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PHILOSOPHY AND THE FORM OF FICTION > rach of philsphy is fieson, Dees doubs, fears ambition, ecstnies«..if pPhlompiy were a steamy they woul! sock i ke fies. ‘Khoo Ronin the manner of is making, pare phi Tosopy, no novelist has erated a more dishing ero thn the handwne Abolie, of conceived more dramatic ex- {teatone—the soul's escape from the body, fr instance. oF the wil’ fm cause. And how thin and ualeed he ox ‘of Finnegan Wate are Beside 2 ofthe Critique; how sin lic Joyoes dukes, ow few his parallels, how loose his octspondences With what emoion do we watch che Right ofthe Aloe tothe Alon, or discover that er Wel it {ea ar Pal no ea that in seate of pata the life of man s "sli, poor, mary, brutish, and short. Whit as weten the grestr Of Hinon Bondage, or brooded tice munially spon Me's miseries, or dwelled ‘more lovingly upon the oun ofits own rection? Ts it tot eakarng to be tld hat the “deste and pursuit of : Willow H. ass the whole ica love? And if we wish to become eral ve can observe tat Desai recoune t a gun! inthe Sho secant fr our ercoune with oul ape Sse f ngs sn hore pps Co is ays in sachin, yng abut on wie Te Peter say ving ® "Novel and phspher ae both bce with lnguge, snd mate hems apo of cone Bat fe Fy Grea words Worle Bas the words ote nove beat you my do nt ex India A for hat—toy ie tre afte han he piso. The too ow wlom ‘bes issem to mater Who fenesly crc They ae ine games Doth pay goo chery bow for there regen oe esi fy ke ano te ge consrucions of th mind, works equly of though id ergy and wl which re wp in se and fc, to ie, sc of pure abrcton, pet ips, and ners bork ecorey ey snd ar ed for posge wine Gamer ye dferet gums Pct and psp fen nae mse crimonioas cpa Tobe so closes bod ‘> brehery and ke nbd. can nie +s tes for Shir say sometines esa open fs danage: They ‘ovad wih ave They smother ith ove: And tye enon oe anther The, whl he ters gust and fe and onry, whe thir brothers sling ape ae Aube they do hit se. Each expres in' wee of own spre. Philospers mull oor general oun and verbs they give resem ose rms “a and are” ae chee Shans wl ores ola fing he ens inproper hanes and seating ther sng ssi, A novela may fina om tte ss yo mig peer ta cots donkey the oe may hath he comand the pine en Pilnopey andthe Rorm of Feion cles ht ening tom na singe vet predic SoG gee gen ating among Begs ‘esa ot nee nes en Tig lect moran Mae Bory 1 realy shel port ot oogh Uhl sy Hee more boot akties ae imp to ppl than te Soe wy nod: Hwee te nove ar more free plmopher who hs cng Kenge or cee Peet ew npc ting Tough ‘Rw tre wen he ee py ay ey dew wit the aia ere Tos of to meciunia a mind 10 move thi soak, ths eo sos od nf 0 el Al abou, tow al and Sneed sol hele w sal ‘els, esnces, the bickering legions of immoral he cones pans of ew wih eon and soph have ‘Tapes a ello undectood smear a express rtd ot fer Sapna maces Steep of lve or greed as myels which make 2 sense Shc sre nen ny at moment ned for the celbeted Tet fife wosve hey are are no ery frefl, nd ‘Sen the mt ub aod one bri ones (ht ma Scene wove fortes) allow an india ber of oer na inerpresony fcading vegetarianism. ot SSlenn prawuncenents i favor of fsh or sem oles guns pr and bea gv thn tometinesdaogecons ones. Let suppose for Arnone tht bach out Resale and out Beker are Sgoged in eling os Bos iy ha the noel andthe ler cnpunio ine common exer, ough They go mou in diferent waye The objets Tet 2 Sometimes iblpensh, paper, table, peony, cha—eich Wii H. Gas scams yes poche with paces ech seems sendy yer is mde of moving pce shades ey, oad Color. are her itson? I el the penny round, bo Tein we an elie ty the pails yellow ye pr Ip the yl’ pane ny ye yl i erent aig maybe hough the eng dvr ewe the eter and only scale nthe min The ‘wha The mind Who, or what, tat Ache, ike aw Gong nn hoe at soeing wi ‘ur p. a e made my word eng ths per? 1nd have» body, he «mind ad ht the werd lve in he ajecs I mana, a grt pa myo suc, [sory cone tbl a many ible og fossand ange, wis an powers stm voids One whee Tehogit anager oot tee” ie = denon, clo "out therein an je, conection “ou here” hing hnde ‘ih ehings Tow tk erwin. Lowe bundle of ct Freon ard semis ps me ike so many elas of se inapce (anh dea fete, who sm) Bret els ha we ve a gage cass the side of engey sods in empineraaiog snes; ert Dina onogh ma My netted dey cing os tramp my tay 2 rakes byes my ing pee aro jm benesth my shoulders sy spec he eng San unaled pnp. Hast he ey word segs novel No, of eure or Ive ate nts muy cet {pore Ba ta nee appease, Wee ole con Saniy, We Bink our smosione Bre when hey se coats ‘we doo is profound when they ae enpy.eigea ‘hen conmonpat we tik tf we ae Hg ey, Aeeply, when al we pose «bap beg opened ti Giny thangs and webby pes Tanne lp my ome si ooks well fared o my Phioroply andthe Form of Feion ey tims eaot lp the ealas which I sem 0 cme oe 5 frmess of my chai, I eannoe help ‘oa, of the enfinching ca! pny seo fl nk nd rH 2 emt for Tin nly nae eri TaN decpaon sa Tow be opi Tan er rsh ci sngs eee realy wh ey se ratte my rr conde my dein dew asses ey my eye pu tnen exer wo “i'n wt oma ee em fe EUS Gov attr deco tm replace my love or pep mths oe fo rape! and een poe + He Toma the gave oa pgm for he proper sito 8 repr ovehes and papers god sow ne Sane Pte hen ake thew a = ne ody, Yer whoa he ee dso SESSA patopies snd he plopher noe Mou bo boo ef anes “Te exe si of any Stones ron of vl work ohne pw af ch wer ale erugh TE Sid is bangs cr ny ot pre Sree peje muy hinge the eons of me SET Bite eee rey to be a wal Ff athe eave canon be vided, The sory mst wea ng er of he chico dere wearin tas mde fom all be posi of Woes correct of Ariat fr Tanguage. Whether or moi A Willen H. Gass sen ase apace soeines di fom te sya af he Grek language othe sae of tay thes of on oni of ach ening, sce perc and hte dete she hings thy pri hy hy he nag hy inbred from nts and al ei oder "The atts tik therefore toa, He ma ow or exbcis wean od ssh na acaly me soe thing, oe merely dere srehing tar mig be ade “Tiss emendoo exe len excepto es Aighy ford persons get ibor® Fuerte he mat prsene with werd se pilot alu nd this rues of hi the uum exetcbe ef hoogh sad seni. Noone shold mak he demand. efor Compzebenive and caret phllnopty Trad fam cme eed a shy free bbe when wee bs 2 depend ng indice vi alagh ws ee eso tim beta to hn I see ft aly Sete a iy ld nin st, he Proc pe ited to cage ts supe a every queining, the fry great diferenc betwen the the forse oe Philosopher nd the con ees th nove mae take fe ele The concep ofthe pilnber teks he word ofthe avec are ue she pooper nes sto fs though hr words o he jes mem, God mre, tral ew; ie he neha if het ny gor il ep inl ipeoned inh ngage tae eel ating ‘yond OF course he pimple hs made up hie eeu I spec es made up God and Se et then be peroming for en pea te ee i ie Bie ey Teno of the Toc Phieophy end tbe Form of Feton performs Theoby, it appease on-alf Sto, ona Beery cic plop may be “adept” without being te I iter, ow sete gus Spt andi ferential Iwao, completes 8 concise fll rn chee sen fs res dca, ith emanate ques prt are in any de froth une at everyny ie po te ordi an {cath sess tht tg ot fre ocryay ques of ody ie se ays adesed to Shes ular spaces whieh we remember mut be Sted. Any pop compe, consent, and iaieant tein te sobe fre wed deste Tis degume Wain is ge tough ange nytt vn Angad eon ple tel otc of ves however ay prec wh I ord comphe hough every pnp sad coment, Ting fo cxopechanvee te ax gn pil Shien wile bt sry may ea al 2 ‘lj rn wich we nay tf, our dese and ‘Sire much of the esos. Foal, the ata ke te cow an seu phil, but» piompial aque worst mae agers He crests 2 Sbjeos stn none and gorau any maenasc Sin sine nd undenenaing saab from hoe ‘crore for ow words pilpbi sytem may Deinfened; bre ocr st exop by inadvertence or mi scence pcp dn Bed ollie. A ton who mls thing tht roves uly the hws of tmovon soupy be ny Be aware of thei exience. Al feta aboat she compen of hi para ds ‘The worl wih, ne mune, the wer cet a0 only nay plc oc ned mtb al Sey eal oe and he smtp wih ny Beton implies ’ Wiliom Hi. Gass {sey tobe menningls or fae if aen as near’ ov, ‘The man who maker machines inttvely the lews of est and light and movion inhi fingers, einveaie,ladeed, Re ‘may invent ia te principles of ie cunning, what sence knows nothing of. The write, simily, thinks though the neu of which he isthe mer, and when his woe arise, novel and complete—somrtimes as abitrary and 1 smote fom rel things the ber oral ge, soreness ‘eatcingly advanced and sharp tothe facta the gadget of the most inspired tnker—his worl dplays tht form of embodied dhough which i imagination, Nature is more tan ier regulations, Gallen follows the singing Pisa Catbedel lamps with deaf eyes bor it ‘oot thes flight and sadow, the blo or the burning that trae him. es the quay the ation the pence im the thing. So any maker, ent on rendering conerte the dominion of number, mort fnd the quale of sensation which wil embody themt Nor ean he meray ame the ‘ques over, for what he makes i world nok «ding, and whac he makes mas live Singing ba aw, bu before the lew of swinging come the swings ‘Wiiters whose grasp of eahatie principles is fsb, of ‘whose echagueix poor nd unpacticd, ¢ whose minds te Shallow and perceptions dim, give as totes which ae never objec for contemplation, bot argument; they give um at best, dramatized philosophy, not plileophialy sgnieant Aras of if they know they mit exhibe or preset how ts Braleyan selves in Berkleyan sis sicing down to Boolean ten. “The philosophy tha most writes embody in their work, ‘with those amendmen and adakons which any strong Phosopey andthe Form of Feion pea sl iva int pom, sce fxn onl Ey ein wh cst bpeing. wal ‘Macon ron wih which he write SMDET Ata roul wen hoe work hr Be exe seaplane re phi teres. He 2S Keats je conf way xed {he word hs penraon sw and belived hey Hed oF Se Mop anette of rome philotes Merely a sce che proper’ vison > Stencil atthe bt oh gal of ey 9 TE Seagate il rer come O2 Techical commenry. Some noe a Top er pltspta npr t dovi one seaplane gly thn te Sst ‘Si ate ne would he eur Io Tht er word th npn pose co TOS ilu. Sch apie corecton IPRS fl ote vation of moral ae pols $SRmc On won cot wn pope ond sig oncor Neher Wis enh and how fe ‘Shoe ihe smeienc fn Pl gon. ceo Sy Mapua he af ofthe hy of God. Anais ay Seca he ee i done oo theives EpSiectporng i his wort em wich em ot Pee asecn es ot et nd depends ely we ene ie "Etna so be though fore tan be tse ba 2 Math eced i faton oxo el oe been “sega a buen wed Tis he ben wa Pct had nind when he Sed i cies cong tote no ote Forme Cari tone hing Spey an acer ose in 2 anne ule ‘Siig whl yr another vo cary out he es which make Wiliom H. Gass i ae of I smal ited view of ce power of ‘ind in man pp int oly wah engine a pocis iI appears th ny expense to sac na 4 quiet are nd tha tht af Pee by is a een ye ne ay epi te sos prey dsc ms ay quince oon fe the vals ofthe sytem sl a eo far sth done snd isthe endo ich pre per ey, ad ee eo Fok ofa ive heme qppncve taal ne ee Inch lin for cee than create lap oe tet och sie on yt ny aye p ‘liniy— von of sbwie engin: ral ioral nieces neces tah fe eet {Se Pai, wn regres the Us doe wrk of shngy othe Praga ho demand ngs pose the nto of tem — 3 For the purposes of analysis we can rar the sentences of fein a5 separate acts of creation. They are the most mentary instinces af what the author hs contre Wirsgenstin believed fora tine tit 2 propstion, in the Alaposivon of ics names, picrred a pos equivalent ae rangement of object. Ths is «plete fey and ply Ime be toe... of fcdoas tough sentences in Sree ‘ould do mote thn simply configure chigs, Fach should contrive (though order, meaning. sound, and thythn) moving unity of fat fing fore of th . Before us is the empey pag, the desp o'er which, tke God, though modey, we brood. But that white page what is fo Pevtups i is eh ideally empry conscioustes of the Phiorophy andthe orm of Fiction eader—a dry wieskin or a tabula ras. And if 5 autor ‘we thnk this way, then wha we wane a psive mind and, sin love an ately receptive woman, Thos ob ariudes, before the firs act of eeron, make a plop die ference. What all we ail pon eB All known all whice are white body feed one yard leg pine ike sn, Becket’s "Ping” begins. An audacious fir rem al The sentence islets ts wordy they slowly fl slowly revolve Slowly begins group thenscves, We aren he hands of AL knowa all white bare white ody xed one Yard logs joined Uke sewn, Light heat white oor ne aur yard never soon. White wal on yard by eo wie celing one spare yan never Sen. Starly monotonous sokes, like measured beats of « gong ‘cca within, bt donot ll thi wai. Though ee the gong Sometnes emi ping. Truly, nothing is previows. Groups fas formed farm the ft connetions, and ae repeated ace white body Sed only the eyes only just Tracer brs ighe grey almost white on white ‘ands fangog pane front white feet eel 22 fees rig angle, Light hse white pane shining ‘Shite bare white body aed ping fed ebewhete ‘With what rmaribleconfdenes, on te eke hand does Jane Avstea rch for eat reponse. She doesnot form ‘hs or create om nothing Flex pen moves through se pura bi nd il the phe of her deg. How moc we fhe expected to know aleady: manners values, och suc tare She hinksin fr, fr longer legs; her silences are ike the silences which occa in happy certo he paces 4 Wiliam H. Gass seinen ned ad quit he dos een hed in teron inte mops Tats doced ie emene bey, on op fo one su How ann thy nb how Senge Te ee econ spel uk wy. Acow beacon omg fo ny Uace Toby treason fe eae) The maning os sets ay makes iy conn ‘oe, br neitbly concept ae eed on by one He the rear of pga We mu pec ee ee beloved rete hr hg nos ie se Te semen tat be we tot ten ede ton flows pan op leg pk cepa tn The vtec confer pn ce at ithe eonzl eur enmaon,tchncon tad sane t hens Evry sete ns ker mera ton sod iB he sm ofthe desis atone ‘erage of the Woda wich te sewenas tic ccana or plaque eed We tengo sen ae Intact sence uted se hei satin to, as commun of eat rc trlyscomely thc, hgh he pinta laanhip or see sours a ely pent Tb ne he lee ee Indy owes a see fin aac Ate jee pres lp a en hippy ad cn all he ich follwed or gote + bug tae Tie novel's chan gmat Toms aft ee ball. toga heb nt macs hoop we ms td to nse nt only he wor Seep, ar ee preempt nc So some ene ceed inoue conta gly come See ee lng ad gy wound oe ae dw an ‘Thane, Sone coe eet of contain sa es se nd he al of Rome oes apt Bas ae Phisophy end the Frm of Fiction sbsrct and the const, quay ad namber, elon a oper ct td thing soe ware te bajo ands Ted af evo fjon i others al the inarements dislve Imo thirsty ht ino 4 Indep oF 8 cls, hs fly trough he wet, 0 “Te Humesnseeace wl ede objeto hi utes ima an cquty beeen thn by xing nonborine ing conjoncow, Be earfl no to confuremetion and Macon with pecepon bar athe sme tne willow hee protein thevanc omvaed flow. Bveywhes, Hume aks [wri ut of and collections. Some noel iB. Singer for canpl, dain she sen frm tee books 3 itfevee pin wound, Thughes ace rendered a ble ‘posh sour orinens nd js Teed vay the public might se thems anderen ner Ecppcoes lata bats, feore-secve embodiment a bly msl demons Henry James semences ae one roots qulfeons, nance he core and noe the in’ fn che sveage Wes, proceeding witha see Serpe Ini, wet fs entre work a he progresiveexporon fd exposure ofl sbjec Ie would sue hi i tere sete orinry period rea Beginning otal iyi predate of one nts if every word were an ies. Imagine for amoment we are making up 2 man, breathing ite ito» ly ang. He sood in the mud: long, thin, brown in his crore gown of fr, wih his ack fapped exp tho boned well wer chin and Te on hs brow lem shiver and humorous face Tike = Moodpecker’s pening our of hole SREUN Hil blunt of God tenon a tn whe Coe. Wiliam #. Gas What is he shape of Acie’ nose? what color were his yee Achilles what Achilles doe, he ha no secet wishes secret dreams; be has no cau hidden ines. Shall we make our man on tat model, ov of deeds? of shall we see tim trough hr seaton: prince o elown clr or plumb, servant on sereazy, general oe pris? Shall we dress hi in his feacures os Ford here puts Magister Nichols Udal in hisclothes? Whether man as hick ie o hi, erefey ones or ere, we cam always count on Ford wo el though in ‘ther men's one many at pes The con conve 0 ve the quae which foo? ie ro Udals whole madly nding, eto Ul and his form le. Observe what hep pene fe remove i and at these ne ale the order of fur apprehenion of these deals He was lng, thin, and bron in Bis doctors goon of far, at i bck Rapped ep tht butoned well tnder bis hin and lero bs brown, lea, shaven ‘> bomorou face lke «wevadpeckor's peeing out of whole in ee He stood in she mud “The orginal pasage packed with posenves, the dominant ‘elton eta of ownersip, but the Mager need noe wn crerything. Can we fel he effect of progressively loin thes de the eating fir ond then she Ferre? ‘He ood in he malo, thi, brown in doctors got off ith Back flapped ap tot butoned ‘tell under bis chi and let out bt bro, lean, haven and bumorou face lke a swondpeckers esrng out of Bole inte. “He wood nthe mad: long, tin, brown ina doctors {oun of fu, ait Black flapped ep the Buona ‘oellunder a chin and let on «bre, lean, seen Phiosopey andthe Form of Fiction nd merous face ikea svondpeckor peering ot of # bole na ree Perverely, ers et him own hi claces bur not his face. He stood in the mad: lang, thin, Brown ia Bis Aloctor® goon of fur, wih his black fapped exp ths uitoed ell aera cin and le out «brown, Teen, shaven end buon face ikea woodpeckers pesring oat of # bole ina ree Its nor simply tha our undersanding of Udal changes, our tdertanding changes Besse Ul as become s figure in 2 changed wor ‘We might tit be icine co think that syle is» form of perception that eah sentence reves the way the Writer Tools tthe wild for example, observe the diferences berween (1) We walled throgh the woods The ues bad leaves. The Teaves were newly green (2) We walked through the woods, New leaves greened the tres. (3) We walked the grening woods. (4) I seemed the greening woods walled while we stood but sity speaking style cannot be, ise a kind of vison the notion ie very misleading, for we do not have before us some seal forest which weight Feel ourselves re to render in any numberof iferea ways we have ony he trends which mle up this one. Thee fe no desertion in ction, thre are only comstroeions™ and the principles ‘which gover shes consrucione are persistent philbsophi aL The sume for that mace, tae of aracion, dialogs, ‘Sharer and she rest Jost athe pine’ designs help hake ” Wile Ht, Gas his objec the ine ofthe novel ofr no aeraties they se not ely ierpetaone of anything, ba ae the thing inate “Thus so many ofthe things which are fle ot foalsh when taken tothe workd—n regio oF phlomphy—become the Psnest statements of wha toe when taken to tion, for In ts begining i the word, and ifthe ehetic aim of ay ficon i the cretion of «worl then the wate i erator hes god—and the relation ofthe writer ro his work repre sen in del form the raion of the fabled Crestor to His ‘nce God was regarded a the cause of all, asthe Gre Historian with pln for His peopl, the Arhiee the Law giver, the principle of Good, so the if Mary sickened, he ‘sue was Go and if Mary die, wat God eho called er Home, and if anything happened whatever, ws odined by Bim nded ie was counted o, by Him, fom the Segin- ning. He saw things all things, plain—pliner surely than sy novela ever mw his ory Before a word of ie went own, So chat relly, inthis rested world thete are no necesury beings thre are no categorical reste and trent do not follow one another out of the pi, becise ofthe past, Du everasingly ont of God, borane of God Ina movie, too, where eteryhing i predestined, the illson of incr srctae i intaied s though ane par of the ‘ln exptned the occurrence of another. However, the di ‘ecto hd the ces shots had them spliced she dese rad the session eat the ils’ ine hes proved the he’s ove san appearance often at even exeflly conerivd. In ” Phibsophy end tbe Form of Fiction the sory of May, if Mary de, the novel ied er, her Troken eared not, The author of any popalr seri knows a Dickens di, da othe degree he mks hs word real this readers, ro that degree they will acknowledge his suthorhip; bold him responsible and beg hi to make the sword go altiough el see preset in iy beg him to lying alto 2 moral and mately glovous clase, in clos ‘nd fala. Though such appeal my exe ies inthe Sophisicted, Wey are appeds more raonlly directed {he ace! power than those, exactly parallel, delivered by ‘he ficfl in thee prayers to God. The novelist is us fomforable. He may enjoy hi alleged omnipotence, his fmmicence ane omaupreenc, but with i ping i Is = ‘ponsbily. What sbour all dat perfection? Can he tke ‘pon himself hs burden? Can he ase hi readers ha is sword ie good, whutever happen? He can expan el 0 tester thn he reologian, therefore sbordy the novell who seus the poi of view ofthe omnipotent, ormnisien, and ‘mapesent saat begin ois pn his mperfson {pologizs,na gece wry perp, for hie caspures whores, bir murderer and ip general surrender his postion Tn soy Becky don't sem a sweet ab se sbUld, bac what fan T do about? Thats just how she is" "Wel, me bly sory about ll thi Sodidnes 5 srry as you ae” he tay sey, “bot ea’ how the wordy and what am T, poor fey, but a dine-ore miro held to 52” This sy de- vice And the worlds whieh the novelist exets are shortly Aeprived of ther dekies Ae the convention seems 3e- ‘epable only all im fon. Gad sickers and pushes panone nto dtchee And when the novelist begins apn hat, of couse, omnipotence is artical alg ‘hac ene limit ones to poin of view, he i inting, for bis world, spon the recrcion of knowledge to the Wotan H. Gass human, and often aly 2 afew of dese, and Sally only to rae momen occuting inthe best minds. He gives up fis powers to sex of principles He allows himself to be sprerned by them, not to gore, if God stepped down fn favor of moving mn nd fie cass, 0 r0 my "Tit i mot rine I do orth not her.” Novel in which the novel has efsced himself rete words without god. en outside books time pases Thee day, often, the novell resumes the ge of God; but be merely one af us tow, fll of confusion and error, sin and clevernes. He ‘teats athe abl insite pon hs presince and upon bis ‘eickednes and flibilty roo He snr sure abou wha he Inows hs powers have no great extension; he's more per ect than otherwise wil pelt uy ete, for sympathy ‘Why not? He of his ene. Are there any des who stl ave se? ‘Am shor may make op his own rales ike the god of the Deis or tke them from experince where be thinks he finds them ready-mde; but the cootrol which tee rules terse lle like that exercised by the ls of nature, hacer they are, The sar-crosed lors ia books and plays tre doomed, not becnise in there world they sold be, bbe because, fr more simply, they are sarcrosed, Simple slom conditions, ar we know, do not so surly produce = ‘certain wort ain novels hey aze bound eo, and naming (of deal is sfc 1o eres perfectly determinate New= tenia concsion. Authors who believe they mus, t© move thee fedons, hunt eadesly through circumstances for Plnnsble canes a they mighe hun for them in lis, have Indly misunderstood the naire of ther are—an enterprise where one word and one inferring peacple may be eno [Aine die race, when we more over dhe utes with colored ks the dice inpel ws and che ruled lines guide Phiowphy andthe Form of Fiction “There are no choices. The pion ofeach dik istry Alermined. We see the track, we now the tron, we cx pedice the new arrangement. Such = gee i the simplest ind and forms the simple syrem. Thee is one rae of Inference. Anypinipe that penis the ional expetaion fof sme situa upon the oteurrence of another is 2 pin Sipe of infercie and sch a principle i ald + rule when {he conclusion tobe inferred awaits an infersing power—t power thot mt be, eerefore, ordered to is tsk—and is Eile aw hen the inferring power acts, sf wer, fom ‘vith is premise The form ofthe game, however, is in Irmber, the winner he who rolls the highest sear; but this {orm s image one upon a table dss desribe the level of tion, and these are. tunmogrifed by. fancy” into fhorooghbreds while ee player, ough eis really peclisr ‘rience ofthe supetiorry of man, becomes she owner of 2 able The ang ofthe dice eam be expend ia aay W5, This simple sper the foundation of rsny ore com Pleo ones There ate principles one might ell hem, of Enbodimens, wherein the players are enjoined to test the ins and the gored path epesenting the uni and che total of addon. There ate yer ater prnelpe, here Said, the ell he squnred-tp path + tack the Ra disks hves ‘The game may make thee asumpios explicit, bat ii des mone plaer may imagine for himself any other stable kind ia cones. ‘When God abdietes or at lense saneios belie in the nd of miracle he gives over his ale wo inference For ftion, the els can be a many a che writer wes, and they con breof any Kinde wae They enablsh the loge the ores, his worl They permit wo expect one even will fnother, or one seatenceanater, o one word another. To the epee soni senences, and materially, hngs and Wallon H. Gass epg lw wire he well wa of chan Sinem work cone one pe Scampi ech wordy ni plead te eae tnd pce al ctl wes cota toa ce tet of cance and of sures very igh ee of Tes merely» cose peje ht rote om font tgly deenine cdr. Chace, on, es Kd of pnp fd can be brought co te undesaning of reo. 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