-Husseini, the PLO’s head in Jerusalem, says he believes that the new police force created by the Palestinian Authority might need some help to maintain order. If that is the case, an armed militia, whose members are all Fatah supporters, are ready for action if Israeli authorization for the fledging Palestinian police is delayed for any reason. June l994: Talks between the PLO and Hamas over the administration of Gaza were completed. Hamas agreed not to oppose the PLO takeover of Gaza in return for sharing power. In return, Hamas activists received a significant number of jobs including posts in the Palestinian police force. Hamas also was allowed to have members of its assassination squad, Az Adin El Kasam, to be included in the Palestinian constabulary. September l994: Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat sends a telegram to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein assuring him that the fight for Palestine had just begun and would not end until 212

there was a victory in Jerusalem. There was no protest from the Prime Minister or any member of the Israeli government to his remarks. October l994: Graduates of training courses who are supposed to serve as policemen in Gaza and Jericho are operating out of the Orient House. The policemen boasted to the Palestinian press that, “We are really not policemen, rather feyadeen, and Jericho is our new base for capturing the rest of Palestine.” Shared patrols by the IDF and the Palestinian police have become a fiasco. Commenting on why his jeep drove so far behind that of the Palestinian police, one Israeli soldier said, “We don’t know when they are going to start shooting at us. It’s a just a matter of time until they do.” October 1994: Israel’s internal security force, the Shabak, has had to increase its anti-Hamas operations in light of the recent fracture in the organization. Hamas in the northern West Bank is allied with the Lebanese Hizbullah and are the most radical of the factions. Hamas in Jerusalem and Bethlehem is tied to the Moslem Brotherhood of Jordan and is considered the most moderate faction. In Gaza and Hebron, Hamas leaders get their funding and orders from the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt. November 1994: Two Palestinian terrorists who kill two Israelis on a shooting spree in downtown Jerusalem, are found to have suspicious pasts. The first was a Palestinian Authority policeman holding weaponry supplied by Israel. The second arrived in Gaza via Egypt on July 14. Found in his pocket were a list of operational commands including an order to “contact the Egyptian ambassador.” • Secret Diplomacy: April l994: Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Shmuel Meir tells the Jerusalem press that he had received information that properties promised to the Vatican in Jerusalem would be granted extraterritorial status. (In early 1996 Meir was killed in a very suspicious car crash whereby the driver who drove a UN truck into Meir’s car was not even charged.) The plan for the dividing of Jerusalem would have the complete support of the planning organization, “The Jerusalem Forum.” It is believed that the plan was drafted according to the wishes of the Vatican. Three weeks before the Cairo Agreement was signed, 213

Peres and Arafat meet secretly in Bucharest, Rumania, with the Iranian Foreign Minister. Arafat was given pledges by Peres that the sovereignty of Jerusalem will be shared by the PLO and Israel. Peres also agreed to increase the size of the Palestinian police force to include 500 Sudanese trained by Islamic fundamentalists, and acquiesced completely on the right of return for all Palestinians to currently disputed areas, including Jerusalem. November 13, l994: The Israeli newspapers Ha’aretz, Ma’ariv and The Jerusalem Post report that David Rockefeller, the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, landed at Jerusalem’s Atarot Airport for a 12 hour secret visit with former mayor Teddy Kollek. Shortly after Rockefeller left Israel, Kollek flew to Cairo for the first time ever, met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Omar Mussa and presented him with his plan for Jerusalem’s future. According to this plan, the city would be divided into quarters, each with its own separate governing body. November l994: Israel signs a peace treaty with Jordan which, according to reports in Ha’aretz, Ma’ariv, and Yediot Achronot, included secret clauses concerning water and Jerusalem. The agreement had been negotiated in London eight months before between Rabin, King Hussein, and Lord Victor Mishcon, an attorney who represents much of British royalty as well as the Jordanian monarch. As part of the agreement, Jordan would receive control over the Islamic Holy sites within a Vatican-controlled Old City of Jerusalem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------YEAR 3, 1995 • Palestinian Affairs: March l995: The Israeli government agrees that Palestinians would now be able to travel freely within Israel. Under the terms of the agreement, Palestinian Authority officials traveling between Gaza and Jericho will pass through Hebron and Jerusalem with their bodyguards fully armed beside them. Although Prime Minister Rabin initially told the country that the PLO would be allowed 9,000 policemen to protect Arafat and wipe out anti-Israeli terrorism, within two years 25,000 “policemen” were roaming the streets of the Gaza Strip. Many were fully trained terrorists imported from North Africa, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. They had 214

no interest in arresting other terrorists and allowed them to train under their noses. May l995: Over a thousand PLO policemen roam the streets of Jericho and many residents of this once peaceful city of 12,000 want them out. They are accused of killing, raping and looting at will and with impunity and citizens are frightened to leave their homes. June l995: Speaking before members of the Weizmann Institute, then Deputy IDF Chief-of-Staff Matan Vilanai announced, “The Palestinians hate us like death and they don’t consider someone who murders Israelis a criminal.” (Vilani would later serve as a minister in Ehud Barak’s government.) July l995: Jibril Rajoub’s personal bodyguards stand trial in Israel for kidnapping two Jerusalem Arabs at gunpoint to bring them to a PLO investigation. September l995: Israel suffers from enormous acts of sabotage from the PLO and the government covered each one up. Fires raged in July as Peres and Arafat were rushing to meet the deadline for the agreement on the second stage of the autonomy talks. Environment Minister Yossi Sarid and Police Minister Moshe Shachal conducted furious negotiations with the PLO on the morning of July 2, beseeching Arafat not to allow any Palestinian group to take responsibility for the fires and in return he would get his agreement the next day. Labor feared that if the PLO or any Palestinians were blamed for the fire in the Jerusalem Forest it would cause their fall from power and the end of the peace process October 1995: Nadav Haetzni of Ma’ariv writes:
Arabs throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem dread the day the PLO takes over their cities and towns. One former PLO supporter said, “The PLO have no sense of justice, no courts, no legal system. They will shake us down and ruin our businesses.”

November 1995: Two days before Rabin’s death, two car bombs exploded. Yediot Ahronot and Israeli TV reported that the car bombs were assembled in front of the PLO’s border policemen and were allowed to pass through their checkpoints. This was said to be the latest example of collusion between the PLO and the “radical” camp. 215

November l995: Before Israel releases Palestinians held in prisons to the PA, they must sign a document promising to support the peace process and never engage in terrorism again. Jamal Sakawi, who was sentenced to 24 years for attempted murder and released as part of the Oslo 2 agreement summed up the document this way, “It was just a piece of paper. I signed it to get out of there. In practice it means nothing. There is no peace, only terror.” • Secret Diplomacy: June l995: The Jordanian newspaper Taot A-Shaab reported that Hamas leader Dr. Musa Abu Marzuk, flew to Washington for secret negotiations with the US. In the report, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak confirmed the secret channel adding that the Americans are also conducting secret negotiations with the Moslem Brotherhood, believing that the Americans want to cover their bets in case either Arafat or Mubarak are overthrown. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------YEAR 4, 1996 • Palestinian Affairs: May 1996: The Saudi newspaper Al Hayat reported that Arafat had cut a deal with Hamas in March. The terms were that if the organization stopped terrorist activities until after the Israeli elections, he would release hundreds of Hamas prisoners from his jails. Once the elections were over, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Mustapha Mashor, said that Arafat told him he would be releasing hundreds of Islamic Jihad and Hamas prisoners to open a new terror front against Israel. August 1996: Israel TV commentator Ehud Yaari notes that corruption and violence have become so intolerable that Arab leaders in Hebron have appealed to the IDF not to withdraw from the city. Khalad Abu-Tuoma, an Arab reporter for the weekly Jerusalem newspaper Yerushalayim, writes that “PLO policemen are torturing Palestinians with dual Israeli citizenship. Kol Ha’ir reported on Zakhi Nakhas, deputy mayor of Albira, who had been held and tortured for three weeks by the PLO’s intelligence force for the crime of being appointed by the Israeli-established municipal council. 216

December l996: Eitan Rabin of Ha’aretz reports that cooperation between Israeli and PLO intelligence forces have broken down in the wake of the discovery by the Israelis of a secret and most sensitive operation. Called Operation Thorn Field, it was devised by officers of the Palestinian policy force as a plan to entice Israeli soldiers into a shooting war. Rabin writes, “Israel will be forced to reenter Palestinian cities, and when she does, Jordanian and Egyptian forces will enter the fray.” • Security Affairs: May l996: The Director of the CIA, John Deutsch, appoints former CIA director, George Tenet, to be his liaison between Israel and the PLO. Then Prime Minister Shimon Peres assented to the PLO sending 40 “policemen” for an advanced CIA marksmanship course in Virginia. The CIA-trained hit squad’s mission was to eliminate Jewish leaders of Judea, Samaria and Gaza and spreading mass demoralization as a prelude to removing the residents of these areas from their homes. PLO Security Chief Jibril Rajoub was in charge of the operation. The official reason for the creation of the Palestinian sniper squad was to eliminate Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists. John Deutsch and George Tenet are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations. • Secret Diplomacy: February l996: A delegation from the Vatican met with PLO Religious Affairs Minister Hassan Tahbob in Jerusalem. Head of the Vatican delegates, Father Serge Sebastian, Secretary General of the Vatican, announced that the Holy See recognizes PLO sovereignty over East Jerusalem. During that same month after Shimon Peres had replaced Yitzhak Rabin as Israel’s prime minister, Internal Security Minister Moshe Shachal refused to allow a Palestinian Authority meeting at the Vatican’s Notre Dame Hospice in Jerusalem. According to Shachal, the Palestinians were planning to “use the Vatican to circumvent the Oslo Accords”. March l996: The Israeli daily business newspaper Globes reports in a four part series of articles that Israel has legal title to 20,000 acres of Syrian land much of it in the Golan. The land was legally purchased by Baron Rothschild in the 1890s and less then legally confiscated by the Syrian government in 1942. The Baron transferred the deeds to the Jewish National Fund in l957. 217

RAVIV’S TRIAL I attended the trial of Avishai Raviv, and here is what happened. The large crowd of journalists is barely seated before the judges agree to drop the charges against Raviv for heading an illegal organization, Eyal. Judge Cohen quickly agrees to drop several key witnesses from the prosecution roster. Most significant, Eitan Oren, the Channel One director no longer has to testify to his role in staging Eyal’s phony swearing in ceremony or training camp. Raviv’s new attorney, Eitan Peleg, who journalist Adir Zik tells me once worked for the Shabak’s legal affairs department, argues that his client is on trial, “only because some people, like the prosecutor, want talk about the Rabin murder conspiracy quashed.” It is a subtle threat. The judges and prosecution team get the message: get this trial over painlessly or some truths may slip out. Judge Cohen understands and postpones the next trial date to July 21. Make that the tenth postponement, surely a judicial record. Unlike Raviv’s previous lawyer, Eyal Shomroni Cohen, the Raviv team of Hacohen and Peleg have no interest in pursuing anything resembling truth. Peleg holds a mini-press conference outside the chambers. I start to ask, “Raviv’s previous lawyer Eyal Shomroni-Cohen...” Peleg does not like the sound of this. “Who are you?” he asks. I respond with my name. “I’m not answering any question from you,” he declares. “Like, what if Amir didn’t murder Rabin?” I counter. “I’m not answering you.” “Then I’ll report that. I can dig deeper than you’re going to.” He knows that I know the shoddy legal game he’s playing. He tries to make a joke. He puts his palms on his belly and says, “Yes but I can expand farther than you.” I put my hand on my unfortunately full pot and reply, “You’ll have competition in that too.” He looks at my hand, smiles and answers, “That’s for sure.” An American reporter intervenes: “Mr. Peleg, what are you hiding? Do you think you can choose who to answer at an American press conference?” 218

Peleg replies, “This is Israel and I can do whatever I want.” Indeed, including covering up Raviv’s crimes for the ruling establishment who brought us Oslo, the Rabin murder and a war Israel won hands down but is about to lose anyway. IT’S TIME TO STOP DEFENDING ISRAEL A publisher and writer I respect sent me an “exclusive” intelligence report smuggled out of Ramallah by an Arab lady trapped there. This distorted piece of propaganda kept me reading for a few paragraphs until I got to the part where “settlers” were rampaging through Ramallah with the IDF. That did it for me. I wrote a letter to the publisher, a Jewish woman who seems to have forgotten that minor fact, and asked her to stop sending me lies by e-mail. There are no “settlers” rampaging through the town. She wrote back, “Prove to me it’s wrong.” I calmly replied, “No, you prove to me. Find the names or photos of ‘settlers’ rampaging through Ramallah. I don’t have to prove anything to you.” It’s time we stopped defending Israel. We don’t need to, and anyone who enters into a debate on Israel’s nastiness against the benevolent and peace-loving Arabs honors the ignoramus by entering the fray on his terms and ends up making Israel look guilty by falling into the trap. What’s the point? Look at CNN. The splendiforous Wolf Blitzer asked viewers to vote on the following poll: Will there be peace in the Middle East under Sharon’s watch? Of course, the implication is that Sharon is responsible for war and no one else. Now who would vote in a rigged poll like that? The following answer is the only appropriate one for any Jew with dignity: “I’m sorry, I know you don’t like us and are abetting our murderers, so I don’t feel like talking to you.” No, let’s stop defending Israel to the misguided stooges attacking us and use our energy more efficiently by defending Israel for ourselves. The first line of defense is truth and we’ll never be free unless we rid ourselves of the forces who brought us this war and are planning our extinction. 219

The following information comes from solid sources but not all has been proven by corroboration. Let’s gather intelligence together.
How Nazis Infiltrate

I was given a remarkable document which links Shimon Peres to French “former” Nazis, the most prominent being François Mitterand. I will present the case in the “Book Reviews” section of this book. Meanwhile, in 1994 the newsletter Inside Israel proved that Peace Now was receiving significant monies from a pro-Nazi fund located in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ein Kerem. A wellplaced informant explained,
“You know all the far left speakers who appear at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. The Van Leers were known Dutch Nazi collaborators. Martin Buber refused to speak at the institute because of that. What’s their building doing in Jerusalem attached to the State President’s office?” The Rebbetzin Peres

Whatever happened to Shimon Peres’ wife Sonia? We never see her anymore. And we used to from time to time for show even when hubby was cohabitating with and promoting the political career of Collette Avital. Well, it seems that Sonia has taken revenge in a good way. From a rabbi with a devoted following.
“Sonia Peres has become very religious. She is especially fond of my writings and tapes and is not only studying them but holding study sessions in her home.” Shamgar Saves The Day

From an attorney who is at the head of a political movement. He is a very good source. We cover many topics. i.e.:
“There was a lot of talk about a murder around the Demanjuk trial. Dov Eitan was appointed to defend Demanjuk and discovered the government got the wrong man. He died before the trial started and not many people think it was a natural parting.”

In my book The Last Days of Israel and Natan Gefen’s book Fatal Sting we both offer serious evidence that the 1996 elections were rigged. Peres actually won by 2% but had been pre-blackmailed 220

over his organization of the Rabin murder to take a dive. 148,000 votes for Peres were destroyed before they were counted. The attorney concurs, “You got that right. What happened was Shamgar warned Peres he would blow the truth sky high unless Netanyahu won the elections.” RESTAURANTS AND OTHER ASSASSINATION TOPICS
Two Facts From Dependable Sources Absolutely Confirmed

Remember Benny Lahav, the Shabak’s Forces Commander at the rally where shortly after, Rabin got killed? In 1996, he threatened to write a book exposing all he knows about the murder. Looks like he found a better vocation. After retiring with a fancy pension, he bought a pizzeria in Kochav Yair. Buy a slice and ask the owner what was going to be in his book. Yoram Rubin, Rabin’s bodyguard and murderer, has a father-inlaw who owns Cafe Max in downtown Jerusalem. Rubin, himself, is security chief at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. Max relates that all the families of the embassy staff, including Rubin’s, were sent back to Israel. Yoram had better watch out there isn’t a terror attack that removes a guard who knows too much. Also, highly confirmed: Yoram Rubin was confined to Ichilov Hospital for 6 days after the Rabin murder, though his medical reports show he had nothing worse than a slight burn on his arm. Why the long sojourn? Dr. David Khen, a vascular surgeon and colonel in the reserves, has gathered eye-witness testimony that Rubin threatened to commit suicide on the night of the assassination and was kept under a suicide watch for almost a week.
Kimche Kimche Kimche

Remember that name. The Jerusalem Post gives him first column editorial space to promote Oslo almost every week. From an excellent investigative reporter:
“David Kimche is at Oxford in ‘76, the next thing you know he’s a highranking Mossad officer in Israel. No one understood where he came from, he didn’t even speak Hebrew. He still doesn’t, very well. He is a


British plant but more than that, he’s the executive director of the Israeli Council on Foreign Relations.” I Won’t Vouch for These Two...Yet

Why were three of Rabin’s bodyguards murdered? A source I met just once after a lecture explained:
“Kuriel or another bodyguard was supposed to shoot Amir with a 22 caliber pistol. Amir wasn’t supposed to survive but his killer chickened out of shooting him. The Shabak that night went crazy looking for the 22 caliber gun.”

A middle level clerk in the Foreign Ministry:
“We received a request to cut diplomatic ties with Norway over their proPLO actions in light of the fact that they arranged the Oslo Accords. The request actually read that it won’t take long before Oslo is equated with Auschwitz and maintaining diplomatic ties was no different than keeping ties open with Nazi Germany. Our Minister, Peres, was not shown the request.” And Now...Good Tips From My Most Astute Correspondents

I correspond with several Arabs and I think we’re reaching some understanding. Well, their adjectives to describe Israel are softening somewhat. One letter did strike out:
“The only good thing I can think about Israel is they didn’t murder you for investigating the Rabin murder. They won’t let us do that. Do you think anyone thought Nasser died naturally from a heart attack? He was 52 and in perfect health. Sadat’s assassination may have been suspicious but at least there were trials and executions. Whoever murdered Nasser got away with the perfect assassination.” Zinni, At Last

I recently found peacemaker Anthony Zinni on the CFR list, discovered some key Jesuit figures in his early career and concluded that he was not in Israel to make peace. A brilliant researcher from Toronto dug much deeper. Absorb yourself in the following portrait of Bush’s man of peace.
“That bus bomb in Haifa STINKS of CIA involvement, man. I’d be willing to bet the support infrastructure was the same people the DEA is involved with in Syria smuggling heroin to Europe and NYC. Zinni is a key figure in the drug trade... that’s why they call him the Godfather. Sharon’s war is messing with Zinni and Bush’s drug profits, and they couldn’t stand Sharon making Bush look bad on TV, so BOOM.


“When are people going to understand that America is the world’s greatest criminal enterprise? Arafat is a school boy compared to the Bushes. “Zinni joined the USMC in 1961. He makes General in SIX YEARS, serves two stints in Vietnam. Thus begins the fast track to the intel/defense circles that Bush, Armitage, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. are building up. “1970, he’s shipped to Okinawa, and over the next 5 years spends a considerable amount of time in the Caribbean... this sets him up as the perfect liaison for the USMC end of the eventual Central America/Middle East/Austin-Miami-Mena pipeline used by Air Caribe in the 1980’s. “1974, he’s assigned as head of the Officer Assignment branch of the Manpower Department... a key post in the Shadow Government that’s preparing to Emerge in 1980. The Bush cabal needs to be able to have their people in the right places in order to make things work.. “1981-1986, the Iran/Contra years, Zinni is first stationed near Langley (CIA headquarters) at Quantico. Then he’s moved to USMC Head of Special Ops and Terrorism Counteraction Section... in other words he’s controlling the portion of the USMC that’s now fighting Reagan’s phony war on terror. He’s in a position to have his people training at Fort Benning, where they can liase with their South American counterparts and train death squads for Reagan. “1989, he’s back at Quantico. “1993, he’s in charge in Somalia, where he deliberately screws things up for Clinton as Bush’s last parting shot at Clinton. The Somali exercise was in fact set up by Bush in 1992, and Clinton inherited a program whose failure was ensured, because Bush set it up that way, and Bush’s men on the ground made sure Clinton would get slimed. “Zinni has been in and around every major drug operation set up by the Bush/Casey/Colby team since Vietnam. He’s been peripheral to personnel placement and oversight for years, always in strategically sensitive places where there have been known DEA/CIA drug pipelines in operation. “You’re never going to get hard proof, but Zinni is a Bush boy. While not directly involved in any hands on drug smuggling, he’s peripheral to ALL of it and has been for a very long time. He’s a facilitator, not a player in the true sense. His job has more or less been to make sure that the right people are in the right place at the right time. “This is fairly common knowledge in insider circles, but I don’t suggest trying to make the accusations publicly... there just isn’t enough paper to prove anything, and Robert Mueller made sure to stop the BNL and BCCI investigations before they could lead back to the Pentagon or White House. He also stopped the Lockerbie investigation cold, so Zinni’s (and many others including Bush Sr) ties to the Syrians never saw


the light of day, although there IS a Library of Congress document you can get entitled ‘Syria, President Bush, and Drugs’ that was published October 28, 1992. It makes for some interesting reading. “The contents of the report are more or less confirmed in a book by Lester Coleman entitled On the Trail of the Octopus that tells of his time in the DIA. He was loaned out by the DIA to spy on the CIA and DEA on behalf of the DOD, and while in Cyprus and the Middle East discovered that a DEA operation had been compromised. He believes (and plausibly... read the book) that the Pan Am 103 bomb was placed on the plane not by Libyans as claimed by Bob Mueller’s investigation, but by Syrians who used their DEA heroin pipeline to smuggle a bomb onto the plane. Considering that at least one of the alleged bombers was acquitted and the second is still in the appellant process, it’s more likely than not that Coleman is right. “We’re talking about the most sophisticated Organized Crime Syndicate in the history of man, run by Bush Jr.’s father. You’re not going to find any evidence to pin on anyone in the inner two circles, and that includes Zinni. They’re all buffered by mules like Oliver North and Barry Seale. And now they have Robert Mueller as head of the FBI and Ashcroft as attorney general, which basically ensures no war crimes tribunals in the near future. Both men are as racist and corrupt as it gets.” Why the PLO “Embassy” Got the Boot

What do you know? The Rockefellers of CFR fame were the PLO’s landlords.
“Barry: In the attached information from Gale databases, please note the associations between Cushman & Wakefield, of today’s Arafat eviction, and it’s parent company the Rockefeller Group, Inc. It seems that the Rockefeller family is realizing that their sponsorship of terrorists has bit them in the ass. They know all too well the alliance between Osama and Arafat. Can you imagine the loss of income to Rockefeller Group, Inc. in New York alone from the 9-11 attack? Are the CFR occultists losing the Rockefeller family? Persecuting little Israel has a price! (Gen. 12:3) Is the Enron bust out an attempt to recover their losses in New York?”

I sent one observation of my own to this fine observer. My information shows that the NY financial district was in a real estate crisis before the towers were felled. It was far more profitable to sell the property and let the new owner enjoy his six week old $3 billion insurance against damage caused by terror attacks.
Of Course! Israel’s Got the PLO’s Entire Collection of Records

This lady has to be right, though I can’t find anyone to say so. Once Israel confiscated the PLO “government” records, it had the 224

goods on every NWO crook and anti-Semite in the form of documented proof of their murderous and illegal transactions against Israel. Imagine how handy that could turn out to be! No wonder Europe and the Bush administration wants an Israeli withdrawal far from the buildings they are snooping through.
“Dear Barry, “I have been wondering if the recent turn around by the Bush Administration has something to do with the documents the IDF is turning up in their searches. Maybe the Bush administration thought the incriminating evidence that the IDF is finding about Arafat funding terror operations would be better hid. Maybe they are afraid of even more incriminating info becoming public or falling into Israeli hands to be used as a bargaining chip against them. “What if the IDF uncovered documents concerning the CIA’s recruitment (payment?) of terrorist leaders such as Rajoub, and the murder of Israelis living in the west bank, many of those killed being US citizens. This would place the USA in the position of supporting terrorist organizations. It would place Bush in violation of his own ‘Bush Doctrine’. “Some people think the recent about face in US policy is a ploy, that the US secretly still wants Israel to continue its offensive, sort of a good cop/bad cop routine to appease the Arabs. I don’t think so. If they were doing that they could have done it better and sooner. “They did this to everyone’s surprise, shortly after evacuating Rajoub from his hideout. Where is he now by the way? And shortly after the IDF started making some smoking gun documents public. I think they are scared and I think they are serious and they might even be being blackmailed by the PLO itself using the same documents. I think they got themselves into a mess that they don’t know how to get out of and the welfare of the State of Israel is not their priority. They are worried about saving their own skins. What do you think about this, and is anyone in Israel looking into it?”

ENEMIES WITHIN, ENEMIES WITHOUT Here an enemy, there an enemy. For Israel everywhere is an enemy. Almost all Israelis acknowledge that now, but here is the common view. The Arabs are enemy number one, the EU and UN are supporting the Arabs because they are anti-Semites and the US of A is just the peachiest place anywhere. Of course, Israelis and most of the world will believe anything, even that a plane defied trillion to one odds and accidentally smashed directly into the tallest building in Milan in clear sunlight 225

and destroyed the administrative offices of the Government of Lombardy. Since this is nigh impossible, the story is the pilot committed suicide, which is why he radioed the tower that he had lost control of his plane... the same way the September 11 planes lost control when their autopilots were overridden by remote control and new, deadly coordinates replaced the original destinations. Let us wonder who is celebrating that the records of the Lombardy government are no longer with us. The way Israelis have it down, out of relief and gratitude that their country finally punched out the murderers of the PLO, Ariel Sharon and his Defense Minister are just the cleanest, bravest guys we ever had leading us. Except that’s not the reality. Sharon’s office manager Uri Shani suddenly resigned and speculation spread that he was involved in illegal fundraising for Sharon during the last election. My sources tell me to go farther back, to 1991-2 when Sharon was Housing Minister. At the time Israel was overwhelmed by a huge wave of immigration from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. Sharon tackled the problem by using American government-guaranteed bank loans to pillage and loot the Housing Ministry. Billions of dollars are still not properly accounted for. One of the means Sharon used in his grand larceny, was overpaying for many thousands of caravans used to house the new immigrants, as one of my correspondents writes:
“Re: $10 billion in US loan guarantees “The $10 billion probably went into Israeli officials pockets. Recall that it was for resettling Soviet Jews, and they bought caravans in the US. “Those caravans were built in Georgia. I traced them to the factory in Eaton, Georgia where they were built. A plant supervisor I enlisted to help said he recalled the caravans were the shoddiest construction ever leaving that plant. Unfortunately, the contract records were off limits to him, whereas he had never been denied access to any other contracts. I’ll dig up an article I wrote about this years ago. The smallest trailer available for purchase in Atlanta is twice as large as the ones Israel ordered, and the retail cost is one-third as much as Israel paid wholesale for those caravans, while the quality of the Atlanta trailers is better. Someone pocketed $10 billion. “So, Israel borrowed $10 billion with US loan guarantees for 30 years to buy caravans with a life -- probably they are all junked by now -- less than 10 years. Well built American trailers last 20 years or more.”


Now this crime should make Sharon very vulnerable to blackmail from the Labor Party, right? Nonsense, because following Sharon as Housing Minister was Binyamin Ben Eliezer. He raped, robbed, looted and pillaged the Housing Ministry budget to buy votes among Arab and Druze municipal politicians. What we’ve got running the show is a balance of theft. Now throw Shimon Peres into the equation. The arch master criminal is currently chastising Sharon for daring to insult the sensitive Norwegian UN envoy Terje Larsen. Peres has this “Peace Center” which has received huge donations from Europe. The EU loves to bribe Israeli politicians, Yossi Beilin and Roman Bronfman are just two Knesset members on their payroll. We now look at the board of directors of the Peres Center for “Peace” and, voila, there’s the name Terje Larsen on it. No conflict of interest here. Remember, Peres runs the Foreign Ministry and decides what kind of events Israel will present abroad. Which is why a recent pro-Israel rally in Washington was peppered with speeches sympathetic to “Palestinian” nationalism delivered by the likes of Peres’ Vatican emissary “Rabbi” Michael Melchior. And no one dares challenge the other because everyone has the dirt on everyone else. Which is why Peres’ blatant role in the organization of the Rabin assassination will never be pursued by this or any other government. Let us now, go abroad to visit our foes in their lairs. Note that we do not visit Arab lands. As far as this author is concerned, the Arabs are the barbaric tools of the New World Order. They control nothing, their peoples have no say in their governments’ policies. If the NWO turns on the hot tap, they will do a war dance. And they have turned the tap onto super-boil right now. Here’s how they do it, starting with the US. I have been noting that ALL those responsible for peace in Israel are members of an evil cabal called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): George Mitchell, George Tenet, Anthony Zinni and William Burns. I have traced their ties to the Jesuits, all that is but William Burns. Let’s see if my readers can help. And you do, you do! Recently I published a letter claiming that chief peacemaker Anthony Zinni was tied up in the covert world of mass hard drug 227

smuggling and money laundering. It didn’t take long before the confirmation came in:
“Dear Barry, “As a Jew I must express my gratitude for your piece re: not defending Israel. Excellent. “Some facts you may not know: Both Tenet and Zinni are Knights of Malta. “As for Zinni and Drugs, I doubt you know this because I never had occasion to reveal this before. “During my second CIA tour of duty in Vietnam, I worked for a time at Vung Tau instructing in the Phoenix program. After some months I was brought back to Than So Nhut air base to work on a program known as the “Long Silver Train” which was the operation exporting heroin in the body cavities of unknown soldiers and shipping them back to CONUS. “David Yallop has written a book about it called The Unholy Alliance about Al Francovich and me. Yallop has admitted to several journalists that the person called Oscar Benjamin is me. As for Zinni, he was involved in the program in a big way with a lot of clout. I saw him there (a restricted area) often and he made several trips to Okinawa each month and to Australia (to Nugan Hand).”

And now, can anyone add to this tip on George Mitchell’s Jesuit ties or fill in the William Burns picture? If so, we’ll have a pretty clear idea of who is behind the violence against Israel. “Don’t know about Mitchell but good friends tell me he’s very close to Cardinal Bernard Law, for whatever that’s worth.” Finally, some proof of my contention that Daniel Pipes of the CFR is up to no good. The trick is to appear really anti-Arab, then advocate a “Palestinian” state. The NWO psychologists must have taken their good time to work this ploy out: let’s get the Jews used to the idea by spreading fake right wing and religious writers to gain their trust, and then whammo, reveal that they support the CFR’s plans for Israel. From Ric Shulman:
April 17, 2002, Arabs & Israel 7979:
Pipes Reveals True Colors

CNBC interviewed Daniel Pipes and Newsweek columnist Fareed Zakaria. Daniel Pipes revealed that he supports eventual Arab statehood in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. That makes him a short-term friend of Israel and a long-term enemy. He’s a friend to the extent of wanting to destroy terrorism in the Mideast. He’s an enemy in wanting to let the Arabs, who


already have the bulk of the Land of Israel and the rest of the Mideast outside of Iran, to get another chunk, which chunk happens to contain the strategic borders that would make Israel defensible. Even without terrorism, the Arab states have made war on Israel. His plan is no good unless the whole Mideast and Islam reformed. And if it did, why would the Arabs in Yesha need a separate state? What about the Arabs of Israel? It is likely that the government would accept Pipes’ blessing for eventual PA statehood without his admonition that it should be free of irredentism against Israel. Barry Chamish warned us that Daniel Pipes is working against Israel. Here is evidence of it.

And now we arrive in Europe, where a coalition of the Vatican, EU and UN is out for blood. Thanks to a devoted researcher from Toronto, we return to a theme I can be accused of harping on. Another cabal of iniquity is out to get Israel and it is led by the Jesuit-trained King of Spain, Juan Carlos. As we know, Juan Carlos believes he is a descendent of Jesus himself and the title he is proudest of is, Protector of the Holy Sites of Jerusalem. He wants the Jews out of town and the Vatican back in. He and his bosses are using war to make their fondest wishes come true. Why, oh why, don’t Israelis get it? They think Juan Carlos is a retired royal and the real ruler of Spain is its democratically elected government. Even as Peres is once again in Madrid the very day these words are being written, they just don’t see why. They cannot grasp that Peres is a Vatican spy, a monster in our midst. Look who is running to Spain and watch how the UN and Vatican are pitching in: ***
(http://www.moscowtimes.ru/stories/2002/04/11/016.html) Thursday, April 11, 2002. Page 5
EU, UN, Russia Back Powell’s Peace Mission

By Barry Schweid ...Powell was meeting later Wednesday in Madrid with King Juan Carlos in Madrid with King Juan Carlos of Spain and then having dinner with Ivanov, to discuss the Middle East as well as U.S.-Russian affairs, including a planned arms-control summit in Moscow. (http://www.arabia.com/afp/news/mideast/article/english/0,10846,152 817,00.html)
Jordan’s King Abdullah to Meet with Spanish king

March 03, 2002, 06:01 PM


AMMAN (AFP)—Jordan’s King Abdullah II will travel to Madrid later this month for talks with Spanish King Juan Carlos and senior government officials, diplomatic sources said. The sources did not elaborate on the subject of the talks, but both Jordan and Spain, which currently holds the rotating European Union presidency, have both been lobbying for solutions to the raging IsraeliPalestinian conflict (http://www.petra.gov.jo/2002/72/en7213.htm) (http://www.zenit.org/english/) Date: 2002-04-16
Address to U.N. Human Rights Commission Urges Respect for Religious Sites in Holy Land

GENEVA, APRIL 16, 2002 (Zenit.org).- The Vatican’s permanent observer the United Nations here, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, delivered an address last Friday to a session of the U.N. Human Rights Commission. Here is the text of the address, published today. (Last paragraph:) “Any long-term solution to the crisis in the Middle East must indeed address the question of respect for and unrestricted access to the religious sites, sacred to each religious tradition. This is also a dimension of religious freedom. It is a precondition for fostering a climate of dialogue between religions in the Middle East, in the service of peace”. (JC:cl. IV) http://www.nationalpost.com/home/story.html?f=/stories/20020416/6 52511.html
UN Backs Palestinian Violence

Arab, European nations pass resolution supporting use of ‘armed struggle’ EU members Austria, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain and Sweden approved the resolution, and Italy abstained. Belgium and Spain have been pushing for tough EU measures against the Jewish state, with Belgium calling for sanctions based on a human rights clause in the EU-Israeli Free Association agreement, which grants Israel preferential trading terms. (AFP)—EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana called for an immediate halt to Israel’s military offensive but back-tracked on a plan to slap an arms embargo against the Jewish state. In remarks prepared for delivery to the European Parliament and distributed to journalists beforehand, Solana said he favoured suspending the shipment of weapons to Israel that might be used against Palestinian civilians. But he inexplicably dropped all references to such sanctions when he rose to speak at the start of a two-hour debate in the EU legislature.


*** That last article is the happiest news we’ve received in years. Israel now has nearly the entire government records of the “Palestinian Authority” and she’s already using the really good evidence to defend herself. To keep the Americans in line, Israel leaked a few barely benign documents connecting George Tenet with PLO Security Chief Jibril Rajoub’s reign of terror against Israel. Incredibly, American commentators like William Safire “observed” that Tenet is a nice guy who was taken in by Rajoub. Tenet got off cheap so far. But clearly Spain’s Solana didn’t. Whatever evidence was amassed against him kept him at bay. Whatever illegal deals and transactions the Vatican, EU and UN had with the PLO and its associated terrorists are in Jewish hands now, so finally, we have one over our enemies. NORWAY, THE EU, THE US: SAME PLOT, DIFFERENT CROOKS Now come on already. If your Foreign Minister, it doesn’t matter which country, bribed a prominent Norwegian to win a Nobel Prize, the scandal would ruin him and he’d be out of office in a day. Right? So how does Shimon Peres do it? Yoav Yitzhak, in the wide circulation newspaper Ma’ariv, revealed that Peres gave Terje Larsen, the UN Middle East representative, $100,000 to secure him a Nobel Prize. He also revealed that the Peres Peace Center largely exists to give Oslo and Rabin criminals like Carmi Gillon, Uri Savir and Ron Pundak lots of money to keep their mouths shut. A week later, David Bedein, writing in Makor Rishon, applied the coup de grace. He interviewed a member of the Nobel Prize Committee, Kaare Kristiansen, who not just confirmed the bribe but described Larsen’s pressure on the committee in full detail. So why isn’t this the international scandal of the decade? Why is the media letting Peres, Larsen, the Nobel Committee and Norway off the hook? And for that matter, how come Yossi Beilin, who appointed Larsen his personal Oslo negotiator, isn’t being pressed hard to explain why he brought that crook into our home? 231

Well, I’m not letting the matter drop. I went looking to find out why Norway, through Beilin and Peres, appointed its finest criminals to wreck Israel and I hit gold. From The Middle East Intelligence Digest, Vol. 7, No. 5, May, 1996:
“The Norway Connection” Twenty five years ago he committed himself to wiping Israel from the face of the Middle East. On May 13, Norwegian Foreign Minister Bjorn Tere Godal arrived to see the deployment of Norwegian ‘peacekeeping’ troops in Hebron—to oversee the beginning of the end of Jewish rule over the first Jewish city. On May 4, the Norwegian newspaper Dagen exposed a 25 year old commitment by leading figures in Norway’s ruling Labor Party to support and facilitate the demise of a sovereign Jewish Israel, and to establish in its place a secular, liberal Palestinian state. The report showed that Norwegian Labor Party leaders agree with Arafat’s ultimate aim: the removal of the Jewish state in the Middle East. Twenty five years ago, the man who is today’s Minister of Foreign Affairs committed the Labor Party Youth wing to removing Israel from the Middle East, thus paving the way for the Oslo Accords. By giving Norway the ‘honor’ of hosting the secret talks with the PLO, Israel in its thirst for peace, played into the hands of those committed to its dissolution. Dagen centered its report on revelations in a book by Haaken Lie, a former secretary-general of Norway’s Labor Party and a strong friend of Israel. Lie revealed that in the 1971 Labor Youth Organization (AUF) convention, chairman Bjorn Tere Godal approved the following resolution: “The AUF will support the forces which struggle for the national and social liberation of the Palestinian people. The qualification for lasting peace must be that Israel ceases to exist as a Jewish state, and that a progressive Palestinian state is established where all ethnic groups can live side by side in complete equality.” Godal is today Norway’s minister of foreign affairs and a strong advocate of a Palestinian state. When confronted with his words, he told Dagen, “It is irrelevant what I meant at that point because the situation has changed.” Dagen traced the first resolution by the AUP and how it was pursued in the ensuing years by various Labor Party politicians such as Thorvald Stoltenberg, Knut Frydenlund and (then) Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. Stoltenberg was foreign minister when the secret Israel-PLO talks began in January 1993. He was also the brother-in-law of the late Johan Joergen Holst, foreign minister when the Oslo Agreement was signed. Ten years


before, he and then foreign minister Frydenlund visited Arafat in Tunisia, returning to persuade their Labor colleagues that, “there is no reason to doubt Arafat’s willingness to sit at the negotiating table.” Frydenlund had wanted Arafat to visit Oslo but Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme changed the plan. So the chairmen of the Scandinavian Labor Parties met Arafat in Stockholm in 1983, after which Brundtland told the press, “Arafat is a knowledgeable and interesting person. I have not met with an extremist.” Dagen recalled that the conclusion reached by Palme and by Denmark’s Prime Minister Anker Jorgensen was equally clear: “Israel was the problem preventing peace in the Middle East.” Thus, writes Dagen, twelve years after meeting Arafat, Norway watched as Prime Minister Burndtlend “leads Arafat by the hand on the red carpet when he comes to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace.” Leif Wellerap, a Norwegian journalist, believes the Dagen report answers all those who have wondered why Norway involved itself so heavily in the past years in making Arafat and the PLO so politically palatable. “For those aware of the traditionally good and friendly relationship between Israel and Norway, and specifically between Israel and the Norwegian Labor Party,” says Wellerap, “it has been hard to understand what lay behind the efforts to clean up the Middle East’s chief terrorist and turn him into a main player in what is known around the world as the Oslo process.” “Lie makes it easier to understand what has led the Norwegian government to act as a locomotive in the process that is about to place Israel in its greatest danger since its birth. My hope is that this report will open eyes to the misery Israel is heading towards if it stays on the track, regrettably named after my country’s capital.”

*** It is immensely gratifying to receive confirmation that my readers actually pay attention to my writing. Many made the connection that the first person to visit Arafat after being released from his Ramallah bondage, unfortunately alive, was Pope John Paul II’s personal envoy, the FRENCH Cardinal Roger Etchegaray. As one reader noted, “We know he gave Arafat his marching orders, but now let’s ask why the first visit abroad by Leah Rabin after her husband’s murder was to this same pope.” And it is even more gratifying when readers trust me enough to send me eye-witness testimony. Let us look at the EU from inside:
Shalom Barry, While I was navigating as assistant to various cabinets, I had to learn:


a) the structure and functioning of the EU institutions: the Commission, Parliament, Council. How working documents develop into laws and who interferes and negotiates on what level. I often followed a negotiation process from one cabinet to the other where I had to put myself into the opposite shoes where another member state would “cook” their position. I worked on the diplomatic level but also on technical issues like legal issues. After a year the forest of procedures started to become transparent. Also I learned how different facets of work seem to be worlds apart – like agriculture, enlargement, culture, budget—and overlap behind the screens into strategies. The intranet of the Commission is a huge construction, a never-ending “city” of information. b) the structures of the cabinets of the member states with their contacts in permanent representations in Brussels, governmental contacts in the countries as well as specific advisors and media (who must be channeled by priority at work). c) constantly blend into work processes that I don’t have a clue about, playing “Sherlock Holmes” all the time. I must say after repeated despair of not finding the right names or documents, I now mostly instinctively link things together. When I come into an office or a computer it takes me a minimum of time to find the requested name, phone number, letter or link, it just goes like an instinct. We replacements often work under enormous pressure to perform with minimum knowledge and for the big shots we cannot afford to make mistakes or let anyone wait. Among 24 colleagues I had the ambition to fit anywhere at anytime, and they even keep me in the Italian cabinet of the President though I don’t speak Italian (I just understand roughly). But I always get my job done excellently, I mostly always know who’s important and who not to disturb superiors when people call or documents come in when they are on mission. I always try to put myself in the shoes of my superior and be his “second skin”. In this way I know exactly what is important for him/her even when they don’t explain. Last year I had about 30 different cabinet superiors of different nationalities, ranks and psychological crazes, I try to be professional like the army and concentrate on the essential. I never needed personal favors, I work by performance and personal charm, but no strings attached. I have an excellent contact with people but keep myself independent from cabinet gossips and manipulations. And I’m not alone. Actually a Christian French secretary from the Commission and me wanted to promote Christian activities from within the EU in order to seize an opportunity to let Christian values/activities have more impact. You must know, we both don’t attach much value to our nationality and both think we have Jewish roots.—Besides a tired Catholic group there was not much to do. It seemed that no Christians prosper at the Institutions! We tried several things but all got stuck. Last fall we went to


a “Prayer breakfast” at the Parliament with some 250 others and some Christian VIPs. It was quite impressive but still, the level was rather “kindergarten”. We said, if these people are really Christians, why is there so little influence going on? A longtime friend from France, a lawyer from the noblesse who serves in an inner healing ministry got involved, following a recent call towards “politicians”. We started a series of seminars and gathered a group of only ten Christians who identified their position at the Institutions as a specific privilege and call from God to do something “FROM WITHIN”. We met to get ourselves together, to “clean up” our spiritual/personal situations, to get equipped and to see what God wants. Member of the group is Paul Van Buitenen, an infamous name in Brussels. As a whistleblower he brought the last Commission down in 1999 and the whole College could go home. It was a huge scandal. At that time Paul suffered bad treatment and the story is still not finished. He worked as a small “nobody” at the anti-fraud office at that time where he discovered irregularities. Then a Christian who is in my prayer group, came into contact with him and Paul started to believe in God. From then on he collected monstrous files of abuse in the Institutions and even lots of people who knew things had them land anonymously on his desk when he went out to go to toilet. After lots of resistance the whole thing exploded and the Commission went home. The soup is still cooking because he made a resume (of document which mainly stayed in a safe at a bank in the end) of 220 allegations and the time is NOW that the present Commission is supposed to clean up the rotten structures. They admitted 15 eventual irregularities so far. Paul has also written a book on this thing. While weekly praying with Maria (who accompanied Paul and his family) and Colette (the French secretary) we realized they were trying to get Paul into a deadlock. By “coincidence” I got assignments just on vital posts in cabinets that treated the matter and I saw how the machine was building a wall. But we said what God starts he can also finish and Paul’s success had not been for nothing. So I spent months and months reading everything in the cabinets that passed my desk and mailbox to understand the system better. Then I got information from you and some sites on secret societies and read this stuff as much as I could. At the same time, I studied all the political matters I treated. In the end I did nothing else than prayer, work, reading and discussing mainly with Colette what I discovered—until late at nights. (You see we don’t have time to talk about fashion...). I know when I sleep that my brain is processing because it keeps reconditioning daily and drastically. Working with the President I get the world press twice a day, together with press releases and reporting from within the Institutions I have to


“pre-read” for specific issues. There I could learn how the media works daily. My orientation point was Israel. If anything is right in politics for me it is the existence of Israel and its welfare. So whatever they say against that I know it’s from the enemy and there I could see where we stand. Over weeks and weeks I learned how politics develop about Israel from close by. It actually started last fall when in October Arafat visited Prodi. I went down to the press conference and stood 3 meters from both of them. I wanted to look Arafat into his eyes. I had had the PA on the phone previously and I was disgusted how we even speak with these people. When I stood face to face with this disgusting man I was seized by an enormous anger. My heart was beating and I was sweating and I felt I wanted to scream. I could not believe how our politicians stand with this monster. Prodi, intimidated, arms around his body, no self-assurance, not at ease. This Arafat like he was at home, and expecting everyone to bow. I could literally see blood stains on him. His mouth was so dirty. And he was just a cockroach. I went out in fury, trembling. It took me the whole afternoon to calm down. But then God said to me, “this is what Europe chooses and this is what they will get. It is a judgment.” After that I worked for the Budget Commissioner, directly, for a longer time. We had to close the yearly budget and the Euro was coming. Then Harry Kney Tal came to see the commissioner as someone of the parliament protested that the EU finances PA terror. I received both personally (and I always pray). Both stayed unusually long. It stirred lots of wind, then Christopher Patten, commissioner for External relations, took complete side for the PA. I saw the documents explaining all the fundings. Final line was Israel had no chance. So in January I sat with Armando Varricchio, the diplomatic counselor of the President for some two months. Even when short interruptions came in from other posts, I often returned to Varricchio just when important stuff on Israel was going on. There the ciphers and classified mail between the foreign ministries was passing through my hands. The Karine ship was caught on Jan 12. What a wind in the diplomatic forest! But you know all these exchanges looked like a baby game, for very stupid people. So what were they hiding behind all this talking? I started to discern more about the diplomatic contacts and who phoned at what moment. When Israel was bleeding in attacks, Arab ambassadors would praise EU work and we got prospects for better trade. Last fall they started to renew the pacts with the Arab states on trade, after 14 years! Suddenly everything goes so smoothly. I also understood that the very important things and people went with the least wordings: When finally Council and Parliament agreed that the damage on PA structure is equal to damage on EU structure, it was a small phrase in EU official reporting. That day I cried and explained to Colette that now the EU is OFFICIALLY at war with Israel, while the public is brain-dead. Because of this I also felt I should share things with someone, but I realized that nobody can be trusted,


Sharon is not the Sharon we thought, and who are the others (like at the embassy)? I had the impression they were all sitting in one boat. Another thing are the phone calls; When Moratinos called (official EU rep for Middle East) or from Solana. You know, secretaries like me “read” people by intuition, just by two seconds hearing a voice on the phone. I can tell you those people sounded all like dirty mafia Arabs and everywhere was conspiracy. I was sitting next to the room where cabinet members “cooked” the decisions how to put Israel under pressure, with deadlock on the trade agreements and The Hague in the future. The irony sometimes was that they wrote resolutions themselves in a meeting for confidentiality and finally gave them to me to ‘quickly copy them’. This happened regularly. I always copied them one extra set which I threw into the waste bin or so and recovered it later to read it. A month ago I stopped this extra sniffling. It had been tiring because I often took risks and it was not right. Then I also had learned how to read the bigger lines and I could interpret without seeing their documents. I sometimes went to the president’s secretariate where the door was open and my boss talked with the president. He didn’t see me looking but I could see a lot in his face. HE was giving Prodi orders that OTHERS had given him. He was exerting power on his “boss”. I could strongly feel “mind control” and fear. I see all the mail from these “Christians” who claim beside having a church or a statue damaged that they are persecuted by Israeli terror. I read the mail from the PA in Tunisia and how Egypt gets exemption on steel tariffs because of “special” relations. Once I did extensive “filing” at the advisors closets. He’s leaving in some months and throws the files into the closet without order. Personal protocols, handwritten minutes—and copies that are not public documents. But signed by Putin! or meetings with heads of state I never heard of. All mixed with the other briefings. I copied what I could and still have a lot to read at home. What I found was enough to confirm all these conspiracy and NWO theories I had studied in the meantime. Freemason stuff, long term strategies, the Vatican. You know we have special guards in the building for the president, but before Easter all people were gone or lazy. Now that I was stricken how much all these things you and others write are real in front of my eyes, I think there must be an assignment for me in all that. Colette and me think we should talk to those Christians who really want to wake up and make seminars. Persecution will come anyway. I feel very strongly what they are doing to the Jews now is coming to the real Christians soon. I’ve got to stop, sorry for my unstructured style. I love Israel and I love people who defend it. I love the truth.

*** 237

(http://www.jpost.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=JPost/A /JPArticle/Full&cid=1020146447165)
Bush Refuses to Put Syria on His Terror Nation List

This ties in with the Bush family interests... read the congressional report, “President Bush, Syria and Drugs”. Also Lester Coleman’s “On the Trail of the Octopus”. Coleman talks about observing the actions of the Bush/CIA/ DEA pipeline when he was a DIA agent stationed in the Middle East, on loan to the DEA. He knew the guys who infiltrated the Bush family’s heroin pipeline and planted the bomb on Pan Am 103 (Lockerbie). He ran away to Sweden for asylum after writing the book. Shortly after, the Carlyle Group (a defense and medical conglomerate kind of like IG Farben that Bush works with) via its subsidiary United Defense bought Bofor’s... a Swedish Defense Contractor that accounts for 40% of Sweden’s GDP. Needless to say, shortly after that Coleman was handed over to the Americans and jailed. For telling the truth, Coleman’s going to die in jail the same as Bush’s South American drug partners Noriega and Montesinos. The heroin pipeline is the main reason why Zinni is pushing for “Observers” and not “Peacekeepers” on the ground. Peacekeepers will be unsophisticated “grunts” (translate as honest citizens) who won’t have the “nuance” (translate as corruptibility) to help the Bush family poison little colored kids in the name of Ethnic superiority. Observers, on the other hand, will all be hand picked CIA people who will play ball and spy on Israel, Syria and Lebanon for the Bush cabal. *** I’m always flattered when people remember my ancient work. For instance, last November I wrote that a plane full of Israelis shot down over the Black Sea was the deliberate murder of five leading microbiologists. Now three readers have sent me reports from the US, Canada and Britain on the murder of a good dozen microbiologists in America during the past year. It seems like years, actually it was years, when I reported that Pres. Clinton was offered gazillions of Arab dollars if he could get Israel to sign its suicide before he left office. A reader sent a NewsMax piece proving that such bribery is the norm. 238

Remember Jimmy Carter? The first President who let the CFR/Tri-Lateral Commission take over his whole cabinet. The supremely moral born again Christian who oversaw the election that brought Arafat his presidency and declared it fair, but forgot to mention Arafat threatening his main rival out of the race, thus leaving a 72 year old lady with no chance of victory, who also forgot that ballot stuffing and vote burning is illegal. Well, he was on the Arab payroll all along. From NewsMax:
The Carter Center: Follow the Money

The financing behind Georgia’s Carter Center and the Jimmy Carter Library that raises serious doubts that the former president is, in actuality, a wholly neutral intermediary in the troubled region. NewsMax has reviewed annual reports that indicate millions of charitable dollars have flowed into the center from His Majesty Sultan Qaboss bin Said Al Said of Oman, Jordan, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and from the Government of the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to the center by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. H.R.H. Prince Moulay Hicham Ben Abdallah of Morocco has also contributed tens of thousands of dollars. There are no corresponding contributions apparent from Israeli sources, however. As the center’s literature describes, “The Carter Center and the Jimmy Carter Library were built in large measure thanks to the early leadership and financial support of the Carter Center founders.” Three of those generous founders: Agha Hasan Abedi On July 5 1991, banking regulators targeted Abedi’s Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), triggering a worldwide financial tidal wave. To date, accountants and lawyers have managed to recoup (discounting fees) $7 billion out of the $12 billion money pit that fueled the BCCI fraud. Agha Hasan Abedi, a banker and self-styled mystic on first-name terms with Carter, created BCCI in 1972. Abedi had charmed seed money out of Arab sheikhs, organizing camel races and hunting trips. The Bank of America bought into BCCI as a way of buying access to the Middle East, holding a 30 percent stake at one point before dumping its holdings in the late 1970s. His Majesty King Fahd of Saudi Arabia


Last month Saudi Arabia transferred $15.4 million in advance aid to the Palestinian Authority. The transfer was made to a controversial Arab League fund, a product of the recent Arab summit in Beirut. According to Arab spokesmen, the money was hurriedly contributed due to the dire plight of the Palestinian people as a result of “vicious Israeli aggression”. King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah and Defense Minister Prince Sultan jointly donated $4.8 million to launch the fund pot, while Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz sent an estimated $800,000 to the families of “155 Palestinian martyrs” killed in the current Israeli offensive. Hasib J. Sabbagh Sabbagh is the chairman of Consolidated Contractors Co. of Oman, Jordan. He is also the Senior Fellow for the Middle East of the Council on Foreign Relations. Founded in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations is a membership organization contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy. The Council publishes Foreign Affairs, a leading journal on global issues.

UP TO THEIR OLD TRICKS AGAIN Remember the long gone past when it was agreed internationally that anything resembling a “Palestinian” state would be inherently unstable and would spread violence and war throughout the region? Back then, this was a planet-wide consensus and for that reason even Jordan and Egypt refused to create such a state out of Gaza and the West Bank when they controlled them. Of course, the consensus back then was on the spot correct, but the last decade has seen such intensive worldwide brainwashing that most of planet Earth is now convinced that a “Palestinian” state is somehow a natural and just foregone conclusion, whether an actual Palestinian people exists or not. On May 12, the Likud Party gathered to return to sanity and declare that as the party 2/3 of Israelis voted for in the last election, it would never acquiesce to such madness. The leaders of the Israeli Left panicked and organized a rally the night before the Likud gathering in favor of such a state. It wasn’t easy for them; they rented a fleet of buses and emptied out whole Arab towns and Jewish leftwing youth movements and still only managed to put together about 60,000 protesters. That’s all they have left. They know that in the next elections Labor and its allies are going to be all but wiped out. And they’re scared, really, really scared. So they’re doing desperate, really, really desperate things. 240

Knesset Member Benny Elon told the daily, Ma’ariv, that there was a mole in the government giving away security secrets to the PLO and the foreign media. The government had prepared a military operation to take Arafat’s compound and arrest all within, except apparently, Arafat. The newspaper Makor Rishon found the report leaking the plan, thus short-circuiting it, and guess what, it was written and prepared by Shlomo Gur’s lust partner, Yossi Beilin. And he’s still at work. A plan to avenge a suicide bomb in Rishon Letzion, and its 16 dead Israelis, with an attack on Gaza to arrest the bombing planners was also short-circuited by military leaks to the foreign media. And with published proof that he is behind the leaks, no one thinks that Beilin should be investigated for high-level treason??? There is no room for hatred of the followers of the Israeli left. They have been brainwashed to accept national suicide as pure fun. They are mostly fine people who deserve to be understood. But their highest ranking leaders are murderous, conniving criminals whose felonies are being exposed too quickly for them to keep plugging holes much longer. Look at what’s come out: • Shimon Peres paid Norwegian UN rep Terje Larsen $100,000 to pressure the Nobel committee in Oslo to award him a prize. • Yossi Beilin has been paid off by the EU since 1990 to destabilize, supposedly, his own country. • Peres exchanged Israeli citizenship with criminals such as Marc Rich for lots of cash. • And the Rabin murder truth will just not go away. The trial of Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv was postponed for the tenth time, until July 21. Which brings us back to that rally two days ago in Tel Aviv. It sure was reminiscent of the one six years ago which snuffed out Yitzhak Rabin! Back then, the commander of the Shabak’s Jewish Department was Khezi Kalo. He was the superior officer of the same Raviv the court system just can’t find the time to try after three years of, yes, trying. Kalo ran Raviv’s phony radical Jewish group Eyal whose purpose was to blame religious, right wing or any Jews who didn’t 241

support the Oslo process with crimes of murderous violence. Since these Jews were not murderously violent, Raviv created the outrageous acts for them under the tutelage of Kalo. All this led eventually to the Rabin assassination. We have a surprise for you. Kalo is back in the driver’s seat again, and repeating his crimes just like in the good old days. This time, he has created a new Jewish underground. Recall how desperate and terrified Kalo is. He knows his day of justice is not far off, and in his twisted mind, he thinks tricks will put it off forever. Remember how he tricked Dahlia Pelosoff Rabin into supporting the indictment of Shlomi Halevy, when she really didn’t? Recall just a few months ago when the stillborn Israeli TV Channel 10 gave him airtime to once again blame a conspiracy of rabbis for Rabin’s murder. Well here is his latest plan: For the past year, the Israeli media has been spreading reports of a Jewish radical underground somewhere in Judea or Samaria. Among other incidents, they were blamed for a drive by killing of three Arabs near Hebron last spring, and the planting of a bomb in a schoolyard at Tsur Bakhur near Jerusalem, a few months ago. On April 29, the Shabak announced that they had arrested the four members of this underground which committed these two crimes. Let us remind ourselves of these incidents. The day before the drive by killings, a bomb was found in Kach leader Noam Federman’s wife’s car. She was never charged with carrying explosives, so we can safely surmise that the Shabak planted them in her car with the idea of implanting the idea that those Jewish settlers are up to their violent activities again. The next day the three Arabs were shot in their van, and one was a political rival of Arafat’s. Coincidence, coincidence. As for Tsur Bakhur, this is the very last place any real Jewish underground would hit, but the PLO sure hates it because its village council has decided it doesn’t want to join the Palestinian Authority but would rather stay in Israel. Nonetheless, a leaflet by the Israel Revenge Fighters was sent to some media outlets, nicely printed in Hebrew. Surely, an underground that wants to stick around for a while would go to a print shop and advertise itself! 242

On April 28, a van was found full of explosives in Jerusalem, leading to the arrest of four Jews from the Bethlehem area. It wasn’t long after the arrest that another leaflet was sent to the media, this time by the Fighters of the Kingdom of Israel, accepting responsibility for the drive by murders and the Tsur Bakhur bombing. How convenient, how fortunate for the Shabak. Here was the proof they had been seeking to prove that radical settlers were up to their old ways, the kind of ways that murdered Yitzhak Rabin. And how satisfied Khezi Kalo must feel knowing that the public has the message that radical Jews, the kind who really murdered Rabin, actually exist. This is even better than the Shlomi Halevy trick. Within a day, the Shabak convinced the Supreme Court to cancel the right of habeas corpus for the four arrestees. For the past two weeks, the victims have not been allowed to see anyone, including a lawyer. If the Shabak had any evidence whatsoever against them, they should have been charged and the legal process begun. But they had nothing, so they and the police have spent a fortnight trying their best to force confessions out of the four. One can only imagine the terrifying techniques used to extract the confessions but the victims, apparently, did not buckle because today the police announced that there was no evidence linking them to the Hebron drive-by shooting or the Tsur Bakhur bombing. One of the four was finally allowed to see an attorney. But that won’t be the end of the story because three of the victims are still all alone against their interrogators and in the end they’ll say anything to stop the near tortuous harassment. And that is how desperate the leaders of the Left are. Kalo was given to go-ahead to print the leaflets and plant the bombs in the van. Or a Raviv-like provocateur set up a sting and the group fell for it. Like that’s going to put off Kalo’s day of justice.


More on Larsen and the Norwegians

In 1992, the Tromsoe, Norway-based freelancer Arne Eriksen published the book Rosa Japper I Fiskefarse (which loosely translates to “Pink Yuppies in Fish Farce”), explaining how Fagbevegelsens Forskningsinstitutt (FAFO) had got involved in a fishery project in Nordvoegen, Finnmark (Norway) in the mid-80s. Terje Roed-Larsen was the managing director of FAFO, and from 1984 he was either directly or by way of FAFO involved in establishing and running the company Fideco which was to get involved in fishery operations in Finnmark. Also involved in Fideco was the Bergen-based company Bird Technology which had collaborative links to Shell (which was interested in getting involved in land-based activities in Norway in order to obtain a license to cultivate oil in the North Sea). The scandal was that Roed-Larsen earned circa NKR 600,000 from realizing his Fideco share options in a deal with Bird (basically “money for nothing”, while others who held shares in the company lost their invested capital.) Although he had a legal right to realize his share options, the questionable thing is the date when the share options were realized—highly relevant in terms of the tax Roed-Larsen was due to pay from it. It became known that Roed-Larsen had backdated the agreement. (Shell had also been pushing for Bird to purchase the shares from Roed-Larsen.) This didn’t create much debate in 1992, neither in 1994 when Eriksen published a new book, this time about FAFO. But on October 25, 1996, Roed-Larsen was named minister of planning in the government of then-prime minister Thorbjoern Jagland. One week later, one newspaper (Fiskaren) published an article about Roed-Larsen’s Fideco dealings, quoting the 1992 book by Eriksen. Opposition politicians and the media demanded details about Roed-Larsen and Shell’s involvement, and how it all related to cultivation of oil. 244

Throughout the next month, the media frenzy was so intense that it ultimately led to the involvement of Oslo’s tax office. RoedLarsen met with the head of Oslo’s tax office on November 21, inquiring “whether there is any new information which has consequences for my tax payments in 1986 and 1987.” He left six days later, after 35 days in the office. Eventually, he was fined NKR 50,000 (a huge discount because the matter was “ancient history”). A nice deal considering how much money he made in the first place. *** There is no change in the attitude towards Israel of the youth division of the Norwegian Labor Party—AUF. Only last night on Norwegian state TV—NRK 1—the leader of AUF vehemently criticized the vice president of the Norwegian Parliament, Mr. Inge Lonning, (Conservative) for wanting to spoil(!) the good work of Mr. Terje Roed-Larsen and his wife, Mona Juul. Surely everybody could see that their work for the peace process clearly outweighed any mistake in not having declared the money they had received... The one in charge of the program, communist inspired Mr. Knut Olsen had no objections to that kind of reasoning. If you would make a word search on the whole document and find the name Stoltenberg, then you have the same senior Norwegian Labor Party member Thorvald Stoltenberg, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs in Iraq; President Norwegian Red Cross, Oslo; former CoChairman (UN) of the Steering Committee of the International Conference on Former Yugoslavia; former Foreign Minister of Norway; former UN High Commissioner for Refugees—as mentioned in the list of members of the Trilateral Commission— http://trilateral.org:9999/memb.htm You may also like to know that his son, Jens Stoltenberg, MP for labor, and until recently the PM of Norway, can at times be seen and heard defending the rights of the Palestinian Arabs at the stand the Palestine Committee has on Saturdays in front of the Norwegian Parliament. They have vowed to keep their stand until Israel gives in to the demands of Arafat and PLO. 245

So now you know what socialistic solidarity with the Israeli Labor Party and Shimon Peres is all about. *** How do you feel about the fact that your man Moshe Arens sits together with leading world Jew-haters PLO Hanan Ashrawi and Norwegian Mega-bitch Gro Harlem Brundtland on the International Advisory Board of the New York based Council on Foreign Relations? Source: Council on Foreign Relations 2000 Annual Report, p. 116, “International Advisory Board”
Europe and the Vatican

Here is an interesting quote from a former UN official of which I believe it is worth taking note:
“The only hope for the western world lies in an alliance between the Roman Catholic church which is the most commonly, influential, controlling, unifying element in Europe and the Eastern Orthodox church. Rome must unite with Eastern Orthodoxy, because the Eastern Orthodox church controls western middle east, [the east end of the Mediterranean] and if they don’t solidify that control, Islam will march across Europe. Islam is political. The only hope of the western world lies then in a united Europe under the control of the Pope. And then all Protestant Christians around the globe must come into submission to the Pope so we will have a unified Christian world.” - Charles Habib Malik, U.S. diplomat and foreign-service officer, former president of the U.N. General Assembly and Security Council, guest lecturer at Harvard

*** That’s a surprise, Peres heading to Rome and the Vatican!
(http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=16168 6&contrassID=1&subContrassID=0&sbSubContrassID=0)
Peres Headed to Rome to Convince Italian PM to Accept Militants

ROME—Hours after a five-week standoff at Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity ended, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres arrived in Rome Friday for talks with Premier Silvio Berlusconi and top Vatican (news web sites) officials. Peres landed at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport shortly after 10 a.m. (0800 GMT). His visit includes a meeting with Vatican Secretary of State Angelo Sodano and Vatican Foreign Minister Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran.


Rome, May 10 (Reuters) Israel said on Friday it favored Italy as the venue for a regional conference on the middle east that might pave the way for the resumption of the peace process. “I would like to see the regional conference take place in Italy. Let the Rome government choose the place,” prime minister Ariel Sharon told the weekly magazine Panorama.

FRENCH FIRE FRICASSEES FACTS The headline everywhere: “Israeli Embassy Fire in Paris Caused by Electrical Short”. Yeah, sure it was. Why the media even knew about the faulty wiring while the inferno was blazing, before any fire inspector could have possibly examined the building. This line is from Israel Television One News. “The embassy was locked before the fire broke out.” We now conjure pictures in our mind of the ambassador leaving work at 5 and locking the building behind him. This was the most sensitive Israeli embassy in Western Europe and it was manned by security staff 24 hours a day. How come one of them didn’t spot the electrical fire, report it and put it out before it spread to the entire edifice? And that’s no tiny edifice. What was inside to feed the fire so quickly? diplomatic rags soaked in linseed oil? And need we ask, assuming all the security personnel were asleep, why didn’t the smoke detectors sound the alarm? The newspaper Ma’ariv noted that ALL of the embassy’s cables, notes, records, and documents were destroyed in the fire. All computer hard drives became mush, all paper, ash. How very convenient. Now history will never know the tawdry crimes of the French government against Israel, nor will Shimon Peres’ central role in these crimes, including the Rabin assassination, be proven in time for his ever more likely upcoming trials. From here on until forever, the French government’s collusions with Peres on the Golan Geights, the murder of Paris Ambassador Eliahu Ben Elissar, the backing of PFLP terror attacks, the secret talks with the Vatican, including the negotiations between Peres’ rabbis Rosen and Melchior with French Cardinal Lustiger to divvy 247

up Jerusalem, all this and more will never be provable in a court of law or scholarship. This was in inside job. No arsonist snuck past embassy security and rigged this fire. And no one could be more pleased by the inferno than Shimon Peres.
Beilin and the CFR

Yossi Beilin is not a Knesset nor cabinet member. He has no official role to play in Israeli politics, right? Let us quote from The Jerusalem Post. In mid-May:
“Yossi Beilin, the former justice minister was told by US officials in Washington that CIA director George Tenet will be traveling to the region very soon. His visit will be followed by a trip by Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, William Burns and then another trip by Secretary of State Colin Powell. Beilin met with Burns yesterday and with Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and State Department Policy Planning Director, Richard Haass on Tuesday.”

Now let’s play a little game. How many of the names in the previous short item belong to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)? For those unacquainted with this little 3800 member think tank in New York, they have more than once published their war plans against Israel, but the Jewish people still don’t catch on that the CFR is their number one enemy in the US. Now for the game, According to the CFR’s own 2001 membership list: Tenet (CFR), Burns (CFR), Powell (CFR), Armitage (CFR), Haass (CFR). That’s right, the lot of them. Now ask, what is nongovernment member and Shlomo Gur’s love machine, Beilin doing in Washington with these criminals? Watch out for Beilin, people; he’s on the move again, and out to get us all on behalf of his pals at the CFR. Lest anyone believe my CFR exposés are going unnoticed, look at this nice notice found on page 8 of the May 20, 2002 edition of the large circulation magazine The New American!
“In Israel Betrayed, published in 2000, Israeli investigative reporter Barry Chamish warned: ‘All the evidence more than just indicates that the current Middle East Peace Process was hatched by the CFR and is promoted with all the necessary weapons at its disposal. The peace process is a surefire formula for war...and soon. The year 2000 will most likely see Israel and its neighbors caught up in bloody turmoil.’ Mr


Chamish’s observations concerning the CFR’s elites’ schemes in the Middle East have repeatedly proven accurate. He has provided well documented evidence of the CFR’s simultaneous control of Israeli politicians such as Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Shamir, Binyamin Netanyahu, and Ariel Sharon, as well as Yasser Arafat.”

Pretty nice of them to say so. But that isn’t the end of the fine New American analysis:
“The April 15th Israel Solidarity Rally was top-heavy with liberal-left CFR members such as Representatives Richard Gephardt and Jane Harman, Senator Charles Schumer, AFL-CIO President Hugh Price, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (wife of CFR member Bill Clinton) also attended, as did Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz (CFR), a major featured speaker. A few days later the CFR hand was again very apparent in the pro-PLO rally.”

BEHIND THE “PEACE” PROCESS The Council on Foreign Relations, EU and UN are all closing ranks on the Jesuit Vatican’s “peace” plan for Israel. Here are glimpses of the evolution of an upcoming “peace” conference which will likely be held in Spain or Italy in July. We begin with Shlomo Gur’s little teddy bear, Yossi Beilin. We recall that he was in Washington meeting with such shining lights of the CFR as Richard Armitage and Richard Haass. Where did these meetings lead but straight to England, as reported in The Guardian:
The secret talks, chaired by Jonathan Freedland, were held at Weston House, a country house near Stafford where Northern Ireland negotiations were conducted last year. Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian, said that the Northern Ireland delegates were “great evangelists for their peace process and were keen to offer practical advice and heartfelt encouragement. The two situations are, of course, different in many ways. But this group found so much in common and genuinely felt they learned much from each other over the three days.” As well as Avraham Burg, speaker of the Knesset, the Israeli side included General Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, the former chief of staff of the Israeli army; Yossi Beilin, the former justice minister and one of the architects of the 1993 Oslo peace accords; and Naomi Chazan, the deputy speaker of the Knesset. The Palestinian side included Professor Nabeel Kassis, a Palestinian minister without portfolio; Yezid Sayigh, a former negotiator; and Salim Tamari, another former negotiator. Mr. Burg and Mr. Beilin are members


of the Israeli Labour party, which is in Mr. Sharon’s coalition government. The Northern Ireland quartet was made up of: Martin McGuinness, now Northern Ireland education minister; David Ervine, who temporarily walked out of Weston Park talks last year; Mark Durkan, leader of the nationalist Social Democratic Labour Party; and Sir Reg Empey, one of the leaders of the Ulster Unionist party. Absent from the talks was anyone from the Likud party, which is led by the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon. New initiatives to emerge from yesterday’s talks include: • creation of a shadow Israeli-Palestinian government as an alternative to Mr. Sharon’s government • drafting of a peace plan that will flesh out the proposals at Taba, including setting out for the first time an exact figure of how many of the 3.5 million Palestinians will be given the right to return • a draft document setting out two or three points about how to secure peace to be signed by key Israeli and Palestinian figures.

So Yossi returns to Israel from his CFR-RIAA tour and, pockets bulging with fresh cash to add to his EU allowance, he starts a new party he calls “Dawn.” His duty is to assure lots of dissent in the country while the cabal out to disintegrate Israel goes to work. *** With thanks to my readers, especially a lady near Toronto, we see that the latest edition of the Peace Chronicles begins in March when... The London-based Al-Hayat daily said in its Thursday’s issue quoting sources at the UN that the UN secretary general Kofi Annan received an American green light from the US administration to strongly interfere in the peace process. The sources told the paper that Annan intends to invite 60 members of high ranking Israeli, Arab, American and European figures to a conference to be held in the Spanish city of Ashbelya by the beginning of May to achieve two objectives. The first to place the UN at the core of the peace process and ensure an international unanimous stand on the framework that can be negotiated upon to end the conflict. The sources said that among the participants in the conference are prominent figures like the Syrian deputy foreign minister Walid al-Muaallim, the representative of the foreign policy at the 250

European Union Javier Solana, the Egyptian foreign minister Ahmad Maher, the Saudi foreign minister Saud al-Faisal, former Israeli foreign minister Shlomo Ben Ami, the Palestinian negotiators Saeb Ereikat; Ahmad Qrei’, Mahmoud Abbas, and the chairman of the political planning department at the US state department Richard Haass, the US under secretary of state for near East affairs William Burns and the British and French ambassador to the UN. The sources expected that Annan will debate his vision for the Arab-Israeli settlement and the conference will be divided into work groups to concentrate on areas of differences like Jerusalem, the refugees, the borders and the settlements. The sources reported that the US ambassador at the UN informed the UN special envoy Terry Roed-Larsen that Washington is planning to give the UN security council a greater role to search for a settlement. *** This looked like an exciting prospect and the EU wanted aboard. ***
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20020521/ap_ wo_en_ge/greece_eu_middle_east_1
EU Presidency Urges Israeli Concessions Over ‘Very Fragile’ Mideast

Tuesday May 21,2002 -- The European Union’s presidency warned on Tuesday that the situation in the Middle East was still “very, very fragile,” and urged Israel to accept a Saudi Arabian peace plan.

*** But the UN’s Spanish conference didn’t get off the ground and this made the Vatican very angry, so its pope was put to work. ***
(http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20020517/ap_ wo_en_ge/vatican_middle_east_1)
Pope Again Presses for Protection for Holy Places and for Negotiations to Resume in Middle East

John Paul reiterated his joy over the end of the five-week-long siege of the basilica by Israeli troops after militants and other Palestinians sought refuge inside the church complex.


“I appeal yet again for the international community to take, without delay, the necessary measures to see that the specific statute (protecting) holy places is respected and assuring their true protection,” the pope said. He did not elaborate, but the Vatican has long called for an international statute to govern sites holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

(http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20020403/ap_ wo_en_ge/vatican_mideast_1)
Vatican Steps Up Diplomatic Efforts, Condemns Terrorism and ‘Humiliation’ of Palestinians

Wed Apr 3, 7:36 AM ET

The Vatican effort began showing fruit and this spurred Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres into action. He sent his toy rabbis, Rosen and Melchior to Paris for negotiations with the French Cardinal Lustiger. *** Now the stage was set: Israel’s Vatican agents, the UN and EU were aboard, all that was missing was the CFR. Bush Jr. now rides onto the scene: ***
VATICAN, (CWNews.com) -- Pope John Paul II will meet with US President George W. Bush at the Vatican on Tuesday, May 28. President Bush is currently in Europe, where his schedule includes stops in Berlin, Moscow, and Paris. He will arrive in Rome on May 27 for a NATO conference, then visit the Pope the following day. This will be the second encounter for the Pope and the American leader. The first occurred last July 23, when Bush and his wife visited the Pontiff at his summer residence on Castel Gandalfo. The Pope’s discussion with the US President are expected to include the Middle East peace process and the terror attacks on the United States. (Last October, shortly after those attacks, the Pope met with former President George Bush, the current president’s father.) A White House official recently assured reporters that the President did not intend to bring up the topic of the scandal caused by clerical misconduct in the US.

From UPI:
.....At the same time, Washington has become more conscious of the fact that the Roman Catholic Church can exert considerable political clout when it sees fit to do so, and there have been situations when the U.S. government and the Vatican have worked together -- usually secretly.


The papal audience has been a fixed point on every U.S. president’s itinerary since Eisenhower. But the visit also usually includes a private discussion between the pope and the president, with very few officials present. Vatican sources reached by telephone Monday expected the pope to urge the president to use Washington’s influence to hasten the resumption of the Middle East peace process.

*** After Bush’s meeting with the Pontiff, he held a little press conference, during which he announced that he would be sending William Burns and George Tenet to Israel for some relaxing disruption. Of Tenet, readers of these send-outs will know that he, with the connivance of Shimon Peres, personally trained the PLO in the finer arts of murdering Jews. But who should confirm this but, none other than the Jerusalem Post?
The National Union-Yisrael Beitenu faction called upon Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to raise the case of Muhammed Fouzi Muhaneh in his meeting today with CIA Director George Tenet. Muhaneh, a member of a Tanzim Terrorist cell, was one of 13 terrorists recently released from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem to Europe. According to his Foreign Ministry bio, Mahaneh “participated in a course on security in the United States,” which the faction, quoting security sources, said is a euphemism for CIA training. “Please verify with Tenet that anyone trained and given information by the CIA will not use it for terrorism against the State of Israel,” the faction wrote.

*** So the circle of secret diplomacy leading to a gang-up against Israel is complete. The Vatican is leading the CFR, UN, EU charge and the traitors within the gates of Israel, led by Beilin and Peres, will weaken the walls. This time, the siege won’t last for long. *** A correspondent writes:
“Just to tell you, your international view is right and one member of the government can’t live with the betrayal anymore. Watch out for Ephraim Sneh. He’s drinking and medicating himself. People are worried he’ll snap and start talking. He even did an interview on Arabic TV plastered and a lot of people were sweating.”


*** I completed a wonderful 2 hour interview on Lee Klein’s KFILos Angeles radio show. One caller had a story to tell. He met Chaim Saban, the TV producer, in New York and kidded him about how much money he makes. Saban turned dour and said he has almost nothing; everything he makes is to protect Israel from “the Council. If they get their way, we haven’t got ten years left.” TESTIMONIES AND OTHER HELP For 12 days this summer, I was selling my books at the Hebrew Book Fair held at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. And you know what that means, right? I met the broad public by the thousands and whenever that happens, people pass on testimonies. At past fairs, the information has mostly centered on the Rabin murder. This year saw a surprising change. More people wanted to talk about Baruch Goldstein, and an unexpected number bought my book Israel Betrayed for its Goldstein chapter. On Thursday night, the second to last fair day, a gentleman passed by my booth, looked very briefly at the books and said, “You got Goldstein right. I know from personal experience,” then he walked away. I called to him, “What do you mean? Can we talk?” But he kept on walking. He returned ten minutes later and asked me to step away from the booth. We sat alone on the steps of the Museum. “You’ve met Bernard Schechter I take it?” I had, a few years ago at another book fair. He was fairly upfront with me. Schechter was the American-born head of the Israel Police ballistics laboratory at the time of the Rabin murder. His honest testimony, written and verbal, has helped prove conclusively that the bullets which struck down Yitzhak Rabin did not come from Yigal Amir’s gun. “I was the technician who worked with Bernie on Goldstein’s rifle. Did you ever talk to him about that?” In fact, I didn’t know. The Shamgar Commission of Inquiry into the Hebron Massacre had called other police ballistics experts to testify, but I don’t recall Schechter giving testimony. 254

“Well, he won’t volunteer telling what he knows. I remember calling his department in ‘96 and asking for him. They said he retired. I couldn’t believe that, he loved his work. I’ll bet Goldstein had a lot to do with that?” “What do you mean?” “I was in the lab, I saw. The bullets we were given didn’t match Goldstein’s rifle. None of them.” “So he didn’t do the killing?” “Either that or we examined someone else’s rifle.” I won’t reveal the man’s name. When the atmosphere is right, I’m sure he’ll give his testimony openly after a persuasive phone call or two. And if you think this eye-witness testimony is something, wait till the end of this section. The booth next to mine was womanned by a sweet lady in her 30s selling her book of children’s poems. She was not acquainted with the view of my books, and she couldn’t believe it but she was stuck listening to my explanations to hundreds of buyers over almost two weeks. She will never be the same again. I noticed on the last night of the fair that she was reading Israel Betrayed intently. The fair had just closed at midnight on Saturday and the following took place in this order. At 12:01, a cute teenaged girl came up to the table and said, “I’m Shlomo Edelstein’s daughter. Do you really think my father is a CIA agent?” I was taken aback. I had never associated him with the CIA but certainly had grave suspicions about his conduct on the morning of the Hebron Massacre. I had read the protocols of Shamgar’s Hebron investigation, collected media reports and received serious information from an unrecognized journalist named Avraham Yosef. After that I wrote a two-part article called “Was Baruch Goldstein Completely Innocent?”, which became a chapter of Israel Betrayed. This article has had an endearing effect, and it is becoming looming truth in some circles. This was aided greatly in the past year when journalist Adir Zik, who had covered the Shamgar Commission, verified my findings and added a few of his own in 255

the newspaper Hatzofe and over the radio via his Arutz Sheva program. Here is what I wrote about the father of the smiling girl across from my display table:
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) originally announced that Goldstein had arrived in uniform at the mosque in his civilian Subaru. The Shamgar Commission heard very different evidence. Dr. Goldstein’s wife Miriam was surprised to discover a note informing her that Baruch was called to reserve duty. She phoned the IDF duty commander for Kiryat Arba, Shlomo Edelstein to ask if he knew where her husband was. He said he didn’t. And yet, evidence presented at the Shamgar Commission proved that Goldstein arrived in Edelstein’s IDF jeep. From The Jerusalem Post, April 4, 1995: Goldstein’s wife, meanwhile was trying to reach her husband. Shortly after 5 AM she called Shlomo Edelstein, who was on reserve duty at the telecommunications center. Edelstein, swinging nervously on his swivel chair, told the commission he had spoken to Goldstein and told Ungar to pick him up. A short while later, Miriam Goldstein called, asking if he could help track down her husband. “I told her he was at the clinic and tried calling him on the communications network. I asked her if everything was fine and she said it was.” But he admitted that later he had told her Goldstein might be at the Cave praying. Miriam said her husband “did not go there to pray.” Members of the commission had a surprise for Edelstein. According to records of the calls to the center, obtained from the phone company, Miriam Goldstein had called him twice. “If she did, I don’t remember,” an uncomfortable Edelstein said.”

After which, I wrote:
Suspect number two, Shlomo Edelstein. In another Post Article, it is reported that Goldstein once belonged to a prayer quorum in the Machpela Cave but quit it over a year before. Since then, as Miriam Goldstein supposedly said to Edelstein, her husband “DID NOT GO THERE TO PRAY.” So why did Edelstein tell her he was going there? And why did other soldiers testify that Goldstein was a regular worshiper at the Machpela Cave? The commission trapped Edelstein in his own lies with phone company records. What was he covering up and why?

I said to the teenaged religious girl, “Why do you think your father told Miriam Goldstein that her husband was praying at the Cave of the Patriarchs where the massacre took place, when his wife said he had stopped praying there?” “He told me he was trying to console her. He really didn’t know.” 256

“Why did your father forget her second call to him?” “He was busy, so he forgot.” “He’s manning the phones at 4 AM and you think he was too busy to remember the call? Do you know that Goldstein met a high-ranking intelligence officer named Shlomo Mofaz, brother of our Chief-of-Staff on the day before the massacre?” “I know Shlomo, what about it?” “I don’t know, but maybe your father does. Ask him.” “May I have a copy of Israel Betrayed to show him?” I hesitated and then handed one over. Far better that her father considers his own testimonies in print. Maybe they’ll stimulate him to talk about what he’s holding inside. Back to the booth next door at 12:16. The poetess says, “ I attended the Shamgar Hebron hearings.” It seemed totally out of character. “Why?” I asked. “My brother-in-law is Rotem Revivi,” she replied. Here’s what I wrote about him:
From The Jerusalem Post, March 28, 1995: Yosef, Drori and a third soldier, Erez Elimelech also all testified that they had seen Goldstein enter with an M-16. This contradicted the testimony of Lt. Rotem Revivi, the only soldier inside the cave when the massacre took place. Revivi said Goldstein had entered with a Glilon—the type of rifle from which the massacre bullets were actually shot. In response to questions from commission members, Yosef and Drori both said that one person had entered with a Glilon that morning—a settler they didn’t recognize who arrived shortly after Goldstein. The arrival of a settler they didn’t recognize was unusual, the two said, since they knew all the regulars at the early prayer service. Revivi also said Goldstein entered the cave at about 5:20: the other three put the time around 4:45...Commission member Judge Ahmed Zuabi commented if Revivi’s assertion that Goldstein could not have used the main entrance without seeing him is true, it raises the possibility that Goldstein had assistance. One of the other entrances into the Yitzhak Hall is from Avraham Hall...Since this door was bolted from the Jewish side after the massacre, Zuabi noted, if Goldstein used this entrance, someone must have bolted it behind him.

I responded: “If I had to start naming suspects in the conspiracy or cover-up, I would start with Lieut. Rotem Revivi, who backed the 257

government’s case that Goldstein carried a Galil rifle and arrived at 5:20, against those of three other soldiers who testified that Goldstein BROUGHT AN M-16 INTO THE CAVE OF THE MACHPELA 45 MINUTES BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT SAID HE ARRIVED. I will stress the most important fact of all, the IDF and Shamgar concluded that the massacre was caused by a Galil rifle not an M-16, yet three soldiers on duty testified that Goldstein carried an M-16. Judge Zuaabi has finally awoken and publicly expressed his belief that a conspiracy was possible. Revivi testified that Goldstein did not pass by his post and enter the prayer hall through the main entrance. That leaves two other doors but only one on the Jewish side of the Cave where Goldstein was free to roam. Since it was found bolted from the Jewish side after the massacre, if Goldstein entered through it, someone else locked him into the prayer hall afterward.” I said to my new poetess friend, “Next time you’re at dinner, please ask your brother-in-law why of four soldiers on duty, he was the only one who saw Goldstein enter the hall at the time and with the rifle that Shamgar wanted.” “I’ve asked him things like that. He told me he testified truthfully. That’s what he saw.” “Then ask yourself how that could be. How could three soldiers all get one time and rifle and your brother-in-law another? Unless there was a second Goldstein, somebody has to be lying.” She saw the logic, I could tell. She said, “So maybe everyone was fooled.” A very real possibility that explains away the contradictory testimonies of Edelstein and Revivi. Such an explanation might explain the peculiar actions of Kach leader Noam Federman. He has been at the forefront of besmirching me, mainly over my Goldstein research. Knowing nothing of the facts, seemingly anyway, he has loudly proclaimed the truth of Shamgar’s version of the massacre and has declared Goldstein a hero for his mass murder. That has led me to conclude that his attitude is just too handy for the ruling class. Six weeks ago, the Shabak busted a new Jewish underground, based in Bat Ayin, which planned to blow up an Arab girl’s school in East Jerusalem. Or so they told us. I don’t believe it because, against all norms of democracy and morality, the core members of 258

this group have not been allowed to see outsiders, including an attorney, for over six weeks. In near legal terminology, that is called extracting a confession by force. Federman was briefly arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting this underground. The day before the fair closed, he published a stinging recollection of his interrogation by the Shabak in the newspaper Makor Rishon. He called it “It’s the Same Old Shabak.” On the surface, the Shabak must have recoiled from his bitter words against them. Yet look at what he writes:
Here are a few quotes from their interrogations: On Rabbi Dov Lior: “A little racist.” On Rabbi Avi Runski: “Our collaborator in Samaria.” On Rabbi Yehuda Gilad: “Simply an idiot, not worth working with.” On Ivri Dan of Itamar: “Too naive but still works well with us.” On Rabbi Shlomo Aviner they cursed in a way I can’t repeat.

Now doesn’t that serve the purposes of our corrupt establishment? By mixing the reactions, it appears that Runski and Dan are Shabak stool pigeons. It is a perfect formula for spreading division among the settlers. Could Federman be so dumb that he couldn’t see it? Does he really believe Goldstein was the butcher the government wants him to be? Now consider the poet’s brother-in-law or the pretty young religious girl’s father. Could they all have been tricked into cooperation with murderous covert operations without their suspicions being raised? It seems incredible, but... And now, really exciting testimony. After a lecture at the home of attorney Dov Even Or, one of the audience members, who I was a bit furious at for contradicting my evidence in mid-lecture that Amir had no gunpowder on his hands, met me on the lawn outside to explain a few things. He, it turns out, was a high ranking investigator for the Israel Police Crime Laboratory. He apologized for interrupting my lecture, but I hadn’t got the facts all right. The police didn’t look for gunpowder, rather trace elements left by the explosion of gunpowder like antimony and barium, which corroborate other ballistic evidence. That Amir had 259

none of these on his hands does mean he couldn’t have shot a live bullet, but my explanation wasn’t quite exact. Then he exploded his bombshell. “I was the ballistics investigator in the Yoav Kuriel suicide.” Kuriel, was Rabin’s bodyguard who the police and media declared committed suicide over his failure to save Rabin’s life. I spoke with the man who prepared Kuriel’s body for burial and he said there were seven bullet holes in his chest. A stubborn suicide.
“I was called to a Ramat Gan apartment to investigate Kuriel’s ‘suicide’. I wasn’t allowed to see the body but I know who did and you’re welcome to see if they’ll talk. I asked to be given the suicide gun for lab testing and the superior officer told me the gun was missing. I asked him, ‘How does a gun used by a suicide victim disappear?’ He wouldn’t answer but we both knew it couldn’t in a real suicide. You can’t publish my name, just what I said. Some day when it’s safe, it will all come out.”

*** We end section one and enter the realms of reader research. Several people sent important information, and as usual, a lady near Toronto did some ace-scholarship on covert diplomacy. We begin with her. In reply to my previous send-out, she pointed out that President Bush first flew to Moscow and met with Russian Orthodox bishops to discuss the Middle East, before flying to the Vatican to meet his papal majesty to discuss the same topic. This would explain a subsequent statement by Shimon Peres:
Seemingly Best Friends, Israel, U.S. May Be On Collision Course

....To preempt a diplomatic rift with the United States and the rest of the international community, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres is urging Sharon to coordinate peace moves with the United States, Europe, Russia and the United Nations. In Peres’ view, the conference and the preceding run-up should be used to shape the contours of a settlement with the quartet that would guarantee Israel’s vital interests.

*** And on to the Vatican and Yossi Beilin. Two readers wrote that I missed a participant in the secret meetings in England where Beilin and Avraham Burg plotted to create a government-in-exile 260

within Israel to oppose the Sharon-led Knesset. The Guardian also reported that Beilin’s assistant was also present at the plotting. The result of the meeting: Beilin returned to Israel and started a new party Shachar (Dawn), an acronym for Peace, Education and Welfare. From such high-blown concepts to Welfare? It looks like he had trouble fitting in the last policy, so went with whatever was handy. But Dawn was no mistake, as one correspondent pointed out.
“So what’s that new party called ‘Dawn’ or Shachar? ‘When the moon is in the 7th House and Mars and Jupiter.... it is the dawning of the age of what?’”

So Beilin has got a new-age party started with EU and CFR bucks. Two readers felt that harping on Gur as Beilin’s favorite squeeze was demeaning and I should stop. I replied that Gur and that pipsqueak Beilin buddy of his have been secretly conniving Israel’s end on behalf of the Jesuit-run Vatican and blackmail may have been how it all got started. Just look what these vampires have been doing:
Pontiff Meets Israeli Minister

VATICAN, Sep. 29, 00 (CWNews.com) -- Pope John Paul II received Israel’s justice minister, Yossi Beilin, in a private audience on Friday, September 29. The Israeli minister was making a courtesy call at the Vatican, while in Rome on other business. Beilin became acquainted with Vatican diplomats during the negotiations that led up to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Israel in 1994. He now has responsibility for religious affairs, including the government’s relations with Christians.

In March 1994, the Israeli newsmagazine Shishi published an interview with Mark Halter, a French intellectual and close friend of Shimon Peres. He said he delivered a letter from Peres to the Pope the previous May, within which Peres offered the Vatican hegemony over the Old City of Jerusalem. The article detailed Peres’ offer which essentially turned Jerusalem into an international city overseen by the Holy See. The same month Rabin....as seen in the following article:
(http://www.jrep.com/Pope/a.html) April 21, 1994 Rabin met Pope John Paul II in mid-March in Rome, and asked him to use his moral authority to help get Middle East peace talks back on track


after the massacre. A warm communiqué published by the Holy See indicated that the pope was ready to do whatever he could. A papal emissary was dispatched to PLO headquarters in Tunis. And in private, the pope told Rabin that he hoped comprehensive peace would be achieved in the Middle East by the year 2000, as Christianity approached the end of its second millennium. For the Vatican, the key to the negotiation has been safeguarding the Church’s traditional rights in the Holy Land regarding holy places, Christian pilgrimages, Catholic education, charitable institutions, health care and, most of all, Church property. The Vatican wants to be sure that it is not left out as peace transforms the Holy Land. But translating rights granted the Church by custom into binding legal obligations isn’t easy. For the Vatican, the negotiations were between two equal entities not just two independent states, but also the leading representatives of Christianity and Judaism, with equal religious rights in the Holy Land. Israel, by contrast, insisted that it alone is the secular power in the Holy Land, and that any agreements would have to be “subordinate” to Israeli law. There may never have been an agreement if Beilin and aide Shlomo Gur had not found a secret channel to the Vatican. In December 1992, six months after the start of the public negotiations by the “permanent bilateral commission,” a friend of Gur’s put the two Israelis in touch with Father David Jaeger. The cherubic, 39-year-old Jaeger, now judge president of the Catholic Court in Austin, Texas, is a former Israeli, who, after a strictly Orthodox Jewish upbringing, converted to Catholicism. With his knowledge of Hebrew, Israel and Judaism, he quickly became the Church’s main gobetween with the Israelis.
Sharon Says Offensive Will Continue

April 9, 2002 “This is an act of indescribable barbarity. It is a violation of every law of humanity and civilization,” said Father David Jaeger, spokesman for custodians of Catholic sites in the Holy Land, who is currently in Rome.

*** Once again we return with vigor to the issue of Jesuit-trained King Juan Carlos of Spain. I’ve been saying he is at the top of the Middle East “peace process” food chain and Israelis continue to believe he is a retired king with no power. Read on:
Jordan Times Thursday, March 14, 2002


King Abdullah, Spanish Monarch Review Situation in Occupied Territories

MADRID (Agencies) — His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday left Spain for London after holding talks with King Juan Carlos on the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories. The two leaders discussed “the role Europe can play to end the cycle of violence [in the occupied territories] and put the peace process back on track,” the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. Spain currently holds the rotating EU presidency. At the meeting, which included a luncheon attended by Queen Sofia, King Abdullah stressed the importance of intensifying European efforts aimed at reaching a ceasefire, relaunching the peace talks and alleviating the sufferings of the Palestinian people. The talks come one day after the King urged a more active US role in efforts to end violence in the occupied territories during a meeting in Amman with US Vice President Dick Cheney. They also follow a call on Tuesday by Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher on the EU to redouble efforts to end the vicious cycle of violence. Petra said King Abdullah and the Spanish monarch discussed bilateral relations and means of bolstering them. Upon his arrival in Madrid earlier Wednesday on the start of his brief visit, King Abdullah was received at the airport by King Carlos who accompanied him to Zarzuela Palace, the king’s official residence just outside the capital. King Abdullah left for London straight after the three-hour talks...The King will then go on to Mexico to join around 40 world leaders, including US President George W. Bush, for the International Conference on Financing for Development, which comes as a follow-up to the New York Millennium Summit of September 2000. The King and Bush are expected to meet on the sidelines of the UNsponsored conference in Monterrey, which lasts from March 18 to 22.

Abdullah goes to KJC in Spain; Powell goes to KJC Spain; Powell goes to Abdullah in Jordan; Abdullah calls for EU involvement in ME; Now all in one day, today: Powell makes Palestinian proposal; Sharon is open to statehood proposal; Peres endorses PA proposal; Bush won’t make state proposal!
(http://detnews.com/2002/nation/0204/10/nation-461803.htm) April 10, 2002
European Union, UN Back Powell

Powell was meeting later today in Madrid with King Juan Carlos of Spain and then having dinner with Ivanov, to discuss the Middle East as well as U.S.-Russian affairs including a planned arms-control summit in Moscow.


Powell is to fly to Jordan for discussions with the Jordanian king on Thursday and then on Israel later in the day. (http://www.syrialive.net/Media/news/041302Assad%20speaks%20to% 20Spanish%20King,%20Shara%20receives%20Spanish%20FM%20for% 20%20foreign%20affairs.htm)
Assad Speaks to Spanish King, Shara Receives Spanish FM for Foreign Affairs

14-April-2002 Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad discussed Saturday over the phone the latest developments in the Middle East with Spanish King Juan Carlos. The Syrian Arab News Agency quoted the Syrian President as discussing the European role towards the deteriorating condition in the Middle East in wake of the escalating Israeli military activities. Meanwhile, Syrian foreign minister Farouk al-Shara met earlier the same day with the visiting Spanish secretary of state for foreign affairs Miguel Nadal, KUNA reported.

*** Now isn’t that more than enough proof that the address to decide Israel’s fate is Juan Carlos, retired monarch, Madrid, Spain? Another reader finds mainstream proof that the Jesuits organized the first Holocaust and are working on the second in Israel. *** Finally, I’m taking all readers’ reports more attentively. Two days before the last send-out, an Israeli reader wrote that his friend somewhere in the IDF reported to him that Hizbullah had smuggled in a huge cache of explosives which was distributed among sympathizing Arabs in the Galilee. They would be setting off a mega-bomb any day. I chose not to report the warning, and a few days later Hizbullah satisfied George Tenet’s need for the energy of burning Jews by incinerating 18, mostly soldiers, at Megiddo Junction with the aid of Israeli Arabs. I doubt that it would have made a difference, but I should have published the warning. The final report comes from a longtime source whose information always or close to it, turned out to be right:
“I have just heard from a source in Israel traveling abroad (he has proved extremely accurate on countless occasions before—a one time GSS guy) that there had been recently (matter of months) an internal putsch attempt within the Mossad that eventually went out of hand and developed in its last instance to a handgun fire INSIDE the ‘academy.’


“I’m told it all started with the quitting of the former IDF North Command chief (who recently came on TV with a political program) leaving the whole show in the hands of Halevy. Rogue pockets of resistance that formed during some years now inside the Mossad came together in a radical attempt to change the organization from within. The power struggle was a mind game for a long time between camps, but when the office of Halevy (who was abroad at the time) was sieged, some hot-headed rookies—including Halevy’s own bodyguards, he’s got about 6-8 of them—tried to force the issue and fired. “The ‘academy’ was cordoned off by some army units called in for several hours, between c.23:00 and 04:00 hours. There were three bodies brought out of there. “Halevy apparently returned promptly from abroad and went straight to Sharon to ask if to resign or continue. And what did Sharon do? He sent him to Peres to work it out .... Sharon despises the Mossad as an intelligence unit, only has time for the ‘Kidon’ teams.... He was among those who put together with Mike Harari the special team that tracked down the 1972 Munich assassins... Nevertheless, seems like the next chief will be a Sharon appointee. “Some ex-Mossad members, now MKs, moved in quickly to hush the event, as they always close ranks, and banned editors from even alluding to it in their papers.”

No wonder the Mossad seemed so quiet in recent months.... I FOUND MY SHABAK INFORMER I was supposed to be speaking at a school in Zichron Yaacov on November 28. My subject was to be “The Corruption of Israeli Democracy by Outsiders”. My organizer called this morning to inform me that the school had just called. It seems the Ministry of Education ordered them to cancel my lecture. How the Ministry even knew it was scheduled in one little school of theirs among thousands is proof that someone in government is following my activities. Now I’m really going to get even because I’m going to name my Shabak informer. I’m just one of her responsibilities. She shows up at literally every right wing or “subversive” meeting everywhere in the country. She pretends to be an airhead who is interested in Israel’s interests, if you explain things to her ever so slowly. There was a period when she’d call me monthly to get the latest news and I couldn’t get her off the phone. So I amused myself by expanding 265

grandly on the truth, with her taking notes and taping me on the other end of the line. But I didn’t suspect she was an agent, even when my book Israel Betrayed was just published and I told her I had some very serious evidence within that exonerates Baruch Goldstein from massacre responsibility. She seemed to panic and said she had to have the book right away. I asked why, since she didn’t read English. She thought about it and said she had to give it to an American friend. Within a few hours, she had dug up a new American friend and they were at my door buying the book. For a period, she was staking out Dr. Uri Milstein’s lectures and the two times I showed up, she was there. She asked to be driven home both times and she pumped me for information all the way to her neighborhood. Some time ago, I bought a new old car from a friend in America. He kept it in Israel and used a friend to deliver the car and the papers to me. I was warned that the engine is rebuilt but the doors have flaws in the locks. Last Thursday, I was on my way to Jerusalem to sell books outside the Moledet Party 13th birthday celebration at the Jerusalem Theatre. I packed my wares but the door wouldn’t close and I forgot the trick that makes the lock work. So the lady who arranged the sale met me to show me the lock trick. The agent saw us together and got excited. “She is your girlfriend, right?” she announced in joy. I equally joyfully acknowledged this, watched her reaction and then pointing to the car said, “Come on. I bought that car from her.” The lady had a headache and asked the informer if she had a painkiller. She said she didn’t but she’d go arrange one for her. Ten minutes later she was back and beckoned the lady away to get the painkiller she had found. The informer said, “I don’t really have the pill but I know who you are. You’re...” And then gave the last name of the American I had bought the car from. And it only took her ten minutes to get the license number of the car, call it in, and get the name of the owner. That’s the only way it could have happened. She didn’t pull the right name out of a hat. 266

At last, the name of the informer: It is IRIS COHEN! Israeli political activists: Say nothing to her. It won’t be hard to resist her dubious charms. If you don’t, every word you say will be recorded at Shabak headquarters.
Letters to the Editor, Actually to Me

Could anyone anywhere have such visionary readers? They view the world so clearly! Take the first comment as a typical case in point:
Look at the movements of the EU Solana (Foreign Minister), Spain was the latest holder of the presidency of the EU and finally the movements of Lord Michael Abraham Levy (Blair’s private foreign minister), his movements and meetings with Arafat and associates and his tie up with Beilin—Daniel Levy is Beilin’s chief assistant and son of Lord Levy!!! There has been a lot of muck about Lord Levy in the Sunday Times (London) recently. It appears his contacts with certain persons through “philanthropic Jewish connections” has led him to many contacts and funds. It could be worth checking it out. In this week’s London Jewish Chronicle there is an opinion piece by Professor Aldman who states the Lord Levy was on the list of invitees to Beilin, Burg and Chazan’s recent meeting in N. Ireland and the UK with the PLO!

Dawn Party Leader Yossi Beilin’s secret diplomacy with the Jesuit-controlled Vatican through his “assistant” Shlomo Gur and the Illuminati “rabbi” David Rosen are revealed by a faithful correspondent.
Now guess who is responsible for many of these Scriptural changes with beginnings in Rome......none other than the Jesuit priest, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini himself. (http://www.jrep.com/Pope/a.html) The diplomatic agreement between Israel and the Vatican as states set the stage for a public demonstration of Jewish-Christian reconciliation, organized by Rosen. In February, the rabbi convened an international Jewish-Christian conference in Jerusalem, bringing together over 400 Jewish and Christian religious leaders from more than 80 countries. Among them were Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of the Vatican, Italy’s Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini (who many predict will be the next pope), and George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury. AND guess where he is heading to “retire” ~~~~~~~~Jerusalem! (http://user.online.be/~sj.eur.news/ns/arch01.htm#0909)


Jesuit Cardinal Martini of Milan to Retire in February

“I do not keep secret my desire, expressed to the Pope, to retire to Jerusalem to dedicate myself to prayer and the study of codes and manuscripts,” the Jesuit cardinal revealed. I would say Israel, “LOOK OUT”! The “new dawn” that is coming may be different than you think.

A Russian-born professor responds to my new information proving Baruch Goldstein did not shoot up a Hebron mosque in February 1994. She followed the Shamgar Commission of Inquiry into the Hebron Massacre and, back in 1994, knew something very fishy was taking place.
Barry, following your new information about Baruch Goldstein: 1. I remember very well the testimony of Rotem Revivi at the Shamgar Commission which I listened to on the radio. It was so clear and interesting, that I repeated his words several times to my friends. So I have no doubt that he said the following things-- He, Rotem Revivi was at all the times near the entrance to Itzhak hall. And he did not see that Goldstein (B.G.) entered the hall. He insisted that Goldstein did not enter Itzhak hall! It was even more interesting that on the same day or a day before we could hear a representative of WAKF (Arab Religious Council), who insisted that B.G. entered the hall with weapon and used force when that Arabs tried to stop him. He merely pushed them away. (The Shamgar Commission later accused this Arab of giving false evidence). Revivi insisted that he did not see such a scene of struggle between B.G. and that man from the WAKF. If the WAKF witness in fact was telling the truth, he was saying that Revivi could not have been in the hall. 2. Revivi’s testimony, if accurate, means Goldstein arrived earlier, was guided to another room, and another man in an officer’s uniform came at 5:20 and did the shooting. He escaped and Goldstein replaced him. (Complicated but not impossible). 3. In the same testimony Revivi, the officer on duty, said that he was the first who entered the hall after shooting. And he did not see the body of B.G. Only when he entered the hall the second time after some time did he see a body (“buba in modin”—he said) in the corner not far from the door to Josefia = misgad ha nashim. As you remember Josefia (= misgad ha nashim) was closed from outside the Izhak hall, i.e. inside of Josefia.

With so many informants, who needs to do original research? How did I miss this telling ad? So let us ask why the American Embassy is asking for Israeli contractors to build a base near Jerusalem? 268

Hello, Please let me draw your attention to an ad, which appeared in English, in Ma’rriv, last Friday. The ad is on behalf of U.S. Embassy (in Germany). They ask for contractors for construction of an American military base in Israel, near Jerusalem. The ad appears in “Asaqim” (Business) supplement, on page 14. What do you make of it? Is it a Trojan horse?

A reader with an intelligence past and a few chilling stories to recall it by, wants to know who got the contracts to build the new security fence to protect the country from suicide bombers. “This new Maginot Line will cost a quarter of a billion bucks and if you dig a bit, you’ll find contractors tied to Sharon and Ben Eliezer building it. Another devoted reader and keen observer, Joel Skousen, has this to say about the fence:
If the government were going to build a fence for security reasons, it would not choose the Green Line as a basis, which leaves no buffer zone or distance between conflicting groups. The Green Line also runs right through Jerusalem and puts numerous Israeli settlements outside the security fence, which will have to be protected as enclaves. It is obvious to many Israelis that the construction of this fence will create a de facto boundary upon which future peace negotiations will be based. Indeed, savvy Israelis fear its construction is setting up the nation for a new US peace process intended to confine Israel to the borders its own government is now so conveniently demarcating. I think one of the reasons Sharon came to Washington recently was to coordinate this new plan for giving in to a Palestinian state with Israeli defense policy. The new Green Line security fence is almost certainly a planned part of this approach to get a foot in the phony “peace” door. Without public discussion, the Sharon government decided to put up an expensive $21,000 /mile “security fence” and just happened to pick the Green Line as the location. In the near future, they will have a convenient fait accompli in this de facto border that the Israeli people will have already gotten used to as a “natural boundary” for the new state.

I was somewhat deluged with the following item. The implication is that Israeli security personnel are supplying the enemy with at least some their weapons.
Jerusalem Post UPDATE, June 17, 2002
Police Probe Complaint That Confiscated Settler’s Gun Ended Up in Jenin Terrorists’ Hands

Police said Monday there were investigating a complaint from the Hebron Jewish Community that a gun confiscated from a reservist officer was found recently in the possession of Palestinians in Jenin.


About a year ago, the police took the weapon away from Capt. (res.) Avner Gilboa during a protest in Kiryat Arba against the slaying of two community members, Hebron area news agencies said. Recently the IDF found the gun among the weapons of Palestinian terror suspects in Jenin.

I have an Arab Sheikh on my list. Like me, he is convinced the anti-Arabist CFR member Daniel Pipes is nothing but an intelligence stooge, working hand in hand with the Council on Foreign Relations to further their global ambitions. The following two letters show amazement that Pipes has come so blatantly out of the closet. Now I’ll say it with certainty: Daniel Pipes is fooling the Jews. Daniel Pipes has no allegiance to or love of Israel. He does what the CFR orders him to do, and nothing more or less. After reading the following with unfettered astonishment, write Pipes and demand to know who is funding his policy institute and his magazine no one reads yet professes to be an influential voice of the Jewish conservative community. Who is behind Pipes? Who are his donors? If he doesn’t agree to name his financers, then quit reading him. He’s dangerous. If he does, I’ll be happy to check them off my CFR member list. Either way, he’s a fraud.
Dear Barry, Sheikh Abdul Hadi received an advance copy of the September, 2002 (Fall) issue of The Middle East Quarterly (Pipes’ rag). To his astonishment, it includes an entire verbatim C.F.R. document on “solving” the Middle East problem with commentary by MEQ editors. AHP points out that they present it like a text of the Torah with rabbinic commentaries on Scripture! God bless scanners: here is the document. My impression is that Pipes & Co. are telling the CFR: “Your task force could do a good job... but that’s not enough! You have ‘experts’ but need something more: the superexperts (ourselves)!”. It seems a inter-CFR war for the control of propaganda (sorry, “public diplomacy”). This could should also explain why newspapers are running to glorify Lewis, Ajami, Pipes, the highest scholars in the history of humanity! It is really comic that the MEQ experts in manipulations and plagiarism refer to themselves as “serious professional journalists and scholars, who seek the facts and don’t simply twist them to it their political prejudices.”



Editors’ preface: In the aftermath of September 11, the United States government, the media, and the American public were taken aback by Muslim and Arab expressions of support for Osama bin Ladin and by the intensity of antiAmerican incitement in the Middle East and South Asia. “Why do they hate us?” many asked. Perhaps the United States had failed to put its message persuasively before the Muslim world. In U.S. government parlance, the information effort to explain America’s case is culled “public diplomacy.” After September 11, many voices called for a massive augmentation of American “public diplomacy,” which critics argued had been neglected and under-funded. The State Department sought to demonstrate the importance of the issue when it named Charlotte Beers, a renowned advertising executive, as undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs. She was sworn in on October 2. Enter the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York-based clearinghouse for international affairs and U.S. foreign policy and publisher of Foreign Affairs. The Council moved immediately after 9/1l to establish an “Independent Task Force on America’s Response to Terrorism,” which began deliberations on American “public diplomacy.” The task force included what the council described as “a bipartisan group of individuals with experience at the highest levels of national security policy.” On November 6, 2001, the task force issued a report entitled “Improving the U.S. Public Diplomacy Campaign in the War against Terrorism.” Below are excerpts from the task force’s report, followed by comments by several of the Middle East Quarterly’s editors and editorial board members (in italics). As the comments suggest, the issues surrounding “public diplomacy” remain contentious. The “consensus” of the task force represents only one point on the spectrum of informed ideas about how the United States should explain itself and its actions to the world.

What would this send-out be without more on the EU and the Jesuit-trained King Juan Carlos of Spain, the man really pulling the strings in the Middle East?
(http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=17896 6&contrassID=1&subContrassID=0&sbSubContrassID=0)
EU Leaders Call for Early Mideast Peace Conference

Saturday, June 22, 2002 -- European Union leaders, ending a 2-day summit, called Saturday for the early convening of an international peace conference on the Middle East, warning the region had reached a “dramatic turning point.” In a statement issued after a particularly deadly week in Israel and the Palestinian territories, the European leaders declared they stand “ready to contribute fully to peace-building”, and to


the reconstruction of the Palestinian economy. It also said an international peace conference—jointly hosted by the EU, the U.S., the U.N., and Russia—was needed to discuss security, political and economic issues. It must also “re-affirm the parameters of a political solution and establish a realistic and well-defined timescale.” “We need a quick initiative,” Javier Solana, the EU’s foreign and security policy chief told reporters after the summit.

EU, Russia, US, UN....... And the common denominator is......? Putin (Russia) met last September 4 and 5, 2001 privately one day apart with Ariel Sharon and King Juan Carlos of Spain (EU) respectively, as seen from previous Pravda articles. Powell (US) met with King Juan Carlos of Spain (EU) April 10, 2002 Now on May 3, 2002 Annan (UN) and King Juan Carlos (EU).....
(http://www.arabicnews.com/ansub/Daily/Day/020503/2002050303.html) ...one of the options was an invitation by Annan and the Spanish King Juan Carlos of 60 Palestinians, Israeli, Syria and international figures to convene a conference in Spain to be split to five working groups in charge of discussing the files of Jerusalem, the borders, settlements, the security and refugees by the beginning of this month (May) but the Israeli invasion of the Palestinian territories postponed this option.

Emphasis here is on “postponed”! Could we be looking at a call for a restart of the above? REVENGE AGAINST PERES THE REASON FOR THE LAX SHOOTING A long list of violent and powerful people are going after Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. The July 4 shooting at Los Angeles Airport was a failed attempt to exact vengeance by murdering his granddaughter. By bungling the Rabin assassination, Peres has become an easy target for political blackmail in Israel. A longtime agent of the Vatican and EU, Peres has been forced to jump ship and support the CFR/RIIA American/British Middle East agenda. The Europeans are furious at Peres for his perceived treachery and incompetence. The French government demanded that all records of its chicanery with him; like the Rabin assassination, secret diplomacy over the Golan Heights, the murder of Paris 272

ambassador Eliahu Ben Elissar, the covert channels to the PFLP and other terror groups, the untold millions of francs funneled to Peres through Switzerland and the EU, be destroyed. and so an “electrical short” caused a fire to race through the five stories of the Israeli embassy, devouring all written and computer records in its path. But that wasn’t enough. A powerful message was sent to Peres in Los Angeles that he had better get back on board the European ship. The first person to declare the shooting at the El Al counter at Los Angeles International Airport a terror act was Shimon Peres. That Peres immediately “knew” that the shooting was a terror act, though that fact hasn’t been established positively even days after the incident, may be telling. But the first descriptions of the shooter may be even more so. He was not seen as an Arab by witnesses, but as a blonde Caucasian. The dead Egyptian’s father said the same thing to the TV cameras. He asked why witnesses saw a blonde man with a ponytail do the shooting, not his son. Something is rotten in the state of California and there may be clues in the following AP report of the crime:
FBI: Gunman Went to LAX to Kill

Friday July 5, 7:48 PM ET By ANDREW BRIDGES, Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP)—The FBI ( news - web sites) said Friday that the heavily armed Egyptian immigrant who fatally shot two people at the ticket counter of Israel’s national airline had gone to the Los Angeles airport to kill. “Why he did that is what we are still trying to determine,” FBI special agent Richard Garcia said. Hesham Mohamed Hadayet was the fourth person in line at the El Al counter when he opened fire, authorities said. He fired 10 or 11 bullets before he was fatally shot himself by an airline security guard, as hundreds of people dove for cover. Three other people were wounded, including a guard who was stabbed by Hadayet as he fought with the wounded gunman. A fourth bystander suffered heart trouble after the attack. The shooting could have been a random act of violence or a hate crime, Garcia said. He said authorities also had not ruled out a number of potential motives, including terrorism, though Hadayet, 41, was not on any FBI or federal aviation “watch” lists.


Israeli officials said they would consider the attack an act of terror unless it was proven otherwise. A source close to Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said Peres’ granddaughter was in the terminal at the time of the attack. Hadayet was armed with a .45-caliber semiautomatic Glock pistol, a 9 mm handgun and a 6-inch knife, authorities said. The FBI said it wasn’t clear whether he acted alone or why he had drivers’ licenses with two last names — Hadayet and Ali. The California licenses also had two birth dates — July 4, 1961 and April 7, 1961. Authorities believe the discrepancy was caused when he filled out his application and wrote 4-7-61 instead of 7-4-61. Relatives said Hadayet was a Cairo-born accountant who ran a limousine company out of his Irvine apartment. Hassan Mostafa Mahfouz, who is married to Hadayet’s aunt, said Hadayet had studied commerce at Ain Shams University in Cairo, and had worked as an accountant in a bank before he left for the United States in 1992. “He is a very, very tender person and close to his family,” Mahfouz said in Cairo. He confirmed that Thursday was his nephew’s birthday. Hadayet, his wife and two sons, ages 8 and 11, lived in a small apartment building in a middle-class section of Orange County. His family had left for Egypt about a week ago. Neighbors said Hadayet was quiet, but became angry when an upstairs neighbor hung large American and Marine Corps flags from a balcony above his front door after the September 11 attacks. “He complained about it to the apartment manager. He thought it was being thrown in his face,” neighbor Steve Thompson said. There was no record of such a complaint, said Rich Elbaum, a spokesman for The Irvine Co., which owns and manages the complex where Hadayet lived. The flags were there the day of the shooting. A bumper sticker on Hadayet’s front door that read “Read the Koran” was removed by authorities. The FBI searched the apartment Thursday night, impounding a Toyota Camry and carrying away a computer, books, binders and other material. They refused to say what else the search turned up. Hadayet’s state limousine permit, issued in August 1997, was revoked last November when he failed to maintain insurance papers on file with the state, the Public Utilities Commission (news - web sites) said. Irvine Police Lt. Dave Freedland said Hadayet had three contacts with the department since 1996 — all of them “unremarkable.” Kobi Metzler, 44, who lives near Hadayet, said his 16-year-old daughter recently asked Hadayet about using his limo service to go to her prom. “She came home and said ‘Dad, this guy is so cool,’“ Metzler said, adding that Hadayet offered his daughter a low price.


I have been at this same El Al counter at LAX six times in the past two years. I doubt I could have snuck in a butter knife let alone a .45-caliber semiautomatic Glock pistol, a 9 mm handgun and a 6-inch knife, plus lots of ammo. Is it not odd that the shooter did, especially if he looked Egyptian? El Al security personnel are Shabak-trained to kill within two seconds of anyone opening fire. So how did Hadayet get off eleven rounds before being subdued? Having two driver’s licenses with two different birthdates caused by inverting the month and day is understandable. Having two driver’s licenses with two different names is not. And how terribly convenient that his family left America a week before the shooting. Don’t you love the touch with the Marine flag flown above his door and the “Read the Koran” sticker? At last, we have a motive. Except Hadayet did not complain to the apartment manager like the neighbors said. It sure sounds like the unwitting neighbors were set up by rumor. Now here is where things get sticky. First, Hadayet lived in a Jewish neighborhood. Kobi Metzler is an Israeli. Neither he nor his daughter had any compunctions about Hadayet driving the teenager to her prom. Fine, he wasn’t openly a Jew or Israeli hater. But the Metzlers should have had plenty of compunctions if they knew he was driving without a license. The November before, his license was revoked because he didn’t keep up with insurance payments. Now why didn’t he pay his insurance and get the license back? How could he keep offering his limousine services illegally for 8 months without anyone noticing? And we return full circle. If the California Public Utilities Commission took the trouble to investigate his insurance records, why didn’t they ask what he was doing with two driving licenses under two separate names? If he registered his limo under only one of them, what exactly was the other license used for? Why did the witnesses see a blonde man with a pony tail do the shooting? Could Hadayet have replaced the real hit man, whose target was very specific? Unless Dr. David Parkus is more than what is reported, it seems that Hadayet was, in fact, the lone assassin. Consider the following news report:
By David M. Bresnahan July 5, 2002 NewsWithViews.com


LOS ANGELES -- Israel calls the shooting at Los Angeles International Airport a terrorist event but U.S. investigators say they are unsure. Egyptian limousine driver Mohamed Hadayet, 41, began shooting people in front of the El Al airline ticket counter yesterday. A security guard shot and killed Hadayet. A drivers license found by police listed his birthday as July 4, 1961, as well as a second birth date. Los Angeles Police and the F.B.I. are searching for evidence to determine whether the act was terrorist connected, or just an act of violence. Israeli officials say the granddaughter of Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres was in the airport at the time. They believe the gunman was attempting to locate her when he was frustrated by an El Al ticket agent. F.B.I. spokesman Matt McLaughlin told reporters that terrorism is not being ruled out, “but there’s nothing to indicate terrorism at this point.” Hadayet, who had a California gun permit, was carrying a Glock 45caliber semiautomatic handgun along with an unidentified 9 mm handgun, as well as a 6-inch knife. In addition he had extra magazines with more ammunition for both guns -- indicating the attack was thought out and planned in advance. Dr. David Parkus, a trauma surgeon from Texas was nearby when the shooting began, according to an Associated Press report. He said he saw one security guard wrestling with Hadayet, then a second guard shot him. Parkus said one guard had injuries to his head and was cut by a knife on the right arm. The second guard was cut on the lower back and the left thigh, and also had a gunshot wound to the right thigh. Parkus said he held the gunman as he died, then performed CPR on two victims, according to AP.

The motives for the attempted murder of Peres’ granddaughter are numerous, but my first instinct tells me it may have had something to do with Peres’ appointments the same week of Nissim Zvilli as French ambassador and Avi Primor as EU ambassador. I have also been informed that Rabin murder suspect Jean Frydman began a campaign to rule over most French Jewish organizations during the same period. Could it be that Peres was returning to the European fold and ticked off the CFR gang? Can anyone help put the pieces together? DR. PARKUS TALKS, AVISHAI RAVIV DOESN’T, IF ONLY PERES WOULDN’T An essential eye-witness to the July 4 Los Angeles Airport shooting contacted me and we had an eye-opening talk. Dr. David Parkus, the courageous physician who first helped hold down the 276

assumed killer Heshem Hadayet and then tended the wounded and dying, described what he saw at LAX.
DP: I was waiting in the Singapore Air line across from El Al when I heard three or four shots. I turned around and saw a stocky man about eight feet away from the El Al counter shoot at the counter. People hit the floor and he was about the only one standing. A well-built El Al employee rushed the shooter and fought with him over the gun. A couple of seconds later, another El Al security man rushed the shooter and shot him in the flank. He was wrestled to the ground and I ran to the scene and helped hold the shooter to the floor. I saw a knife fall from his body while he was still resisting, then I felt him go limp. BC: Witnesses saw a blonde man with a pony tail shoot as well. The police insisted he was 52 years old. One witness phoned an Israeli radio program minutes after the incident, while another worked at the Mexicana Air counter next to El Al. Did you see him? DP: Not at all. But the first El Al security man had long blonde, wavy hair. He fought for the gun. From the point of view of Mexicana Air and elsewhere it could have looked like he was the shooter. BC: Was he about 52 years old? DP: No, he was in his twenties. BC: Could he have been mistaken for a 52 year old? DP: No, he looked his age. BC: People heard between 12 and 15 shots and were certain, at least some, came from this 52 year old blonde. Others saw a man of this description taken away in a squad car and LAPD initially announced that a suspected accomplice was under arrest. What do you make of this? DP: First of all, people got mixed up. There were no more than eight shots by the shooter and the second El Al security officer who rushed him, combined. One or two of these shots came during the struggle for the gun with the blonde security man. Even the reporters mixed up facts. In most reports they got it right. I saw the shooter wearing a gray sports jacket and pinkish shirt. One reporter had me saying he was wearing a blue blazer or shirt. What I said was the blonde El Al guard who fought the shooter wore a blue shirt. That’s who people must have seen shooting. BC: Can you be certain that there wasn’t an older look-alike who played some sort of role in the incident? DP: No, I only had a limited viewpoint, from the floor of the airport. However, I must admit there were strange things. Where were the LAPD policemen? Why was I holding the shooter without any police help? They didn’t come to the scene. Not only that, when I returned to LAX from my trip, I sat in the bar on the second floor, above the El Al counter. A waitress told me there was always an airport security man stationed there watching over the El Al counter. Where was he that day? And there’s


more; the FBI tried to confiscate the photos my brother took of the shooter. It’s a good thing he handed the film over to the Los Angeles Times or there would be no record of the incident.

***Now that makes no sense. I don’t believe for a second that the airport surveillance cameras didn’t record the whole thing. Why isn’t the film being released?***
BC: I am now ready to accept the likelihood that the blonde El Al security man wearing the blue shirt was the second shooter people mistook for the real shooter. But you saw a man waiting patiently in line and only shooting when he was eight feet from the counter. Does that sound like a terrorist to you? If he had wanted to kill as many people as possible, wouldn’t he have stood parallel to the line and blasted everyone he could? DP: I thought about that. There is a phenomenon in America called, “suicide by cops.” There are people who provoked policemen into killing them. If that isn’t the answer, then it looks more like the shooter was after someone than trying to commit mass murder. But I can’t know the motive, I can only know what I saw.

THE RAVIV TRIAL CIRCUS Attorney Doron Sheftel said it best in Makor Rishon:
The Shabak are saying that Avishai Raviv didn’t tell them about Yigal Amir’s proclamations that Yitzhak Rabin had to die. It is an insult to our intelligence but the judges are going to buy it. Raviv was beyond doubt of any but the blindest of our people, a Shabak provocateur whose role was to incriminate all opposed to the Oslo Accords. And there is no hope of this circus of a trial coming anywhere near to revealing that truth.

How right he is! Two of Raviv’s handlers “Kfir” (Khezi Kalo) and “Adin” (Eli Barak) boldly perjured themselves. Read the following report from the Itim News Agency:
Shin Bet: Raviv Didn’t Realize How Dangerous Yigal Amir Was

By Itim Avishai Raviv’s handler believed that Raviv was unaware of Yigal Amir’s intention to kill former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, according to testimony given Monday by Kfir, Raviv’s handler, at opening of Raviv’s trial Monday. Publication of the handler’s testimony was permitted after portions were censored by the Shin Bet. Also Monday, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court issued a subpoena instructing the Prisons Service to bring Amir’s brother, Hagai, to court Thursday to testify in the case despite his objection.


Raviv’s handler told the court that the Shin Bet had found discrepancies between the information passed on by Raviv regarding Yigal Amir following a meeting the two had in August before the murder, and the information passed on by Raviv just hours after the assassination. The handler said, nevertheless, that based on his acquaintanceship with Raviv, had the latter known of Amir’s intentions, he would have informed the Shin Bet. Raviv began working as a Shin Bet agent in 1987 at the age of 20, and Kfir was his handler from 1992 until after Rabin’s murder. Parallel to his activities for the Shin Bet, Raviv was also active in the Kach movement and headed the Eyal movement; he moved to Kiryat Arba in 1994 and remained in contact with his handlers on a daily basis. In his testimony, Kfir said that Raviv served as an agent against a group with which he identified. Asked how that was possible, Kfir said: “The explanation is that it doesn’t go together. I don’t think that he lived with some sort of internal conflict without the ability to settle it. The lack of a solution allowed him to work along both lines, to be active among the target and to tell us about the activities he sometimes initiated.” Kfir said that Raviv had first mentioned Amir’s name to the Shin Bet in March 1995. From the information he had passed on, Amir had been behind student activities on the Bar-Ilan University campus that were aimed at strengthening the settlement enterprise in the territories on the backdrop of the Oslo process. “Avishai spoke about Yigal’s intentions to organize a group of serious students who were interested in doing things. We didn’t really understand what activities he was talking about, and we didn’t understand who the students were and what ‘serious’ meant...Despite the debriefings, we were unable to get to anything more concrete.” Kfir was summoned to speak to Raviv shortly after the shooting. “One of the first things I did was to call the defendant [Raviv] so that he could be on stand by because it became clear to us pretty quickly that the shooter was Yigal Amir.” But Raviv’s testimony regarding Amir after the murder was unlike his reports that he had submitted a few months earlier. “He described him as an extreme individual of a different degree... He also described how [Amir] had justified the actions of [Baruch] Goldstein.” Following his report, Raviv agreed to be remanded in custody for 48 hours, during which he was placed in a cell, as an undercover Shin Bet agent, with other individuals suspected of involvement in the murder. Kfir told the court that he had never heard Amir speak of murdering the prime minister.

So Kalo and Barak never heard Raviv mention Amir’s intention to murder Rabin??? We previously caught them in their lies but only the newspaper Hatsofe exposed the perjury for what it was. 279

Some time ago, I received a huge stack of once secret documents. Included was Raviv’s testimony to the police on the night of the assassination. He told the police that he had heard Amir declare his intentions to murder Rabin “on numerous occasions”. I gave the testimony to Dr. David Khen who passed it on to Hagai Huberman of Hatsofe. After reporting on Kalo’s baldfaced lying testimony, Raviv’s police interrogation was printed with the rather obvious comment that Kalo had lied to the judges of the current Raviv trial. But will Kalo be charged with perjury? Come on people, this is Israel!! Now, on to the surprise of the trial. Since polls now reveal that more than half of Israelis believe or suspect Yigal Amir did not murder Rabin, that would explain why he was not called as a key witness in this trial. Instead, his brother Hagai was called to the stand. One perceptive reader had high hopes for Hagai, but they were dashed in a most unexpected way.
Tomorrow’s likely to be one of the “circus days” in Avishai Aviv’s trial. Hagai Amir, brother of Yigal Amir, is about to testify in court. The tactical beauty of his summons to court is that it was made by the prosecution. Hence, the content of his testimony is known before Hagai even steps into court. He will testify that Raviv did know about the attempt to murder Rabin before the event. What deal had been cut with Hagai Amir is really unknown, but given that the two Amir brothers (especially Yigal) consistently refused to testify against, or implicate, Raviv in any wrong doings, the latest move is quite a surprise. There are few more judicially convincing moves that are taking the symptom itself and applying it to the ailment and that’s precisely what the prosecution is hoping to do. Eitan Peleg, Raviv’s attorney, already called this move “a deplorable, pitiful decision’ (Ma’ariv 22.7.02). If the older Amir will be in any clear state of mind to answer questions, the opportunity is there for Peleg to probe deeper into the affair and expose the whole sham. Something’s telling me the opportunity will be lost. As is well known, the court has the power to summon anyone to testify in a case like this and the main witness should have been Yigal Amir himself. So far he wasn’t summoned and that tells us what kind of court this is. It’s a Kangaroo court, hence a circus. Expect any of the three judges involved, the presiding Amnon Cohen, flanked by Arie Romanov and Orit Efal-Gabai to hold in “rapid due course” a chair in the High Court. My money is on Cohen...

My correspondent must have been as surprised as everyone when Hagai Amir refused to testify, stating, 280

“I do not want to testify. The fact that they brought me as a witness makes me think they want to conduct a fake trial. They are not calling the right witnesses.”

Three cheers and more for Hagai Amir. He must have been primed to testify the way the state wanted and refused to for the exact right reason: the court is not calling the right witnesses. One minute after Rabin was shot by Yigal Amir’s blank bullets, over forty minutes before the rest of the country knew about Amir through the media, Raviv called 38 reporters via his beeper service with the message, “We missed this time. Next time we’ll kill Rabin.” A minute later Amir Gilat of Ma’ariv called Raviv to ask what he meant and Raviv gave him Yigal Amir’s details—where he lived, studied, served in the army. How did Raviv, 40 minutes before the rest of the country, know Amir shot at Rabin? How did he know Amir missed? He knew because he handed him the gun with blanks. And these witnesses, all reporters, if they had been called to testify at Raviv’s trial, would have indelibly connected the Shabak to the Rabin assassination. But, they weren’t called and the rest is mere fiasco. ALAS, PERES THE TRAITOR About half of Israel know or suspect that Foreign Minister Shimon Peres organized the Rabin assassination with the help of Shabak chief Carmi Gillon. But many won’t believe that he sold Jerusalem to the Vatican. This, I and my partner reported in March 1996 in our newsletter Inside Israel. Well people, now he’s trying in earnest to complete the transaction. Read on:
The Italian Connection

On Friday, June 8, Gorbachev’s agenda took a big step forward with the formal public unveiling of the Charter. The ceremony was held in Urbino, Italy—a town approximately 135 miles north of Rome. This “great international event” was sponsored by Italy’s President, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. The Earth Charter website (www.earthcharter.org) in its pre-event coverage stated:
..... Numerous international and Italian celebrities will be in Urbino for the ceremony; amongst them, Rita Levi-Montalcini winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Honorary President of the Italian Green Cross, Steven Rockefeller of the international foundation of the same name,


Father Massimiliano Mizzi, General administrator of “Dialogo dell’Opera Frati Minori Conventuali” of Assisi, the Metropolitan Pitirim of the Moscow Patriarchate and various members of the advisory committee of Green Cross International amongst whom figure celebrities like Shimon Peres, Evgeni Velikov, Arba Diallo, Thor Heyerdhal, Ted Turner and Robert Redford. Glocal Forum Opens in Rome

As The Guardian reported on May 11,
The September 11 terrorist attacks destroyed any illusion that rich countries can ignore desperation and poverty elsewhere, the World Bank president said Saturday at the opening of a conference on the weaknesses of globalization. The first Glocal Forum, whose participants include Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and mayors and business leaders from around the world, is a response to concerns that globalization isn’t always meeting local..... Secret Talks in Europe?

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, meeting with Danish officials in Copenhagen, was presented with the latest European Middle East peace plan. Denmark now holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, but its plan is very similar to, and not meant to compete with, that which U.S. President George Bush spoke about last month in his public address. Highly-placed security sources have intimated that intensive negotiations are already taking place in Europe. Israel’s General Security Service head Ami Ayalon and others are meeting with leading Arabs from Judea and Samaria, according to the report, and on the agenda are the internationalization of Jerusalem and a return to the 1967 borders. Speaking at the new Chief-of-Staff ceremony, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said, “It is likely that a window of hope has opened, and we have no intention of missing it.” ***
Israel Accepts EU Peace Plan

“I have huge expectations with regards to the Danish European Union presidency and we welcome a larger role for Europe in an effort to reestablish peace,” said Mr. Peres after his meeting with Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller.

*** 282

Barry, I wonder if you ever heard of the “Rome Understanding”. I read about it today for the first time in the Italian press (La Repubblica). You find it (probably today only, so save it) at: (http://www.repubblica.it/online/esteri/terrisei/terrisei/terrisei.html) The news is reported by CNN, but only in its Italian website, at: (http://www.cnnitalia.it/2002/MONDO/mediooriente/07/08/intesa/ index.html) I couldn’t find it anywhere else. I do not know if you read Italian. In few words, it says that Savit and Abu Ala had 4 meetings (1 day the shortest, 4 days the longest) last Autumn in Rome under the facilitating services of Rome’s Mayor who apparently confirmed. Peres joined them for the last meeting. They apparently agreed that the creation of a Palestinian State should come at the beginning of the negotiations and not before. This “Rome Understanding” is similar but not identical to the one leaked half a year ago and considered “irresponsible” by Sharon. CNN quotes La Repubblica saying that the plan includes 3 steps, which are to be performed in 2 years: mutual recognition of the 2 States, 1 year negotiation of pending issues, 1 year execution. But I could find only the first step in La Repubblica...

(http://www.cuttingedge.org/news_updates/newsupdatemain.html) July. 8, 2002
Proposal Seeks to Internationalize Jerusalem’s Old City

Israeli, US, and German delegates spent yesterday fighting a surprise proposal to internationalize Jerusalem’s Old City presented by an Italian politician at the five-day meeting in Berlin of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, composed of parliamentarians from 55 countries. “It came as a surprise to us,” said MK Colette Avital (Labor). “We have been working the whole evening to persuade him to take it back but we haven’t succeeded.” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the US-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, who is also in Berlin, said he fears the initiative will pass when brought before the OSCE for a vote today because it appeared to have a lot of support yesterday. “The head of the Italian delegation told us his main concern is that in the future when there are peace discussions, the Palestinian entity will be given control of the Christian Holy sites. He thinks that is not good enough for Christians,” Cooper said.


He added that the Italian politician preferred for religious reasons to have the Old City internationally administered.

Israeli, US and German delegations at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Berlin have to fight a surprise proposal to internationalize Jerusalem’s Old City by the Italian delegation to the meeting. The head of the Italian delegation told Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the US-based Simon Weisenthal Center, that the main concern of the Italian government was that “in the future when there are peace discussions, the Palestinian entity will be given control of the Christian Holy sites.” Why the secular government of Italy should be worried about this was not explained in the news item. (The Jerusalem Post, July 8, 2002)

*** In 1947, the British were on their way out of India and Israel. They pulled the same stunt on both countries to assure never ending conflict and ensure their perpetual control of their former colonies. Artificial Muslim national entities were created in Kashmir and Judea and Samaria with borders guaranteed to be enflamed forever. And in case there was a danger of peace quieting the regions, they placed their stooges from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission and Bilderberg Group in charge of keeping the war simmering to boiling. Here is a bio of America’s new Ambassador to India, previously an “expert” on the Middle East:
(http://usembassy.state.gov/mumbai/wwwhwill.html) NEW DELHI -- Ambassador Blackwill took up his duties in India on July 27, 2001. The Ambassador was the Belfer Lecturer in International Security at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and taught foreign and defense policy and qualitative public policy analysis. During his 14 years at Harvard, he was Associate Dean of the Kennedy School, faculty chairman of the School’s Executive Program for U.S. and Russian General Officers; of the School’s Chinese Security Studies Program; and of the Kennedy School’s Middle East Initiative. Special Assistant to President George Bush for European and Soviet Affairs in 1989-90, he was awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit by the Federal Republic of Germany for his contribution to German Unification.


He is the author of many books and articles including co-editor of Conventional Arms Control and East-West Security (Duke University Press, 1989), and A Primer for the Nuclear Age (University Press of American, 1990). He also co-edited New Nuclear Nations (Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1993) with Albert Carnesale, Damage Limitation or Crisis? Russia and the Outside World (Brassey’s Inc., 1994) with Sergei Karaganov, and Allies Divided: Transatlantic Policies for the Greater Middle East (MIT Press, 1997) with Michael Sturmer of German’s Research Institute for International Affairs. Other books include Engaging Russia (The Trilateral Commission, 1995) with Rodric Braithwaite and Akihiko Tananka, and Arms Control and the US-Russian Relationship (Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1996). In 1999, the Council on Foreign Relations published his monograph, The Future of Transatlantic Relations. His latest book, America’s Asian Alliances, co-edited with Paul Dibb, was published in July 2000 by MIT Press, July 19,2002.

And lest anyone still doubt that the CFR and their allied “think” tanks are out for Israel’s blood, keep reading:
Ha’aretz July 19,2002
Either Chutzpah or a Joke

By Ze’ev Schiff Israel may not be calling its presence and activities in the territories an occupation, but in reality that’s what it is. Ariel Sharon does not want to get out of the Palestinian cities, while Benjamin Ben-Eliezer is afraid of a renewed wave of terror. Both Sharon and Ben-Eliezer have in effect rejected, each in his own way, President Mubarak’s requests, brought by the head of the Egyptian intelligence services, to withdraw from the Palestinian cities. There is no negotiation taking place between Israel and the Palestinians, but behind the scenes there is some activity in that direction. Yossi Beilin, in cooperation with the Palestinians, is back to dealing with the refugee issue. The State Department is financing a study on the conditions for establishing a Palestinian state based on the outline presented by President Bush. An odd situation has arisen, because the study has ended up in the hands of a pro-Palestinian group at the Council for Foreign Policy in New York.

I have been lecturing throughout Israel this summer, every day, sometimes twice a day. The crowds from the Dead Sea, to the Negev, to the shores of the Kinneret average about 150 and for that I can thank, in no small part, Rabbi Eliahu Shapira. He was one of the first rabbis to invite me to speak at his Yeshiva in Peduel, and he re-invited me four months ago. He was a brave truth seeker. 285

This week he was murdered by terrorists on the way to his school. When the IDF identify his murderers, a one ton bomb from an F-16 will be far too small to eliminate them. But identifying them will be tricky. Lately, the victims of terror in Emmanuel, a border post near Efrat and Adora saw light complexioned “Europeans” in IDF uniforms doing the deed. It seems, Israel has a foreign hit squad in its midst. BRITISH FREEMASONRY COVETS ISRAEL Without British Freemasonry there would be no modern state of Israel. In the 1860s, the British-Israelite movement was initiated from within Freemasonry. Its goal was to establish a JewishMasonic state in the Turkish province of Palestine. Of course, that would mean dealing with the Turks at some point down the line, but first the country would have to be repopulated with Jews. And the idea wasn’t to bring in more of the same religious Jews who already were the majority in Jerusalem and elsewhere, but the kind of Jews who would eventually accept the Masonic view of history. Initially, British Jewish Masonic families like the Rothschilds and Montefiores provided the capital to build the infrastructure for the anticipated wave of immigration. However, luring the Jews to Israel was proving difficult. They, simply, liked European life too much to abandon it. So Europe was to be turned into a nightmare for the Jews. This led to the rise of pogroms and Zionism. The leader of Zionism, Theodore Herzl certainly had some British support but he apparently was not thinking in terms of a Masonic state. He died mysteriously in 1905 at the tender age of 43, and the movement fell into British hands under the immoral leadership of one Chaim Weizmann. Then things began moving quickly. British Masons like Arthur Balfour and Herbert Samuel led the campaign for official British recognition of a Jewish homeland during World War One. At the same time, a million British troops, badly needed in the trenches of Europe, were sent marching to Palestine to oust the Ottomans. When the war ended, the campaign for a Jewish state went into full speed at Versailles. In 1919, the Royal Institute of International 286

Affairs was founded in London and two years later, the Council on Foreign Relations began its nefarious activities in New York. Their agendas called for a world governmental takeover and a global religion based in Jerusalem. So far, so good for the Jews one might think. In fact, the British finagling led straight to the Holocaust, which Mason Winston Churchill refused to prevent or disrupt, right to the next attempt at a Holocaust called the Oslo Peace Accords, which began with a meeting in London in November 1992 between arch-criminals Beilin, Hirshfeld and Pundak and members of the outlawed PLO. Since then, secret meeting after secret meeting have taken place between Israel’s “peacemakers” and British Freemasons. The results are there for everyone to see. The British have turned on Israel, but for reasons very few could even contemplate considering seriously. However, the reasons are deadly serious. What follows is information privy to only the very highest degrees of British Freemasonry and British Royalty. Upon threat of agonizing death, these secrets are to be withheld from the meaningless masses of humanity. Much of the material comes from Tony Bushby’s The Bible Fraud, which breaks the cryptic messages of British Freemasonry. Perhaps only several thousand people in all Britain and Israel are aware that British Freemasonry and Royalty are totally convinced that Jesus was King of Britain and was stoned to death in London, at Ludgate, the location of St. Paul’s Cathedral. This conviction is based on a history many are going to find insulting. Nonetheless, it is vital to understand the thinking that has led to the 20th century slaughter of the Jews and the current attempt to annihilate Israel. Initiates into the deepest secrets of British Freemasonry are taught that Jesus was born with an identical twin, Judas Thomas. Their mother Mariamne was the granddaughter of King Herod. She was raped by a Roman soldier named Tiberius Julias Abdes Panthera. In his time, Jesus was known as Yeshua Ben Panthera. The twins had very different personalities. Judas Thomas was violent and irresponsible. He led a revolt of Galileans against the Romans. The Galileans were, in fact, from Gaul, a captured Celtic Roman province with a highly hostile population. Judas Thomas took his revolt to Rome and in his 33rd year was ordered crucified 287

by Pontius Pilate. However, invoking royal Herodian privileges and a large bribe, his uncle Joseph of Arimathea persuaded Pontius to replace Judas Thomas on the cross with another victim. Judas Thomas was sold into slavery and died much later in India. Jesus, meanwhile took his priestly vows seriously. He was cousin to John the Baptist, the chief Rabbi of the Essenes and second in line to take over the position. With the executions of John and Judas Thomas, Jesus became the chief rabbi of the Essenes. During much of his youth, Jesus lived in Britain with his uncle Joseph of Armithea, who ran a lucrative tin trading business between Cornwall and Phoenicia. While in Cornwall, Jesus learned the secrets of the Druids, a Celtic religion which was closely allied with the Essenes. Both shared a belief in fraternal love and a strict set of fatal punishments for those who betrayed the mysteries of their faiths. And both demanded a rigorous three stage initiation process for those wishing to be privy to those mysteries. Jesus was in Rome at the time of his brother’s crucifixion. He and his family and followers escaped the city in the wake of the crackdown on Zealots following Judas Thomas’s revolt. Most went to Marseilles and from there spread throughout Gaul and Britain. Jesus and his wife fled to Britain. Yes, wife. According to British Freemasonry, he had four of them. His first, a Nabatean named Cypros produced five children, the most famous being Caradoc, a future king who would fight Rome with savage success. But it was the second, Mary Magdelene who was even more significant. Her father was an early British Celtic king and she a Celtic princess. Their children and all their descendants produced the British royal lineage. With this marriage, Jesus became a Celtic royal and he was given a suitable new royal name, Jesus Cunobeline. Shortly after his arrival in Britain, Jesus Cunobeline and his family were given royal jurisdiction over a huge tract of land in southern Wales. It is for this reason that the Prince of Wales is considered a direct ancestor of the first king of modern Wales, Jesus Cunobeline, with privileges that extend to all of Judaism and Israel. 288

Just before Emperor Claudius attacked Britain, Jesus abdicated his crown to his son Caradoc, who defeated the Romans at every turn. But through trickery, he and his father, Jesus Cunobeline were captured and shipped in shackles to Rome. Caradoc appealed to the Roman Senate for clemency, and was granted it on condition that Britain never fought Rome on its soil again. He accepted the proviso, and he and his entourage were given a palace of their own. Jesus lived there for seven years. Then he sailed to Egypt to learn the secrets of the Egyptian mystery schools. He was an honored student and soaked in the secret handshakes, cryptic messages and graduated revelations. The Christianity of Jesus became Freemasonry. Jesus wanted to share his new complete Essene/Druidic/ Egyptian religion, and that proved his undoing. He was stoned to death in London, aged 63, for betraying his vows and revealing the secrets of the mystery schools. However, back in Rome, presbyters had combined the lives of Jesus and Judas Thomas to create a rapidly growing religion. The British-born Roman emperor Constantine of York, a direct descendant of Jesus, and his mother Helena saw a great advantage in spreading a publicly accepted story of Jesus to create unity in the empire, while keeping the true story alive amongst the most trusted of British royalty and their closest allies. Constantine gathered a British army and smashed his way to Rome. Shortly after, in 330, he convened a conference of presbyters in Nicaea to unify Christianity. Final gospels were voted on and a New Testament created. But to assure that his empire’s newly official religion never forgot the Israelite roots of Jesus and the British royal line, Constantine tacked the Jewish scriptures onto the New Testament. As far as British Freemasonry is concerned, they are both the true Jews and true Christians. This, they reason, is the right that comes with knowing the secret truth of Jesus. And when they re-created Israel in their distorted image, the Freemasons had no room in the country for those Jews they considered deluded. Through Chaim Weizmann, they eliminated religious Jews and patriotic Jews from the Zionist movement. They were condemned to die in Europe. 289

Those who did arrive in Israel were thoroughly inculcated in socialist, secular, occult values. Israel was to be transformed into a Masonic Jewish state ruled by their rightful leaders, the Freemasons of Britain. But something unexpected happened during the 1930s. The religious Jews, both of Israel and Eastern Europe, rejected this peculiar Zionism as a foreign growth on G-d’s intended Judaism. And non-religious, but patriotic Jews led by the likes of Jabotinsky, Begin and Shamir fought to expel the British from their land. And they fought so well that the British ordered their Jewish Masons like Teddy Kollek (33rd degree) and Yitzhak Rabin (32nd degree) to betray their fellow Jews and turn them over to the British or to murder them outright. The British Freemasons and their Jewish quislings managed to do the bidding of the British, to the point of joining them in an attack of Egypt in 1956. There was still hope that a British Freemasonic Israel could yet be created by the Ben Gurions, Weizmanns and Dayans they had placed in power. But in 1977, all illusions were smashed by the election of Menachem Begin as prime minister. Since then, Britain has declared a covert war against an Israel that turned to G-d and Jewish patriotism instead of rule by Masonry. The Oslo process begun in London in November 1992, was their ultimate revenge.
Beware Mitzna

The Council on Foreign Relations assigned their member, Dan Kurtzer, the US Ambassador to Israel, to identify the best Labor candidate to thoroughly control and get Israel back on the Oslo track. The winner is Haifa mayor Amram Mitzna. Watch his upcoming meteoric rise, backed by CFR dollars.



Start of a typical week. Shakhaf Pilovitch phones me. He is a broadcaster on the Voice of the Red Sea radio station. A month ago he came over to my place and photocopied hundreds of pages of Rabin murder documentation. One by one, he released the most damning documents over the Israeli internet. Lately, the popular platform Rotter featured his discoveries on their forums and they were getting between 8,000 and 18,000 hits a day. During the past week, there was a surge of slanderous letters against him on the forums. Last Friday, Yaacov Verker, chairman of the Committee to Reinvestigate the Rabin Assassination, published a powerful article in Makor Rishon. Within a day of publication, he was being slandered on the Rotter forums. On Monday evening, Shakhaf called.
“I was looking through the police records and found a huge lie. One policeman reports that he found Yigal Amir’s gun license in his wallet immediately after the shooting. Then, two hours later, another cop found the gun license on the sidewalk. Somebody has to be lying.” “No,” I replied. “The police were honest about the Rabin murder. They didn’t lie. There really were two licenses. And this would explain a major mystery. The police ballistics lab chief, Bernard Shechter was given two guns to examine that night and no one knew why. If Amir had licenses for two guns, it would explain a lot.”

Shakhaf published the documents on Rotter with my explanation. He phoned me the next morning.
“You won’t believe what happened! I put the police records on Rotter and they disappeared within ten minutes. And that’s not all, another story disappeared almost as quickly on the Hatsofe site.”

The story that disappeared concerned the PLO’s chief financier and paymaster who escaped the region for the safety of London. The story was front page news for one day, even in the Jerusalem Post. The Hatsofe article reported that he was smuggled out of the country by Deputy Foreign Minister, “Rabbi” Michael Melchior. 291

Someone removed that story from Hatsofe’s site. Of Melchior, let the following report explain where Peres’ “rabbi” is coming from: David Bedein, of Israel Resource News Agency, reported yesterday, on Arutz-7’s RUTH MATAR English-language show, that Michael Melchior’s father and Ron Pundak’s father are both trying to raise money for the Israeli COMMUNIST Party affiliate group called Tayush! Their contact in Israel: Peres Center for Peace. Ruth and he both reported that Michael Melchior’s comments in the US are being investigated by news agencies. (Possible referral to the Israeli Attorney-General for SEDITION??) Michael Melchior’s father Bent is the former chief rabbi of Denmark. Ron Pundak was one of the two original Israeli negotiators of the Oslo Accord. The senior Melchior and Pundak are communists who raise more money for “Palestinian” causes than any other Jews in northern Europe. Now why would Shimon Peres’ deputy Foreign Minister smuggle a crooked PLO financier to England or better put, what did he get out of it? The morning is not over. An e-mail arrives:
http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=19816 7&contrassID=2&subContrassID=4&sbSubContrassID=0&listSrc=Y Dear Barry, There are a lot of questions here. 1. Why was she killed if all the Arabs knew her? 2. Did she know something to make them want to eliminate her? 3. The terrorist has 20 minutes to do a lot of killing, yet he only attacked this family, why? I’m sure there are more questions.

I checked the page and it was white. The article had disappeared. My informant wrote back asking why the page was erased. Within two hours he wrote: “It’s dangerous to write you. Out of nowhere my e-mails are being held back and sent in bunches.” I replied, “No, it was dangerous for you to have entered the Ha’aretz page. What was on it?” Because of Meir’s gallant publication of the Rabin evidence over the Hebrew internet, the Israeli security police initiated a new 292

department whose duty is to erase Hebrew language reports which endanger the ruling cabal of criminals. But that’s not all they do. Wednesday morning 2:30 AM. Shakhaf called.
“Meir,” I said, “This is way too late for chit chat.” “You won’t believe what happened,” he answered. “They slashed all four tires on my car and smashed the windshields. Inside was a dead black cat with a note around its neck warning me that if I keep it up, I’m next.”

That’s what you get if you expose the Rabin murder: satanism. The day before, I received a phone call from Yisrael Cohen of Tel Aviv.
“You don’t know me,” he began. “But I read your book The Last Days of Israel and I’ve got a few things I have to get off my chest. I worked in the Hadassah Hospital lab for years and I witnessed crimes.”

I met Yisrael at his Tel Aviv flat. Yaacov Verker joined me. There were two topics on the menu. The first was Rudolph Kastner. Those who have read Perfidy by Ben Hecht know that Kastner was the Jewish Agency employee sent to Hungary to “save” Jews. Working hand in hand with Adolph Eichmann, Kastner saved 3,000 friends and family and aided the Nazis in the extermination of the other 400,000. By 1953, the scandal was out and Prime Minister Ben Gurion gave the order to rub Kastner out. The Shabak urged a group of nationalists called Sulam to do the deed. Those familiar with the Rabin murder will recognize Sulam as the Eyal of their time. And just like the Rabin murder, the Kastner hit was botched and he was taken to Hadassah Hospital in Tel Aviv, now known as Ichilov Hospital, the same place Rabin was finished off. Yisrael Cohen recalls:
“My lab was on the same floor as Kastner’s room. He was given a private room and the government arranged for a guard outside the door 24 hours a day. Except he didn’t last that long. He was shot in the abdomen and Professor Marcus successfully operated on the wound. Kastner was going to make a full recovery. “You should have seen the joy by the government. They were going to name streets after this ‘hero.’ They didn’t stop sending flowers. Golda Meir sent the biggest bouquet of all. It was a waste of money. He died in the middle of the night of a perforated stomach. The government accused Professor Marcus of botching the operation and he ended up the scapegoat.


“I talked with Professor Marcus’ operating team, even Kastner’s personal nurse. Here’s what happened. Someone applied strong pressure on Kastner’s abdomen and tore open the stitches from his operation. No one came into the floor that night and Kastner didn’t cry out. The only possible explanation was the guard put a pillow over Kastner’s mouth to shut him up and ripped the stitches with his knee. The guard was never heard of again.”

Shades of Yoram Rubin and Yitzhak Rabin. Then Yisrael Cohen told the story of how he was almost corrupted. The mayor of Tel Aviv during the 1970s was Mordechai Namir. His wife Ora Namir was later a Minister in Peres’ government and then sent to China as Israel’s ambassador. One night Mayor Namir caught his wife in the sack with Moshe Dayan. He reacted by swallowing a bottle of barbiturates in front of both of them. An ambulance was called and Namir’s stomach pumped at Ichilov. Yisrael Cohen examined the contents of the stomach and wrote a lab report.
“I was squeezed to falsify the report. First the hospital director cornered me, then someone I didn’t know. I was literally ordered to change the name of the attempted suicide. They didn’t want another Labor Party scandal or Ora Namir’s promiscuity to get out. They didn’t want to lose control of Tel Aviv city hall. I resisted all the pressure and the truth did get out. Mayor Namir’s career was over.”

Ora Namir, Ron Pundak, Michael Melchior, all Peres’ protégés. All “peacemakers.” All filthy to the core. And the filth will continue with the Labor Party’s upcoming new leader. The very first story published in my defunct newsletter Inside Israel in November 1993 was the ugly truth about two Poles named Andre Genshyurovski and Bogslev Bagshik. In one of the biggest robberies in history, these crooks stole $600 million from the Polish banking system. They arrived in Israel on visas arranged by the Prime Minister’s Liaison Office, known as Nativ, and were given shelter. Between 1992-1995, Shimon Peres and then-Energy Minister and later Police Minister Moshe Shachal were smuggling major crooks and their stolen money into Israel on Nativ visas, including the former president of the Ukraine and Yugoslavia’s leading banker. In the months before his murder, Rabin tried earnestly to shut down Nativ and initially I considered this the prime motive for his murder. Yigal Amir was sent to Riga, Latvia as an employee of Nativ in the spring and summer of 1992. 294

The Poles, both gentiles, became Jews when then-Interior Minister Arye Deri granted them citizenship based on the Law of Return. Now a way had to be found to launder all the money. Shachal had a plan. He’d sell them Israel’s largest petrochemical concern, Paz Oil, whose majority shares were owned by his Energy Ministry. Seven years earlier, minority shares were purchased by a contractor named Gad Zeevi. He proved more than willing to sell these shares to the Polish megacrooks. Today, Shachal is still in the oil business. Just last year, an Argentinean company he chaired wooed the Taliban to allow them to build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan. Another company vying for the pipeline was Unocol, with tentacles all through the Bush Administration. The Taliban turned both down, then came September 11 and we know the rest. A few months ago, the Jerusalem Post Tel Aviv magazine City Lights published a strange report. It seems that Daniel Kurtzer, Israel’s Council on Foreign Relations executive American ambassador had recommended Haifa mayor Amram Mitzna as the new Labor Party leader. It was reported that arch-traitor Yossi Beilin would support his candidacy. I knew then that he was in and I was aghast. You see, in June 1982, my army unit entered Lebanon on the first day of the invasion. My superior officers included Dan Shomron, Ehud Barak and Amram Mitzna. I fought in the central axis, the only front of three which failed to meet its battle plan on time. Our goal was to split the Beirut-Damascus highway and trap the Syrian Army behind our lines. We didn’t reach this goal until two months later, when this trio of buffoons was replaced. Worse, we suffered horrendous losses for no apparent reason. The biggest fiasco of the whole war occurred when Colonel Ehud Barak ordered a religious armored division into a Syrian ambush in a valley called Sultan Yakub. Twenty three soldiers were killed in the ambush and another five captured and later murdered. Barak’s leading role in the fiasco was covered up until this day and the five captured soldiers were deliberately neglected as part of this coverup. And while my axis was being slaughtered, Col. Amram Mitzna informed Defense Minister Ariel Sharon that he refused to lead his 295

troops into battle. Faced with an immediate threat of being fired, he reneged on his declaration. But the central axis continued to miss its assigned targets for the rest of his tenure. Five years later, the intifada broke out and who did Defense Minister Rabin assign to squelch it but the worst officers of the Lebanon War? Ehud Barak, Dan Shomron and Amram Mitzna! They not only failed to put it down, it seemed they were deliberately fanning it. Recently journalist Uri Dan wrote a piece exposing Mitzna’s role in the Lebanon War and he made a frightening implication: perhaps Mitzna was also involved in the Sultan Yakub slaughter and just maybe, the Israeli religious troops were sent to their slaughter deliberately to wreck Sharon’s, so far, successful war aims. And who would have ordered them to give such a treasonous command? Frightened by the success of the Begin/Sharon Lebanese policy, terrified by the likelihood that it would lead to a peace treaty with a stable Christian government, Shimon Peres and Yossi Sarid began an expensive anti-war campaign in the US, working hand in hand with the CFR’s Sandy Berger. They turned American opinion against Begin and Sharon, destroyed Christian Lebanon, strengthened the Syrian enemy and assured the death of 500 more Israeli soldiers in Lebanon. It took the CFR another decade before they financed the bumbling Barak into the Prime Minister’s Office but it was worth the trouble. Practically his first act in power was to unilaterally pull out of Southern Lebanon, leaving Israel’s Christian allies to run for their lives or face torture. Barak’s withdrawal left Haifa exposed to missile and artillery attacks. But Mayor Mitzna didn’t care. He was having much too much fun taking payoffs from Gad Zeevi in return for handing the contractor the finest pieces of city-owned real estate to build malls and luxury apartment blocks. Yes, Zeevi, who sold his Paz Oil shares to the crooked Poles was now living it up on the generosity of Amram Mitzna. And Mitzna did not forget his old battle comrade Ehud Barak. Barak’s campaign team is now under police investigation for financing their campaign with donations from bunko charities. Jews in Israel and all over the world contributed to charitable funds to 296

boost employment in slums and the like, but in fact, the money went straight to Barak’s election team. Mitzna sponsored a phony Haifa charitable fund to pay off his old pal and the State Comptroller is sitting on his unclosed file. There is more. I have received reports about Mitzna’s personal behavior which I will not repeat. Let someone else expose it. Those Labor/left leaders who brought us peace are totally without morals or scruples. But their followers are nothing like them. I grew up in a Shomer Hatzair socialist home. My parents were unceasingly honest and ethical. I’d like to think I inherited lots of decent morality from them. But they either turned a blind eye to the kind of sewerage leading the socialist Zionists or just didn’t know. The Leftists are mostly good people. Their leaders are monsters.



JUST AS SCARED, JUST AS DOOMED Last November, I was invited by Atara Beck to speak at Israel’s the Judaica Centre in Toronto. After she organized a most successful lecture, she gave me a book written by her father M.J. Nurenberger. This wasn’t the first time I was given a book to read and rarely is the task rewarding. After dawdling two months, I finally set about to give the late Mr. Nurenberger a chance. I hope he forgives me for ever doubting him. M. J. Nurenberger was a wartime columnist for Jewish newspapers worldwide. He later founded the Canadian Jewish News, the country’s most influential Jewish media source. The book I read by him, The Scared and the Doomed—The Jewish Establishment vs. The Six Million, is one of the most important works about modern Jewish history and for me, completes the trilogy of truth about the Jewish leaders’ role in the Holocaust, which includes Perfidy by Ben Hecht and The Transfer Agreement by Edward Black. I have previously reviewed Perfidy and The Transfer Agreement and found both contained nearly divine lessons about Israel’s situation today. The Scared and the Doomed confirms the demoralizing truths found in those books because Nurenberger was an eye-witness to the events the other authors covered. But his book adds so many details. The following is a long critique. Mr. Nurenberger’s quotes will speak for themselves but I’ll add commentary. I won’t dwell on events covered by Hecht and Black but will recommend that all three books be read one after another. The effect is a horrid indictment of world, especially, Jewish leaders, but none more so than the founding fathers of Labor Zionism. Once the rotten stench of the truth wears off, readers will have learned the lessons needed to save Israel and the Jewish nation from still, another slaughter. 299

While There Was Time

Before the war broke out, a group of Zionists led by Vladimir Jabotinsky foresaw the upcoming Holocaust of the Jews. His followers were known as the Revisionists and later founded the Irgun. They proposed practical solutions to fight Hitler but one stands out: a Jewish army on the European continent trained by what would be known as the Allies. Jabotinsky could have recruited over a hundred thousand men and had he done so, the Jews could have protected themselves. But the Jewish establishment would not allow him to save Europe’s Jews.
“The war against Jabotinsky, followed by wars against the Irgun, made a united Jewish resistance impossible and indirectly prepared the ground for the great tragedy of World War II. The mentality of relying upon professional organizations and an elite leadership still threatens the entire Jewish way of life and, indeed, our very survival.” pp 23 “During the last few months of Jabotinsky’s life, he was under constant attack by the Jewish establishment as an ‘irresponsible’ leader and a pessimist. The campaign against him in New York was truly miserable. The entire Jewish press, in the service of the establishment, did not let up in its ridicule.” pp 37 “The project (a Jewish army) frightened the American Zionist establishment which wanted no part of the flamboyant Jabotinsky. A few days before a well-publicized Zionist rally, four Zionist leaders—Louis Lipsky, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Eliezer Kaplan (then treasurer of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem), and Solomon Goldman—called on Lord Lothian in Washington and announced that, ‘responsible Zionist quarters disassociated themselves from Jabotinsky’s adventurous scheme.’” pp 48 “This episode certainly is relevant to what happened later and is an illustration of how the Jewish establishment fought any serious effort to organize world Jewry against Hitler. Their actions were dictated by the fear that Jabotinsky would become a real challenge to Chaim Weizmann and go on to become leader of the Jewish people. This has remained the preoccupation of the establishment.” pp 50 “Thus the Labor Zionists who had forged an alliance with the timid, frightened pro-British wing of the General Zionists, gained final control of the entire World Zionist Movement and its fundraising apparatus. There was no opposition except from breakaway factions, a situation that prevails to this day in the Jewish state.” pp 52

Nurenberger confirms that there were two strands of Zionism, the moral or Revisionist brand and the utterly demonic Labor Zionism. To stress the obvious, very few Labor Zionist advocates were in on the secret machinations of their leaders. Most were good 300

people, deeply manipulated by their leaders. Keep reading to see just how foul these machinations were. Still we must ask, why couldn’t the followers of Jewish socialism of the 1930s and 40s see through their leaders, any more than the well-meaning followers of the Israeli far left can see through theirs today.
The Slovakian Saints

Nurenberger proves, beyond doubt, that the Nazis viewed Jews as a commodity to be sold to any bidder. Both Black and Hecht made the same discovery. The criminals committing mass murder desisted when paid off to do so. The Scared and the Doomed provides several examples of bribes saving lives but none so heartbreaking and frustrating as that of two Jews from Slovakia, Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl and his assistant Gizi Fleishmann. They first sent cables to an associate, Isaac Sternbuch, the Swiss representative of the Vaad Hatzalah (Salvation Committee), who passed them on to American Jewish leaders. By this route, the leaders had the earliest proof that the Holocaust was under way. A route had been blazed between Slovakia and Switzerland to save the nation’s Jews and all that was needed was enough money to bribe one or two German officers.
“Cable from Sternbuch to Jacob Rosenheim: ‘According to the last authentic and repeated information, the German authorities recently evacuated completely the population of the Warsaw ghetto. One hundred thousand Jews were murdered in the most bestial manner. The mass murders still continue. From the corpses, Germans make soap and fertilizer.’ ...The matter was not given publicity because Rosenheim promised to keep it strictly secret in exchange for the assurance that the United States government would take some action immediately.” pp 62-63 “There was no use talking to any of those Jews abroad because they were criminals: they refused to save people from killers. Instead of secretly negotiating for the release of hostages, they made public statements and sought publicity as ‘leaders of their people.’...After the war, when Weissmandl’s memoirs of that period appeared, he understood that most of the Orthodox rabbis in America and the Irgun delegation there were not only foiled in their efforts to arouse the Americans to ‘buy Jews’— this was Ben Hecht’s overt slogan—but were maligned by those in the Jewish establishment who feared ‘competition’ in the field of fundraising within the Jewish community.” pp 65 “By 1943 many Nazis had already realized that they would have to save their skins, so Dieter von Wissliczeny, Eichmann’s second-in-command, suggested several deals to the secret committee in Bratislava of which


Weissmandl was a member. In fact, negotiations had started as early as 1941, when the Eichmann organization still believed that Jews overseas and Allied governments were interested in ‘buying’ Jewish lives...Weissmandl established contact with the representatives of the American Joint Distribution Committee in Switzerland...Weissmandl was not taken seriously. In one of his acrimonious letters to American Jewish leaders, he wrote; ‘You are dealing with Nazis. You are afraid to risk money to save lives. You are insane.’” pp 66-67 “The rabbi described in detail the types of officials with whom he was dealing. When Wissliczeny, the German bureaucrat in charge of exterminating the Jews, received his first payment, he kept his word and stopped the deportations. Weissmandl informed his friends abroad that there was no danger that any funds would land in the German war treasury. Those who were bribed put their money into their own pockets; they were saving up for defeat.” pp 69 “The map that Weissmandl sent abroad by special courier, a detailed map of Auschwitz with a request that the crematoria be put out of order, wound up in the wastebasket of some bureaucrat in a New York Jewish office.” pp 68 “Gizi Fleischmann had always been a dedicated Zionist...and remained in constant touch with the headquarters of the World Zionist Movement in Jerusalem. Gizi informed her superiors that the deportations could be stopped quickly if certain conditions were met...These Nazis declared that they would find ways to relieve the situation of the Jews of Poland through an agency they would set up in Berlin...They pledged themselves to completely halt the second deportation.” pp 70 “Gizi Fleischmann was an idealist who could not understand why all her appeals to Jerusalem were ignored. During 1943, the time of greatest opportunity for rescue, the establishment leaders in America were busy fighting every move by the Emergency Committee. It was the leaders of the establishment there who decided what they would or would not do about the ransom money and about saving Jews from Nazis. It was they who believed themselves to be the divinely appointed representatives of all Jews, including those in Hitler’s camps.” pp 70 “The New York Vaad Hatzalah decided to pay the ransom on time, no matter how difficult it might be to raise the funds, because such an appeal could not be made public. They wired their committee in Switzerland that Weissmandl should go ahead, that the money would be deposited. The cable never reached Switzerland; it was stopped by a censor. The censor was Moe Levitt, executive director of the American Joint Distribution Committee. The American government had appointed the JDC as the clearing house for all such messages...Is it possible to deny that by this action, the Joint contributed to the liquidation of innumerable thousands of hostages?” pp 72


“Those in control of the funds of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem and the JDC in New York would not ‘gamble’ ransom money. They gambled with the lives of fellow Jews...Gizi went to incredible lengths to impress upon the leaders of the Jewish Agency that they must take seriously the possibility of rescue, but to no avail. Documents prove that these leaders tried to withhold information concerning the extermination from the Jewish community in Palestine and from the press.” pp 73-74 “It is evident that had the Nazis known the Jews of Europe were a commodity, worth something to the Allies, that many would have had second thoughts when it came to collaborating fully in the so-called Final Solution. But how could the Nazis have known this, when the European Jews were seemingly worthless to their overseas brethren?” pp.171

Gizi Fleischmann was later cremated alive at Auschwitz while Weissmandl saved himself by jumping off the train to the same death camp.
The American Jewish Leaders

When reading the following quotes, ask yourself how the current crop of American Jewish leaders would react to the Holocaust. We know the answer by their reaction in 1993 to the Israeli government’s sellout to the world’s leading terrorist, Yasser Arafat. Though most Israelis opposed the agreement with all their hearts, rightly fearing that Israel would turn into Beirut of the ‘80s, the American Jewish leadership rallied around the flag of suicide. All except the Likud-appointed AIPAC whose leadership was ousted through a salacious campaign of innuendo without any cries of objection from their fellow “Jewish leaders.”
“Were they stupid? Were some of them, in a sense, war criminals? Should there be a Jewish War Crimes Tribunal, and should the survivors of these organizations be asked to appear before such a court? What kind of people run what we call in the community, ‘Jewish life?’” pp 107 “The Jews of Europe had one hope: that the United States and her allies would proclaim that the Jews locked within Hitler’s fortress were prisoners of war, that the Red Cross had a duty to report to the Allied governments on their fate and that the extermination camps would be bombarded. Each time such demands were stated, the Jewish establishment not only refused to support them, but denounced the Irgun delegation as irresponsible adventurers. It became very easy for Roosevelt not to consider the Irgun demands, for he could always dispense with them by stating that they came from unauthorized Jewish sources. Thus, the Jews of Europe lost their war for survival because those who claimed to speak for them did not even mention their plight.” pp 166-167


“Dr. Wise became so angry on account of these advertisements, on account of all this ‘irresponsibility’ on the part of the so-called unauthorized Jewish groups, that he attacked the Emergency Committee. Of course, each attack by Wise strengthened the position of Secretary Hull and Breckenridge Long, who could well afford to continue being tolerant towards Germany’s war of extermination against the Jews. It took two years and three to four million corpses before an American agency to rescue Jews became operational, all because of sabotage by the Jewish establishment, which feared competition and was intent on maintaining its position no matter what the cost...One of the stalling maneuvers was the House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing organized by Congressman Bloom with a design to diminish the impression made by the Emergency Committee. The hearings effectively postponed action for another year ..The Emergency Committee warned American Jews against these tactics but was relatively helpless as the Zionist organizations had at their disposal tremendous subsidies from the United Jewish Appeal.” pp 170, 172 “The activities of Agudat Israel led to open conflict with the World Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Congress who picketed the offices of Agudat Israel because they ‘helped the Nazis by sending food to the Jews in Poland.’” pp 174 “In a cold and frightful voice, Dr. Nahum Goldmann of the World Jewish Congress said, ‘I think we have to take into consideration the extermination of the majority of European Jews, except those who are in the USSR or Britain.’ Nahun Goldmann admitted, years after the war, that he ‘made a mistake’ during World War II—just a tiny error.” pp 177 “As more and more declassified documents continue to indicate, the Irgun delegates were accused of misappropriating funds, and were troubled by the attentions of the Internal Revenue Service.” pp 179 “During 1943 the Zionist organization and the American Jewish Congress continually undermined the position of the Irgun representatives. For example, every time a prominent American lent his name to the Committee, he would receive a letter from Stephen Wise urging him to resign. Dr. Wise, in a memorandum to Harold Ickes, Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Interior, had this to say: ‘I do not like to speak ill to you concerning a group of Jews, but I am under the inexorable necessity of saying to you that the time will come, and come soon, when you will find it necessary to withdraw from this irresponsible group.’ These legislators were bombarded with letters from Jewish organizations to the effect that they were being used for fundraising and personal enrichment. Some were practically forced to make statements from the Senate floor in order to defend themselves against influential Jews.” pp 180 “The Zionist statement ‘informed’ Americans that this group, in Palestine, opposed ‘the official Zionist policy of disciplined restraint’ against Arab rioters...Thousands of copies of this statement were distributed to people throughout the United States to warn them against


the Emergency Committee, instead of supporting its effort to establish a powerful agency to save the Jews of Europe.” pp 182 “One should remember that ever since late summer in 1942, all American Jewish leaders, as well as the leaders of the Jewish community in Palestine, had known the terrible truth about the Nazi extermination program. They knew that every day, while they were debating Zionism and non-Zionism, thousands and tens of thousands of Jews were being condemned to the furnaces of Auschwitz and Maidenek. Yet Zionist business, Jewish community dinners and testimonials for important philanthropists continued as usual. No neurosis engulfed the Jewish community. All Jewish offices continued to function as in yesteryear. But in Europe the German machine functioned with unabated efficiency.” pp 189 “It is not an accident of history that from 1933 to 1945, no important Jewish organization ever demanded that the United States open its doors to the Jews threatened by Hitler.” pp 191 “The Jewish establishment, afraid of losing its influence upon the community, instead of supporting rescue, mobilized all its power not to save the Jews of Europe but to save the prestige of its leaders. This effort was financed from public funds collected among Jews to help the refugees. Jewish professionals used to salaries larger than those paid to members of the United States Congress, would not have survived if Irgun policy had become their financial policy.” pp 193 “Wise devised a very diplomatic solution. He knew that he could not publicly oppose a resolution establishing a government agency to save the European Jews, but could kill it by lending it a political character...There was a war against the entire Jewish people and the Jewish leadership was playing the futile game of Who’s Who in American Jewry.” pp 194 “It is not widely appreciated that during World War II there was one segment within American Jewry that used every possible means to save Jews: the Orthodox Jewish groups...Someone within the Jewish community, someone among its ‘recognized’ leaders, must have made it easy for the President to insult the most respected spiritual leaders of American Jewry...Judge Samuel I. Rosenman, FDR’s speechwriter was asked to intervene so the President would not have to receive a rabbinical delegation... Roosevelt must have learned that as long as he listened to the establishment Jews, he could continue to fool the Jews of America by publicly telling them one thing and doing otherwise behind the scenes...Wise’s response to the slaughter of his brethren was to occupy himself with attacking the Irgun delegation, which had charged Roosevelt with personal responsibility for the lives of European Jewry.” pp 198-199, 202, 203 “The fact that a few thousand were saved was entirely due to the efforts of a small number of activists in Switzerland, led by Recha Sternbuch, who represented American Orthodox Jews. For three years, from 1941 to


1944, the Joint in America refused to support this ‘illegal’ activity...Sternbuch had made an effort to directly contact the Joint in America to counteract their Swiss representative Sally Meyer’s obstruction but to no avail. The first transport of Jews from Germany was discontinued because of Mayer’s sabotage.” pp 225 “A professional Jew by the name of Henry Montor, then executive VicePresident of the United Jewish Appeal of America, circulated thousands of copies of a letter asking Jews not to support illegal emigration to Palestine. The circular was mailed on the stationery of the United Jewish appeal on behalf of the American Joint Distribution Committee. Montor later became head of the State of Israel Bonds organization in America. Of course, he will never be tried by a Jewish tribunal because he belongs to the ‘right’ Zionist party.” pp 54 “The president of Hadassah followed the same line: ‘The time has come for heart-searching discussions and thoughtful exploration of plans for American Jewry’s participation in the post-war reconstruction of Jewish life.’ She then praised B’nai B’rith for organizing a successful conference. The Jews in Auschwitz and Maidenek apparently did not know what wonderful opportunities were awaiting them after cremation.” pp 112- 113 “It is almost amusing to read the speeches of the leaders who stressed unity as the most important issue: a unity that would block dissident action on behalf of European Jewry.” pp 111 “Has the establishment that carries such a burden of guilt given up, relegated itself to the shadow of history? Has it made room for others less guilty to continue in the effort to redeem what is redeemable, to revive what could be made to live and flourish again? Or has this new class of professionals Jewish leaders entrenched itself with such power that the facts of history will remain hidden until the end of time?” pp 74

To the final question, the answer is yes and no; the American Jewish organizations have been running a cover-up for sixty years. But they won’t get away with it much longer, partly because their policies are disintegrating the American Jewish community which feeds it. Those Jews who survive the materialism, inter-marriage and decadence will expose the corruption of the “leaders” in time. That is guaranteed. But in the meantime, these organizations are repeating their Holocaust activities precisely the same way they did so sixty years ago. They honor the likes of Henry Kissinger, who tried to destroy Israel in the Yom Kippur War, and has the bloodstains of 3500 Jewish soldiers on his hands. They pay William Jefferson Clinton, who has about 150 scalps of his victims on his rack, $100,000 to receive plaques and diplomas because he was “a true friend to 306

Israel.” And they believe it to the point of advocating his wife, whose financial ties to Arab terror groups go back over twenty years, for a Senatorial post in a largely Jewish district. After honoring the most wicked of their American enemies, they lionize Israeli collaborators with the enemy with names like Beilin, Dayan and Sarid. Even worse, they ask the murderer of Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres to come to their temples and pass on his bloody wisdom. In return for his honored presence, they use their control of the media to make certain that the real story of the Rabin assassination is never known to their constituency. If that isn’t demoralizing enough, they invite PLO leaders, even Arafat, to their dinners as peacemakers. Why not, they can afford it? The Jewish leaders are not chosen for their innate understanding of diplomacy or war, rather the richest appoint themselves to the highest posts. Thus, the greediest and most unscrupulous run the show. These are just the type of people who will sell their souls and those of their people for a position of power and lots of acclaim. But they can never receive enough acclaim, so they plan dinners and give each other even more trophies. And they are still taking orders from the “peace” camp of the Jewish Agency, the same folks who wouldn’t fight the Arabs in the 1930s and are just as opposed to doing so today. These folks with their American Jewish leaders in tow are directly responsible for the chaos that exists in Israel today and for the thousands of Jewish deaths and mutilations in the name of their nine year old peace process. Nothing has changed. The same kind of demented egomaniacs who ran the biggest American Jewish organizations of six decades ago are still in power. And under them Israeli Jewry has as good a chance of survival as European Jewry once did. Note that just like in 1944, the UJA’s central theme today is Jewish Unity. It’s a noble thought but an empty one: who is going to unify behind deadly idiocy this time around?
FDR and the State Department

One must recall that by the 1930s, the State Department had been totally shanghaied by a small but rotten Manhattan think tank called the Council on Foreign Relations. This notorious sham was 307

founded with Rockefeller and Morgan money in 1922 and its stated goal is a vast reduction of population followed by a one world government with them in charge. They despise Jews at the top, so recruit lots for the middle who will do their bidding. Almost every major Jewish organization in America today is run by CFR members with names like Bronfman, Lauder, Hoenlin, Seigman and Zuckerman. FDR’s Secretary of State Cordell Hull was a longtime highranking CFR officer and it’s a fair bet that his anti-Semite deputy Breckenridge Long was too. In 1942, FDR met with the Saudi royal family and cut a multi-billion dollar deal. The Saudis would appoint the Bechtel Corporation, of which Hull was VP, to build an oil pipeline to the Mediterranean. But not if FDR was too nice to the Jews. Watch as an incredibly cynical FDR feigns friendship with the Jewish leaders, while condemning their families to genocide. Recall that the CFR still runs the State Department and the President and is conducting the exact same ploys on the current crop of Jewish leader suckers.
“On February 10, 1939, the Department of State informed President Franklin Delano Roosevelt of a secret memo sent to American representatives of the Intergovernmental Refugee Committee. The wire contained instructions from then Secretary of State Cordell Hull concerning a ‘program of emigration’ of Jews from Nazi-controlled territory...The Nazis wanted to get rid of Jews ‘in a civilized manner’ but the State Department threw a monkey wrench into the program from its very beginning. This was the manner in which the State Department treated any suggestion for evacuation of Jews from Hitler-held territory.” pp 13-14 “Breckenridge Long and his immediate superior, Secretary-of-State Cordell Hull made sure that members of the American delegation remembered that nothing should be done to ‘interfere with the war effort,’ a euphemism which signified opposition to the rescue of Jews. p 169 “Nahum Goldmann sent a memo to the State Department proving that the Jewish establishment had been fighting the Irgun representatives since their activities began. Goldmann wrote the following letter to Mr. Wallace Murray of the Department of State: ‘All Zionist organizations in the country repudiate the Committee for a Jewish Army.’ The sins of the Committee must have been very grave for ‘all Zionist groups’ to issue a statement denouncing them.” pp 187-88 “Bloom was a truly pathetic figure. He was a State Department boy as far as the Jewish issue was concerned. And so, while the State Department continued to frustrate any earnest effort to rescue the masses of


European Jews, its bureaucrats found in Bloom a Satan’s gift—an ideal instrument to thwart a declaration that the rescue of European Jewry was an important aim of the Allied Powers.” p 190 “How ‘successful’ the Zionist leaders were with their political campaign on behalf of Palestine became clear after the war. Britain did not move one inch, nor did Roosevelt. We know that while the President had authorized Stephen Wise to make statements on his behalf in support of the establishment of a Jewish Commonwealth in Palestine, the President and the State Department continually assured the Arabs in secret memoranda and secret conversations that they should not pay any attention to these political statements. The Arabs were told that these proclamations were meaningless vote-getting gimmicks and did not represent American policy. p 235 “The State Department’s indifference to the fate of European Jewry suggests that Washington indirectly consented to the Final Solution.” p 190

To illustrate how thoroughly American Jews have been misled by their leaders, 90% will tell you that FDR was a great president who was good for the Jews. Incredible, but true. Take your own poll if you can’t believe such blindness actually exists in any people, anywhere.
Chaim Weizmann and the British

The Labor Zionist myth is that the Balfour Declaration, promising British support for a Jewish state, was presented to Chaim Weizmann as a gift for his World War One chemical process which created acetone for explosives from peeling paint. Nothing of this myth is true, though the British did put up a phony factory to produce the magic acetone, but not so much as a firecracker was ever manufactured there. Chaim Weizmann was the emissary of the British crown, and its associated secret societies. He did their bidding and was welcome in all corridors of power. As you shall see, even the Rothschilds had to seek his permission before financing any project. American Jewish leaders convinced their congregations that Weizmann gained his power from being chairman of the Jewish Agency and president of its umbrella group, the World Zionist Organization (WZO), even though he lived in London and not Jerusalem. These leaders did not make a move without his say-so and he said that European Jews must die. 309

“At the meeting in Zurich, the gathering applauded Weizmann despite his proclamation that only two million—the young, the idealistic, would survive the oncoming flood. The others, he said, because of historical developments, would disappear, ‘like dust.’” p 35 “Perhaps a British hand was in the murder of Arlozoroff. Perhaps. But one thing is certain: Dividing Jews in Palestine into two opposing camps suited the British perfectly.” p 47 “It was no accident that Weizmann fought any attempt to support the ‘illegal’ immigration when the doors of Palestine were closed, and that he resented anyone who contradicted his views. For example, at the beginning of World War II, in London, where he lived, when asked by one of the Rothschilds to help the Irgun bring a boat of Aliyah Bet to Palestine, Weizmann said, ‘he would not sit down with a satan.’ This was already at the time that there was no other avenue of escape.” p 90 “This development came later. During the years when the Six Million were in the balance, the official Zionist Movement in the Free World was influenced by Weizmann’s cautious policy of not wanting to antagonize the British. As early as 1933, the Jewish Agency, in the wake of the Transfer Deal with Germany, continued to import German products into the Middle East. At the same time it continued to harass the Irgunsponsored Aliyah Bet.” p 91 “As a young man Felix Frankfurter was a representative of the World Zionist Organization and Dr. Chaim Weizmann. He also successfully negotiated an agreement between the British and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.” p 159 “As a conference to end all Jewish conferences, the most important political ‘resolution’ was the greeting sent to Dr. Chaim Weizmann in London. It affirmed support for this elegant and diplomatic representative of the Jews, and voiced opposition to the extremists and adventurers who would force open the doors of Palestine. No doubt the British government was pleased to have the support of the conference.” p 115

Now let’s get it straight for once! Chaim Weizmann knew the results of the Holocaust ahead of time and deliberately allowed the slaughter to take place. He knew what he was doing and turned Jewish leaders in America and Jerusalem into mass murderers in the second degree. It’s not just that he followed British dictates and agreed with their policy of blocking refugee immigration into Palestine. He was sending official proclamations to Jewish leaders worldwide, not to try and save their co-religionists in Europe no matter where they were headed. And they listened to him because he was the head of the Jewish Agency, the capital of Labor Zionism. 310

The Jewish Agency

Nearing the end of the war, Eichmann cut a deal with a rabbi named Yoel Brand. He would save all the remaining Jews of Hungary, in exchange for 700 trucks. Brand traveled to Allepo, Syria to meet Jewish Agency deputy head Moshe Sharett to raise funds for the trucks. There, he was quickly arrested by the British. This doomed the Jews of Hungary. The order for the arrest must have come from Sharett and his superior, Chaim Weizmann. And do keep in mind that the Jewish Agency is still being used to weaken the Jewish nation. It has been reliably reported that a recent head, Avraham Burg, long corrupted and groomed by Israel’s deepest enemies, initiated a policy change which allowed a flood of gentiles to pour into Israel from the former Soviet Union. A dilution of the Jewish character of the state, as assimilation in the Diaspora, in time, will serve the same purpose as the Holocaust— the destruction of Jewry.
“The Transfer Deal of 1933, signed between the Jewish Agency and the German Nazi authorities, allowed wealthy German Jews who emigrated to Palestine, to export German goods representing a small percentage of their property. Thus, the Jewish Agency indirectly became a sales organization promoting Nazi goods in the Middle East. It was the first act of Jewish surrender to Hitler.” p 23 “Moshe Sharett, longtime foreign minister of Israel, was never cleared of the accusation that Brand was turned over to the British by the Zionist establishment. Brand’s mission could have saved one hundred thousand Hungarian Jews, or more.” p 102 “Only towards the end of November 1942 did officials of the Jewish Agency finally permit the Palestinian press to release the news concerning the extermination of Jews in Europe, at which time Agudat Israel demanded the creation of an Emergency Committee.” p 174 “Suggestions for a solidarity strike in Palestine or public march in Jerusalem were rejected by the Jewish Agency politicians on grounds that they would imperil the ‘good relations’ between Palestinian Jews and the British administration.” p 174 “Each committee had to be under the supervision of the Labor Zionists. No instructions of this ‘Rescue Committee’ were to be carried out if they were found to be in opposition to the policies of the representatives of the leftist groups. According to a doctoral thesis written by Arye Morgenstern, the representatives of the leftist groups opposed every move towards independent, secret deals aimed at saving lives.” p 175 “Jewish Agency executive Yitzhak Greenbaum stated at a committee meeting, ‘I do not believe we can save Polish Jewry or even help them.’


Greenbaum saw no reason to continue the public campaigns on behalf of Polish Jews. He even stated that people should not continue to support the negotiations of Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl in Slovakia. Later, Greenbaum also stated that he did not approve of Joel Brand’s rescue mission. Greenbaum would become Israel’s first Minister of the Interior. Today we understand from Greenbaum’s statements why the Zionist leaders in America, acting under orders from Palestinian Jewish leaders, did not engage in any earnest rescue work. We can also understand why Brand was turned over to the British. Greenbaum was even more explicit. He said there were two areas of Jewish combat: Palestine and rescue in the Diaspora. One cannot postpone the first because of the second. ‘Zionism must be above any other consideration.’ The Jewish Agency was active only in bringing individual Jews to Palestine...Greenbaum sabotaged the initiatives of Rabbi Weissmandl and Gizi Fleischmann in Bratislava and opposed Joel Brand as well. Greenbaum, a leader of the Jewish Agency, adopted the same tone as Cordell Hull, the American Secretary of State who declared the rescue of European Jewry would only come about, ‘after the victory of the Allies.’” pp 176-177 “‘This calamity,’ Greenbaum concluded in a memorandum, ‘will prove the Zionist point of view that only Palestine can save Jews and that only a number of them will be saved. However, the Rescue Committee must continue to operate in order to prove to the world and to the Jewish people that the Jewish Agency is the only one that acts on behalf of saving lives.’ However, the Jewish Agency memorandum also contains notes of ‘optimism.’ It is an optimism that makes one cry in despair. We are told that the Holocaust will raise the prestige of Zionism as the only solution to the world Jewish problem. Palestine will be recognized as the only country to which Jews can turn in order to save themselves.” p 179 “It is understandable why those responsible for this policy have seen to it that the story of our generation is not communicated factually to children in Israeli public schools. If they ever become acquainted with these facts and begin to ask questions, G-d knows what would happen to some of the street signs in Israeli cities named in honor of certain ‘prominent’ Jewish leaders.” p 68

While the Jewish Agency was deliberately thwarting efforts to rescue Jews from the Nazis, it was conducting a tidy little business with the Nazi regime in Germany. We knew that; it’s the subject of Black’s book, The Transfer Agreement. And while the Nazis in charge of extermination were offering every opportunity to bribe hundreds of thousands of Jews to safety, the Jewish Agency was scorning their offers. We also knew that; it’s the subject of Ben Hecht’s book, Perfidy. What we didn’t know until now is why. If Greenbaum was actually reflecting Labor Zionist policy, this movement wanted a 312

Holocaust to gain a nation in their image. Only the individual Jews they chose were welcome within it. It’s too gruesome a thought to consider, but then, how do we explain that the far left of Israel today rejoice at terrorism against their own people because they believe it justifies their political point of view? The evidence is there and we can only accept that there is a self-destructive phenomenon within radical liberal and left-wing Jewish politics that is being exploited by the enemies of Judaism. Nurenberger’s conclusion, not totally covered by the evidence presented in this critique, is that while Germany was the tool of the massacres, they were fueled by Britain in collusion with the State Department and the Vatican. This is the recognized top order of the Illuminati, those with the power to create a New World Order by destroying the Old. Labor Zionism was used as another tool in the destruction of Judaism and it drew the American Jewish leadership into its schemes. American and Israeli Jewish leadership is as corrupted today as during the Holocaust. Today’s Jewish leaders will lead us into the next Holocaust, and most won’t be aware that they are being duped by their most vicious enemies. The set has moved to Israel but the players are about the same. Mostly, it’s the Orthodox and the Right who are prepared to fight this round of suicide. But those guiding us to doom are using their media power to present the left and Labor Zionists as ‘the peacemakers,’ the rational, civilized and cultured face of Jewry. And they have the sympathy of America’s Jewish leadership and their brainwashed, ignorant but fast declining, minions. Unlike Hitler, Arafat didn’t do his job well enough, so a replacement will be found; one that is smooth-talking enough to be acceptable to the leaders of world Jewry. And watch, under the guidance of Labor Zionism, how the American Jewish elite will run to his side. History will repeat itself unless some very obvious steps are taken and quickly. First, Nurenberger is right, the street names have to change. Nothing can be named after Chaim Weizmann; no technology institutes, no prizes, not so much as a garbage collection alley. The same goes for Stephen Wise, Nahum Goldmann, Moshe Sharett and all the aiders and abetters of the Holocaust. Modern Jewish 313

history will have to be re-written from the bottom up. No people can survive long living with such a perversion of the truth. Jews, we have to be honest... about everything. Unless the organizations representing Jews own up to their crimes, be they of commission or omission, no one of honor can join them. If we have to start again, then let’s get rolling. It is now 1890. There is no Labor Zionism. We are mostly religious, and truthful and good. The way G-d meant us to be. We have the proudest history of any nation on the planet. Our leaders cannot be corrupted. There are no Jewish organizations colluding with our mass murderers. We defend Israel with honor because it is our rightful national home. We make no more pacts with devils. We can’t be fooled anymore; especially by those we choose to lead our nation.


DISCORD, DECEIT AND DISINFORMATION It seems like the wrong time to expose how the Council on Foreign Relations uses discord and deceit to push through its murderous Israeli agenda. After all, this week it’s Europe’s turn to get Israel. The EU’s foreign ministers, led by the German cutthroat Joschka Fischer will meet in Brussels and reward the PLO for its unrelenting slaughter with a state. I had prepared an article called “The Astonishing Secrets of Europe’s Plot Against Israel” as a prelude to the meeting. Included within was Fischer’s order to PM Sharon not to retaliate after the Dolphinarium blast, which murdered twenty young people down the block from his Tel Aviv hotel last summer. But we’ll get to Fischer and Europe in the next installment, once my readers absorb the reality of the upcoming European plans for Israel. Instead, circumstances call for an exposé of the CFR’s use of disinformation, because I’m a victim of it and I’m getting quite tired of it all. In my case, the 3800 member Manhattan think tank is using its pawns to denigrate me in the American right wing Jewish community, as illustrated by an attack which was just published in the magazine outlet of Americans for a Safe Israel. The attack is pathetic and utilizes the same stupid arguments the attackers have used for the past two years. Conspiracy theories against Jews and Israel are all wrong, therefore there could not have been a conspiracy to murder Yitzhak Rabin. I have written about weird subjects therefore I have no credibility. And my exposé of Rabin’s murder has no evidence to back it up. False claims all of them and, as always, not many readers will be fooled. Here is how such a campaign of discordant falsehood is organized. You start with one CFR member—Richard Pipes—who is not just any old CIA employee, but past head of the CIA’s Soviet research department. The apple falls right by the tree as his son, CFR member Daniel Pipes receives slightly indirect CFR funding to run a “think” tank in Philadelphia, serving CFR interests. In the recent past, D. Pipes has been called upon to neutralize “conspiracy” theories and he wrote inferior articles resulting in an inferior book on the subject. Today, his role is to spread hatred 315

against Islam, while his CFR superiors publicly profess no objection to the religion as they blow Afghanistan to smithereens and draw up battle plans to capture the Middle East. Pipes has attacked my work in his institute’s barely-read journal but the real work has been passed to a buddy of his, an unknown economics teacher based in Haifa. Numerous readers have sent me background on this creep, and he’s just as tied up with the ruling establishment as his mentor. He was trained, groomed and financed by the American Federal Reserve, and apparently sent to Israel in the 80s to instill that peculiar globalist economic theory that insists local economies must be “reformed” through “liberalization,” or in short, local industries must be wrecked in order to make way for American corporations. But as a former colleague of his explained, “He got nowhere. People in his field saw him as a screwball whose ideas were off the wall. He was dismissed as irrelevant ten years ago.” Trying to be known for something, he is a willing partner in the smear campaign against me. Yes, he is an infiltrator sowing discord among right wing American Jews. And he’s not the only one. Others have made the same claim against one Murray Kahl, whose role seems to be the venting of Jewish anger towards harmless issues. So let us counterattack against infiltration with a simply amazing piece of evidence given to me last week by the director of the Root and Branch Society, Aryeh Gallin. Up until now, the best proof of the CFR’s nefarious Israeli agenda was their Middle East Task Force Report of July 1997, which, in barely couched terms, called for Israel’s withdrawal to its 1948 borders and the division of Jerusalem. That task force was headed by one Henry Seigman, who receives $200,000 a year from the EU to spread anti-Israel disinformation in the world media. That fact was intended for my “Astonishing EU Secrets” article, but let’s let one cat out of the bag early. Now, we have in hand an even more detailed proof of CFR chicanery against Israel in the form of a whole study called A Changing Israel by Peter Grose—A Council on Foreign Relations Book. This book was published by Vintage Books in 1984. It is a CFR policy book, and thereafter became the official diplomacy of such CFR members as James Baker, George Shultz, Warren 316

Christopher, Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright. Like all CFR publications, it tries hard to appear to be balanced but upon, even the most cursory reading, comes up a transparent piece of deception. The author’s method is to relay his views and those of his CFR bosses, through the quotes of others, almost always anonymously. Look at the claims of the preface:
“The author of this book, director of the Council’s Middle East program, visited Israel twice during the study to confirm facts and impressions... A generous grant from the Ford Foundation underwrote the costs of bringing Israeli discussion leaders to this country...The groups were deliberately diverse...”

Diverse? A list of some fifty discussion leaders follows. I saw one name that I recognized as a right wing leader, Eliahu Ben Elissar, who was assassinated in Paris a few years ago. All the rest were of the likes of Meron Benvenesti, recipient of Ford Foundation money during this period to head a West Bank antisettlement watchdog group; Arthur Hertzberg, a rabbi and partner of CFR member Edgar Bronfman, best known in certain circles for their work with the UN to spread a one world religion; Samuel Lewis, the former American ambassador to Israel and recent signer of a petition less than indirectly supporting Arafat’s regime of terror; Itamar Rabinovich, the Israeli diplomat who negotiated away the Golan Heights to Syria; and a man who needs no introduction in war-torn former Yugoslavia or anywhere, Cyrus Vance. Of the Vance connection, let’s look at the author’s short biography:
“Peter Grose is managing editor of Foreign Affairs and a Senior Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations. A longtime correspondent for the New York Times; he was bureau chief in Moscow, Israel and at the United Nations and later served on the Policy Planning Staff of the State Department under Cyrus Vance.”

Now let us look at this study and get a rare glimpse at the CFR’s Israeli agenda.
The CFR’s Attitude Towards Israelis

If you are a member of any political group from Labor to its left, you are described as “thoughtful” or at the worst, “dovish.” Take a gander at the adjectives if you are not: 317

“Those espousing the more militant ideologies of the Likud...allowed adventurist leaders to pursue a ruinous, inflationary economic policy...” p 4 “They told me their dismay over the hard-line policies of the Likud government...and the danger for the future survival of Israel.” pp 6-7 “...the fanatic rabbi Meir Kahane, considered an abomination by moderate Israelis.” p 9 “As Begin’s rhetoric unfolded, his dogmatic assertions about Jewish rights and Arab perfidy sounded clear and satisfying (to Sephardi Jews).” p 28 But the good news is that, “Sephardi soldiers returned from the 1982 invasion of Lebanon expressing the same disgust as their Ashkenazi partners.” p 40 “Gaining strength along with this generalized rediscovery of Jewish roots was its extremist expression...” p 44 “Secular Israelis are troubled by the appeal of the narrow, traditionally religious Jewish radicals, particularly to the young.” p 127

There you have it. Israelis to the right of Labor are all extremists and endanger Israel’s future. Of course, Grose could not have known that the people who would eventually endanger Israel’s future are the “moderates” of Labor-left who brought us the dubious gifts of the CFR’s Oslo “peace” process eight years later. After all, Grose, was merely a tool, preparing the ground for later public acceptance of Oslo. Or maybe, he actually knew what he was doing, which means he is personally responsible for thousands of Jewish and Arab casualties.
Sharon and the CFR

Sharon’s CFR ties have previously been examined in depth. They began in 1974 with a meeting between him and Henry Kissinger. His role was to infiltrate and destroy the Herut movement and he succeeded nearly completely. However, according to this study, Sharon rebelled against the CFR in 1982 with his Lebanon policies. I would take the following passages with a grain of salt and consider the likelihood that Sharon was actually pursuing the war the way his masters desired. Nonetheless, examine the CFR’s attitude to the current prime minister in light of his impotence to protect his people.
“Dissent reached a critical level over the military campaign in Lebanon, a war undertaken at Israel’s initiative, under dubious political controls and for aims far broader than merely to counter any immediate threats to the life of the population.” p 90.


So while Grose conveniently forgets that a constant barrage of Katyushas threatening lives, along with a series of terror attacks from Lebanon, taking lives, was the prime reason for the Lebanese invasion, it offers him the opportunity to go for Sharon’s jugular.
“The political leadership, supposedly operating under a system of collective responsibility, was manipulated during the weeks of combat by one member, Defense Minister Ariel Sharon. Begin and his colleagues were kept substantially in the dark about crucial military decisions until it was too late to alter them.” p 92.

On this point we agree, the difference is my claim that one of Sharon’s goals was to destroy Begin and his Herut movement through his conduct of the war; a pre-agreed CFR policy. This is the belief, minus the CFR, of Begin’s son, Binyamin. Still, Grose’s wrath knows no bounds when it comes to Sharon’s doctrine of defense.
“Sharon’s bold strategic doctrine rested on four premises: • The concept of strategic defense aimed at altering the political status quo on Israel’s borders, was to replace the longstanding posture which had been intended to maintain the status quo. • Military operations were to be initiated whenever targets of opportunity presented themselves; national survival required the dulling of enemy capabilities. • Tsahal’s central mission was to keep hostile forces off balance by initiating anti-terrorist operations, rather than maintaining a defensive stance to counter basic threats to the Jewish state. • The government was to maintain the capability to make strategic decisions quickly, based on the judgments of the responsible military and security officers, without necessarily seeking national consensus... “For all the traumas of Lebanon, the Sharon doctrine is not universally discredited, particularly among the hard-line extremists who registered such a strong showing in the 1984 election. Sharon is not spent as a political force...Israelis pride themselves on greater sensitivity to casualties than Arabs, but the offensive operations called for under Sharon would inevitably produce higher casualties.” pp 99-100 “Military cooperation would grow less defensible in Washington, of course, were Israel to continue the adventurist, military policies of the Sharon doctrine.” pp 116

Imagine the nerve of this Sharon! He actually favored taking out Israel’s enemies before they murder Israelis. Well, the CFR had to put a stop to this. And they did. Sharon has a thousand more 319

reasons to invade the PLO Authority than he ever did to enter Lebanon, but he is incapable of acting. His CFR masters clearly wouldn’t like it if he did, and one can only imagine what is making him obey them. Meanwhile, the CFR restraint option is producing the desired effect; Israeli casualties are far higher than would have been if the so-called intifada had been forcefully nipped in the bud the minute the Israeli public gave Sharon the mandate to do so. The Grose book states without hesitation or shame that the CFR would never allow Sharon again to change the status quo through pre-emptive strikes. From now on, Sharon could only react and retaliate, and moderately at that, thus turning Israelis into the sitting ducks of the CFR.
The Grand Deceit

Of all the self-serving chutzpah seen in various CFR publications, none is more outstanding than Grose’s total denial that international forces are coordinating the Middle East violence. Forget that after Word War I, the CFR and their British buddies created the new Middle East. Forget that Labor Zionism was their creation, as was the never before heard of Palestinian Arab nation. Why recall that their oil companies run Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States and placed the Hussein clan in power in Jordan and Iraq? Absolutely incredibly, Grose denies that the current conflict is being manipulated by the very forces he works for and this lie may have been a primary motive for his book. However, this claim is so shabby and shallow that he contradicts it more often than he supports it. Watch the argument break down before your eyes.
“For generations the people on both sides have deceived themselves into supposing that the conflict was external to themselves, the clash of foreign forces...A quite different prospect could emerge if the two sides recognized how mutually destructive that portrayal has been through the twentieth century. Forces external to Palestine have clearly manipulated the rivalry of the two claimants to the land, but can it honestly be said that the rivalry originates with outsiders? Israelis and Palestinians might well consider the hypothesis that they only have themselves to reckon with.” p 79 “Looking upon the Arab-Israeli reality in this new light, as an internal conflict, the concerned outsider can be excused for feeling like a latter-day Dr. Zhivago, watching a revolution that passed him by. Ideologues on all sides continue to bewail the malignant influence of external forces on


Arab-Israeli relations...Problems could always be blamed on external forces intent on stirring up trouble.” pp 87, 88

Now watch Grose cut his own ridiculous thesis into pieces before your unbelieving eyes.
“The policy of the British Mandate administration starting in the 1920s, underscored the two communities’ habits of separate development. The Mandate was committed to ‘putting into effect the Balfour Declaration and to establishing a Jewish Agency’ which would represent ‘all the Jews’ the world over. Externalization was thus enshrined in international law. “The only outlet for national expression was within the new diaspora of Palestinian refugees, with its strange mixture of internationally supported charities and its obsessive military structure.” p 80

No sir! Those British and those international charities aren’t initiating trouble in the Middle East. Nobody outside the region would want to do that. After all, what’s there to gain by constant conflict except control of the region and all its resources?
The CFR’s Israeli Agenda Exposed, and It’s About Time It Was Understood

The importance of the Grose book is that it exposes the CFR’s plans from the 1980s. Look how they all came to fruition in the 1990s and then realize that they and the State Department they control are directly and deliberately responsible for the slow bleeding death of Israel at the start of the new century.
“The state of the Israeli economy is no longer a purely internal matter left to Israeli politicians. It is increasingly the American Treasury that underwrites the economic priorities defined in Jerusalem. This is a situation calling for serious, quiet professional dialogue among friends, and with Shimon Peres’ visit to Washington, the dialogue has begun.” p 70 “It is the attitudes in Washington that do the most to assure the security and well-being of the people and land of Israel.” p 111 “Israelis have not found the costs of territorial expansion too high a price to pay. This could change if the Arabs within Israeli jurisdiction become restive or if the financial burden of developing Jewish life in Judea and Samaria starts to divert too much of the national treasure away from social needs.” p 88 “Israel must have the legal and territorial basis, it is argued, for military action to assure the continued demilitarization of the West Bank and Gaza. No Arab armor, artillery or missile batteries are to be deployed in any surrendered territories. There is obviously little room in this concept for an independent sovereign Palestinian state.” p 97


“A way has to be found to differentiate convincingly between a stance of firm support for Israel and a readiness to support whatever the Israeli government of the day advocates...A proposal to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is an example of an irresponsible and foolish litmus test. Its sole impact (would be) to spread mischief and ill-feeling.” pp 118-119 “The settlement budget, though small, is vulnerable in any drive to cut overall government spending and will be wound down in the coming years.” p 119 “The extended borders reached in 1967 may well hold firm for a long time to come, in the absence of effective pressures from any source to change them...Even the broader Palestinian question, for all its emotional and humanitarian force, is important to US foreign policy only because its potential for spreading a populist instability throughout a strategic quarter of the world.” pp 123-124 “Another war would certainly change the equation; a significant increase in the level of violence along Israel’s extended frontiers would increase the costs of prolonged occupation. Opportunities for diplomatic maneuver could arise...The United States, a would-be mediator, must be ready to move fast in response to changing circumstances, even if it is not called upon to initiate a diplomatic process. pp 124-125

And there is the CFR plan in a nutshell. To force Israel’s removal from its defensive positions, a fully armed PLO state must start a war. Once the violence reaches a critical point, the US and its CFR Secretary of State will negotiate an end to the conflict which will include the removal of all Jews from the Golan Heights, Jordan Valley, Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Give the CFR some credit, they are good to their word. And if Israelis don’t wake up mighty fast to their plans, they are going to find out just what their word means. A good starting point would be for Israelis to totally boycott all members of the CFR, starting with such American Jewish leaders as Bronfman, Lauder, Hoenlin, Zuckerman, and Seigman. We are all suffering from their infiltration and it’s time to say, “enough”!


“Rabbi Antelman expresses the view that when the CFR-affiliated Jewish Power Elite saw they would not be able to stop Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel, they decided they would ‘join it,’ gain control of it, and destroy it from within.” Richard Gilman—editor Conspiracy Digest

We all owe a huge debt to Rabbi Marvin Antelman, the first Jew to try to decipher the real conspiracy to destroy Jews and Judaism, which, as we all know, is in full swing today. Way back in 1974, before any of us had heard of the Illuminati or the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Rabbi Antelman published his book To Eliminate the Opiate and exposed their covert war against religion, focusing on their battle plan to extinguish Judaism, but with great implications for Christianity as well. This book is now found on literally all the lists of classic conspiracy literature. It has drawn praise for its deep scholarship even from researchers who clearly have no great love for Jews. Its crowning achievement was to prove that Jews are the chief victims of the New World Order, not its chief promulgators. However, that is not to say that Judaism lacks powerful traitors. After 28 years, Rabbi Antelman has published the second volume of To Eliminate the Opiate. And those traitors are named— oh, how they are named! In his new volume, Rabbi Antelman traces the treachery from within. He begins with Judaism’s false messiah of the seventeenth century, Shabbetai Tzvi. He had convinced, perhaps, half of world Jewry that he was the true messiah and a vast Sabbatian movement promoted his messianic ambitions. However, the Ottoman Turks had a different view of him, and on threat of execution, successfully persuaded him to recant. As far as most Jews are concerned, that was the end of the Sabbatian phenomenon. But Rabbi Antelman proves that his most ardent followers in Turkey have kept his movement alive through the centuries, with great help the next century from one Jacob Frank, who reintroduced Sabbatianism to Europe, and by this route, to America and Israel. Rabbi Antelman refers to today’s believers as “satanic Sabbatian Frankists.” 324

Satanistic, because Rabbi Antelman charges that Shabbetai Tzvi promoted an anti-Judaism, an image in reverse of G-d’s intended religion. So, while, true Judaism’s aim is the survival of His people, Sabbatianism’s goal is the elimination of Judaism. This explanation does much to increase our understanding of a characteristic unique to one people, Jewish self-hatred, or the desire to destroy your own flesh and blood. But according to Rabbi Antelman, Tzvi’s followers took his perverse thinking much farther than he ever dared.
“Sabbatian cults are well documented in the Encyclopedia Judaica and in the writings of distinguished Israeli academics including the late Professor Y. Tishbi, Yehuda Liebes and Yaacov Katz. In a nutshell, these groups practiced incest, adultery and homosexuality. They conspired with the Illuminati with goals of destroying all religions and fusing all nations into one.” p 256 “Gershon Scholem has traced the incestuous practices of the Sabbatians to that of Earth Mother worship.” p 123 “With New Age charitable trusts such as the Youngwood Institute, one finds disgust of the Jewish and Christian groups that have to be exterminated. Accordingly, in the next ‘burnt offering’ being planned, religious Jews and so-called fundamental Christians are at the top of the list.” p 208

According to Rabbi Antelman’s chronology, in the 1770s Jacob Frank made a pact with one Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit, to enlist his Sabbatians to join Weishaupt’s Illuminati. During the French Revolution, documents were discovered which exposed the Illuminati’s plan to destroy the foundations of European civilization; family, religion, royalty and morality, through revolutions. Weishaupt’s organization was formally banned throughout Europe, so a decision was made to infiltrate the relatively benign Freemasonry and instill Illuminism from within. The plan worked and as Rabbi Antelman observes:
“While the Illuminati have attempted to subvert Freemasonry, it should be noted that Freemasonry per se is suspect despite the fine people who join its ranks. Lower degree Masons have been duped into thinking that the Masonry building symbols were connected with Solomon’s Temple. Many Jewish Freemasons erroneously think that there is some sort of Jewish element or tradition in Freemasonry because of this. If they knew the truth their hair would stand on end. In effect, Freemasonry supports the Islamic concepts of conquest of Judaism and its destruction as taught in the Koran, and today the Dome of the Rock is a perpetual symbol of the destruction of the Temple.” p 121


“For this reason, the Illuminati preferred to subvert Masonic groups, which they so hated, because much of Masonic ritual is transmitted from generation to generation, providing a vehicle to transmit an antinomian torah of evil over the ages.” p 89

Rabbi Antelman’s research provides ample evidence that largescale Sabbatianism was introduced to Judaism through the Reform and Conservative movements and through organizations such as the American Jewish Congress—headed by a rather blatant traitor, CFR executive Henry Seigman, the World Jewish Congress— founded by the CFR’s Bronfman family, and the Bnai Brith, which was initially a branch of Freemasonry, and may, unknown to most members, still be. It is the traitors from within which anger Rabbi Antelman, more even than their gentile superiors:
“While we are focusing on apostate Jewish Illuminati, it must be reiterated that the Bundist-Illuminati were predominantly of Christian birth, both among the membership and the leadership. However, they found it most suited to their ends, as the Communists or the CFR elitists of today do, to utilize the intellectual talents of these Jewish-born apostates. They were especially placed in conspicuous positions so as to insure a victory of sorts if they would not succeed—thus polarizing among the masses those who would be stupid enough to blame the Jews for Illuminism, Revolution, Bundism, Socialism or Communism.” p 26 “Until the first comprehensive English Translation of the Talmud by Soncino Press (1935-1952) appeared, a non-comprehensive translation by M. L. Rodkinson was the only one in existence. Most scholars utilizing his works were unaware that he was a sinister personality whose primary efforts to render portions of the Talmud into English were for the purpose of disinformation and for providing grist for the anti-Semitic attacks on Jewry via careful distortion of selected words and mistranslation of Talmudic passages.” p 131 “Consider Stephen Wise, head of the Reform movement in the United States during World War II. As the slaughter was going on in Europe, Wise was more interested in his own gratification. Wise was both a Communist and a Sabbatian. That he was a Communist is attested to by Maurice Malkin, a member of the Communist Party who returned to Judaism, in his book Return To My Father’s House. Wise was a Sabbatian, as was shown in Helen Rawlinson’s book Stranger at the Party. In her chronicle of a sexual encounter with the so-called Rabbi Wise, she describes how Wise had sex with her in his office on his conference table, and quoted the verse from Psalms which Sabbatians did when engaged in sexual intercourse.” p 217 “Among the Nazi concentration camps of Europe was the ‘country club’ Theresienstadt. There the so-called ‘Chief Rabbi of European Jewry,’ Leo Baeck was imprisoned. What he was really doing in Theresienstadt was


presiding as chief Sabbatian of the New Age style destruction of European Jewry, which Professor Gershom Scholem and other scholars have shown was a Sabbatian project.” p 222 “Those ideological leftists in Israel cannot face a strong Israel because it means they are helping God. Thus they become partners in their own self-destruction to ‘eliminate the opiate.’ When in history has a country consented not only to surrender its territory to enemies but also to arm them as well, resulting in the deaths of its own civilians and soldiers, as the Rabin government did?” p 168 The CFR and the New World Order “This letter, in my opinion, is probably the most important document linking the Illuminati Sabbatians, Narodnicks, post World War I Internationalists such as the CFR, the Nazis and the World Government UN Establishment.” p 43 “Of all Gnostic societies and cults, those that posed the greatest threats to Christianity and Judaism, and have most influenced the course of events of contemporary history are the Sabbatians and Illuminati-CFR conspirators.” p 82 “The United Nations has Gnostic millennialist overtones, and has shown time and time again that it is one of the greatest enemies of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Most of the diplomats of the UN today are actually united by Gnostic concepts.” p 91 “The World Peace Foundation is merely a Bostonian manifestation of the hand of the CFR, which in turn embodies the commitments of its founder Colonel House to Gnostic Illuminism and Socialism, out of which grew the United Nations.” p 116 “Prominent among the Round Table group is the London affiliate of the Morgan banking interests in New York, known as Morgan, Grenfell & Co. It was shortly after the Yom Kippur War that Morgan, Grenfell & Co. had arranged for a $3 billion financial transaction to resupply Syria and Egypt with armaments.” p 113 “We should also not forget that Professor Anthony Sutton documents well in his book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, how the socialist radicals, members of Colonel House’s Council on Foreign Relations—whose acronym CFR stands for Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller—consistently backed Hitler. A CFR founder, John D. Rockefeller sent his best public relations man, Ivy Lee, to help enhance Hitler’s image.” p 216 “The CFR elite is, thus, not worried about the future, since they control it on a global scale.” p 241 “The CFR have financed both Hamas and PLO terror, through their own funds and UN money obtained from US taxpayers.” p 248 “The CFR is orchestrating nothing less than the complete destruction of the Jewish people; depicting religious Jews negatively in the news media,


promoting abortion, homosexuality and moral violations of the Noahidic Laws, all the way to the salami policy of destroying Israel bit by bit...The Harry S. Truman Peace Institute of Hebrew University is where PLO terrorists regularly meet with CFR activists to do the dirty work of dismantling the State of Israel.” p 244


SHIMON PERES AND HIS EUROPEAN NAZI PALS Shimon Peres’ reputation in Israel has hit rock bottom, and we can thank three journalists for that: David Bedein, Yoav Yitzhak and Carolyn Glick. Bedein revealed that in 1999, Peres handed the Middle East UN head Terje Larsen and his wife Mona, the Norwegian ambassador to Israel, a $100,000 “prize” pilfered from the treasury of the Peres Center for Peace. Yitzhak revealed that the money was a payoff for Larsen’s intervention to get Peres a Nobel Prize in 1994. And Glick put all the pieces together, showing how “peace” is just extortion in the hands of Peres and his Oslo deputy Yossi Beilin. So who is this Larsen that Peres bribed to arrange his Nobel laureate? Read this report from a few years ago:
“Recent revelations, however, have shown that almost all of Norway’s top politicians, including just-resigned Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, and three foreign ministers, Thorvald Stoltenberg, (minister when the secret Israeli-PLO meetings began), Johann Joergen Holst, (who died of a heart attack after overseeing the signing of Oslo I), and Bjorn Tore Godal (the current minister), are long-term supporters of the belief that a Palestinian state should replace all of Jewish Israel. “As reported last May, Tore Godal was chairman of the Labour Party’s Youth Organization (AUF) when, 25 years ago, it committed itself to ‘support the forces which struggle for the national and social liberation of the Palestinian people’. ‘The qualification for lasting peace,’ the AUF insisted, ‘must be that Israel ceases to exist as a Jewish state, and that a progressive Palestinian state is established where all ethnic groups can live side by side in complete equality’. “Now we can reveal that, six years later, top Oslo Accords architect and Norway’s recently appointed minister of planning, Terje Roed Larsen, was on the editorial committee of the Norwegian publication Palestine News (Issue No.1) when it stated: ‘Fight the Zionistic State of Israel, US imperialism, and the enemies of the Palestinian people in the Arab world. ‘No’ to a two-state solution—support the battle for the liberation of all of Palestine.’ “Israelis will most recently remember Larsen as the man who, with a spring in his step, entered the building straddling the ‘border’ between Gaza and ‘Israel proper’ on September 4 to witness the latest fruits of his handiwork—the first meeting and handshake between Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. “Right now, Larsen is battling for his young political life after a Norwegian tabloid on November 10 fingered him for financial


mismanagement of state-sponsorship to the tune of millions of Norwegian Kroner, accusing him of breaching Norway’s strict institution governing laws. “According to the Dagbladet reports, the Institute for Applied Social Science (FAFO), which Larsen headed, never accounted for a government subsidy it received in 1989-1991. FAFO was at the center of secret talks leading to the Oslo agreements, with both director Larsen and researcher Marianne Heiberg (Holst’s wife) actively involved.”

Look at the company Peres keeps. Here’s how he operates his mafia. He seeks criminals like Marc Rich to pump his peace center full of money and they receive diplomatic dividends from Israel in return. The money is then circulated to Peres’ gang of thugs and killers in his personal Shabak hit squad. That’s how he buys loyalty in Israel. And the price is only Israel itself. That is because the most vicious European enemies of Israel, nazis included, are Peres’ pals. We switch from Norway to France and an inadvertently revealing book.
Peres and the French

“That shitty little country, Israel.” Daniel Bernard, French Ambassador to England (and former French ambassador to the UN), December 2001.
“Arsonists have attacked synagogues in Lyons, Marseilles and Strasbourg. School buses, a soccer team and individuals walking down the street have also been assaulted. Gunmen fired on a kosher butcher shop in Toulouse. “What have the French authorities been doing to prevent this? Precious little. “Indeed, French officials have tended either to turn a blind eye to this ugliness, or to characterize it as an inevitable by-product of the fighting in Israel. “French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine illustrated just how antiZionism easily slips into anti-Semitism: He actually characterized the attacks on synagogues and Jewish schools as ‘expressions of sympathy’ with the Palestinians. “And Prime Minister Lionel Jospin responded to one synagogue arson by saying that the French police could hardly be expected to protect Jews wherever they went. Obscene. “Although the French government may be starting to take a firmer stand, it seems to have made a cynical calculation in the worst tradition of French politics (and that’s saying something!).” NY Post, April 22, 2002


Last January Yediot Ahronot published a six page “exposé” of the academics and doctors who believe Yigal Amir didn’t murder Yitzhak Rabin. Within days, Israel television called on an author named Michael Bar-Zohar to attack and mock these respected and established people. Why him, asked one of my correspondents, and he passed on a book to me by Bar-Zohar called Bitter Scent. And what do we discover but Bar-Zohar’s book is a long praise for Peres’ peace and murder partner, Jean Frydman. We recall that Frydman pumped $6 million to promote Peres’ Oslo deal, and before November 4, 1995, persuaded a suspicious Yitzhak Rabin to speak at a mass rally he paid for in Tel Aviv. Frydman and Peres also paid for and organized security at the rally, and the most famous result was the murder of Rabin. But it’s not as if Frydman was the only French connection to Rabin’s murder. Take the case of Shabak head Carmi Gillon. Against Rabin’s wishes, Peres had Gillon appointed to head the Shabak and promised him a fine career ahead if he played ball with his contingencies for the intelligence service. Gillon prepared the plans on the ground for the Rabin murder and on the assassination night was in Paris coordinating the next steps with his counterparts in French Intelligence. And if French Intelligence was in on the murder, you can be sure that so was French President François Mitterand. He would have no trouble murdering another Jew, since BarZohar’s book reveals that he was a nazi. Let us begin at the end of Bitter Scent. The book is about Frydman’s legal battle against the perfume giant L’Oreal and its nazi board of directors, but wouldn’t you know it, it concludes with the Rabin assassination. Let us look at Bar-Zohar’s version of Frydman’s role in the assassination and then compare it with Frydman’s own version which appeared in the Paris Match, December 16, 1995.
Bar Zohar - “One night in October 1995, Jean Frydman watched a television news broadcast in his Savyon home. The main item was a Jewish right wing rally in Jerusalem, protesting Yitzhak Rabin’s peace initiative. The campaign focused on some young activists who carried signs saying: ‘Rabin traitor,’ and ‘Rabin murderer.’ Some of them displayed posters representing Rabin in SS uniform.”


Even Bar-Zohar must have heard by now that it was the Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv who distributed the Rabin in SS uniform posters. Which means the posters were Carmi Gillon and ultimately Shimon Peres’ idea. And even Bar-Zohar could have done a little checking to report accurately that the rally in Jerusalem took place in September, not October. But it all doesn’t matter because Frydman traces his hatred of the Right a decade earlier, to the signing of the Taba Accord.
Frydman - “After the Taba Accord, I realized that Israeli public opinion was in the hands of the Far Right. Then at a rally of the Right Wing Likud, some displayed a photomontage with Rabin in an SS uniform. Others shouted, ‘Death to the traitor Rabin.’ When told of the incidents, Rabin was furious. He was well past fear but felt an injustice had been done him. On Saturday, October 6, I was at Shimon Peres’ home. I told him, ‘We cannot leave the streets in the hands of the Likud and Far Right. We must put up a fight.’” Bar Zohar - “He called several of his friends and persuaded them to organize a huge rally in support of peace. He then met with Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres and described his idea. The prime minister and foreign minister reluctantly agreed...Jean Frydman and the former mayor of Tel Aviv, who organized the rally, had no doubt it would be a success. Frydman - On Monday Shimon and I were in Rabin’s office. He asked me one question; ‘Will you take responsibility for this great event?’ I told him, ‘Yes, if we do it your way.’ Rabin and Peres gave me the green light. ‘Let’s go!’ they said. “With Lahat, we organized a dozen generals for our Israeli Woodstock festival of peace. “I suggested November the 4th as the date of the event, but Rabin hesitated. He had an official dinner. Finally, he reorganized his agenda and accepted. I wish I had not arranged things for the day of his death.”

So far, so good, though the versions don’t exactly match. Frydman admits that Rabin was suspicious of the event and initially sought an excuse not to attend. Bar-Zohar skips over that detail but it is minor compared to the big story—Peres and Frydman personally oversaw the security for the rally.
Frydman - “We distributed posters reading, ‘Say Yes To Peace, Say No To Violence.’ We constructed a huge stage and a grand podium. We worked with security personnel, assigning 750 police officers, 250 border guards, sixty elite sharpshooters and three helicopters to patrol the skies. This was in addition to the Shabak forces that permanently protected Rabin and Peres. We placed special detection equipment at each entrance of the perimeter.”


And still Rabin got killed. Now look at Bar-Zohar change history, oh that’s too nice, watch him lie.
Bar-Zohar - “Rabin hugged Frydman. ‘Thank You, Jean,’ the prime minister said, ‘for giving me the two happiest hours of my life.’ Less than a minute later he was shot in the back by a right-wing assassin. “In deep sorrow, Frydman followed the prime minister’s car to Ichilov Hospital, where he was told Rabin had died. “Frydman didn’t know how he would face Leah Rabin, the prime minister’s widow. After all, the rally at which her husband died had been his idea. But when Leah Rabin saw him, she embraced him and said, ‘Jean, thanks to you, Yitzhak died a happy man.”

Rabin’s limousine drove away from the hospital, and got lost for 22 minutes. If Frydman was following him, he was either a commander of the murder squad or he just loved to joyride. And yet, Bar-Zohar does us all a favor, by accident you can be sure. Because he exposes Shimon Peres’ closest foreign ally, French President François Mitterand, as a nazi. Needless to say, Bar Zohar doesn’t remind his readers that Mitterand sent his own personal hit squads, from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, to murder Israelis. Or that its founder, George Habash literally died in Mitterand’s arms. That connection comes much too close to Peres and his Oslo disaster. While Bar-Zohar writes like a paid ghostwriter for Frydman, he still manages to enlighten us about who runs France and who runs Peres.
“Frydman had introduced him to Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon and other Israeli leaders.” p 2 “‘My partners in that endeavor,’ Frydman said, ‘are General Hod, the former chief of the Israeli Air Force and General Amit, former chief of the Mossad.’” p 7 “He had earlier met David Ben Gurion, Moshe Dayan and Shimon Peres during their visits to Paris. He had even helped Peres, the young director general of Israel’s Defense Ministry, to establish his first contacts with several French political leaders in the mid-fifties. These contacts helped forge the French-Israel alliance during the Suez War in 1956.” p 41 “Besides becoming a partner in several Israeli companies, he became a supporter of the Israeli Labor Party led by his close friend Shimon Peres.” p 43 “Jacques Correze (L’Oreal American Office Director) was briefly associated with a Jew, Baron Henri de Rothschild...Before the war he joined a lodge of Freemasons, a secret order with a history dating back to


the Middle Ages and a belief in a ‘supreme being’ that could be the God of all religions.” p 47 “Frydman chose as his attorney a former cabinet minister, Michel Jobert, who wasn’t popular in Jewish circles for his harsh criticism of Israel.” p 68 “(Former Vichy police chief) Rene Bosquet was indicted following charges by Serge Klarsfeld. He created a national scandal by revealing that Bousquet was a close friend and political supporter of President Mitterand, who knew all about his past. Judge Getti painstakingly prepared the evidence for the court, but Bousquet’s trial never took place. On June 8, 1993 a mentally ill gunman ambushed the former Vichy police chief and shot him dead.” p 80 “In October, 1956, Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion secretly flew to Paris with chief-of-staff Moshe Dayan and Defense Ministry Director General, Shimon Peres. He held talks with France’s leaders and the British Foreign Minister, and signed a secret agreement that amounted to a military alliance.” p 83 “During the campaign of 1981, Mitterand solemnly promised the president of the Jewish community, Alain de Rothschild, that France would comply no longer with the Arab Boycott of Israel. Various members of his cabinet objected, including the foreign minister Claude Cheysson, the finance minister, Jacques Delors and the trade minister Michel Jobert.” p 84 “President Mitterand didn’t keep his word. He mentioned the boycott in a speech in Lisbon but that was the end of his initiative.” p 184 “Correze reacted angrily, ‘This investigation of yours, it’s bullshit,’ he muttered. ‘Do you know who I am? I am a relative of François Mitterand.’” p 87 “Frydman had known Mitterand since 1945, and had met him before and after his election. He had been his guest for lunch at the Elysee. He trusted him as a man of his word, and as a friend of Israel.” p 178 “The Frydman brothers are naive in a way. They belong to a generation that believes a left-wing president is on the side of Israel, a right wing one against them. They sincerely believed Mitterand was a friend of the Jewish people. I didn’t.’’ p 179 “Then on April 27, 1993, the forty seven year old Bismuth suddenly died. The untimely passing of this brilliant scholar put an abrupt end to the Elysee’s involvement in the boycott investigation. The fact is, Bismuth’s death was very convenient for many people. It cut short a delicate investigation that could rock France’s political establishment.” p 185 “Andre Bennecourt, Oreal’s owner, had written for a Vichy propaganda magazine and had been directly financed by Goebbel’s people in Berlin.” p 202


“David Frydman was sickened. Andre Bennecourt, the man widely known as Mitterand’s close companion during the Resistance, had written this?” p 197 “In 1994, the Frydman brothers got an advance copy of a book by a prominent French historian, Pierre Pean, called A French Youth. It related the hitherto unknown story of Mitterand’s right wing connections during his youth and his activities as an official of the Petain government in Vichy. A photograph, long concealed, appeared on the cover: Mitterand and Petain standing together, the young man looking admiringly at the old marshal. The French people were appalled to learn that their Socialist President had been a collaborator with the Nazis. The French also discovered that Mitterand kept his ties of close friendship with many former collaborators, including war criminals.” p 206 “During his student years, Mitterand was attracted to right wing political movements. Some rare photographs of the handsome youth during a student protest against foreigners, one tainted with anti-Semitic sentiments, date from the time the three friends were inseparable.” p 209 “Mitterand was employed at the Vichy government department in charge of prisoners of war.” p 209

(And we know who those prisoners mostly were)
“The former ‘colonel’ of the fascist Legion was a member of Mitterand’s extended family. The niece of Correze was Mitterand’s brother Robert’s first wife.” p 211 “Bettencourt told Pean that he, ‘maintained the liaison with the Americans and the British, especially with Allen Dulles of the OSS.” p 214

(Dulles became director of the CIA. Dulles’ uncle is the Jesuit Cardinal for Washington, DC)
“According to his biographer Peter Grose, Allen Dulles crossed the border and headed for Lyon.” p 217

(Peter Grose wrote A Changing Israel, the Council on Foreign Relations’ war program against Israel.)
“Mitterand willing accepted (the Nazi) Schueller’s assistance, and the ensuing victory started him on the long road leading to the presidential palace.” p 223

Bennecourt’s defense for writing tracts calling for the extermination of French Jews:
“In the course of my ministerial functions, I have been received by Mrs. Golda Meir and Foreign Minister Abba Eben. I served as the representative of France at the funeral of Ben Gurion.” p 240

As we noted before, the company Shimon Peres keeps!! French nazis. And the Jews of France just don’t get it. Le Pen is a blessing for them. Those who have read my book The Last Days of Israel 335

know that, at the least, Jacques Chirac knows who really murdered Yitzhak Rabin. But the Jews will vote for Chirac and the nazis who have infected the French government, and reject a man whose main objection is Arab immigrants—those same immigrants who have been burning synagogues the length and breadth of France, encouraged by the deliberate neglect of the ruling order. Those with a long memory will recall that I wrote Jorge Haider would be a huge improvement over his Kreiskyite socialist opponent. And there you have it. Austria is about the only European state where anti-Israel protests haven’t broken out since Israel’s admirable partial smashing of the PLO began a month ago. Because Haider was anti-EU, anti-Euro and anti-Arab immigration, the New World Order branded him an anti-Semite. Le Pen is anti-Euro, anti-EU and anti-Arab immigration, so the same tactics have been used against him. But all the detractors could find was a 1982 sentence in which Le Pen called the Holocaust “a historical detail,” a blunder but one Le Pen has explained convincingly. No, the Jews of France won’t catch on and they’ll join elitist marches against a man who has the audacity to challenge the nazi establishment ruling France. All we can say to them is, “Go Le Pen, Go.!” *** Of course, my readers know that the Vatican has long infiltrated the French political system and the Jesuit branch calls the shots. And that is the primary cause for the war against Israel. But you need Israeli traitors at the highest levels to keep the blood flowing. Yossi Beilin comes close to matching Peres for treason. Not only did he hatch the Oslo process, but three months earlier, he initiated the Vatican process as well. The official story is while in luscious embrace with his homosexual lover, Shlomo Gur, he asked if Shlomo knew someone who could get him in with the Holy See. While Shlomo was tending to his whip burns, it hit him. A friend of his knew an Israeli convert to Catholicism in Texas named Father David Jager. Yossi was so happy to hear this, his mascara ran. Thus, through Jager did Yossi get to play with the pope.


Then we have Rabbi David Melchior, Peres’ Vatican emissary. Turns out that daddy Melchior was chief rabbi of Denmark and the leading fundraiser there for the PLO cause. In our last send-out, we learned that George Mitchell of Jesuit Georgetown University, who authored the famous report which brought so much peace to Israel, is in close contact with one Father Bernard Law. An appeal for further information brought results. We now discover the George Mitchell-Jesuit connection to the Bush administration via John Ashcroft.
“I knew Bernie Law at Harvard in ‘52, ‘ambitious’ good organizer was my impression. He’s from Louisiana. From Bishop Law of the southern sector of Missouri he moved to Cardinal in Boston before I moved to S.W. Missouri. (dot connection: Ashcroft?).” - From journalist and former US military officer stationed in the Middle East during the ‘50s, Joe Nix: “Tell Barry that Bernard Law is a Knight of Malta along with Alexandre de Marenches, former chief of French Intelligence under Giscard d’Estaing, himself a Knight of Malta. That is the same French Intelligence that sought to give Saddam Hussein a nuclear reactor for the building of a nuclear device.” - Jon Eric Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins.


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